Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 7, 1970 · Page 10
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
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Saturday, November 7, 1970
Page 10
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Vol. 17 Kuemper High School, Carroll. Iowa, Saturday, Nov. 7, 1970 No. 10 6 Students Receive High Honors— Quarter Honor Roll Announced The first quarter honor roll for the 1970-1971 school year has been announced. Six students received high honors. They are juniors — William Schoofs, Jean Renze, Alma Nieland, Ann O'Leary, Denise Simons; freshman — Michelle Kerwin. • Statistics show that 16 per cent of the Kuemper enrollment of 1,157 students attained honor roll standing. - Sophomores show that 18 per cent of their class of 305 students are on the honor roll; 17 per cent of freshman class of 276 students; 16 per cent of junior class of 285 students and 14 per cent of the senior class of 291 students attained honor roll standings. Students on the honor roll are: Seniors: 3.8 — Steve Hogan, Anna Mae Mayer, Rosemary Riesberg; 3.7 — Mary Eischeid; 3.6 — Wanda Eischeid, Jan Friedman, Kevin Heinrichs, Jacquelyn Hunter, Mary Kennebeck, Barbara Ohde, Judy Sibbel; 3.5 — Roger Briggs, Julie Heithoff, Mary Jane Klocke, Jane Mosher, Pam Renze, Pam Steffes; 3.4 — Gail Friedman, Jeanne Glass, Barb Heider, Patricia Heithoff, Dorothy Kirsch, Janice Klocke, Mary St r a u t- man, James Von Bon, Linda Wittrock; 3.3 — Kevin Cawley, Kathy Clark, Mark Gronstal, Joan J a n n i n g, Debby Nees, Becky Stalzer; 3.2 — Monica Balk, Mary Baumhover, Angela Bock, Dave Knobbe, Ron Lutwitze, Joan Menke, Mary Neumayer, Mary Stangl, Mary Tes- troet. Juniors: 3.8 — Molly Burgess, Jane Busche, Mary Schon, Mark Vonnahme; 3.7 — Cheryl Klocke; 3.6 — Michael Brenny, Kathy Cawley, Mark Collison, Debbie Fischer, Kathy Harm, Lou Lohman, Diane Reicks; 3.5 — Julia McGrane; 3.4 — Mari Balk, Joyce Eischeid, Pamela K. Irlbeck, Randy Nees, Susan Ohde, Bob Riesselman, Marianne Riesberg, Karen Schmitz; 3.3 — Karen Menke, Russell Schroeder. Teri Vanderheiden; 3.2 — Arthur B e h r e n s, Jean Bromert, Mary Bruner, Joan Collison, James Greteman, Fay H e e s e, Patrica Kitt, Dan Nurse, Nina Pletchette, Marie Reibold, Carolyn Schumacher, Angela Seyeller, Mary Ann Simons, Rae Jean Westendorf, Jane Wuebker. Sophomores: 4.0 — Susan Nurse; 3.9 — Margie Greteman; 3.8 — Sharon Friedman, Linda Frischmeyer, Sue Nagl, Barbara Rupiper; 3.7 — Richard Donovan, Janell Eischeid; 3.6 — Gail Goetzinger, Ann Gronstal, Donna Hackfort, Jane Hoffman, Jean Schoenjahn, Sandie Stangl, Robert Tegels, Leann Tigges; 3.5 — Amy Hall, Tom Rohe; 3.4 — Mike Eifler, Jan Greteman, M a x i n e Hoffman, Debbie Horbach, Janice Hyland, Shirley Langel, Joan Leiting, Sue McKone, Kristine Meyer, Julie Pollastrini, Sheila Reilng, Barbara Schachtner, Randy Schmitz, Claudia Simons, Diane S t a i e r t, Donna Sporrer; 3.3 — C y n t h i a McGrane. Steve Sibbel; 3.2 — Mark Beckman, Deanna Blum, Duane Brincks, Marilyn Brincks, Patricia Cawley, Mary Fangman, Marvin Frischmeyer, Debbie Friedman, Kristy Heiman, Nancy Irlbeck, Terry Jenson, Lori Leiting, Teresa Matter, Rosalyn Nepple, Donny Pudenz, Laurie Seidl, Jeff Sernett, Gayle Sibenaller, Jane Walz, Margaret Wiedemeier. Freshmen: 3.8 — Cecila Berger, Claudia Clark, Joyce Mayer; 3.7 — Roxanne Green, Rosemary Hornick; 3.6 — Phillip Baldus, Kathleen Berger, Craig Dentlinger, Mary Jo Ludwig, Sharon Maher, Diane Settle, Laura Sibenaller; 3.5 — Sharon Daniel, Diane Frischmeyer, Denise Grimsman, Geri Reinhart, Barbara Trecker; 3.4 — Steve Boes, Dale Dentlinger, Janice Golwitzer, Jeff Hunter, Diane Irlmeier, Linda Lyons, Joan Reiling, Mary Reinhart, Kathy Riesselman, Alan Roetker; 3.3 — Sylvia Curbelo, Janet Kelso, Iris Sibenaller, Diane Siemann, Barbara Stangl; 3.2 — Sheila Behrens, Vernon Behrens, Stephen Garbier, Christy Fleskes, DeLynn Kanne, Debra Knobbe, Sue Kock, Shirley i Schon, Joni Seidl, Linda Staiert, Joni Vanderheiden, Vickie Wittrock. Daily Record Police Court 0 (F. M. Rombotigh) Shoplifting— Rozelle Irene Lauridsen, Audubon, shoplifting, $30. Traffic Fines— Marvin J. Brandl, Carroll, noisy muffler, $5; Algene P. Snyder, Carroll, speed, $15; Robert L. Graham, Carroll, speed, $10; Victor J. Warnke, Carroll, careless driving, $10; Bradley G. Watson, Carroll, speed, $13; Allen R. Schaeuble, Carroll, speed, $7; Kenneth P. Johnson, Carroll, speed, $15; James A. Underberg, Breda, excessive noise, $5; Eleanor Gehlsen, Carroll, careless driving, $10; Steven D. Musfeldt, Arcadia, yield violation, $10; James B. Thielen, Carroll, yield violatin, $10; Mark A. Huebsch, Carroll, speed, $10; Bonnie L. Anthofer, Carroll, speed, $15; Ronald L. Wolterman, Carroll, speed, $13; Tony Kuse, Denison, speed, $13; and Mark L. Hulg- ing, Glidden, speed, $12. Time* Herald, Carroll, la. Saturday, Nov. 7, 1970 Sisters Move to Vail During the early part of September, four Franciscan sisters moved into St. Ann's Convent, Vail. Three were from Kuem per: Sisters Ruth Nieland, Barbara Ann Hausman and Joanne Moeller. The fourth was Sister Rose Menke, who teaches music tin several Carroll County elementary schools. This move was in response to a need for CCD teachers in the Vail area. Now every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning the sisters and a staff of lay people give religious instructions to Catholic students attending public schools. The close proximity of the Sisters to the people and students of Vail has added much interest and joy to the lives of the Sisters. Avenues of involvement open Up through parish activties. The Sisters already feel that they are beginning to have a vital part in the life of the youth of the parish. Presence at CYO meetings, choir practice, and social activities is requested by the students themselves. "Interest for the Kuemper youth and the life at Kuemper has not been diminished by this new endeavor. On the contrary, the vision of the education of youth has been broadened and enriched by the added interest offered by the involvement," stated Sister Barbara Ann. Transportation posed no problem for the nuns. All four are licensed drivers and are able to withstand the extra 18 miles every day. Future transportation problems might occur during the nasty winter months, but the Sisters feel that the school bus must come, so they will have some means of assistance. Sister Rose Menke does most of the cooking for the Sisters. Carameled apples and gourmet foods seem to be her specialties. The Sisters feel that they are both benefiting and accomplishing much from this experience and are thankful to the people of Vail for their kindness. Editorial By Teri Vanderheiden ' Wasn't the play good! Because it was so good, I'd like to recapture one of the scenes for you. It is that poignant scene With Joan and her father. Father: You? You? You are crazy. Crazy! You are a fool! A fool and a crazy girl. Joan: I must do what my voices tell me. I will go— ''PLEASE PASS THE ANIMAL COOKIES!! THANK YOU!! CRUNCH!! CRACKLE-CRAK- LE! CRUNCH! COUGH!! COUGH!! BOY, ISN'T THIS A TERRIBLE PLAY? I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT!" Well, maybe if you'd be quiet and pay attention and eat lunch at the appropriate time, you just might be able to understand it. But I doubt it. Anyone that would go to a play and eat animal cookies that make so much noise that the people in the audience cannot hear the actors, isn't mature enough to be let out of his play pen. Shame! Shame! Shame! A lot of work and direction went into "The Lark." One thing that Fr. Higgins stressed most was, "Speak loud! That deaf little old lady sitting in that last row * paid her dollar and a half, and she isn't going to hear you if you don't speak loud." What use is there to speak, Police Department Traffic Accident— Four cars were damaged in a traffic accident east on High- eay 30 near the intersection with North East Street at 12:10 a.m. Saturday. A car driven by Alan D. Johnson, 24, Carroll, was turning into a service station when struck from the rear by a car driven by Michael Schroeder, 18, Carroll. The Johnson car then struck the left sides of two parked cars in the service station parking lot. The parked cars were owned by Charles F. Youman, and Michael G. Madigan, both of Carroll. No injuries were reported. Goes Native Raquel, the belle of America, goes native in Cyprus where she's filming a new movie. Cypriot women ride donkeys but few with the effect of Raquel Welch. Fire Department Car on Fire- Carroll firemen were summoned to the Highway 71 viaduct over Highway 30 at 9:13 a.m. Saturday where a car was reported on fire. Assistant Fire Chief Orlando Eich extinguished the minor blaze with a hand fire extinguisher before the fire truck arrived. —Charger Photo COACH DENNIS DONNELLY, boys physical education teacher demonstrates tumbling techniques to students in one of his gym classes. Mr. Donnelly Works For Masters Degree loud when no one can hear you because a group of girls sitting in the b a 1 c o n y are having a barnyard jamboree? This show of a lack of etiquette belongs in a barnyard where there is no need of discipline or manners. It does not belong in the theater. I will not deny that the play was deep; that was why parents were discouraged from buying tickets for their children. I was not aware that Kuemper had any children! i Oh! You are not children? Well, you could have exercised some consideration for the adults who were trying to listen. I am really ashamed of those students who were involved in this action and hope that when the drama department puts on their next play in December, that these students will either refrain from coming or will come with a new character — a character of maturity, consideration, discipline, and an attitude appropriate for the theater. Last summer, Mr. Dennis Donnelly spent six weeks in Tempe, Arizona, where he attended classes at Arizona State. Mr. Donnelly, who teaches physical education at Kuemper, is working for his master's degree in secondary education. His classes consisted of a variety of programs. He attended two coaching clinics and also a seminar on physical fitness. The seminar on physical fitness dealt mainly with tests for physical fitness, explaining them and what should be done with the results. Mr. Donnelly stresses the importance of good health in everyday life. Although there are many difficulties involved; he would like to have physical education every day. "This would benefit both the spectators and the students actively involved in a sport." Everyone needs exercise, and this would give students a good atti and soccer. This is an opportunity for a great number of students to participate. Mr. Donnelly is the freshman football coach, assistant track coach, and head varsity wrestling coach. Each age group is different, and coaching these various sports requires different tactics. "Football is essentially a team effort, while wrestling involves individual performance to a greater e x t e n t," said Mr. Donnelly. Bruce Hale Comes Home After Stay in University Hospitals After two and one-half months of being in the University Hospitals in Iowa City, Bruce Hale has returned home to 202 N. East St. Bruce will have to return to Iowa City in four weeks for treatments. Bruce said, "I Hospitals ST. ANTHONY HOSPITAL Dismissals Nov. 6— Kreg R. Sailer, Carroll Henry P. Jensen, Gray Mrs. Kenneth E. Lenz, Lake City Mrs. Elizabeth C. Lampe Arcadia Mrs. Harold D. McDonald Scran ton Linnwood A. Tuel, Coon Ra pids Denise M. Schwabe, Carroll Douglas B. Godwin, Exira Mrs. Calvin Sheer, Bagley Mrs. Leo F. Timmerman, Arcadia Mns. Louis L. Akin, Carroll Mrs. Leola F. McDonnell, Ma nilla MANNING GENERAL HOSPITAL (Time* Herald New* Service) Admissions Nov. 4— Mrs. Arthur Branning, Carroll Charles Reglein, Wall Lake Dismissals Nov. 4— Ranald Scheldorf, Manning Leonard Farrell, Manning Henry Otto, Manning Ted Kraus, Westside Birth- Mr. and Mrs. Ron Hodne, Manning, a son, Tuesday am feeling fine now and it feels tude in competitive sports," he good to be home and see my explained. [friends again." Another system which is ef-1 Bruce wants to thank the foot- fective is a program for intra-! ball team for presenting him mural sports. Some schools belong to the Girl's Recreation Association, which promotes the formation of several teams within a school. These teams play games such as volleyball with the homecoming football and to tell the students of Kuemper High to "come and visit me at anytime." Bruce is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Lammers. Roundtable Reflections MONOGRAM LETTERS The following boys are recommended for Monogram a w a r d s for cross-country track: Jim Baldus Jerry Hermsen Doug Schroeder Henry Otto Mike Frischmeyer Jim Greteman Myron Heithoff Jeff Heisterkamp Kevin Fee Dandelion of the week goes to "Deany Von Reinhart" (Dean Hoffman) and "Handsome Dan Quinn" for their version of all- star wrestling. With the close of football, congratulations go to the coaches and teams for winning seasons. Congratulations to the orchestra, choirs, and directors for a successful fall concert. With football over, are you "basketballers" and "grapplers" getting ready? Double dandelion of the week goes to Esther Tigges for getting caught in a desk? 1 Birth ST. PAUL, MINN. - Mr. and Mrs. Paul Finkenhoefer of St. Paul, a daughter, Nov. 4. Mrs. Finkenhoefer is the former Linda Masching, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Masching of Hayfield, Minn. Great-grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Ted Vogt and Mr. and Mrs. George Masching of Carroll. Carroll Markets GRAIN Soybeans, No. 2 $2.75 Corn, No. 2 yellow 1.27 Oats .70 Fred Moraiti 4 Dad of Year' IOWA CITY (AP) - A newspaper editor-publisher from Jefferson was honored Saturday as the University of Iowa's 'Dad of the Year.' Fred E. Morain received his award during halftime at the Iowa-Indiana football game. The award is bestowed annually by the Omicron Delta Kappa, a men's leadership society. The Tionoree is selected from applications submitted by any interested students. Morain was nominated by his sons, Stephen, a law school junior, and Thomas, a graduate student in American civilization. Morain is a 1937 Iowa grad with a juris doctor degree and has been awarded the highest distinction of the Iowa Press Association-master editor-publisher 1964. He has also served under three governors on the executive committee of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. He is also District 600 Governor of Rotary International. Deaths, Funerals A. W. LISTON AUDUBON - A. W. Lisbon, 78, well-known retired Audubon businessman, died Thursday afternoon while working at his home here. Arthur William L i s t o n was born May 18,1892 at Humphrey, Neb., the son of Simon and Belle Schick Liston. He attended the old Western Normal College at Shenandoah, and was employed in a bank at Coin for 15 years before coming to Audubon in 1929. He grew up at Coin. His marriage to M a 11 i e Cheshire took place at Clarinda April 8, 1913. After coming to Audubon Mr. Liston worked for an auto dealer, and later established an insurance agency which still bears his name. In 1945 he purchased Roberts Transfer and built the business into a motor freight line with daily service between Des Moines and Omaha. He retired several years ago. Mr. Liston was active in many groups, including Audubon Post 120 of the American .egion, Aretas Lodge No. 396 of the Independent Order of Odd ellows, Veritas Lodge No. 392 of the Masons. He was a World War I veteran, and a past commander of the Legion post. He had held memberships of 50 years or more in the Masonic Lodge, American Legion, and Odd Fellows. Among the Masonic bodies he was a member of, in addition to Veritas Lodge, are Atlantic Council No. 19, Royal and Select Masters; Amity Chapter No. 93, Royal Arch Masons; and Godfrey Commandery No. 44, Knights Templar. He was a member of the Methodist church, the Audubon Lions Club, was a former County Republican Chairman, and once served as secretary of the Audubon Chamber of Commerce. Survivors include his wife, M a 11 i e; two daughters, Mrs. Jack (Cletabell) Ratteree of San Marcos, Calif., and Mrs. Fred (Beulah) Haeberle of Audubon; son, John of Scottsdale, Ariz.; 16 grandchildren; one brother, Charles Liston of Salt Lake City, Utah; one sister, Mrs. Grace Dunkin of Fort Smith, Ark. Masonic rites will be held at McFadden Funeral Home at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, and funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Monday in First United Methodist Church, the Rev. Harvey G. Quandt officiating. Burial will be in Maple Grove Cemetery, with military honors by the Audubon American Legion. Omaha Family Guests of Clarks (Times Herald News Service) WESTSIDE — Spending Saturday and Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. James Clark were Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Peters and Christene from Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Craig Von Glan from San Mateo arrived Friday evening to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Von Glan. The Craig Von Glan's were returning from a 10-day European vacation, spent in England and Italy. Mrs. Craig Von Glan left Monday morning for Rochester where she will undergo surgery. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kock and family were supper guests Monday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Weber at Danny's in Westside. The supper was a belated observance of Mr. and Mrs. Kock's 27th wedding anniversary. Dedham Guild Has Halloween Meeting (Times Herald News Service) DEDHAM - St. Joseph's Guild held its monthly meeting Thursday evening, Oct. 29, in he parish hall after an 8 p.m. mass offered by the Rev. Cleo Seuntjens. The meeting was opened by the president, Mrs. Eugene Derner, and followed by a prayer and hymn led by the secretary, Mrs. Larry Klocke. Routine reports were given by the secretary and treasurer. Thank you cards and bills were acknowledged and a letter from Des Moines Right to Life Committee was read. The Sunshine report was given by Mrs. Henry Heman.' Mrs. Derner thanked all ladies who assisted at the social evening held in the parish hall on Oct. 7. She reminded the members to bring their coffee certificates for the Christmas Club to the next meeting which will be held on Tuesday eve ning, Nov. 24, beginning at 7:30 a.m. A new member , Mrs. Paul Sporrer, was added to the June circle. Mrs. Leonard Tunning gave the October Circle Report and awarded the door prize to Mrs. August Meyer and the charity prize to Mrs. Alvina Schreck. The clothing drive will be held during Thanksgiving weekend. Tuesday, Nov. 17, was set as the church cleaning. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. Charles Wiskus and Mrs. Alfred Peters for wearing the most original Halloween costumes. Hot Lunch Menus 'uo.rt e r eestj, f<x\\Covert R California Guests in B. Cater Home (Times Herald New* Service) AUBURN — Mr. and Mrs. George Gunville, National City, Calif, visited Friday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Byrhl Cates. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Williamson were Sunday guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Stonehocker and family, Redfield. Terry Barto who attends Wayne State College, Wayne, Neb. was a recent weekend guest in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Barto, Barbara, Jane and Patricia. , The Carroll Community School hot lunch menu for the week of Nov. 9-13 follows: Monday, Nov. 9 — Vegetable Beef-Noodle Casserole, Cabbage-Pineapple Salad, Peanut Butter Sandwich, Bread-Butter, Milk. Tuesday, Nov. 10 — Mashed Potatoes-Gravy, Pork Chop- ettes, Bread-Butter, Mixed Fruit Cup, Milk. Wednesday, Nov. 11 — Meat Sandwiches, Buttered Corn, Fruit Spice Cake, Shoestring Potatoes, Pickles, Milk. Thursday, Nov. 12 — Fish Sticks-Tarter Sauce, Jello Salad, Bread-Butter, Brownie, Milk. Friday, Nov. 13 — Ham Slices, Sweet Potatoes, Bread- Butter, Hot Vegetable, Cake, Milk. After the meeting adjourned the Rev. Fr. Henry Meyer gave a brief talk on the "Council of Catholic Women." Lunch was served on tables decorated for Halloween and a social hour followed. The plate prize was won by Mrs. Mayme Weitl. Assisting the chairman, Mrs. Leonard Tunning, was co-chairman, Mrs. John Seidl, and the other members of the October Circle. ED J. VONNAHME Requiem high mass for Ed J. Vonnahme, 67, of Carroll, was celebrated at 10:30 a.m. Friday in Holy Spirit Ohurdh here by the Very Rev. Leo Lenz, V.F. Pallbearers were Lynn Schapman, Allen Sohapman, Robert Vonnahme, Kenneth Vonnahme, LuVern Vonnahme and Darrell Vonnahme. Interment was in Mt. Olivet Cemetery under direction of the Sharp Funeral Home. Mr. Vonnahme died Nov. 3 at St. Anthony Hospital. Relatives attending the funeral were from Humtington Beaoh, Calif., West Allis and La Crosse, Wis.; Omaha, Neb.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Mallard, Emmefeburg, Early, Mt. Carmel, Breda and Carroll. MRS. ELLA COLVIG HINKLEY LAKE CITY — Funeral services for Mrs. Ella Colvig Hinkley, 95, of Lake City were held Thursday at 10:30 a.m. at the Huffman Memorial Chapel in Lake City. Rev. Robert Boell officiated. Mrs. A. M. Short was organist. Pallbearers were Harry Curry, Robert Claiborne, Melford Johnston, Harold Tuvell, Robert Ihrke, and Dr. Charles Fulkerson. Burial was in Lake City Cemetery. Mrs. Hinkley, who was a lifelong resident of Lake City, and the publisher of the Lake City Graphic, died Tuesday at Shady Oaks Nursing Home in Lake City Surviving are one daughter, two sons, seven grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren, and several great-great-grandchildren; also one sister, and three stepdaughters. POST OFFICE TO CLOSE The Carroll post office will be closed all day, Veterans Day, Wednesday, Nov. 11, Postmaster B. G. Tranter announced Saurday. There will be no deliveries of mail by the city or rural carriers, but regular lockbox service and special delivery service will be provided. The holiday collection, receipt and dispatch of mail will be maintained. There will be no window service on this day. The only way to get rid of barnacles on a watercraft is to haul the vessel out of the water and scrape them off. A jackhammer has to be used to chip them off. The Weather The Weather in Carroll (Daily Temperatures Courtesy Iowa Public Service Company) Yesterday's high 60 Yesterday's low 38 At 7 a.m. today 32 At 10 a.m. today 33 IOWA FORECAST Mostly cloudy Saturday night COOLER and Sunday. Low temperatures Saturday night in the 30s. Colder Sunday with occasional rain or snow, highs in the 40s. Weather A Year Ago- High temperature a year ago today in Carroll was 66; the low, 38 degrees. HARRY FRANTZ LAKE CITY — Funeral services for Harry Frantz, 65, of Lanesboro were held Thursday at 2 p.m. at the Community United Methodist Church in Lanesboro. Rev. Robert Parris officiated. Mrs. Stephen Huffman was soloist; Mrs. John Harms, organist. Pallbearers were Edward Kavanaugh, Ted Dowling, Carl Jenkins, Robert Hested, Richard Pederson, and Clarence Launspach. Burial was in the Lanesboro cemetery in charge of the Huffman Memorial Chapel. Mr. Frantz died Tuesday morning at his home in Lanesboro. Surviving are his wife, one son, six sisters, and two grandchildren. CARL SEAY LAKE CITY — Funeral services for Carl Seay, 71, of Lake City were held Friday at 10:30 a.m. at the Huffman Memorial Chapel in Lake City. Rev. John Holland officiated. Mrs. A. M. Short was organist. Pallbearers were Vern Mathews, John Jackson, W. R. Elston, Ralph Mcln- tire, Frank Bristol, and Guy Sharp. Burial was in Lake City Cemetery. He died Wednesday morning at Stewart Memorial Hospital, Lake City. He is survived by two sisters, one brother, and a number of nieces and nephews. ROBERT SCROGGINS LAKE CITY — Funeral services for Robert Scroggins, 71, of Lake City were held Friday at 2 p.m. at the Huffman Memorial Chapel in Lake City. Rev. John Holland officiated. Mrs. A. M. Short was organist. Pallbearers were Max Ausborn, Jr., Donald Morrow, Archie Rice, Leslie Bradley, Russell Daisy, and William Goettsch. Burial was in Lake City Cemetery. He died Wednesday at his home in Lake City. Surviving are one s i s t e r, five brothers, and a number of nieces and nephews.

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