The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 11, 1958 · Page 25
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 25

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1958
Page 25
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ANNIE ALWTW8 MBAN to «R BWNQ A FLASHLKSHT. ABNER AUSTIN (Mfrm.t HSffAlD A C Thursday, foe. If, T958 fttl CANYON I'M NOTSOM.'ft ALONG HERE ANP BUT HOW CO I KNOW MUST HAV6 COPI6P W M/ AIR FORCE MY CMPSNTIAL* NUMBER 1 ! SERIAL. NUMBER IF VOU NOTEP AAV CtiKKSHTK^ IS AO 04104 PHON6 NUMBS* TO CAU. MB...XLA J/^ -~4i! OKAY I'LL MTHJOfeS *WARftRPS'/I IN AU. OP '£W .'- I'MCOU.STfiVB CANWN- WH6I26 \ VOU'ftE COL.CANYON? ISTHEAIWLANfi I TMAfTS WHAT HS SAIPj RENTfiPByTHS MAN IKIN0 MY NAME? WWTfe 1N6 SCRIPT, COLONEL.' IM AMP R6ADV.' MARY WORTH ELtlE AND I HAD A PU55... AND I DIDN'T STAV FOR HER SLUMBER PARTY —AND/WFOLK5ARE COME RIGHT IN, .CHILD! ...I'LL FIX YOU ABED ON THE DAVENPORT! FRISCILLA'S POP-By AI Varmeer JVESJ WE] SAW IT ^ LAST YEAR ON THE . SAME C PROGRAM! THAT WAS <3OOD MOVIE! TERRIFIC.' A WHOLE EVENING- WASTED! REALLY DEAR, I JUST DON'T UNDER,AND YOU! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME? «%; OUT OF THAT &A6V CHAIR,YOU OMER- BA(?M OWL/ I MEED.A BOX OF 'APER AMD IF THW'5 TOO ^SS MUCH TO CARRY. VOU CAM THEM HOME ATA OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Major Hoop!. ^ I.WILL ISMORE VOUK CRQELTAUMTS, ^ AW LOVE.' YOU BEHOLD A MAM i WHOSE FERTILE IMASI^ATIOM HAS VltLDED AM IDEA THAT WLL OMEDAV PLACE THE- NAME OP MOOPL6 0E51DE THAT OP THCMAS EI3ISOM AMD < ALEXANDER GRAHAM PELL/-~FLJT I VJILL BE- GLAD TO TAk&T •OUT FROA\ AW HERCULEA^ TO SE A OF L 6EK^CB rTABAMDO^ E CAMS W,U& WITH PAPEK £UT THAT'S CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams V WHAT5THAT? PIECES OF CHEESE WRAPPEP UP IM MEWS I FXPER5 SO IT TAKES THE DOG A LOMO TIME ID SET THE CHBESB OUT? PONT YOU THINJK THAT!? KIWP OF CRUEL,TORAIEUT IWfl A DO6 LIKE THAT JUST FOR LITTLE PIECES OF CHEESE? ALL THOSE BUWPLES.' NO. IT AIW'T CRUEL-- ITS JUST SELF PEFEWSE.' WHILE HE'S OPEWIW 1 OWE O THEM BUNDLES, i GOT TIME T'fiET A FEW BITES MYSELF, WITHOUT HIM SITTING THERE, UPAT/ME WITH A HUWGRV LOOK IM HIS EYES, LIKE'S IF I WAS A Bid HOG.' TRY IT ONCE "GIVE HIW A CHUMK, AN' ONE GULP AM' HE'S SITTINJ', WAITIN' FEE MORE.' BUSV PEOPLE PON'T HAVE TIME T'WAWT.SOMUCH/ HERDS* ARC MATE-NOTBORM TM. taf, UJ. Hk 0<l ® MM k> M* ttnlM, tut. TIZZY-By Kate Osann 'm supposed to dance with a member of the opposite sex. Is that you?" THESE WOMEN-Bv d'AlessIo 'Would you mind keeping this in your refrigerator? We're having the sitter tonight!" " 'Friendly' my eye ! OVER-f riendly would be more like it!" The first United States com con- . In classical Greece elections, tabling nickel was a small one- 'white or black balls were dropped cent piece issued in 1857. It was into an urn to denote for-or-against IT DAYS TO READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS made of an alloy of 12 per cent votes - Hence the modern terra r f% 9 <f ^* nickel and 88 per cent copper, iblackball." /MADAME.'.'- WHOISTHE MOST HEHAlWTMtAN, //-iriS tJEST THETUIVIN'CRITTERS YO'I5A*IN'VNHARHE IS, BECU;Z.*ye>'WISHES TO AVOID HIM, NATCHER.LV// SHORT RIBS LIKE TH' SOUND O' &REATHIN'.'.' KILLER IN ALL MILLS? THE TOODLES TWCT5 KIDICULOUS'' TEX \SONLVBEI MS' *rir*rt-**mi m 'i» •• • •• 1»» I5THI»?TV-FOUR J| _ JL riton. ON CAMPUS A BOUT SAU.V (JOINS WITH AN OLD SUV UIK6 SCHOOL eveev I'M SURE HE-WHT FOOLISH ENOUGH TO THINK SERIOUS LYABOUTAKIO LIKP SALLV KNOWS SH5 MISSES BPOD KEEP PUMPING UNTIL THE TIRE IS OFF THE GROUND, NATCH.' USE POP'S BUMPER JACK/ >OUR JACK 13 BUSTED, REMEMBERf rr UP, AND I'LL PUT ANCfTHEP? PATCH ON IT/ LOOKS LIKE GRANDMA'S CRA7V QUILT/ JUDD 5AXON-By Ken Bald end Jerry Brondfleld JUST ONE THINS JUPP. CALL IN THE POLICE ONLY AS A LAST RESORT. OUR SPACE PROJECT IS A HUSH-HUSH JOB/ WHAT POES THAT SAL,TO, LUCAS, THINK ABOUT IT? POSS MARSHALL HAVE ANY IPEA WHAT'S HAPPENEP TO WRISHT? HOW CAN SOMEONE JUST DISAPPEAR? JACOBY'S BRIDGE SOSTRANSE.NO SkSN OF VIOLENCE -NOTHIN&. JU8T DIPN'T SHOW UP FOR WORK TODAY. NORTH AAJ65 ¥43 • AQ2 + K965 EAST (D) AKQ9743 V82 49843 4,4 • SOUTH A 10 8 VK875 • KB 4Q87S2 • North and South vulnerable Bart South West North Pass Pass 1 v Double 1 A 2* 2* 34, 44> Double Pass Pass Pass Opening; lead— * 2 SHE'S BAFFLED. BUT MARSHALL ALSC THINKS SHE'S A BIT JITTERY OVER IT. SET WEST 42 VAQJ106 • J1075 *AJ10 . IN COMPLETE CHARGE. MORTY MEEKLE HELLQAL. IWA60UST 6AV(NG HGWDELIQ005 y3URMEAL5ARE YEH, BUT I'M LOSING U IOU6TPCNT UNC5ERSTANDIT COMES HERE THIS 16 THE NEW RESTAURANT I P15COVERED. THE FOOD fSJUOT OUT \OF THIS WORLD/ U AQ-, fTrf HOM COOKIN IB 1M1 >> H«A lm«.. Inc. T.M. >. t . U.t. PH. QH. ALLEY OOP ...SEEMS HE'S INTERESTED / OH,Yc=> IN THAT FOSSIL MAN THEV/ t RECALL PUS UP OUT OF A COAL I REAPING MINE IN ITALY __^\ ABOUT OUR OLD FRIEND, AMOS BRONSON WASH TUBES I UNDERSTAND, MOTHEK I" $ Y0ifl» GOT TO KNOW TH6 TRUTH. FOR TWO YEAR* IVt PAMCBO IN CHEAP BLLEN, IDCWT EVEN HAVfr X MOTHER I AKB A SPOT NOW, VESTeHPAy/ YOU TRVINS TO F1RCO AT THB CLU6-J TELL WE I C&NT STAV WITH VOU? m.LBN.,WHEM THE BREAKS 60 AGAINST KERi AM ACTRESS HA& TO TAK& WHAT 5Kft CAM SET 1 . LATELY, PViHA&TO- NISHT CLUBS MOSTLV... W BV IN •H HOTELS! ,«ii WILL TURN ASWMJ nyist»j BUGS BUNNY PS5T! DON'T FERGET ' CARRY YER BRIDE OVEB TH' THRESHOLD! IM GLAD YOU REMINDED ME! By OSWALD JACOB? Written for NEA Service Hard Luck Joe opened the deuce of ipades. South won In dummy .and led a diamond to his king. Bla next play a small club and Joe played the ten. Dummy's two high diamonds were taken next and a spade discarded. Then South led another spade and rurred in 'his own hand. Joe ovcrrufted with the Jack, took his ace of trumps and rather than lead the ace of hearts played his laart diamond. South discarded a heart from dummy and ruffed'in his own hand. Now South played the nine of hearts and Joe was In with the ten.. He led his ace of .hearts and dummy ruffed. Now South ruffed a spade; cashed the king of hearts; ruffed his last heart and made game and rubber. "Doggone!" uld Hard Luck Joe. "I euro thought I was going to set that one." "Anyone else would have," said East. Can you see where Joe made his usual fatal mistake? It was at trick six when he overruffed South. If Joe had simply discarded a bean South would have been unable to mak the hand and the rubber would still be going on. Half-Size Casual PRINTED PATTERN FRECKLES WOW/ LOOK AT THOSE WAR WAS OF GREAT SKSNIFICAMCe BKAUSe — SMOWFLAKES/ MAN ALIVE/ MAY 1 Of PER. A SUGGESTION MOWrfaEM — BACK TME IMi b> WLA 6., 4839 SIZES 14V2-24VJ By ANNE ADAMS Every-day favorite! The beloved sliiriwalsl casual Is perfectly proportioned 10 eliminate alterations, to flutter you who are shorter-walsted, fuller. Tomorrow's pattern: Chlld'f prUu-ect Pa-U-ru 4839: Ufelf Size* 1-i'a. Hi'*. IS'.j. 20'--!, 23VJ. Z4'.i. SllW 16 'j tiikos -S'.u .Viirds 35-luch fabric. Pruned diriiciiijus uii encli pattern pan. Eisler, accurate. SeuJ FlF'l'Y CKNTS la coins for ll.ii, puiurn — ttcld 10 ccuu for eucli pulleru fur lot . cUia walling. 8«ud to Aune Adauui. care of the Auitlu Dully Herald. PaU«ru D«pt., 143 West 17th St. New York 11, N. Y. Prlal plainly NAME. AUOKES8 wltb JCOMK, SIZE iU)d STYLE NLMJUCU.

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