Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 5, 1928 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1928
Page 3
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WritlpK jto i '<'njew her HubscrlD- tloiri to the %BWer Mr*. I^pra L Ulbketls. matron l-ililsfopal ^Ilmne Topl'ka. saSs sho wilbo.iit tli.<> 0l\\ «<?iul.< grt'fitlnKS k 'li rouDty fri'.nd of Uib M«ih6<llH !t for (lie ./^g«^ nt 'cannot get alopK Uomo Paper." httll i|o lior old — Spei-ial priio tlK- shop. 'Nolhijig over $3.50J In- ohrtling spring hms. you money S^tk wnnls Millinery Ar about niiUni receivrd rr.mi Wijvt'rly ti liv-ssing news th \V. K. Slorichill. i'Uy nnJ it was might not .survi\1e HtiJ .\(rs. Mathis posFJule it! their ht night Dr. a .' telejihone call ringing (lie C II K- iit his sister!, Mrs was f;inki]ig. rap- feared that-' she the night. Or. larted as soon as ^ar iu the hope of i.?utl :ins ihe invalid before the end law.'. .Mr:;. Siont^hill has been It) til health for ih ynd ih.' call whith came last night •was not uncxpfct — IliRh aarling.. 1'. O. Test (I West hi. it-?! i.soline for quick landard. opposite Earl Mooije. manager. I'rof. Edwanl H. Taylor, of the J niv.-r.>iiiy of Kansas, will be the , ?P'j;!k>:T at the liest meeting of the -4 <-III rent Topics C|tufi. Prof. Taylor. d the Philippines talk about his Those whc lie Is ail ex- |iK s^peaki!!' andi s entertaining as The riub will Kelley aktl there ha.s lYceutly visii liuA will pi'obaiil chstM -vatioiiS: thtjrfY hav.' heatd ^hiin iay trtinily' inturesti that Ills talk i.- 1! is- ^aiuartonal. lnc (-t at llio'Hote lirsl moeiiug —We pay QT' l"ist.nllineiit Stock mehl., llie best KerMrlly nidsr. & TlirouKh ail cr UigiAlcr. it wa* Kfiv ('allah:iti. oil ina:r fVc. Iiad Iici| li(|l |i <r rliaigi-. v.:.<, r- II Callalj Lfimi- us Wichita Kar, N'oi nia .^seis fmict' phone R .iseoe B. McI U'aluiif Strrtrt. 4 -McCarthy Motor . finfrt to hiai hum] -vfiiint oi' iliin*-=s .141 in Ui work th —nr. -w r .i- Mrs. Williain Vlii-: street, inoruius oi tht on every Hat In We also save Hostecy. Ed-' past two years Cecil Brown and,daughter. Beit? riuth. of Kan»a« piO'. )io., w.ho camt Saturday'for i rtelt"'with tliVlJ- parents anrf; • grand parent^. Ur. in;l Mrs. Sainuer BiVwh, bt 1 218 EaHt Jackiop aVenue.! returned hpme 'yesterdpy."' '' ; '! ' "' 1 .Mrx. Frank Maiks weni to Cha- Mr. \V. e. D^an. of Topeka. and nuto on the noon train ibrd vlilt .Mr. iR^nald Finney. of N'eosho I with her fricnd.'Mrr.. William Fops. Falls, *ere buslnesH visitors iii'sKc'will return boihe Tliti»''<>TehfnK. lola to «lay. ^ ! . • r.. j ' . • — I .Mr. F. W. Anderson oC <be tola —Dr. Montgomery, rhlropractor. Wholesale grocdry I'g thejowner Wt lola Laundry' fildg. Phone 138. the fir*( new model'" ^h'l^rolet — 'coach sold In thlH'teriltorr. "-'M Irvin .S. f'obb'.s fir.fl novel. "Chiv- 1 was delivered this mbrnfiiit. 'Since airy Peak." is now on tlie shelves | (he new Cat was annoUiiced Mon- ot the Tola Public Library. It Is jay the Shelly Motol-'C<^ ha? lak- a tale of Soiiihern chivalry In tliejon nineteen bcder'jj for the new West tod ;iy which Irrln S. Cobhl models and Ls unloading a-ne\^ car ha.«= made the basis for this. hlsl(^ay/ All closed'rijbtjelk arc no^f first novel.' And he has set for It gp ,|lg|jla.v. sO glamorous a scene of an inac- '. — c^ssihle refuge overlooking de.wrt \j,.<!; j. B. K«'n>p. grand chjef of and mountain-range that the tang,,^,e Pyihlan Sislers,""aitendwl a of its atmosphere seems to breathp meeting of the ^•thlatii Stste'ni-in from; Its pageJ«. To this a «Id fobh >hanuie this afterndoal ' ' characters, in iheir irresistible _ -^i humanity. Involved in a compact. jfrs F. S. Bennett, of ."i20 South Intense drama of puzzling moliva- Washington'aveniie. went to l.bng- t'on. ton. Kans.. today for i'visit- with her mother, Mrs. Flqreiace Oodinrd. THE lOLA DAILY REG ,1 JilUJl-Jlti THURSDAY.EVENING^ANUARY 5. 1928. ought to be a recJird crowd if«rjtBfs I"- ilif the .\«nv Year. Ion Full Paid and The best inyeSf- nieihod to save. Loan .Isserlfltlon, F. L. R. LKAYE1.I.. M. 1>. Special attention given Diseases u$ Colon anil Rectum. Electro-Ph.vsiotherapv Office tola State Baiik Bldg. Phone."—147 ami! 70.". JIB.S. 0. H. P.4RK?XI>(|. ' Ethel Peterson was b'oril'Febru­ ary 14. 1SS2, at • .Arlington, Xebr.. and died at her home in lola. Kan.. Richard Lieurance. of Lincoln. Xebr.. who spent New Year's with his parents. Dr. and- Mrs. .A.,.!. Lieurance. of Xeo.sho-Falls, and ! January S. 1»2S.;: Age 35 years 10 came yesterday afiifmoon to visit months and 20 days': his sister. Dr. -Mildred Curtis. Itft , she received her schooling in V'.!f..L'Ll?'l"^l°'„!^5il'^r ^'i!?^- and united, with thi .Methodist I Imrch in her girlhood | ilays. Lieurance often appears radio program at: the broadcasting station. on the; Lincoln , —O. L. Cox, M. D. .Specialist. Eye, Ear. Xose and ThroaL ' 3IB.S. XOdR^ BUa O. Auefaerinan, (laagihter of Samuel and Maiinda Aus^erman. wasi born February 14, 1S57 la Slid- dletown. Fredrick CoubtjrJ tiVlaiy- land, and pa.<<sed away at her hoine, -10< South''Buckeye, Tola, Kansas. January. 2. I02 .S. aged 70 years. 10 mouths^ and l.S days. Whea;l3'i-ears of ag«> .<»h«) moved with her parents to SiiTkrigrield, M.-).. where they ipqidv their, home for.'5 years, 'then fhen inWred :•> lola, Kansas, and resided in this Imine4iatv vicinity- for .<;overaI years. ' ' ! '• • - In l.'»S5 they movea to f Berlin; lUkurl >un <ouut>-.. Kanjas. It' was Khnrtly "after tJiU ihat ehe united with (he ^tethodist churcK She h3 »"bjen a loyal'and dcvofcd member of tbo church*.<ince ipiai tiihc and l»er confidence In ihir Lord and Savior wa> oianlfestl ihroogh- ouL hej; •lays of a <;tlve IchrisHiin ^f rviceand also through (bjeJe iJays of'her jqitferiiiig andr ilcath.' Sho' linitetl in marriage ti> John W.. Moore in tk>uri>pa>oun- tjt In 1892 and to this nnion was hoMi one child, a daughter who passed away at the age *of 14. ; Almost 2« .vear* ago.Mr. and j .Mr.-:. Moore left the farm and mo%! ed to lola. It wa.s hereilhat Mr. Moore alter only a shoti vhiU pas^ett away." Mrs. Moorei colutin;: Campbell' ot Kansas C{t -\1 ^o.. and a step-dau^tet. OAn. & Wi ^xO^ jenbo'ur-.oiC Oepvec. Colo. . ! Th? lorego'ing t ^k^tch i vfas read by RM-rC. 1. Cbldsm!th iri;op^iilBf^ the fitneral sprvIepS .iiiUh: hKdbtf*. ducted: and which ^^-ero,'h"cW lii the First M. J::; cl^iiruk at | o.^cloclt Jjaananr i. whil-hj-Mrs, Moore had' belonged bell g greseot and sf^ted ^ » \fP<lSC' branches of churcU 'Aor ^ctand her devbci^n to every good <!aiise, anH £oIl|>wcd with an inapirlue and comfocting sfrmnn fonjidfii «fton fhef p'aissage in Hv. Johh, ;"l Bav^ accomplished the worfe tl^ii fia:<t given iat> to do." PAGE TI Music for'thft .service -fa.- dfcred-hj- a qiuitttftte t.b-jn Methoaii-t choir. iJUi". tJUo .'.iir —Every' sufferer from 3:ite .<4 or Cither rectal t'roiih'ea shnnUt -,vrtt^ f}Jp''ji new 98-page book on these aiimeBts that I-C*being distrIbuU:d frM and posjjNjd by Dr. 0. A. Jtoimsoa. eminent iK-M I Spr-cialbl and Ain^ulaiit Proi . It ix- ,plains the^new ariindiin- ni-:;,. il jtSiafbad'cured mvi: t 'l-.u l .',.>ji ;0 sufferers frpm pile.: u 'hr .ut sitr- gsrv. i;;autvr.V, 'biirniui:. :.. i V<^~ ture. circrrU'lty "or "ti.-', ti.a-^li. painful me.fau;' Yet Mi? :i, - •« e ; removed-and'/citred cleanlv. n-trols ,aad f.ersMthenijy. .MhB 'r'- likj^ ncrvottsiMiK. • 1rrifr.:-ii!ty. y i'<. .in, tifah't." ^ilrs. 'R-a!:€•l:''^ia^.il&1. C. P. i: ("iiarlcs" Kuisk. wit?; s'o ;:!at -;i- . ?.-:niii:- thg fesc*'. *':"ta.'"h -:i!J: liver an« kldn'-y fri -'ibles: tioD. rHtt-do.lii rfjndlli'-: Miss Ra«U Cr..u- ar the I^S^^nW*. S ^'-^^n cans.. Ittt^^ent l..ul,.^^c|l m.Io*a ^Sjy .caro'd. too. when the '?''^- • wired- Xo matter hpw long yon have suttered or how. SOUTH WW B\M, sev^yqnr' cttnditiob. •b^ sure 16 beep h'ome. — , - . rinding a way to return l to her school; at I-aCysne on account of the siiow. News la rather sc:'.rce- since, the !jno-.v.; The by-road? nre'drifted iih'lil tlic mail «mrier has .to ledta i ed to'make'her home in loia car on the .u -aln road and ^alk Ou .March 27. 1912. sli^ was united iu marriage to O. IL, Patjtening at tile home of her parents in Ar- | linptoti. .Xebr. • .Mr. anil -Mrs. Park- I Pictured here are two or Llndy's stopping _ I night about Central America and three of the perso uges who will «erri as hi^ host, .\bove, the Amertcan legati )n atj Managua. Xlcaragua;: b^- low. the City Hall at Panama CItr. Panama: the sibtesmen (too to'bof . ictnl are .-VdoUo Diaz, president of Xicatagui: Ricjardo Jimenez, prtajl-j (lent of Ccsta Rica, and Dr. .lohn South, jour i|ilnisti>r to I'inania Correction. •oV in .yc-t.'iday 'H aiiiinunci'd that of the trio ar- r> by .Ilni Krf'dirkksoij Christ- n iiarol.-il from a man paroled an. v.ho gave his vur.vf Physician And Simrenn e :iinl Thruut Fitlfil Ihiiigton. Tola H29: Res. 11.'9 •njx of 811 Souih jniei-hanlc at lb.* \dp.. Who was con- two dayaon ac- wa.s abl? lo re- mornln'e. A. R. •rikvjidell. Osteopath : The Horville unit of the'Wom­ en's Farm Bureau is meeting to- Dr. K. C. Ca,iiiiQn will retttru home un the Sunflower .«peciiil to-jeniug began married life together night from Wichita where he has in Omaha. .Xebr.; and lived there ^,gy ^^ home of Mrs' Lydla been attending the Kansas ;• State until i«i2i». From there they moved t^^'g^l^. ^^j^j, f^jj, ^.Q,,,^ V«!t"rlnaT.v associajion cimveiitlon. to Kah.>'as City,;Mo., ?aola, Kan.. {^,^^11^^'applied to dre.^s acce.s- —' -""'''='•'"'«"• Ka"-- a"'' ,»^^a'n*','°9orIes is beliMt stiidied. —Dr. J. T.- Rcid, Surgery and. l6la in 192:; where they have lived! .'C-ray. Phone r..-.7. l|)la in .11^11 il the present lime. To iliis union • ihri-e children! MT^. Lula Willi.-, who Iia.s Iif4>ii '"'rn: Wilbur, a .sou, died in j ilie g'lest of MisJ Inez M. Kili!.<'n; '"f^ncy. Ills luoUn-rV- Iwdy wiU'i left todav f<,i- Winfit hi. Kaiis.;'"* '"ki-n to Omaha and- laid lie- 1 where she is lui.vcr oi" r(>ady-toi '^'dc lus iu thi- family burying wrai- for the .1. .Mf.s. )irouud. Lloyd and Liuille. tngeih-i Willis was on h>: way b;o-k to Will- '-r with- th.-ir father remain wiih i on Mj-s. Clark, departnlentipreslUei t of 1 he Heiftleraon Circle, Ht. it LaCigi^ej apdjMr.s. depar mert ireasnrer, of Thayer, ,can{ he •li to attoiuj the insiallji- liotr spr\lcrs held thik afternoon. death called her to the horpe u .u made with hands. i ! Slie is survived by two brothers. C. C. -•iu.sherroan of lola. j Kansas, iv I W- C- Ausherman Of ; I.«ng lltAch. Calli. one sii ...r, MrsL J. H. to some ot th^ hoses. School opeii- icmorrqw; after a weeTv of vacatiu z I..6reha Klooz nas been on the pickLU^t the last week, but is feefc in .i; betiec now. ' yooi vlthoat co^ or ohligatjoa. fi-ld • frijiii Kansas,City whi-n- sh has bcf-n. since the I'irsiof Decem- Ixr. .SlJe underwent an iMieratioii at the Trinity Lutheran hospital in City aiiil sine- |.,-aviuR the ho.^pilai. was with her suiis. HerFcliel and VirRil Willis. iu Ihe home M M. Mel Fronk aird East .lackson avenue, loii thi- afternoon for Kansas City. I'hGTJe 191- lieadicker. of' received n^ws this. seriou.H illneps of 1 neiimonia of her niece.. .Mrs. Owen iver. Co'.o. Mrs. eit here, anil made >-uds who will tie interested in hci! condition. O.sborne. of D P t/rboMie has visi a number ot t'l We kllOW m nre Hut Have kery Product! go. ..I, VAX II III Tried • . Oiirs? hOZERS: Tlie Rev. A. CiUcken. Kans.. inoming looking H'l -rsts ami ' vis iiiiit.- home iroijii lie was <'alleil t liinir;i; ol .Mis (her.' Siiiii'ay. . Trv our drl r^^:^• s.i \ ie.' iHirii <r. lloHiii;;. T S( ':.i.:..ll \V. ll;i (( Miin-il to his .liK Ks.m avenue. I. |..ii .eil iniprovine er ihe ;r-r .'lat;vcs and many irieinls i to iiioiini her departure. .\Ir. and .Mr.-^. darkening were' nieinh '.'r.'.- oi' ihi- Kount/ .Mem(<rial' Lutheran clairch. of Omaha, .\'ebr..l ai the time of her death. Since' living in lola .Mrs. I'arkenloK has' ail.nd.d the l'ii.r:byierian church Mrs O. Ji. Rea.slev. who has ii-e,,'^'"' worked wiih the ladies in the a~<guest iu Ihe hone of Mr. and ,^."7"'"' 'he Working so: i-ni .ii- f .T ''^"'•'y "»«• chiMren have iw-en laniiiv. i-'^pgi,t.„. a,i,.„,|:iu,,; |n ,he Sunday schoid. She :has been a member _ of the Kxsiern Star and the Aiueri- . can Legion .Auxiliary. .She wa.^ a \. Haifiel.l. trainmaster, "f true wife and inoiher. a nuief ui^ • Emporia. Kans, was in lola t.i.lay a.;.i„niinK (.hri.liaii. . She rests on bnslne?-:. ,,.,,,„ j,,., ijb.,r: and 1.. r works do; i..llo »v her. ' ' • ' .Mr;!. Chas. .lone), i .f l".l -iiiore, 'fh.- fuuetal ;ervii>e wa:! I.eld In and Mrs A. W. Th.imp .suii, of ISL- iht- Sleeper chapel at, :(::!•> o'clock i llarpe. were in lo!a Mday on busl-• Wednesday afieruoon.' conducted ne .<>3. > ' by Dr. H. C. .Maihls. Thf singers were .Mr.s. J. II.'n. Miss E. \. lioyer. of *iii2 East i Viola Dalgarno. Mr. X. C. Kerr and wh.i has '>>.-eri' ill for two Mi. A. E. CJarrison. with Mrs. J.. was reported a lit?le belter E Cornish at the piano. The body j wa.s, taken directly to the 4:2S : •! fi;<ln and. was taken to Omaha lor —For Rieal Esl.'te l-.ians «ee the bfilal. S«iurilr Ride. A- Loan .\*»oclanoii. 1 : fola, Ks. Office i^n First .Natl. Bank.' Such a .Nlre Letter. j — ' Here Is such a nlc.» letter i that' Verne .NorlhniCi. of .he'Ellis Mo- rhe llrgisier. all its inoitesly lor company, was :i business visi- JUM (^an't forbear to [irinl it. ' Mrs. .street, weeks today. 'tor in Channfe this afternoon. I It will perhaps tie ' hook lovers of lola ,i .•\nne..\icho|s's novel. Ro.k."- Is now numboldt. Kan.. Jan. ::. V.<t^ The lola Daily Register. o know that ••.Mile's Irish C. Tildor, of Mc- was In lola thir., „ ,., iftnr nrnnertv in-i'he iola Public v'lTuS e":;'^ herself '.as ma.le.ilus:n„vell^a.l rhanufe when; officiate at the tiarah U:iilchV heW in battery and ifi I his cold weath- rviie :>lation. ^^ry. who has been ( lioni... 4iiO East • since .Sunday, is sal interest as the play. \ Gentlemen- Yoii will, lind rn-,' ... closed our Check for $2.00. for on the shelves at'which iileasn advance our subscrip-' Library. The aulh-'ilon another six months. We certainly can 't do without Ihe ' Register. Oct ih«' .\. P. news !««fore our Journal-Post dallies reach us,' and should feel that we knew nothing .hf 'affalrH over .'\llen ••ounty if it w^-re not for the d)-ur ; old Register. I was brought tip on ' It and can not do without It now \ Wishing till' etifire "Reulster i <iavK" A Happy .Xe* Year. I am; Very truly yours , ' JAXE FR.A..VCIS DfXL.Vf. lion .11 the iihiy which .has iiail Ihe most phenomenal theatrical run in >i 'a;-s ami the liook Is as laiiirii- ablc. romantic, pathetic and thrill- lug I 'S the stage vers-ion. Written v.'Ifh the one great purpose underlying the play^s record-breaking success-, the whole <|iie.stIoh in' racial and Vellglous tolerances.— tlie iMok will arouse the .same iiniver- - -Vans Dread -M I Cracc H I of her sisier. lie,-. .V-r Kir,\'il rat tenlay froirj .~l..irt' visit itmrninK. 'lor K.Miis. • orsnu.,who came yes-, Ofcla., for a (with friends, 'left this his home at (Juenemo. The ediio to Kansas .•itI.-ml a b: to' (ielivor a turn tomorrow noon. " good as ever. [ ward left on vhe! W.UI Santa Fe tklay for .\riiarillo.' Texas, called thi re by the illness s. (lertrnde rorji- (• of the Register went City. I^ans.. today to nqitet at wliich he Is 1 address. He will re- —If yoti want to' buy or huild,' ciiy or subi rban property. The lola j Building & I..oan .\ssociation will i make you a loan, low interest ratA ,no cunimission. See C..' E. Pees .s.: retai.y. at old Register building eouthwe:it corner of square. Mr. and Mrs Dewey Long, of Johnston, Pa., arrived last night fur a visit with homefolks. Mr. Loiis was fornierlv Associated Press opcrulcr ar ihe Register j office.: - ' ' - . —Dr. Lucy E. Poison, dilroprac- inr. .Norlhriip Bllig. Phone TH.' Mra. L. S. Collie, of Kanpas Ciiv. Is visiting her ijiolher. .Mrs. J. T. Mahalfey. uli Ta. South Buckeye ttreo*. and lier iHister .Mrs. .V. Cowan and fam Jackson avenue. Harold ly, of - East "Wcib .sier ileilnrs a vitamin a'l "a constituent of many foods 1n' Iheir naiural slate which i.s essehiiiil for normal nutrition. Cer- italn.diseases are caused by a lack of these elements in the food." j ' ' • • , ••• For Healili every one must have !n the diet the live vitamins. Vitamin \. ii|rliaps the mn^x important of the liv... is found largely In! milk and milk products. Buii.-r is the only fat in conunoh use which couluiiis Viiamiu A. I|isist y |K>|i thp Best—Tell YQur pcocer i neaver. ot Salem dlsirici. wMierwMii an appendectomy c»peratlt»ti" it St. Jolihn Irospl- tal v*«i*rd«yTn|)rnliiK. pprt«4^ doiak OftYCOPDS-WOMEtfS \(l(pii?-MILL NWi •OLA - • - - NAMSAS lOLA'S POPULAR Clearance and CLISARANC'R KNTIRE i STOtlK ! ' •' -Qif : LATE VVINTER MILLINERV Our entire stock of late yinter jV^illinei'y is included in these four g^oi^ps. Regulfir VaUies frotn $^.75 to $12,5Q $15.00 presses, sale pri|ce $19.75 Dresses, sale price $29.75 Dresses, sale price $35.0A Dresses, sale price $39.75 D|?esses, sale price j..$9.7^ .1 $14.^5 $19^5 $23,75 $26.5r5 $19.75 Coats, sale price $25.^Coats, sal^pricje . $29,751 Coats, sale priice . $3^90 Co^ts, sale R^ic^ $39.75 Coiats, sale price . $45.00 Coats, sale p^^ife $49.75 Coats, sale pric^, $59.75 Coats, sale |^ric€ ; $69l7^ Co^t8» R^le p^ce ... $75.00 CoatsV s^le p^ice $89.75 Coats, sa^e pfic^ All Chiidreft's Cait-s At ('fC^^^j 20 Per Cent piscount on All SwwUrji. SENEKER'S .$14.75 -1^7.75 .|55.0a .$§5.00 Prieesl Again we offer thc.<u: heavy 2:20 weijjht, full made oyefallsV for! SiSc. Stock apwHik th^ ^p- ply -lasts. Moleskin Pa^ts IJeavy. genuine skin Pants, fleeced in- bear LM O I C- §fde. khaki color. A^ for wear aftd a paints to idefy c<Jd' weather. A S|ar January Speci.-il! Men^s Duck Coats ' $2.S|8' Hteavy diick cents with bbtpket lining and cord'^ Oro^- collar.; Price doe^. .A Sta^r January \^^ort Sweaters 'Qrey color and co9(i style A^4d) sizes for men or boj-s—" ' 98p "^nner^hirts ' Heavy Weight WjopI Mixed Shirts. #"rtta \%^fllMai|e' $1.98 '^' Thfnlc of i(! One group of jiH'vool Overiioafif fot' Sd.Sdj; and j-our el^ice froinl our Sneist at Sl^.'SO and'9.50; Valu^' up to " • ' Bqys* Overcoats Sizes .3 to 8. Nice patterns,' latest stylies $3.98 B4y^ or eirls? Taniey SUp-^n Sweatees BriiW 'Sesipis,' Va&'es up f $2 .98, n<Mv~ ' ; $1.98 Best B«ece lined, P^rt Wool mm Red urrd Price! Heavy i sol fleece fining, sit 1 ver color,' a real" $2.00' value. 'i -3t: Lumber Jacks Re4, Brown or Grey, colors. A lueavy fleece Ened Jersey coafr^:-kcen kMk- 'OM and oaiy^ $149

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