Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 5, 1928 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1928
Page 8
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•V Athtetics Wil Better Thajn in Late Years MAKE' TWO KSOON Have Clnb Play TRADES THE TOLA DAILt REGISTER. THUBSDAY EVENING. JANUARY 5.1928. ~H~'t in. ••- )Rob Wingate Holds First an Golf Play St. Augustine, Fla., Jan. r,. fAPl! BoTj-Wngatej of Jacksomillc holding medalist honors In the qualifying rounds of the national cham- VALLEY DURINGWEEK liioflshlp golf tournament of ama- r ^I^anipion JavKawkerS to teur cliib champions, led the wayp^v""»H»"" See Action Friday At Lawrence! for the field today in the regular play. ! Wingatf. in spite of a high wind, t 39 ^5 esterday ^0 win first place by SCHEDULE IS HEAVY one stroke from" R. C.: Garretson, F Fielding and The Amerilcan Club Is Better IM* u.' ^wV.«hland. Ohio.- who had 78. mcning 0I{ The toumaincnt is for the $1.Q00; Wa'ter J. Travis nifimorial trophv. | Notfr ^ThlH is ihe third of a peries of stories on the 1928 jirospects of majo - league clubs. PhUadelphia, JaiJ. 5. {At>)—Connie ^ack. veteran leader of tho i made great strides Ing its'team. Tho Albletlcn. who flnlched in herond plaoc last NPI son, made two trade* bringing ^ Ou|LflcIderH lilng : Basketball Squads To Be NEW YORK BOY IS LEADER IN In Action Until March 10 Kan.siis City. Jan. (AP)— FIRST JPHOTO OF PITT-STANFORD GAME Here's a remarkable photograph of the gcosattonBl Pittsburgh-Stanford game at Pasadena on Jan. 2, won l .v Jhc Cardinais 7-6. Our photo showtf Doh Hill, Stanford substitute halfback, carrying the .ball towards the I'itisburgh goa\ in the drive that eventually scoredi a touchdown for Stanford in the third quarter of the g.ini<-. .Vote the sprawled plavers op tlieground,, with Hill right at the line of scrimmage. Pittsburgh, doped • coach his-first Tournament of Roses vic- ' moved up for the first of a series 'of games on the schedule destine;! , r* Af I? TAIID1FI7 V ''° t^ams busy until AthiAics, is one manager who had llULr IUUKIIIJI I^'"'"'''' 'O- resolved, the New York Yankees) i TonlghtV two -game slate found o' — Oklahoma facing Iowa State at vont make a runaway of an^lh^r. f„„VI ,j5l ,ank Artnnur and A"'*"" ^vhil- tho Oklahoma .\gsics American league pe mant race next | ^"Jf^KSnanK, ArmOUr anOI^.^^^. season. j pinillj 1 railing in jcity. THP Oklalioma-Iowa .series Mack, hcglnnlng tke 28th year of, Preliminary jcnnliMiiPs tomorrow night with the, >.«. ..^1 „„ „„„oJ.- <i ».i i • • iSDoner.x mnptltig (irinnell while th» bis reign as manager of th^ Ath- _ 1 .XgKlrs take on Drnke. Satt.rday. letlcs. sees a tigl tar An^er can j _ Los AngeleH. J AIM-, Oklahoma engages Drake while the league race in 192! and tigltres 1 ^"".>"'f"l ^Ml'iam Hurko of . New, y^p,„„ p|.,j. lowa State, i every club. Includlnf his own. has f'n^l'y golfiuK' play., Iowa stiii<' furniHhes an oppoii- ratiked t.Mlay with Piuh f)ig guns of:«.'" untosi'd strength as the Iliiku game as Tommy "Wee" noJ>by Crulc .kHliank, .Mat-Donald Smith 'aft a favorite In ! Southern Missouri Valley confer-! to win, was outpayed by Pop Warner'^ eleven to gfve the crafty I eiuc iKVketha^l squads today I fory In ihrcn irial.s. ; , • ' ia strengthen-' the JlO.ntMj Ixw .Angeles open toiir- Mlller back'to Philadelphia and.?"'?'^"'- tomorrow at ih.- adding Ossle OrwiJI, Milwaukee llajib, without apparently detracting from; their strcn tth. Not only does Msek believe the Athletics will ))e stronfier from a playing standpoint next season, but he figures Wa.shingt m, with young pitchers and stronj er ihan over, as one of the most di ogerous teams in the circuit,. Alsd, iie has con-i stderable respect fo r the pitching, prowe-ss of the Chicigo White Sox. WTth a slightly r* modeled baseball machine, the Atiletics will enter the 192S American league pennant race with thei • hopes wrapped up in youth. Jo 5 Hauser, back :from Kansas City, irill plug un a big gap at first base and Miller, traded to St. Louis in June, 1926; , and recently. hroui rht back in a irade for pitcher 4&m Graj-, wl 1 be In left field." Most of Mack's veterans, includ- thi! ^rmi.iir Ames (luiiilct did not enter the pro! I iKilldny <'xi-h;inn»' between nine i>f ami ,1,,. Valloy sipiails. In that si rles. f»IU;iIioma beat firlniiell iin-l Drukf hy ttldo riiJirKiu* while the Okla- hnm .T Afc'gles defeated Drake and lo^•l to (Jrinnfr.; Tlip champlfjii' Kansas Juyliawk- WHshlre country club here. In .'16 holes of preliiitliiary plav, ,„ „. , , yesterday to fill KC places in the. i m-et at Law- starting fie-d.of 12S m tho tourna-- t'> complete to.m.rrott-s thrc" ment propw, the vouthful profes-1K-"""*" The Hears, will visit Lawrence with the added prestige" of having.trimmed Nebraska 28 to 27 In their initial apjjearance. S^ilr! ^as Aggies.' Tl,ip Hoars .jninp io slonal clipped seven strokes from par on one of the trickiest cour.'es in this section, and topped tho contesting field with a brilli.inl < ard <f 13". Twent.y-fivo pl.nyors wn'o •x- cnipt/from .<he (inalifying play. iioM over' six courses, because of their showing In year's r>os Ang- - ,, , ,,, elea o'pcn and the recent national!?/ Lincoln. Tho Tigers, like the open. , • Hears.; trounced the rornhusker.s • Burke's glosest-rival was Horton Smith of Kan.«as City, who turned • in an aggregate of HO. while Jack COLLEGE READY i FORCOFE. IN BATTLE FRIDAY Stockebrahd Crew Ends Practice Sessions ' For Clash Coach Ira Stockebrand sent his men through their last scrimmage last njtfht for Friday night's game against the College of JCmporIa re- servos. Hubbard, guard, is out for two weeks or j?o whiph leaves Coach Stpckc'brand a problem In filling that position. Hulihard will prohr ably be back In the lineup for the nle 'liVV «wke7rfc \Tberor7"thV 'i?a^^^^^ [ Independence junior ...llcge game Satnrd.-iv to try out the Knnsas .Ag­ gies while .Missouri plriys Nebraska a w^ek from today whldh is the Manhattan I first'junior coKege conference basketball game this year for lola. Coach Stockebrand has been trying Kemp.':Isaac and Fronkjout for Paulino Plans to Do His Own Fight Planning New yot^, Jan. ."i. (APi—Paulino Uzcndun,, the "bnttUng baisque." ia going to do Ills own heavyweight I eliminating. I t'ollowing Jack Doluncy's cxam- ! pie. Paulino has broken from the rahks of the flock of heavyweights Tox Rickard has been juggling around In his effort to find a "logical contender" for Gene Titnncy'« crown. Announcing Paulino's decision, Al M.i.ver, who heads the.basque's bopd of strategy.^ said Paulino would meet George Godfrey, the latest so-called "'black menace," In 1 bout at Lo8 Angeles next month. \Vhlle contractu have, not been signed, the terms have been agreed upon, .Mayer said, and there remains now only to fi.x a; deflnite date. The promoters; have xettled upon February 11, Slayer aaid, but he prefers. February 21. HIGH BOYS OFF FOR PARSONS TO PUY TILT SOON First League~Game Will Be Played There Tomorrow Jkke Schaefer And Cochran to Play for Title New York. Jan. 5. (AP)i-Jake Schaefer, 1S.2 • balkliue KlMard champion, and AVelker Cwrhran. Avhb 'm Schaefer dethroned. ! have sieiJted -articles for a 3.60(3-point matx:h at IS.i balklinc. ; The match will be played: in 12 blotfits of :!(J0 points each with the opeping bl^ck" next Mondayl Tlie present l.S.i balkline Utleholdor is •Willie Hoppe. . ' When they invaded this end of the forward positions, with Burger. circuit in Deconiber Virtually all the siiuuds enter tho Tarrant of Ix )s .Wles. showed '"ns R'^'^'^ "'""""'l third, wi'h Wl. Arnold Stafz. base-! ^•••T''*"''- />Ji>".l'"n'a •« .powerful ball player, showed that he-also f'=""iiK machme is comprised mos- i« proficient as a golfer with 143^ >' "^^^ srid- strokes for the 36 hole.s. to rank|^» fall, with among the first ten. The field f?"?'"';!"", prior to the play Kesterday nuro-:^.^"?'« ^""^ ^""'^ P"' isltions. Drake forwards. Roy anl ^igZack-WTTeat. BaW'Doll Jacob-' ber^d in the neighborhood of .300.1 ^ is assured fnr , Many of those who wece exempt "VL,'. " "••""'i i> .I^MHI'I • i from yestenlay's rounds planned to /^ns /rulay when son. Ty Cobb and Chick Gallaway,; have been discardea. .Much of the Atlilet future depends onj the Hauser at first hfise, first sacker until Ihe right knee citp In '2.'i. Hauser has spent the past two years regaining ufje of the damaged knee. Th^ Athletics' spiling line-up will who has played forward; previously shifted to center. If Lee had had the experience, he might be used for ccntei;. However, ' Burger, tiibugh not able to get the tip quite as often, duo to size, is much better on floorwork and shooting. Leo, with more cxiierience^ thould manage to r^ain this position, novertholess, as ' Burger . proved himself to be a very good forward last year whon he ranked second (By tlje Associated Press"* Cleveland—Joe Click, Brooklyn, defeated Johnny Farr. Cleveland (lO). ' Jack Britton and LlOyd Hughes, Cleveland, ordered out of ring fby referee (5). WlUit Davie, Cbarleroi, Pa., won from Phil Goldstein. Cleveland (6). LQUGHRAN WILL OEFEND CROWN IN BIG BATTLE Meets Leo Lomski for 15 Itounds in New York Friday Night New York, Jan. .">. rAI'i—Lti.s.-; than a month since he cliiichoil his i right to the crown. Tommy Uiugli- I ran of Philadelphia will-bo called iupon tomorrow night to defond his light-heavyweight title against the damaging fists of Loo Lomski, of I Aberdeen. Wasli.. in'a I'.-round bout at Madl.son Square Garden. The 'titlo shot"! climaxes x sen- All of the men now on the jhlgh; .sat.lonal climb to first-rank rating TUNNEYWILL IFIGHT HEAVY BAHLE SOON At Least Chicago Paper Hands Out That Idea !4» AGREEiMENT MADE Fight To Be Held on Eve Of the Democratic Convention dfcnt of [1 a poi ion: K<i- of the school squad will Jic ablo fo suit up for one of the two gam^s which the high school plays FridJiy night. i.Thc first eiglit or. nine will go to Parsons for the first conference hy Lomskf who.foj vicious boiiy- punqhing has won most ofi his fights for him. Loughran pits Ms ,i>oxing skill agalhst the cojist (ionfendor's slugging" ability anil most >>t the ox- game of the season while the rest Perts have estalJished him the fav- Will play In the .preliminary to the lola junior college'game here. Got ch Smith will take nine men orite;-. So have the bettors at 7 to '>, here and at '2 to 1 in I'hiladelphia. the (ihampiun's home town. . „i . _ . T> T...JK Loughran won undisputed recos- to- P4"pns to .meet Parsons hij^h • ^^^^^^ champion when he defeat- wth Jh ^nt'^wll-^Tlt •'*""ny Slattery. of Bnffalb. in High School leagues first baskot-,a ^.j^^^ i,^^^ j^^^ ^ ^ ban jame • In the last three games; gj^,,^ , time, had been betw,cn Parsons and lola. Parsons, ^^.o^^i^^,, j,,^ ,i,ieholder i.y the lias.\fon. I 'Vational Boxing a.ssociatio.n = ^Coqch Smith is up against much . ^ tlie Jsame problem iu basketball! n T;I ; i>„i. p that ho was in football, aud |that is Act |On OU 1^ arm Relief building practically an entirdly new gy March 1, Expected team. Donaldson W the only let- " • termdn. O. McGuire and Round; Washington, Jan. (AP.-Hopc both were first squad reserves last i fi„a, a,.,i„n „„ revised year jand are on the first string; vary-Haugen bill bv .March 1. wa .=5 this year. Coach Smith wiir.pick ^ ^.^,,^^55^,, ^..^ne senate todav hy the rest of hts men from the re- (,,,j,trt„^n .Mc.Nary. of the a^-ricul- mamiug fourteen men now out. , ^,,^5 committee. „ I • ~. T"* , 'TIv- agriculture iommittec will Th<t ancient Romans made of' Chica^'o. Jan. 5. (AP)—The Chicago Herald and Examiner in .a copyri.eiited news-story today said that definite plana are being fpr- muiafod for Gene Tunncy to iii- fond his hoavyweight championship here Fometimc in Juiie. .•\nton J. Cermak. presli tho Conk county board anti sonal friend of the champli w .Tr (l J. Keil.v. president! .Soiiih I'.irk board controlling So!- •li.r Hold w'hero the fight would bo hold: ;i.iid Michael J. Igoo. a momboi- OL" tho South Park bonnl. liavo b^oti working out arrang'*- nn.'nts for tho fitht for more thpn a mnntli. tho Herah! and Exainin' p said. .! Tunnoy \v;i-; iind'-rslood to.huvi- tentativi-ly iicrood to meet the b 'M opponent uvaihtblo under Cermak'.s • direction. Tho two conferred I isi month TV -lion the champion att.nd^ od a Christmas cliarity bamiuot here. The newspaper explained that, thn proposed bout would he ,held in conjunction with the Democratic- national convention, .should it lio held here. George E. Brennan. national committeeman, will go to \Vashincton. according-to' Cermak, prepared to offer the »bout as ;tn inducement to the convention makers. * • Arrangements provide for' holding the fight on the eve of the convention. Regardles.s of tie convention, however, the fight, if closed, would '• be lield -at Soldier field in .Tune. New Locatloiu IDS E. Madison. First . Door East of Bnnvns Dmg Store. ' Phone ,170 .Vow jVear's day Detroit—^Joe Rider. Brooklyn, do- 1 with 'sacrificon nans made of 1 j.,^.„ ^y^^ j,^. F>ei,r,iaiv 1." ho general holiday. : jnf„r„„.,i tiio senate. -If should be Janus of the Meyers of Drake and Wright of tho ».» Kansas junior college ion-i fe..jted Clarjence Rosen, Detroit tl).! Two Kaccs. and gifts and visit.s. indh-i- has been far. the Kpring of i shank'- *'1>° ^j''! defend tho I,os Angeles openi title: Mri< Dimalil Smith, Now jYork stylist', who swept homo iii front of the Palos Vefdes field last Sun<lay: "Llght- *e Hauser, first baie: Bishop, sec-; hwse" Harry Cooper, and tiie iiot- ond baae; Jack S>ley. Bhortstop.:Millie Hunter, wearing for-tlio end Samihy llalp. tJiIiii base. Their r ''«"^<"»'l aucces8lv .c year the tali- ! JEDDO (Mrs. j. SirnidiarLt j Jan. .••..— Mrs. J. W. Thomas. Dale and Glonn spent tho holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Williams al Westphalia. , Mr. and .Mrs. H. Hi (lomnns, Da- pverape age is nnb" 28-vears and jPP*" crpwit vid. (Juy. Harold and Glor qtent they hare pla.ved together long! Eighteen holes oC pliiy will get Wulnosday evening at tho II. (lusa jenoogh to become I machine j the tournament under way ron^or-1 home. --Al'BIinmons. the brilliant voung'ro'^' "ame numlior will ho. Anna Klotzbach spent The- day biitflelder and set satlonal hitter, i P'^^'^'l Saturday, with the nc hole r.nd Friday at the Will .Klot/.b.ich will cavort In t»nler. Miller win | PUampIonshlp flight scheduled for:i,on.e. Iie'ln left, but righi flrid is a toss- Sunday. up between BeVo M.*ibourveau, , ... , . , -bought from Tolelo and Walter -"^ village inn hollovod to bo theiboldt spent Now "iear's day at the French, former Annv sur i oldest in Kugland is operating un-|A. W. Thompson home. - the experienced catching staff * license dating from 1397. I Harvey Clemens left Monday for comprises Mickey Cochrane, Cy Perkins and .ilmmf Pnxx, who has .liist turned 20 ;'bu ha«' been with I the Athletics tiircp years. The pitching piToblem has boon r Mr. and .Mrs. Wadby and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harding of Hum- ference. in point.t scored. The main game tomorrow uigBt will start at S o'clock with the prc- liniiiiary. ^botwoen |he lola high school reserves and the lola junior high team starting at 7. enacted hy Mrfrch 1. and 1 hope it will tie signed by tho president." . Chanuto where he has employment at the Palace garage. Agiios Thompson spent several days of last week at the C. Jones home on Big Creek. Krank Klotzbach of Kansas City spent New Years day with home folks. , ? Mr. and .Mrs. Wrna Huss have moved to Humboldt t<i make their home. Sunday visitors at tiio Sirubhart home wore; Harvey. David. Guy and Harold Clomens. -Vi-rna Htiss. James Huss, Kalhryn. .Will. Frank and Martin Klotzbach. 'somewhat relieved of Ossle Orwoll, Milwaukee's com- tdnatlon southpaw fiejder." .Toe Bush.l by the purchase htirler and out- | a veteran of five ' miijor Icaguc'clubB, bas been taken 1 on; "The slihgers are the veterans .Tack Quihn. Howard Ehmke and rvilwln Rommel, right handerR, and Riibe Walberg and I>efty Grove. »)nthpaws, as well as a flock of -youngsters. 18 ih inigztf gihmig26 lola Junior High Has Good Cage Prospects Coach- Vernon . VanCamp of I 'he local Junior high school Is feeling very good these days over the pros- VectB for a winning 'baskttball team for this season and plans to try and get his men off to a good start tomorrow night -at seven o 'clock against the lola high schoo] reserves in the preliminaiV to the lola junior college-C. of E. reservotf game. ! -. There are i^ow three former bas-i ketball lettermen in school including Jotias Sk{nnt>r, captain and guard In the 192i7 season. Howard Sharpe and Hari|y Thompson, forward and guard respectively last veaF. Oscar Drlggs and 'Wlllard ' Trotreboid, though not' lettermen. will be expected to do a good deal this year having starred on the reserves last year. With the starting of the Junior high;school league haskebball season Coach YanCamp -will start a recond team but until that time ho will k^p his cnt re squad out making a good deal of rivalry for the various pojiitlon."!. Chanute Ciiy Quintet In Easy Win Over lola —' In avg.-ime which was very noticeable for its ship, and drew jet brought to balL^ame this team met defeat The Ida team good sportsman- tbe biggest crowd a. Chanute basket.•ear, the lola <lty 46 to 9. was handicapped '111 several ways. one. of the most Important being that it had only five men and was unable to mtUce »?ubstlfutions. . I Todd and Nenjune were the high TiolBters for Chhnirte, with Baker Fcorlng the most of an>- lola man wIUi two field gjiauj. The Chanuto lingj smoothly and Id f-ell to hold Its to the number II team was worl^ the loia toam d opopnents' .'"core did. , The next ganle i.s against Fort Scott and will b^ daf f.i."ht. '.Tantinry 10. plare'd next Tues- N«w Cfttytirr 'il-'-Six bo<l,$tyleM frietd fnm $725 to M7S. Great N«» Ckrjnicr "62"-S(«cii Vml* FeurtMii ciiaem bodyityUM prietd >om«2795lo<6795. AU>Hen /. p. b. D(tr4ii. nAlta to Mrrttu FfiUTaie*ti$etaM.ChrytUT italtn mti in tetjtion ea «nciKi Ou - zonvrtdtvbt of urn* paymtnu. Atk ' •bntu ChtytUr't attraaive ^lan. Ml Chrtdcr can have the iddl- > lioaal prokectloa acaioat theft of Iba Fedc.o|STMcm of nubibarinc. Ross Chryiler— third iti volume of tales for 1928; third accordii^ to tale* records of the National Automobile Chamber of Cotmnercc. J In 42 monthf ChiTiler, due to iplen- did publiceadorfementof in products from their very tntroductioiif hai come from 27th to 3rd place, i Of the 43 motor car manufacturen in the N. A. A. C. all but two, far longer ettablithed, have been outsold by Chrysler. The orderof precedence isdetermined by the dollar volume of sales in the .twelve • month ended July 1st pre. ceding th^ National Show. In the forty.two months since the introduction of CHryaler the public hai purchased more than eight htni' dred and fUty millions of dollars' ($850,000^) wofA of Chrysler motorcars. No other make of car has ever tec. orded such phenomenally rapid prosrcss,, V There can be no mor^ impressive public endorsement of Chrysler per* fermance, Chrysler long life, Chry. tier quality, Chiysler value, supplied in four great price fields by Chiysler's four great cars—the New "52," the Great New "62," the Jllusfrious New "72" and the New 112 b.p. Imperial "80"—America's most powerfbl ino. tor car. LER E VEN the. impressive array of new features given herewith cannot convey the'extent to which the New Series Pontiac Six surpasses all previous attainments in the >field rof low'priced sixes. Aft^r enjoyinig a spectacubrly.suc' cesi^fiil career,' Pontiac Six now bids for ieven greater success with a car greater in every way. Emphasizing the importance of this annpimcement are two entirely new'and additional body t >'pes: the Foui"door Sedan; and the Sport Landau Sedan, a closc'coupled, swagger CTjeation, exemplifying the highest ar)t of Fisher closed body craftsmanship. Come in and see this history>inaking line of Sixes, available in six body types. 2.DOOR SEDAN Phone 56 222 South Street A» aritlMlMlailaU UK*/ Hmmy—Hmimalm,. mrm*' ««, itirtW aiOTt—>•« «w n» M>c niKit Hither, mm- rMwr rarflaaar—iwc ^tm <Mrim,hi*ntiU htigkt. AM • Tcairft ofrntdt ^itwrcaam linflas btmuty mj lime, thm- Read This Partial List of ^dded Features miU Itmirri »f tko ytmr. NEW nSHEE BODIES NEWFENDEBS NEW FOUR-WHEEL BRAKES NEW GMR CYLINDER HEAD NEWFUELPUMP NEWCRANKCASE VENTILATION N^CARBURCTOR NEW MANIFOLDS ANDMUFFLERi NEW AND GREATER POWER NEWCROSS-FLOW RADIATOR NEW THERMOSTAT NEW WATER PUMP NEW INSTRUMENT PANEL NEW COlNClDE^a•AL •LOCK NEW DASH GASOLINE GAUGE . NEW SrOP LIGHT NEWCLUTCH NEWi STEERING GEAR NEW FRAME NEW AXLES NEW WHEELS (At Factory) COUPE SPORT ROADSTER SPOJRT CABRIOLET 4.DOOR SEDAN • ' SPORT LANDAU SEDAN . HOBART M^OR 210^^12 N. WASHlNGTOil 'PHONE 965 :< 1 1 ;

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