Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 4, 1955 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, November 4, 1955
Page 2
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TWO •MMMPHum*'* 11 *** 1 Byrnes Denies /Scolding'By Harry Truman COLUMBIA, S. C. Ml—James F. Byrnes says he did not tell former President Truman that Franklin D. Roosevelt favored Byrnes for vice president in 1944. Nor, says Byrnes, did Truman scold him for going beyond his authority when as Truman's secretary of state he attended the 1945 foreign ministers conference at Moscow. Byrnes' statement, issued yesterday" denies assertions in Truman's newly published memoirs. It marks the latest round in a long-standing, publicly-aired disagreement b e- tween the two. Byrnes said Truman sent him a book in 1952 with the autograph inscription:' "To 'my former good friend, with kindest regards, whose friendship I would still value, most highly! Harry Truman." "It is difficult," Byrnes commented, "to reconcile Mr. Tru- man'i privately expressed desire for my friendship with his publicly expressed reflections upon my integrity and my public service." But Truman, saying he did not want to get into a controversy with Byrnes, reiterated at his home in Independence^ Mo., that "the-statements I made are correct." In the first volume of his memoirs, "Year of Decisions," Truman says: • . - , 1. Byrnes won Truman s support for the Democratic nomination for vice president in 1944 through Byrnes' assurance that President Roosevelt wanted Byrnes for the post. Truman said :that actually Roosevelt had decided against Byrnes and sent Byrnes word of this. . . 2. Truman called Byrnes to the White House after the Moscow meeting and dressed him-down for acting too much on his own initiative and for failing to keep Truman informed of developments. Truman said Byrnes had come to regard himself as bigger than the president. Fire Routs Shoppers In Baltimore Store BALTIMORE Wl—A smouldering fire in a third floor ceiling routed about 200 shoppers from .Hutzler Brothers department store in downtown BaltimoreV^last' night. Several hundred persons watched from the sidewalk as 21 pieces .responded to. the 2-alarm blaze. EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., FRIDAY,' NOVEMBER 4, 1955 Handiest ^ Locations in PITTSBURGH! In the heart ol the Golden Trlanql*. •-' 400 outsld* loomi • bath • telaviilon • Air Conditioning • A Tiantlc 1-6970 Hotel Pittsburfher MOTEL " * Opposll* Greater PliUburgh Airport • 56 «ir-condltion«d roorat • tilt balh • television • prlvat* phon* Courtgty.ear to and from rhottl JOS. f. PUPPY. . Awaits Verdict Of Jury •>; \: f ,t/-\f Girl Slaying Suspect Kills Self On Beach MANCHESTER, Mass. W) - A quiet, well-respected advertising executive killed himself on a lone- y beach yesterday shortly before authorities would have arrested lim on a warrant charging him with the murder of a Pennsylvania id. The body o£. William R. Turner, 40, married and the • father of a daughter, was found on White Beach while Pennsylvania state :roopers were on their way to his house in this fashionable suburb north of Boston. The troopers had a warrant charging Turner with the murder of Miss Doris Hatch, .22, who vanished two years ago from her home town of Cambridge Springs, Pa. Her skeleton was found Tuesday in a Connecticut woodland. After Turner's body was identified, the troopers said: "We consider the case closed." Turner left two notes. One was addressed to his widow, the former Diane Brown of Machester, and'said only: "Sorry for all the rouble I have caused you. This is he only, way out." Contents of the other note were not disclosed. Mrs. Marjorie Smith, who admits she was "scared" when jury first took case, is calmer now that jury is in its third day of deliberations in McMinnville, Ore. She is = being tried on first . degree murder charge, accused of plotting her-husband's death. (AP Phorofax) Marine Faces Attack Trial NAHA, Okinawa m—An Okina- wan farmer, -Jiro Itosu, shuffled across the court room today and accused Marine PFC. Raymond E. Parker 21, of raping his 7-year-1 old daughter." The father's testimony was translated from Okinawan through Japanese into English for the Marine court martial board as he told of a midnight call by the Memphis, Tenn:, Marine. -Itosu said Parker demanded his wife, then abducted the child after the wife and an older daughter fled. , : Pontiff Deplores 'Assembly Line' Youth Education .VATICAN CITY Ml—Pope' Piiis XII said today education of'youth cannot be accomplished by assembly line methods. Addressing 10,000 Italian Roman Catholic primary school teachers n-Sh -Peter's basilica, he said: "God creates souls one; by one', rtot in scries, and God is pleased not to make them similar to one another;" '-. ' In a discussion of the duties, requirements and aims of primary school teachers, 'the Pope said: In their' "high vocation" they must follow in the steps of "the Divine teacher, Jesus Christ." British Ask Epypt Use 'Restraint 5 LONDON; (B— Britain called on Egypt tb'day to exercise the "utmost * restraint" in averting fur- .her clashes .on the -lEgyptian- [sraeli .border; ?^;; ; .Minister; '•• of State'.- VrA'nthony Slutting. summoned Egyptian Am- Dassador Sarni Abdul F,etpuh to the Foreign Office to make /this new appeal amid 'widespread •'• anxiety in London that the Egyptian-Israel fighting: may i'erupt into .-another major. Palestine war. - ':*":-. •(Continued from Page 1). on-.Egypt.'tp.'puil her troops! out.of trie-El ••Auja,'.demUitarized .-zoneVflt also •'urged' : the .setting •up''."of~a permanent demarcation line, in'.the disputed',region. "' .'-'.•:-''•.;•. f ' Spokesmen;for Egypt', aridylsr.aei said they were cabling the proposal to''their home governments. • ', UN.' officials expressed',•''hope Ilamniarskjold's peace -.plan -would reestablish order in the area, 'the scene of what has been described as the most serious fighting/since jLhe ; 1948.;Palestine War..'-.,/ , /.. •,; ftThej.secret'ary gener'aL;c"pflferred earlier>with the permanent '.representatives.!--of .-the Uriite.d'.jiSt.ates: Britain: arid -France and was understood to have received their endorsement before going ahead with his proposal. • Hammarskjold also consulted in advance with 'Maj. Gen. E. L. M. Burns.V. U.-.N. Palestine truce chiel who is now en route back to the troubled holy land. Pedal "Champion" Heavy Gauge Steel Body Improved daiign und«rg«cr, »t««r- ing mtchanUm for (aiitr moving. Silv«r color grill. 36»in. long. 17-in. wid*. Doll With 3-Pc. Dresser Set 795 Amazing value. Smartly dressed doll, jointed arms, rooted hair, voice. , 3-pc. hair set and curlers. former Knight Official Dies In Detroit At 82 DETROIT W - J. 'H. (Jack) Jarry, 82, who joined the Akron Beacon Journal as business manager 1 in 1911 and retired in 1952 as general manager :' : of'. Knight Newspapers, Inc., died today in ? ord Hospital of Qoro.nary throm- >osis.' ' ' • At the time of his death Barry vas honorary chairman of Knight Newspapers, Inc. • • *' When the Mayflower started "rom England for America with he Pilgrims, there ^w.ere 102-peo- >le on board. •'''•' . NOTICE TO BIDDERS Proposals will be received by the Mayor and Cits' Council nt the office o the''City'Clerk. City Halt:'Cumberland Maryland, until but not after November H, 1D55, at 10:00 A. M., E.S.T. At 10:00 o'clock on said date they will be punllcly- opened and read by the City Clerk in said City Hall. Proposal must be sub milled in duplicate ln s 3 sealed envelope endorsed "Proposal for Painting.'Clean inc' and Repairing Three City Watci Tanks at Fort Hill. Kidgcdalc Reservoir and Braddock noad." If mailed, it must be enclosed in an outer .sealed envelope addressed lo City Clerk, City Hall, Cum bcrland, Maryland. Each bid must be accompanied ' by i certified check or bid bond in the amount of Kive Hundred Dollars, ($500.00). The work includes cleaning, repairing and palntlnc the Interiors and exteriors including supporting structures of two elevated tanks and one stand pipe. Specifications and proposal formi may be obtained In the office of the City Engineer, City Hall, Cumberland, Maryland. The Commission will reserve the rlgh to waive any formalities and lo rcjcc any or all bids, and to accept any pro posal which in their judgment is to Uv best Interests of the City. A performance bond in the.full amoun of'the accepted bid will'be required 0 the successful bidder. William J. Edwards Commissioner of Water t Electric Llgh Adv.—NovvT-l-N-5 she stands 21 inches! um USE.SEARS LAY-AWAY PLAN A imall •ftptiit will h»W y»»f >«l*<li*n until D*c. IS. Ch»»»t n»w frtm templet* itacki, T»k« •lv«nt«|* *f fh« l«w priut. ASK ANT SAUSflMON... ivS^S.. j;«-y«-<Vs ii^:iv^*;i^ Diml Switcher S-Unil At A Renlly Low Price 14 <K Track Included Iv.iKP Dititl iwitchtr, |«nd*la, b»* tar, •il cor, coboait, 33-woll Irani- ftrmtr, 11 ttcfioni of truck. Train • " ~ • 44-ln. lana. Une Sean Busy Paymenl.Plan on 1'iirclmxc* To(»lln|{ $ZO «r More 179 IALTIMORE ST. CUMIIRIAND, Mp, A GOOD VALUE and LOW PRICES POTATOES OfiTe 50-lb. OO Bag Good Cooking, N«w York Statt, No. 1 litt. Commercial!, ' Off GrndV • _'_. THE VERY BEST U. S. No. 1, Grade A LONG ISLAND POTATOES 98' Bog SO lb». APPLES GOOD BIG STAYMAN T;' WINESAP ROME H 7A BEAUTIES !••¥ Bu. Bit. Alto Jlork't Dtlicicui, Golden D*l!<i«», Uldwlnt KRAUT $1 CQ CABBAGE I*v9 Bog ALWAYS a C*«d Ivy In: BANANAS, ORANGES, GRAPEFRUIT With at Lovir'i Loi Open Fri. A Mon. 'till t Quvttn Inspects Hum Glass Display Dial PA-W(iOO for * WANT AP Tak« "" Virginia Man, 79, \ Seeks Ticket For First Jet Flight ARLINGTON, Va. (tf>—The man who held the first airline ticket' for flights across the Atlantic and. the North Pole reported today his bid for commercial transatlantic. jet flight No. 1. Said the enterprising, 79-.year-old •. William J. Eck: "As soon as' I learned that Pan American has ordered jet transports and will use them between North America and Europe, I went down and reserved a seat on the, first flight." "The jet planes won't get'into service for 2Vi or 3 years yet, but;' that's not too far ahead for a -• reservation." Long trousers first were import-; ed to the United States from Paris in 1800. . ' ' '. '.''.: An exhibit tilled "Enigma" catches % the attention of Queen Elizabeth'during Her inspection of a Steuben glass .display in London:- . .. ••'.•.- , (AP Phorofax) Reicli Unity (Continued -from Page 1) . The Western Big Three restated with -equal determination,their con- ;ention that a reunified Germany, allied with the West by free choice offers the best hope for future peace in Europe. The four foreign ministers agreed to meet again/today and resume their discussion but that- plus the fact.-that_ there is a German problem — w'a's'the only.thing they "could agree on.' -. Moloiov Almost Accused The West'•• came-; close to accusing Molotbv'.'plfbad'faith in failing--thus far tor.produce:some -kind of detailed'plari.-for. German unity. .Secretary of State.Dulles, French Foreign. Minister 'Antoine Pinay and Maciriilian contended that some kind of offer was required by the decisions of the Big Four heads -of government when they met here last July. As yesterday's .session drew to a close, Dulles said bluntly that Molotov's position "confronts us with the problem of whether we are going to try in good faith _ to carry out the directive with which we are working."^ , The top economy anti-freeze — ~— • 'Prof «c»i your "tar from rV«»i<M>pi, ot'nh.rutt and corrvilon 4°o DIVIDENDS ON SAVINGS An Unbroken Record For 15 Years Ail Funds Invested in First Mortgages oh Homes WE INVITE YOUR ACCOUNT HOME Building & Loan ASSOCIATION, INC. 19 South Liberty St. Cumberland, Md. PHONE PA 4-1900 Do you have the "Magic Touch?" every rest of your \ Fabulous? No, it's fantastic! Each week for four weeks, somebody is going to win a brand spanking new Dodge every year for the rest of his or her life! It may be you! What? A new Dodge EVERY YEAR? That's right—as stated inJ,he terms of the Contest Rules! If you are one of the weekly winners of the Grand Prize, you will take comrtiand of a'iitio '56 Dodge right away! Next year; it will be exchanged for a new '57 Dodge, delivered to your door! The year after that, a new '58 Dodge... and so on for the rest of your life! Do you havt tht "Mafic Touch" ? . Here's what you do.• Visit'our showroom today and discover the "Magic Touch" of Dodge push-button driviiig... the safest way to drive ever developed. Write a short driving safety slogan (3 to 10 words) on your "Magic Touch" entry blank. Fill it in, mail it. Yours may be selected! Hollywood—here you come! If your ehtry'is selected for any one of the four weekly final contests, you will compete with two other contestants for a "DODGE FOR LIFE" on the popular Lawrence Welk Show from Hollywood, over a national television network. It will be fun! A few minutes after you appear on the show—you may be the winner of a new Dodge for Itfe! (Naturally, you're Dodge's guest in Hollywoodr-all expenses paid, and what a time you will have!) Come on in today, and get started! CURUEYS, INC 123 South Centre Street PA 2-0200 DODGE - PLYMOUTH SALES - SERVICE Xf

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