The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 18, 1933 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1933
Page 3
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t - THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORN1AN, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18,193« • I O • T SILVER COINAGE ADHERENTS GAIN Weight of Powerful House Committee Thrown to Metal Movement Engineer Advocates Field Sale of Crude Petroleum Two Firms Stake Drill Locations in Proven Field (United Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 18. •• •! •• — • ^ r Th weight of another chairman of a powerful House committee was thrown today behind the drive In Congress for currency expansion by remonetl- zuUon of silver. Representative StcngAll of Alabama, .Democrat, who guides the banking committee, sponsored the newest,bill. Jt is drafted nlong lines similar to those proposed by Representative fcomera, Democrat* of New York, chairman of the coinage committed. ,/Jteogall'H bill was sent to" the committee Somers heads. Somers as- ncrted lie expects to begin an open Ptudy of all silver bills. Including his and Steagair«, "within two weeks." - Somers already ban asked 60 leading bankers, economists and monetary expert.? what they think of his proposal to create an auxiliary reserve of silver. Tho Stegall proposal would authorize the secretnry' of the trensury to purchase silver, bullion on the open market at the current market price, to be paid for by silver certificates, made legal tender for the payment of taxes and all debts. Two new sites have been staked for Immediate drilling In the Mount Poso. Creek field. Chanslor-Canfield* Midway Oil Company will drill a well on section 6, 28-29, to offset a producer operated by the Petroleum Securities Company* known as the No. 1. Federal Petroleum Company has staked location for Its No. 3 well on section 26, 28-28 In the north end of the field. -BARREL JUMP STATE'S OUTPUT i N GREAT INCREASE (Associated Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 18.—Daily average gross crude oil production In the United States Increased 233,600 barrels lit the week ended January 14, totaling 2,OU,050 barrels, tho American Petroleum Institute's weekly summary indicates. Daily average production cast of California increased 228,400 barrels to 1,536,250 barrels. * Imports of crude and refined oils at principal United States ports totaled 691,000 barrels against 686,barrels. Ill TVfeflneries representing Dl.G per cent of estimated total capacity operated at 56.2 per cent of their capacity, reported dally average runs of crude oil to stills as 1,984,000 barrels. Daily average the previous week for refineries, representing 91.6 per cent of total, operated at 54.7 per cent of capacity, was 1,933,000 barrels. Daily average cracked gasoline refineries representing 96.4 percent total charging capacity was 379,000 barrels. Dally average the previous week by refineries representing 96.4 per cent of total was 389,000 barrels. LOS ANGELES, Jan. 18. — Production of crude oil In California for the week ended January 14 avernged 47-J,800 barrels dally, American Petroleum Institute estimates revealed yesterday. This is an Increase of G200 over the dally average of 469,800 barrels recorded during the preceding week. The new dally average compares with a dally average of 509,000 barrels for the corresponding week In 1932'and with a daily average of 542,000 barrels for the like 1931 period. Flow figures for the week, showing the dally barrelage for each field, and the rise or fall In the day by day output, are: Field - Change Long Beach 67,000 *2400 Santa Fe 55,000 200 Huntlngton Beach 25,300 2600 Domlnguez 18,700 Inglcwood 12,300 "Ventura 36,700 Seal Beach 11,200 Midway 49,400 Elwood 13,900 JCettleman 60,100 Del Rey 13,300 All others 111,900 * * 100 500 200 1700 600 800 200 1900 Totals 47-1,800 5200 'Decrease. Shell Reaches 1800 Feet at Creek Well •wcr IMS A o«UU, aad with lets expense Vleke Flan for better Ceotrel-el-Celtfs* To PREVENT many Colds To END a Cold Soonar Shell Oil Company has cored ahead more than 1800 feet at its Vedder No. 6 well on section 9, 27-28, at Mount Poso Creek, and at that depth is encountering oil sand. The well was finished v at 1676 feet for about 260 barrels a day, but the output was killed, and deepening begun. Shell has its Security No. G, section 16, 27-2S. ready for spuddtngr when the crew is finished at the Vedder Xo. 6. On section 14, 27-27, the Pacific Coast Division Oil Company has made location for its No, 1 well. Lavin-Jordait-Avery Well Is Abandoned The well started during- the Christmas period by the Lavin-Avery-Jpr* don combination, on -section 20, 11-23, In the Midway district, has been abandoned at a depth of 300 feet. The project was being: drilled with a sable tool outfit. Ralph Lavfn and "Jud" Jordan of Bakersfleld wero two members of the triumvirate. R ESTORATION of legal rights to all producers, royalty owners and pur-.- chasers through the legal production and marketing of oil, can bo accomplished quickly-by changing the old method of inequitable taking of oil from each well to tho equitable method of selling oil from the field. 'Such -vva3 the statement made by Marvin Lee, consulting geologist and executive vice-president of tho Inde- pfendent Petroleum Association of America, Continuing his discussion, he said: "Since common rights of landowners and producers are given legal recognition in common source of supply, why not make these rights obtainable by permitting them to share their Bales dally, fairly, and equitably? To stop tho theft of oil and to insure selling oil requires that ratable taking must also mean ratable marketing. Admit Equity "Nearly all oil men admit tho equity of producers to share the reservoir energy of un oil field and to recover their share of the oil under their leases. "Legislatures and courts have made attempts to correct Injustice In cases where the opinions of men differ as to property rights. The theory of ratable taking is good, but legislation to effectuate It has been Influenced by every political influence usable by men for selfish reasons. It has not had a fair trial. "Tho administration of the laws on ratable taking has also been Influenced by selfish actions ns well as being affected by old oil field traditions and practices The vicious misuse of somo pipelines to run oil illegally produced is too well-known to need comment. • Dividends Squandered "With prices below the point of profit, alleged to be caused by the Illegal production of crude oil and Its refined products, nothing effective has been done In two years to stop this. Instead of meeting conditions squarely, heads of largo companies rush nbout frantically from state to state with high-priced attorneys, consulting commissions, legislators, and other officials in nr» effort to do something that does not work for the good of the Industry or public welfare. Dividends aro being: squandered In setting up political departments, in taking temporury advantage of conditions that react to greater destruction of goodwill and future profits of anxious i stockholders. ! "The evils -of illegal production of! oil are too well known to require dis- \ cusslon—the remedy is a return to ; common business honesty. The prevention of Illegal production of oil only requires tho co-operation of purchasing companies and the present regulatory bodies In authority In the oil states through the adoption of ratable marketing." TO CONFER. FRIDAY (Continued From Pope One) war debts, disarmament and the far eastern policy. Favors Disarmament Secretary Stimson -was said to have found Roosevelt a hearty supporter of disarmament and prepared to continue 'American efforts at Geneva to cut down the world's armies and navies. He Is expected to adhere to the thesis of progressive, multilateral disarmament, having regard, however, to maintenance of the U. S. navy on the 6-6-8 ratio. • The president-elect's public statement Indicated what ho already had told Stimson—that he. was prepared to follow the Hoover administration's policy on the Far East. This policy is based on maintaining the "open door" doctrine In China, respect for the Kellogg pact and nine-power treaty, and nonrecognlllon of territorial gains made In defiance of the treaties, Knowledge of Uoosc vel t's support was behind SUnison's roassortion of the "nonrecognltlon" doctrine In messages to America/, envoys In London, Paris and Geneva. New Issue Possible * i Meanwhile, It became known that while the administration plans to nay nothing to Japan about the campaign In Jehol, any troop movement south of the Great Wnll will raise a now Issue. The United States might then be expected to consult with the other powers regarding proper measures to protect their nationals In the Pelplng- Tlentsln area and to uphold the nine- power pact guaranteeing China's sovereignty. Now force has been given the Far Eastern policy by Roosevelt's public assurances of support. Secretary SUin- eon read his statement with keen interest. Stimson has made It clear to the European envoys in Washington that there Is every reason to believe that the Democratic administration will follow the policy In the Far East laid down hero last winter. Differ on Debt Policy On war debts alone did Roosevelt differ from the policies now being followed by the state department. The Democratic president-elect Is opposed to the Hoover plan to establish a debt- funding commission. He was said to believe that the troublesome debt problem can be settled more satisfactorily by direct negotiations between the state department and the various debtor governments. COUPLE HELD IN PLOT TO KIDNAP REYNOLDS' DAUGHTER > '^ ' • »T« • • • _• " " i'i • r • ' • • U. S. COMPANY JAPAN Alleged Strikers Attack) Building, Wreck Property -v and Injure 40 Charoed with attempted extortion by threatening to kidnap either the son or oranddaughter of Joseph F. Cannon, Concord, N. C. r textile manufacturer, Odell C. Boyles, right, and his wife are shown In an Atlanta,'Ga., Jail aa they were visited by an allegedly Intended victim, Joseph Cannon, Jr., left. Cannon's granddaughter, Anne Cannon Smith, is a daughter of the late Smith Reynolds, tobacco fortune heir, by his first marriage. Kansas Wheat Stock Dropsj62_Per Cent (Associated Press Leased Wire} TOPEKA, Kan., Jan. IS.—Stocks of wheat on Kansas farms January 1 were 62 per cent smaller than on January 1, 1932, a report issued today by P. K. Reed, United States department of agriculture statistician, revealed. Farm holdings of wheat January 1 this year totaled only 31,065,000 bushels compared with the record farm stocks of 83,954,000 bushels a year ago and 41,676,000 bushels the same date In 1931. t Papaya Planting to Boom This Season * Carved Window to i Be Shown at Fair 3NITO. Texas, Jan. 18. SAN KIrst commercial shipment of papuyaa, the so-called "tree melons." from tho lower Rio Grande valley of Texas, was attended with such success that extensive production may result next year. Papayas groves now bearing rlpo frull were planted last March. A single tree will produce two to three dozen largo fruit. The papayas wore shipped only to points in Texas this season because of temporary difficulties In transportation and handling. SAX ANTONIO Texas, Jan. 18.— Because tho famed carved window of San Jose Mission might bo damaged or broken, no effort will bo made to exhibit it at tho World's Fair in Chicago this year, according to E. H. Whlteuend, general manager of tho Texas commission. The window, reputed to bo the best example of early-day carving In existence, was removed from tho old Span* .8h.iniKH.on near here and shown amid great attention ut tho World's Fair In St. I./nils. hi 1904. (Continued From Paffe One) stopped at the plant, entrance as the snbotera arrived. Us occupants (3.8- trlbuted clubs to the gangstors as thoy filed Into the building to make their destructive attack. Story of Attack McCleary denied that any foreign employes of the company were injured In the attack. "Most of tho American and British employes wore at lunch at tho time." ho sntd. "Otherwise. It would have been a miracle some of thorn were not killed." JC. F. Walker of London told how- he escaped through n window onto the roof of an adjoining 1 building In company with his stenographer and t 1 telephone operator. '«'. Aurell. his wife and W. I* Malone, a Now Yorker and graduate of Cornell University, were lunching together and arrived on tho scene just as police quelled tho furious fighting. / J. E. Todd of York, England, aided Miss A. Aurell, ulster of Aurell and n graduate of the College of Richmond. VOL., in clumborlng to tho roof of the building where they remained until police arrived. Scene of Havoc * Tho interior of tho plant was » , scene of havoc. Aurell said credit files * and other records worth several hundred thousand dollars wero destroyed or missing. Walla wero splashed with red and black Ink. McClcary snid labor trouble arose last August. Officials of the company remained hopeful of amicably settling their differences until In October when the employes struck after demand for formation of a company union, no further increases in sowing machine- prlcos, retirement allowances and alterations In service contracts were dented. Labor Leaders Arrested The Japan Federation of Labor Intervened and urged nation-wide action against the company unless the strik^ ing workers were reinstated. Police announced this evening they had arrested Acting Chief Matsuoka, of tho labor federation, with other labor leaders In Toklo in connection with tho outbreak. Midway Project May- See 5000-Foot Mark ssocia SPECIALISTS tcdM ai OUR LINE ores WEEK-END SPECIALS GOLD WEATHER MALTS an-Tru Blue Label •Killamey Stout . . . Pick's Blue Label . . Ibs. 69c Thest are extra heavy, rich, dark malt syrups and especially adapted to winter time uie. ^^^^•^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Quart Size Vermouth, best domestic 69c Bon Ton Cordials. Finest Domestic Made 6-oz. size... 25c Pint size 50c Quart size. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ B ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^K^^^^H^^^^H^^^^M^^^K^^^M^^^^^^^^^H fl^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BW^^B^^^^^B^^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^p^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^* Complete Line Flavoring Extracts and Esiences Xorth American Oil Consolidated may drill 5000 feet or more at its Xo. 25 well on section 32, 31-24, In tho Midway district. At last reports, tho bit had srone through the 4900-foot mark, and coring through mixed shale and oil sand was announced. The well Is the only active project for North American in all of the San Joaquin valley. m Cal-Western Plans New Poso Prospect California "Western Oil Company has begun surveying for another location in the Mount Poso Creek district of Kern county. The project will bo drilled on section 20, 27-27. The firm's No. 11 well, section 7. 2829, In tho Coffee Canyon area, haa been drilled to 1635 feet, with the 10%-Inch casing cemented at 1G25 feet, and Is at the point for completion. Darby Starts Drill Working at Midway Drilling ahead is under way at the Cypress Xo. 1 well of the XHirby Syndicate on section 32, 32-23, In tho Midway district. Several hundred feet, of hole have been made. Tho project was spudded last week. ILLUSION Oil Agreements BikcrsCcId Store , Phon« 4771 T«ft Store Center St.. Phone Thursday, Friday and Saturday FREE—1 Ib. Butter, Wet | Strawberries Wrap, With Biscuit Flour Pkg. No. 2 can 'String Beans r- Corn Strawberry Jam, Pure., .2-lb. 6-oz. United Kern to Alaska N. Dnvl Assignment of Interest in lease insofar as it affects north half of southeast quarter or northeast quarter of northeast quarter of northeast quarter section 20, 10-14. » Royalty Corporation, Ltd., to M. A. Klein ^et ux—Portion of property beginning at northwest corner of section 32, 29-23; subject to restrictions, etc. MINING LOCATIONS & J. F. Reber et al—Desert Lilly, Rand district. Charles Burch et al—Tho Camp Bird, Camp Bird No. 1, O'Brien district; Cloud Burst, Cloud Burst Xo. 1, Red Rock, district. Mildred N. Snider—Mildred, J-ast Chance district. Ernest Calllson et al—Big Pay, unknown district. J. G. Sartorlus et al—The Sartorium, Xo. 1, Sartorius Xo. 3, Sartorlus No. 4, Sartorius No. 5, Devils Den district. Mosquitoes can be killed in their early stages by plants that emit small quantities of oxygen In water in which the Insects breed, recent experiments »t Cornell Unlverwity show. One of Houdini's most spectacular escape feats was performed with a huge milk can filled with water. He invited persons of the audience to bring padlocks and lock him into the can. He got into the can, the lid was put on and fastened with several padlocks. A screen was placed in front of the can. Assistants stood by with stop watches and fire axes to save him from drowning after a certain time. About a minute later, the screen was removed, Houdini was seen panting and dripping ... the padlocks remaining intact 1 •XPLANATIONi The usual method of escaping from a milk can is ' as follows: The lid of the can is apparently securely padlocked to the lower portion, but actually the metal baud to which the staples are attached is the top of a short inner lining. The performer, after being locked into the can, pushes the lid upward with his head and the short inner lining is forced out of place, permitting his escape. The screen is then removed. TO-££ .. IT'S MORE FW\T TO jRwow * «\ » Bacon Q Laundry Soap. ^^^^^^m Coffee, f Plantation only bars Pork iioasi What exciting magic there is in cigarette advertising! Let's look at one of its greatest illusions ...that cigarettes can be mysteriously given superior " FLAVOR." THE EXPLANATION t Just three factors COH- trol the flavor of a cigarctte.The addition of artificial flavoring...the blending of various tobaccos...and the Quality of the tobaccos themselves. Quality is the most important. Artificial flavoring can never AY holly disguise the poor flavor of cheap tobaccos. - **** Honey 5-lb. Shortening ri . . . 8-Ib. only »** Put Menthol*turn in nostril* to open them, rub on cheet to reduce congestion. MENTHOLATUM WILDID HUMIDOB Cwrtfht, II M, B. J. B*/nolfb ItbMo* TRICKS The blending of several cheap, raw to baccos cannot improve the flavor of any of them. A fine cigarette is a cigarette blended from costly, ripe tobaccos. It Is a fact, well known by Uaf to* bocco exports, that Camtls are mode from finer, MORE EXPENSIVE tobaccos than any other popular brand. * This is why the Camel flavor has never been rivaled , . . why Camels have given more pleasure to more people than any other cigarette ever made. In more costly tobaccos lies the secret of Camels' delicate "bouquet". ..of their rich, cool flavor— of their non-irritating mildness. It's the tobacco that counts. » All the natural goodness of Camel's tobacco is kept fresh and rich for you by the air-tight, welded Humidor Pack. Don't remove it. Its moisture-Proof cellophane also protects your Camels from dust and germs. Put a pack in your pocket today. JUST COSTIIHR if I ^ta^B^^^^H^HMI^^H^H^^^^^^^^^^^—^H ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B TOBA CCOS IN A MATCHLESS B L £ N D I I t.

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