Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1928 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1928
Page 2
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Pflrewell, I r«>! My senses »wiin. Cloudy ^earjj Fly Uke sb O'sr^e e6ri(M there corafea a bloom. Sunny llghF -I smell Uie St Timothy' Mrs. G. ess yestcrd members of lary of St. church tn li And il»e wLrld is grovrlnK Ulm: Thronging phadowa crowd the lipli Uke the v-ai * i ui- i,ii;Ui— Colder, • nh a' •sU:i, Upward i;. ;i va.i'; ililll; Strong tli'.' piiiihly oilor grows— 1 smfll the mould above ih<f rosi?.' •Welcome, life! ilie spirit Htrlvtisf Strength returns and hope revl\;^3; I and shapes forlornj dows at Uje morn— es Ruth and M for sullen gloom. Warm perfiime for vUpor cold- lose above the mould. —Thoniau Hood. . Wotnaii'g AiJxIiliuT «>' Elilsoitiial t'hurch • Fonda i-vi .s was iiost- jjy aiti'inoon to the Woman'a AuslK Tiniothy';! Kplscopal r home at 4rtS Kast Jackson aveilue. r . Mrs. A. A.,^chell, president, pre- sid^.over the nieeiliii?. Alr.M. G. F. ' Reynolds, dlo-cesan flialrniau, read - a letter of tlianks from Christ'.-i hospital, Topeka. for Cliri.simas carda sen^ to the patients. ' Mis. G. E. Pendarvls, nation anU Avorld chairman, read a letter from Geoi- . gte li. OiniplxjU e.xpe .oshiK thank.'? for clothing sent to be distributed -- among the needy hill people of . Rippon, West Virginia. Tli.- clothing bent from hero was valued at $60 .00. Mrs. J. .S. Tiirnei'^ WMK- ' nation as pari.ih chairmnn wnn ac-' ceptcd and the vacancy will be : fillpd later. It was decid.uij give Bible verses .in response to roll can at which time lii • remilar duea •will be taken as w.ll as a "free will offering. The st-cretary. Mrs. J. M. Lamer, w^u.s,instruct! il to send a letter of appreciation lo those who so kindly !""nt ariicles for the^ Christmas baznai|. .Mrs. A. A. Schell, secretary for fh<- - last year, gave a ^ratifying n-ymrl of the year's flnanct-s. Th<> hostess served a tible luncheon at ary Helen Adams played a piano selection and Miss Mary Gregory sang with Miss Hazel Close as accompaniftt-s. iMrs. Lice Moore directed a program of games. • ; Circles 2 and 6 were the hosts and served l>et\veen sevenlytfive and. eighty women. Korlul Order pi' Beaocpanl InslalU After the regular .session of the Social Order of Deauceant lust night in.the .'^asonic temple ,ofti- <'crK for flitt etliiulng year wer^> installed at an ojien meeting at which the Knights Templar were gue»t«. The officers Installed' were • as follows: .Mrs. W. U. iCItg. president; .Mr.-i. C. A. Hubbarc, oracle; Mry. a. B. Stodghlll, fiist vice- president; Airs. H. H. Stewart, isecond vlije-presldent; Mrs. J. W. JHosser, percepireas; Mrt. W. '/.. Bartels, recorder; Mrs. (X T. I'n- briion. treasurer; Mrs. E.'M. Myler, chaplain; Mrs.. Burney Miller, director of riiusici; .Mrs. W. K. Alter- nian. assistant; marshal; Mrs. Harmon Hohart. banner bearer; .Mrs. A.; A. Laird, color bearer;. .Mrs. Lawrence ("oiiening< daughter of the household; Mrs. J.- A. Mllne, nil :5ti -css of the wardrobe. A social hour foUowjed the installation during whlcii refreshments were served. <• •> <' Enteriains Bridge Club Mrs, ti'eo.-;C Dalgaruo, Jr., entertained the members of her bridge ifiib and two guests yesterday afternoon In her 21f. South Oak iftreet. Tlni guest;; were Mrs. K. K. Lynn; and Mrs. Itiissull Harry. Afli-r : cauls the hostess-served a Ulllclli . 1 Thi- niember.s attending were: Mrs.K. 1. .Silers. .Mr.s. K. i). fook. .Mis. V. (i. Apt. Mrs. O. B. Stodg­ hlll. Mrs. Stanley Kirk and Mr.s. .1. -M. Powell. • •:• • Ilarlah Thomas (hajdev The: regular mi'mthly meeting of the Harlan Thomas chapter of the I'uitcd Brethren chiircli was held 'last night in the home of the president, .Miss Alarie Dale, CU .North .strieet.' The «-liapler is planning a pie suppor lo be hold January Utt. .Miss Thelina lloherts gave a talk , THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRiDAt EVENING, JANUARY 6.1928. These ChUdren Game Two at a OF TIE DAY •X«w Tndor Ford Sedan Xoiv Here. PUno Fvplisi In B«rital. The.torKi^beeumol..tUan generous to m. a^„>^4 you eee tbi Pwyer chUdren. three sets^of ^wMns. On f,»f^7 "[i ^f ^^t ihe tbrfeeaeiH of twU, art, old. The bahlles ar« /eiTylaud Marian. tba twins, John and Eva. ten years old.. Seated and ho px» Mfond -jat. Betnadette and Blanche. 7 yeara VALLEY Jan. li. —Happy .New Year. .A New Year's re-soluiion: write ciulden Valley iii-ni.s « vyeck. Klmer Baker':; <if (ieueva. rpcnl .Vew Year's day with his brother, E. .1. Baker and family. The R. O. Higgins «ale Tuesday wasi Well attended. However, the rain in the afternoon scaliereii the c-rowd and interfered somewhat with tliei'salf. -Mr. Higglns trailcil his farm' fur Kansas City property and tiie |faniily li.'ive gone tliere to make their home. After the xa 'e until 'l'liur.'<(lay liny visited with .Mr. andi.Mrs. i 'harles. H:twkilis. riirlsAan linfjcli. Hihlc :,ch"<il al l>:4r. . Tshili I>l II. 1-"^ a 'Kl di-parli«.!ii lor a v.>lconi" .Mii-s ViiRii charge iif nni: l'rc;n-hiiig anil c.iinn ic.. :il U .."cluck.. Mr. ill diargc i.i iuu,--ic. iiiidir lead- ill .'\ class 1. 11 y our ij S.-iiitli in iiliinn serv- Kicil Steele ikeriniiit. .-iiib- jeet, •• I'lie H> l»\iiMiiiR vt" 'he Walls .\rciuinl JeriiHalein " In Tcljineiit .^cri pill ICS \{' he liau ni :ii Scotl. ivnapp of'Moran spent the | j^V le:-s.,.w ;<'';;'^<'^; Tvhlch there were twelvi- • <• •:• XhJrd Division Heets The Third Division of eral Working society of <-overs. Ion "Letters from .Missionaries in 1 China." Miss LaVona Smith and !.Mil's Jessii- (lie C, -ii- i "]">erHon :illy iM' Kirsi I China." holidays i wltii Oelheri Manheck. One of the most delightfill social events of the holidays wa.s a communit.<- dinner spons«n-ed by the ladies of the social country club j lii..[!;:liiiii'i heii! iiif. >iii of Coll. Ii -^^liall le- our Ihis discoiiise. ttliiclr MiiieiiK 'iils loiiiid in > .Vehfiiiiali. to illii.^iraii an dijevelopiceni of •'• Firsi l*resbyler.iin Chorcii. , Dr. II. (J. .Maihis who was called ^1 \Vav< riy on account pi'the death Ills slrtter-in-la\v. .Mrs. Slono- hill. .will reiiirn to lohi Saturday t'.ht- : • The fegiiiar cliiinli and Sunday liool 1 Services will h.,• ub.served ; iisuii!. tiiere wHt be no .liiinli hiilletlli. \ ilvsiring to ^ live anaoiinccnienls made by the al the iifhool house Thursday for i J'j'j^ji'"^',„'^:,;jj,', „, •• I I piistor will please hand'him such their families and conipli- „„,„|.,^. ,.. ni„K .i i; 'o !;• • ii.iee ^i^'iouniernent.s before the juornlne mentarv to (Mr. and Mrs. Charles .Siin.|.i> . \. n nn j.iii... ije. , . •. X ...... „ ^ ... Christian Kndeavor groups • will. ' v lypc i! (lie \ lllli'l |lill|toSe ill s l,;"l on ic liook ol 111., origin "IteslOlil I'lerce who are soon to ntove to illlnoifl t<» make their home. At the noon hour a lovely dinner was served followed by a sociid hour. Jn the aflernouii there was a pro- grain of niusic. ieailint;s and Class gave a jilaylet,! speftehes as follows: The .\dams Conducted Tour in (sisters. .Mary. Helen and Jtilth. : played a piano duel; Scott lany jinve not uliemled any »i' the r-etings. I.ei It's iiiake'iip tor it liy our. jjre^eiicc loulgiii.Tiie choir V ill b>:^ in its placi- and i v. rylliing V ill be done lo iiKiki- ii. :i treat •-.trvlce. (>ii H|unday the, pasior will iiireach a|i both MTvic'e.v. Ill tilt'' inurnlug <r;i ihi-; siibjecr. •'Tile Church and ji- World.;' in thir evening on the iihjcci, "The liiiitriiinent of Con- .^loii •' li. V. I'. V. wilj. be led by kiss I'lliia Close and lliM- lopic Is iWhulhhe Chiircli Mai Ooue." Olrs. C. H, Ford.) MO^AN, Kans.. Jan. 2.—The holiday «eaa<m just closing has bsen «iq>ecially enjoyanle through^ 0 It our community and may the in aw yearlirlDgr to u» all the abimd- ice of rpeace and pro.sperity and \ Itb all needed courage to meet <fery^luty that lles^ before us dur- ig the year 192S. Mrs. KiU Porter and daughter \ilan -Modena, of Wakena. Kansas, rlslted frien^.s here over the week! td after -spending the early part ' the vacatian sea.son with friends ii i.j.Harpe, lola amtt Ft. Scott. l33 Modena Is muBlc instructor in tie Wakena city schools ami her o d frien-ds here are please<l to Jciow her work la especially sjic- C 'SSful. airs. Harvo Redden and son, .J inlor, were here'Thursday visit- it g Mrs. W. E. North ami other ft lends. They returned to their" h )me In Parsons ihat evening. Roy GULlum of the finance de- p irtmen^ of the .Moon Motor com- piiny spent the holiday.^ here with Mrs. Gilliuih who is caring for her ni other, Mrs. Ida Merrill, while she is recovering, froui 'iujiiries re- (i'iMd when struck: by a liiotor car recently. town are g-ettipg settled in their new hi>me.after considerable delay on ad:ount of the iad weather. The bfe two story house is a -tine|b to the'commnnity as well •as a njopt comfortable; commodious home jor the family. • Mr fand Mrs. Clarence Watson and children who have this week dispcsil'ii of fhelr farm interests and h&te purchased the Oxford Cafe in lola and taken over its roitnag^ment. will be greatly missed from tfee community and especially by thiiir circle of friends in the it ti-tiajidi _ _ „ _ J-80 you iJti Christian church wheje they were ' I'ardly «0t iironn.).-just try "Red P,.[.- umongUhe inost devoted members, i l""'" I'U'J. "ml .>'•«' »ill have thn The heat of red peppers takes "oiieh" from a sore, lame baef:. ' Jt • ctm not hurt you. :ind ends the tortiiie at once. When you are suffering'-i ?^!„.y.f.?*r..'1„l^.^ 5",'r,_f »ore spot tlnouph-and through Pain' spot tliianph and through, fain' and sureueas ure ifuiie. Aak any dtuggisi for k jar f.f R ow I p.s Rij }.Vpper Rub, Be sure to get the grniiiiie. with the name Ri.wlea on each, package. jWalter CUne, who went to Kan- i being Kerioiisly 111. si<; City Wedne .'vilay returned tlie ' We wm-indeed surori.-ed to not. Thev riave the good wishes of all' 9 ">''li«"si rciief knwrn. Nothing lus in th *ir new line oflbusineas forj*"'^'' concentrated, penetratiag hij.z every jiuccess that they may enjoy, as red peppers. Mai 4 Moran frlend.s were pleased „ J "st soon a* you apply R m I . to le^in I " ' Theof qte deputyj county attorney of Montgomery county. .Mr. rVarner has been liracthlnK law In Independence the past year and [since hi-s gradua^on from K. IJj • Littlt^ EvelyiJ Tenipleman has' about rjecdvered llrom quite a ser- 1 ious atcaek of crhup she had last j week., jThe littl.^ girl now est , fliree years old liaii nifver i. .a.'j trouble^left.;- i.u. v.:: ; •..i.;. ill lor j several'jliouv . ; i AlbeV! Idannmg was a business ^ visitor in Kansius City -Wednesday ^ having iccompauied a-shipment of stock b .ii! the Karinc-rs' l.'nion. Oiad to report the MarJ;in .Anderson family, who Kuffere <l- a real epidemic of fin and piieumonUi the past twj) weeks are .jil nearing icompletf'. recovery. M\\ .Anderson • himself fof all the family escaped ineel. .New olliceis ot the y.-ai will be iiiMaMed. Hope ev-eiy .voung ptisoll c:ili I" I Don't evi-ll l.-l voiir 'iliile" prevent; ju>i bring This I your "d:ile" and- conic dii. .\l "•'•'•» |MC:ic ,llillK Mel-Vjci {service will open Willi U song serv- I ii-i. Ili;il ^^iM do viiiir >oiil good. •^""l I Tdc M-riiion of ilie eveiiini', will In PreBbyterlan~chui-ch met yesterday' .Miss Jessie Claf^s and Miss I,.a Baker, a piano solo; the | ..<.,„|,. Kieiilil I'lirpiise" Cod afternoon In the home of Mrs. T. (Vona Smith will be hostesses at lehildren. two songs; Mrs. 'mo crciii I - • • . f a,.I,. .....1 \f.. liarlan Isaac J-"'; Colborn-iihe ne.xtmeeting, and the chapter,! Stiiteviile and .Mr. icordially Inv ;its meetings. W. Walte. 212 Soiitli . ... , - ... Street with Mrs. T. C. Watterson icordially Invites all girls lo attend icacli a reading: and a number oi ! ' ... jiilil jjiij,. ^„„cs suu)!; by the audl- 'ence. .Miss Clara Laury. .Mr. John 'Laiirv and Mr=. .Alice I^iiry ftsalstlng hosteb. ... The president. .Mrs. Richard Kw- v v v Ing presided over the ineeiinn :ind Dorolliy Kebrknh Lodpe In«talW rciil book '.t .N;iliire :iiid , Ucvciatii.a. We Willi \ MEGILL CHAJ^L Jan. :{.- .Mr. and -Mi-s. Bhuls l^dd aitd chlltlren and .Mr. aiiB: Mrs. L. Kqlckson spent .Monday ,wiih Air. and .vlrs. Ase .Nurse. » iMr. and .Mrs. .Mc.Millen;and Mbe Ki'inihlei' of Chaniite >o<^k Kllpp<^r with .Mrs. Taylor. Uicliafd- ind Miirnant .Monday. > .Mr. anil .Mrs. .Marl Beiison and f'li^:ir!eyi; .Mr. 'and Alrs.j Cnrrett iTalsciie and baby look dlfiner with led the devotionals." Plan; ^ e, >, officers for made to celebrate with a ' :i !• Tore Installed " party In three weeks wit li H .j^u .of th<« - ViJ 1 "IV ^ p ,1. each yeari'gavc' an interesting talk. .Mrs. the coming . , II a meeting last,!. O. Mnrrison. the retiring presl- Dorothy llebekah idem of the S. C. c|iil» in an appro-i]' A. Brown and Mrs. W. I!. jnun as hostesses In the honu- '. 'ri ,e offimrs Installed were; Kiiih the former. Also plans were niado ; noble grand: Knilierine Dille. to have a rummage sale In con- y(,.,,.^rm,,!. ija/el Helgele. ireas- iodt:e held in the 1. O. O. K. hull. | l>riale speech in behalf of the diib j . • iiresMitcd .Mrs. I 'ieice with :: set <d ; ^ '' uKi,i.;P(,|j|i. Mini, silver i<'as|>ooiis as a token of love : II.k.'^. Tile liook of lo deal Willi till- cMiiiiiioii or ilivi lo|,iiient j .Mii. and .Mr.s. Joe Kaufman Motf- In botii ilicre l )..ol .s. • .;il:ij- and: spent Ihe ev»-iiinft there. Wc .in- not iiivitiiK; iljc .iicniher-j |\"i :in- fihtit ip Unow Mr>!. Taylor sblj. lo attend tlics.- s.ryic. . Tl.ey ; is mniroying nn-ely from'her nccl-I i>sJed, irom attending The roii.m- ;yre siippo .se. I 1.. I.,- ili .-i.-. bill of iasi •- f , l'^-''««»eHoing. Ine roihm iare cMeiidin^' mil hiv'it:tlinn lo all' the numjnr composing The Register "Oang"Jas publi.she.l in an early edition of the paper 'tli!.< .week, fllad to jje-anion? the nninher and hope the" cowing y{>ar t.> ire.-p the besi p'.ade on earth "Our Old l^loi-an" iiefore tin- reaciiii'- public. iliinas ivll.d."- • • •:• •:• <• • • • • <• '> • • • lOI.A II.\IT.Y ABStR-^CT •:• Issued from office bf lola '> .Abstract Company "MayEndinFltt Check it Tdday^ There's a way to do it—HILL'S. Does the four nece3s .iry things in jone. Stoiis the cold in -twenty-four Bouts. ^ <l.'pck.«! the lever, opens tlic li'>«rl'.,tnneithetntires'ystem. 'USII 'e ^'d youneed. Don't nill 9 bes.-iii.siied v.>it.i aayt]ua.i; less, StODS .r'St-t nriw and get UILL -CinCls HILL'S Ca««r»-BMmae4Qm L'S. -ImtetuI o5 danitcroua h«;artld»pr«- iunta take safe, mild and partly Vf-gf labia NATtHlE'S REWEBY and ptt rid ofiti.a towel poiaoim that the trouble. Nothios like NI for bili.>u»n ««M. «ick ti^ori- aehts. luid coiiatipation. Acta Jjltaaaiytly. Never itripcn. Only 'JSc, Make &e test tpnight-i ftjjllowing tlay with a new Tudor ^ Kord sedan which is now oi^ dis- pl xy in the show room oi his; gar- aj e. The car Is a tlupiicaie of the car shown- here two: wees.«; ago. -As evidence of the popularity of the.j n«w .car a JMUnher of orders have ^ already been jplaced for daTs as • f„,. «.e iiever cease d.oinjr sobn as they are available for sale, out- here; and we know tlic Mrs. Joe Hurlockof Kansas City world is-'interested in us. st>pped here a short time Thursday after visiting her parents.:Mr. aiit Mrs. L. AV. Howell, .south of | town'for several daj-s early in the i w. 'ek. Her llttle.dinghter. Ix>uise, ] w lo had been here for a longer i visit accompanied her to lola w ierft they would vl<;;i. uptil .Mon- 1 day wlien they will return home. B. W. TeniplenuiH returned' -l-iniiarv =; 1'i^k heme ThurHthiy from a business .... V" . ',' •'". i ... ^[^•'"'Q'Sirr""- I A,.' 'Air^ ..rrviS:^ _.Wan,..l .o Cean ^X o^tlJ^upiiHTC 'ta.:; h ; - . at the Presbyterian church, Friday af erooon and the program was ve -y pleasliig Imleed. It was much rcirretled that the terrible stonn pr >V«aied niaiiy who were Inier- wee.k. . iln^'pupils uppeareil on the pro ilr. and Alis.-ilalpb BaVnett attdjgrim: William Slmpsoti, Rnssel! • • <> <• <•>> •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• <• TO N8GHT ^' kecorameiwlej and Sold TiiK Koi 'Pw u'n.x nRircoisT-s silver i<'as|>ooiis and good will. M fp. R h U i Uiury and rJfreshmenlH were served. •:• •:• * ,«{ ICappa Ileltu Kappa •nlmer .i of lola, has I mwu into the- Kapiia IJeltu local social fraternity of Teachers Col- ilIeihiH >r Cecil, initiated I^appa, the Kaiisas Slate lege at ll-ittsbiirK. little daiighier. .MrM. Alici- Laiiryl aiiil .Mrs. Will l^iur.y of Independ-i eiwe. Mr. J<iUii Lluiry and tainilv; !-«f -Kansas City and i.Mrs. Hazel i Maxin of lola were guests. Other ; guests were .Mrs. Wall'-r Baker of; , Coffevvillo. Mrs, Harms of liule-j'"'" pehdeiice. I nection with the Second Division , u.Vr."" A ^s^^^^^^ was enjpyed ! Callahan, her husband and their whlcli probably will be held the - ,. . , latter part of next week, <• • <• Inlertalns with Birthday Pari;. , •Mrs. Mary Rogers, of 6i>7 .N'ortU Chestnut streeL entertained last night with a party in honor of Hie fclrthday. of her grandson, Louis Hodges. , Mrs. Rogers w-as assisted by her daughter; .Mr.*. Ituby Hodges. The evening was spent In playing games and elaborate refresh- njents wore served.: - The guests -K 'ere: Emerson Kel- letrbereor •"'•I'lvlir. l.-;r "erman, -Marvin Vi..iii:-:_V:: ;-::t .i V.'- Roy Lamore .i • .\r. . i i;. A. "Jackaon. I l>t — ii--: ^a, Wanda Hodges, and Lo«cll Jaifkson. • « •:• Joint Installation 1 rW. K. C, and MbCook P<»sl Fir^l Chnrrh of ( hrNj .SrienlKL Sunday ^cllold al li:l."i a m. Siibjeci : ••S::i-r:iineiil." W'-diiesilay <••.••nine, ii eetiiiKs al S o'clo<-k. i .S'i-rvfc<-s Mil! Ill- belli :ii the i-liiircti I'diiicf. corner of Sycaiiiori 'Sire. Is Tilt- i.-a.ttni; ro.mi over K.ini.-:iy's iJiV l.ooils si)ii.-. |(t(i('^ K;i-:i .Jin avenii<> Mrs. Clias. Kolil.-r ami son, Chas. ;„j„.„ i, w.-.-k .lay ir.nii to •'• P SCOTLAND .MrM. Joe Oibson) .Ian. ."..—Mrs. David Cation ;.j)eni Thursday atteriJoon with Mr. and -Mi;.^. Charles .)aJr>bson. -Miss Ruth rioUInqsworlh re- turnoir t6 Chanute Saturday .ifler spending'a week with home folks. ^ Mrs. • Lizzie Cation has returned i home after spending three weeks visiting relatives in Oklahoma and Texas.' ! Ir.. speiii Chrislnias week in Kan!,a-.; Cfty. r.nests ot her parents. .Mr. an.I .Mrs. John Shearer. 'nic 1^. .Mai'Jiei-k family ^ . Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Barnett an-.-j Joint installation of officers of | i,jrth of a daughter. cCook Post and the Woman's j ga,„rdav. Hecember .11. Mrs. David Caljon spent Friday afternoon tvitii Mrs. John Gibson. McCook Relief Corps auxiliary was hei.l yesterday at Memorial hall after an excellent dlniier In the grill room, served by libe ladies of the 'Woman's Relief Corps; and lleii- -derson Circle 147. Ladles of the Grand Army of the Republic. ni Til.- jiiibli.- is i-or.iially invil.-.l lo :iiu-ii.l 111.- s.-ivi.-.-s of til.' .•lunch an.I lo vi-^it 111.- r.adiiig I'l.H.i. Will took ilifinor V^ith .Mrs. |{a|i-nen ami Mr. aad Afrs. C'.len tlarnett -Sunday. [ '• .Mr. ilud iMrs. John Rlltiion and ilaughter, called Sunday hftemooD oiij.Mr.-.. iTaylor. Richard *nd .Mar-t Sh Gorette. Jack Brennan. Bobby Arnstron^. KMi RumlK-l. Ktbel Cl<|Diming.«:. Glenn Wright. .Mar- Joijle Kelster. .Marjorie Lee Ford. CaiHsline, Hardy. Arlene Sinclair. a I new radio in enjoying hon\e. Mrs. Walter Baker aii.I t ar-' their Free Melhodisl Church Noles, I. Sundiry s.-i I al m a liii. Tli.-n w.i Minail'^vill be an illiistniK.I lalj; giv.-iiV' ii.-nt the I the children ut the dose of The The sul»Ji-.-t for till of liii and .Mr. (iimlin. Mr. and .\lr.s. A. Pierce nr.' tin- first-in the neighborhoo.l t.) report UiMe chicken-!;. An old hen slol. KIKIti IV C Mr.4. H. K. Kennell arid Viola anil i lier nesi V.iit. aii.l brought up lif- (Miss Kuth llolllngsworth. Mrs. Matfle Wispborg visited Fridav -Nvitli -Mrs. Arrtiur Liibby. Mr.'and IMrs. Jim White enter- Office .rs of the McCook Post hi-] f„,. dinner l)ecen>ber 2C: I • -Btalled, with T. S. Ball installiiig officer, -were: J. M. H.dlis. post commander; John Kast hum. senior •vice-cdmmand.r: ' J. il. Hniilap. -junior vlce-coniinandi r; M. (i. Rob Mr. Arthur Lil/ay and family. Mr. af«l Mrs. Harry Hnthaway and Virginia, .Mr. and Mrs K.irl White an.I Rimer Wliit. Mii^ses Liilii and Blanch Ciippet Inson. adjutant; I. ^. "^l'- <}"*"- ,.;,ii.-d at J.diii, liib-.on's. Sunday ;;Mr. and .Mr.«. K. J. Baker and AVaii- termaster; J. II llnM. «=hyi'';»">: !;,f.,.,.„„„„ ' . "W. .J. Ihrlg. Miri^eou: T. S. Ha".; ^j,.., n p. KeniH-lI and Viola an.! offlcet^f th.- day; an.l J .diii !'- ! \jiss Ruth Hollinwworlh call.d at inan, officer <.i' the r.n :M .I. : Havld Cation'.s one afternoon. Ihrlg was'nnahle ill b. pi.-seni. j ^vhite ppent t ^i 'veial John The meeting of llie WoiH.-in's : Relief Corps.' which followi'd that -of McCook Post. Was pi-.-sid.-d over Ijy Ihe priisident). .Mrs. .M. lliiff. • . Wrs. Margar.-t An.l.-r.-ion l.-.l tin, -devotlonais -and ".Aim-rica" vva« ' Huhg. Til.- foil..wing offi.eis f ..r » the year were lusialle.l by Omi iamli. •••Willi I -iK -y Ko^t -r iis'<-oii- ^Inctress and .Mary K Uoiind in • ittalling til.-iHe.oiid |M-arer: -'Ora Dili.*, presid.'iil; .\fury Krei'-r (lays last week with Mrs. ifJI'json and .Mr'', ll. K. Kennell and Vio'a. Mr, an.l Mrs. Jim White and baby vi.-.|i.-(I ri-latives ill ciinnuie. Sunday. • j .Mr. anil .Mrs. H'un.'r Cailoii and Verona visiii-d at the parental !Miirt;lan.| lionie Mrs. II. K. Kenii.ll ai..! Viola j ' riiurch. uf Hie Nu /.arene. I Sycamore and Monroe, i" .A church >vitli a warm w.-lcome ainl a glad hamlsbak.-. Come and N.'e for .vtiurself. It.giilar Suu<hiy schoid servici'S al ".1:45 a. ni.. fi>l- low<-d by a niessiig.- by the jiaslor on ".Soni.' Kriiils of Tin.- H.ili- ness." j • .N. V. i'. .S. an.l Jiiuior;. ijolli nn-.-t at ti :.''.0 p. in. Tin- .yoiinj; men's ))ray.-r ine.ding ni'-eis :ii iii :!i) p. ni. in 'tlio home of .\li-. K. Oorrell on da were Riiest,s Christimis at a i Sofiib Tliinl. I'l.a.-liiiig al the iis- faiiilly dinner given by their moth-! ual hour at the < harcli iii diaig.- er. Mrs. .Mary Manheck of Moraii. | of lb.- pastor. teen little i-hi.kens. .Mother ami liabies tloiiig nicily. . • The W. C. Walker family report their son-in -law. Fray Tenn.fcon. having trouble again Aiitli the hand that was so severely injured last year while shooting a well. K. II. .Mat^bl'ck ard family. J.din Stiitevillc and family and IMr. and Mrs. John .Manhtn-k and Delbert. .Mr. R.dstroffer of Iowa is making an 'e.vteniled visit with his [ uiicl<>. P. Heistroffi-r and Mrs. Reis- j troffer. i .Mr. .iiid Mrs. P.-arl B.iker and daughter, Lois, wei-e Christmas guests at the home of her parents. .Mr. and Mrs. I. O. Morrison. MRS.iCAKKIK .M. KLOWKR. I 'asiiir. The IluplM Temple.' Wi- had a colli day last Sunday au»l f.w were at tli.- services. Let us come In larg.- nunib.-rs thla week. The Sumlay s.hool at ^:4r. Kmnia Isaait visited from Thiirs-[ morning worship at li:i»0. B. P r. at C:3(j, and .-vening service at The liieetilig- of the Week of ora mue. i .re;iiieu,, ..lui.v .-.e, l,„n,e in li,-aver. OUla.. after uihlh. senior vl.e.pi..sid.-nt; Kail - ,„„niirs visit wilh Mr. and Mrs. «rlne Dill.-: treasurer: i""^.'' ; ;j,.„„,(;il,sou and <dher relative::. Colticld. chaplain ; Omle Wil,son. conductres.s; Ithnda .Mercer, guard; Martha Ooble. assistant conductress; Ida .M. Huff, assistant guard; ; Mary' K. Round, press ciirreaiiond- ^ .cut;, Lucy Foster, first color bearer: 0ml Lamb, second color bear- er; Pearl. .Moore, third coloi; bearer;, Alice Vaughn, fourth color ; hearer, and Pearl Tompkins, jtiu- slelan. '• Jennie Mather, s.-cretary; Selma Chaney. junior vice-presiclent and •i jaary Donlca. patriotic Instructor, ; were unable to be present and will ' be' iimtalled at the ne.\'t meeting, • <• •> ; Ceneral Ladles' Aid society Meets •- The: General Ladles' Aid society of the First .Methodist Episcopal . chnrch met yesterday In the social ; room of the church. •» Election of officers for tf. = ing year resulted in • all iiresent officers being re f with the exception of tlic " i-6$m, who will be Mrs. O. I • can, Mrs. W. IL Rpot reiliing. Tiie I other officers are: Mrs. John H. Foust. first vice-president; Mrs. A. - E. Gibson; second' vice-president; - Mrs. H. H. Sherman, secretary and iMrs. G.:K. Pees, ireaanrer. ; Mrs. L. H. Wisliard gave a talk 'on "Hidden Treasures" for tlic dei Totionai inspiration.' Miss Rowena day tin Sunday with her cousin. W.-inda Baker. Sam Baker had Barred Rock :ir>' '.'taving tiiday (Tuesday! i <'r j hens Ktoleii Monday night helor" i Prayer hav.- li"-ii most hel|iful OUla.. after I ciiristma .f. Chas. Hawkin."< andlev, ly evening (his w.ek. The last Pe.-irl liak.-r report having chickens I ineeling will be held this evening stokn. 1 in the ehnv.-b. ii is hoped that ; j there will be a larg.- aitundoni-e Tin. Imperial rniv.'i".<--ity of Tok-j Airs. Flower, pasior of the .N'aza- yo i- the largest in the world. / rine church will give, the; addresB GLENDALE \ (.Mrs. V. W. Heath) J^ji. 4.-rSchool opened .Moild.'ty after a wVek's vacation. A ;f<!W were absent on account of 'bud roads. Cars have been unable to ^et through a snow, drift for sev- ei-al days. We hope our cold wea-j I her Will soon be over. 1 Mr.s. Mary Hawkins and sou Jiin-i lor, who have been visiting her' father. Kd Hosley. left the last of Ihe week for her bom.- In Cllnt»fn iMo. lJo5d Heath and family |of lolu ;;pent vacation week with- jjoyd's i parenus, Mr. and .Mrs. V. \V. Hfeuai | They returned home Sunday. ' Mrs. Dick Hickman in suffering ^with the flu, but is some better ul • M.u- : this writing. , Charlie Cooju-r called at hi: Tnother's. Mrs. .Nora Tuckt-r, TuesJ Jay. Several of the neighbors'shipper stock with W. P. VunPelt Tuesday They were loaded, at .Mildred and VanPelt went with th<? load. * Miss Merle Cooper of Fort Scott came home Sunday and visited uh til Tuestlay with her mother, Mrs Nora Tucker. ^Roy SWers left Tuesday for Chicago to attend a .inedltial conven- Uon,. • . / • h: - \ . ii.. I- .'iv'.! Atlmission 10c and .3.'>c i I..asl Times Toni};ht ^TWO TROUBLESOME TRAMPS" : lOi^A's COMED V FILM AUo Jack Pickford and Norma Shearer in 1 "WAKING U? THE TOWN" Midnight and the end of thewnr'.l. All nature swept Into the sea.' Then counts the climax—. . <'uued.v.~*'KinK .tiruliP—Kntxy bat Kurtuon Kuurdy Saturday -I to 4 p. m. UUT: 4 lo il p. rt. |4)c and ^<lc TEX MAYNARDin "A PRINGE OF THfe PLAINS" We have NPen **A.i>j-i»cr oi* -II m* PiaiuM^ ^ithth we ure iihowlng lumorrow tind we take JnfinHe pleanare in, ^ivinff it our wholA hearted endursemenLiuid in recflianu^a^liiK it wiUiifal reservalUon to all' wlut are seeldn^ an IMUT ot al»f>ulat« nivymtut. ' " —T.-X. MAGRUDEai. t 'ouiMl), Miiorable Dara," 3r!d«|ii .s «Nie '^dnsun FJasIi^-rKmy ! iiat Jiiuloaii KomeAjr . -l i • t'OXIXti MO S I D AY i'OH 5 DATS—!^ES HUB" L Kiirel. r - : . .">lr. and Mrs. Illalph Ba>)m . aind cliihlren spent Friday wlthhl.s sis- teri and family, .^Irs.O. Tasche; Itaiilihe Coon spent last week wit|i h)>r grandparents,, .^Ir. and .Mr^. Charley Shaw. -: Air. and'Airs! .Mart Keiispn spent TliMrsday eveniiig with iftr. and .Mrsi. t!arr .-tt Ta |*fche and baby. Air. and Mrs. Ilavi^on and clUIll- r.-n! spent .Monday with Mrs. Charley jMorlau. Albert and Billle Benst^n spent Wednesday with their Grandma Hen .son. i . ^ J Mrs. Bhriiett aiid Mr. and Mr?. C.I.'ii Rarnett called WedneadaJ evehing lit) .Mr. and Mrs. I^ub Bar- neiii and family. Mrs; -Moriah help .-d Will Tasihe tak.- care of their iheat nft- .r liiiicheHug Friday afterjboon. Alls. D .'wi ^y is ImpruvinK and I.t able' III sit up some. Mrs.- Plough .if .-list of -Hiiniboldi is caring for ll.:r. j - < .Mils, n-nvey '8 brother at^d wife, .Mr. iind -Mr.i. Fisher, of Minnesota, visiti 'd frmn Friday till Sunday w 'ith her:; . .Ml], and Mrs. Baker spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. I>»wey, jMrl nnd Mrs.. Frank Sievers :and children- spent Siinday evi^ing .at th<* Fred Moore home. . • Mri and .Mrs. Anderson ahd Mrs. Fja >d'< White or Cliaiiute. and MI im Runner of Oklahoma spent Tues- d .iy Willi .Mr. nnd Mrs. DeWey. Mr.j llewey's brother, J. W. Dewy. of .Mat*shalltp^n, la., ih vlsit- iijg fliih< yvriek ,.at the Dewey^bomo. rU'y ETnglehart, Virginia Taylor[ Fay*- W«a»t antl Ruth Armstrong. TherA were other.? wh'o would have taken part in the program hut tiie terrible storm prevented th*lr attendanee. Vi'litttrd Perkins exj>eirts to Ui Topeka-Tueficiay, where he wil* be emplajwd- for several months. Good wUdies of friendi> will go with him. MORA.V. Jan. 5.—We nre begin-, jjilog^ ie tbaw out tod.ay after the long .liArd .freeze up and below 2er» telBperatllri^a. We hoflje the more 'JDlld weather may continue as the Xneot^ majority of Kiuisiu^ foUcs are not jtvepared for such <^xtremes. >fotan' friends -extend sincere aymi^thy to Mrs. Elizabeth AVati.i in the loss-of her hrother, Mr. T. B. More,; whose death occurred Sunday ar the home of his son in LaHarpe. Funeral services were held here ait the Ralston I'^ineral home Tuesday afternoon and interment made in the Rlsmore cenie- tirry. ". v Jim Smith lins been absent from his Tlace of liuslness for the past several days suffering frton pneumonia following llu. Friends are Blad to know he is improving and; will soon tH* ;recovcred. The J. H. Seber family west of yiHOOPINGCPUGH f^f dooa yang ^yania Ot cot«hIng. • MJK RO Ru a -Iii. - ANNOUNCING . jNEW MANAGEMENT 1 PORTOE^ inie I wish' to announce that I have purchased the 'Powder Piif Beauty SJiORpe, U Sou^h 'WasWngtonj and that I Mrs. Boiiila Wyxme, former owner, will be employed by ifor sfevwal tmonths. I \^c: are beauty spet^Iiats. with the best «><iiji|iment available for a(K%irtua |ineJif &tdy's charm. II i.sjtny deai^v^ to injiprove the high standards maintaiiietHfl: the past, if .•p0s9iMe. I |invite old land iiew;fri*nds toi visit the Powder Piifi* Beauty ^h(^pe/Jand'to tn^)ect-our ser\'ice. i IPi'and :*c TQDAY—1>AST TIiM Kii i >iir *Hh:' .«nttkail :iud JaM. ^lulhHll in MACKAIU. she'was crazy inbont nirn- imi not half as crazy as nten Were about her. She coiil.ln'i choos.- h.-tv.-een a injllionaire and'.a count- so slie picked truck drivel Speed, action, thrills-j- an.l Dazzling Iiorothy atiVt il'andsoiiie J.<ick: in the zippiest roiiian.-.' iij y .-a_rs. ; — From the Saturday.Evening Post story' "Clari ^:;a and the~Po.<;t Iload," by Grace Sartivell: .Mason. Adde^—"The Last I.ap," another 'folleffian"—Also . . . Fox News ' • • . .Saturday—Matinee lOc: .Night Itic and ihe rHOOPLAI OVER TriE TOP! Voi^li say thi.s r-iicturc pa.-ks lU<- pnii.-Ii. 'i'v.o big show^' in one! j Rodeo sc.-nc.'t- .-i.tii;.) - I ki I -;' an.l evef.vlhing a rodi-o means in tin? line ot rop&j;|;. With a piory peeked t.i the liili rilling ;ind Willi re.t- V.ill I k I' . hoi'aiction an.l ibrllls. Knockout'/ i j =KXTRA .tIH»^H Amaz&»g Advientures! Startling Stunts? Daredevil Deedsr , The insidp'slory of (he gi-eat- esl show on earth! i -the .greatiMrt eirciw serial of all time taking you back behind the scenes andfinto the hearts and fives of the g;lamui-ouR people wh^ facv d«ath daUy on flying trapezes, in wild itninial-cages—in dii.-it ring apd galloping Worses—it's amazing! Start Hatorbar and k now chapter avery .Satiurdaj- for 10 «««jkB I , ADBEIM'OIIEDV AXD NEWS. ' I'MBfwtiAle'iMtot 9i« ^AiAai^ ln-4lie plctiiw^, msj oa-tiie qm^ I I --5 si

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