The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on July 6, 1894 · Page 4
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1894
Page 4
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'entinri. DAILY AND WEEKLY, lly POWBK8 & COLCLO. StTBSGKIPVlONS. dtngleoopj.atir address, per year .j..851 00 If paid In Advance..,. 1 60 t»l HitNTiNKL IB a straight-out Democratic «mpai>er working for tbe advancement of the teresti ot tbe oause In Northwestetn tows. ADVERTISING. The circulation of THI SENTINEL exceeds that at ant paper on tbe C. A N. W. Ballway neat ot rfanhalltottn. Our lists are open to any adver- tlaer. We have good lists In even town on all branch roads, lists reaching the best farmers md business men In every community. Rates on •II classes ot advertising reasonable. Schf-ule of ratec furnished on application to tbe offlot. Correspondence desired on ail topics ot general mteregt. Be brief, write proper names plainly, •nd have your letter reach us early as Wednes«ay evening. Address, THE SENTINEL, Carroll, Iowa. Bntere at the Carroll, Iowa, postofflce, as so end class matter. Published weekly. 1 he strike still continues to grow abd the end is col; yet, Congress outs a small figure since the Palltaan strike has got thoroughly inangrnated. Patrick Eugene Prendergaat, the murder ot Garter Harrison of Chicago, was pronounced sane by the jury and Judge Payne fixed Friday, July 13, as tbe dnv tor bis execution. Tuesday evening the senate passed the tariff bill after delaying it nearly fourteen weeks. The bill was passed by a vote of 39 to 34. FBIDAT, Jrar 6, 1894. [See preceding page for late telegraphic news.] Congressional Convention. The Democratic congressional convention for tbe tenth district will be held at Booue August 10, at 10 a. m. Carroll county will be entitled to thirteen delegates in the convention. ' T. F. BUBEN, Chairman. People's Party. The People's Party congressional con v«ntion is called for July 20, at 1 p. m., -at Humboldt, Carroll county will be entitled to seven delegates. The committee requests that the county convention be held at tbe court house of the various counties Saturday, July 21, for the purpose of selecting delegates to attend the congressional convention. J. E. ANDRitsoN, Chairman. ANNOUNCEMENTS. FOR COUNTY ABBITOB. I hereby announce my name as » candidate tor nomination tor the office ot county auditor before tbe Democratic county convention and will .cheerfully abide tbe result, W. P. HOMBACII. FOB COUNTY ATTOBKEV. "thereby announce myself as a candidate for tbenomlnatlon tor the office of county attorney, subjected to the pleasure of the Democratic county convention. GKO. W. KOBTB. FOB 9DTXBVISOR. Ibereby announce myself as a Candida t9 for the nomination to tbe office ot county supervisor before the Democratic county convention C. B. FLENKER. I hereby announce myself as ncandldate for tbe nomination ot county supervisor before the Democratic county convention. Eu DALE. I bereby announce myself M a candidate tor tbe office of supervisor, subject to tbe will of the Democratic county convention. BBSJ. EDWAJIDS. FOB KECOBDKB. I hereby place my announcement before the Democrats of Carroll county as a candidate tor tbe nomination for county recorder subject to the plaoBuro ot tbe Democratic county conven- I bereby announce myself as a candidate tor tbe nomination for county recorder .before the Democratic county conventlon.and will cheef ully accept the result. • ' JOJSKEMPKKB. I hereby announce my name before the Democratic county convention for nomination for tbe cfllce ot county recorder, subject to tbe pleasure of tbe delegates when In convention assembled. ". . OHAB. BUOKNAM. I hereby announce my name as a candidate tor nomination to the office of county recor- -dtr subject to tbe will ot the Democratic county convention. . G«o. A. BOWMAN. I bereby respectfully announce myself as a 'candidate for tbe nomination for the office of county recorder, auLject to tbe will ot tbe Democratic county convention. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the nomination for tbe office of county recorder •ubject to tbe pleasure ot tbe Democratic coun- <ty convention. PKTBB STKI-BANV. roa COr/NTY CLBUK. I hereby announce my name as a candidate ••for tbe nomination or countr clerk before the Democratic county convention . J. B. SOBBOCDKB. I hereby announce myself a* a candidate for tit* office of county clerk before tbe Democratic ^county convention. WM-iUNoiiSFgLu. I hereby announce myself before tbe Democrate of Carroll county as a candidate for re- nomloatlon lor the office of clerk of the dlitrlct court Subject to the pleasure ot the Democratic county convention. J. W . KINMRBIOK. The Kepublioou judicial convention was composed of the same old gang from Sac and Crawford counties that it was five years ago when they went into the conspiracy to "Bell out Senator Deal, when Carroll county Republicans defeated Mr. Oburoh at the polls. FfBD*kliD MoVeagb ought to be elected senator from Illinois. He recently made this remark: "The Republican party murdered prosperity and is now doing its level' best to haug another party for tbe crime." A man who can . put ae much cogent troth and force into one sentence as that is deserving ot the highest honors in the gift of tbe people. Some interested individual is attempting to work the country press to side with Pullman in the present strike. All the pro-Pullman editorials of the monopolistic press of Chic-ego, the Herald, Tribune, Inter-Ocean and Journal have been printed in circular form and sent to newspapers ail over the country. There is nothing to show who it comes from, but Duke George may have jnet discovered what the people of the country think of his highness and perhaps is attempting in this way to contract the evil opinion that is prevalent aa to his snide philanthropy and charitableness. The new president of the French republic is right in line with tbe Democracy of this country in the belief that tbe extremely rich should pay a larger percentage ot the taxes than they have done in tbe past. Thoae reactionists ot the Republican party who think |or pretend to think that the income tax clause in the Wilson bill is unjust and will rain the Democratic party because that party will make it a law, should ponder over tbe following words from a recent address by Cssimir-Pcrier while he was premier: "We must reform oar morals at tbe same time as our laws. Tboae who enjoy a superfluity must form a larger idea of tbe social obligations and resign themselves to assuming a somewhat heavier portion ot the public charg- in order to relieve those who buy bread for their families with a daily, wage." His election to the presidency so soon after such a speech shows that tbe people ot France coincide with bi« views that those "who enjoy a superuu itv" shall assume a "somewhat heavier portion ot tbe public charge*" and there is not tbe leatt doubt in tbe world that tbe people ot tbe United States believe likewise. Our pettifogging contemporary says was able proceed- Township Caucuses. The Democrats of Sheridan township •*re requested to meet in caucus at Kontner, on Saturday, July 21, at 4 p. m., for tbe purpose of selecting six dolegateb to *ttend the county convention. FBBD KIIOEGEE, Chairman. The Democrats of Arcadia township are requested to meet in caucus at Arcadia, on Saturday, July 21, at 7:80 p. ni., (or tbe purpose of selecting nine delegates to attend the county convention. J . B. BOLKB, Chairman. Tbe Democrats of Carroll township arc requested to meet In caucus at Balrd's Bcbool house, on Saturday, July 21, at 2 p. m., for the purpose of selecting seven delegates to attend the county convention. THOS. RICH, Chairman. Tbe Democrats of Carroll first ward arc requested to meet In caucus at superln- dent'ft oinoo in court house, on Saturday. July 21, at 7:80 p. m,, for tbe purpose of select inn live delegates to attend the county convention. JAS. THOMPSON, Chairman. Tbe Democrats of Carroll second ward are requested to meet in caucus at grand jury mom In court bouse, on Saturday, July 21 at 7:89 p. ra.. for tho purpose of selecting four delegates to attend the county convention. C. O. Cor.cLo, Chairman . The Democrats of Carroll third ward a/re requested to meet In caucus at clerk's office In court bouse, on Saturday, July 21, at 7:30 p. in., for tbe purpose of selecting gli delegates to attend the county convention. W. O. RICH, Chairman. The Democrats of Carroll fourth ward »r* requested to meet .In caucus at the rotunda of the court bouse, on Saturday, July 81i »t 7:30 p. m., for the purpose ot w»|ecHfl« five delegates to attend tbe county convention. PjcruK UBHOKH, Chairman. The Democrats of Grant township are requested to meet In caucus at school house No. Mn Saturday, July 21, at 4 p. in., for the purpose of selecting five delegates to attend the county convention. JAS. M. Wovcus, Chairman. Tito Democrats of Hostile township art* ueued to meet lit caucus at Rosalie, ou . July 21. »t 7 P. in,, for U>o pur »or»y. uy . » P. in,, or >o purpose <>f be|ectli)« toil delegates to attend fiie county convention, " 1. IK. UoKrwAW, Chairman. The Democrats of )K«»blugtQ|i to nxhlp M RMiueBted to meet iu o»uou» at <'»ntur «« 8uturd»y, Julygi. nt 8 u,rpo«o of selecting ""''lit ud to county oouvi<> ><'>M. O.H. Fi,BNKtc«,Clmlni> «•• orate of Kdeu towunliic to meet In caucus at Tump 1 ' uly 81. at 7 o'clock p. ui of sftlectlHK «M»yen the "Cleveland administration to help defeat the atrikere" by ing "against tbe striken who interfered with tbe mails," a perfectly wise and proper thing to do, but it seek* to die credit the present administration (or 4oiog its simple duty, and in wbiob it shoultl be upheld by every right-minded citizen. The most flagrant instance of federal interference and attempt to "down" tbe strikers was by United States Judge Woods, who was appointed to the judgeship by President Harrison though notoriously unfit for tbe place and known to be owned body and soul by tbe corporations, but, was given this appointment as a reward for stultifying himself and throwing the oases againtt "Blocke-of-Five" Dudley out of oouit after be bad onoe declared there was good grounds for tbe actions. This man Woods would be willing to declare every one of tbe strikers that refuse ^to haul Pullmans guilty of treason at tbs behest of hisowaers, tbe corporations,} yet a newspaper that pretends have some sense ot honor ani decency left attempts to lay the odium of tbe work of this most disreputable appointee of the discredited Harrison administration at the Jdoor of President Oleveland. Faugbl At fcUHt. Tbe senate ban at last pawed^tbe tariff bill and sent it to the bouse for concur rent action oa the amendment* wbiob have been made to, it. Tbe*e ments are numerous, bat only a few of tbem will causa any delay. The placing of sugar, coal and iron ore on tbe dutiable lint will be the amendoMiatf tbat will t'l bard to udjost and trill consume oonaid eruble time. It is not thought that tbe on placing the duty on the lower grade, in consideration thai the bounty has been taken o& When the bill was placed on its final passage, Senator Hill was tbe only Democrat who voted against it, and he did this owing to his dislike to the income tnx feature which proposes to make the rich men pay their portion ot the expenses of this government. The date fixed for tbe bill'; to go into effect ia August 1, and it is the opinion of those best informed that it will become a law by thnt time. For Supervisor. Today we announce the name ot Ben. Ed wards, of Newton township, as a candidate for the nomination tor the office ot county supervisor before the Democratic county convention, As we said last week Mr. Edwards is-one of the oldest residents ot the county and tor a number ot years has been one of the successful justness men at Dedham.. There is no man in the county better qualified for ibis important position than v he. Tbe section ot the county from which he hails entitled to a representative on tbe mard and the voters of tbe. south- astern part, ot tbe county are going, to nsist on being granted recognition. For number of weeks tbe friends ot Mr. 3d wards have been urging him to make he canvass and be has at last consented, ibonld he be successful in securing the nomination he will make Carroll county one of the most efficient supervisor* it ever bad. "That Bluff." Joe Drees says that THE SBNTINEU is exposing tbe methods employed by the Family Journal in padding the bar docket to defeat J. W. Kennebeok-for re-nom- nation for county clerk. Jnet bow this ixposnre of the Family Journal is- to af- eot Mr. Kennebeck'a Candida*? is not clear to us, tor be baa often told us that te was in no way connected with that paper, and- the editor ot it was so stnb- oorn that it was impossible for him to do anything with him. But, admitting bat Joe's statement ia true, bow can be ilame ne for doing the very same thing te ia doing himself? He> has also informed us-that Mr. Kennebeok was not entitled, to the re-nomiaation, and if te was a delegate to the convention tbat ie would vote against him. This'''we can prove by good reliable Democrats to ie true, and we can see-no sense io Joe*fe blaming ne for trying to help him in tbe work which be says afeould be aooom pliebed for the good ot the party.. Joe claims to be an honest man, and it be ie, he ia working to defeat Mr. Kennetieck, for he haa repeatedly stated "tbat bt> would use bis iofln»niw in tbe convention to defeat him in order to save tne> party. He has gone so tor as to open!? state Ibat another brother-in-law woald go so far aa to work against bin at tbe polls in tbe event ttyt be waa Bomioated. Gome, Joe; don't try to fight M over Mr. Kenoebeok's shoulders, for it wont go with us. While we have nothing against Mr. Kennebeok, we do sot intend to keep quiet and allow yon to falsely eo- ousensot doing the very thing you claim to be doing. Anniversary of %8e» Fight. Thirty years ago June 10,1864, occurred one of tbe greatest sea fights of tbe nineteenth century. It was the battle between the American, wooden ship of war Kearsarge and the Confederate cruiser Alabama. The Alabama started on her career July 89,1803. Every effort waa made to catch her, yet for two years she defied tbe whole American navy. She did much toward destroying that supremacy of the American merchant marine which it has never regained. The Kearsarge, Captain John 8, Wiuelow, tiadbeenon the Alabama's tracks for months. He overhauled her in the French harbor of Cherbourg, whet* Captain Soinmes of the Alabama had put for repairs. When these were con* »»« > vi of sftectlHK «M»yen deUigut.- 'CQunty convention. *•; JO- PAua is , ojjalf iyu M houee, with its large majority to free raw material, will ever give its oopseut to take iron and ooal off tbe fr«« list where the Wilson bill placed them. Sugur will also prove a serious it ita dual pusaags. The bouae will likely to ooopeile »om»wUut lo tbe Muate wenvBoon; washed'. away-by-tKBMSea.1. One* of; the Btirvfrors of'the event, of 80 years ago is the Alabama's first officer P wh(>oc~ upies a prominent, place' itt'thb new: tatehonse at Atlanta, where he still'. ells the story, of the great sea fight. The largest flower is the rafflesia named, in honor of Sir 8. . Raffles),, vhich is-a native of Sumatra;'., The. diameter oftexitoxceeJs ,9. feet.. CaptlanSweeney, U. 8. A,, San Diego,-CM. jrs: "Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy Is the flrnt edlclne I have ever found that would do meanr ood." PriceBOc. Sold by C. H. Westbronk. The greatest "bee owner/on;* earth,is [arbison.of California, .who- owns. 4VOOO lives.. in pleted, Semtnes was quite willing to try issues with tho Keursarge. Ho believed luck and pluck would win tbe fight for him. Ho therefore put out to ecu beyond French jurisdiction. But his luck deserted Win, although liis pluck did not. The waters all about the two vessels were dotted with steamers and other craft, both French mid English, out to ace tho .fight at a safe tauce from «tray bails from either vos- gel. The Alabama fired the first, shot. But when the Kearearge opened in turn and poured volley after volley into the Alabama the fight was quickly over, The Kearsargo had the best marksmen and the beet gqns. In a few minutes tho Alabama began to Bottle to the bottom _„, Captain Bowmen struck bis colors. There was barely time to take her crew off before she Bank into deep water and the terror of American merchantmen for two years was seen no more forever The French uud English vowels thai wen spectators ot the fight helped to take the Alabama's men off. Withou this some roust have inevitably drowned so quickly 014 the crippled Confederate cruiser sink. The Kearawge was budly injured, too, but wtw repaired and con tinued nearly 80 years afterword to be awful vwwwl In the United Status navy Ana lifter all this record of glory, Fob », 1801, she struck Rouoador reef ou UK Caribbean count, and her brave old bones 'It is tbeibest'armorplateeveritested uywhcre," was the Vet-diet pronounced n tbe last. 17. inch Harveyized. plate tied at Indian Head.. Just so,- But vhen the company furnishes the rest; of be armor for the big ironclads Indiana nd Massachusetts will: it-be>• equal! to; hat tested at'Indian Head, .or will it be 8 worthless: as that: discovered, some line ago at. the mills-after'supposed- pecimens of •> it had triiilnnhantly stood tie government trials? SIilloli's Cure, tbe great Goughaad Croup Once In great demand. Pocket size contains twen- -Ilvedofle§only25c. Children love It;- Sold by . tf. Westbrook. Buoklen'a Arnica Salve The beet talve In the world for Cuts, BnU*es» orne, Ulcer*, Baitttbeara, rarer Sorci, Tetter, happed Uandi, Ohllblalu, Com* and al> 8kl» rnptloBt, and poililveljr enret PU«s- or BO ay repaired. It UgD»r*Dt»d to,r|iTe-pwfeot' ftllefaotton or mono; r e(aud«d, Prio* !!<«••««• or t'ox. for ule b J. Vf. Tho largest bird's nest is that built y the Australian jungle fowl, .usually bout 20 feet in; diameter, and; Karl's Clover Boot will purlfywiir>blMKMlear> ur complexion, regulate your bowels and make our head clear as a bell,, 26o., ,50c.. and jilitiG. old by C. H. Wertbrook. Tho deepest hole ever bored" into/the 3arth is an .artesian well ml Bnda-Eesth, which was driven. to,iai.ds{>£hiof''8*.li40' eeti. _ Cure for Headache. AB« remedyvfor all for me .of Headncho-Bleo- rlo Hitters has proved to bo. the very best. t effects a permanent, owe and the most readcd habitual trick headaches yield to Its uttiience. We urge all who. ate afflicted: to rocnre a bottle, and give thus remedy, a fair trial. IncaiMotbabltualooBBtlpatlon Kleotrlc Bitters core* b> giving the .needed .tone to> the- towels, and few. easel-lone, resist the- nee' ot this medicine, Try it once. Large- bottles oo- • fifty cant* at J. W. Hatton'g 3rug.Btor«. The deepest i ooal mitte 1ft near Lambert, Belgium) depth,. 8,490>feet The oaar of Russitti Holds, the largest individunl'egtates--K)0,,000,.Qe» aerea. ' Gaaranteed Cure. We anlhurlie onr.advertised dca^Ut t» MI) Ur. BJag'B Mew Discovery, for eoneiuipttoa, xiughi and colds, upon this oon4blo». , II yen re adlcted "with a cough, cold, or a»y bat hroalor.chcat troohle «t J «lli>a«e-tltU ittae- rly *•• dllecltj gl.vlug U a talk .trial. a»d ex- tilei.ce no beneflt,yon.may.Eetua tbe bottle and kave yonr.roonoy- zefundee.. We <xi»Id nut ake this offer did wo not know (list ttt. King i New Discovery conld tie leuea o». It never dltappolnts. Trial bottlia tta* at J. W. Hat oa'e drug stoN. Laige slu Me. and II .00. 2 The greatest height ever attaiuea oy balloonists-.'was by Cbxwejl and Qlaish- er, who reached an altitude of 37,000 feet.' They made the asceut from Covent garden, London, in I8ft2.—St. Louis BepuWfto. ••A«no»a tht jbany testimonials which C lee in regud to certain medicine! perform** ', i.ig cures, cleansing the blood, etc.," write* . HBNUY HUDSON, ot the Jatncs Smith . Woolen Machinery Co., 1'lilladelplila, Pa., "none. iinuress me more than my own citse. Twenty years ago, at the ago of I8yea,r»». . ."! Imtl swellings come-on-• my legs, which broke and became running' sores. Our family pliyslclaucould, • do me no good, and it was. • feared that tho bones would be affected. At last,- . my good old mother • urged mo to try Ayerfc - Sarsaparllla. I toelrttiree bottles, the sores healed,and I have not been troubled .since. Only the Scars reinnln, nn<l tlie memory of'tho t»nst, to remind me of the Roml ' ' SKTBUparlllA hns done me. 1 now i welgh'.tww himdrcd and twenty poimrts-.und umin.the'VxiSt of health. I have been on the road for rr«? past twelve yenrs. have noticed Ayer's 8t,!;<n,pnrllla advertised In nil parts of the UnlB"d States, nnd al«'nys tjike pleas- - urc In telliira what ROOI! it did for me." For tlu> cure of all disease!) originating la Impure blond, tbe best remedy Is AVER'S Sarsaparilla Prepandby Dr. J.O. AyerfcOo., Lowell, Man, Cucetothers. The people ediiaj cavei ati d slept u] and did n clothes. I there wer< stores. jjMro of Arizona,liw » of cliffs, ate jontlie ground i ot wear many n those days 3 no clothing To supp] y the demand of these ch angedltitnes we are carry ii ig a fine stock of all kind js of spring and summer ol othing, .and not only that, but many other things in the way of new and not iby furnishing goods thai ; are perhaps no more nea than they were in the days of the Cliff Dwellers, but that help to make a man on boy lookk neat and nobby a nd up with the -TKK- OP OABBOLL, IOWA. Capital, $1OO,OQO.OO. Mtirplus. $5,OOO>.OO. Opened business Feb. 4, 1SSS. latemt patd on time depoalM. Monoj- to lo«o miKOOd si-eurlty. Drafts cor HHle on all parti of world. Steamnhlp tickets to and from all t» of Kurope. Insurance written In the brat oompanfog. Dyspepsia Mr*. Judge Feck T*N» Hew •h«WM Cured Buflercr* from Dyspepsia should:Mad UM fot> owlog letter from Mr*, n, •*., Pack, wife ol Jutg* Peck, a justice at Tracy, <JaL,and a wrIUr counseled wilk the Associated; Press) "By a deep MUM of grattuuls tor tti» greet benefit I hare received from the UM of Hood's larsawtrllla, I have been led to write n» follow- on itatiiuDJit for tho benefit of suBorers who uay be similar!) afllloted. Kor ID year* I nave »eeajk great eunurer from dyspepsia and Heart Trouble. AUnoet everything I ate would distress nt. tried different treatment* and medicines, but :e relief. T» i) mo te try .. •- • ---' id uelptd me, so I oou> ,. jne so much good .thai „, . — ofjiw InuMwrnnanC I Ua»e received suou gmt beuufii wow It tbat Olsidly Recommend It. I now have an' sxoeUeiit •MMtlte and netUoi I eat *v*r dl»tt«»»*s ute. It aUo keep* upfijr iiTOVAilvv upon mo • The first Bottle I n< tlnusdtakingIL Hi my friends spoko of Hood's^Cures lb. I cannot praiw He " wueh," Juw. 'ttTM, tl . GBtMOOP'B. itr«u«lb. too The ART AMATEUR Art (Tue on); Art l>erlodl»sl aw»r«o4 a Medsl a tli* World 1 * Vslr) lovttluuuio for ull «'lio wl<b tu utukv th'-lr llv litf by *rt i>r to maKu ihi lr bouifn bctmtlfui uioiilli/i u aptui llouliig |hln iMtUM .. wUI) supurb color (iltttot, iorlr«inli«i) uuil " of deilgi . _ js of denutu* thirty nvtuMsuU). Or Oftr» we will «vu4 slao " V3QC KOHHKlilNNKHB"( ( Montague Marke, '& Uiiloo 10 p»g«»). H, OmCBRSAMD S. A. MAST, ... President*. Ut W. WATTLES,' - - Vice President < 0. L. WATTI.K8, ... Cashier, . J. H. flrifflth, T. Hlnrichn, N. V. Sturges, Chas. WaltersohcM,. : Sumncr Wallace, OEMEMBER there •1- V are hundreds of brands- of. White Lead ( so., called ) o» , the market that are not White tfead,. composed largely r of Baryte»:andi other cheap materials. But-- the: number of brand* of genuine Strictly White Lead is limited. The following/ brands are standard "Old Dutch" process, and just as good as they were wken you or your ftther were b»ys : "Southern,"" Red Seal," "Collier," "Shipman." FOR Countta—National ltt& CWl Pun White Lead Tinting Colon, a onui-peHK* can to i as-ppund k«f of Lead and" «U your own. painti, Savtf, time and annoyaAc* t* matching lhadet, and . Inures the be&pak* that U it pottibrt to put on wood. i Send ui a.pottal card andus* tar book on painti and.. aelor*card, free; U will probably i»v» you 1,g*od many doUant. VAT10NAL LHA» CO. S(. Louis BEancbt Clark Avanu* and TtnUx.Suwi, Su Loud. IJie Ba e C*ne-lMce (J lothiers; SMes Squaie, r a. ^STORED. UIM The Quickest - w tun Kcrvlno known. Sold with a written a p-immnteo to cure all • nen'oub dlcteaBoa auch ^ as I, prvoua ProBti < a> Mori, Wakefulnera, Loss of Brain Power, •/ 1 uipotcnqr, Lost Man- ' •-T3i.,.,_ . . — L- hood. IJislitlj- Los««i. . .r»taltl»» Artertn::Si4. Qulcknens, Evil > Sruama,.KMte < f Con.-:il-.ic-.M,rm.-.n-.«lo and all Drains . t-crol' t' i 4s<)tu.'mt!vo organs in either > . ^i^-cnvitir.eTc' iiijQOC toJtv «co,oit(i'ru or ritiiuutantfi, which Boon -i ead 'to-. Inaan) ty or ciiK:-r*npt!on. Tut up to carry* n thOiWwtipi jcket. Konfhj- inn II In plain package to • »ny i"Mre«»ft . r »l, or *)•; .' p ov 50. Woglvo a writtan s ' euro or rtlund tliomoncv. Circulars irefw ; etATir,N.\*. tn-.Bitmaa co.,. lift Mndi«,n f\,.. Ohlca^o, U'- Kor. tinlf In Carroll or J. W. Hntton. i. / in home circle complete. Tbli i.'.i.-. ./I-I'KUCO Drink KlVeu pleais- ii (jeuitl) to every meoiber oftne :. ,t 200. paokace rawkes 6 gal- Uo Biiro aud get t Stiri everywhere Had*, only by •a.. His",. B. Hires Co*, Pbllada. >i .ump «» ttvua* ttamOua, nt «.»>. FLY • REND wilSpostlvely protect Roriw and Cattle from an},i»niioy»uoB frotnVllei, Unati and InaeoU of every kind. lro))rot*8»pi«awiio« of the ooat, dlt|wn»aa with lly neta, Beuonmtoildii by tfeoiuiinda. 1'ry It sud be convi lu . . "rij-UBBd" including bruaa.qiUMt MDi k W^0| aal( ; ga»oD,fl.7&:one gallaa IJBO, One gftlioa will laet 8 bead of horaei aa entire MMMOII. V*. wareor Itnltatlooi. MtottM-'tt. Oreaoentr Mfg, C»,,aC91ndlan»Ave., Ptuia. , • k DIRT DEFIES THE KING." THEN SAPOLIO 18 GREATER THAN ROYALTY ITSELF. |ID W] EVER SEE THE SEA? PERHAPS NOT, but you can see the beet and most complete stock ot furniture in Carroll coiin- tv by calling ou the new furniture dealer*, Boos & Laughlin, opposite court house, Carroll, Iowa, They have CHAIRS ROCKERS CURTAINS WARDROBES PARLOR SUITS BEDROOM SUITS UPHOLSTEBED GOODS UNDERTAKING GOODS CURTAIN FIXTURES, ETC., ETC., ttud ne ^ goods coming in evety BOO3 & LAUGHLIN FURNITURE DEALERS, Opposite Couvt House, Carroll, Iowa. "•'ifi'., f<u •> i

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