The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 12, 1939 · Page 10
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 10

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1939
Page 10
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HIGHLIGHTS Key station of each network IB lUtea in the programs. The Networks: WBAF—WTAM. WTMJ, WOY. WLW. WSM, mtAQ, WOOD, WWJ. WJZ — WLS, WTMJ, WMAQ, WXtZ, WLW. WOOD. WABC—WJB, WHAS, WBBM. Russia Will Make Demand on Finland THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. THURSDAY, OCT. 12,1939. CALL LETTERS AND KILOCYCLE FREQUENCY CKLW 840, KDKA 980, KPAB 770, KF1 640, KMOX 1090, KOA 830, KYW 1020, WBBM 770, WCFL 970. WBAL 1060, WCCO 810. WABC 860, WKAB 850. WUAF 610, WEAP 660. WBNB 870, WON 720, WOY 780, WHAM 1150, WHAS 820. WHO 1000. WIBO 570, WJJD 1130, W£fM 650. WJR 750, WJZ 760. WLS 870, WLW 700, WMBI 1080, WKZO S90, WMAQ 670, WOOD 1270. WOW 590, WOWO 1160, WSB 740. WTAM 1070, WTIC 1060, WKBZ 1500, WTMJ 620. (Time Is Eastern Standard) NEW YORK, Oct. 12.—Charlie McCarthy's Sunday night broadcast, put on with the voice help of Edger Bergen, is to undergo two rather important changes within the next few weeks. For one thing, Don Ameche, Who has been going along rather steadily as the M. C., Is to drop out after this week's presentation for an announced eight-weeks vacation. His doctor has advised him to give his health some attention. For another, singing Nelson Eddy has obtained a release from his contract, effective after November 5, because of a rather heavy schedule of concerts, movies and record- Ings. Effects of the European war on American industry are to be discussed toy three business leaders in a WJZ-NBC broadcast at a New York automobile show luncheon next Tuesday afternoon. Speakers are Alfred P. Sloan, Jr., and Charles F. Kettering, automobile executives, and Dr. Harold G. Moulton, president of Brookings institution. v WABC-CBS also plans an auto show broadcast on Saturday night. It is called "America on Wheels." (Continued from Page 1) that is small and wrests much of its livelihood from a grudging ! soil. Maybe those debt payments will prove to have been bread I cast upon the waters. 1 The circumstances surroun,d- ling the Russo-Finnish parley I certainly were not calculated to j allay the fears of the , visitors. I Russian troops were preparing i to take over the military bases 1 granted by the three Baltic states. And it was reported that the Sovietizing of the trio already was under way. The astonishing manner in which Soviet Russia is extending its domination westward, into what Germany had considered her preserves, entitles one to wonder just who inaugurated the Nazi-Communist amenities which started all this. Was it Nazi Fuehrer Hitler who asked Communist Leader Stalin to have a drink, or was it Stalin who beckoned Hitler to rest his ! foot on the rail? And was the one who extended the invitation wearing a gun? The only thing we know is that, whoever ordered the drinks, Hitler would seem to have paid for them thus far. He has thrown the party. The question of who made the first move isn't trivial. If we could learn whether by any odd , chance compulsion was used by ; either side to create the Russo- German anti-aggression pact | which preceded the partition of i Poland, then we could make a much better guess as to who (if anybody) will win the war. It certainly would be easier to see where Germany is going to wind up. Supervisors Pick Welfare Commission TONIGHT: Neutrality — WABC-CBS 7:15, Sen. Scott Lucas; WJZ-NBC 9:30 Town meeting, Col. Frank Knox and Philip F. Lafollette; MBS 11:15. Capt. Al Williams. WEAF-NBC—8 One man's family: 8:30 Those we love; 9 Good news -variety; 10 Bin2 Crosby; 12 Dance hour. WABC-CBS—7:30 Vox Pop; 8 Jim McWilliams quiz; 9 Major Bowes amateurs; 10 Workshop drama; 10:30 Americans at work, art. WJZ-NBC—7:15 Mr. Keen; 8:30 Joe Penner; 9 Vicki Chase concert; 10:30 Postmaster General Farley oh "The U. S. Postal Service." MBS-chain—8 Green hornet- 9:30 Wallenstein Sinfoinetta Europe—WABC-CBS 8:55, 11; MBS 9. What to expect Friday- Europe—NBC-chains 8 a. m- WABC-CBS 8 A. M. 6:30 p. m TO-NBC 12 noon . . . WEAF- NBC~i:45 p. m. Federation of women's clubs; 4:30 Vie and gade; 6 Torch of progress. WABC-CBS-3 Joyce Jordan; 4:45 Talk, Gypsy Smithj 5:30 J£ T i,Happened in Hollywood. WJJ5-NBC—12:30 Farm and home hour, cotton festival- 2 return of Dr. Damrosh's music appreciation hour; 5 Ed East quiz. MBS-chain—11:45 a. m. Raijlio garden club. Some Friday short waves- DJD Berlin 6 News and economic review; TPA4 Paris 8:30 Variety; YV5RC Caracas 9:30 Amateurs; TGWA Guatemala City 11 Dance. , (Continued from Page 1) Peter Madison, former secretary , of the county poor commission, I as member for a three-year ! term. | Fred Car^pbell of Logan ] township was elected to the i commission for a two-year i term. As nominee for the third i member, actual appointment of ! whom is ur> to the state, the su- | pervisors voted to recommend ; Gus VonGlahn of Riverton I township. i The new commission was instructed to meet and complete its organization, employ admin- j istrative personnel to carry out the direct relief functions, etc., j as soon as the third state-ap- j pointed member is confirmed, in i time to start operations under ' the new plan by Nov. 1. I Supervisors also voted to rec- jommend retention of present welfare office personnel, includ- 'ing Administrator John Bag! gott and two office assistants, j Actual employing, however, is I a function of the newly-organized three-man commission. Salaries Are Set Salaries of the new commission and administrative personnel were set by the supervisors as follows: Administrator, $125 per month; office assistants, $80 ana $75 respectively; commission members, not more than $150 for the three for balance of present year, to be divided among the commissioners as they decide on the basis of duties; mileage allowance for commissioners and administrative personnel, four cents per mile. The question, the supervisors i voted, will come up for re- 1 examination and further discussion at the regular January session, in the light of experience gained between now and that time. Present quarters, it is believed, will : be maintained, with •provision in the same building I for the new social security setup as soon as state appoint- TONIGHT 6:45, 30c and lOc LYRIC ...bit »U1I Ikt world will a nOk! FRIDAY AND SATURDAY , TUESDAY with Wallace Beery ment for that work Is made. Confused as to what procedure to establish as a starting point in coming , within the new state welfare reorganization law, welfare committee of the Manistee county board of supervisors was in attendance at Wednesday afternoon's session at the courthouse. May Adopt Plan "We started our discussion of the problem Wednesday- morning," the chairman stated, "but couldn't get anywhere. We feel we have -profited greatly by the start your Mason county board has made and our setup, I believe, will follow yours closely." Responsibility in the new setup is as follows: Office personnel is responsible to the new county commission, the commission in turn being responsible to the board of supervisors. Taking up the question of division of highway funds received from state gas and weight tax money, supervisors voted at this morning's session to continue the policy in effect in recent years—to make only the division provided by state law. In other words, half the refunded sum will go to the county road commission, remaining half being divided ' among cities and villages on basis of 'population. Remainder of this morning's session was taken up with consideration of proposed appropriations, final action on which, as provided by rules of the board, will wait over for a 24-hour period, coming up for final action Friday. j Sum .for Hospital Sum of $3,500 was tenatively ! approved for Mason County I Hospital association in pay- i ment for detention room facil- I ities included in the new build- ! ling now under construction. ' detention quarters, not a part of regular hospital facilities, were included in the new building plans at request of county authorities. The $3,500 would be payable on completion of the detention quarters next year, the sum being in addition to $1,500 voted the association at the board's June session. It would bring the Friday afternoon, after adoption of the annual county budget. Dealers May Buy Their Beer Direct board's appropriation to $5,000 for the new building, in payment of detention facilities included in the new building, on the un- LANSING, Oct. 12.— (JP)— The derstanding that such facilities j liquor control commission would be available to the county : granted small breweries pre- without further charge. 'mission today to sell their beer Sum of $5,000 was requested by j direct to retailers for prices as the road and bridges committee,' low as 95 cents a case. The iof which Martin Schwass is previous minimum was $.1.20. chairman, for construction of a new bridge across Pere Marquette river south of Scottville. The money would be voted the county road commission to be used with other available road commission funds to finance the project. Total cost of the bridge, road commission members said, would be about $25,000, about half of which would be expected from Mason county, remainder to be available presumably from George W. Hall, -director of the brewery and alcohol division, said larger breweries would not be affected because their minimum prices are well above the $1.20 level. The commission formally adopted rules recognizing the non-refillable beer bottle. - It will tie a peculiarly-shaped bottle on which the buyer will make no deposit. Brewers will be forbidden to refill the state and federal assistance. bottle under any circumstances. Remainder from Revenues The commission clamped The $5,000 special appropria- , down on advertising; by brew- tion would be applied against the • er i eSi beer distributors or re- county's share, remainder of the htailers involving contests or county's share to come from reg- ! games and reinterpreted its ular road commission revenues, | o ld rules forbidding the giving Road commission members, in- ! of gifts by brewers, eluding Chairman James Mur- ! phy, William Ebersole, William Klemm and Louis Rohr- moser, road superintendent, were present to explain the proposal. Supervisor Schwass, reporting on a recent tour of inspection of county roads made by the supervisors'' committee in conjunction with road commissioners, said the committee believes the road commission is "doing very excellent work and we wish to commend them for the fine job they have done." Chairman Murphy explained that the commission has, at present, 941 miles of roads under its i supervision. He presented fig- : ures showing cost of mainten- } ance, etc., per mile. , j In winter, he .said, the county j undertakes the job of keeping • open about 700 miles of county '• roads. I Supervisors are expected to j adjourn their present session TEMPERATURE TODAY AT 11:0 Weather F»r<-<aj«t Lower Michigan: Generally fair tnnirht and Friday. Cooler in northeast |M>rtion .'ind scat- trrrd liijht frost in south portion tonight. WANT A HOT FIRE?If you want a fire that is hot, burns a long lime with little ash—use a ton of REGAL. THlv LUDINGTON LUMBER CO. For Correct Time Phone 99 Meet America's funniest family! Here at last are those hilarious Bumsteads—Blondie, Dagwood and Baby Dumpling. With Daisy, their flop-eared mutt, they're as rollicking a quartet of funsters as you've ever met. Follow their amusing lives for the time of your life. by The fun starts , Oct .16 in The Ludington Daily News v^vwvvuwwwwwwtfwvvkvv^ COFFEE «»• i$x VIKING COFFEE Ib. 15c DEL MONTE COFFEE .. .2 Ib. can 49c PERFECTION PASTRY FLOUR, 241/2 lbs : 69c , THE LADIES AND 0 YOUNG LADIES ENERGY, FLOUR 2-11/ 2 Ibs. 79X N. B. C, CUBS. 2 pkgs. 25c QUAKER OATS, small pkg. lOc QUAKER OATS, large pkg. 18c FIRST CALL PEAS No. 2 can 3 cans I DEL MONTE CORN, Vacuum Pack, 12 oz 2 cans 25c LED MONTE PINEAPPLE, Sliced, .No. 2 can 18c TUNA FTSH, Chicken of the Sea, Blue Label 15c THE MEN AND YOUNG Brauliful .11-,111, "*pe Huxrkxrar. SIIURFINE GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 46 oz. can KARO SYRUP, Blue Label 5 Ib. pail 29c BRER RABBIT MOLASSES, Green Label . .No. V/ 2 can 15c SNO SHEEN CAKE FLOUR package 23c PILLSBURY'S FARINA 14 oz. pkg. lOc CATSUP, 14 oz. bottles .......... .,.,;,........ 2 for 19c ORIENTAL SHOW YOU SAUCE 6 oz. bottle 19c ORIENTAL BEAN SPROUTS 2 cans 19c ORIENTAL CHOW MEIN NOODLES can 14c KRAUT, 2*/2 size can per can lOc LEWIS IMITATION VANILLA or LEMON 3 oz. lOc VEGETABLES BANANAS, 4 ,bs 25c 10 lbs 15c ",„. 15c SWEET POTATOES, ff *f lbs APPLES, eating CRANBERRIES, ONIONS, large size, CELERY, large stalk .... CAULIFLOWER, each SQUASH, 9 A*» Ilubbard, Ib. «2l/ CABBAGE. M | ft-p hard heads " ll>s. * W 5c iO<rl5c MEA BUTTER, HAMBURGER, PORK ROAST, lean butts PORK STEAK, sliced thin SIDE PORK, sliced thin PORK SAUSAGE, bulk PICNICS, Hockless, HAMS, boned and rolled, , . NECK BONES, rs 1 l r b o,, 28c 2 lbs 29c ,b!9c .b 20c ib. 15e 2 ibs. ^25C . . ib. 17c ,b 20c 4 ,„, 25c Camay Soap Ivory Flakes PandG Soap Chipso Oxydol Kitchen Klenzer cake nied. size 9c med. size med. size lOc 9c large size p; ** bars large size ^large can 6c 21c 21c 6c M' owe/rase or2pKgs.of for 2 19c ALL BRAN Lge size pkg. 23c i -AFFILIATED GROCERS— ^ A. E. SOHEOEDEE & SON HOIXI015 & CAELSON 5 Washington and Dowland — Phone «t» B. Washington £&> ~- 1rt 5 < *»« Wf « T « , . S FARMEES' EXCHAJNGE FARMERS' "IIXgHANOK J * JTamei — Ph*ne Ml E. Ludlngton Ave. — Phone 94 and 95 i saSSafea«« j./» '' >' ei,.., j^^

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