Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on August 31, 1933 · Page 16
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 16

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1933
Page 16
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"wr ttntt it am* Agfa flinty ¥gfWtfHBi. AUg. I8WA. I, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS 90METHINQ NEW! •OMETHINO DIFFERENT! SWAP IT! Things that are useles» to you nifty be necexltlei to »caa*on« el»t. Phone 2400 Today A « day ad far th« prlc* of 4 TWO PASSENGERS WANTED TO fly to Mu»c»tlne or Ticinity Labor day. Special price. See Marion Wearth. ' x WANTED: work of all kindi. Good eJ«u work tuaranteed. Both Uptown and fourth ward, 2Cc p«r hour. GaJJ 2034. WANTED: HOUR WORK, HOUSE cleaning, washings. Ironings and moving. Phone 138f-J. WANTED: POSITION AS HOUSE- keeper or will care for an apt house. Phone 1564-W. EXPERIENCED WOMAN WANTS housework. Mrs. Smith. 475-W. HOUSEWORK WANTED BY EX- perienced woman. 411-J. -Work Wuted. Hale Have Your Furnace Cleaned NOW! Guaranteed work with our super sen-Ice vacuum cleaner. Palmer Plumbing Co. 108 Hayward Avc. Phone 1091 j TRACTOR PLOWING. 56F13. EMPLOYED MOTHER WANTS home for 3 months old baby. $15 month. Write 2678 Tribune. PAINTING, PAPER CLEANING, wall washing. 518. I pa—Wanted, Faun Machinery DANCE Moose hall Saturday, Sept. 2nd. Music by Adeline Fitch. A—Auction ttalea WANTED TO BUY: CORN BIND- er. 54F5. ' 3d—Seed* OUT. FROM THE MAW IN THE 616WAL TOWER, THAT fT WAS) OSCAft WMOCA1LEO IOMG DISTANCE WILL ee. ALL RKE»HT WHCM 31, 1*33. •p'l ii mui Too Late Now, Freckles! VOM'N POP THAT THIM&5 ABE OKAY OP HERE, PAT AMD THAT 605H, RED ! PAT'S J WELL, FOR PETE A SWELL «RL,»s 5H£? VKMOW-I'M SORIRY.MOW.l DIDN'T TREAT HEC BETTER THAN 1 OHO LIKE HER! 6AKt!TH»£>l5A MEOC OF A TIME TO FIND IT OUT/ WELL, MOW THC HECK CAN WE GO ON A MKXTION WHCN XOV *PEMT so MUCH OF COR CON ON TWE9C 3LLY,BUBBL GOPRSH AUCTION SALE: SATURDAY 2j p. m. 409 Lincoln way. Nice small range, gas plate, beds, springs, mattresses, chiffoniers, dreeeers, student tables, breakfast set, sanitary cot and pad, rockers, odd chairs,.stands, dining room furniture and lots of other goods. People needing goods for students should attend tUs auction. Snyder Sc. Allen, auctioneers. B—Automobile*, Tracks tor Sale SEED RYE: C5c bu.—H. T. Farrar ei—Gantea Protfec. I FOR SALE: TOMATOES. tfO. tree baskets, 75c; No. 2, tree baskets, 50c; cucumbers, all ilxec cheap. Potatoes, cabbage, onions carrots, beets, stweet and hot peppers, pickling onions, . paraley spinach and rhubarb. Jensen'! Gardens. Phone 1770. DODGE Rumble Seat Coupe Low Mii«ag« $425 1933 Ford Coach 5425 1S31 Ford Sedaa i ..$2*5 1928 Chevrolet Roadster $75 1927 Ford Coach „; «5 OPEN EVENINGS W. H. Nutty Garage Plymouth . Dodge • Oldsmobile FOR SALE: MELONS, POTA toes, squash, cucumbers. Come out and have a melon feed. Brown's Roadside Stand, 2% miles east on Highway 30. FOR SALE: FRESH MELONS. North Lincoln Way and Franklin. Hazel Holllngsworth. NOW —is a good time to trade your old car on a New Chevrolet TOMATOES—FIRST GRADE. AT farm or 50c bushel delivered.— H. T. Farrar. CUCUMBERS, 23F2. ALL SIZES. PH. 62—Fruit Our used car ttock is low and we 177 °- FOR SALE: HAND PICKED sprayed and sorted Wealthy apples for jelly and pickling. $1.00 ] busheL Jensen's Gardens. Phone can give you a good deaL B« aure ~ .. „ to K«.« UK h*fnr« hiivinr WEALTH1 APPLES, NICE HAND picked and assorted apples, 75c and |1.25 per bushel. Call 2092. to se« us before buying. Allen Motor Co. Chevroltt Dealers Phont 395 5th and Dougla* >29 FORD COUPE Perfect '29 Ford Coacb "30 Ford Truck '29 Durant, mech. perfect ._ Coach MAX DUITCH AUTO EXCH Phon* 1000 ,323 5th Prices Again Slashed! Nash Sedan -\-$ 98.00 Dodge Sedan '. $150.00 '31 Ford De Luxe Coupe __$265.00 MathUon Motor Co. APPLES: WEALTHIES, J1.25. Windfalls, 50c busheL 63F3, % miles south Ontario. THEY A«€ NOTWNC OF THE KIND 1 . GOLDFtSH APE . BUYING THEM 1 . HANK AND A MAPVEUDUS COLLECTION Just Some More Fish! TER THE TOWN FOR 5HADYSIOC. puua our, WITH RED AND FRECKLES ON BOARD — FRECKLE5 CAMT GET HOME, 5OOW EMOUe TO PIND OUT YrfHAT HA5 HAPPENED—- By Cowan ALLEY OOP Can This Be a Game? THEY M*/C OVCtJ THM7TY —THEYUE SECULAR PCTS—AMD COMC WGHT UP TO THE VAfEN YOU WEUL.V/HKT tAOTHLYGOOD CAN TWEYOC TO WJEU..TVCV TAKE YOUR PLACE1,AJND KEEP ME COMRANV WHEN AT THE OTRCE By Hamlin I'M GOING DOWN F1GHTIN'. SS—Ap*rtoMnu, CALL 486-J Apartment* fld OOUIM, dost to college, clean, eat, convenient, priced riiht Chas. Miller, 132 Hmywoc«j AT*. FOR PLUMS OR GRAPES CALL 39F14. GRAPES FOR SALE. 55F12. 83—Plant*, Flowerm, Sfarvtw 7—Anto BepmJn WE FIX THEM OR They Can't Be Fixed Morrison's Garage 323 Lincclnway Phei» 910 •m-IT 11 ».» «T*1 * ItT • Wi o luiHiis auu uau. (jail lOQa; Well It *'ThlS Way! , Friday, Ul N. Russell avenue. PERENNIALS CHEAP. Wooters. 615 Seventh. MRS. 04—Household Good* Good Used Day Beds $6.50 to $9.50 Living Room Suites—$15 to 122.50 Walsh Furn. & Hdwe. Phone 685 UNSET APARTMENTS: NICELY furnished 2 and 3 room apts. <ewly decorated. Light aad water furnished, 1 bloci from campus. Phone 1457-W. HAYWARD AVE. 507, TWO RMS. and kitchenette. Modem. Garage, $25.00. G.'W. Gray, 1512 Woodland Des Homes, la. for Bent TOR SALE OR RENT: SIX ROOM modern home on five acr«t, north 4th ward. Equipped for chickens, gardening, and cow. Phone 3007 SIX ROOM, MOSTLY MODERN house. Garage. One mile Treat of college. Sept. 15 to May 15. Phoa» 243-J. SIX ROOM MODERN HOUSE. Call «19 Eighth street. Phone FOR RENT: DUPLEX IN 4TH wardL Phone 1752-J. APARTMENT, LIVING ROOM bed room, kitchenette, privat bath, private- entrance. Phone 1473-W. FOR SALE: IRON BED, SPRINGS, mattress; child-* 54 inch bed; bicycle, good condition; a two burner gas plate; electric motor, 32 volt, % h. p.; 1 set light fixtures for 3 rooms and hall. Call today or He: "I thought 1 had plenty of gas. I always fill up ( every 100 miles by the speedometer and I forgot the darn thing wasn't working." She: "Oh*iszat so? Well, if we ever get back to town, the first place well go is Cliff Roberson's Garage FlSE 1»—Beraty Service CERIC J CROQUIGNOLE OR combination permanents. — Al lene's Beauty Shop. Phone 427. 18—BtuiiMM Berries Offered UPHOLSTERING Refinishing Fibre Cord and Repairing Cane Seats Cabinet Work Awaings Antiques Little Furniture Shop ir^nQn<ft il4 fUM li Main ti\r i 73 main Plumbing — Heating and Well Work PHONE 226 E» A. Foy NEW FURNACES" Uen. furnace repair work. Furnace* vacuum cleaned, Ev« trough work. F. A. Gould Phona 527-J 3 12 Mafn St. FOR SALE: WALNUT BED, dresser, springs $35. Wamut chest of drawers with mirrdrs, $25. Small walnut chest of drawers, $10. Oak Princess dresser $10. Oak library table $5. Phone 896. FOR NICE APARTMENTS, CLOSE io campus, reasonably priced, »e< M. A, jCoufttrymaa, 2728 Lincoln way. NICELY FURNISHED 2 ROOM apt. Heat, lights, water. Washing: privileges. 815 Burnett 1266-W. CLEAN 4 ROOM APT. PRIVATE bath, entfanee. Garage, Also sleeping room. 815 Carroll. FIVE. ROOM MODERN APT. ALL in one floor. Separate furnace and meters. Phone 2128. 75— Vor Sato, Miscellaneous FOR SALE: .NEW HOOVER AT- tachments $6. 26-J. FUBNISHED APARTMENTS AND furnished dwelling. Phone 196. Little Brothers. TWO OR THREE ROOM, MOD- era apt, furnished. 315 Duff. Phone 1274. FOR SALS: Phone 1774. ELEC. WASHER 7«—Wanted, WANTED: GOOD HOME FOR boys, age 11 and 13, during school year. Work for board-room or pay small amount Lutheran home preferred. Write Tribune 2672. TWO ROOM APARTMENT. 1ST floor. Private entttincei 302 Lincoln way. , NICE, DECORATED rooms or apartment for ladles. 933-J. 217 Welch avenue. • ONE FURNISHED ROOM WITH kitchenette. Garage. 607 Carroll ave. Phone 76i.- WANTED: CALL 233S IF YOU have goods you want to turn into cash. See our auction ad for Saturday. WANTED: CHILD'S Phone 1774. BICYCLE. T9—Poultry for Sale POULTRY—DRESSED CHICKENS Springs ... i6c per Ib. Young fat hens ...13c " " No charge for dressing and delivery. Woodland Farms. Phone 435. THREE ROOMS AND KITCHEN- ette, furnished. Gfound floor: 123 Stanton. NEW UPPER FURNISHED APT. Private entrance *nd bath. 705 Clark. , NICE TWO ROOM FURNISHED apt. Close in. Adults. Call 751. IDEAL ONE ROOM APARTMENT. Call 1929. FOUR ROOM Phone 662: APARTMENT: THREE ROOM APT.. FURNISH- ed. 520 Crawford. C. E. SUCHER Paints and Papers Contracting Phon« 14B2-J WHITE ROCK FRIES, MILK FED 2& to 4 Ibs., 17c Ib. Dressed and delivered. Ph^ne 371-J. 726 Carroll AMES GARBAGE CO. LEW COLE, phone 2061. YOUR CAR WASHED, THEN Duco polish3J, $1.00. Call 1617-W. 84—Housekeeping Kooms HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS, Fifth. Phone 2096-J. 731 **—Aparle.uema, Klau Waited, U'ANThlD: (Hill. FOH HOUSE work. Give references. Wrlto 2S79 Tribune house. I COXY .130-W. APARTMENTS, Phone 2147-J. "ROOM" A Iso 8ft—Barns and Garages FOR RENTJ: 6 room modern house ,125, at «11 Duff. Phone 2149. FOR RENT: HOUSE, FURNISHED or unfurnished Call 486-J. FOR RENT: FURNISHED BUNGA- low at college. Phone 1380. HOGS: 50,000, including 9,000 Il2@13i,4; dirties 11%. directs and approximately 30,000 *, T "-",~~ ,, , , pigs and piggy sows. Market steady to 5c higher. 180 to 230 Ibs., $4.25 @«4.40, top $4.40, 230 to 290 IbS., ?3.50@$4.25. Light lights $3.75@ $4.25. Commercial pigs $3.50 down. Packing sows S2,60@$-3,15. Light light, 140 to. 150 Ibs., good and BUTTER: Market steady; receipts. 10,251 tubs; specials 22% @ 23; extras 22; extra firsts 21 @ 21%;. firsts 18%@19%; seconds 17 @18; standards 21. POULTRY: Market steady; receipts 32 trucks; fowls 10@11%; springers 10; leghorns 8; ducks IN THIRD choice, ?3.50@$4.30; light weight, j 10%; geese S@9; turkeys 10@11; 160 to 200 Ibs., good and choice,! roosters ll@13; leghorn broilers $4J.O@J4.40; medium weight, 200 j 11@12%. to 250 Ibs., good and choice, J3.90 ! CHEESE: @?4.00; heavy weight, 250 to 350 Longhorns Twins, H%@12; IDEAL FURNISHED Adults. 1564-W. HOUSE. 9»—Farms A Lands for Sato SO ACRES. WELL IMPROVED fSOO down. E. C- Sawyer. Ph. 25 104—6wip Ads FOR EXCHANGE: KITCHEN cabinet, single and double iron betis, springs, mattreases; 6 iVory dining chairs,,libra.y table. Want ed: Rugs, laundry tubs, end ta hies, walaut drop leaf dining table and chairs, upholstered chairs small kitchen table. Will buy ar tides wanted. Phone 1679-W. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE: UP right piano, leather davenport library table, cistern pump, chaira Phone 410-W. 200-YEAR-OLD HOUSE BOSTON, (UJ!)—Governor Ely's secretary, DeWitt C. DeWolf plans to erect at Chester a house vhlch, paradoxically, is 200 years old. If he carries out his plan, he will buy the structure, a colonial armhouse known as the Field iome, and move it from its present ocation in Enfield to Chester, 40 niles away. The landmark would be dismantled and reassembled on ts new site. Real Estate Transfers II-URN. APT. Edith E. Case to Vern L. Meyrs W. D. S. 45 5ft of E. 100 ft. of ot 4, blk. 3, Beardshears add. to lues. Malissa Viola Elliott and bus. to Seraldine Brainard W. D. N. 10 A. f NW1-4 SW1-4 Sec. 26-84-24. John L. Dahl and wf. to Lucille Vygle W. D. rerecorded lot 7 and in subdiv. of W. 634.75 ft. of and all E% NFfrl 1-4 ex. 3A) and 10 A. off W. side of NWfrll-4 lying S. of said 3 /A. 55-83-24. Oil Cities Service OH company to Cities Service Oil Co. Delaware W. D. lot 7, blk. 40, Blairs 2nd add. to Ames. I Commercial Svgs. bank to Ames jBldg. and Loan Assn. W. I), lot 4, I blk 2, Ellis Subdiv. to . Grace F. Knudson and luis. to RESPONSIBLE COUPLE WANT Ames Bld «- and Loan Assn - c ' cd - N Oct. 1, three or four room un I? 6 ft - of s - 8fi ft - of lots 1 and 2 furnished ant. Write 2fi71 Tribune i ' "• Coll °R e 1>ai ' k » dd - to Ames. i /. y on Hloeker and Inis. to of GARAGE: Sixth. PHONE 2287-W. GARAGE FOR SALE. CALL 412 Ash between S and 5. *fl—Wanted, Koom* or Boar Ibs., good and choice, |3.10@|4.00; packing sows, 275 to 550 Ibs., medium and good, $2.86@J3.25; slaughter pigs, 100 to 130 Ibs., goo'd and choice, $2.50@?3.50. CATTLE: 6,000, calves 2,000. Steers 10 to 15c higher. All grades advancing. Shippers fairly active. Steers $5.00@S6.25. Market higher than week ago on better steers with lower grades nearly steady, 25 to 40c higher. Slaughter cattle and.vealers: Steers, 550 to 900 Ibs., good and choice, $5.25@?7.00; 900 to 1100 Ibs., good and choice, $5.25 @?7.15; 1100 to 1300 Ibs., good and choice, $5.50@$7.25; 1300 to 1500 Ibs.j good and choice, $5.75@$7.25; 550 to 1300 Ibs., common and medium, $3.00@?5.75. Heifers, 550 to 750 Ibs., good an! choice, $5.00® $6.25; common and medium $2.50 @$5.00. Cows, good, ?3.50@$4.50; common and medium $1.50@$2.50; low cutter and cutter, ?3.25@?4.00. Bulls (yearlings excluded) good (beef) $2.25@$3.35; cutter, common and medium ?6.00@S7.00. Vealers, good and choice, $5,50@?6.00; medium J2.50@$3.50; cull and common $4.00@$4.75. Stocker and feeder cattle: Steers, 500 to 1050 Ibs., good and choice. ?2.50@$4.00. • SHEEP'^ 17,000. Native lambs slow, around steady. Desirable kinds $7.00@f7.25. Rangers held steady. Little change in sheep and feeding? lambs $6.2fi@$7.40. Slaughter sheep and lambs: Lambs, 90 Ibs. down, good and choice, $6.25 @?7.40; common and medium $4.00 @|6.75. Ewes. 90 to 150 Ibs.. good and choice, $1.50f>?2.75; all wts., common and medium, 75c@$2.00. Feeding lambs, 50 to 75 Ibs., good and choice, ?5.S5@$6.40. 03—HCIIIWW for (Mile RENT: Al'AllTMBNT. 71,1 FOR SALB: :} AC , ftivi.l • nt (.v j (.. ,S; f. I'liiiiu ^fi. oak flnM. K Grace Von Hloeker and Inis. 1 Jessie N. Powell qc<J. sublot 3 Robb's subdiv. of lots 7 and 8, blk. "D" Kingsbury's 3rd ad«J. Ames. Bonlali Vcaich and bus. to JOB- .'c N, Powell qrd, sublot 3. of lit I- 's Mihtllv, of IOM 7 find x. t>)fc •|J" Kiiigsbui-> s 3rd mid. Amos. Today'* Markets Price* bid by local dMlcr* No. 2 corn 36^c ilar corn 34^4c Oats 27c Hogs J3.70 ream, sweet 22^c ream, sour 20Hc Eggs, No. 1 13c Iggs, No. 2 8c leavy hens, 4^ Ibs. and tip .,8c Heavy hens under 4 % Ibs. , and leghorna 5c leavy breed springs, 4 Ibs. and over 9c Heavy breed springs, under 4 Ibs 7r ^eghorn springs fie eghorn cox 3c All roosters : 4c All number twos, two cents less. POTATOES: On track 57; arrivals 233; shipments 455; market dull. CHICAGO. «JJK)—Grain range: ' Open High Low Close WHEAT: May Sept. Dec. CORN: May Sept. D«c. OATS: May Sept Dec. RYE: May Sept. Dec. 94 \i 84 90 60% 49 54% 87 91 4314. 37% 40 ^ 82 69% 76 BARLEY: May 62% Sept. 51% Dec. 57% 50% 56 44 37% 84% 72V> 78% 63^4 52% 58% 94% 86% 90% 60% 48% 54% 54% 84 89 60% 43% 37 40 81% 69% 75% 62% 50% 57 43% 37% 40% 70% 76% 62% 50% 57 New York Stocks Close Today NEW YORK <EE)'— Following are Thursday's closing bids on the New York stock exchange: American Can ..., 92 American Locomotive 34" .126 ..90 JPRODUCE CHICAGO (UP)— Produce: Market steady; receipt* current ucelpU American T. and T. American Tobacco B. Anaconda Atchison, T. & S. F 6S& Bethlehem Steel 39% J. & N. W. Com ..12& Chrysler 44^ :orn Products 87 DuPont SO-% General Electric 24% Jeneral Motors 33% nternatioual Harvester 40 ^ Montgomery Ward 26% New York Central 50% Pennsylvania R. R 38 Sears-Roebuck 42% Standard Oil of N. J 40^4 Studebaker 6% U. S. Rubber 1S% U. S. Steel 54% Westinghouse Elccfric 45% Standard Oil of Ind 30% Cities Service 3% PENNSYLVANIA dispatch saya *• man was seriously injured by bursting truck tire. Another argument against inflation? « • * California's governor refused to approve state income tax law on ground it was "unsound in principle." NodvMibt Californinns received this news with a great deal of interest. TPfi'vi! just been twitting for some reformer (a insltt that (he tifttfiftfA' .i^owM be covtrtrt ^y • blanket code. L u c i 1 e Robinson Is Darkhorse EXMOOR COUNTRY CLUB, HIGHLAND PARK, 111. (HE)—With a return battle between Enid Wilson, 23-year-old English champion, and Charlotte Glutting. 21-year-old West Orange, N. J., girl, as a headliner, the national women's golf championship entered the third round of match play at IS holes Thursday with eight survivors. It was in identically the same spot in last year's tournament at Salem, Mass., that Miss Wilson met Miss Glutting and was eliminated by the American girl, 1 up. Having already announced her retirement from competitive golf after this tournament, Miss Wilson had her best shots ready to revenge last year's defeat and continue her march to the title she anxiously covets to place alongside her British laurels and the title o_f "the 'world's greatest woman golfer." "My philosophy of golf is that the almighty allows one just so many reasonably go^d shots," Miss Wilson commented. "I like to keep a few up my sleeve to use them at just such a time as today." Four Under Par If Miss Wilson's philosophy holds^ good, she may be done with golf' tournaments this afternoon for already this week she has had her share uf ''reasonably good shots." She won the medal with a record- breaking 76, and Wednesday played 15 holes in three under par In defeating Mrs. Harle, Hlgbie, Detroit, 4 and 3. For the 49 holes she has played so far, the long-striding English lass iias used four strokes less than par. The ranks of the "Big Four"— Miss Wilson and the three foremost- American contenders, Vir- START § Series Is Slated as Crucial Affair NEW YORK OLE)—Despite ths difference of six games, the New- York Giants, leaders of the national league, and the fast-stepping Boston Braves were slated to open a so-called "crucial" series of sir games in four days at Boston Thursday. Both clubs approached th« series with winning streaks, the Giants having won W of their last 13 starts, and the Braves 12 of their 14. If they split the series —each winning three, the Giants will still be the Braves, six games ahead of but the third-place ginia Van Wie, Chicago, defending champion, Helen Hicks, Inwood, N. Y., and Maureen Orcutt, Ha worth, N. J.— remained intact for Thursday's matches. Pirates may have gained on the "eading pair. The Giants and Braves maintained their difference of six games Wednesday when both clubs won out in the ninth inning, he Giants shading St. Louis, 5 ; to 4, and the Braves nosing out Cincinnati, 3 to 2, The rallying Pittsburgh Pirates replaced Chicago at third position by registering their fifth straight victory, a 4 to 1 win over the Philies, while the Cubs split a double- leader with Brooklyn. Big Ralph Birkofer let the Phils down with our hits, while the Pirates- collected 13 off Ragland. Elliott and Liska, including Tommy There- now's perfect day at bat with four hits. This left the Pirates one and a half games behind Boston. McCracken Wins Net Singles Title Again-at Minn. .U. McCracken, physics E. C. The other players remaining in competition in addition to Miss I their Glutting, were Mrs. Leona Pressler Cheney. 1929 finalist. Mrs. Opal S. Hill. 1929 semi-finalist, and Lucille Robinson, bespectacled Des Molnes girl who many are begin ning to look upon as the tournament's darkhorse. Faces Helen Hicks Miss Robinson's big test, came Thursday when she met jovial Hel en Hicks, the long-driver and former champion who has played 38 holes thus far in one under par. Miss Van Wie. who blasted away with two eagles and a medal score of two under par for 16 holes Wednesday, faced Mrs. Leona Pressler Cheney, Los Angeles, twice western champion who has been playing highly consistent golf. The other match brot together Miss Orcutt an! Mrs. Hill, both veterans who have held many Important titles but have never won the national championship. structor at Hwa State college for several years, successfully defended his singles tennis title during the second summer session of the University of Minnesota, where he has been studying this summer. McCracken and his partner have andvanced to the finals in the doubles competition. One of finals opponents Is William Schommer of Minneapolis, member of the doubles team which won the national public parks championship in New York recently. McCracken did not compete for DOG LOCKED SELF IN MIDDLSSBORO, Mass., <U.P> — Wilson Harlow's dog locked itself In the bathroom. The wind slam- inert tlK 1 door ftftor it walked into th« root)). ari<i in pawlriK to opfiv It (he dOK "priing thi> lock. A ladder was used to resetio It through »he window. the doubles title during the finrt session. In addition to winning the university championship both sessions. McCracken also won the southeastern Minneapolis championship in a tournament open to any player making use of the university courts. Over 100 players were entered. McCracken will spend next year in research work at the university and at the Mayo clinic in Rochester. Big League Batting Player, Club Klein. Phillies Koxj, Athletics AB R H Prt. 491 S3 1S« .571 474 101 18* .354 Simmons, W Sox 540 SO 1*3 139 Atuisb, Sr-natorn K51 1^1 !«« Ml Horn* Runs Fox*. Athlfllpa, ]«; RufH, Yi»k. ^PS, 28; flprg«r, Dra^'e*. J4- Kl«lil PhUliOLi, 24; U«ht1f,, V**kcs«, U,

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