Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 5, 1928 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1928
Page 6
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,ln(!rww« 182S. atfol bog sltuftt ST V 43,0^0,000 Hogs Make ^l,05t),O0O,0OO Profits for Year 1927 Show a Dklmc prrHliirlloii an<l iciMf.u r iu<z r(^M(»M In 1027 wpr^ iVptn I tlurlus ilu- >Oiir i-.Cl III ltit> Wi>fk ifUdluf' Juill#t>' lot lu J KI;; |irlV -(;s v.liii-h ower tliBu la-ii ycnr in- •dlnu to a huni-y olMlif' ou Just c-<jiiii)lcl»'il liy< tbi Blue Vttljiy CreaiuiT.v liisUuUf "f Clili-agu. wJJ *a rwuli ibc Ui'riliif In price, due to tliese inu priiiol|»nl .cuiu^8, till' total aiiiuiiut ui muui\v Xticei^ed b >* pruducvr.s uas Kmuilci' tbaa 1 Q tl e prevUiUH yvur. lu lUe tWeive ibtatlu, eodiii;; 0't.tul>er •')!, 2te7.' whlc I represeuis tbe botf .vear. -4^.080,000 bogH yVcrtr alausbtertil under fedtral lnsi)j?clioii. Ktir Ibese ho;,' packe-s i^ald abuiK $l .U.'iO,0UO.- 000. as etmpared. to |1:I05.00U,000 ' paid fur •0,81- A OOO head lUo .v»ar - previous; Oje lustltuti-s sarv.'y re- Teals. At Cblcago the averaj.-' toD . Vie ealeudir jear'Waii abuut $10.10 per buudr K I pouud.s, an euuipared ' njib $i:!.4ii in ']920 aud uii average . of $i».85 fr «u VJ-J ::^1{> VJM. AVitb mc re bugs slaugbtered and less 4Jrodu it exported, Ibe supply available r>r doaiestii; (-ousumptiuu tu. 1 !CT b: s beeu i-onsiderably increased. 1 J wer retail prices for bog prtKlmts followed tbe decline lu live Lug;*' and diimestic ounsumption per capita \vas sligbtly stiiuulatiMl. Iii tbe lirst niie aiontbs of 30:.'" it was 40.<S iHJUjid I agaiust '.fOA. tbe year previous. _ ; In "Uie first bal !f of tbe present year, bog prices declim-il sbarply iiiuler tbe Mressuri", tif larger sui^ plies aud li ^« of exixirt trade. Tbe iiufatoraljle ratio l >etwifu prices of h-\i>- and com dtirini; the past siiiii- Tuer tended to force boj ;s to market ami ktpt p Itvs iliUvn.- l>uring tbe laic .«-tiuiimr and «'arly fall tbure •*va> a si roil upturn. ltc <-eipts then wj^rc •iiiod 'eriite. bci -ause most of f lie mutun- li<.;rs bad gone to market and tbi- nmre fuiorable outliMik 'for ibe tTM; <riip r -Jhio-d tbe prcs.siire to . lii |uiduie bnedliig sliH-k as well as • • tilt llnbl. imfuature bogs. wlu It T .!1'.000 MKlVeif Mt tfe't* iit^ nmrkota. Ju tbe of " I'-r I'lrecelpta \nn'oolif .Vvcragp prlcvs wfr« ab&yf tfS Hi ii bliort tiuie la J&nufLri: but (ti *dpp «d oclow $0 In JyOijt: rmM to llViii I be early fall, aad tbeA'drbpiM-1» iiroundt ?8.00 towara the «;l «i^ oiV tbe year. . ' i Auent the export trade; tge lostt- tuio'a survey sbbwa iMt&riHAa coutitrles bare becsi^expfnidlWtKBil proiluctiou. Tiiia luu ine'reiBiS mai^ ker supplies abroad;" and't«JnjJoi«» liquidation: due tb an unfa 'vSrKbW ratio Itetn-een feeds aiid lioi bas added furtbvr to European In«t^ ket re<+ipta since earfy in 1927.' ij THE lOLA iyAILY.REGISTr-'r.THLJR3PAY FVENTNG. J/^NUARY 5 1928. =5= er WHERE KET: & Chphan Cmiren Qmtef ChtlpterAhd Verse, in an appeal for conttnuod support o( tlie riast Relief's educational work oyt^rseas. the i. culidren of Its orphanage at Corinth.' Urccci-. a result, tbe Justitikte points out^ exports of bog ueaty have been dJl> luinisblng. Tbe total for ttoei yeif probably will fall below 275,000,000 ! pounds; or only"abont^ per cent" aJij f uir.cb was exported tbree or fotui i years ago and toe smallest in half-a ' ccchviyi Compared with 1826, tb«' 192" exports of-, hpg-ueata \vin show' a <of more- than 100,000,00(1 Iioiiuda, equivalent to tbe pfoduct of; tUM.ftOO bogs. V, , 1 KxiMirts of lard have not declined rapidly as ineats. Tbe 1927 vol- uiue' prr^bably willbe tbe smallest since 1020, but will 1* larjer tban the pre-war period. 4'he shrinkage'! lu exiiorts'up to December 3i 19:r7. ! compared with tbe same-period-ot > iKiTTVt Hi*;ri-iT< Jlii't;. was ;«,000,000 pouud.s. ctual, , ' , .- . to Ibe lard produced by three-fourthi;! '^^'^ Itis< uits. tliasii idcluious of a million head of hogs. '' round pats of hot bread whi«lrihe I'ointing to ibe outlook for next:: Ku^lisli call "scoius-;" arc tlic sim- ycar. the iiiMltule says in its sur-i. , , . , , ... • , vcy that murkftsuppllesduHligtbfl' "'-"R^"' •- ' •'•euj the N>-:ir''wo dt.s;ialred ev<in of fnS-'" '• iroin so ur'<.-at a doatli Mi.i -Jl,i fjitt Ijir .siutved . upon life. . But Gbj dellverr.-d i.^ , ye also helping:, and for f.»-j jus by many per.-<ons tliai.Ki out a, reference to'I'aul'a Kpiatle.'to the liihal>i<aiits| .sliould be sivi-h oiij oilr l/clialf." Tbe iiijotosra^ph I; cr tills sam* Greek city. The quoted say.-: j 1.. inu ••\Ve woiild not. brethnn. have you iKnoniiit i ,l oi.rj cooiio-lluii trouble, which caun: to us in Asia, tusoitiuch lliutl lor. the .Sear l-Iasl ^tcljtf SviirU. used in iltoiisan(is of vvittl olis<-A:«ni--e present winter and next spriug will lie .somewhat larger than iti tbe Haiiid' jK 'riod a year ago, and jirices are' likely to IH' lower tban at that time. The pig iTop raised last spring, which Is now citiutng to market, wad :{..'• iier t-ent greater than that of 1926. pit'.-;: th;ng> in tlic woriil ;ii ' The average cook liuds Ih ; iiiinlest to make pcriectl.v. Th reason is. nine cnoks out of ten ' handle them too iiiiK -h. To u pint oi'^siitpd flour add a tcaspounfnl ; and a half <if hakiiig powder. Sift .igaiu. .-Vdd a pincii of salt and a . ' lea.-iionnlul of .-•iigar. A jilece of ' huticr. or s-liorleiiiiiff the sixp of an • I'BS. Work Ibis shortening inio the J flour with the han<l)< until the flour ' ! has the consistency of sand. Takt , ; a large baking .•ipoon and mix the • I dough with clilier milk or water ' until it is like a sponge. I'se but a i'«w strokes. Prop spoonfuls on . ii but buttered pa.n and hako in a quick, hot oven. These call he inaile , and scrveil on the table in 25 niin- ntes. if iliri'ciinns are c .-iri 'rnlly foi- Try cutting out hisciiit.s in very small rounds, then hru^ihiiig I lie lop of lialf of them wiiii a little rich milk and placing ilie i-o.~i on j lop of these lo hilke. When conk- j '•d these dainl> biscuits are aiirac- livo in shape and easy to open and hulicr. Serve tlifju for ::ficni<>;m • tea. or^ with saiad at an cvt -uing i pan.v. ] ] lowed. 1 tKE.\.>IKl» OMOVS pts. UliitM onlon= about s:zc! NEW PONTIAC IS ONDISPLAYHERE Four-VVhei'l Of Many Of Car TJ K- second aiy" of the I't Brakes One Improvemenls hinhilay aniiivers- iiiiac Six wa .>5 mark- i-il iiiii ;iv hv ihW iiitroduclion of the ou thn Oakland .AII-.\Tnefican Six. The new <;-.\I-n cylinder head gives, an impulse lo the car comparable only to the smuothnes-^ of ilie sieam engine anil has also en» .tblcil the I'oiiiiac compression ratio lo he raised :to 4.M to 1. This irt chiefly re.spnn.'^ible for the increased power while retaiuiug the .samel ISii.r. ciibic-indi cylinder displace-! iiieiii which renialn>; larger than tho displacement of any six cylln- •Ur car under f 1.0(10. Although tho New Series I'ontlac 1':; {of small eggs 1 cup evaporated milk diluted Willi .1 cup water 2 tablespoons hul(»-r 1 tahlespoonfiil flour ''a teaspoJin salt Dash pepper Peel onions carefully. Cook In 2 quart;; boiling salted water in an I op<-n kettle until tender. iJi-aln and ! pour over a white .j>anro rnado of the diluted milk, batter, fiour. ^alr i aiid pepper, or use melted butter only. Serve at once. Yie.ld: 5 servings. l-.T (up ric.i 1-r, <-up sugar Vii teaspiKin salt 2 cup-i evaporated milk dilutfil with 2 ciip.s wafer fJraied rind of 'i lemon ' Wash rico thoroughly and add it • with all the other ingredh'iit-; to : tho diluted milk in a buttered bak- ' ing dish. Set in a pan of hot wa- • ter and bake lu a slow oven (.100 .\ew Series v.iid So surpa and j)ef-lV>rnia fering^i itf the company in lyiiiiiler iield. . ""rhe new 1 wiih I 'Diir -wliec iniiiii). .Ill enii j;i<iial<it- wlil<-h iioii. soiiij-coiii j.iriive)i < arhiin :il.-ition. iii-w i jl < oni|irf!i .-i<(ii. Ill K Sj ' jiiecliiiii(-al ad^| jiisiiiy the stale laciurer tliat it lor to tail;dight. U .irt. jilolcirt -Ml Oakland and l'< Two of tin 1\ew lypi-s of the latest s;ga. Tw<i new 'ipoi-l l.aniiau Door Seii:iii. Th|( ihf coupe, the f- iJic S^•or^ Hoad chidrd among tli h.i: all have ticeil ">i»?lied and c!(is< laies! Kishc'v J)i |i-(i < (dors, lamps and iiiaiiy Tlu'-motor dev er al I'.OliO r, jr. JjK-rease over 11 previous Tontiai This greater Six retains its formei; wheel base degrees Kabreuheit) for tbret- of 110 inches for ease of handling i hours. Stir the rice several times |:>ntiac Si.v which is | parking the car the ap-: ilurlug tho first hour lo prevent s ill beauty, iwwer i pparanco of' being considerably' .settling. Ylelck .S serving.s. larj-'cr and more sturdy than its i prcdec.e.ssor. This effect is achlev-| .MIMTK T.VIMOC A rUK.VHCU ce all iirevious ol- Oakland .Motor ('ar low-|)ri<-ed miac Si.K chassis ; ; • lirak(-s. gasoiilie 1 ely new l.vpe of | ' prevents evaivora- iilcntal lock, im- ihe lo«-|)ri<-e,I six- j I deeper radiator, surmounted by its Indian head radiator cap.' Tils year the radiator aiul tbe new rais- | id ir.iiiel on top of tho hood ^are i nearly two inches higher than in' U'iT.. Tull crown londeis with | (ion. i-rankcase ven- '• hood'sills conipletely covering the | Milder headj higher • trout <if the frame give di.stinctlou . w clutch an'tl steer-' lo the front of the car. .s.u,.Mo^ »« cups of milk cup of water 2 level tablespoons Minnie Tapioca % cup of salmon 1 iables|Kion of hiiiier 1 egg if desired • Kali and pepiier I Heal th« milk and walj-r lu a. • double Iwiler. add the .Minute 1 aii <-es. appvars to .,„,| spokes, the solid appearance ! oca and cook for I'l mtnutes. Imeii! of thi; luanu- i ^iven the front wheels by the fi-ont , ring fre«|iicnlly. brake driimt' the dropping of the j .\dd the sahnoii. flaked with a front \vindo\y liin-s aiid raising of j fork <"ook for n minutes and add the I MM I V panels, all Combine to- 1 hultcr. s:;'asaning. and 'csg well ward an impression of low-slung, conilort and safet.v. is new from ladia- says Harmon Hoor Ciiniiiauy. local niiae dealers, lew niudels carry llodies vepresenlini; advaipccs in Kislier do- »od.v" l.v;us' are llu- ^viliiu and , Four- Twd -Tioor Sedan. |porl Cihriolei ami ter again are in- K> six body choice-^., conrplctcly re-de- niodels^tarry the creations, new fenders. lua<l- lother rcflneinenis. lops t?. !iors=e|>ov.--, ji;n-\ir with vanilla. III., a substantial : y.-i::i sugar and cream. I bcati II. .S<'i-ve ho: I crackers.—1!<. U. ou toast or e liovvei lit'tter aecelcr.itioti. while the new equalized and nii ed foitr-wlieel b; respiindiiigly ^Jiir era I ion. Tlie fr ti-i-iial and the i If the brakes :iic\ i -:ir is making a ( HO(«H-ATK .MIMTK TAl'lOC.V Y (-ups of hot chocolate or cocoti made proper strength for driak- iiig. cup of Alinuic Taplora . '•J Clip of sugar I'iiii'li of salt Vanilla .Add .Minute Tapioca. 5Ugar, salt 10 iiot (-hocblate or cocoa and cook louhle boiler l ."i mtnutes, stir- -r Before Comes of the [)ov.-er gives even ring frequently. Remoie from fire. Serve cold If a thicker con^iistenoy i.* ilesired use three cniis'of ilioi chocolate or cocoa.—L. O. |cliaiiically o|)eral- ' iakc.s provide, cror- nd rapid dec <-i- nt brakes are in- . ar an* external. ' applied while the turn. Ibe outside Goard Against "Ha" With MosieHe front wheel ailtoTiiatically rolls in-e. a .-safety fai tin- driver, to r. <:er all coiidiiioii tern a I parking on the rear wlie< One of 111.- fciliiir.K "car is the iiniqiii- alor, from whir " IniiMSsible auVi-freezf The water l1<] through tile radi • of Vertically as Tho water clrcii statically control] Is malnt;ilned by II- which enables Influenza, Grippe and' Pneumonia usually start wita a cold. Tbe moment you get those wafning aches rub on •^'S.^^^^es the conption .\ separate n- ^ stimulates cJTculMion. TtSas all rake ,s l'rovidedJtj^g ^Sto3^U-fisM . mustanl plaster mtlwut the blister.' r tli> new, .Pirstyouieelavrann tingle as the eross f ...w radi- , healing ointment penetrates the poiw, It IS iir .'.etK ally j tlien °a soothing,coolingsetisationand to losK . iih. r water or! quick relief. Have Mustonole handy for so'ifiiiiiu iiy evaporation, emageocy use. It tnayDreyentiKriiCNis ws horizontally' UI JKW. . . - iior cells Instead 7, J/a^^m M»t8^ muim iBOiUilar form to* babica and amail cbildra^ Adi for CUUrm'a Mnatanl^ . of the balanced liJipeller type. " Among other i on the eiigini" ar| (i-M-U c.vl|i!<|ler beSlT anil replacement, of vacuum lank will two l»t« d«Teli >i >ment» rs^cii-are "Mother's Friend" is a comfort to expectant mothers. Externally applied, it relieves prenatal distress by relaxing tight tissues and . muscles. And it is so soothini;. • Its (|ai}y use makes the skin soft j and pliable. ' Three generations of mothers have praised '•Motijec'.s Ftie/id." "I think it is «-or//j its tiriylit.m sold," writes Mrs. Lelah Mabe. Lawaonviile, N. C. "My Ijaby^vaa bom without hardly any pain and it was all due to Mothcr'a FiUhd." Start, using "Mother'.s Friend" tonight ! It is sold by all drug stnre.>. Write for Jree U>oUe: "Things to Kiivtv /Jf/o.e • ' Comes" (sent jn plai;i env-' BndTieURtguUitoirCo., D«!: 2", A:! other radiators, ailnn Is tbcrrao- \U-t[ and the flow new w.iti-r pump Inportan: rbanges the nrfoptloii or Stops Coughs CM*. tMur— H AMMMH, B|<:k>4^ futd Bon ThXMU. Creo-Lyptos Pilaubla combination of CtwMOto and EiMslyptu*. momondwi for rhildran ovotywM'** ' TheL.V, Market QJherwieio Knovn :i.s . Lewmun & VoUnith in Creene's Cash (irocfr.v Laid, liring your palls, jii lb:;. $1.50 Siile I'lirk. ill roiir.ii. per Hi. V 15c Slioiililei;:;.. v.lioli- ill I '.nii'h .i per 111. I2y2c Frerh Ham in rough, v.hol.- per lb. 15c Sausage, the per I •J lb:i. for I. U.^ :]r>c HaJnl/urger. per lb l&C Smokeil Uani. half or wholn p>-r lb. 20c liacou. good, half or whole ' per lb. 25c MARKET Beef, I'ork. Fancy IJaby iJwf, I^nib, l*oj|ltry. Fish and Oysters Week-End SPECIALS Tork Hams,-^rimmed. Wholt? or Half, I5f lb. Pork Shoulders. Whplc 11c lb. , Fresh Side Pork He lb. Oeef Brajiis 1.5c lb. : N'utola 20c lb. Pickled PJifs Feet. 6 for.2.')c .Swifls X Bacon .'i-lb. Uo\ $1 .7.5 Larfre Weiniesj, Cudahy's Pure Meat, No Cereal 20c lb. , Saner Kraul, Well Cured Clean, 2 Ib.s. ISc i;rick Chili 2:{i: U>. Fish. Fillet of Ha<^k .•{r>c lb. Oysters, 2 sizen Pini 4.5r and 5,5c fk'ef Sleak 20c U>. IhtUy Bee( Roa^ls 20c Ifc^ Cheese.^ a large: variety Pickl«>, Sweet, Sour and Dill A Sunilary .M%rke( wilh ; Courteous, Snagpy ; .Service. MEAT tiUTl YOll CAN EAT schools aud 'ehuiclK-.*^ in of UulJv:II Huic :jljllUi :y Prize Winner (RAM^KRRi t'ON.SEKVE 1 fptart cranberries '2 p-oitniil currants .• »2 poiiud Hcedei) raisia.? 1; oranges peeled and cjit in piece.-< ' . - : i' laft applcB. cut in pieces 1 can pincapiile.cut. in-pieces pound almouil ineiii.:; i Weigh aM,il add equal amount of sugar, and 1 cup boiling water. Cookjikiiriy until thick, pour I 'nto stefllizcd jars and si .ii ho;. Tlu .s conserve is- dflicioii.'i witli hot l)i.-<- cuits or it may bo used lor cake filliiH;. .11 also makes delicioiis aaiidwieh .s. - M. 0. 1,. Pr.WKlX I'lK V-^ cuiv^ pumpkin •I fi'gs 2 ruiiniiiiisr tea .s -p .joiis flour ' 1 cup sugar 2 cup.< milk 1 tabies.poons molted. Itiitler lea.siwion ginger 2 teaspoon.s cinnamon Heat the; egg.s slipiitl.v. add Ercdieivis ami bake in niie crust. This is enough for two i .irge or three Fmall pies.— .\l. C. I,. cvrup ty-forni-acbl a little butter is- ih<d In cold water. Fill luojits and iilacua bit of sliced pint apple , -'^ m!!. When pariiy se .i in c'-nlerto give a d" :ii-ious fiavnr. la.v -r <.f cel.-ry and nut.-i iind ui!,i You caii vary the nn -aimcui by mil- i< i,i -.iiiid. .\l:ik ' «ly, h ting in at the .la.-:t minute marsh- .-.-rviiig so will have tim'i- to ih..: nuillous cut small a.-.d l >rv »wued. oiighl.v s.-l. Tlii.- H:IIOI:;;: M; ve 1.' iii-oki n Itiir. meats. <ir iii.-.'.-:isvir:iio ir .i -tly. \1 i;. !..' : clierrie . ( K;\ABK«UY SMXU This is^ piirticiiiariv good I'-r ;i Tbank.-giving dinner; 1 (|ii;iri ^cranberries 2 cups sugar :: t.ihli .-'•poons i;<'l:itllie 2 cups water' 1 cup ci-!ei-y '.J 'cui> Iiiit.-; ' i oruuge ' Cook <-ranhirr:> s v.-i;h':i t,ups wa- t.r I 'UL throu.tjh ae-.-e ni-ing as •iiiii-li i>ulp :(s possible!. Add .i-ugar and'eook .'> ihiniiies. .Stir in orange 1IIM TK TArUM'A r «»TlTO .SSM I' • i; III. ili.iia ri.'.iii potalDtr. 1 1.11 M>n 1' 111!'.-; of Ii •: w:i (i r I I I V. 1 i.ihlespoi.ii i.f billlc -i- S .i !r .::iul 1 IfVii ;.!ld 'S |;..M:^"iii iif uiiiiHie •:ip;oi-:i • , nip-, or 111 ; milk l';ir.''.i; ;l Tjil I ;>.-= and oiii. :i iiiio s'liull di'4.' .\ild- waief. Inil;.: •:ilt ui i-ijifr c lok niiii! i. - !;i!oc:i :'.iv Mifl. llist l »i'i "ore; si-ii- iuif aiSi! Mii.'Uite ia]iioi-a which h.rv Iicii c,u!ki-a ill inilk l .'i niiiutii-s u .iaiet- which has lieou ' iNmine lioiu-:-.- 1.. j •9| it as a just what wc, the mercl^ants, choose to make .. .Iti is, and alwayi has been the aim of the Self S Jryijile to distribute merchandise at the lowest possible cost to the.consumer,' Quantity buying, s( lectins: dependable help, systematic methods of oppraiion* carrying well known brands of mer- clandise of quality and guaranteeing every item wje sell, has Pifampted Our Success 35c 25c 30c spKri.ii, / RklSINS-iMbs. New Crop Seedless. 25c BpA?j?S—7 lbs. New Crop Idaho Navys oOc 44C.>RQNI qr SPAGHflTTI,^ 4 pkgs .2i>c MlEA^.r—5 lb. bag iilxpansion .. / 18c P:SACiHES or PINEAPPLE—Pickwick No. 2 '/2 canji, 2 for ..... i ^... . .45c •Silli. Hti.\ Loose- Wilvs Krisiiy >i i-IU, Box Loose.- Wiles Krlsiiy> . •2-1 li. Bos Loose- Wiles Uniliams FXH.\\SI<>\ - i>i-lh^ iwtr . . ITKRLK.SS ^•'•Ib. batj ---- C|)OKIES—Fancy a.s8ortment 40c V.qluo^ l\.25c O JPFpE—Self Service Santos Peaberry— 1 Ibl (special) 35c; 3 lbs. foe. ., .98c Ilot Coffee and Free Cookies 4U VM Ji^turday C^ndy Chocolate Creams^ sp<^'l9l Ifet • • 120 E. Madison IPROTOSi-! Vo-elaMeMeaJ Lookai tar.tes. and has ^,_the ^roma of nieat, Purely vegetable. De-; licious, tssy to s..'rvt. Cans. 35c jsnd....!.. CASH More and more people are finding our IJATTLE CREEK HEALTH FOODS of real haven't .service, done If you should try them.' FLOUR—18-lb. bag Blue Ribbon- guaranteed . POTATOES—Russett Burbanks, bag GEROLEUM—5-lb. bag (similar to Whej^tena) $1.95 ..$L.55 . .33c BUCKWHEAT FLOUR—Pure 5-lb. bag 45c RAISINS—3 lbs. Thompson Seedless... .2.5c TOMATO SOUP—3 cans Snider's or Campbell's . .....25c MACARONI or SPAGHETTI—4 large . boxes for 25c COFFEE! CPFFEE! COFFEE! M & M Quality Cup, best, per lb. 47c M & M Perfect Blend, pleases, lb.. 45c M & M Special Peaberry, real value, lb,:. ..3i5c CRACKERS—2 lb. I K)X Nat'l Prems.... Si^c Marshmallow.s—Campfire, per lb 25c Cocoa—1 lb. can Hershey's ... .30c Pineapple—Two No, 2'4 cans sliced..... '45c Peaches—No. 2'/2 can, heavy sugar syrup 22c 12 cans for 2.40 i Corn—No. 2 cans good quality 10c flpittiny-rNo, 3 cans good quality.... lOc Celery—Larger fresh and crLsp, stalk.. .I5c Sweet Potatoes—8 Wis. Nancy Halls. 2ijc •raiiges, dozen ;.. .30c, 40c, 50!(v (iOc, 75c^ Onion$—S lbs. Ipwa Red Globes .... .. ;25c Our Cusjloniers B4; .^JatisM-

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