The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 11, 1958 · Page 27
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 27

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1958
Page 27
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AUTOMOTtVE-.12 CABS, TRUCKS, BUSES -uit M7 FORD 1 TON PICKUP New motor* Runt fine for the m«n who can recognize * good tmtk. Midway Car Sales 910 W Oakland LARRY "Thrifty Auto Comer" Stop At The Little Red House! '57 CADILLAC Coupe DeVitle. Immaculate one owo«r c»f. 16,000 actual miles. $3795 '55 CHEVROLET "210" 4 dr. sedan. Radio, heater, standard shift. $1095 '49 BUICK Convertible • Rum good $100 St. Paul & Water HE 3-9169 MARKET Thursday, tie*, il, 195S The following prices were paid at Austin. Btrrnwi k&d UUts trading 160-170' 170-180 180-ISO NO. 1 No, J 14.25 1525 16 2ft .......;.i765 ...w'a». i....174ft;. NO. I 17.85 „.. r...17.40....11.00.. ;18.85 .16.85 .16.60 .16.35 .16.10 .15,8' .19.90 LOOK OUT Don't buy one of these unless you want a good deal . . .• '59 Rambler 4 Dr. 6 cyl. Overdrive 2,500 ictuil miles Guaranteed Perfect '56 Ford Victoria The finest to be had '55 Pontiac 2 Dr. Beauty at its utmost '55 Chrys. 4 Dr. The molt lavish ot them all '55 Buick Spec. Hardtop Has slight scratch on finish — will discount $300 MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MORE!!! You Name It — We Got It Midway Car Sales 910 W. Oakland "Look For The Elevated White Ctt — The Only High Car On Out Lot" 200-220 250-230 230-2-!0 240-250 18.SO.... 18.50. 250-286 10.6)....16.25. 260-870 18.40,,..18.00. 270-280 ., 1«,1».... 15.75.... 18.35 J80-2ro 290-300 18.88.... 15.25.... 14,88 All butehari weighing <mr 30Q lt» ire priced tht ia.m» «* snw« of tht iam« wgt oi»Mflie«Mnn PACKING SOWS (.trading (to i N" 2 Nn S 270-300 18.84... .18.25.... 14.85 300-330 ...18.40....18 00....14.00 MO-MO 15.U....14.75.... 14,38 360-«00 14.M....14.80....14.10 400-450 14X0... j.N.00.... 13.80 450-500 ....!lf>0....18.50....13 10 WO-550 13.40....13.00..,.12/0 550-up , 12.90,... 12.80.... 12.10 STA08 9tft«a under ^00 6.50 Stags 400-800 8.7S Stags over eOO , 7.75 underfinlshed cull or filled flow u*t b* discounted tecnrdlngiy. All Hog* art nubjeot trt gnwnmem in meotton. 1918 SPRING LAMB MA" ST Prime 19.00 Oholca 17.00-18.00 Oood 15.00-18.00 Medium 10.50-14.50 Common 9.50down AH buck Iambi dhcnuntpri Hi ptt iimdrert wetfcht b? vrtde L»mh* nv«t 100 pound* dUcnunUd lOo per ewt wr nound. Old crop inmhs at market value. VEAL MARKET Veal calves of all weight* and class's purchased Oholee 180-230 2950-3100 Oood 180-230 28.50-28.00 Standard 24 50-28.00 Utility 180-230 lb« 22.00-23.00 Oholoe heavy 2'0-300 Iba. ..27.00-28.00 Good heavy 240-300 lbs. ..25.00-2fi.00 Oulla all weight 9.00-18.00 All calve* over 300 lbs. discounter 3 OWT Vtal oaltM will be accepted at Aui- tin until 9:30 a.m. Friday No marke m 8«turdav CATTLE MARKET 0 S Prim* steer* St yearling* 27.25-29.00 0 s 'Thnlce ste«r* it vear- lings 25.35-27.50 0 8 oood «teers & vear- lings 23.50-28.00 0 s standard ve«r* it yearlings 2155-23.75 All belters 23 o«nt« to 50 cent* OWT under steer price*. All steer* ove 1.050 Iba. and heifer* over 950 lbs. ar „ according to weight. u. S. Commercinl Cow* ..17.00-I9.5< U. 8, Utility Oows 18.00- 17.5C Gutter 15.50-17.25 CnnnM-s 14.00-18.0< Put Bulls 1750-21.5 Sausage Bull* ..18.50-235 Lt, Wt. Thin Bulls 14.00-18.0C AUSTIN UK/UN MARKET Soybeans , $2.0 Oats Corn SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP — (USDA) I Cattle 4,000; calve 1,500; demand continues brisk fo slaughter steers 1150 lbs down am all heifers at fully steady prices steers over 1150 lbs about steady cows and bulls unchanged; loa mostly prime 1143 Ib slaughte steers 28.00; good and choic steers 1150 lbs down 26.00-27.00 several loads average to hl§ choice 1200-1250 lbs 26.00 - 27.00 high choice and prime 993 Ib heifers 27.50 with several loads average to high choice 26.75-27.00; good and choice heifers 25.80-26.50; util- CURTIS Avenue of Beautiful Cars Hi-Way 218 N.-HE 7-4508 Austin Area i Servicemen Pvt. Robert E. Edwards, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Edwards, 705 N. Division, was named enlisted aide for a day to the commander of the 1st Division's 18th Infantry at Ford Riley, Kan. A radio-telephone operator in the IBth'g Co. D, be was selected for his soldierly appearance, knowledge of duties and military courtesy. The 17-year-old soldier entered the Army last August and completed basic combat training at Fort Riley. He is a 1958 graduate of Austin High Schoool. Marquess Has 2 Divorces; 'Not Enough' LONDON (AP) - A BrHlili di- arc* judge told the Marquess of Mllfofd ttaven today that he may divorced in New York and lexico, but he is still married to tl American wife in Britain. th« 39-year-old marquess, best man at tha wedding of his cousin, Prince Philip, to Queen Elizabeth I, sought a ruling that his wife's Mexican divorce was also valid in England because New York State ecognlzes it. Britain recognizes York divorces, but not Mexi- an quickies. The marchioness, American dl- orcee Romaine Pierce Simpson, went to BraVos, Mexico, and filed or divorce on May 21/1954. She ot her decree on the grounds of ncompatability the next day. She nd the marquess had been mar- ied in Washington, Feb. 4, 1950. The marquess originally asked o be declared a free man In Brit- in when his name was linked with Hungarian movie star Eva Bartok. Friends indicated he wanted to clear up his marita tatus in order to marry Miss Jartok. But seven weeks ago Miss Bartok found herself a new joy friend—Indian Prince Shlv of Palitana. Lord Advises Winona to Fill Court Vacancy ST. PAUL (AP) - If a vacancy n the post of municipal judge fo Winona is not filled before th April 1959 election, a judge shouli }e elected at that time for a six year term, Atty. Gen. Miles Lor said today. He answered questions asked b; Harold S. Streator, Winona cit attorney who said the present mu nicipal judge has been elected pro bate judge and will take office January. The attorney general said tha if Gov. Freeman fills the vacanc by appointment before the April election, his appointee must serve at least a year, that is until the next general more than a pointment. In another opinion, to Robert C. Tuveson, Albert Lea city attorney, SAYS DAWSON Economy Is Fine Goal, but Odds Could Be too Great AUSTIN (Minn.) HEUAID A* Thursday, D*C, ft, 1931 iff By 8AM DAWSON AP BtulneM Newi Analyst NSW YORK (AP)-Th« gle to mold a new federal budget in the shape of economy look as frustrttlng to many in Wall Street today as it looks difficult to the fiscal experts in Washington. Economy is a fine goal but the odds are stacked against it, many believe. And this discouragement, or cynicism, makes them feel that the current letup in inflationary pressures will last only a few more months at best. Expects Price Rise The bulls in Wall Street seem sure of it. Consumer surveys indicate that the public expects another rise in prices, too. Treasury deficits are only one of the inflationary pressures thai from time to time send the cosl of living higher. Among others are the wage-price spiral that pushes the higher; or cost credit of production Inflation that NAVY FIRES REGULUS II FROM SHIP — A Regulus II guided missile blasts from a ship in the Pacific Missile Range, off Point Mugu, Calif., headed for an inland target where it landed 15 minutes later. The firing yesterday was from the USS King County, which was converted from a World War II tank landing ship to duplicate the launching system of the USS Halibut, a nuclear-powered missile submarine to be launched next month at Vallejo, Calif. (AP Wirephoto) comes whent he rate of new in vestment exceeds the rate of capital formation through savings; or too little capacity to produce goods when demand is high. The last two aren't operating just now. But the first two are And many see continuing dange, from them after the condition now putting a brake on the rise in living costs lose their force. Containing Inflation Serious at this fiscal year* prospective Treasury deficit of 1 billion dollars is, bankers fee hat the money managers so far re tackling the problem of con- alning ita inflationary aspect* wi" considerable success. But the real misgivings — fie* ordlng to the Guaranty Trust Co. New York in its December urvey today — "arise from the act that this deficit is sympto* matid of a rising tide of expend!- ure over which no one seems to have any real control." Many continuing programs that nvolve spending for years to come scuttle most economy drives n Congress. The bank lists some of them: the defense program, highway program, housing goals, social security, farm subsidies, foreign aid, veterans' payments. Expand Program Most of these have advocates, the bank notes, who "no doubt sincerely believe that, however desirable governmental economy may be as a general practice, their' own program is so worthy that it would not only be con tinued but expanded." What basically causes distrust of the dollar, the bank holds, "is the growing fear of deficit financ ing as a way of life," There are those who argue that the bank's view is too "pessimistic They contend that governmen spending also can have antl-infla tionary aspects. Stimulates Economy This' theory is that such spend ing stimulates the economy, causes incomes and profits to rise anc thus helps the Treasury pare defi it», inspires businessmen them elves to spend more, thus in resting productivity and holding own prices, and boosts consum r spirits so that they buy more ind thus create Jobs. Most bankers reject this argu ment as just one of kidding your- elf. They hold that any inflation of the currency and credit through Treasury or central banking pol- cles, any increase in wages faster than an increase in productive ty must in time end the present ull and send the cost of living soaring again. As for the central banking sys- tern's stniffU to Offset deficits, the Guaranty trait ttjri: the Federal Reserve 6M wldNt credit restraint op to i point, but In the final analysis it ottinOt sat! the nation from tht ptnalltfti of its economic transgressions." Columbia University's schooner Vema IB now on a 10-: month scientific cruise down the west coast of South America, the scientists are investigating report* there is a gigantic "sea monster". in the region. ZRUCKY Rtfrifpration Strvtct HE 3*3607 AIR.CONDITIONINO Tbt (jtorge PUTNAM FUND »/ iBettott "A BALANCED FUND" THE PUTNAM GROWTH FUND Emphasizing poniibta loag-Mtm Capital Grow* Mult amfttn for Prtt Prtspecpint 1st. National Bank Bldg. AUSTIN Pleat send Prtt Protpectoi if O Tit Geergt Putnam fund WRIGHT WILLS & CO. Brldgi St. HE J-30J0 Q The P*tn*m Grvwtk tmul Nam*. Address. Church Budget Over the Top GRAND MEADOW, Minn. — The first Every Member Canvass held in the Methodist Church was Man, Crippled by Other Fire, Dies in Blaze PERTH AMBOY, N. J. (AP) Henry Merrison, 73, (crippled by a success, Carl the attorney general said no incompatibility or conflict of interest would arise from the fact that ity and commercial cows 17.00- | one member of a law partnership election occurring I chairman, reported. year after his ap-' The congregation over-subscrib- d its $5,267 budget with some esidential calls to be completed nd most of the non-resident gifts 19.00; commercial and good bulls 21.50-23.00; cutter and utility 21.5023.50; vealers and slaughter calves steady; good and choice vealers 27.00-31.00; high choice and prime 32.00 - 36.00; good and choice slaughter calves 23.00-27.00; stackers and feeder classes scarce and steady; good 700 Ib stock steers 27.00; good 845 Ib feeder steers 25.50. Hogs 12,000; moderately active; barrows and gilts 25 lower than Wednesday's average; sows 50 lower; 1, 2 and 3 190-240 Ib barrows and gilts 17.25-17.75; 2 and 3 240-300 Ib hogs 15.75-17.25; 1, 2 and S 180-190 Ibs 16.75-17.75; 1, 2 and 3 sows 270-400 Ibs 14.00-15.50; 2 and 3 400-600 Ib sows 12.50-14.25; feeder pigs weak to SO lower; good and choice 16.50-17.00. Sheep 3,000; wooled slaughter, and shorn slaughter lambs all as elected state senator and the other municipal judge. More than and go each NEW Stocks: Abbott L Allied Ch Allied Sirs Allis Chal Amerada Am Can Am Mtrs AT&T Anac Co Armco Stl Armour Beth Steel Boeing Air Case J I Celanese Ches & O CMSPP Chi & NW Chrysler Cities Svc Comw Ed Cons Ed Cont Can Cont Oil Deere Douglas Dow Chem duPont * East Kod Firestone Ford Mtr Gen Elec weights steady to 50 lower; slaughter ewes and feeder lambs unchanged; good and choice, wooled slaughter lambs 19.00-20.00 around 100 head choice and prime 20.50; load mostly choice 104 Ib 60,000 people come No. 1 and fall shorn pelts 18.50; ' ' good and choice 112 Ib wooled lambs also at 18.50; cull to choice slaughter ewes 5.00-7.50; good and choice feeder lambs under 80 Ibs 20.00-20.50. CHICAGO (AP) - Butcher hog prices steady to 40 cents lower month on the four air lines that serve Las Vegas. STOCKS YORK (AP) — 1 p.m. 69** 92 54 Wi 28 101% 50 V» 34% 199% Intl Paper 115'i 63V 4 49% 20% 30 25 30% 49 M: 52 58' a 58 58U Jones & L Ken'cott Lor'lrd Lukens Stl Minn MM Minn P&L Mon dim Mon Dk U Mon Wrd Nat Dy Pr No Am Av Nor Pac Nor St Pw Norw Airl Penney Phil Pet Pure Oil Radio Crp Rep Steel 57% 96% 82T» 69>8 109Vi 32 f s 38% 31 42 48 43 Ms and choice 925 Ib feeding steers 26.25. Sheep 1,500; slow, slaughter ambs steady to 50 lower r bulk ;ood and choice wooled slaughter ambs 90-110 lbs 18.00-20.00; cull and utility 15.00-17.50; • load of choice 107 Ib shorn No 1 pelts 8.75; cull to choice slaughter ewes 5.50-7.00. CHICAGO POULTRY CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA) Live poultry no tone; Wednesday's receipts were 95,000 lbs; no prices reported due to insufficient information. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago Mercantile Exchange — butter firm; eceipts 675,000; wholesale buying prices % to % higher; 93 score AA 60%; 92 A 60%; 80 B 60; 8<J C 59ft; cars: 90 B 60%; 89 C 60 Eggs firm; receipts 8,300 wholesale buying prices un changed to Hi higher; 70 per ceiv or better grade A whites 3<Hi; mixed 36%; mediums 31%; stan 21 110 47 41% 47'* today with trade slow for the 10,000 head offered; sows steady to mostly 25 lower. Slaughter steers steady to 50 lower in a slow trade; vealers were steady. Good and choice wooled slaughter lamb prices steady to 50 cents lower. Ewes $5.50-7 for cull to choice. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (USDA) — (AP) Hogs 10,000; steady to 25 lower on butchers; 2-3 mixed grade 220225 Ib butchers 18.50-19.00; several | hundred mixed grade 1-3 190-220 jibs 19.00-19.25; several lots mostly ,1-2 these weights 19.25-19.50, few .lots Is 190 lbs at 19.75; a few mostly 3s 200-225 lbs down to _ _,.„., Rey Tob B 87%,i 825; 2 -3 mixed grade 230-250 lbs 102 '' 2 1 17.75-18.25; few mostly 2s 230-235 38 " i lbs as high as 18.65; few 3s around 74% 203 137 134 46%' 71 Gen Foods 77 tt Gen Mtrs 48 Goodrich 74Vi Goodyear 119 GtNorRy 50V» Greyhound 19 Homestk 41 Inland Stl 142 IBMach 492 Intl Harv 43 Bid 27^4 32% 88% Rich Oil Sears Roe Shell Oil Sine Oil Soc Mob St Brands St Oil Cal St Oil Ind St Oil NJ Stud Pack Sunray Swift & Co Texas Co Truax Tra Un Oil Cal Un Pac U S Rub U S Steel West Un Westg El Wlworth Yng S & T 117 George A. Bormel 4V Co. Common Stock (Wright Wells ft Co.) Asked 5°^j250 lbs as low as 17.50; severe! 6 ' A | lots 2-3 mostly 3s 280-300 lbs 16.75 ^HJ 17.25; a deck of 3s 340 lbs 16.25 G 21 ' 8 \ mixed grade 330-400 Ib sows 15.00 59 j 16.00; most 425-525 lbs 14.00-15.00 i Cattle 1,500 calves 100; five hun dred slaughter steers unsold late Wednesday; steady to 50. lower a few loads of high choice and prime 1,200-1,225 Ib steers 28.00 28.25; some high good and choici 950-975 lbs 27.00-27.50; loads lot good and choice 1,100-1,300 Ib 24.00-26.75; good 1,300 Ibs 24.00 choice 1,050 Ib steers and heifer mixed 27.50; few gales standari and good heifers 22.00-26.50; utilit> 46 •" 30 45 the same time, Nielsen re- as ay. At >orted the first - year goal of 1,000 for a church building fund s in sight. The Men's Club and Women's Society each pledged 400 and individual contributions otal almost $200. Specific plans laven't been made, but the fund being raised to enlarge the :hurch building. Visitors who worked on the can- ass were Mr. and Mrs. Marion Youngblood, Thomas Minnich, Nor man Jacobson, Harry Russell, Ro- >ert Lamp, Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Holland, Minar Thereau, visita- ion chairman; Mr. and Mrs. Da vid Goodsell and Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wright, division captains; and Marshall Ottman. Others on the general committee were Nielsen, Mrs. Marshall Ottmann, Mrs. George Vorhees, and the Rev. Harold Clark, pastor. Dr, Edward W. Foote, conference finance director, was adviser. LITTLE LIX dards dirties 30; checks 29 current receipts unquoted. CHICAGO POTATOES CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Potatoes: arrivals 32; on track 183; total U.S. shipments 448; sup ply moderate; demand moderate market steady; carlot track sale, Idaho russets 3.40-3.50; Idaho bak ers 3.90; Minnesota North Dakota Red River Valley pontiacs 2.35 2.70. NEW YORK POULTRY NEW YORK (AP) — (USDA) Dressed poultry: there were too few wholesale sales to report pric es for turkeys; squabs and ducks steady, prices unchanged. NEW YORK PRODUCE NEW YORK (AP) - (USDA) Butter offerings light; demand ac tive; receipts 592,000. Wholesale prices on bulk car tons (fresh), creamery, 93 score (AA) 62%-63% cents; 90 score (A 62-62%, 90 score (B) 62V«-82%. Cheese steady; receipts 88,000 prices unchanged. Wholesale egg offerings light demand active; receipts 16,500. (Wholesale selling prices based on exchange and other volum sales.) New York spot quotations follow: includes midwestern: mix ed colors: extras (48-50 lbs) 38-39 extras large (45-48 lbs) 37-38; ex tras medium 33-34%; smalls 29 30; standards large 36-37; check , burns in his childhood) burned to Nielsen, general death in Ws apartment Wednesday while his wife stood outside, too shocked to tell firemen he was trapped. An oil stove explosion sent fire mushrooming through the three- room apartment in seconds, trap- be received. Victory Sunday observed at services SUn- ping Merrison in the bedroom. His wife, Carolyn, 54, barely escaped. Firemen arrived and found her sobbing before the burning building. "I told her to stand back," said Fire Chief Joe Bosie. "But for some reason she didn't tell me her husband was in there." The Merrison apartment was on the first floor of a three-story brick apartment building near the business district. More than a dozen people fled the building. Bombs powerful enough to drive us Into cellars were per- fectea at about the time houses without cellars become popular, In ancient Rome, the name actuarius was given to the clerks who recorded the acts of the senate and to the officers who kept military accounts and enforced the fulfillment of contracts for military supplies. In its English form, the word has undergone a limitation of meaning so that it now is applied to a person who make* calculations on the probabilities of the length of human life for insurance purposes. 'I 1 * and commercial cows 17.00-20.00; S7V ° canners and cutters 14.00-18.25; a few shelly canners as low as 12.00; utility and commercial bulls 22.5025.00; vealers 32.00 down; culls as low as 15.00; good 450 Ib stock steer calve* 29.00; comparable ! heifer calves 27.00; a load of good Whites: extras (48-50 lbs) 39%424; extras large (45-48 lbs) 38%39'-; extras medium 33-34. | Browns: extras (48-50 lbs) 39-40. NEW YORK (AP) - Canadian] dollar in New York open market | 3"*« per cent premium or 103.62^ U.S. cents, up 1-16 of a cent. fires on the S burn more Grass and brush opeu range in U. than an average of 250,000 acres! annually. | OVERCOME — Mrs. Kathleen Mowry is overcome with grief at her home in Riverside, Ontario, Can., as she is told hat her estranged husband has just killed her father and mother, wounded her nephew, and then killed himself.' (NEA Telephoto) SOME WOMEN HAVE A NOSE FOR SAVING MONEY! Some women can smell a bargain a mile away! But the biggest bargains ore right under your nose every single day! WANT ADS are a bargain any way you use them When you have something to sell, a WANT AD is the most inexpensive way in the world to tell people about it. Or, if there's something you need to buy, WANT ADS are always your best bet for bargains. You'll find what you want at real money saving prices. So whether or not you have a nose for bargains, remember the biggest bargains of all are in the Classified pages of The Austin Daily Herald. DIAL HE 3 • 8851 Want Ad Dept

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