The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 18, 1933 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1933
Page 7
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THE BAKERSFIELD CAL1FORN1AN, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18,1933 Iff, BO DEATHS CAUGHT! Railroad Men Urge Veteran Itinerants to Assist Young ^ ' Trespassers i i ' , ^._' . '" CA»«od<o<ed Prett teaiet Wife) WASHINGTON, Jan. 18.—So many boys, are stealing rides on trains that some railroad men have appealed to older hoboes to look out 'for the youngsters In an effort to reduce deaths and Injuries." Interstate commerce commission officials said today In making public flg- ur«s .showing an Increase In the number, of deaths and Injuries to'tres- passers and hoboes during the first nlne.mohthB of 1932 that they had been Informed by railroad men that such requests had .been made. . The accident reports showed that 3585 persons were killed In accidents of all kinds on railroads during the period and 21,856 Injured. During the name period of 1981 the figures were 3849 and 27,442. Deaths of trespassers under which were listed hoboes and other persons not .employes or passengers kilted in accidents, were 1938 and Injuries 3034 • as compared with 1837 and 2602 during the same period^ of 1931. OPEN BIDS FEB. IFOR 84 NUSJF (Associated Preit Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 18.<—Bids will be received February 1 on the bulld- \rtfs of 84 miles of roads along the aqueduct line, Metropolitan Water District directors announced today. The act will mark another step toward opening up the aqueduct for general construction activity. , The pew road, located In Riverside and San Bernardino counties, will have the effect of extending the aqueduct road system to the river, and will constitute a means of transporting ma- terlals and supplies to numerous construction camps on the eastern half of the line. One section of new road will be 59 miles long, extending from a point on the state highway near Desert Center • to Grommet, a siding on the Santa .Ke railway about nine miles east of nice. The other section, known as the • Grommet-Earp road, will extend 25 miles east to a point near the Colorado river opposite the town of Parker, Ariz., which Is In the vicinity of the Intake for the aqueduct. G.B. SHAW WILL SPElttYM Irish PlayWight to Address Select Audience at Metropolitan (Associated Preii Lea ted W<re) NEW'YORK, Jan, 18. — After enough trlre-pulllng to move a couple pf mountains, Oeorge Bernard Shaw has consented' to address a huge but select audience of the "dear old boobs" about whom, for 30 years or so, ho has been careful "never to say a civil word." In other words, the Irish wit, philosopher, author, and what-not will make a speech in America. He will speak April 11 In the Metropolitan Opera House as the guest of the Academy of Political Science. Tickets will be limited, to members of the academy and their guests. * The decision breaks a couple of vows. Shaw had sworn never to visit Amer- loa, and he had' promised above all never to talk here. PNEUMATIC FOR FARM TRACTORS! GOLDEN STATE IS BY ROLPH Lifting th« ordinary' faVm «r«otor out of the clan It h«i long occupied •• an Implement of rather limited farm usefulness, the new Ooodyear Pneumatic the highways, wher* until now iteel tired traoten have been banned Farm Tractor tire m«k«i an all-purpose unit of It, enabling thi farmtr to Un It on I b»e«uM of th« danUgs -th«y do to hard road turfaow, «aya Ooo. H, Barnttt of the Barnett Tire Company, local Goodyear tire dealer. $28,613,398 (Continued From Pagi One) ,;-•, >, Roosevelt's Opinion Has Dramatic Effect (Associated Press Leased Wire) GENEVA, Jan. 18.— President-elect Roosevelt's' statement supporting the sanctity of treaties was regarded today as of the greatest Importance by league authorities. Arriving at the moment when .the League .committee of nineteen Is facing a grave decision .ijv-tho Slno-Japaneio controversy, It had a dramatic effect. Great relief was manifest, especially among representatives of small nations and others who make observance of the League covenant the basis of their foreign policy., STOMACH UPSET Stretching for a high ball cornea under the head of healthful exercise when It's done with the aid of a rubber* bathing ault. That'* what lithe Mlts Virginia Learned, of Cleveland, Ohio, was wearing when the camera caught her a* she caught a ball on a Florida beach. Get at the real cause. That's what thousands of stomach sufferers are doing now. Instead of taking tonics, or trying to patch up a poor digestion, they are attacking the real cause of the ailment—clogged l|ver and disordered/ bowels. i •Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets help arouse the liver In a soothing, healing way. When the liver and bowels are performing their natural functions, people rarely suffer from indigestion and stomach troubles. Have you a bad taste, coated tongue, poor appetite, a lazy, don't- care feeling, no ambition or energy, trouble with undigested foods? Try Olive Tablets, the substitute for calomel. Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets are a purely vegetable compound. Know them by their olive color. They do the work without griping, cramps or pain. All druggists, IGc, 30c and 60c. Take one or two at bedtime for quick relief. Eat what you like—Adv. Stop That Cough Quick! Take Thoxlne—the ^vory first swallow will stop" your cough within 15 minutes. It will drive the fever, achlness and cold entirely out of your system in a short time—get your money back if it doesn't. Thoxlne Is a guaranteed safe, pleasant prescription for coughs, colds and sore throat—not a cough syrup. 35c. Sold by Hughes Drug Store and all other good drug stores.—Adv. Prompt Relief From Itching Eczema It'a wonderful the way soothing, cooling Zemo brings prompt relief to,ltch- Ing, burning skin, even in severe cases. Itching stops tho moment Zemo touches the tender and Inflamed skin because of its rare ingredients. To . clear away Rashes, Pimples, Eczema, Ringworm und restore the skin to normal, always use clean, soothing Zoino. Insist on genuine Zemo; It's the price, because It brings relief. 35o, 60o and $1. All .druggists'.—Adv, Midcontinent Price • of Oil Down to 50c (Assoolatei Press Leased Wire) TULSA, Oklahoma, Jan. 18.—Oil dropped to half-dollar top In the mid- continent today. .. Stanollnd Crude Oil Purchasing Company began paylnp 28 to B2 cents for Kansas, Oklahoma, north and central Texas oil according to the degree of gravity, with a "flat 60-cent rate for east Texas crude. ' Deep Rock Oil Corporation, which buys only In Oklahoma, quickly followed suit. A statement by Stanollnd laid the action to "bootlegging of crude oil" at "under the market price." $5000; discontinue state aid to California Historical Association, $9400; abolish division echoolhouse planning-, $37,700; abolish California Polytechnic School, $312,000; abolish California Nautical School, $176,000; charge tuition fee state teachers colleges, $600,000, total $1,189,100. General items — Pro rate overhead services to special funds, $400,000; state employes' salary reductions, $1,300,000; discontinue traveling 'expenses county treasurers for semi-annual settlement, $2600; total, $1,902,500. General Fund General fund fixed charge reductions, requiring legislative action; discontinue state aid for adult education in high schools, $1,250,000; reduce by 25 per cent vocational educational program, $108,000; raise age limit for old-age pensions from 70 to 75 years, 12.200,000; reduce aid to blind, $100,000; pay highway bond Interest and redemption from gasoline tax, $8,449,825; reduce .state's share toward salaries Superior Court judges, from MOOO to $3000 a year; reduce subsidy to hospitals for tuberculosis, $500,000; total, $12:989,325. " Highways Highway reductions: Curtail by 20 per cent gasoline tax allocation for state highways, $10,000,000. Constitutional amendments requiring vote by people: Reducing fixed charge fon state support of elementary and high schools from $30 to ?24 per pupil, $12,008,000; permitting use of the perpetual school lands fund for current school expenditures, $11,000,000; total, $23,000,000. ^_^ CLAIM COOLM TRACE (IAN BLOOD (United Press Leated Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 18.—A trace of Indian blood may have accounted for the taciturnity of the late Calvin Coolidge, Dr. Christian F. Rolsner, pastor of Broadway Temple Methodist church, said at memorial Services for the former president. After the services. Doctor Hlsner cited as authority for his reference to Indian blood an article by Bruce Barton In the American magazine of March, 1931, saying Mr. Coolldge's great grandmother had a trace of Indian blood. It was pointed also that William Allen White, in an autobiography of Mr. Coolldge In Collier's in 1925, referred to "a remote strain of Indian blood." (Aitoetated Prett Iff ted Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 18.—Circulation of money In the United States In December Increased 928,813,398 as compared to November. The monthly circulation statement of the treasury showed that at the end of December circulation amounted to $5,676,183,214 or a per capita circulation of $46.34, an Increase of 21 cents per capita compared t'o the previous month. Of tho total circulation $409,799,532 was In gold. At the end of tho 1932 year, total money In the country amounted to $9,698,603,044 of which $4,507;522,361 was in gold. Of tho gold the treasury held $3,160,531,079. CHICAGO, Jan. 18.-When it comes to estimating the number of persons expected to visit tho world's fair next summer, Harry J. Dooley proved himself n great optimist. Dooley, right-hand mnn and first assistant to official City Greater Qeorge D. Claw, recently completed a good-will tour of tho United States nnd Canada and this Is what he told Mayor Anton J. Cermak: "We must be prepared to entertain 75,000,000 visitors." He didn't mention that If his expectations come true more than half the population of the United States and the Dominion would be on hand. •• »» , 'TIS THE MAN WHO PAYS AUCKLAND, N. '/>„ tan. 18. (A. P.) These are boom days In the bride market among Solomon Island cannibals. The natives are agog over news that sarl-ta-Ona of Slnerango has paid B record price of 120 "monies" (about $1800) for a wife. He> bought the dusky maid on the Installment plan and will be the rest or Txls life paying for her. Carlos McClatchy Funeral Services Will Be Private (United Press Leased Wire) FRESNO, Jan. 1».•—Private funeral services for Carloi K. Me- Clatchy, vlce-pre*ldtnt and general manager of McClatchy Newspaper*, Inc., and tdltop of the Fresno Bee and Republican, will b« held Thursday morning at the McClatchy home here, It was announced today. The Fresno ••rvlcoa were to be followed, probably Saturday, by services gnd interment at Sacramento. McClatchy, a itate figure In newipaper work, died Tuesday at the home of frltndi in San Mateo from influenza.pneumonia. SPECIAL 7-DAY SALE OF PAINTS House Paint..... gal. $1.35 Decorative enamel, 'quick drying ;., .qt. 7*0 •Lead and Zinc Paste...: 100 Iba, $1.75 Floor Enamel gal. $2.26 Floor Varnlth $1.95 4-Hour Interior Varnlih. gal. $2.4S Bolltd Lln»««d Oil gal, 7«c Bring Your Own Container Free City Delivery United Iron & Metal Co. 2810 Cheater Av«. Phone 1441: CONNIE MACK'S DAUGHTER A BRIDE Cornelius MoQIIIIcuddy, who's better known as Connie Mack, manager of the Philadelphia Athletic*, has become a father-in-law* His daughter, Mary Cornelia McOllllcuddy, was married December 31 to Francis X. Rellly, of Oermantown, Pa. But the wedding wat not announced until the couple returned from a honeymoon trip. CHEWING NEW PLANT JP DECAY (Associated Press LeaseitViire)' WASHINGTON. Jnn. 18.—Imagine et-blaolt teeth! Well, they might be- :omo the style If a newly-found •South American plnnt, s.lld to pro- retit tooth dccny, lives up to Its repu- atlon, and peoplo took to chewing Its eaves. Decny can ho prevented by chew ng the plnnt, which forms a protective film over the teeth, according to •eports brought by Dr. W. A. Archer o tho Smithsonian Institution nnt mnounced today. Ho found the plnnt n the jungles of Colombia. But along with Its reputed protection, tho plan Lurns the teeth as black aa coal. The plant wns'found In use among tho llttlo-known tribe of Cltara Indiana, and It Is a fact, says Doctor Archer, that they hnvo almost perfoo teeth. Skulls of past .generations o the tr|bo also show teeth Intact with no signs of decay. Children chow leaves of the plan until a protective film Is formed, am adults chew them twice a year to re pair any places where tho film may be worn off. Black tooth are consld ered objects of beauty by the Cltara tribe, whereas white teeth are re gnrdort us almost a deformity. Tli plant Is.a new species of a grou; known scientifically as tho schradera a meliiber of the coffee family. ALL MIXED UP CHICAGO, Jan. 18. (A. P.)— Th color scheme of Fred Bockon's shoo was a thing that puzzled two police •men. One was black und tho othe was tan. So they followed him. HI footsteps led to an alleged speakeasy the proprietor of which was arrested Then Bockon explained. His wife, h said, wouldn't let him go out for drink. So ho sneaked out wlthou turning on tho lights and got his shoe all mixed up. California Has Most Aerial Pilols, 3575; and Most Planes, 1134 f Associated Press //cased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jnn. 18.—California ed tho nation In 1932 In tho num- er of aircraft pilots and machines. Tho department of commerce today aid thorp were 2217 private pilots In lint stnte, who together with trans- ort, limited commercial and Indus- rial -pilots made up a totnl of 3B75. altfornla also had GO glider pilots, t had a total of 1134 aircraft of which 21 are federally licensed and 213 tin- Icensed, plus 229 gliders. In thi entire country there were 8,594 pilots and 7330 aircraft holding ictlvo department of commence II- JCIIECS on January 1 this year, Tho number of pilots compared with 17,739 i year before and tho aircraft with GG3. Aircraft licensed and unlicensed, if which tho department' had record •n January 1, totaled 10,324, as com- >ared with 10,780 a year before. New York was second In number of alrci-nft with 1095 and Illinois hlrd With 613. New York also was second In number of licensed pilots ivlth 1808 and Illinois third with 1148. OPEN BIDS .. 14 .. may hold .. .. NYO COUNTY, OTHER (United Press Leased Wire) SACRAMENTO, Jan. 18.—Highway contracts totaling $270,644 wore under award today by the state department of public works as follows: Los Angeles county—Grading and paving 3.84 miles between one mllo oast of Gorman and northerly boundary, to Frederlckson & Watson Construction Company and Frederlckson Brothers, Oakland, $175,336. Ventura county—Bituminous surface' treatment of 0.6 miles between Santa Paula and Wells, to Southwest Paving Company, Los Angeles, $13,«36. Inyo county—Grading and surfacing 6.12 miles between Keough Hot Springs and Bishop, Homstroet & Bell, Marys- vllle, $81,672. *-»-# INCREASES AIR BUDGET BUDAPEST, Jan. 18.—Hungary has Increased Its air budget for the fiscal year of 1032-33. About $1,314,000 has been sot aside for replacement of obsolete and worn out planes on the tio- inestlo air services. The entire amount of tho budget must be spent within the country. * • » In proportion to Its size, a fly walks about 35 times aw fust as a man. SCIENTIST SEEKS SEAS MYSTERIES Leon F. Douglasi, internationally known inventor and explorer, shown here with bis two daughters, Ena (in. bathinc costume) and Florence, before the trio sailed from San Francisco on the new Grace liner Santa Roea en route to Miami, Fla., where they will board the scientific yacht Caroline on a five months' cruise in Caribbean waters to further advance* ment in ichthyology and undersea photography. CHEVROLET ANNOUNCES AN IMPROVED LINE OF SIX-CYLINDER TRUCKS SELLING AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES ^ Again Chevrolet leads the way to eco^ nomical 'transportation!» Chevrolet announces a greatly improved line of Chevrolet Biz-cylinder trucks—featuring a' new engine. A new rear axle. A new frame. Many progressive changes in design and construction. , And selling at new, greatly reduced prices that only the world'a largest, builder of cara mnd trucks could achieve. All 1^-ton models are now powered by a remarkable new Six-Cylinder Special Truck Engine. This is basically the same reliable power plant of last year—but Chevrolet has made it even smoother, more powerful, and more economical by : the addition of 33 new improvement* »nd refinement a. REDUCTIONS AS MUCH AS Half -ton Pick-up '440 S*dan D«liv«ry '545 Half-ton Pan«l. '530 131" Stake . . . '655 157"Stak«. . . '715 •AlIpelcftt.o.b.Flint.Mich. , equipment nlr». Low d»Uttt»d prieei and u»W O. M. A. C. term*. ^CHEVROLET Chevrolet has also introduced an entirely new type of rear axle with the outstandinf mechanical advantages of a four-pinion differential and a straddle-mounted pinion with bearing support on both sides. In addition, the Chevrolet 131-inch truck now has a much stronger frame, with deeper, heavier side members. The 1 J^-ton models have a sturdier universal joint, as well as larger brakes, improved springs, and a new 15-gallon fuel tank. Nothing that Chevrolet has ever done before in trucks can equal the importance of this announcement: A stronger, more powerful, more durable six-cylinder line. Even more economical than last year. And priced as low aa $440! * CHEVROLET MOTOR CO., DETROIT, MICH. A GIHUUU. MOTORS VALUI * Valley Chevrolet Company Twenty-second and Chester Avenue , Phone 422 CHEVROLET TRUCK DEMONSTRATION WEEK—JANUARY 14 TO 21

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