The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 6, 1997 · Page 16
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 16

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1997
Page 16
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B8 TUESDAY, MAY 6, 1997 Fun THE SAUNA JOURNAL Dilbert ARE YOU TELLING ttE THM YOU INVENTED THE FIRST COEB BROWSER? NOT ALONE I WORKED WITH OUR GARBAGE FLASHBACK ! UJONDER HOW LONG PEOPLE WOULD SIT IN FRONT OF A COMPUTER WAITING FOR. NOTHING. WHAT IF THIS THING GETS OUT OF HAND? WE'LL BLAttE IT OM SOfAE ORUNKENi COLLEGE KID. Peanuts IT 15 PAWN..HERE 5 THE UJORLP WAR I FLYIN6 ACE WALKING OUT ONTO THE AEKOPROME... AS SOON AS TMEY FINISH PLAYIN6 THIS MANP.. MI5 FAITHFUL MECHANICS WILL HAVE we PLANE FUELEP ANP REAPYT060.. Beetle Bailey USUALLY I WANT YOU TO 6IVE M6 A GOOP-NIC KISS BUT NOT TONIGHT I HAP A LOT OF ONIONS ANP GARLIC FOR PINNER 5-6 Hi and Lois ON/ON5 ANP GARLIC, NOW THAT'S ONE ) KISS I WOULP'VE LIKEP FO/?<SET ABOUT VbU PATTERM « Born Loser s W PKXXCT EVALUATION FOK. OUK. K&W TEA CD2 Y FWC6N..! r \'LL Hf\Ve YOU KHOVJI KNV£ £££(•? WoaCISiG OK TIAKT NX .TW£EK ACTIVITY AHO PKOCXXTWIIY! For Better or For Worse MULTIPLE CHOICE! HATE MULTIPLE £HO|CE. I LOOK rTTTHlS. WHAT a STU Uous KNOW THE MATERIAL, BUT NOTHING HERE. SEEMS To MAKE SEN3E/I Garfield FIRST WE CARESS THE MEAL WITH OUR EVES... THEN WE ALLOW THE 5C6NT TO PERMEATE THE ROOM... Pickles WUEMlfiAMOWDUi uxxep. Rex Morgan, M.D. Jumble BY HENRI ARNOLD 8, MIKE ARGIRION Unscramblo Ihese (our Jumbles, one lotler lo each squaro. to form lour ordinary words. [_ YETID s x CI99?Tntwr. V»**Ser WRAFE NATTYR LIVOAJ TwE DOINGS f / ... N ° I/ Lei's do III WHEN THEY PECIPEP TO GET MARRIEP IT VVA5 Now arrange the circled tellers to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. Print answer here: f T T T 1 t T T 1 ^ A^ A^ ^ A | k, vtv -A. >< Yesterday's (Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: SMACK DIZZY PALACE UPROAR Answer; Whal Ihe garbage man hoped his business would do - PICK UP Cryptoquip INA DAEQVG IV X A P B Q V Z I A G DEA1AGLBGU U P G U Q I A E CPXACAL P ZPCQA NVVL. Yesterday's Cryptoquip: NO GIRL WOULD DATE THE ABOMINABLE PLUMBER BECAUSE HE WAS SUCH A BIG DRIP. Today's Cryptoquip clue: Z equals F The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands for another. If you think that X equals O, it will equal O throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and words using an apostrophe give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is by trial and error. The Lockhorns O "ARE THESE LEFTOVEf?S OR EVIDENCE?" Family Circus "I think Mommy and Daddy were already old folks when we got them." Crossword ACROSS 1 Staff leader? 5 "Much — About Nothing" 8 Datum 12 Pocket bread 13 Louis—, the Sun King 14 Lotion additive 15 Countermand 17 Comet feature 18 Thing, to Perry Mason 19 Wisconsin city 21 Sound from a toaster? 24 Largest of the seven 25 Expensive 26 Capsize 30"—the fields we go" 31 Wall crawlers 32 Golfer's concern 33 Abroad 35 Recog- nize 36 Antler 37 Estival pests 38 Trailing the pack 41 Infinitesimal 42 Still 43 Farmer's garb 48 Venus de — 49 Pinch 50 Transaction 51 Right angles 52 Nosh 53 Attractive, and then some Solution time: 24 mlns. BY EUGENE SHEFFER DOWN Cath. 1 Navy rank: 20 Ostenta- abbr. 2 Tyler or Ullmann 3 Seine season 4 Actress Fawcett 5 Rotation line 6 Accomplished 7 Supervises tion 21 "Ske- daddle!" 22 Ukraine's capital 23 Fairy-tale monster 24 Bird- related 26 Extreme 27 Radius' neighbor Yesterday's answer 8 Campaign 28 Laugh-a- contributor minute 9 Jai follower 29 11:00 p.m. 10 Nickel, e.g. broadcast 11 Far, in 31'The Frost combina- — the tions Punkin" 16 PrOt. or 34 Zoo beasts 35 Works the dough 37 Teutonic: abbr. 38 Everlys' "Let It —" 39 Satan's work 40 Satan's workplace 41 Made like Niobe 44 Through 45 Trevino of golf 46 Negligent 5-6 47 Crafty 1 12 15 2 8 14 17 9 10 11 38 42 48 51 39 40 bO 53 45 46 47 O"T"| IIV /IDd"Y) ' r ° r answers *° today's crossword, call O I Ul Vn L.LJ f 1-900-454-6873 (99 cents a minute) on touch-tone or rotary phones. You must be 18 or older. A King Features Service. NOW. IP Y9U WOULD, I'D LIKE AN IDEA OP YOUR PRICE RANSE. Cathy HI, CHflRLENE. NICE TO SEE VOU flfrfllN. I& CflTHV OH, HI, IROIN&, ter me GO CHECK. NO RIM& f HfllfiUME STILL HOLOlMfrf IfflPROt/EO fl65 f expewsiye SUIT.' /ILL flNXlETV AW5KEO UNOCR CHEERV &RIN L/ICK OF EfflOTlOM/tL &ROWTH OR FEELIN&S 50 POWER- FUILV PRESENT, EVIEM HIS A8ILITV TD TWITCH NERVOUSLY HAS SEEN CflTHV WILL BE OUT IN fl momENT. SHE'S PROCe55lfO& SO/ME FILES I JUST DOWNLOADED. Sylvia I SHOULP H/\VE PONE f HELLS...PLEASE- DON'T I THIS 4 LONGT/AIE /(GO/ S C/ALL L/(r?f?y.' VOUlL jusr SPVIKIG on /we? WHO POES THIS MOROU THIWK HE ISf THIS /SWT LIKE yoU...PLEASE. kV£LL5...PONTDO IT/ you've I Ffm -the

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