Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 3, 1955 · Page 26
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 26

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1955
Page 26
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TWENTY-SIX EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker_ Display Classified ~ WHITACRE'S ' CUMHMLAMD MAf'IAO PA-2-2790 ''••'Something New! WASHABLE -CORDUROY •far ell cart tplit or • olid back* Green, Red, Gold Sand and Blue .... Deluxe Seat Covers Iniialled .... ,' Auto Glass Installed •r-r Open Monday Evei BEERMAN $11.95 DIAL PA 4-0250 519-K1 J>. Mechanic SI. (Just mbovt V»lley St.) Display Classified r.ooi RAKES fOR LAND CLEARING Excavating — Trenching — Grading We Are Equipped To Do Youi Job With 200 Pieces ol ttfuipmrnt Sheveij. Cronei, Back Hoe». trenching Machinei. Ooiert. Cemprenori and Drillj, Bucket loader!, Troctor-Troilen Ifor Heavy Hauling. Trucki. ele. ifOPSOIl Fill GROUND ROAD MATERIAL Baughmon Contracting, Inc. TELEPHONE PA-2-4588 UP 1C For Vour Old Washer On A New let your old woiher mok« th« down payment Up Jo 24 Months lo Poj fastest Terms In TOW/I WOLF Furniture Co. Baltimorft St. PA-4-4040 OKUKK MSI . IN TUG MATTKK OF THE SALE OF THK HKAL ESTATE OK Kmina Jl. Boor, deceased. Jn the Orphans" Court of Alii:- cany County, Maryland. Ordered this 18th duy of October, 1955, by ilu' Orphans' Court oC Altexany County. Maryland, that the sale of Real Estate made by Charlotte L. IJoor, Kxecutrlx oC Kmma Jl. Boor, late ol said County and State, deceased, and reported to the Orphans' Court on this 18th day of October, 1955. be ratified and con- finned, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or below the 18th day of November, 1955, provided a copy of this order be inserted In some newspaper printed and published in Allccany County, Maryland, once a week for th successive weeks before the .Hth day November. 1955. The report states the amount of sale to be $4,500.00, William C. Abbott J.. French Van Meter Hush Stevenson Judges of the Orphans' Court. True Copy; Test: A. Charles Stewart, Register of Wills Adv. T—Oct. 20-27 — Nov. 3. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR ALLKGANY COUNTY, MARYLAND Walter C. Capper, AssiKnee vs. Claude Allen Luck and Mary -Margaret Luck, his wife. No. 24273 Equity. OKDF.K XISI ORDERED this 18th day of October, 1955, by ihe Circuit Court for Allegany County, Maryland, sitting in Equity, that the .sale made and reported in the above case by Walter C. Capper, Assignee, be ratified and the contrary !fore the 19th day of November, 1955, pro- j vidcd that a copy of this Order be published in some newspaper published in Cumberland, Maryland, onqe a week for three successive weeks before the 12th day of November. 1955. The report states the amount of sale to be Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars. is/ Joseph E. Boden, Clerk. True copy; Test: Joseph E. Boden. Clerk. Adv. T— Oct". 20-27— Nov. 3. Hearing Planned On Wind Damage ~ DOVER, - The Army Corps of Engineers, anxious to learn the extent of the damage caused by hurricanes in Delaware last summer, will hold a public- hearing here Nov. 17. Col. Allen F. Clark Jr., Philadel.—^ ph'ia district engineer, will preside. J re0 HThe hearing also will receive suggestions for improvements to lessen hurricane damage. Similar hearings in other states which have been struck by hurricanes are seeking methods for minimizing loss of life and property by improving warning systems and by protective installations, ?uch as dikes, dams, seawalls, or breakwaters. conlirmed unless cause to thereof be shown on or be- KOSHER DELICATESSEN Open 'til 12 P. M.-700 N. Mechanic St. Speedy Delivery! DIAL PA 4-3740 EXECUTORS' NOTICE THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscribers have obtained from the Orphan's Court of Allegany County, Maryland, letters Testamentary on the estate of Rose C. Derlan late of Allegany County, Maryland, deceased. All persons having claims against the deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof duly authenticated, to the subscriber on or before the 18th day o£ April, 1956. They may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of i the said estate. All persons knowing I themselves indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment. Given under our hands this 18th day of October, 1955. William Derlan, Leota. Bland, Executors, 325 Arch St., Cumberland, Md. Adv. T-Oct. 20-27 — Nov. 3-10. . HAMS SWIFT'S PREMIUM WILSON'S CERTIFIED 47—Real Estate For Sale FIVE ROOMS, bath, gas furnace, full basement. Bowling Green. $7,000. Write Box 752-A, c-o Times-News. C 48—Roofing, Spouting CHOICE SIRLOIN or ROUND c ices Grantsville White . . Dor. C Cigarettes I ,OQ Carton Coca-Cola Pepsi-Cola 89c Case ROOFING, spouting, siding, slate repairs. Flue painting. 3 years to pay. Charles Atkinson, Phone PA 2-0792. New Roofing, Gutter*. Conductor* Met»l Work, aU type*. Boot Painting 25 yrs. Exp. ALEX J. SCHUTE PA-2-6505 ROOFING SPOUTING SIDING t ytirt to pa;. Guaranteed work Andrew Witt, Phone CO-V3667 ROOFING SPOUTING FURNACES GUARANTEED WORK.' ALFRED FAIRALL. PHONE PA-2-7193 HUMES HOME Improvement Co. 'Phone PA 2-1894 ' or PA 2-7427. General -.contractor in Roofing, Johns-Manville In- selbric Siding. No down payment. 427 Columbia St. Cumberland. Md. 50—Upholstering Upholstering, Dr»pery, Slip cover * Oresi Fiibriu. Screens-to-Order. CEO. BRAGG. LaVALE, PH. PA-4-4611 Furniture Upholstering, Repairs •Canvas 4 Aluminum Awnings DOQQTPT T 1, Most Reliable r.WOOHilJJ. over 32 Yean In Citj 131 Frederick St. Phone PA-2-4715 UPHOLSTERING Furniture ' Automobile AUTO CONVERTIBLE TOPS TRUCK SEATS ..TARPAULINS HASTINGS ALUMINUM AWNINGS Geo. S. Warner, 1323-Va. Ave. PA-4-0774 UPHOLSTERING Recovering and retyinf C. E. Erode 555 Greene PA-2-1890 UPHOLSTERING John Troxcll, 333 Davidson St. PA-4-2094 51—Vacuum Cleaners $4,89 IMPORTED SCOTCH $489 VACUUM CLEANER Parts & Service PA-2-5.070 1302VA. AVE Display Classified IjjjGuckenheimer |";0ld Thompson , Philadelphia . .36 Virginia Gentleman Qt. $5.99 Bourbon « 3.99 Wedding, Engagement & Party Gifts (GIFT WRAPPED) Discounts on Case Lots of Liquors IDEAL Window Product! Ce. Venetian Blind Laundry —VENETIAN BLINDS— Free EUimatei 620 Columbia Ave. Phone PA-2-2028' WISHING WELL Registered U. S. Patent Office. 5 U . 8 • O 3 E 5 C 2 N 8 O 2 S 7 W 6 R 7 D 2 L 6 R 3 I 8 . E 4 B 2 U 4 T 8 S 4 S 7 E 6 R 8 H r> s 6 T 3 I 7 D . 2 W 3 F 2 Y 3 I 0 I 7 N 5 0 6 W 5 0 6 M i D 8 E 4 R" 3 • H 8 S 4 S 3 S 4 A 2 S 6 D 8 ' R 4 L 1 M 5 P 8 P V I 2 •E i R o Y 2 H 4 E •i R 3 W 5 F . 4 U 2 I 8 R 7 E <} I 4 Y 8 P 6 E 7 A 3 E 2 0 3 L 5 N 3 T 2 T 6 A 5 U 6 .E •t U 6 . E 4 E 5 R 4 T 6 D 3 M •5 \V 2 I * G 3 : L 8 P * it Double Judging BRANDY, Va. —(/» — . It was a double - judging affair when the Virginia Aberdeen-Angus Assn..mel on the farm of Lewis L. Strauss, chairman of Commission. First they cooked by the Volunteer Fire De- "The Allegony Jubilee" Presented by the Wiley, Ford Volunteer Fire Company, starring:;. Arizona Don. Smokey Pleacher. Ella Mae, Pyle Brothers and th« ; ' WCUM Rangers, the ientire Jubilee,, m., Wiley- 50c; : Chik MAYOR'AND CITY COUNCIL OF CUMBERLAND. MARYLAND t^SO.OOO WATER IMPROVEMENT BONDS OF 19. r >5 ALL DATED OCTOBER 1, 1»55 Sealed bids will be received by the Mayor and City Council of Cumberland, Maryland at the City Hall, Cumberland, Maryland until 10:00 o'clock, A. M., Eastern Standard Time on TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 15. 3935 for the purchase of Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($750,000) Water Improvement Bonds of 1955, issued pursuant the authority of Ordinance No. 2003 of the Mayor and City Council of Cumberland, Maryland, passed September 19th, 1955. in the denomination of One Thousand Dollars (Sl.OOO), each numbered consecutively from One (1) to Seven Hundred Fifty (750), both numbers inclusive, and maturing over a period of nineteen (19).years in the order of their consecutive numbers in serial installments in accordance with the schedule hereinafter set forth. -The authority oi said Mayor and. City Council of Cumberland, Maryland, to pass said Ordinance No. 2003 was given said Mayor and City Council of Cumberland. Maryland, by subsection (d) of Section 82 of the Charter of the City of Cumberland, Maryland, as provided by Charter Amendment Resolution No. 2 of-the Mayor and City Council of Cumberland, adopted .pursuant to the authority contained in Article 11 E of the Constitution of Maryland and Chapter 423 of the Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland of 1955. Said bonds are dated October 1. 1955, and interest will be payable thereon April 1st and October 1st, in accordance with semi-annual interest coupons attached thereto. Both the principal and interest of -said bonds will be .payable in lawful money of the United States of America at the time of payment at the office of the Treasurer of the City of Cumberland. City Hall, Cumberland, Maryland, upon presentation and surrender of the maturing bonds or coupons, as the case may be. The bonds.will not be subject to registration as 'to either principal or interest nor will they be subject to prior redemption. Said bonds will mature and-be payable as follows: Principal Bonds Not. Amount Signs Of The Times CORSICANA, Tex. -«?)- Kerr lowan tells of a neighbor who decided to sell her house and hung for sale sign on the mail box. saw her taking he asked if she When Cowan down the sign, made a deal. "No," said the Date of Maturity October 1, 1962 1963 " 1964 " 1965 1366 1967 " 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 Bidders are 1—20 21—50 ' 51—100 101—150 151—200 • 201—250 251—300 301—350 351—400 401—450 451—550 551—650 651—750 requested to t 20,000 30,000 "50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50.000 50,000 50,000 50,000 100,000 100,000 . 100,000 specify in • USE OUR CHRISTMAS LAYAWAY Or Your 1st Not'! Charg* Account Watches * Jewelry ^~ Diamonds if SELL'S Jewelry Star* 5-4 Perilling St. (Next to Post Office) Fresh Country Medium doz,49c. 3doz. Swift HAMS SAUSAGE *esh AH Pork Small Lean Slab, Ib Sliced Sugar Cured 39c Ib. 47c $100 Ibs. $1.00 PRICE SALE Mrs.niBttTS MARIA HI HE fet Extra Pound at % Prkt with tack «nt bought at regular pricf Ibf. . Golden Quarters ROSEPORT FROZEN PIES Chicken, Turkey, and Beef OQ|k 4 for U5Jv TASTY WHITING 5, b ,79c j SALT FISH Tatty Lake Herriqt 4 IBs. 89c POTATOES Silt, 1 . 1 -. 1 !-...:...:.,. 89c PORK ROAST - — Ib. 35c OYSTERS B^-HO™ M. d . SAUERKRAUT McDADE'S MAKKKTS Open 7 Day* A. Week — S A. Af. lo Midnight I N. Front St. Dial PA-2-3*70 their bids the rate or rales of interest to be paid on the bonds on which rate rates their bids are based and submitted. No rate so named shall exceed the annual rate of four percentum (4%) per annum and each 'rate shall be in multiples of one-eighth of one percentum (14 of 1%). Bidders may not specify more^than one rate of interest to be borne by any single series of said bonds hut may name a different rate ot interest for each maturity. Bidders may not bid less than par value and accrued interest to date of delivery and no conditional bid shall be entertained. A bid conditioned upon approval of the bidder or oC his counsel, named or unnamed, shall be deemed a conditional bid. Each of said bids shall state the amount of money per One Hundred Dollars ($100.00): which the bidder will pay for'said bonds. . The bonds will be awarded to the bidder whose bid provides the lowest interest cost to the City, such cost to be determined by deducting the total amount of the premium bid, if any, ; from the aggregate amount of interest upon all of the bonds until their respective maturities. Jf two or more responsible bidders have made bids, each of which represents the lowest interest cost lo the City, then such bonds may be awarded in a ratable portion among such bidders. The right is reserved to the City to reject any or all bids. Bids must be enclosed in a sealed envelope, addressed to the Mayor and City Council of Cumberland. Cumberland. Maryland, and so marked on the outside as to Indicate that U is a bid lor the bonds hereby offered. • Each bid must be accompanied by a certified, treasurer's or cashier's check on a responsible banking Institution In the amount of Eighteen Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars m«,750>, payable to the Mayor and City Council of Cumberland, to secure the City against any loss which might result from the failure of the particular bidder to comply to the terms of his bid. No Interest will be allowed on the amount of the deposit. Checks deposited by unsuccessful bidders vril! be returned to them when the bonds arc awarded to the successful bidder. The deposit of the successful bidder will be credited account of the total amount payable for said bids. Accrued Interest shall he adjusted to the date of <telivcry of the bonds »nd the payment therefor. The time and place of delivery of the bonds and the payment therefor shall be fixed by mutual agree mcnt of the City and the successful bidder. The bonds will be the unconditiona obligation of the Mayor and City Council of Cumberland. Issued upon its full faith and credit which will be irrevocably pledged to the payment of the principal of and interest on all at said bonds when the same fall due. The said Ordinance provides that the net proceeds derived from the sale of said bonds shall be used for the construction of a certain water pipe line and connections thereto and certain expenses Incurred by said City in the repair, rehabilitation and expansion of certain of Its water plant facilities and for no other purpose or purposes. Said Ordinance directs that the Mayor and City Council shall charge and collcci for the water supplied to Ihe residents ol (he City of Cumberland and vicinity, sum sufficient to pay the expenses heretofore and hereafter necessary • for the operation of the water system of Cumberland, Maryland, and to pay the interest on and principal of the bonds of the City of Cumberland now outstanding pertain- ins to the water systsm of said City, and the bonds authorized by the said Ordinance, as the same t'all due. Said Ordinance further provides that if the receipts from the Water Department of said City shall be less than the aforesaid expenses in any year or years, the Mayor and City Council shall levy from time to time ad valorem taxes on the assessable properly of the said City as may be necessary to pay the interest on and principal, of the bonds authorized by said Ordinance, as the same fall due. and that the water rates for the»yMr succeeding any year in which a deficit occurs in the Water Department, shall be in creased by urn amount lut'ficient lo pay off such deficit. Under existing laws, thes* bonds and tht interest payable thereon, are exempt from all State. .County 'and -Municipal taxes in the State '«( Maryland, and the Interest payable thereon is not tax able as Income under Federal Income Tax law. . : The legality of Ihe Issue will b* approved by Thomas B. Ftnon, Esq., City Solicitor .of the City of • Cumberland. Cumberland. Maryland, and Messrs. Miles. Walsh and Stockbrldge of Cumberland, Maryland and Baltimore, Maryland, and the approving opinions of thest xcn< llemrn will b« dollverrd upon to (he purchaser, of the bondt without additional charge. At the time of delivery th« bonds will be accompanied by a description of supporting documents,' together with the u*ual closin* documents. Including a certificate of the City to the effect that no litigation t» pending or threatened, ai of the date of luch delivery, affecting »r Impairing: the validity of laid bonds. Proipectlv* bidden denirinf financial data concerning the City of Cumberland may obtain the tame upon request in writing to the undenlgned. j MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL Or CUMBEnLAND ! By JOHN J. LONG I Commliilotitr of Finance j and Revenui , H ERE is a pleasant little game that will give you a message every day. It is a numerical puzzle designed to spell out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the upper left-hand, corner of the rectangle and check every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. Copyright 13':,S. by Williim J. Mill*r. Distributed by Kim F«atur««, Inc. \|-" woman. "I'm For a Tibetan, sticking out his tongue is a mark of respect. just moving the sign. Seven people have stopped and wanted to buy the mail box." NOTICE TO BIDDERS Proposals will be received by the Mayor and City Council at the Office of the Sty Clerk, City Hall. Cumberland, Maryland, until, but not after November 7, 1955, at 10:00 A. M-., E.S.T. at ten o'clock on said date they will be publicly opened and read by said City Clerk in said .City Hall. Proposals must be submitted in duplicate in' a sealed envelope endorsed: "Proposal for unloading approximately 27,000 lineal feet of 18" Spiral Welded Steel Pipe.-from car's of he B. i O. Railroad at the Rolling Mill vard of the B. t O. Railroad Company, Cumberland. Maryland, and placing the >ipe upon dunnage furnished by the Con- xactor and upon padding furnished by lie City and salvaged from the loaded railway cars." (The pipe is to be handled 1 by belt slings, not by chain, rope or steel cable.) The pipe is to be stacked in five tiers of five pipes, four pipes, three pipes, two pipes and one pipe in pyramidal piles. A : ifty (50) foot section of. pipe weighs approximately 2,200 pounds. The sections l varv in length with a maximum of fifty (50) feet. There will be approximately twenty- three 50' sections per carload. The shipments will extend over a period of approximately three weeks. There will be between twenty-three and twenty-six carloads. There will be two slings to each fifty foot section. The spreader separating the slings must be not less than ten (10) feet long. Wm. .1. Edwards Commissioner of Water i Electric Light. Adv. N—T Nov. 2-3. PHONE PA 4-9868 FREE DELIVERY FINE FOOD BEER LIQUORS CAS TAYLOR'S "Down In The Volley" At Cor. Valley & N. Mechanic * - ^s 'No Parking Problem! | Fisher > Robinette 493 BALTIMORE AVE. THE TAVERN WITH THE LARGE PARKING LOT 5th ANNUAL SOROPTOMISTS BENEFIT DANCE Friday, Nov. 18th 9 until 1 Music by the Midnighters ALI GHAN SHRINE COUNTRY CLUB Intermission Floor Show from Stockman Dane* Studio TICKETS FROM ANY SOROPTOM1ST I Adv.-Oct.-N-T-ai-Nov..J DRIVE IH I em em DOUBLE FEATURE NA?AJO HOMES CLASB WITH D. S. CAVALRY WHERE DESERT SANDS RDM SCARLET! RKO MIAN OONLEVY 6K YOUNG VIKINIA GREY ANDY OEV1NE • ROBERT HUTTON -* TEMY SIUTSON/ Plus l "'M Sunawe Starring ROD CAMERON end rORRIST TUCKER NOW OPEN FRIDAY SATURDAY and SUNDAY NIGHTS COMING FRIDAY "THE COBWEB" and JAMES STEWART in "THE BROKEN ARROW" NOW! See COLOR TELEVISION Fort Cumberland Hotel Cocktail Lounge Ford Fire Hall. Adv. N : T Nov. 2-3 judging on the hoof. FEATURE AT 12:26 V 2:19 - 4:10 6:05 - 7:55 - 9:5* -GENTLEMEN MARRY BRUNETTES'*. . YOU'RE DRIVING ME CRAZY* "MISS ANNABEL!! LEE" HAVE YOU MET MISS JONES* coiortyTecbnicolor 2 GREAT HITS! LAST TIMES TODAY! John Wayne in COVER THE WAR" "SALERNO BEACHHEAD STARTS TOMORROW— DOUBLE FEATURE €) SUPER 4Q SUrnnj BILL WILLIAMS KELLY RYAN JIM DAVIS I First Show 7:00 lait Complete Show 8:25 "CALL OF THE WILD" Clark Gable With Loretta Young GREAT SAGA OF THE FIGHTING LEADER OF THE SIOUX! VICTOR MATURE ~ SUZAN BALL-JOHN LUND, JUNGLE ADVENTURE! 1 Hi EVELYN NESBIT JHAW LIVED IT ALL. . THE BEAUTY WHO TELLS ALL! Her loves triggered the Harry K. Thaw-Stanford White Murder of the Century...and left the "400" rocking with shock! From penniless model to mistrett of $40,000,000! x , THE GIRL IN THE RED VELVET SWING ScrOPE: '...-.-, RAY MIUANO JOAN COUINS • f ARIEY GRANGfR WITH LUTHER ADltK • COKNIUA OTIS SKINNER • GIU40A FARRtU • FEATURE:— 12 - J -.41 ... t - I . 10:00 EXTRA! YOU ARE THERE WITH CINEMASCOPE AS THE ATOM IOMI FAILS' ON "SURVIVAL CITY" STARTS TOMORROW! INDS TONITI | "HOUSIOF IA.MIOO". KOMRT RYAN

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