The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on July 6, 1894 · Page 5
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1894
Page 5
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If X r»£Or»LE AND EVENTS Old settlers' picnic at Mi Cartnel July 15 and 16. Full progi-am next week. This will be one of the largest gatherings of old settlers in the county this year. Make arrangements to be present. Bllpoers at Moore a.' Fine shoes repaired at Moore's. Best shoe blocking 1 at Moore's. The best fl.OO work shoes at Moore's. To rent, a seven room house on north Bide. J. A. McNKiMj. Desirable rooms in dwelling for rent. A. II. QUINT. Pabst's Hofbrau beer always on tap a "•Henry Theirs'. Window screens and screen doors at Martin & Clovis'. Wire door mats with vour name woven in/ at Martin & Clovis'. D. H. Park and Geo. W. Bowen left this afternoon ofi legal business. Inquire prices on 'screen doors and windows and Hocking Valley cot 1 at Joyce's. The King's Daughters will meet Saturday afternoon at the home of Miss Mae Wetherlll. The infant son of Henry Musselman of Washington township was buried last Fiiday in the cemetery in this city. Pimple*, bolls and other humors of the blood •re liable to break oat In tbe warm, weather. Prevent It by taking Hood's earsaparllla. The ten liquor dealers have called • at the captain's office and deposited their $15 for running their business during the month of July. . Begin to use Ayer's Hair Vigor now, and by the next Fourth of July your hair will be "a thing of beauty." Wanted.—Girl to do general housework in family of two; no. washing; wages f 2.50 per week. JAMES E. AMBNT. Do not spoil your shoes with inferior dressings, but if you would like something good and nice, you will find it at Moore's, The balloon ascension was not made •{{Manning on the evening of .the Fourth for the reason that the balloon took flre while it was being inflated. Jas. Thompson was elected representative ti the grand lodge by Ksnilworth Lodge, K. of P. The grand lodge meets at LeMars the second Wednesday in August. < We ire very short on print paper, and as the tie-up on tbe railroad prevents ui from getting in a new supply, we are compelled to reduce the size of today's weekly issue from twelve to eigut pages. A soft, fair skin is the result of pure blood and a healthy liver, to secure which' Ayer's Sarsaparllla Is the superior medicine. Ladies who ruly upon cosmetics to beautify their complexions, should make • note of this, bearing in mind that they can't improve upon nature. Frank Dodson is engaged in the stock business alibis place and during tbe month of June bought f 00,000 worth of bogs which were paid for at this point. Mr. Dodson buys the stock by car loads of the local dealers. The citizens of Kniest township are making great preparations for observing July 15 and 10 with an old settler*, picnic. This will be an anniversary of the flrat settlement of the township. We will give tbe full program neit week. Ifheu traveling, whether ou pleasure bent, or business, take on every trip a bottle of Syrup ot Figs, as it acts most pleas- autly and effectually on ine kldi.eys, liver and bowels, preventing fevers, headaches and other forms of sickness. For sale in 60c. and 81 bottles by all leading druggist*. Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Ou. on*}, Sunday afternoon Carroll and Coon ' Rapids will cross bats at Mlncben's park. 'The game will be a good one, as the un terrified are still looking for some club to coine here and. carry off the game. The Goon Rapids boys are good fellows' and we understand they are all good players. W. II. Nelson, who Is In the drug bunl- ness at Kiugvllle, Mo., has so much confidence In Ohamberlalu's colic, cholera and diarrhoea remedy that he warrants every bottle and offers to refund the money to any customer who Is not satisfied after using It. Mr. Nelsou takes no risk in doing this because the remedy Is a certain cure for the diseases for which It Is Intended and he knows It. It U for sale by J. W, Utttton,druggist.' The WEEKLY SBNTINKI, appears as an eight paiie paper this week, which U due to the fact that owing to the great strike we aro unable to got our paper which was shipped ten davi ago. If the strike I* not raised by next week so that freight can bo shipped, do not'blame us If tbe weekly is still reduced In size. We will do all we can to get out as good a paper as usual and regret very much thai we have bcun oqnipoled to reduce the •!*• tills week. A horse kicked U. 9. Shaf er, of the Free myer house, MldtllebmK, N. V., on th knee, which laid hliu up U> bed and caused the kuee joint to become stiff. A friend reeorauiondetl him to use Ohaiuborlalu's pain halm, wUlob hu did, %nd In two days was able to be around. Mr. Shafer ba» recommended U to many other* »ud «»ya It Is excellent for any kind of » hruUe or sprain. ThUsninaremedy la also famous forltaourea of rUoum»tl»u)' For (t»> l>y J. W. UattQu,aru«gUt> The ifreai ule of mwmer oloihlng cornea Juei lo the nick of time, but it's a tact that M. Simon I* always on time when anything In the olothlueliue come* up. All summer olothlng. Coats, vests, etc., are to be quoted regardless of cost, A good chance to ouf many renders to keep cool these hot days. Go thete at once. ,lt will now be in order fof Florencourt to explain to the people why he abuses every American, or "Yankee" as he calls them, Who stands up for the institutions of our country. Funk is a representative American citizen add when he tries to bring reproach upon him With-out cause he casts an Insult at evety one Who believes in the institutions' of onr country. If all those who believe id the "froe schools" are A. P. A.'s Uen it is the most powerful organization in this country- ___________ $1OO Reward, $1OO. thereadors of this paper will be pleased to team that there IB at least one dreaded disease that science baa been able to cure In all Its stage' and that Is catarrh. Boll's catarrh cure I* the only positive care now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a'constitutional treatment. Hall's catarrh cure Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the ays tern, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building uu the constitution and assisting nature In doing Its work. The proprietors have so much faith In Its curative powers, that they offer one hundred dollars for any eaio that It falls to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address F. J. OHENKV ft CO., Toledo, O. erflold by druggists, 75c. CARD OP THANKS. We desire to thank the friends and neighbors for their valued help and sym patby during the late sickness and death of our beloved husband and father.. MOTHER CAMPBELL AND CHILDREN. TEMPUTOM, JulyB, 1894. IOB. Ice season has now begun and the wagon is now out. Leave your orders at the office of A. U. Quint or M. Simon's store. Sealed Bids will be received by the independent dis triot ot Carroll, Iowa, for tha removal ol boiler from north to south side sohoo house, building boiler boose, setting boiler and patting in the steam heat Flans and specifications will bo in the secretary's office after July 4,1891. Bids to be opened July 28,1894. Tbe board reserves the right to reject any or all bide. O. H. BOEFT, President. Carroll, Iowa, Jane 21,1894. I correspondent*, to Insure the publication of must mall then to their letters In the weekly, must m they will MMD our 6fflce Wednesday. THE FOTJBIH AT WILMSI. The Fourth was appropriately observed at Willey. The German band got up the program which proved a. very satisfactory one and drew a large crowd. The bowery dance which began in the afternoon and was continued until midnight waa one ot tba leading features of the entertainment. Tbe first prize in the bone race waa won by Wm. Reiek, and tbe second by Obae. Brotuh. Joseph Meyer, of Templetoo, won flrat price in the foot race and Frank Qnte aeoond. John Meyer also won tbe wrestling eon- teal. Mias Anna Peiizmlter waa award- ad tba watch as tbe moat popular young LIB-BIT AND BOOK B0N. We are again ardently ^hoping for rain. And now the farmers are puzzled aa to how they will bind their oats. Messrs. Oouwajr^and Pierce, ot Gar. roll, are repairing 0. W. Sanderson's barn. Mrs. Christie Smith and children returned from Illinois last week. The tabernacle meetings atill continue. There waa a large attendenoe on Sunday. Rev. Mr. Winterboarne'e and Mr. Keubler's families, ot Qlidden, are camping in the vicinity ot the > tabernacle at Hobbs' bridge. Mr. and Mrs. Bilsbonrongh, of Lyons county, visited at Christie Smith's last week. Mrs. Bilebonrough ia Mr.'Smitb'e sister. . On the 29th twenty-one teams plowed oornforGraorgeRieJeael. Mr. R. has been in ill health for a long time, fie and his neighbor, John Shearer, were visited by the late storm their wind mills being blown down and outbuildings wrecked. Tbe summer terms of'_eohool have closed. Misa Roberlaon at East Liberty and Miaa Graham at the Book Run district closed on the 29th. Miss _B«II, who taught in the Center district, is engaged there for tha next term, Rev. W. R. Martin and family, of Grand Junction, visited friends^bere last week and attended tbe meeting. __He and his brother J. K. were£former residents and successful teaohera_in this place and are held in_gratetal rememberance by their pupils. J. K. Martin ia now resides at Rich Hill, Miseonri. Len Nestler met with a serious accident on the 29kh. He was ^forcing a cartridge into his gun when it exploded tbe charge taking effect in the face. It is feared that his eye eight ia permanent' ly injured. He was taken to (Hidden for snrghal treatment. Revs. Mr. Hughes, Winterbonrne£and W. R Martin preached at the tabernacle last week. July 3. JIM. HETURNS TO THE PENItENTIAnY. ftlmer Gibson Serving i» Second Term at Lincoln for Border. LiKcoLM, Neb., July 6.—Elmer Gibson was returns* to the penitentiary June 24, after 16 days of freedom, to serve- a term of 85 years for taking tha life of^a fellow creature. One year ago Gibson was sent up for 18 months for burglary from ffhotnas county. On June 9 he was released and returned to his old home. Three days after his arrival there ha killed a man and was immediately arrested, tried and convicted and sentenced to a term that ia equal to an ordinary life time. Gibson Is yet a young man, a mere boy in fact, not out of his teens, and Will be a middle aged man when released, if he lives to complete his sentence. Populists Came Out on Top. SPRINGFIELD, Ills., July 6.—Aftoi three days wrangling the Industrial conference adjourned sine die. The entire conference was simply a battle of words between the socialistic element and the Populists, the latter coming out on top. Their platform was adopted and theii principals indorsed as a whole. A call will be issued for a national convention in Chicago next November. The convention favored the coinage of silver at 10 to 1. World's Fair Building* Burn. CHICAGO, July 6.—All the main bnild> Inga of the World's fair, except ihe Horticultural building, the Women's building, the Art palace, the Machinery hall and the United States government building, were almost entirely burned. They were the property of the Columbian Ex- Tbe Willey Qerman band furnished the music for the day exercises and an orchestra from (Hidden under tbe leadership of Frank Maden for tbe dance. The band boy* feel highly elated over the enooeaa of their celebration and will give another entoit-tinmAiit in about two weeks at the same place. "A kind of old bobgoblla ball how aomewuat (alien to decay." AD anuleut Inn Is thus described, but tbe description exactly flu tbe condition of the body when (alien to decay on account of a torpid Iver which corrupt* tbe blood, all tbe horrors of dyapeptta and dually consumption following. The brain become* tb« dwelling place of hobgoblins, and despondency, gloom and misery lold possession of tbe patient. fortunately (or Ibis elMs of softenr* perfect relief UfouaaV Dr. Hero*'* Wotden Medical DUoovoty which restores tb« liver to activity tod pure rich blood drive* disease from lung and brain. Tbe incipient consumption, scrofulous SONS, cough, beetle (ever and debility disappear. Carroll Market Report WHEAT— i2c to 47o COHN— 28 OATS-80C 1IOGS-S4.00 'POTATOES- 76 BUTTEK— Uo EGGS— 7o UNION TOWNSHIP. Elba Heald says he will out his oate tbie week. It is reported that Mr. Parr ia to out grain in ibeae parts eooa. Mr. Harry Lloyd, of Dedham, visited at Mr. Arbingast'a Monday of tbis week. Mr. Harper Bailey and family entertained company from Qlidden the Fourth. Most ot the people will finish plowing corn tbla week. Emel Rathraoff attended tba picnic at Lake View last Saturday. Walter Rathranff waa at home over the Fourth. July 4. . Bia FOUR. position Salvage company, and had been purchased for about fUO.OOOi Prloa of Fruit Aflbotod. PHILADELPHIA, July «.—The western strike has affected the price of fruit as well as meat in tbis city. ,It is almost Impossible to get any fruit from California. Two quart baskets of peaches, which sold for UO cents before the tie-up, are now retailing at (1.19. Apricots that were selling for 50 oenta a box are now bringing $1.35. Another Advanr * ID Whliky. CHICAGO, July 6.—The price of whisky was advanced S cents a galten today. Last Saturday the price was advanced U cents a gallon, making the advance in lees than a week 5 cents, running the price np from $1.15 to (1.20. The prospective tariff rise is largely responsible. Colorado labor Congrm. DENVER, July rt.—The state labor congress of Colorado adopted resolutions indorsing the A. R. U. strike and requesting workingmen to aid the striken in every way, especially by using legitimate influence to prevent idle men from applying for the places of the strikers. Cnuh«d ifetwecn Tnlm. CEDAR RAPIDS, July «.—MatWn Inman, employed on tbe Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern road, was killed, while .stepping from a passenger coach, He was caught between two trains 'and rolled to death. SOUTHERN PACIFIC BLOCKADE. tt t» More Complete Thnrt Any time Since . the Strike Began, SAtTFRANdisco, July 6.—The seventh day of the great, railroad strike closed with the blockade more complete in northern California than it has' at any titne since Debs ordered the A. R. U. to tie up the Southern Pacific. At Oakland and Sacramento the embargo enforced by the strikers is absolute, not a wheel being allowed to turn and at no othet point in the state is the Southern Pacific doing any business. Sacramento continues to be the center of interest. Early Thursday morning the strikers were reinforced by 160 men from Tucker. Soon afterwards a train from Dunsmuir bearing over 100 heavily armed strikers assembled there. These men have created no trouble, however. They quietly joined the local strikers. No attempt to bring out the militia was made and the determined A. R. U. men are still in possession of the Sacramento depot. General Dimond, chargined at the action of his troops in refusing to move upon the strikers, left Sacramento and returned to San Frnncisco. Before doing so, however, he sent two companies from Stockton home in disgrace and issued an order depriving the Sacramento companies of their arms and uniform. During the day the strikers established headquarters in the vicinity of the railroad yards and settled down for a long siege. It is now believed the railroad will make no further move at Sacramento until federal troops can bn had. At Oakland the strikers are in absolute control. There, too, the state militia proved of no avail, for the sympathy of the miliatiamen is with the strikers. Companies from Petaluma, San Rafael and Santa Rosa had been ordered to Oakland, but they were sent home with out being ordered against the strikers. Put an End to Mob Bale. Sioux CITY, July 6.—The arrival oi the militia has put an end to the rule of the mob which paralyzed business for the post five days, and there was no interference with the running of trains Thursday. Nearly all the reads had passenger trains running, but few had freight moving. The Milwaukee engineers refused to work with "scab" firemen and the road has been badly handicapped. The first break in the strike occurred when the Omaha firemen and engineers reported for work. This will likely end the strike on the and Nebraska.tfivision... TAKt TNI ••§T CURE ^f THAT COUGH /v W|TH vSHILOHS CURE „ Met*, and" 1 „ (1.00 Bottle. One cent a dose. j OBBAT Oovoa i. all.others foll.C W* irV 1 promptly i - Croup, I gh jat, Hcirsenesi, Whooping Cough ___ithma. For Consumption it has no rival] has cured thousand*, and will ottBB YOU If tokenln time. Soldliy Druggists on a guarantee. For a lame Back or Chest use SHILOH'S BELLADONNA PLA8TBRJ3GO, ILOtfsTfCATARRII _av». -ouuatarrb? This remedy Ia guaranteed to cure you. Price. 60cta. Inject or free. Sold by C, H. Wcstbrook. £Co Iowa WrlU Served am Railroad OgOeuU*. LosANOELics, Cal., July «.—A surprise was issued from the United State* court Thursday afternoon. Judge. Rots, in ordering an omnibus injunction to prevent interference with United States lUttlU, did not confine his order to tbe strikers. Tbe writs were served aa well upon Division Superintendent Mulrof the Southern Pacific, General Manager Wade of the Ban to Fo, and in ftwt on all persons in any way connected with either road at this point. Not a Wh*«l Mowd In Ogdcn. HALT LAKH, July O.r-The pwwongor service between here and Ogdeu Thursday seamed to be out of the question. One train wa» started, for Ogdeu, but was halted at Syracuse, where it still stands. The eastern fast mall wa» not allowed to move awheel, Therein not a pound ef freight entering tfce city, Dlsu*U)he« from Ogdeu say not a wheel moved in hi Ogtltm y »rd» Thursday. H« Order«a Out, Em-emu, Kw».. July ».-ar»»d Chief Powell und Assistant Grand Chief Da) phln of the Order of Railway Tele- gruphere have been holding conferences with the striken in this city. It is claimed by tue striker* tlmt ihe tale- grunhora on all the roads will bsor- derndout. , Cavalry ilFu«r«u m tUu«»» City. htiAvjcNWQttTU, Kan,, July (I, —U is reported that two troops ot ouvnlry at Furl itouveuwortu Imvu buou uut under muruhiuK ordore, nud will uvooued *t oncu for duty at Ka»«t|' Pity- Will OUuy Ihv drUur*. PVNViut, July o.— Au urdur mlllug out All A> II- V. ewplpyw o_the Denver «ud Hlo Cirauao hag Utum I'Melvwl from Will b« yb»y«l. This summsreqaala that of 1880 for dry spell only more 09. O. A. Bailey has enlarged bia ^pasture as the feed ia abort. Tbe Oarrollton folks nearly all went to Ooon Rapid*) to celebrate. Oorrolltoo baseball learn played Ooon Rapids at Qlidden last Friday. BOOM ot tbe farmers have plowed np oata and sowed millet tor hay. Ooon river stopped running in some plaoes on Monday; that's rather dry. Bora July let, to Mr. and Mr*. B. drove, of Onirolllon, a floe eou of regulation weight. Mother and child aro doing nicely. Tbe many Mends ot "Uncle Oyrna" wUI bo (lad to learn tbat ha ia considerable better than ha baa been' for some time, Tom Kibble and Jake Rhoada want to Oar roll last Sunday on their wneab), time coming back fifty miouUb. We note that Mr. A. Armstrong bos been making considerable improvements •boat bis (um lately. Wo learn that * kick ia being made in the burg agaiuat the boys riding tbeir wheela on Buodey evening. Bapoil eays tbat tbe well drill at work for 0. B, OritUoden DM found • •<< toot vein d coal, Tbis ia i luokr streak for Obarley if dsvalopad. Karri*! at Willey ohuroli July 8J, B»v, Father Qobling o81»i»tin(, Mr Mm Ui^lok lo Mi**) M»rv Pi*ti c . After th* oewiaoiiy the oautraotlog parties •ad many friend* went tp aee Pap Fie- iig wnd bt>d lota of good Mugs to eut round the •one. KBARNEY, Neb., July 6.—The bens and buggy stolen by the Holdredge murderers last Saturday night were found in the grove near Fort Kearney. Thi horse had been shot and the buggy placed on top of him. Bsuuml Ooatoo and Daughter Killed. Mr. PLEASANT, Ia., July 6.—Samuel Coatej and his daughter Sarah were killed while attempting to cross the Burlington ahead of a freight train. Doekmea on a Strike. DuLUTH, July 0.—About 300 union dookmen in Dnluth went on a strike, demanding 50 cents per hour. Tbe Lawyer's Beet Fee. "Fee simple, and the simple fee, And all the fees entail Are nothing when compared to thee Thou best of tres—re-male!" That U what a lawyer wrote In hid wife's album. He kept her In the best ot health and humor by providing her with Dr. Pleree's Favorite Prescription for those seasoni of sickness, debllltr and backache, which are the peculiar lot ot tbe female sex. , , A minister at OkmuUeo, Greek Nation, Ind. T.,»H»8: "I am pleased to stand a* a witness for your Favorite Prescription. My wife was an Invalid for about 17 months. Ivory remedy was used for her health and money spent In vain, but no relief could be obtained. Your •Favorite Prescription' was recommended to mo nnd I obtained one bottle. Her health goon began to Improve, and she wo* actually cured by It. It Is a wonderful medicine. Every Invalid lady ought to obtain It." Knlfftit* T-ku Ma Active. DKNVER, July 6.—At a meeting of the Knig) s of Labor it was decided to take no action at present with reference to the A. K. U. strike Spring and Summer Clothing at actual cost, gents' furnishing goods, hats and caps. We can sell cheaper than anyone in Carroll county. MINCHEN & CO. First Door East of Postofflce. DR, DOWNING This well known and successful specialist In Chronic and Nervous diseases and dlseasei of Ihe Eye and Ear, by request of many friends 4nd paMemi, will visit CARROLL, IOWA Saturday, July 28 Burke'a Hotel One day only every month. Consultation free. Thursday** Olevelaml, 7; Boston, H. Virtue, Olarkson. Griffith and Zlramer; Staler and Oanial. Umpire, 8*080. Chicago, 13; Washington, 10. Hutchlnsoo and Klttrndge; Maul and Dugdalo. Umpire, McQuald. Pituburg, 9; Philadelphia, 4. Colalough and Earle; Oaroey and Buckley. Umpire, Lynch. St. Louis, 18; Brooklyn, H. Breltonsteln, Hawleyand Miller; Daub, O*_trlght and Kinslow. Umpire, Oaffnoy. LouUvHIu. 3; New York, 4. Henefee and Orim; Westervelt and Wilson. Umpire, Bmslle. WBBiaUM LIAQlia GAME*. Grand Rapids, IDl Ullwaukeo, S. WiUh and Spies; Luby and Roberta. Umpire, Sheridan. Indianapolis, T; Minneapolis, a. Donnelly, Phillip* and WcstUke; Parvln. Mafarlund and Burrell. Umpire, Kerlns. WMTMHII AOOOOI.TIOM OAMSO. OuukUii. IB; Qulnoy, IT. Lincoln. 17; Book Island, s. MARKETS REPORTED BY WIRE. Vllleagu Urrnln •-<< rravlalam. ORIOAOO, July ft.— The strike* and othci bearish now* forced wheat down today and September closed lUo lower. Corn closed Mu lower, oalA'ell MO for July and provtalou* Mi a alight advance. CLOVING raioc*. W1IKAT— Ka*y. Ooah and July, Mfclci September. MH®WWo; Deovmbur, UIKf. COUN-Rasy. O«»h and July, 4IUo; September. 4IHO«1H<.': Outober, 41^a. OAT8-E_»y. Cash, ate; Augiut, SUJioaUoi Boutember. WV4o. PORK-!>t«ady. July, |U.4»Hi September, •IR.aU. LARU-July. •«.««; SeptomUcr, July, »0.«0; Tired, Weak. Nervoua, Means Impure blood, and overwork or too much strain on tbe brain and body. The only way to cure Is to feed the nerves on pun blood. Thousand* of people certify that tbe best blood purifier, tbe best nerve tonic and stiength builder I* Hood's sanaparilla. What tt ha* done for other* U will also do for yon—Hood'* euro*. Hood's pill* cure constipation by restoring pertstaltla action ot the alimentary canal. - u»n*<IUn VaoAo Drop* Pallraau. MONTREAL, July n.—Tbe embargo which was put ou the Canadian Paciflo railroad from London west to Chicago on account of their using Pullman* in addition to their own sleepers, was raised upon the company agreeing to do with- nt Pullmans. • "A jest'* prosperity lies In the oar Of him tout hear* It, never In the tongue Ot him that niakea tt," -SatKMi-iuaB. Nomatwr how woll worded this paragraph may b». It* us«f uliif »• depends upon the reader. It Is written to toll the sufferer from dyspepsia, deranged liver, Impure blood, constipation, headache, depression, nervousness and other trouble* tbat Dr. K. V. Fierce'* Pleasant Pel- 1»U will cure blmqulckl; and thoroughly. They work mildly but enlulantly. They put bloo 1 and bowuls right, clear tbe brain and Invigorate the whole system. Dealers everywhere. It* Beginning. Loving Mother—I couuo* nudorstaud what mnkoH our boy Robert BO fond of podoBtriauism. ' Foutl Fathor—Ho goto that from ma Didn't I wulk tho floor with him for weeks wueu lie was it baby?—Now York World. t It tb« SQUtb par» of tttu oouuty 00.11 « wan in uoiuiuaUao fur 'ooauty •H|H)iryi«or tbat in wU«l w« all tt*k uuw, aud would b» wllliug lu • say, Ywt and to IN ra»l, p«>vld»d tUa bwt wore • CM«*«u MM Wook. OHIOAOO, July B.-JVn'U'.C-NotUlug ta the »lmu*> of a bullouK rewuhod the vtuokyard* today,' A f»w l(w»d»uf oaltU reoolvod Monday aud ullll unsold were tuatterud around lu tue different dtvlaloui, »ut there wo* not a |uark«t, uut a quotable one at leaat. UOOB-ln hogs thnrv wore still about hou« In tbe aalu pom, all Insfeuulalors' band*. Only u auiall part of then* wore sold, a* limy w«r« bulil above thu views of buyers. Quotation* nominal BHKtCP-lu »hi>vp quotallou* raugo from •1.00 (o •D.TA for «lu<oi>, aa<l froui |3.UO to |i.UI tot iprlug lambs. __ Houlll Ouiuu* MV* «l««k. SOUTH OMAHA, July &.-OArrLK-Ho- 8.8UU Iwadi l*m to IWniU.. S«.«X_4.1K»; UUO Ui to I1UU t.ia;uh.olc«omvn, CURE1SOTHERS fu»dvr« ID.I6iM.Ui. .Markut 1U to no hlgUor. D.UIU Market l&u to HJo t'-Itti i«u>b*. luuttuu*, |».l» itte to Uo For over a quarter of a century. Doctor Pierce'* Golden Medical Discovery ho* been effecting cur** of Uroachlol, Throat and Lung juTecUou*. Weak Luug», Bloedlog from Lungs, Bronchlti*, Asthiiut, all UUMT- lug Cough*, Consumption, or Lung Bcrofute Mid kindred inaladio*, aro ounid by it MCDUOCO TO A MfLITOII. Mr*. MIIU HlUA of SantU. JSKtf Stone Co.. n., writes i fl One r agu I wo* Klreu up my fiunlly liliysiolan friend*; HI) *ald I , Jt die. My mnn 1 wunt Uidly affected, and I body iviluivd to a Ui'lo- Itou. My peoplo voui* nioiiix-d tti giro mo your 'Mud leal Discovery' laud I soon Iwgan lo muiid. It wit* not lone burnni I U'tttinu wen euouvb lo tako charge of my hounrbald duties airalii. 1 awe iny i (o Dr. IHoroo'* jy my ttud must DR. DOWNING luthor of "Nervous Debility," "UeneraU Kzauitlon. It* Cause and Cure," etc. This Skillful and Bellable SPECIALIST Well and favorably known throughout tha northwest for the many wondertnl cures of ail form* of CHRONIC AND NERVOUS DISEASES bleb he has eaVoled that had banted Ihe skll of ether physicians and specialist*. He Cure* When Other* Fall. Diseases of Eyes and ICars, Uranolated Lid*. Cataract. Oroa« Kyos straightened without pain or danger, Discharging Kara, »e*fn**o- etc., Disease* of Note and throat, Oataiih, llronnhltls, Asthma, ulo. Diseases of Stomach and Llv«r, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Uoartburn. Bllllousness.Jaundiov, etc. Kidney and Blab> Jer Trouble*, .Blood and Skin Ulseaae*. Scntf • nla, Pimples, Blotohc*. Eosenia, (Jlc«»*, eto. Nervous Diseases, llctdaihu, Hysteria, Inson- nla, Lack or Vitality, Laugor, Norvousn***. ItbuuiuatUui, Neuralgia, eto. Disc**** of WOUIOH. Deformities. Surgical operation* of all kinds successfully performed. Young- null Middle Aged Meu guttering from Lost Manhood, Nervous or Physical Debility, Seminal Weakness, Lost Vigor, Decline of Manly I'owent, Drains, Discharges or Losses, Vartoooole, itud all thu trnin of evils resulting front Exoe»«o«, Errors lu Youth, eto. producing some of the tollowliig cttaots. aa Nervousness, Kuiiuloiis. IMniplvs, lllotch**. Debility, Dludni'Ss, Defective Memory, Absence of Wllli'owvr.Codfaslonof Ideas, Aversion to •Jooletv, Sexual tCxIianstlon. 1'aln in Iho Hack, ulo., bllgbllug tbu most radiant hopes, render- during marriage unhappy and buslnrs* a (allure; sweeping thousand* lo an untimely grave .4o matter who has failed, consult tha Doctor, lie ha* curod thousaud* who have gtvtin up to duspalr, A perfeolre»lorullun Oootultutlona sacredly confidential. Dalai* are dangerous. MARRIAGE. *ho*« oouteuiulatlng mar- riagv who aro awaro of physical defect* 01 weakness which would render niarringo a 41*- •puointment would do well to call on us. FREE ux*uilB»tl»n ol thu Urluo. cheuiloal andu)ioro*oouloallnall oasos of Klduoy Disease. UrUUl's Ulseiue. Dlulwtcs, ah<i tiparm*. lorihoaa. llrlug sneoliuon. RCIMARKABV.E Curon purJui-Ud in. -M*I wblchiiHvoTuvr my rooovery 1 Ooldou Modlcol Dlaoovvry. WHV NOT YOU? BOOUD, PkAZEB *CO. 315 HIAUTO. OHIOAQO. Uonilwni of wo 3hica_o Board olTradi PKOVI8ION9 a«4 STOCKS HDfWAUIM 30RN BaNKl . i»n uoglvaioa or uiwklllally tr«»l«d. No oipuriu'oiH* or failure, i'orllu Irealtid by wall or ekjimsnj but where uotslble uewoual oon»ull«Uun proforrud. Gates and oorrvupuudvuou »lrlotli ooun4o»> Hal and moUlcluu svut to au> uatt ol tba UulUtt* Stato*. Ui.t of uuestVons free. AA- ieja with tiostaite. jpK. UOWNtNU. naw'u.t .\T»ai»ou Street, Obtc»KO.»Us.

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