The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1955 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1955
Page 10
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PAGE TW •LTTHETILLI (AM.) COURIM HEW! TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20,1958 Knight Going Ahead With Formation Of Pro: Eisenhower Slate SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Gov. Goodwin J. Knight disclosed today he is going ahead with formation of a pro- Eisenhowfer slate of delegates to the 1956 Republican National Convention. Commodity Ad Stock Ntw Yorjk Cotton quotations) Mar . May . July . Dot . ;• 3314 i 3286 ; 3153 . 2992 3374 3285 3153 2992 3364 3269 3132 2982 New Orleans Cotton Mar . May July . Oct . . 3373 3374 . 3282 3283 . 3151 3151 2992 2992 3369 3272 3135 2980 3365 3271 3132 2982 3369 3273 3135 2980 Chicago Wheat Dec . May . my, . 204 "A Chicago Corn Dec . May .. 124% 124 3 4 ... 132% 132% 123 13154 123% 132 Chicago Soybeans Jan .... 237 237V, 236>/ 2 236% Mar .... 239% 240V 4 239'/ 4 239% May .... 240*4 241 240 240% July.... 237% 238 237 23T/ 2 New York Stocks A T and T Amer Tobacco ... Anaconda Copper Beth Steel ... Chrysler ... Coca-Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors .... Montgomery War N Y Central .... Int Harvester .. Republic Steel .. Radio Socony Vacuum Studebaker Standard of N J Texas Corp .... Sears U S Steel , 178 1-2 , 80 1-2 . 70 5-1 . 162 1-2 . 86 5-8 124 3-4 54 1-2 45 5-8 93 3-4 43 1-2 36 3-4 48 1-8 45 5-8 62 10 1-2 150 1-4 117 36 57 1-4 Moving fast in a state rich with presidential possibilities, the governor said California's 70 votes will be pledged to himself as a favorite, son, and only nominal, candidate if the President doesn't seek a second term. State election law forbids un- pledged delegations. "We are proceeding with plans for the June (5) presidential primary campaign in California," Knight said, "on the assumption that President Eisenhower will accept renomination and will again lead the party to victory In next year's elections." Outlined Plane His press statement outlined plans for doing what Knight said all along he would do. Its timin though, raised some question as t owhether he is trying to stake out a claim on the big '.elegation, second only to New York's, ahead of Vice President Richard M. Nixon and en. Willima F. Knowland (R-Calif). knight previously said he would be happy to have both Knowland and Nixon as members of his delegation. Known to be cool toward Nixon, he has been silent on whom he would support at the convention in the event Eisenhower bows out. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111 I/K— (USDA) — Hogs .14,000; lower; bulk mixed U. S. Nos 1, 2 3 180-230 Ibs 11.00-75; about 200 head mostly Nos 1 and 2 arounc 190-220 Ibs 12.00; mixed grade 230270 Ibs 10.00-11.25; 270-300 Ibs mostly Nos 2 and 3 grade 9.5010.00; 140-170 Ibs 10.50-11.25; sor 450 Ibs down 8.50-9.00; few 9.25; heavier sows 8.00-25; boars over 250 Ibs 6.00-7.00; lighter weights to 8.00. Cattle 5,500. calves 1,200; good steers about steady at 17.75-19.00; heifers and mixed yearlings aboul steady; high good and choice 18.00; majority commercial anc good 14.00-17.00; cows utility and commercia' largely 9.50-10.50; few 11.00-50; canners and cutters 7.009.50; bulls utility and commercial 12.00-14.00; vealers few high choice nnd prime 27.00-30.00; good and choice largely 20.00-26.00 with commercial and good 15.00-20.00; little done on moderate supply slaughter calves. Allison Rites Arc Tomorrow Funeral services for Mrs. Fordie Lea .Allison of Luxora will be held tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock at Heath Funeral Home in Paragouid, Ark. Burial will be nt Linwood Cemetery in Paragould. Mrs. Allison, 79, a resident of Luxora since 1910, died in Hocott Memorial Home, Little Rock, yesterday at 2 o'clock. Surviving is Mrs. Clara Songer of Detroit, Mich. IKE (Continued from Page 1) attack will be speeded tf he gets more outdoor exercise than the weather here has allowed. Will Delay Trip Asked at his r.ews conference whether the imminent birth of a fourth Eisenhower grandchild at the Army's Walter Reed Hospital in Washington had anything to do with the change in plans, Hagerty replied in the ; negative. Mrs. Eisenhower wants to get her Christmas plans formulated, Hagerty said. The general impression is that Eisenhower will delay his trip to a warmer climate until after the arrival of the new child for Maj. and Mrs. John Elsenhower. The other three grandchildren are going to spend Christmas at the White House. The President will confer at the White House tomorrow with Secretary of State Dulles and meet at 2:15 p.m. Thursday with the National Security Council. The only official caller scheduled to see Eisenhower today was Dillon Anderson, his special assistant for na'ona! security matters. They arranged to meet at the Eisenhower farm this morning in preparation for Thursday's White House meeting of the National Security Council. Because of a new cold wave in Gettysburg, Eisenhower canceled plans to visit his office in the Gt- tysburg post office building. The President yesterday accepted with "deep regret" the resignation, effective Dec. 31, of Nelson A. Rockefeller, for the past year his special assistant on psychological strategy. Elsenhower, planning to leave here at 9 a.m. tomorrow, will meet later that d»y with Secretary of State Dulles, who reported to him by long distance telephone yesterday on the results 01 the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Council meeting In Paris last week. IN MEMORIAM—In memory ot her son, Yuichiro Doi, Midland College football player killed in a practice accident in 195.3. Mrs. Blanche Doi has given the Fremont, Neb., college Japanese ceremonial bridn! gowns she ai'.d her mother wore at their weddings. The elaborately decorated material includes three handspun silk kimonos—a black one brides wear when they leave their parents' house; a red one they wear when leaving the house of their husbands' parents, and a white kimono worn to the temple for the wedding ceremony. Here they arc displayed by Ruth Matsumoto, Midland senior from Koloa, Kau.ii, Hawaii. GEORGE (Continued from Page 1) medium and low wage earners. • In equally intensive rounds of speech-making, Taimadge roundly assailed those federal programs with which George might be linked] although he has not referred .oj the senator by name. | The ex-governor declared that j the foreign assistance program was a "Global \VPA" which well could bankrupt the nation and make it easy prey for communism. He charged the government had billions to lavish on foreign recipients but was too niggardly with its own farmers to give them badly needed help. More than 60 trillion ultra-viruses, nature's smallest living things and deadly enemies of mankind, can be crowded into a square inch. Weather Is Due To Get Warmer By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Warmer weather was forecast for Arkansas today with the possibility of light rain by the weekend. Cloudy skies halted an expected drop of temperatures in the state into the teens. Temperatures northwest Arkansas last night ranged in the 20s compared with the expected low of 10 degrees. Arkansas temperatures were expected to warm to the 40s today with tonight's low in the 20s in north Arkansas and in the low 40s in the southwest portion. DELICACY TO THEM Octopus is a favorite food of Japan's Awaji islanders. They buy it sun-dried and stretched sticks, or alive from tanks of sea water. Tentacles, boiled a n c sliced, are choice portions. RIOTING (Conttnutd from P*f* U Jordan-held Bethlehem — Christ's birthplace — was ordered after 200 to 300 demonstrators stormed the Turkish consulate In the Jordan sector of Jerusalem, burning the Turkish fl«K and wounding the consul general. Four rioters were reported killed and 27 wounded by fir from Jordanian troops. Safety Measure The curfew obviously was a snfo- ty measure to protect Christian pilgrims, particularly those from the West, who flock to the scene of the Nativity only five miles southwest of Jerusalem. It was not clear what effect the curfew would have on the traditional Christmas Eve services there. The curfew could be lifted before the church service Saturday night, or it could be held not to apply to religious ceremonies. However, its existence emphasized the mounting tension between Israel and its Arab neighbors. Israeli border guardposts are scarcely 100 yards from the Bethlehem hills. The curfew was imposed by Jordan's governor of Jerusalem and the Holy Places, Hassan El Kasem. Within Jordan, tension over the proposal for adherence to the Baghdad Pact extended from the Arab sector of Jerusalem — the Old City with its,many holy places to the capital at Amman. Combined details of Arab Legion troops and local police patrolled Jerusalem streets throughout the night to prevent any further violence It was Amman's second night on the alert. Anti-pact rioting there Sunday resulted in the death of one man and the wounding of several others. A visit to Amman by Gen. Sir Gerald Templer, chief of Britain's imperial general staff, preceded the outbreaks. He submitted the proposal for revising and expanding the 1948 British-Jordan agreement under which Britain has equipped and trained the Arab Legion. Jordan's military force. Under the broader plan, all this would be merged in the five-power pact formed originally as a Middle Eastern, shield against any Communist aggression in the area Only one Arab country, Iraq, now belongs to the alliance. Iraq's adherence caused deep resentment amona: some other Arab countries, notably Egypt and Syria. Lawless Arm Longer LOUISVILLE, Ky. UP) — The long arm of the law is looking for a longer arm of the lawless. Miss Loretta Mueller reported someone smashed a stc-rm window, a regular window pane and reached through both to a bedroom dresser 18 inches from the window to lift her purse containing $85. Four US Planes Establish Link With Antarctica AUCKLAND,, New Zealand 1-fJ — Pour American planes landed safely at McMurdo Sound today and established the first air link between New Zealand and Antarctica reports relayed here said. It was a 2,200-mile nonstop flight from New Zealand's South Island. Mt. Erebus, an active volcano towering 13,000 feet above the landing strip, provided a guiding beacon on the last stages of the flight. Two Neptunes arrived first and then two Skymasters on McMurdo Sound, a channel between Ross Island and Victoria Land on the Antarctic continent. The flight is part of an American expedition headed by Adm. Richard E. Byrd. Pemiscot Men ToNCCMeet C ARUTHERSVTT ,T -ft— Four Pemiscot County men will be among delegates representing Missouri at the National Cotton Council's 18th annual meeting in Biloxi, Miss., Jan. 30-31. according to announcement made in Charleston by A. L. Story, chairman. They are Judge M. R. Rowland and S. Crews Reynolds, both of C&- ruthersville, and W. A. (Bill) Joplin and Lamar Thompson, both of Hayti. Together with representatives of other states they will review the past year's activities and approve a program of research and promotion aimed at increasing consumption df cotton and its products, the announcement said. Club to Give Music Program Orpheus Club will present a program of Christmas carols over KLCN tomorrow at 10:15. Mrs. J. Wilson Henry will be director of the vocal group and Mrs. C. Murray Smart will be organist. Fishermen Lost TOKYO (if}— Three Japanese tuna boats with 62 men aboard are feared lost in the Pacific Ocean. 800 miles south of the central Japanese island of Honshu, Kyodo News Service reported today. The boats are believed to have been hit by a typhoon which swept the area Dec. 16, the last time they were heard from by radio. During the siege of Paris by the Germans in 1870, 65 balloons departed trom that city carrying a total of 238 passengors and 12 tons at letters. FOREIGN AID '(Continued from PHfl » tions Committee, which would h»v» to pass on foreign aid proposals. Sen Mansfield (D-Mont), r. member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the proposed five billion dollar appropriation "seems too big to me." Yesterday Mansfield said that i« the administration '5 gelling ready to ask for that much, it lias "broken faith with the Democratic and Republican leaders of Congress.". Only Slightly Higher "They are asking twice as much as they asked for this year after promising congressional leaders less than a week ago their requests will be similar to this year's," he said in a followup interview today. After a White House briefing last weefc several congressional leaders of both parties said they were told the foreign aid appropriations request for the 1357 fiscal year would be only slightly more than Che $2,100,000,000 (b) the lawmakers approved for the current year.. Actual expenditures have been running higher than the amount, of new funds provided yearly by Congress, thus eating into the reserve. While discussion of the new turn of events was continuing on and off Capitol Hill, it was reported that the State ad Defense Departments won an eleventh hour battle to over-ride a Budget Bureau cut ol' some 45 per cent in new money they wanted to finance military, economic and technical aid. Informants said that at one point Dulles pledged to carry his department's fight for more iundi to President Eisenhower, if necessary. CITY (Continued from Page 1) ahead of last year;" and "buying started in November and has been brisk all this month." As in everything, some pocketbooks are enriched while others become depleted but there is little sorrow or reluctance shown on the faces of those who daily make up the throngs buying in Blythevtlle'a stores. Stores, to accommodate these customers, will remain open until 9 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. Merry Christmas! Sculptor Diet TUCSON, Ariz. Ufi — Cartaino S. Paolo, 14, Internationally known sculptor and painter, died Sunday at his Tucson home. HOLIDAY GREETINGS! from the members of THE BLYTKEYILLE ASSOCIATION OF LIFE UNDERWRITERS Wm. W. 'Bill' Highfill Luther Z. Goings L. E. Old W. Paul Mohon J. Louis Cherry H. L. Halsell Jr. Douglas P. Morris J. L. Thompson Jr. Edward Evans American United Life Insurance Co. Blythevillc Reliable Life Insurance So. Blytheville The Prudential Insurance Co. Blytheville Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Blytheville New York Life Insurance Co. Blytheyille Aetna Life Insurance Co. Blytheville Life Insurance Co. of Georgia Blytheville Pan-American Lift Insurance Co. Blytheville Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Blytheville Donald Pulley J. A. Bryant Clyde T. Davis Lynn W. Brown John M. Duncan Vernon Strickland Virgil L. Davis Ed Townsend Interstate Life & Accident Ins. Co. Blytheville American United Life Insurance Co. Blytheville Life Insurance Co. of Georgia Blytheville Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Blytheville National Life and Accident Ins. Co. Blytheville National Life and Accident Ins. Co. Blytheville Life Insurance Co. of Georgia Blythevillt Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Blythevilla FOR YOUR LIFE INSURANCE NEEDS, CONTACT ANY OF THE ABOVE MEN WHO ARE MEMBERS OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LIFE UNDERWRITERS, BLYTHEVIILE CHAPTER *. . ^'

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