Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1928 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1928
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1 OPBKA.KANS. The Kbuic^ turn record , iitspeetiot\ REGISTER'S Circn open to public at any time. CIRCULATION is the only Commodity a Newspaper Has to Sell Its Advertisers.. VOLUME XXXI. No. 63. .j ,.,.,.,.w ,ni- to Thi- Uuily KPBl.tter, The lOLA. KAN.. FRIDAY KVENING. .IAXI;ARY 6. 1928. Tlie Weekly Kegimer. atabllshed -1867, Thp lola DalJy Itegl^ter. Entabliiihed 189.. EIGHT PAGES ^KENTUCKYTO BE SURFACED THIS Joint Reso After Meeting THIRTEEIi Graveling lution Passed Protest OBJECT By s Urged Taxpayers In Petition HELD IN MURDER A (lfvi>ioii U| rucky loaii " tIiT<>f-f«urll«! o Kiisi sirM'i as jirojcnt was ri'Jched today at a iiic't'tiiii; of tit missiontTH. Tin- joiuL res g -sfUr hearing W iHT^ons liviut; irii-ts inyiilvt'il. TJiirtecTi |l iignjiist lliti ))i ti'Sis invidvfd surfiic ' the ro^ liUiiniinous iiiii Two jicrsoii lln' 1 ily liiniis :• till' iiity sitriwij Vt'iidcr the j" 4 M1 after tin- l» Jjids will In- ;(j laciiiK 111! ' ro:i and couuty toiii- joliitiou waii pas.-od |of iirotcsis from iu thf lu'ii'-iit di.-<- surfairo tlH' Kfll- or apiwoximately a mile north of a jiiiiii cliy-founl.v ; RADIO FIGHT IS GIVEN TO SENATE NOW Charges of Monopoly of. Air. Is Made By i Manager NOMINATIONS HEARD' DOLLING UP TO GET: HICKMAN REWARD Pickard, Caldwell and La Fount Are Under Fire Today 1: < rttc aiici liittjbiiiiioiis niarailaiii. rnijiTtI 'I'll- iirojrrl jiuii.-ilvi'. rcgar(| .•^^urfa'-liij;. i""! jau >ji' <if ilu' f: (iraihaKi- worli Cniveling of api>roximatcIy .(•liiiirinaii of l| <oiiiJiii>isioinM-s iT«oiiH iirolosti'd '• tjon. liiit tln» [iro- uiily prop i.-alx jto. il with i'oii<T< ti- iir •adam. r»'.sidiiiff williiiiK i rlivi'ii oiilKide j (hi- prolc-l. ! Ill rcM)ltiiiini. i/.issi roK'stn W4rc lifard, .-'kcil for liard .-iir- ,1 Willi gravfl. <ijii- will hf ratlu-r <x- : less of thi' kind of i nis.sionors said, bf- i Id thai c'ciiisidi rahic .Macadamizint of thf roa tost appmxinlaioly ^V2.( < oiscrt-tinj? a!i<nil no.'H'".. j .Tid. I 'lidiM- . tin.' iiinoiin! of tilt by tlu- tiiwn.-ii'ii and s!il! lar^t- cotiDly. I hi- luojcfi •Ov the ci(v i ^^veral nioiithh- •_;iilpr it was b tioii of the fi will he rc<ii ihi' road woj :}'>.iHMi. W. [lie bo;ird of (stiiiiatcs. lireil. I Id cost . Iks,. I oiiiity 1 would (Ml JIIIll it \va.s Dr. CJiarl.'.s MiMillan of L OK Anueli'.-*. was iiidicfi -d • yesterday for df .'ith of Mrs. Amelia .\l>pleby. wealthy wido\r of the late .lidui K. iiilllion- aire'furiii iiiiplPtiient Inventor. Dr. McMillan ,was .Mrs. Apple- liy'.s biisinexs . repres'nlativv. The woman's boily was found lied iit> in a s:«-k ii-ar .San Fernando.Calif. JONATHAN DAVIS HAS PIGS, THIEF IS HELD IN JAIL ' Wasbington. Jan. 6. r.AP) — ;f'hargi'.s that the federal radio coin- 1 mi.-ision is seekinK lo icreate a monopoly of the. air thrbngli the j i.N'aliinal 1^^oad^•a^=til!S eonipany ; chain were lodged today before the ' ' senate interstnic commerce roni- j mil tot! by n. W. .May, nurtiaKcr of [station WTUL at MId!an,l Paik. I New .Icr .-icv. I The I iKirse.s were made diirliif; lIiearinKs on ihr noiiiinations of Ham rick;.id of Maiihatt;:n. Kaus.; Ore.stes II. Caldwell of Xew .York.' and Harold .\. Uifount'of Vtnh. to lie iiiombcrs of the coniiniisslon. "Caldwe'l and Tickar^ liave.jict- ' ed '.Mifairly anil unjustly.". May do-; dared. -They are now flirealenin:; I to drive out :wi> Jiidependt-nt | • bro.iilt ast'rs on Kcbruary 1 and; li'uvi- the :iir in the Lands of the • Ibi-f of r-olice Tom ( and -Slate Tia(!:c .<erg ant "Muck" Lleuallen,. of Pendleton. Ore., captors of Winia-ii Kdwn-.d Uiikv .ini. k !'i:.:-iu -r-!; y,.;- of Maiinii i>jrkcr. are tihown here In their "full dress" as they prepar'.d to n c civc tin ^r,:..; i. v.:i.u i,;-<n-.! f.,- !lic ::iiHii in I.os Angele.s. Left to right arc Gurdane; C. i;. .Matloi-;:. «liir is lo •! . 1.^ r 1 r::;;;i . ••••'i I f.ictiifllea. The hats they arc wearing, were gifts of III.-1 pi-'1 1 I'l 11. ;;--'oii. tM; ' • >;••:•<;•. . , I French Answer] Will Approvi^ Kellogg Ideas Washington; Jan. 6. (APV— .\ favorable reply to I Secretary K,ellogg's note to I^rance of December 28 suggesting an international covenant' deploring war a means of settlitig in-' tornational disputes^ was re- ce/veij today at the French embassy. The note will. be deliv^ed to the state department-later in the day. CAUEORNIA! TO HM PROBLEMS OVER HICKMAN New Insanity Laws To Be T^ested During His Trials U.i MARINE HELP REBELS IN NICARAGUA Such Is RepNort Given To Authorities From Marine Chiefs BOTH DESERTERS Reports Have Indicatjed Improved Morale Of Rebels LINDBERGH GETS GRFAT WELCOME FROM V/ON'T PAY ALIMONY nionoroly." insin.js viilue: Nation Ilonor.s Avip.tor, JI-.. a...Herte,l that/the commi.s.Kion ^^^^ j^, {^yrpriscd fit Hili Youth had reduced the |\yaye lenath of; jhis "Station to a point where it %vas ! i"of tittle commercial value." Q Iii />k «nn T<! Charged! The New .lerscy broadcaster took i^'r':^^t'iiP1.^tha stand after I'ickard had been With, 1-aKing rOUr iquculoned tor more lhati half an HoSS AWay lirnir. Th" Kansas eohimi.'-'.sioner. " , • • ;Who is under attack on the ground ,. ,..„<• , Ml, th :it he is neither a Democrat nnr Fori Scot I. Kan.. .Ian. b. I.M ':„;„, ., ^,,,.,n , • , M I, V :< r'-fsident of the state from which vo,„i, of ilR- air advin.-ui. !• loMH p...:i . •'• Jonathan M. Da^-,,, appointed. Aotailcd a.t I" ....^^ „ O/OP .'I cost would .he pad • m .vis I ^.„^„,. „io lif\K-u:tie-s tender ^vhic-h I '''''' ^ /j.", I ''V™;rb:- Vl ''-urned ^bufhs uhen four hog.s hf.said the commission had op-jCharles A. Umber,. Presuiuu :.r anuninl b> '"^ j f,.„„. ,3 ,„,e,:ate .l in iMidertnkinR to solve tiie Adolfo Diaz .said he -'liad no idea Maiutpiia. Nil ui-agii:i. lAI'i -NicaruKuaiis fn.;] jiri sidi'i.'l 'oil.o" •'"•k 1! •. lioiiovirf: 1. >i!- •' were am.;;'.'ii aliov.. :ill ih' .l ..:i. was first considered - northwest of here. .\s a ivsult tin lought to tile atleil- y commissioneris b] proic-Tiy owntjrs along the road. - TJie Aontrai .•^a <I. in time roiid early ihis spring. Rural Schbols Will Have Kvaniiiiatioi .second bi-moi thly i-cliopis |.jea(iy-to inaii county supei-i t<i(hiy, Kxaiii January 12 a t will be let. ii wai o start work oil the broadcastin.s prohh-m "We have to flplit the lisU-ners' hogs are back in the sty. Lestei battle for them." Pickard declarel Jacksoii is in jail here and his: under ijuc.=iioninfr ly Senator Dill. brother. Earl Jackson. Ida, is being sought. Earlv Wednesday morning Mr Davis "Ueard Ulsi hogs squealing Investigation at daylight revealed four of them were, mis.sing. Mr Diivis and his son followed truck Demociiat. W;i-thinpton. co-author vi-:U<y .:f:'. >; of the radio act. "They have pquip-, -QutS l.iiid • .^iii ment that cdst twenty or thirty: times as much M that of : the' broadcasters." >o Iladio Monopoly! i "As I understand it. then.' Ill- would prove to be so young. .Many a.ncd .\'icar;isii:ii!.- ^!;i< I'K handii wilii :ii > fly.T. Tlicv wi;.' l.'V til- i o •'.<> - t.ll'- \:.ln.',V.^ -wa.-i I'll- ti'iii. •.'1 .1 REMUS NEARER ASYLUM TODAY AFTER_HEARING Writ of Habeas Corpus Is Denied The Former i Bootlegger -' Cincinnati, O.. Jan. 6. (.AP). ElectiiiK to carry out the remainder of his figlit for -freedom from the state hospital for the insane, Cleorge Kemus accompanied by .Attorney Chas. Elston planned to leave here for I..inia this afternoon by automobile. I ".H'.iei •-"Vnial an .f :^!> .voiii:;; luursiiir. W. cil •••]. <;i*-n coUiity. • >. '-.A hf-iw'i :ind "ali- . •' . li' • a lit jail : 7. I •J'-'>. i.'('caii .-4f he ! .;y ;iH::ii .»ny. Ke,.!i ;ir r. youiiK in- jnter-1 Lifi.iiiri ^'.r-- I . •. V. , • .) i; 1 ;ir.. Miiiii-i i :.;iv:ii' 1.- lis cn- .:•^ iinilirj jiir- • 'line cjiinty. ;ili'c .indL-inx- : !• !• .s cliii'f. but x'i :'(!" /;! i-^ W.r'd War" vet- >!.rvd in the St. .\r^:i.;ui'- iilfcnsives. lioi\ie in ••:ii.4 Trear- ingof Bourbon «'''""^v <heii inVw-st-. ";jj^-^.^-- - 1,^^- ,,roi,dcr.stlng of,st«id by way of l.ion. lie did lii:^ - igaied attd fonuil i chain programs, explalnlni,' that ^^der to avoid any pn..Mlui;,y of I Fill Ji'<'kso'' lia'l ''""•'•''^'i''' '''l,,,,ir,co n li-^tener had an expensive , ,. .«rv l-l: liver s„ni,.Ji.,gs Wcdn.May mop- ; pa.smg over I-M :.... in Prairie Dell School Dcdica The Prairie Iir 1 4choi will bc.hel.l Friday, January "am-, niiuiici'd loil.-i d;it.'- li .veil (: .Mcliiiol. T !i> c ;ill -d on tv, i'i>iidition.<i.' tion January 13 (leilicalion of Ihri inp. but failed to appear. The l.oster .lacksnn followed.. . set he could get I Muc'r procrams. "I believe the s ;x i!i ;'ii!i- i;t. Miss Dollle Adr suiierlntendi-nt an­ il will b." the third I- deiliciiMon rif tilt piojji.iiii lias beeii I- I K I ,-|ii>e ot %vealliei Anti.Thief I Association Is Help iiorr.iwcs; w!u' radio <'iiKiiieer.-« kili> il in li.ii;U' a'-Mi:; •• ; ! win solvi! that and oiher of tlf i (icneral .Vii<;ii-t:i;i S.un Imnst difficult problems fiT us"jihat .srctioii iiiii.t iir .v .i.i i 'ickard replied. The rtM-'u;: li-lit!:,.. n 1.' I'l! • ,1 I I.. :ii.. RED STk PLANS MEETING IN lOU Annual Session Tw I^ in Citv 4anuarv 11th, . Says Elliott •• •" I - • • Thf aniiii ;il liiectiiip of the Red .^laV Koiiic .V.-sociation will Iw held ill lola iiiMj WciliicMlaj. January 11. aciordiiia to ;iii aiiiioiiiu-c.neiir niade Today by Klu .il 'Cilioti. iiiaiia- j;er of he a.-^Kociatioii. I'raciic all.\ all >>( to -vii- on tlje lojile fri 111 lol.i soutli fo Tiii'-^a will I 'C reiiresonted. ac<'ordilip to :>lr. Elliott, iu addition to-cveial north. It was never more iin|iortunt in advertise aui protiiote the interests WEATHER and ROADS of the lodge, was lejiilcr in follow- i Ing the trail of the pigs, which tin- ''cturned tJie chairman. ally leil lo the K. .S. Jackson liolne j ten inlles Koulheast. An organization, similar to the one in that section. In all town ^h'lp.i would be II biff help In law 1 enforcenient. .Mr. Dnnf^'c said. H< 1 piilnted out that there are only twc- program today was a diiiu'r in his honor by (Jeneral EiiiiligiM r :i:i!ii- orni, •whoiuthe I'nited S :.r :e- r-- fused to rocognizo as a jiroi.;- ii- tial aspirant. neforo the Spirit of St. l.fui- touched the ground. i.iiidlierKh li*! A- ron K.\NS.\S -Fair tonight nnd .Stilnrdnv: «i;irhilv «-ar«er tonight YIC'IMTY-!l-"fi,"fat>e weUoai.-. run ,.on. ''inl'-^i iiboiit. getting tii. ! of the grouiid for a landing lie ! the great airfield of ni'>re lOrt acres beneath. A huse i mmnbers of the sheriff's force, and i Fair tonlirht and Satunlay: con- j ''^:^Z'''ZnTtor -^y^nlluJZ. that law ..nforceinent ,ant be per- 1 ,I„„ed mild. tniipenitlire. 1 .? 'rc. iV ieid o . M -e • h •• ifJcted Without co-opeiatiun \ ^J^-^^'^-^-^^ ^^'^^ t f^r ^s be ^aih. " A'hu^^e I ''I'^T- -a^ « . "ormri '^r tla^^o: |« ^ters stood oiit .„..r:y. :Death Of Sister of ^ ^io/'2^S^ Mrs. MathlS Reported this date yeatv-higHest r,4: ;P"Wlc..of Nicaragua. (•in<innati. Jan. C. (AP)—George ' rivinus. the former Chicago lawyer who became the "King ot Boot• leggers," was denied a writ of ha- b.>as corpus today and his* hope ot evading punishment for the murder of his wife turned to an appeal i from the probate court order^which > found him insane and directed commitment to the stale hospital for the criniinal insane at Lima. The decision was handed down by Judge Charles S. Bell ' of the court of common pleas. Me granted Charles H. Elston, counsel for Ilemus, time to perfect an appeal to the court of appeals, which pre- veiited immediate removaf of Remus to th^ Lima institution. Elston; indicated that he might wish also to app.'al from the denial of the writ by Judge /Jell. Judge Bell said that entry of to- jd.iy's proceedings upon his court . rcjcrd would lie withheld until 2 Tn5 ?Mf7n • C A K PQi"' "'' "•^'^ Tuesday, that action HjiliYilj!/ Ifl ft. fjU automatically to keep : ' 'miis wjthin Jurisdiction of the - - • ; court', Na VV E.XpcrtS Testify At • Klston immediately filed an ap: * o: :„i c<^no4n jl'Ofl Horn the probate court finding of insanity and commitment to.Lima In the court of appeals. Judge Beel pointed out Ohio laws riovlde two distijict means of dealing with insane persons, one Itu-anc and not crimlaal and the other w^ith persons both insane and cilminal. He toid that ^^h^n a jury acquit- t.d Remus of tne mu'irder last October b of his estrangi^d wife, Imo- gi 111. upon the sole ground of In- sanii. a cer '.'fCitc to the pro ba'e court vrjz "prima facie evidence of the insanity of the person named." MESSAGES ARE Special Senate" Hearing !A;,.;li.i.-;on. J.-ui. fi. (AI*)--Code 'Il is.-^;gi .-I ill th'' -Mexican, docii- I! (•iiJili-li'il ill liewspa- II. IS «-<•,'.• •!• ..>rilii-il as "f.-ikes" to- d ly \iy i li-d .'-•i.iies navy experts ullr.-r.-jw' I l.ifor.' a special seii- .!!•: ir .-.i SI l!,:;; in:: i -oianiitlee. <• .;ii:ii:ii:il> I- .\. 1>, Siruble. in c!iiii-j;i ,..f i: (• co.lo a :ii| .-jigniil sec- iioji of navy, pronouticed the < 'oii,- "i,:.- <a;;- aad tli >'ir apparent i:-;i;i>laM ':i - ;r- "incie nonsense." A I'll <;:i\ 'iivi stigation w'as niad« :i:r<. li.i.- .•••i .c.-i jMihlished messages j lowest Mrs. W. K. Stoncliill. si-ldj of 1 Precipitation for the ^21 hours .Mrs. II. C.. .Mathis of the Presl.y-' onding at 7 a. m. today. .i'i>: total lerian <-hurch of this city, died at jior this year jlo date. .02; deficien- hpr home iii Waveriy. Kansas, at i cy since Janitary Ist. .22 inches, two o'clock yesterday morning ac- < Relative humidity at 12 noon yes- cJirding to a telephone message j tfrda.v. r,'t per cent: 7-a. m. today from Dr. Mathis last, niglif. Dr. 71 per cent: barometer reduced to i:17 Most of thejthrough travel, consequently, is leing routed through Missouri instead o£ Kansas. The main! objectives of the or- i f^urch Siindav morning aii'd eve- '; cloudy, roads fair. Emporia, clear gahization t;lis year will be three: I njng as usual. " ' sea level. inches. Sun rises 7::;9 a. m.: sets p. m. Koiid CondlfloMs. Sulina. clear, roa"ds good. Dodge riiy. clear, roails good. .Arkansas and IMrs. Mathis received", a tele.- i>r thi.s roul^ than right now. ac-. ,,,,„„p ^.a), about miduifeht Wed^ cording to Mr. Elliott. A liard sur-j „^,s,,.,^. informing them that Mrs. face road from , City fo stonohill was sinking rapidly and Tvlsa by way of Nevada and Jop-I ,hpv. hastened to Wavorly as lin. Mo. ha^ already been com-i ^ui,.tlv as nossible. .-pleted and t^he distance is almost; The funeral will be h(>ld in Wav-; Citv. dear, roads good. Manhat- identical wit I that of the Red Star p,.iy tomorrow (Saturday) aftei- tan. cloudy, roads fair..- Topeka Jloute by v\jay of Independence. „„o ,i at two o'clock. Dr. .Mathis I cloudy, road.s fair. Colfeyville will return to lola immediately dear, roads ; fair. Hutchinson j following the funeral and services iclear. roadsgood. Pittsburg, clear I will l>e held in -the Presbyterian , roads muddy. Wichita, partly lo-advertise the road; to obtain n! through number: and to devslop stnd promote the the route ly way B}-this roue, the Red Star is 24-: raijesSorter than the Nevada-' Joplin road; and when it can be Jiard surfaiied. it w^ll be easy to coiiipetc sucbesafully ivlth the Mis- sotiri route. , roads good. .\. silver key to .'Manat'ua .c hande;<i Lindbergh by tin- may. r Children and ."enorita.-* ihr-w k;s.~- ktaiwii cs at him as he .sred by au 'rulo- ; "bi I'^f."- tin bile direct to the historic (•:ini!i.i de Marte. home of Presid« nl Diiiz. The president and the flyer cli .it-. ted in English. From the balcony of tie c .iti- .••:iil if:l :i .-;.iri .iii-^^. Coruniander Stru !'!•• i ->i.;:.-;:! and every. means li" navy failed: to • "-called code.- Ile tilC)! nui|ierous reasons why in! Ill'- navy'- jijSi.'iion, the' codes' V. <>::•: •••i;:k. il." i Aiiirir l!i:-->' Lau'-. chief of the ."•I:i:;icUn afiairi: (iivision .of the s-:ii.- r!. ;,,!:-t :ni ;i!i and former first ^t'SS^^A Representative Beck Uses Geo7'ge WashifigtoninHis Onster Defense Two Women Die In i N. Yi. Tenement Fire WaiOilngton. U. C. Jan. 6. (AP) —George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were rallied period of 16 years. was^"veo' i^are- ly at Mount Vernon.Jfbut no one would ever question tnat he was an inhabitant of Virginia." Franklin James M. Beck, a Republican, in a statement he tiled with a house Now Vorli. Jan. _6. (.\P)—Twole'ectlons coinniittee, denying ^yQmcn wert knoMn " to'have lost [charges brought by democrats that their lives, anbther was reported I he was not a resident of Pennsyl- missing. a foiirih was severely.jvanla at the time of his irecent 4)i(rned and a five day -old baby election to congress. >va« burned al^out the face ;oday, , He said that Washington from in-' a, fire vi^ieb wir^ked the fop the defense of Hepreaentative, ,,g a^ded,,vas in Paris for W years- llijor of a tcbement^house In \ipper Maditfon avdnuie. I ..' the time he was made general of the ReTolutionary army to the end Ot tUs second presidential term, a and his ci izenshlp of Pennsylvania was jibt questioned. Beck, a: 'former solicitor general of the rnlted States., declared he was born and educated in Pennsylvania and that ."when a man is in public ser^'ice. a ; residence in Washington ha.s never been regarded as a forfeiture ,of his citizenship In the state and community In wlilch tie was bom." gre.asional hall J OSP Andres I'r- . fecho, minister of war and n ^r- -"^i-. raiy o: i/i-- Anieritan eign affairs, presented the flyer to in J.Mexico, told the committee that the neoplf'. speaking in S!>an\-;i. i Mi;;ii'l .Wila, procurer of the /-.indbergh's brief reply in Enc3i.-:h • lit arst (locumonts, offered to. get was translated by Roscoe R. ,-Hiil so iie .Mixican ,documents for the of th» American hicn commission. Anierlcaa embassy. ..These were Lindbergh said. "I..adies and gon- refu.>-c(t. I-;itie said, ilemen. I want to thank you all i jle-lininded as a "Be" the story for'th*' welcome 1 have received tlitJ he had offered to sell informa- here today." • tirjn about .-Xnierican affairs. • , During an interview at the prauk Y. .Mcl-aughlln,-of the El American legation, a N'icar.-tcuai^ Sal PitroUuni company in Mexicp asked the flyer wiifn ho oxpecr^d . bad said .AviUi came to hini with to get married., "fjie repl.v was a | an,! offir to scii information passing .smile and the remark, "ij Inrd'.y ' ''"i" v.o.-n .^XKibassador Sheffield and I>elieve that refer., to aviation." . Sej(-r'.l:iry Kellogg and that Avila I had said Mr. L:inc was available. ! f'tliat is a plain lie." Mr i L.iiie 9;\U\ as the committeemen la[igh('d. • " Next Lyceum Course Number Is Tuesday Week of Prayer To End With Meeting Tonight The final meeting in lola of the Week of Prayer will bo h-Id tonight in the Baptist Temple at 7:.';0 The leader will be Mrs. Carrie M Flower, pastor of the Nazarenr church of this city. The Week of Prayer is being observed this week in practically every city in the United States in a special mjnflor as it has been in lola. Those wlAi believe that "more things arc wrought by prayer than this world dreams of" ai* especially invited iand urged to aktend this final mcet- iag in the .Baptist Temple tonlfbt I C. H. Calahan Is Man i Who Was Held in Jail The Register wishes to acknowl- edefi its error in reporting, on the front pagp of Wcdnfsday^s issue o( this week that "I^oy Canaban, one of the trio of meni arjreSted the night of December 25; should have been 'C. H. Calahaii"' and of should not t>&' confused in afay way with Roy CaJlalian of the :theast Kansas Finance Com- f ,of this city. i .. . The L. Verne SHout Players will present "Sally from Our Alley" as tho third number of the high school auditoriuiri. . The play will bo given some time during the day aa all lyceum numbers this year are matinee program.'. It is n-ot known as yet whether the production will bo given in the morning or afterr noon. Thi.* same troupe put on a number lOf the lyceum program last year. At that time they put on "XVhen Mother Ooes on a Stri^ke" as a last minute change since they had .not planneti to puc cn a daytime program and their play "Ghosts" could not be stagad satisfactorily during the daytime, which accounted for the rather poor reception given the troupe. Washington, Jan. .6. (AP) —Marine corps officers in Nicaragua have reported two deserters from the Ameriiah marine corps there are in General Sandino's rebel camp and are training Sandino's troops. • Reports from .Nicaragua 'for several days have indicated Sandino's 1 ^8 i Angeles. Jan. 6. (AP)—A complete trycut of California's new laws ^ioverning insanity as a defense in criminal cases apparently men were showing a much improv- wlll Involved In the >^trials of Willlaqj Edward Hickman on the two mprder indictments which he faces here. * The 19-year-old youth a few days ago pleaded "not guilty by reason of insabity" to charges of kidnap­ ing and slaying little iNIarian Parker. Yesterday within a few hours ed morale, and that their fightirig ability gave evidence tiiat they'hal'd received training, as well as guns, from some source" other than that afforded by their own resources. The reports reaching Managu l, officers here .said, recited that' tl e two men were captured by Sandii o as they attempted to reach tie It was . sa d of his indictment together with his j Honduran border. IS-yeac-old accomplice, Welbyitbat Sandino offered them the dl- Hunt. ifor the murder of C. Ivy ternative of immediate executic^n Thorns,'; in a drugstore holdup, he j or agreeing to assist liiin. • entered the alternative plea of the! Marine corps records show that new tiad little tested California since August, five men have be^ law^—"not guilty and ntsl guilty.-by absent without leave in yicaragula. rea.son.of insanity." Two of the men reported to a ceil- So liTttle used has been the new unin of marines at San Labino on law—irickman's being the first 2 after having been absent case id Los Angeles county—that | the latter part of June. The two court attendants were confused by the new plea and it first was r.e-| men saiii they bad been held pris-- Ipner by Sandino and had been reported is the same as that entered j leased to the Marian Parke^r murder charge! The confusion "was increased by the; fact that on bis' arraignment Hickman first started to state {(is plea. "When the defendant hidtself became invoIved,i&: the legal fbraseology, his attorney stepped forward and asked--tbe court fo permit him to plead, for bis client. The ' difficulty was straightened out wlien Richard Cantillon, Hickman's 5 Los Angeles . attorney,! restated Ifor newgpapei'men the plea entered. In the Parker case Hickman legally; admitted his guilt by the plea he made and his trial, set for January^ 23, will be a sanity hearing only. On the Thoms murder indictririent he first will be tried tp deteyminc his guilt; and if found j?uilty TvlII be'given a sanity trial to det^'rminf punisbniient Althbugh Hickman's trial in tbe Tliofns case was set for February 1. attorneys indicated that a Jong drawnout trial in the Parker, case might ^iCanse a postponement. . •Withi the attorney for "Welby Hunt reiterating that his client would: plead suilty to the Thorns inurdel charges and throw himself on the inercy of the court, court attaches-predicted that the trial on the holdup killing would find Hunt testify|sg against his former accomplice in crime. Banquet To Follow LaHarpe Rabbit Hunt The; twentieth annual rabbit hunt of LaHarpe business men was held yesterday. A team captained by Willis Kerr won over one headed by IE. H. Fow-ler by nearly l.Odd points. In the scoring,'rab- Sn Others Reported. The other three men have not i been heard of. Harassing methods also ha' e been-Adopted by the .N'icaraguans. one favorite- resort being to have a . trumpeter approach the Americt n lines and blow the marine call " :o arms," turning the men out from their qtiarters ready for attack. Sandino has been pictured as a . man gloi-ylng in military terqis and his'men apparently have're-: ceived aid of a nature to mdke them, more bold in their operations. Marino reports show that Sandino now has 1,000 rifles and 80,-- OdU rounds of small arms ammunition, besides a few guns of larg- . er caliber. The size of his force has never been definitely fixed, th'e estimates ranging from a hundred "or two by some American observers, to more than a thousand by bis' supporter.s. The favorite method of attack by Sandino in recent skirmishes has been to S1IOW>T tin- Americans with home-made bombs fillfid with broken glass and, wire nails. APT TESTIFIES ABOUT RUMORS lola Man On Stand in ttie Ciinimings Action For Divorce ! woe men participated. Last year, approximately 200 [were involved in the-, biint. The losing side will dine the' winning side some_ time i soon. 1^ Three Replies Received By Wells To "Possible Governor"Queries Kansas City. Jan. 6. fAP)-|-Tba Kansas political row which brought the resignation of I>cw T. Hussey bits'klnedcouht five points with ! as chairman of the Kansas public crtnv-s: counting 25 J points. Nearly ! serv-.ce commission under charges - of improper conduct, today 8till bobbjed through tbe divorce proceedings of .Mrs. Ethyl .V. Cummings. former secretary of the commission. ! Counsel for Mrs. Cummings' hus- ; band continued to bring up tho name ot Frank O'Brien Of Fort Scott, former statae senator and former member of the public senr- Ice commission, in allegations of misconduct. Her husband's cross-bill charges IVIrs. Cummings with improprieties with Mr. O'Brien. ^ Senator. F. G. Apt of lola, vice- chairman of the legislative committee which investigated th.e Hussey administration and to "which. :VTrs. Cummings i^elated that Hussey had made improper advances toward her. testified to the rumors. "Rumors flew about the capltot in Topeka and they were leading to, the public ser\ ice commission," Senator Apt testified. "You must understand that >Ir. Hussey; had. established r )i espionage system, in the commission which linked ru- jmorsj with the name of every man. Poulti^' Expert Is j.Worldng in County "•• a ; '- \ Percy i,. De Puy, extension poul- trymaii jrora Kansas State Agricultural college. Is in Allen county today aiid^will remain here through tomorrow assisting Roy Gwin county; ;igent, and county poultry- men in- i^lanning their activities for -A meejlng 'of poultrymen is being held tbij afternoon in the Chamber of (Toniqierce rooms at Memorial hall. H meeting is scheduled tonight sjf. Humboldt with several conferences planned for tomorrow Topeka, Jan. 6. (AP) — Three replies were received today by Setb G. Wells, chairman ot tbe Republican state central committee, to bis invitation. to ten other men to appear before the committee bere January 30 to tell why they should-be the Republican nominee for governor this year. Accepting the invitation. Senator Frederick G..Apt. of lola, replied: "I do not ^now whether I will be a candidate for 'governor or not" P, H. Hotter. Wichita,;collector of luteal revenue for Kansas, replied: as follows: "We i^iiank you for this courtesy, but yoi£ need leave no pla^e on the proKrain for tbe writer.. I am not ma'KIng any speeches along the ilni ^tyou indicate. I am quite satisficKl to let the other fellow make tlie speeches." ' Charlies. F. Scott, lola editor and publlsfii^. Wrote:; "I Haven't found out ye^iwhetrier I come in tbe categoif^ included in yOur invitation. *] So 1 can not give a deanit4tluic «ptance at tbis time." and "woman 'employed in the commission. There were rumora about others besides Mrs. Cummings and Mr. O'Brien." Senator Apt said he still was of an opinion (given in an interview;^ at the time Mrs; Cummings .testified as to Hu8se !y's> alleged ad- Taaceal • that hei was J'extremely sorry thdt the name of a motber had to be Ibrotight into a liirty political "row." Senator Apt was not permitted to answer a question coucernln; bis knowledge of Mrs. Cummin$B' reputation. I

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