The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 12, 1939 · Page 8
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 8

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1939
Page 8
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THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. THURSDAY, OCT. 12,1939. >*v « JX° m * Mason County's Second Largest City, Agricultural and Dairying Center MRS. PRANK BARCLAY, Correspondent (Telephone: Office, No. 1; Horn* 126-F-14.) P, Scottville Locals o. ;Walter Anderson and daughters of Ludington ited' Mrs. Christenft; Hoff- arid Miss Bessie Ander- Suhday. Students at the Mount Pleas- it Ceritral State Normal, who it the week-end -here in!d Miss Elna Harisen, Bob lh and;: George Green way. „ Miss Eleanore Locke of the jficottvillfe Beauty $hoj>pe., is Spending a few days in the r northern part of the staicwith ;*elatlves. ,*. The Ladies' Aid society of I [the Methodist Episcopal church fife sponsorhig a rummage | Sale to be held Tuesday, Octo- Jtoer 17, -at the Eastern Star hall, the Schoenberger market. one having clothing, pic- tures, dishes or anything they Wish to donate, may call Mrs. Rudolph Wicklund, telephone 180. Mrs. C. M. Fisher has been ill for several days and is confined to her home. Miss Catheryn Vahey, R. N., of Detroit, is a guest for a few days of Miss Frances Harding. The young ladies were classmates at Grace hospital. Miss Vahey is returning to Detroit after a month's vacation spent at Rochester. Miss Constance Bemunt, state librarian, was in the city for a short time Monday. She met with Mrs. C. 'M. Fisher, local librarian and 'discussed local conditions. She spoke Blake, Eldonna Bosworth, Ray Christensen, Clayton Cory, Bessie Dobias, Paul Hissong Eulan Kortge, Bill Lorenz, Evelyn McKillop, Bernlce Odean, Norma Peterson, Earl Pleiness and Charles Pepperman. The class is now wondering how representative their vote the serious illness of the small son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Peters of Lincoln River. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Gulembo of Marion were recent callers on friends and relatives in this district. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Weinert and daughter, Gladys, of Ami*W WT J. \-t\Ji. ^OlrAlUC**L'AV\^ UUVfAJ. V V/UV< »^»*»* M(.VL4^j..L wt^A. 9 ^_a ALVVljr O, VI All 11 ~ will be with that of the United j-ber, and niece _and _ nephew, States Congress. pf the plans for the new building, and was pleased that the city woth to get one. Program Is Planned for PT-A Meeting SUGAR OROVET—The Sugar Grove Parent-Teacher association will meet at the schoolhouse Friday evening, Oct. 13. Art Gulembo and his committee have prepared a very interesting program after which a lunch will be served. Some numbers on the program are: Music—Gilmores and Dobias. Reading—Raymond Heyse. Songs—Mrs. Ralph Bortell. Music—Lloyd Smith. Recitation—Garth Beebe. Reading—Joe Sanders. Music—George Reed and son. Recitation—Cal Gulembo. Music—Mr. Radtke and sons Mock trial. Scottville School News Kenneth Gilmore is employed at the canning factory in Hart. Mrs. Sue Hronek and Mrs. Elsie Waite spent Tuesday aft~ i ernoon with Mrs. Taylor Gilmore. Friday. Oct. 6, afternoon and supper guests at the Gilmore •home were Mesda'mes Mary KINDERGARDEN NEWS IK I New room helpers were chosen |t ,this morning for this week. P'They are: Closet doors, Bobby \Jjarsen and Agnes Murphy; - paints, Josephine Reader; play- ftouse, Jenny Schaner; papers, * 1 Mary Bedker and Nancy Wein; "blocks and beads, Doreen Quick I; and Raymond Cure. It The children are sandpapering '-sand painting .two orange crates T that will serve as .bookcases. . _ The Kindergarteners have ^made big red apples to decorate / the bulletin board borders. J Several of the children's [wanothers have been to visit us. First Grade There are 20 First graders this |,>year Ten boys and 10 girls. It ris hard to "grow-up" from a l'',Kindergartner to a First grader, •^so we decided to have a "Helpers ' club." There are two groups to fairies and the day.a star is were I. this club. The ],Indians. .Every _ I carried by . those who have f, really been helpers in the room. ,Of course ,the Indians or Fairies that forget they are a First I1 grader, or those that have to be 1 punished in any way during the Jaay, do not earn a star. There are four who 1 earned a star every f day last. week. Jacquelene .Scott, Helen Pratt, Bobby Peterson and Phyllis Bach. We have started reading our pre-primers and have read three I, stories. We are rapidly learning to | -write our names.-;; Njw we have •started to learn how 1 $&• write our *A.B.C's. 11 The First graders have been I, collecting animal pictures from • l magazines. We are now making •an A-B.Ci animal book. We hope -to learn the sounds of the letters K while we, make the book. We Tare learning new things about J different animals, and our music litoas been, songs about animals. I • Second and Third Grade News \\ Second and Third graders I *have been making an interesting Inut and , seed collection. Each I-thing has been labeled and put I'jon the table to which the chil- -dren come in their leisure time. J>'Most of them can identify all the |nuts and seeds. I ' The children are enjoying the Vatory "The Wizard of Oz" which I |s being read to them during • .their rest period. J», During art period the children l r drew and colored leaves which Ifthey cut but and used to decorate I*j8ie bulletin boards. Time was tspent in .observing the coloring I3i>f t<he trees so the results were |;some very colorful leaves. ,RiOom duties this week are be- ig done^by the following people: oards, Charles Hiller; erasers, Brtty Bedker; plants, Connie Fate. , i ' Sixth land Seventh Grades iPojr language th'e Sixth grade •as oeen'study ing the history of ,ritlng. We made a collection of ilctures which told stories with' <the aid of words. The best were put on the bulletin ,^d. We made up a play about tie history of writing. It con- Ined five scenes which are: 1, itures; 2, picture writing; 3, Ideographs; 4, picture sounds; "ern writing. The Seventh . is studying about the ^Atence and its parts. l/jpa geography the Sixth grade ^'fjtiidjiing about the British i and the Seventh grade is vine the farming regions of W Uwled States. ,,Ji6fSixth grade is studying iU-Htbe early history of Vir- ithmetic we are studying Upon and subtraction of enjoying the story Miss ,„ is reading to us. The \t 'H Is "The Yellow Tie." •til and Fifth Grades Allowing children have lUties this week: Audrey Margaret Owen, Virin, Romane Hiller i and Merlin Heeds grade \& .painting L$ton mural on the „'. the ro6m. They ; the Middle Atlantic -—----- r this week Is' studying ip Eskimos and <jf them. bilities for the future. New members who have joined this week are: Donna Ferris, Thomas O'Hearn, Burton Howe, Herbert Spencer and Cleola Knudsen. Any person wishing to join this organization please get in touch •with Mr. Styles, music director. The musical organizations of the school have joined together and are sponsorhig a program of, „.„_ magazine selling. The proceeds | ^T_ earned will be used toward the ^ purchasing of some new and badly needed instruments. Within the organization there are two teams, one called the Kickapoos and the other Potawotomies and an intense rivalry exists between the two groups. Miss Norma Dodge is chief of the Kickapoos and Murray Biegalle is chief of the Potawotomies. David Blake is general manager If you are able to help the boys and girls either with a new subscription or a renewal, the music department will certainly appreciate it. * The Senior ment class __ _, morning and portrayed "the parts of senators on the embargo issue. Each "senator" was allowed to speak his own view for and against the embargo, the problem which is at the present time being heatedly discussed in the United States Senate. Each "senator" was allowed three minutes to give his views and could toe torn down by the following speaker. The - -issue was discussed for 40 minutes, then a vote was taken. The vote was as followds: Seventeen for repeal: Myrtle Anderson, Frank Anderson, Lor-, rame Ashley, Edward Brokaski I Evelyn Calkins, Bob Harley. Ann HLSsong, Madeline Klopfenstein r,,ifjf Jenis > J °hn Levickas, Bill Charles Maetz, Kenneth •.Virginia Olson, Leda Sin- Bennett. W. M. Buffenbarger, Gerald Buffenbarger and little Roger Buffenbarger. Mrs. Dorothy Miller was a caller during the afternoon. Miss Loraine Gulembo, who is working at Iron, spent Wednesday evening at her home here. Mr. and Mrs. Art Gulembo, Miss Louise Gulembo, . Calvin Gulembo and Russell Radtke Sarah Jane and Dick Johnston, of Chicago, who are making their home with them, visited at the George Reed home Sunday. Other callers''were Mr and Mrs. Steve Reed of Ludington and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Reed of Sparta. Mrs. George Reed has been caring for her daughter, Mrs Ross Hedrick, at her " home west of Scottville. Among the hunters of our community who had duck dinners Monday were Will Genson and George Reed. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Roeder of Ludington were Sunday guests at the Hilding Swanson (home. Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Buffen- barser accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Herman Buffenbarger to Grand Rapids Sept. 25." Mrs. George .Reed recently called on old friends and neighbors in Ludington including Mesdames Leonard Anderson. John Clausen and Lulu Johnson. Mrs. Walter Zagars accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Lambert Dykema. and son of Muskegon to Chicago recently. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ludeman of Mills district were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Buffenbarger William Buffenbarger took pigs to the fair and won two first prizes, one second and one grand champion. Mrs. Gerald Buffenbarzer won prizes on several vegetables at the Festival at Scottville. Mrs. Mary Bennett recently returned from visiting her sister, Mrs. Arthur Sellon Sr., in Carr Settlement. Silo filling is completed on the John Mukes, Oscar Weinert, W. M. Buffenbarger, Frank Dobias • and Earl Wolfe farms. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Parker, and family recently spent a few days at the Bert Rutty home south of Scottville. ful colors tour, Thursday, Oct. 5, to Hardy and Croton dam. A picnic dinner was enjoyed .en- route. Mesdames Jennie and Orpha I Schwass recently attended a I meeting of the East Riverton Extension club at the Steve Darke home and became members of that club. Friends and schoolmates glad Johnny McCumber is American govern- met this Friday Sunday dinner and sup- guests at the Robert Mooney home in Muskegon. Syd Lewis and friends, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Morton and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ketsler all of Flint spent Sunday afternoon at the William Parker home. George Miller, son, George, and diughter, Kathryn, and Frank Gutousky of Irons called on Marie, Art and Don Parker recently and all attended the Harvest festival at Scottville. Mr. and Mrs. Felix Michevich have taken over the Texaco gas station at Creamery Corners Friends are sorry to hear of Thirteen against reneal • _____ o. 5 oiiiou icpecu. KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS Help 15 Miles of Kidney Tubes Flush Out Poisonous Waste If you have an excess of acids in your -blood, your 16-miles-of kidney-tubes may be overworked. These tiny niters and tubes ere working day and night to help Nature rid your system of excess acids and poisonous waste. When disorder of kidney function permits poisonous matter to remain in your blood, it may cause nagging backache, rheumatic pains, leg pains, loss of pep and energy, getting up nights, swelling, pufBness under the eyes, headaches and dizziness. Frequent or scanty Passages with smarting and burning sometimes shows there is something wrong with your kidneys or bladder. Kidneys may need help the same as bowels. so ask your druggist for Doan's Pills, used successfully by millions for over 40 years. They give happy relief and will help the 15 miles of kidney tubes flush out poisonous waste from yourblood. Get Doan's Pills today and ask for new money-saving Family Size, Saturday Special MEN'S Heavy windproof Slide fastener, Rubberized Suede JACKETS Beno w's Department Store LADIES' Plain shades, Fancies, Longr and short Sleeves. Values to $6. Silk DRESSES SCOTTVILLE STAR SCOTTVILLE ^^ m — ^fcW» TONIGHT AND FRIDAY A HARD-HITTING NEW STAR TEAM! —Added Attractions— Walter Catlett Comedy—"Static In The Attic" Colored Cartoon and —Shows— 6:45-9:15 Admission 25c-10c Coming—Sunday-Monday-Tuesday "THE WOMEN" Norma Shearer-Joan Crawford-Rosalind Russell-Mary Boland Matinee Sunday 2:30 Parents, Teachers to Meet on Oct. 13 CHAMBER SCHOOL.—Parent- Teacher association of Chamber district will meet at the schoolhouse Friday evening, Oct. 13, at 8:30 p. m. A short program will be given. Officers will be elected for the coming year. Lunch consisting of cake, coffee and sandwiches will be served by the ladies. Center Riverton Mr. and Mrs. John Lichte and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Harley enjoyed a motor trip to Traverse City Friday, Oct. 6. They went by way of Reed City and Cadillac and returned 'by way of Manistee. In Traverse City they called on Rev. and Mrs. Belnap. Rev. Belnap is a retired minister | and a former pastor of St. Paul! Evangelical church. I Sunday afternoon guests at| the Thys Talsma home were i Fred Knudson and son of Am- ] ber. Evening guests were Harold; Brower and son, Corwin. i Mrs. Mary Harley and Mrs.! Elma Lichte accompanied their i uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. i Abe Gamertsfelder on a delight- are recovered from his recent illness and able to attend school. He and Mrs. Bert Harley. Mr. and* Mrs. Marble Harley, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Harley, Mrs. Marie Hannah, Mrs. Alice Welsh, Pete Eastman, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hannah and son, Keith Dale. Mesdames Orpha and Jennie Schwass attended the lecture by Major Booth given at the Oriole hall in Ludington recently. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schwass and daughter, Ruth, and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Schwass* and ana aaie co aicena scnooi. jne son ' PhHMP, enjoyed a color has entered the eighth grade at tour Sunday, Oct. 2, going "--^-"•- --' , across country to Star lake. • Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Harmon and family spent Sunday, Oct. 8, with Mr. and Mrs. Orville Bailey and son, Maurice, at Freesoil. Mrs. Harold Harley returned home Sunday after spending a few days with relatives in Cadillac. Scottville school. Mr. and Mrs. John Lichte and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson and daughter, Leona Arlene, motored to Muskegon Sunday, Oct. 8, and spent the day with relatives. , Mr. and Mrs. John Lichte entertained with a six o'clock dinner Wednesday, Oct. 4, for Mr. AUCTION SALE Friday, Oct. 20th AT 1:00 P.M. LOCATION: 3 Miles West and 5'/ 2 miles North of Scottville. The following: 9 Cows and Heifers — Chickens — Farm Tools—Hay—Straw and Corn. WATCH FOR FULL ADVERTISEMENT OCTOBER 17TH. FILBRUN & SAXTON, Auctioneers. SMITH & EDDY, Clerks. ARTHUR HAWLEY, Prop. ds Score TWO Sma "^ v «• im ' *•#*» -. | End ensational W All the Most PopulaisColors! Every Pair All Pure Silk! Price Slashed 20%! A DOUBLE CHAHCE SAVINGS! Both of Ihefe Specials are So Smartly New-So Spectacularly Low Priced. You Owe it to Yourself to flurry to Wards! Saturday-Last Day! Never Before Jo Our Know/edge Sold Under ^2.981 Sale REGULARLY 59c of flawless hose for Don't miss this once-a-sea.on rtunity! Gossamer, ring 14-20 The Fashion Hit That's Sweeping the World! -alues! 1'urry-soft housecoats everyone Sale price! Covered with tows and rowi IOVCB—•*- - » a s r /.Vipnille. Shoulders are of thick, velvety cotton cLhaenel1ljle ; olled , ollar or broad; skirts luxurl £" , perfect for yourself BUr«~odr=«, aqua, white. Washable. 103-109 E. Ludington Avc. Phone 158 Trade Where Your $$$ Go Farthest SYRUP 5 1b. Of/» pailOJUx Light or dark. PUMPKIN, No. Z l / 2 can ... SAUERKRAUT, No. "KV-i can .,. COTTAGE CHEESE • fresh, Ib. MINCEMEAT, bulk Mrs. Perkins, Ib. PITTED DATES, 2 Ibs 25c APPLE BUTTER, large 58 oz. jar . BUTTER 2 ,„.. 57c Ibs. KELLOGG'S CORN FLAKES, tee. pkg Cereal Bowl FREE. MILK,. 4 large cans . RED KIDNEY BEANS, can . loci; $ 25c PORK and Q BEANS, IR. O cans SOAP FLAKES, Quick Arrow 4 Q^» large box J.i7v> SUPER SUDS Concentrated 20C box SNO-SHEEN Cake Flour, Ige. pkg. 25C Special, | rjf^ 2 Ib. can lit/ PORK STEAK, Ib BACON SQUARES, .. PORK LIVER, Ib 15c ,».12ic 18ic 12ic PORK SAUSAGE, Ib. LIVER SAUSAGE, Ib. RING BOLOGNA, Grade A, Ib. MUTTON ROAST, Ib LARD, O best quality O ibs. PICNICS, shank- f Of» less, pre-cooked, Ib. JLOv SMOKED HAM 12 to 14 Ib. average, Cudahy's, 9Qf» HAMS Special, Whole Ham, 19c Ib. SUMMER SAUSAGE, Ib. 23c:i 27C RAISINS, 4 Ib. pkg. PEANUT , O1 n BUTTER, 2 Ib. jar A J.1/ TOILET TISSUE, 6 1,000 sheet rolls, BROOMS, each 25c Schoenberger's \ Market Scottville's Most Complete Market. WE DELIVER, PHONE 67 Hours: 9 a. m.—41 a. m., 2 p. m. and 4:30 p. m. ,!,..,,„'«< f it

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