Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 4, 1965 · Page 12
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 12

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, June 4, 1965
Page 12
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TWEIVE IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 1965. BEN CARET ByNeal Your Horoscope By Sydney Omar- Saturday, June 5 1 "The wise man controls his destiny. . .Astrology points the •Kay." ARIES (Mar. 21 - Apr. 19': Be available to special frienc! or family member. Adjustments may be necessary. Carrying on old feuds merely reflects fm- maturity. Come to terms! Then you are happier. TAURUS (Apr 20 — May 20'.: You will fail to impress i f "flashy." Accent sincerity, simplicity. Wonderful evening to be with "special person.'' Excellent for dining out. Personal magnetism shines! GEMINI (May 21 — June 201: , What you think is important to-1 day may change in value tomorrow. Means take temporary delay in stride. Don't run here, there, everywhere. Settle down. . .display maturity. CANCER (June 21 — July 22): Some factors may be beyond your control at present. Act accordingly. Time not yet ripe for direct action. Finish, polish, perfect. Leave the rushing t o others. i LEO i July 23 — Aug. 22):, Fine for purchase of special gift. If you make others happy. . .you benefit. Stay out of arguments. Count "ten" before replying to unfair statement. Stand i tall. Maintain Leo dignity. , VIRGO (Aug. 23 — Sept. 22): ' Cycle high. You may feel "put upon," but this is only t e m- porary. One in authority trusts you. But "waiting game" best for now. Good day to indulge hobbies, favorite pastime. LIBRA (Sept. 23 — Oct. 22): ; Being bull-headed now gets you ' nowhere. Key is flexibility. Utilize sense of justice. Attention to individual who recently suffered setback is indicated. ! SCORPIO (Oct. 23 — Nov. 21): Follow through on plans, proposals, ideas. You have allies in unusual places. Surprise party possible. Be amiable. Flash your smile! Friends appreciate your efforts. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 — Dec. 21): Accept added responsibility. May not appear pleasant prospect — but well worth It. Day features change, i n - tellectual challenge. Newspaper could give clue. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 — Jan. 19): You may hear from r e - latives at a distance. Do more listening than talking. Be accommodating and you are likely to get fair financial shake. Best to have quiet evening. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 — Feb. 18): Discuss differences. Don't sulk! You tend to be ultra- sensitive now. Many who desire your opinion are almost afraid 2889 BRIDGE BY JACOBY NORTH 4K7654 4 KJ632 *74 EAST 4k .T ¥964 3 4AQ104 +10865 WEST *Q VQJ1087 • 975 4>KJ92 SOOTH (D) A A 10 98 3 2 V AKS • 8 + AQ3 Both vulnerable South West North East 1 4 Pass 4 4k Pass 4 N.T. Pass 5 4 Pass 6 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead — V Q. hearts and ruff out two clubs and a heart. Q—The bidding has been: South West North E««t 14 Pass 2 V Pass 3V Pass 4 V P«s$ i You, South, hold: *KQJ2 VA104 *SI *A«S4 What do you do? A—Pass. Yon have opened the bidding and raised roar partner but he has signed oft. Tour slight extra values don't justify » further bid here. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding four hearts your partner bids four diamonds over your three hearts. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow A .<? *f. .y'ji I'M NO JUDGE,MARK, BUT IF* I'D STARTED THIS IN A BARBERS CHAIR, I'D HAVE 60TTEN A SHAVE SO X COULD FINISH 17. ITS MEANT FOR PUBLICATION. THAT'S WHATTHET AND HE CALL WAS ABOUT. WANTS ME TO M/ PUBLISHER SIGN A CONTRACT ] HAS ACCEPTED A FOR A BOOK!.. 1 SERIES OF ARTICLES A/Of OF RES-1 ON DOCTORS.A K3N9BIUTX 1 DON'T KNOW IF I \>DOU BE LEAVING ] SHOULDN'T 6RDW WV 1 TOWORROW.TrllNK | BEARD BACK AND PLAY / you CAN DECIDED IT COOL A6AIN.OR AwB/THEN? iwtfV FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Quick Quiz BABY'S FAVORITE! — Cute pet' motifs combine with baby- in-action designs to form a crib- quilt!. You'll find this fun to make and so very nice to use! Pattern No. 2889-H has hot-iron transfer for 9 motifs: color chart: quilt directions. To order, send 35c in coins to: Anne Cabot, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive Chicago, 111. 60607 For Ist-class mailing add lOc for each pattern. Print name, address with zip code, style No. and size. Send 50c now for your new '65 Spring-Summer Album! Regular features: custom collection: items to crochet, knit, stitch! to ask. Correct this situation. Learn to be gracious. PISCES (Feb. 19 — Mar. 20>: If you make minor sacrifice- major gain results. Take time to check, analyze. Your sense of ; timing of utmost importance. Express opinions. Let ot h e r s know you are aware. <t <s •& '. If today is your birthday. . . you possess wonderful degree of I intellectual curiosity. You would excel as educator. ; rt 0 ft | General tendencies: Cycle high for Virgo, Libra. Special I word to Taurus: You impress members of opposite sex, but ! don't let it go to your head! By JACOBY & SON In the first days of contract the more you bid, the more you had. Thus, the raise from one spade to four spades was a stronger bid than the raise from one spade to three spades. It also showed a very good hand, so that such bidding by partners as one spade four spades, six spades was a normal slam sequence. With the invention of forcing bids the immediate jump to game took a different meaning and showed a hand with good trump support and few high cards, where if your side could ! not make game .you felt cer: tain that you opponents could. ! All modern experts follow this ! practice today and North's jump '•• to four spades would be the | unanimous bid of any, expert i group. The bid would be a gam- I ble but a good one. North would j know that if South held a minimum opening with the right | cards the game would make ! easily. He would also know that I his opponents might make five '. clubs or five hearts against ; him so that his bid would shut j them out. • North would not expect his I partner to bid again but South's ! hand is of such nature that he | wants to try for a slam as long i as his partner has good spade I support. ! In fact South has some mild interest in seven. Hence his ! four no-trump bid to ask for ! aces. When North shows no aces, South settles for six. The slam makes easily because ; South is able to discard one of j dummy's clubs on his high Q—Which is the largest exclusively indoor theater in the world? A—New . York's Radio City Music Hall, with a seating capacity of 6,200 people. Q—What explorer was buried in the depths of the great river he had discovered? A—Hernando de Soto, discoverer of the Mississippi River. Q—Who was the last surviving signer of the U.S. Constitution? A—James Madison. Q—How long is a year on the planet Saturn? A — Saturn takes 29'/iz years to make one revolution around the sun. HERPS A BOTTLE OF PERFUME 1 HA' USED IN 20YEARS, ITS A H(^M. IT CALLED VAMP// SEEM 10 'PACK MUC PCWER..MOM.' PRISCILLA'S POP U.S. Chamber Official Will Speak at Ferris BIG RAPIDS (AP) — Walter F. Carey, chairman of the board of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, will be principal speaker June 13 at Ferris State College commencement exercises. Carey, a resident of Birmingham, Mich., is president of Automobile Carriers — Dealers Transit, Inc., of Flint. Campaign Spending Being Investigated PONTIAC (AP) — Oakland County Prosecutor S. Jerome Bronfon said Thursday that an j investigation into c a m p a i gn ! spending in Southfield's municipal election so far has exoner- i atec! Mayor S. James Clarkson. ROCKETS!! MISSIL£SB WHERE ARE WE ALL V^fi / —-^>*— o- HOW ABOUT THE B/JOU? IT DOESN'T SOLVE ANVJS =2= PROBLEMS BUT IT HELPS/ *" -X LIGHTEN 'EM! GEE, I' GLAD WE MARRIED HIM! MORTT MEEKLE By Dick Cavatt KUWAIT'S STATUS I Kuwait is a nominally independent shiekdom which, by i treaty, has irrevocably accepted ! British protection and supervi- | sion. it lies north of Iraq on the ' Persian Gulf. PiCK CAPTAIN EAST By Leslie SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox i John Paul Jones was never more than a captain in the U.S. ! Navy, but he was a rear a d i miral in the Russian Navy. BUGS BUNNY VOUf? WISH IS AT/ COMMAND, SIRE; PUT UP THIS SISN DOWN ABOUT A HUNDRED YARDS, HK3HWA.Y DEPT. CARNIVAL—By Dick Turner F ± , f , "Boy! You'd never think to look at him that his allowance •"•• smaller than mine!" • mi b, NU. IK. m I*, us. NT. TWO WEAR* AGO VOtl WERE SO X AN UNKIND ELATED ABOUT A WORLD CBJI5B SOU } PATE 6&tr WERE. TO TAKE SOON. «K.SMOU-ETT iJ MV PLANS WHAT HftPPBNEP? ^ ^f AWRV...I-IP RATHER NOT DISCUSS ITi -i-;n^'i!'< ^ WfACT,IW6NT mOMENfflMlY A LAST RE50RT; GRASPBD ATA STRAW THAr BUT i INSIST: EVER SINCE i C«N REMEMBER. WU'VE POUREP OVER TRAVEL BOOKS. DREAWEP Of THE FAR PLACES VWP SEE! VOU MUST TRY HAglPEft TO FINP hi -i • , A WW- *• OHiCUT I PIP TRY W CONWSK5N NEPHEW LEAD VOU ASTRAL! THE BORN LOSER By Art Sansom KERDRT1W6.SIR! . ACCOMPLISHED! "Chocolates, young lady? How nice . . . though I don't suppose you intend to open them here!" I Card Games Answer to Previous Puizl* IPIEIAIF ACROSS 1 Tlirec-hanU card game 5 Knave is "pam" here 8 Western gambling game 12 Concerning 13 Bitter vetch 14 Mimicker 15 bridge 17 "Volunteer Slate" (ab.) 18 Put forth, as effort 19 French card game 21 Request 23 Biblical high priest 24 Fragrant ointment 27 Exigency 30 Masculine nickname 33 Age 34 Gaelic 35 Choler 36 Bud's sibling 37 Saucy 38 Craze 3D Faucet 40 Otherwise 41 Anglo-Saxon theow 42 Miss Lillie 44 Knock 46 Cares for medically 40 Game using chips 53 Fruiting spikes 54 Game using two decks 57 Area measure 08 Poem 59 Padlock part 60 Lock openers 61 Marble 62 Fillip DOWN 1 Groom in , ivar.i 2 Scottish reformer 3 English composer 4 Collection or four 5 Meadow 6 Grampus 7 Bone (comb. • form) 8 Deadly 9 Appetizers 10 I>ease 11 Trieste wine measures 16 Rights (ab.) 20 Assign 22 Bend I ho knee 24 Arboreal home 25 Operatic .solo 26 Sound of contempt Islant;) HEJS QtiSara C3HI3E3 MHQDQa HHD OH,X S 1OU'REK)OT'_ PIQUED WITH ME?.' JOVE!—BLOOPV STICKY, THESE CHAPSl CAW'T OVERLOOK OME LITTLE MlSOJEJ ALLEY OOP By V. T. Bunlia 28 Strays 47 Contest of 29 Organic salt speed 31 Modern Persia 48 Blemish 32 Ancient Persian 50Tatar title 37 Irish fuel 41 Time periods 4H Relieves 45 Away from I prefix) 51Wagnerian lad} 52 Ribbed fabric (var.) 55 Cretan mountain PINNY, OL' BCT/.WU KNOW MDUR WAY AROUND MOO... HOW ABOUT HELPIN' ME'N'OOOLA FINP SOMETHING . HERE IN THESE WOOP6.' ^-—^ ITS A TELEVISION \ YEAH...AN' I STATION WE'RE / DON'T RECALL LOOKING FOR? y THERE EVER ONE HERE BEFORE... ...MUST BE A PRETTY RECENT DEVELOPMENT.' J e 1M5 tr MU. ht. TJt. I.J. UJ. M. 0». OUT OUR WAY— By J. R. Williams 4C> Durable wood ' !if> Novel MEWSTAPER CNTUU'USE ASSN. UlSSEN TO THIS--I FIRED FHESE TWO FELLERS AN 1 3NE WRITE6 AM'SEZ—"I 5OT A BETTER. JOB NOW I CANT TELL VOU MOW MICH I THANK. YOU FOR lOOTIKl'ME OUTA THERE.'* I TH'OTHER SeZ"»I GOT BOSS JOB NOW, SO BLAH ^H—VOU BIG STIFF.' I CANT UNDERSTAND PEOPLE.' THAT'S WHAT TH* \NO TWO ARE ALIKE .'YOU'D QIJVS WHO ARE TRYIN' TO MAKE A GARDEN OF EDEN OUT OF THE HAVE ID HAVE 3O DIFFERENT k W3RLD WILL SAY WHEN EDEKIS TO SUIT THEY OPEN UP TH' 'DIFFERENT | GATE AN 3O PEOPLE /PEOPLE KILLED IN TH' /AFTERTHEV GOT iH GETTIN'IN.' \INOKIETHEY'D LTHEY'LL S&Y, »I CAN'T UHINKTH'OTHER UNPERSTAWONSUY WAS INTW OUR BOARDING HOUSE—with Major Hoople AW.'SHUCK'ii, MA3OR, MK. KNOWS AMY OL" THAT MAKES YOU A GREAT 30LKSJAU6T.' YOU'Rfc ABSOLUTeLY RISHT TO THAT KOCKY Pf?OVE HIMSELF THAT'^ WHY! gfTOUSHT ALON6THI6 -SHEET OF METAL.' KOCI<iY IS THe OMLY. HflN ALNE WHO CAN DEMT IT WITH DON'T WANT T06EETH6 KID HURT HAND THAT6 AN INCH •WICK' HIS BARE FIST LEA5T ' THEY'VE IMPRESSED HIM

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