Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 5, 1928 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1928
Page 5
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- " TTTO TOT.A DAILY REGISTER. THURSPAYI EVENING. JANIiJARY 5; 1928 7/ -. : • A. PAGE FIVE \ i The,St«rt Thus Far , The storr 1h laid in tbe Indian territory and-'i<long the Kansas ^Ijorder in the 'SO's, when a fight -•. was being waged by the "Boom< ers" for the oiwning of' the ter- : ritory to seltloment. : Chief characters arc; TO.VY HARRISON, orphaned at £13 when his father was mur- idered in a poker game; • PAWNEE BILL, adventurer. ; Indian interpreter and Bhow- f man: J LiOE CRAIG, who talces Tony • to the Bar K ranch to live; ; -TITUS MOQRE. owner of the - ;Bar K; - : JRITA MOORE, his little tdm: boy daughter. . i • When Tony is 15, Rita and her • mother depart for Virginia and ; the boy learns for the first time , fiow much he cares for the little - red-haired, arrogant miss. " Moore is 'one cif the chief op- i, ; ponvnts of the mbvemeni to open i Oklahoma. Word • T)JtyU) PAYNE, movement, is dra \ his loyalty to Mel • b?K?aiisp of his : I'aynod cause. 7 CHAPTEi{ ; Eiirly I hat fail Pitwiiii- Hill liroiilghl :^f 'jn to Ciildwell. is received that leader of the i, and Tony, iore. is troubleli sympathy for XXXII. a lellfr from Tony fiurri- "I'm urKUiiiziiig a wild w.-^t show ao take out next spriug uiiil I want' :3'ou a.i faniy rider and rnp'T. An- iulitr tliliiK: Iv*' been .saving my TOou«?y and I think I can manage, •but I might find roush «oliis and 1 i Hvanl to kiiow iioW iiiiicli 1 can t)or- I Vuw in ; "I've pit about Jars in the toai:k.. ^••I've been risbt or ll wo>iId be <can borrow u|j to ; "You'll < in any.' I'm i»blige<lj • "Not at all. I •ase 1 need- it.'-' wo tlibttsand .<lol: Tony told him. free and Vuay with a lilt unjiv. You lie limit on that." |>ii the iirofits—If to yoii." ike to see money work. Mine 's beeb lyln' around in- adtive for so k>nk it must be covered with moss." | ! To seal the bargain i they axl- gourned to a saloon, of which Cald- iwellhad just as many as ever. Although^h;ad frowned on li- fluor and gambling had be«a declared illegal, in{ Caldwiell, throwback to the da>ls of Abilei^e and S^ays. the saloons and gatnblifig halls flourished jand continjied to 4)eckon to= thv thil -st .v i^penders who pushed the, herds along the Chls- holm iTrail. the little game. 'Tm; too busy." he prinned and turned;bls na"- ; Her eves danced, ".foe." she andcd. rmake him come." Moidd Car Will/Be J^ea£ur^ by Local " 'Dieaters com De< mont Well, now—" bezan Craig; but I l)o.lg>! with a stamp of !:he silenced him her foot. "1 Kue.Hs ycu better go; Tony." Crnig sairi weaklv and passed a broad hand over hi,s mouth. As he saddled Cherokee for b^r Slid another horse for himself, he could not help marveling—-she wa.s capable of so manv m'^ds. Less than an hour a^o she had been a Ftrangp. aloof belns: now she was another person entirely. They rode directly to the entlnen'-e rhal commanded favrlfp view, and Rita. Kcar.nly ."poken ,'during mit. Jan.; .'..—After eighteen il« !o'' development work. IJr'otheijs. Inc.. has officially annolinced Iho Vi< tory Six. a passenger car iontainiug a number pf marked iniwyations- These cars are i o«- on .display at tlie Ellis Mo-, tor (ompanV- i It is long and low in ai pearaiue. capable of suslaiii- ed h 'gh speed*, and is priced from $1,045 to n .lTD; ihp iftandard .se- xl»n M-Iling'at $1.09.S f- o. b. De- trol:. Plan« f.or at IWdge Brotb- ! ers,include tile continuance of the little: St«ln<Iard Foiur. t^iuipped with their 4-wheerbrakt^.'? and priced at JSjS who had for th<.- sediin. anri the Senior Sjx the ride,• priceii a; ^l-.'i9."> for the sedan, in Illness. : addition: to tJif Victory'isi.x. The It's a chronii- ailment and set- 1 Graham: Br-.ti:er.-< truck division. She was very sick our; whicii lia> Just completed the most Paris. Her doctor in-; prosp<roiw,year in its history, will conti'iiiw tn bii;:il commercial cars told him of her! mother 's ' "It 's a chrnnll- .-lilment ting worse, la^f week in •ists that she Ffay in tJie east, or nt least some place not so far removed from civilization and modern conveniences." 'I 'm very sorry." said Tony. "There 's nothing we can do. The {dorfnr thought the sea voyage Imlg 'ft help her. bur It dMn't." ."he ; gazed southward toward the Sat Fork, a <old fjilvcr riWmn beneath and fruiks o; five capacities-; li- ton. l'--ton. 1-ton. ?i-ton and !i- ton. "With, this program." said I 'reM- dent E. C.-, Wilmer. "the Dodge j dealers are prepared to meet I wide range of the demand for automotive transportation." i Tentative schedules fbr the year indicate that nearly three-fourths^ of Dodge Brothers passenger car i production will consist of Victory! mddeis including a coupe at $1.043.; a coupe with rumble seat at |1.095. a sed^n »t $1,095. deluxe setian at' II .170, and a de luxe brougham at' $1,170. ^ • • Grilling tests during which more than 1.000.000 miles were rolled up by engineers in both experiniental and actual-production models preceded the formal announcement of the Victory. Some of the test cars on durability runs, were kept going on the highways until their speedometers showed over 100,000 miles; speed performances oh • the Indianapolis track demonstrated that the car was capable of maintaining nearly 7i> miles an hour as , an avorage in thousand-mile grinds. Officials of the Dodge company state that the new car embodies .several Msic Innovations in automotive construction and deslgru To provide road-holding qualities necessary for highf speeds and at the j .«ame t me to permit the low.sweep-, ing body lines dictated by fashion' without sacrificing roominess or j road: clearance. Dodge. Brothers is employing a desigil entirety nt -w ' to the-industry. The body and the j chassis frame, in the Vitrtory Six,. are a single unit. | Because coni'entinnai .sill .-f and i crOss-meniiiers are done away with ' Skilled phjgucianJB recognize the , appearance di pimples, boils and i; other skin ernptiotis as being an indication ofian abnonhal condition of the system. This is why so many thoosands have been enabled to free; theniselves of these unsightly blemishes and painful annoyances by taking a course of j 5> S*S* ' . "I suiTered from impure blood —was weak, and; I had lost ;SO much weight, I didn't look natural. I h »l pimple? and was also bothered with a br ^aking -out that itched terribly.^ .lialso had bpils one after anotl^er. • I tried different kinds of remedies, but nothing did me any gdbd until a friend advised me to Sake S.S.S. which I did. This was some time ngo. Now I feel well, and I am gettmg along fine. S.S.S. stoppM the itching and it cured me of boils. I advise all \»eak and run-down people to give S.S.S. a traL It clears up the ikin; makes strong and fills you with enerrt." Mrs. J. W. Barker, 1337 Walflnt Street", Cincinnati, Ohio. You owe it to yourself to try " S.S.S. It helps Nature build up red corpuscles. It improvi the processes by which the bl is nourished. It is time-tried an< reliable. S.S.S. is sold at all good druj stores in two sizes. Tbe la size is more economical. I lid her slipposi' the least we can do is to make her jjj^ happy." or I the late aftern<v>n stin: ejcs were melancholy. "I her.'^olf. • atirl jtold h-r o. "Y^u mus'it't ii;i'k iik>' that: vf.ii're ww- ried. I hilt'/ ail. i r-'ckon I'd fer-l aiii" Wjiyif sli<> w;i-; my motb- the i.iiiy riiffereiue being that He .saw a suspicion of moisture j im have soniething to r'-proach in her eyes and frowned. "It's not' myself wlUi.j and you haven't; a."? had as that, is if?" |you're just scaring up. things." i ".N'o, I suppose not." she admit-| '^"No, Tin not." she insisted, shak- 'ted, forcing a little smile. "I Just. ing hei- head stubbornly; "no Vm ffct alarmed at times—just because ! she's mv mother. I suppose. I don't I want to lose her. Tony," she added, fiercely. "No." be said softly, "you don t. not. Tony; do .vou understand?"' "I'ndtjrstand?" he repeated in bewilderment. She Tony. ; laughed nervou.sly. yoii ilo—yon miisL man's' hatbrim. ; Further striutural ili-siimtive-^ n<'SK ha-- l)f<-n obtained by a novel. type of ^)ody design, which might be di-scriheil a.-; a stodl shell wcji!- ed insiiie an outer steel form a double wall with an air space l)etwpen. ^ ' ' The .engine developed exclusively for the Victory Six is an L-head. medium duty type, with bore of inches and strok'' of "'^i inches. Pistons art- aluminum alloy. Oh. I Seven hearings support the crank- Once, liv- Th€J coming, w nter, Tony Harri- had determilied. would be his He Was lible to- ICraig. Lafe Whitney, Heck -Sherman and the others la.sf on the Bar H grasp what Jop refused to face jiqLV of the coivp jlian. territory vi, ~ |iad made up lii ^loe Craig a*out •'as thinking of quarely—:that the' intenpoly hpuutif'il- to!<l incher in the In-jself when he had returned, as' passing- He I ins Cherokee for li-r insp*-'tion. mind to talk to (There were soft niivcs abc-it hor and tell him hei now where bef'>re there had hi'fU ileavinc. And be-, slim straishtiies-. Sim wa-- -len- iaiise he was grateful to Craig, he would wait until his 21st birthday. when Rita liad de-. to •yiAY lilLLfE. PAWNEE BILLS WIFK. AT THE HEIGHT OF HER C.VREERj.VS A WILD WEST SHOW PERFORMER. nity—the poise ofj her a-.iburn- crownod head, the'^entl-- jimrhila- tion of her voice, the niu.-dcal. Io«pitched laugh, the drape of styli.tih informed hiia Paris-made clothing, all bespoke a for tiic new Rita and .seemed to say to him: "You see now what a wonderful creature she is. Do you see what a fool you were to think you could forget her'.'" Almost her word t6 hihi was for ^Cherokee. "Do let nicf se^ him. Tony." • ' ; "I""l gi't him." a;ul In- niar'hi.-d dtitifullv to fetch him. He had nevpr seen anything io She reached out her hand im- I pulsively. "Poor Tony." she said. "I'm beginning to realize." she re, , sumed after a long silence, "what saw him pat his wiles sliouldcr• .^^ j,^.^ jj^^^ jj, niother at ivith gentle aifeciinn. _ ^ I times." ••-Mrs- Moore's bct-n sitk.'f Craig; murmured something iti pro- She's a wonderful lady. He added just tn-caiise I'd said I'd cive ai' somberly, "I often wonder what my i thin!: to have Clierokee for my own, mother was like. She died when I' you offered him to me. Don't jt)u was a little shaver just learning tOisuppo^j I know how much it hurt ^alk." lyu to say thnt? But yoii thought test, but she hastened-on. "Xes I house. "I'm f'Kur-^j^j^^.p. ^hes worried a lot about me t woul'i make mp happy. Soihe times the only way we can make others i happy ^ is by hurting ourselves, iisn't if?" rTO BE CO.STINjL'ED) in:; this will be her visit the Bar K for a long time." "You mean its that serious'/" "I mean the coionc;! will want her to stay in Virginia, where there's more <-bmforts. and people to wait on her. Tbe colonel donr feel any toq good about it, Tony.' Half an hour later they heard i Rita's voice hailing them. They' wer<> putting a n(rw set of shoes .(on Craig's horse and when Tonjr Harrison ran keep silent no lonirer. ; In the next Installment he teils Rita of his love- shaft. Because of rigid support and careful balancing of the ."»2- pbund crank.^hafr. no counter- weighLs or other vibration danipen- er.s are used, (le.irshift pisitiijiis ar" S. .A. E. stan'lard- , Four-wheel Ixx-kheed hydraulic i footbrakes expand internally • against a drum 12 inche^' in dia- i met'-r. The parking brake, con- tr^ct.s on the propeller The entire passenger car production of. Dodge Brother; in all three '• models, will be supplied,- in' widt|- varieties of color combinations. i ^ Bedroom Furniture of Golonial Design . Witii the qaaint poster bed. here indeed is a distinctive furniture. It may be' had in a three-piece suite. Vanity, Be«i. Chest. Walnut Finish, including 20-year guaranteed spring and cotton felt raattres.s =at the e-\t'remely low price of $72.50 .\fter invoicing we find that we have a number of broken suites :that we will sell at greatly reduced prices and in many cas^s less than actual wholesale cost to us. A. W' Beck Furniture Company Phone 2.S South Side Square lola, Kansas she dor.-true, hut rounded, fiiii-h-d: he was beholding a woman and h' rs ill-Ion t'raig- had adoptejd him—riot legal-1 had said goodl>y i wo yt-u Jy, it was true, and of thc~bargain as lake orders frorii coming of age slould rie\ tnwA the moral qblipatibn He liad it all would go out witji following spring «hoy closed he w Bar K and eay well, he didn't' worked Pawnecj him-j I.-ad- ''f'*' "ear they saw a mi.^chievoiis lichf in her eyes. She was bare~ headed and,' wore a diviiied skirt. •'.\imin' to t.ike. Cherokee for « ramble. I see." Craig predlcted- "Tl:;ifs ju-t whrit I'm aimij.J" to ito." !•!»; averre-l. "iiiitnickfii'.f I liiiti. ' "Oh. .lop." .>.lic adc|ed. "you ilmi't ' know how wi'uderful it is to c<im<» liack to this acaiii.'l .She e.Metide'l | her anus in an ei-static . pestijre. j I,,,,, threw Ija'k lif>r head and inhalcil | f;,-,., ItingfuH of the autumn air. nnounctnaj> e IX jbut effectively— i to a girl, he would stijk to his own end | Her bis gray .yes Ii-n-ath tliei- Cralg 'tt ward and ; long la.shes were treniiilDiis with him fihfll hl-s I eagerness as siie put out her artns ir e him (fn! Cherokee and l;uj,".rei! his ... , • ' to her <'heek Tlie liii: ihorsi' wliin-i Jier fiianuer suddenly clianRe<l jnied. at'ain to .irie nf hanter. "Is the j I But Mrs. .Moore was lipekoiiiiig . young than with yoa," she inquired to her- "Come in tlie house. Rira. "~ and change your cloth'us. Do hurry." And Rita turned awry Tony thought. I'la' Mrs. .Moore ilooked Strang'- \ 'I • i!'<i \AB<1 she va- ... .if iiiannir— 'terrible ^.V T-nw \l :i< :to ijook around at places but- |it wa.s .iJh Mt .r > ;. BY DODGE BROTHERS out: he Bill the and when the buld return to the goodby. Then know. HcW::-^ of Crai^. "indisppiisableV Tony .-he -jilded s'jverely.: lmperious:ly, "I want you to ride,, with me." like the show business well enoutih to r exci .'main in it very long: it was fng and it gave one a chance en siirging thri'il Itlroppod away to I Toi'.y felt a sud<i and .'even years . . bring crowding, into his mind thej arm picture of a little red-hai;-p.d girl ,1 iked to I Cioinmandinc dlTjnjt satisfy him. His hiind ilriit ed bacjk to San Ffanc'sro: that •was the place. If he ci -ild fi 'id -Eometaing there the ' liay. t!'-e Fbips romiiic a-td coilr^- if lie - cou;<l get into the ":hi;'i»hi= busi- ne=.=; ... ' Bin it dill nOi: worS; •-•iil a- he. had planned, lii^ Ieavc-rakiii„\ Blta. whom he had almost^ succeed-. od ill banishing from his* thoughts j and who no loneer counted in his , .man's world, returned .to tlie Bar' • :K, fresh from a tour of Europe. At sight of her his little artifi-i t ' lial world wtht !to smash, like u \ o'y .balloon that ihas been touched with a lighted cigar. The touch of " her cool hand as' slie greeted him •• pent the blood racing rhronph his i veias. just as it had donp on a day • in the past when, he tried to make' .her~ accept Cherokee for her own.' Rita." and then h^t his tongue sav- 1 -ag «ly as he hoanj the other Bar K hanil"^ .adilress 1i(>r jis "Miss Tlitn." : For she had acfiulred ajaew dig-• shv. roluctjantl boy But he fell' Into i Persistent • terioustrouble. ^' -with Creomulfinn. sole that is plcar-ai • finn ii a new mei two-fold action; it the inflamed mem iranes and inbibiti . germ growth. m. Of all Jcnown dr igs. creosote is rec- - opriized by high mrdical authoriliMas one of the greatest .1 c„l\i. lead 10 i-a:i ^to'.' iher-i row n rnii:Uiti .1 erc:> I-. lak.v l..-^>iaul- cal discovery with soothes and heals healing agrndes for persistent coughs ; nd colds'and other forms of throat tn ubles. Creomulsion contains, in additinn to creosote, othei -healing cJem«its vbich soothe and heal the infected meml ranes and stop the - irritation and inf): mmation. while the creosote goes oo t< the stomach, is ab- corbWd into the b]( od. altaclu the seat _ of the trouble ant checks the growth of the germs. Creomulsion ik guaranteed sjtisfac- lory in the trcaincnt of persistent coughs and cold:, bronchial asthma, bronchitis and oti er forms of respira- tort diseases, and is excellent for building np'the syqlai after colds oi-flo. Honey refmuled ; f any con^ or cold is ! not ndicfved aftet tating aceordinc to: 'direeiiiinaL Aak^jwr dracEi«t: («d*.) isneededmst *TbrSaleby-> PEERLESS SERVICE STATION NORTH SIDE SQL \RE—PHONE 68c Bollinger Service. Station Peerless Garage, Neosho Falk F. G. Lawyer Spmmer%-ille Garage, LaHarpe Peerless Service Station. .Mildrcfl ; Kerr Hardware, LaHarpe H. Frischenmeyer. Piqua Frank I^nowlton Store, Geneva Xlotilotl—Exeluure DUtribmtorM of FfiiHroiT MewM From an eogineeriag standpoint The Viaory is radically new, radically dififer- ent and thoroughly original—is literally years' ahead of its time ^n many viul features. In a very real setise, too, it compares with no other car or class, becauie; NO car, either here or abroad, prc^vides feamres that are comparable. To einjoy these ad- vanuges you must buy THIS car, for elsewhere they simply do not exist. 'Revolutionary Neiv Principles of'Design\ 1. For the first time since'.xhe invention of the automobile, the chassis and body of The Viaory are a single integral unit •^the wide, deep Victory chassis frame, flush with the lines of the body; replaces the customary body sills. (Heretofore, the body^was mounted on's sill and both in turn motmted on the chiissis.) 2. For the first time in history, battleship ^construction (i. e., double steel walls) is here applied to t!ie m|otor car. Spectacular Performance The results of these, and other basic innovations are astonishing in their effect on'every phase of motor car value; beauty, comfort, safety, strength ^d most impressive and important of ill—perform, anct Hstlf. ! \ r . .... With chassis and body a single unit, there ate 330 fewer pans—175 pounds less weight—and an extremely low center of gravity. • \ , The results are greater motor efficiency —^increased power—quicker pick-up— greater stability and flexibility in relation to load—an easier car to handlb—a faster car to drive! 21 miles to tbe gallon at 25 miles per hpiir is precisely what you can expect— with sustained high speed all day long at instant call!' Drive over cobbles and await the usual discomfort—it will never occur! The Victory is the snkoothest riding car, for its type, ever built; ; Sia/e, Strong and Stable Because the chassis frame conforms precisely with-the body lines-j-and because of the car's low center of gravity (weight dose to the ground) The Viaory is remarkably stable—tipping, skidding and swaying are reduced to a point positively negligible! ^/ Turn a sharp corner and you will under* stand! And the double steel walls mean double protection in case of accident—double tht safety of any type yet known. A staunch body, with doors that close with a substantial and non-metallic snap. = Quiet and Comfortable The aim of all engineering is simplicity. for sinipliciry means economy—strength —SILENCE. There are only 8 major parts in The Viaory body—and they are welded into a single unit. Not a joint :o squeak or rattle. A silent body. And Dodge Brothers powerful new six- cylinde^r mototv—specially engineered for The A^ctory—preserves this luxurious quietneiss at all .speeds. A Car of Striking Beauty Body and .chassis built as a single unit— without the customary body sill—permits lower over-all height with liberal headroom and road-clearance. ' Splash shields, a constant source of nois.e andannbyance are replaced by the wide, deep Viaory chassis frame; wide, heavy- gauge one-piece fenders and drum-type head-laimps are provided. ; Upholstery, hardware, instruments, color combinations and other appointments satisfy the most exacting demands of s^le and good taste. Indeed, you have a distina and thrilling impression that the car in which you are riding is long, low, swift and safe— -i car of surpassing originality and smartness down to the smallest deuil. 4-DOOR SEDAN, F. OB. DETROIT Tifue in for Dodfjf Brothers Radio Program evenj Thurs- (laj Si[/ht^ 9 to 9:30 (Central Standard Time) —National BroadcaHtimj Company Red Seticork ELLIS MOTOR COMPANY 214 N. WASHINGTON 'PHONE 301 ON DISPLAY TODAY WITH "tHE SE1>.I0R SIX AND AAfERICA'S FASTEST^OUR

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