Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 10, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 10, 1933
Page 5
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TOLA. KANSAS HE lOLA DAILY REGISTER,.FRIDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 10.1933. New York, Feb. 10. (AP)-^The stock: market lacked stamMa! to con- Unue its advance today, and in several cases, eased off a point or more /jrider light selling. The closing tone was heavy. Transfers: approximated -700,000 shares. The Hit stiffened momentarily under leadership of the rails, in the aftmioon, but sagged again in the lait- hour. The mercanllle reviews Teported a pickup in trade", and dividend news was largely favorable, Including iregular disbursements by Beechnut 'Packing, Atlantic Refining and Unitdd Corp., but U. S. Steel's unfilled tonnage report .was somewhat;disappointing, and tobaccos were afeain sold In some volume. American Tobacco B and Liggett &' Myers IB each declined' about 2| points, Gase' lost nearly- 2, reflecting the cut in its preferred dividend late yesteirday. U. S. Steel common and prejeiTed declined about a • point, and similar losses were registered by American Can, Consolidated iGas. American Smelting, Allied Chemical. United Aircraft, and Intcrnatipnar Harvester. Rails held up fairly I well, and several were off fraetions.; Louisville &^ Nashville was again firm, arid some of the mining iskues were up. American Telephoii^ partially recovered an extreme 1 iss of 1. Homstake rose a cofiple of j)oint,s. U. sl i Smelting gained more than a ijoint, and Phelps D (idge a substantial fraction. - Oils, were fairly steady. ' High Low Cities Scrv .;... 2 -s SO of In |d 21 ... 59'.i \^mn Can Amii T&T .....103 Anin Tob B J\nac6ndai .. Atchison j... Auburn 1;.. Beth i Steel . -Can Pac Case J 1 1 , Chrysler Con Gas | _Con- 011 Drug Tncj DuPont Gen Elcc I.... .. Gen Motors . Mont Ward . Packard . .•.. Penney J' C , Phillips r ^elr Radio .. ... Socony Vnc Std Brands . SO of NJ ;.. Tex ConJi| -. U S Stf^ol .. Wcstlngh E 55 45 43^1 14'-:: im 43;>s 13^ 54'V 37 "s 14-'.:. 14>/s 13 ••s 2'L- 26 5Ti 4"^7', 15'i 2G', 13 201; 21-A • 2'-: 20-i 57'*, 102 53>{: TA 44'•i 42 >i 14 V, lO-,. 4r'i 12S. 52-'. 36 37 13 13?i 13 ^ 5% 4';.. 7 15 LH . 12-r,. 27',.i IJOCAL PRODUCE EgBs. fireb; • • • • Edgs, svC.onris Eggs, thirds Eggs, unaraded Hens. No ;i Hens, No 2 No. I Sijrings. I'i; lbs. up . No. 2 Spnngs Capons, qvcT 9 lbs. ........ .Capons, c vcr 8 lbs Capons ever 7 Iba. 'Papons, I nder 7 lbs.' Capons", indcr 6 lb.>^. Slips . r • Eutierfal lb Stags, lb ,. • Cocks • • • Geese, lb., .. — Guineas, each White Ducks, lb. Colored Ducks, lb Hides,, per lb Mixed Cqrn, bu YeHow Corn, bu. .: Wheat, bu. Kafir Corn Close 2-'v 20T's 58 102 U 53"(. 7"H 44". i 42'/j •14 V, i 10-;; 42>'K , 12"<i 53 v; 5-'l • 37 37' 14 i3=:-i 13'N 2% , 25 -1'. 5% 40i T's 15'', 26-'i 13 27 VI ..-..lie 8c 6c. .....9c H.... 6c .... 6c .... 4c ....He .... 9c .... 7c .... 6c .....5c 5c ....14c 4t .... 3c .... 3c ....10c 4c .... 3c .... ic ....13c ....14c ....27c ..-..130 Kansas. City Produce. Kansas, City, Feb. 10. (AP)—Eggs 10c. Butferfat 10'c-15c. Other produce unchanged. [Kansas City Hay. City. Mo.. Feb: 10. (AP)— Kansa^ No'hay, receipts too light. '^HjB NEWFMGLES (Mom^nPop) CECme THAT VS »V<EN THE>«' GET ?tTTUEO ,THEY E:XPE:CT to BRING Ai -L THEiP THING? OOWNTROM SPINKSVILLE— nVE tOUNXS OF OXTTHES AND—• By Cowan PAGE IFIVE eKOUGH ABOUT THEIR NEW-FOUND-" ?ELKrWE5 TO HAVE A SUSPICION THAT ALL BLUFFS NOT ON PWEPS MAKES PILGRIMAGE TO OLD PLAYHOUSE International fame has come to Ann Harding since! she left the little Hedgerow Theater at Rose Valley, Pa. But onbe a year, while vacationing from Hollywood where she achieved stardom, the actress makes a .sentimental pilgrimage to the playhouse. Here you see Miss Harding as she an-ived the other day, on Hedgerow's twelfth anniversary, to play again the role in which she made her first appearance. . Political ADnouncements For Finance Comniissioner. I wish to announce my. candidacy for nomination to the .office of Finance Commissioner, subject to tlic will of the voters in the coming primary. Your votes will be appreciated. J.. D. BUCHANAN. For Commissioner. I wish to announce my candidacy for nomination to the office of Finance Commissioner, subject to the will of the voters in the coming pri- marv. Your votes will be appreciated. X). W. HOLMES. ; — Kansas City Grain. Kansas City. Mo.. Feb. 10. (AP)— Wheat: 60 cars. Unchanged to '.ic —down. No. 2 dark hard nom. 43-52o: No. 3 nomi 42'i-51'I.c; No. 2 hard at • 43V,-44'ii|c: No. 3 nom. 42-5ic;- No. 2'red 43l-t-46c. Close—May 41'sc; July 4l?,;c: Sept. 42"/sc. ; Corn: {l9;cars; Unchanged. No. 2 white iidm.- 22-23c: No. 2 yellow liom. 22't-^23c: No. 2 mixed nom. at 22-22'Jc.i Close—May 22%c; July 24-'jc. : i' • Oats. ,1 cur. Unchanged. No, . 2 whlto nom,, is -lB'ic: No. 3 17 «-ic. Milo nialzo nom. 49-52c. Kafir iiom. 40-44c. Rye ncim. 34-35c. Barley 2l'':-24c. K.C.'Livestock Close ; Cuttle; Fed .steers and yearllng.s .slow, weak to 15c lower. Bulk $3.755.00. Strictly choice around 1075-lb. Kteers $5.10. Hogs and sheep unclianged. kan.<;as City Livestock. Kansas City, Mo.. Feb. 10. ^(AP)— :• tU^S. DeiJt. Agri.)—Hogs 6,000; 1.000 direct. Fairly active, uneven, steady to 10c lo^-er. Mostly stieady with the Thursday average. Top $3.30 on 17p- 220 lbs. i Good and choice 140-160 lbs. $3.00f(325: 160-250 lbs. $3.10® 3.30;, 250-290 lbs. $3.00@3.25: 2S|0- 350 lbs. ^2.75@3.10. Packing sows |at $2.00f/2.fi6. Stock pigs good choice 70-130 lbs. S2.25{52.50. Cattle: ;800i calves 150. Little done on fed steers and yearlings. A few bids around 15(9250 lower. Several loads ligiit steers held around $5.25(ffi 5.50. steers. 550-900 lbs.. $5.00# 6.75; 900i-1100 lbs. $4.75(^/6.75; llOOi- 1300 Ibs.!$4.35®6.35: 1300-1500 lbs. at $4.00 @GJCio. Heifers $4.005.75 and cows. $2:50??2.73: Cutters Sl.25'5?2.00. Vealers |(milk fed) $3;50@7.00. Feed- errand stocker steers; $4.00@5.75. r Sheep' 1.200: lambs steady to 10c ' higher. I Odd lots sheep steady; Top fed lambs S5,60. Lambs, good and choice 90 lbs. down $5.00'?t5.60 and ewes $l|50@2.60. HUMBOLDT NEWS Annual Meeting; of Stockholders j in Monarch Cement Company Sees Directors Reelected. THE J. F. GRENNAN 7 PRODUCE GO. - ^ ;C. jo. COGHILL. Manager I POULTRY AND EGGS • Egg Cases and Supplies Old and Reliable—Established 1911 Comer Monroe and Elm (Juat West ot Che Water Towerj STAR VALLEY (Shirley Nigh.1 Feb. 6.—Ml-, and Mrs. Fretl Churchill and daughter Mae spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs., F. X. Willenburg. Mis .s Edith Middleton and Mr. Merd Allen, lola, spent Saturday evening with Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Cooper. Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Waugh. Chanuie, spent Sunday afternoon with Ml-, and Mrs. A. J. Gilli.sple. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Butler, and' family spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cleaver and family, noitluvest of lola. Mr. and Mrs. Burt Truster. Cha- nutc called at the C. N. Truster home Sunday afternoon. Ml', and Mrs.. Roy Reed, lola, spent Sunday afternoon with M!r. and Mrs. Bcatty Ray and family. Miss Mabie Bair. Crescent Valley dl.itrlct. .spent last week taking care of her grandmother, Mrs. J. M. Cooijer, who is ill. Mrs. Cooper i.s Improving at this time. • Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Collins. Winfield, and Jerry spent Sunday morning with Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Collins, near Humboldt. Mrs. Homer Teats and Irene called on Mrs. Ti-uster Tuesday morning. Mr. S. E. Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. Manan Hodges spent Satuxd^ in K.'insas City with Mr. and Mrs. Carl Burgess. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Collins and son Jerry, and Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Collins spent Simday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Bud Zornes and.chil- dren, Elsmore. Mrs. Elsie Kester spent last Monday evening. In Moran with her son, C. L. Koster and family. Miss Hazel Cleaver, northwest of lola, spent Sunday night and Monday at the Ed Butler home. Mrs. Edna Larkey. lola, spent Sunday night and Monday with Mrs. C. N. Truster and family. Mr. S. E. Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Hodges were dinner gtiests a week ago Sunday of Mrs. J. H. Wilson and Miss Frances, lola. Mr^ and Mrs. C. N. Truster and Merrill, and Glennis spent ^Thursday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Butler-and family. Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Murdock. Mr. and Mrs. Forest Runcr, lola, aiid Mr. and Xtrs. Roy kaufraan , arid family Sunday afternoon with Mr. and.,Mrs. J.'P. Kigh. HUMBOLDT, Feb. 9.—Mr. and Mrs. Latham of Humboldt were Sunday visitors at the Lester Scantlin home in Jeddo district. I Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bennett spent Sunday at the parental Bennett home in. DeWitt district. | Miss Margaret Krueger and Airs. George Stroh, west of Humbolldt, planned a surprise party for their parents, Mr. and Mrs. KID Krueger, Sim<fty last, honoring their twenty- itifth wedding ahnlviersary. A number of neighbors and friends were called in to enjoy the occasion with them. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Massey and DoUle, and Mi-s. "Grandma" Maaspy, all of Humboldt, spent Sunday last with Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Massey and son Jimmie of Colony. ^ Glenn Wlrths was arraigned before Justice J. S. Lehman ' this morning on a charge of Illegal pips- session of liquor, convicted, fined $iOa and sentenced to 30 days!in Jail. j. P. Osbom accompanied by J. H. Andrews motored to Lawrenee Monday to return Miss Marjorie Osbom to her studies there, following a brief vacation with the honie folks. Tlie annual meeting of the stock- hold.ers of the" Monarch cement cpmpany Was held yesterday at the company office. Owing' to the severe weather some of the directors from a distance were unable to attend. The old directors were reelected as follows: H. P. G. Wiilf, Walter H. Wulf. F. A. Wulf. G. R^ll. F. H. Rhodes. P. J. Meeham. A. C. Kreltzer, W. A. Fair. A. L. Cook, P. Brown, and G. P. Abel. Only general baslness was transacted. The present standing of the classes in the asseinbly program contest for the _ high school is as follows: Seniors.' first with 154Vi points; sophomores, second with 138 points; freshmen, third with 124V1- points; juniors, last with 118'i points. The Girl Reserve cabinet held its regular business meeting Thursc ay evening at the home of Lorraine Barricklowe. Refreshments w^re served, and an enjoyable time re-' ported. The following students of the high school out for debate this y^ar are: affirmative side, Marjorie Stearns and Ruth Naydeen Bowlty; negative side. Doris Kent and Juanita Bryan. j The Foreign Missionary society of the Methodist church began their meeting Wednesday morning ' at 10:30 o'clock, in the chm-ch base- -ment with the president, Mrs. Elmer Harclerode presiding. Devotionals v;ere led by Mrs. C. W. Huine and Miss Nellie Drollinger teaching the le-sson. Luncheon was served] at noon to 15 ladies. Tlie Home society was conducted in the afternoon by Mrs. O. C. Payne. Devotlorials were led by Mrs. J. M. Spence. the le.sson being taught by Mrs. Payne. Mrs. C. v. Shulenberger, Mrs.-Ch|ester Chattertpn. and Mrs. Rot«rt Leimenstoll were hostesses. Boy Scouts of the SeKan area are making plans to celebrate the twen- t.y-th)rd anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America. February 8 to 14 being the date set apart as Annivier- sary Week. The coimcll has urged everj- scout within this area to attend church services next Sunday, and to be sure to wear their imi- forms. Monday. February 13. Is '(^es- Ighated as Citizen's day, and Tuesday, February 14, Is Scout dayl In the schools. [ Marvin Barrackman, Humboldt, suistalnod a painful Injury a few days ago while cleaning out a ^I'ell at Neosho Falls, the little fingeri of his left hand being caught In the wire line and Jerked Into a pulley. It was so badly mangled that ajm- putatlon was necessary, the opejnt- tlon being performed at St. John's hospital In lola. | Humboldt's senior basketball tejani pl^ys at Gamett Friday next In a league game. | . The junior high basketball team wijl play Chanute junior high team on the; Humboldt floor Friday night. Mr. Frank Hoover has consented to report the game. Prior to tlife game, there will be a preliminary game between the Humboldt freshman and sophomore girls. The Twentieth Century club met Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. C. A. Brooke on South Eighth street. > The Ace High club was entertained Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. A. Campbell on Osage street. The City Aid society scheduled to ipeet at the- home of Mrs. Olive E^ist Tuesday was postponed until Tuesday, March 7. Miss Helen Hess entertained the Contract Bridge club in her hidme Monday evening, four tables of cards being formed. Scores are being kept, arijd later the lows will entertain the highs. At a late hour refrieshments were served to nine members land the following invited guests: Misses Mary Byerley. Helen Lacy. Anna H,ess. Elizabeth Bailey. Kate Miiiore, Mrs. Ralph Williams and Mrs. James Hess. .Mrs. J. A. Boggs was hostess to the Young Thursday afternoon. Contract bridge ,|was played and later refreshments Vere served. Invited guests were: Mrs. Peter B. Kyne's Famous Story, "Just Judge" Comes to the Sewn! Pauline Frederick in I "Self Defense" at the lOLA Saturday. NEWS OF HORAN Lacey Farm Home Completely Destroyed by Fire Started, It Is Believed, by Overlieaied Steve The lola's bargain show for Saturday brings one of the big stars of stage and screen in a thrilling melodramaVf the Alaskan woods. Pauline Frederick, Robert Elliott. Claire Windsor and H. B, Walthall are featured. bers present were Mrs. L. T. Cannon, Mrs. P. J. McGannon. Mrs. WUl Manlon, Mrs. W. T. Garvle, and Mrs. Clarence Williams. The Entre Nous club met Thursday afternoon with Mrs. J. W. Hamm. The hostess was assisted by her daughter. Mrs., A. J. Trueblood, In serving refrediments. Besides the members, Mrs. C. A. Hess was present. About twenty couples of the Congenial club met at the Legion hall Thursday evening for their regular monthly meeting. Bridge was plaved followed by dancing. A delicious luncheon was served by the hosts. Mr., and Mrs. Lloyd Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Kemmerer, and Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Hartwig. • Miss Anna Hess entertained with a grub and bridge party at her home a few evenings ago, honoring Miss Dorothy Wlshart, who will soon leave for her .new'home in Nevada, Mo. Guests present we're: Misses Jeanette Brauch^r, Lois Ann Meath, Arta Wilbur. Margaret Nessel, Mabel Fackler, Mary Helen Strieby and the honor guest. Miss Wishart. Mrs. N. F. McCarty of Osage street is confined to her home this week with a bad attack of influenza. Ed Miller is moving his family soinetinie this week to 520 North Jefferson, lola. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Blaylock of the Wakeflfeld addition are the proud parents of a 12-pound son bom Friday evening, February 3., Mr. and Mrs. Roy Johnson of Al- buquero.ue, N. M., returned .home Wednesday after a several days' visit with relatives in Humboldt and lola. About' thirty members of the Humboldt chapter of Eastern Star attended the district meeting held at lola . Monday - afternoon. The worthy, grand matron. Miss Margaret J. Stevenson, Olathe, Kas., was present and gave instructions in the work. W. L. Smith, guest at th6 P. H. Rhodes home, returned .Wednesday from a few days' visit in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Okla. Announcement has, been received here of the birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Karl Lockhart of, Pittsburgh. Pa. Mr. Lockhart Is well known here, having spent his boyhood days In Humboldt. , Mr. and Mi-Si Floyd Klrschnier, Bobble and Bettle, and Miss Ida : Klrschner,- all of Tulsa, Okla., and I Kenneth Kerr, Chanute, left for their respective homes yesterday aftcfr spending a few days at the J. Klrschner home. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Saunders, Kansas City, are visiting this week with Mr.flnd Mrs. J. E. Wakefield of Huinboldt. W. R. Kent of Kent's store on Norths Eighth street, spent several days this week on the market In Kansas City. Tom Twadel left Monday for his home In Los Angeles.^ Calif., after visiting the past three weeks wfth his friend, Edwin Payne. Mr. and Mrs. ^F. H. Rhodes entertained ks their guests from last Saturday to Monday, Mr., and Mrs. A. Moore of Lawrence. Following the regular rehearsal Thursday evening the members of the Presbyterian choir were invited to a valentine party sponsored by Mrs. H. H. McClelland and Mrs. L. H. Bunnell. The dining room was tastefully decorated in colors appropriate to the valentine season, a most delicious repast being served. The following choir members were present: Mrs. Kaid Adams, Mrs. L. H. Bunnell. Mrs. Walta Stevens, Mrs. H. H. McCleUand, Mrs. G. W. Horn, Mrs. Alvin Wood, MisSfes Genevieve Stewart, Clara Hixori, Arabella Coverdale, Mary Lamb, Mabel Fackler; Messrs. L. T. Cannon, L. H. Bunnell, "Virgil. Klnnell, Benjamin Barfoot, Albert Horn, Fritz Amos, H, H. McClelland, and Rev. G. W. Horn, pastor. All report an enjoyable evening spent. " ; Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Gerrall have gone to Clinton, la., where both Mr. GerraU and his wife have obtained employment with a stock .cotapiany. They have been here the past six weeks with Mr. Geirall's parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Gerrall. Willis^'nie Mutual Telephone Exchange Building was destroyed by Are here yesEwlay. "Ttie NtethodWt church parsonage was damaged slightly before Uremeri" from Horton succeeded in ejifirigulshmg-thfj Josephine Ashef. Mrs. Lloyd Bun- namea. , " ' """i ne41. and Mrs. E. Ai Braucher. >^em- Chicago—Mrs. Roidney |P. Allen was to have received a' separate maintenance decree from ( her Irasi^ band whom she charged with cruelty, but her- attorney appeared lh court and said: "My client doesn't want the decree. Her husband came over'" to her house and shoveled all the snow off her walks. She Invited him In to warm himself and they patched things up." (Mrs. G. H. Ford) MORAN, Feb. &—'There has perhaps been more discomfort today because of the intense cold throughout the community than has been during the entire winter season before. To regulate the heat to a comfortable degree without danger of overheating has been almost im- jx)ssible and the day has been one 6f real discomfort as well as one of touch anxiety. All are hopieful the severity of the blizzard will »>on f)ass. The country home of Mr. and Mrs. Q. E. LBC ^, northwest of town, was eon^letely destroyed by fire, due It was - reported, to an overheated stove. Mr. Lacey was at the bam busy with morning chores and Mrs. Lacey ;;vas preparing breakfast when the fire was disipovered by the youngest daughter of the family, Emina Verle, who at once gave the alarm and every effort was made to stop the flames in the beginning and for a time it seemed they bad succeedr' ed, but the raging storm was too great a handicap for the family to overcome unaided. The fire alarm was given ahd while neighbors tried to respond hastily, aiitoinoblles re^ fused to start and miahy were compelled to walk and arrived too late to be of much help after the fire began to gain headway! The heroic efforts dt the family to save the house continued too long to be able to remove any of the furnishings, So the loss was comjjlete. Friends deeply sympathize with the family In their great misfortune. Insurance partially covers' the loss. Superintendent Ralph McCrarj' of the city schools reports the attendance today about half the en- rollnient. Our Junior college students who drive to lola each day did not attempt the trip today because of severe tfold and snow. ! Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Barj^lett and son Warren were Sunday feuests of Mr. and Mrs. Clay Weast and their son Kenneth. The following meml>ers of the local O. E. S. attended the district meeting' of the order held in lola Monday afternoon and., evening in lola. Mesdames Will Ensminger, Russe.U Morrison. Jolui Perneaux, Frank McAdam, Charles Brouillart Walter Wood. L. O. Smith. Russ611 Mattox, John Boman. Ira Mbrrison, H. V. Adams, Neni Gilliam. Ralph Martin, A. L. Martin, Rees Burland, Clarence Kester, J. J. Paul, Robert Rogers, Ben Bacon. K. C. Kyger. R. J. Condermari, W. Allen, Mr. and Mrs.- J. C- Bayslnger and.Miss Eloise Paul. The following group attended only the, evening sesslMi: Misses Ruth and Helen Adaihs; Messrs. Rees Burland, Clarence Kester, Russell Morrison, Earl HesseUIne. Mr; and Mrs. Dumoht Sickly were guests Sunday evening df Mr. ahd Mrs. Herbert Martin, LaHarpe. Mrs. Lfllle • McCrary who visited here a feW days last week with her son. Superintendent Ralph McCrary left Sunday for her home at Lock Springs, Mo. She was accompanied home iby another son, Neil McCrary, who had been here since the holiday seasoti. ; i The! executive committee of the Christiaii Endeavor society of the Pres.byterian church hel^ a business meeting jdonday evening at the hoine of Mr. arid Mrs. V^.B. Norih, with MlsB Helen Bae 'Whitney !ln charge. A program was arranged to be given the 86th of February commemorating the ftfty-eecond anniversary of the organization of Cht^s- tian Endeavor. After the business session closed, refreshments were CLASSIFIED RATES (Effective Jan. 1,1933.) For one insertion, l%c per word. JV)r three, or more insertions, Ic per word per Insertion. Minimum, 25c per- order, cash In advance. For special low rates by the month, caU this office. Don't Let The cbtD SPEILL Pick Your Pocket Let us check your ra(li- ator for anti-freeze, your , battery, etc. A cold weather tune-up will .save you worry, ti'ou- . ble, time ahd expense. ALCOHOL EVEREADY PRESTONE ROSS ARBUCEE GARAGE CHElTSLER-PtYMOUTH Sales-^-Service—Farts i ANNOUNCEMENTS Auctions served the following: Rev. N. A. Peck, Swan Johnson, Jimmie Strong. Melvln Johnson, Marian Peck, Virginia Taylbr, Maxine Laughlln, Marjorie Ford and Miss Whitney. Miss Pauline Flyftn, Humboldt; was a guest over the week-end of her sister, Mrs. John Koppers ' and family. Miss Eva Hurley.; Kansas City, and Miss Velma Sbumard, Pittsburg, Kas., visited relatives here and at Colony over the week-end. Carriers of the -Star and Times who make morning and evening deliveries along the highways were unable to make their routes last night and this morning. Dr. and Mrs. G. S. Lambeth of lola visited here Sunday afternoon, tii^ guests of the doctor's motfie^ Mrs. Mary T. Lambeth and hlsi sister, Mrs. Frank McAdam and family. A group of 21 lola Junior tollege students from the teachgrs' training class accompanied by tfielr teacher, Mrs. B. H. Carpenter, visited the Falrlawn country school taught' by Miss Ruth Manning, last Monday morning. i REAL ES1PATE TRANSFERS (Prom the Office of The Ma | 1 Abstract Co.. 108 W. Jackson) | 4 . •• — • • (Fe'oruary 9,m3.) Scdtr R. Brown -and Carrie May Brown, his wife; Barbara J. Lewis and Thomas ticwis, her husband; Joseph S. Brown and Ionia M. Brown, his wife to C. E. LaMunyon, NEV; of 30-23-21, less 1 acre fOr church, containing 159 acres, more or less, $1. Cecil W. Kirby. a single man to Bennle B. Klrby, lots 7, "8, 9, 10, and 11; block 35 of what was formerly West Humljoldt Addition or West Addition to the City of Humboldt, Klas., $1. ' Fred M. Troxel and Mabel Troxel. his wife to The First National bank, LaHarpe, Kas., a corporation, all their undivided 1-7 interest in the NWVi of 28-25-20, $1. FlUBLIC SALE—Postiioned, north of Carlyle, tmtil Monfday, February 13. O. W. Ramey. OUver & Littier. Auctioneers. AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale THE CHEVROLET DEALER HAS THE BEST USED CAR VALUES IN TOWN 1929 i -j ton Chev. Truck 1929 Chev. Panel Delivery 1927 Chrysler Sedan 1927: Chrysler R,oadster 1929 Dodge Sedan 1929 Essex Ooupe 1930 Ford Sedan 1931 Pord Truck, long wheelbase 1930 Ford Coupe ' 1028 Hup 8 Coupe i 1929 Whippet Coach Plenty of Other Bargains BUD WHI 'n: MOTOR CO. PONTIAC-BUICK : Sales and Service Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Phone 80' SALES fdge Plymouth Dependable Used Cars and Trucks I ELLIS MOTOR CO. ; I Phone 301 Casli—Trade—Terms 6 Auto Accessories, Tires, Parts; BATTERIES—13-plate. Factory guaranteed. $3.75 up. George. R. Hiser, 224,N. Jefferson. Phone.63, -Gasoline Per Gal.. 5'4 c 100 gal; lots plus tax or taxes- _yiNE OIL_&>-GAS CO. LIVE STOCK 21 Horses, Cattle, Vehicles COWS—^Just fresh and cows to ; freshen soon. J. C. Butclier, West \ Sti-eet road. ' FOR SALE OR T'RADE—Gentle pair of mules, weigh 2600 ; 4-yJiar • Jersev cow giving 2 gallons milk ^ per day, will be fresh in April. Boyer, S. Washington.^amrpe. OUT OUR WAY By WilHamsi ROCK CREEK " Beulah, Clifford and Orval Burtnett and Sam Shafer spent Simday at the J. E. Clark home. Mr. and Mrs. Jeston Showers and sons, Jimmie and Jerry, Mr. an^ Mrs. Bob McNutt, Helen, and J. D. visited Saturday everting with Mr. and Mrs. Myron Burtnett ahd family. • Walter Shafer visited with Ralph and Harry Shafer Saturday. Mr. and Iv6:s. J. E. Clark and Mack drove to Osnterview, Ma, and : spent the day Sunday. Mrs. Clark remained to visit a fl^w day.s with her sister. Mr. and Mrs. Morrow and Mr. and Mrs. Bob McNiitt and children visited at the Gillespie home Wednesday evening. Sunday afternoon callers at the; Clyde Gordeh home were, Mi-, and Mrs. Lawrence Gorden. Mr. Clyde Gordon is on the sid: list. He was unable to go to work Monday morning.' Mr. and Mrs. Ira Kelley of lola. sjwnt Wednesday [evening with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cook and family. Mr. and Mi's. Myron Burtnett visited at the Jess Henkle home Sunday afternoon, Mr. Jess Henkle made several trips to Kansas C^ty last week to drive back new cars for a dealer in lola. I Roy OUlestjie was ausent from school Monday. Llbby BrownrigB returned to school Monday after several days absence, on account or aj Dad cut on the arm. The report of the Rock Creek school for the fifth month ending January 27, 1933 is as follows: Number enrolled, boys 9, girls 7, total IC. Number neither absent nor tardy 11." Number of visitors 11. Tnose who inade 100 per cent in spelling this month are: Eulalia Peart Sarver. Llbby BrowTirigg; Delben Henkle, J. D. McNutt. Delmer Sarver, Bob Henkle and Billy Sarver. Visitors [.are always welcome.—Madeline Cunningham Harris, teacher. A few of the vocational agriculture boys were out last: week to Rock Creek to tell us that the judging day would soon be here. We are hoping we can win the trophy again this year as that would make the thh-d time for the school, therefore malang it a permanent trophy. Don't forget the community meeting which will be February 17. Seven pupils were absent from school Tuesday on account of the Severe stoi-m. BABY CHICKS—All leading breeds. Custom Hatching, l\ic per egg. Taylor's Hatchery, 201 South Jefferson, lola. , Kansas City—The boys at No. 22 fire station had a fire right In their own quarters last night and had to call iritfir'ee other companies before the blaze was iextlngulshed. The flames had made considerable bead- way bef brie they were discovered, 't'he clothes of IS firemen, the eofn- ftilssary and five beds in the dormi- tiory were destr6yed. 22 Poultry and Supplies BABY CHICKS lOOSr frbin flocks blood tested i and certified by Judge Harris, poulti-y expert. Ask abolit our 9070 guarantee on Custom Hatching. All heavy breeds 5'ic Ass't Heavies ..... j 5c ', Custom Hatching l%c or $5 case ; WILLSON FARM HATCHERIES (FormeHy Cantrell) 2 miles i'south on 73W or ' L. E. Steele Supply Co. • Talk Chicks with WUlson" , INCUBATOR — Successful. 175-eBP capacity, slightly used, $10; broker stove.s from $11 to $21.50> Allen County Implement Co. SUNFLOWER CHICKS — Hatches weekly. See Us before you get : chicks or; hatching. SunflG»—* Hatchery, Brolison. ; Farm and Dairy trodncts GUARANTEED FLOUR—48-lb. sack ! 65c. Brownie's, Feeds, Seeds, Pro! duce. Phorte 88. MERCHANDISE 24 Articles l^or Sale EXPERT SERVICE for any make cream separator; also oil and gas! ollne stoves. Shannon Hardware. Phone 29. ' OUR NEW Harness Department i reflects the low price of leather. Shannon Hardware. Phone 2S. ;27 Feed, Fuel, Fertilizers WOOD—Green -or dry. $1.50 per ; rank, delivered. BrowTiie's. Phone ! 88. • • r 28 Honsehold Goods' NEW SHIPMENT of coal, wood,.and gas ranges, hew styles and colors. Real values. Terms. Trade In old. Save at Curtis' Furn., 10 N. 'Wash. PSED BTOVESjand Furniture. Store packed. Henjiinger's Furn. Store. iUSED COAL and wood circulators for sale cheap. W. H. Wood Fine Furniture, 202 S. Jeff. Phone 190. 30 Musical, Radio SEVERAL good used radios. Terms. ! Hennlnger's Furniture Store. 31 Seeds, Plants, Flowers BES'T OF BLUE GRASS and White Clover. -Shannon Hardware,. ' 38. 'Wanted—To Buy !CX>RN PINTER and riding plow, i ' J. B. Sipes,; 20 S. Tennessee.-. Real Estate For Relit 187 Honses For Bent ipoR RENT— Hoiises, good location. ' See a. E.-Pees.

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