The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 29, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1894
Page 12
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^iighestof all in Leavening Power.—-Latest U. S. Gov't Report. Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE farroll DAILY AND WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. TH8 BBNTINBL Is the only newspaper In Carroll county that la printed all at borne and It con•IDs more local and conntr news than any other two papers In this county. POWBRB * COLOtO, Prop*. FRIDAY, .TCNS 29, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS Visit Moore's shoe store. H. B. Russell visited relatives at Jefferson Sunday. Winter wheat flonr at Kempker & Coolidge's. Patent photograph envelopes for sale at this office. Gall at Merlin & Olovie' for Glidden barbed win. W Agent Creager and Sam Easterly spent Sunday at Omaha. Paints, Oils and Brushes at J. W. Hatton's. Mrs. Giff. Hoag ie in tbe city the guest of Mrs. W. B. Sturges. T. A. Madigan is the latest aspirant for the county recoidership. M. W. Beach went to Dee Moinea Tuesday on a business trip. Eli Griffith, of Newell, is in the city visiting relatives and friends. H. C. Flenker, of Washington township, was a city visitqr Monday. Miss Blanche Grcenlee, of Belle Plaine, was visiting at tbe Talbott home. Diseases of tbe eye, ear, throat and nose. Dr. 0. L. Wright. Carroll. Miss Tode Wells, of Boone, was in the city visiting Mrs. O. T. Wadsworth. Tom Gutbrie went to Boone yesterday for a visit with, friends for a few days. Diseases of women and children a specialty. DB. B. C. KELLKY, Carroll, la. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Cbeasbro are at Clinton, visiting friends for a few days. Late cabbaga and sweet potato plant* borne grown at tbe green honae. Oboice new maple sugar. Freeh made, guaranteed pure. McliAGAN & SCHC- MAOHEB. / W. C. Long was a passenger on the morning train yesterday, going to Glidden. Try our canned goods, tbe price* and quality will enit you. MoLAQAN & BOHUMAOHBB. Mrs. J. L. Powers and little [Gretcben, left yesterday to spend a few days at Colfax springs, 3. H. Schfoedef, the popular candidate for county clerk from Arcadia.wus in the city Wednesday. Ed. Dale, of Coon Rapids, was in tbe city Saturday looking after his boom for county supervisor. For good bargains in groceries and fruits'and decorated ware, K° to Kempker & Coolidge's. M. Miller bas returned from Dubuque where be was called to attend the funeral of his aged mother. Dan* Reed, of Newton township, was in tbe city paying taxes and looking after other business. Manning and Coon Rapids are about the only cities in this county that will celebrate on tbe Fourth. Tbe Willey people are making great preparations for a genuine old fashioned celebration on the Fourth. The wheelmen who went to Jefferson Wednesday report a good time and saw aom*) good races at tbe tournament. Our pries* on flour *r* right, *nita •wybody, give it a trial and you will eome back lo tbe Y*llow front for mor* Mlsa Robertson, of East Liberty, Bb*rid*n township, wa* in tbe city Saturday the guest of Mrs. W. H. Clement* B, Pape returned borne Monday. He baa been at Council Bluff* for tbe past four weeks working at tbe the printer's trade. Mlu Powers, oj Omaha, arrived la tbe dty Monday evening and will visit with bar brother Frank and wife for a few 0 Miu Lillian Price, of Vail, wbo bas b«en visiting with tbe Weitbrook famll Of this ell?, 10ft Monday for be borne. Mrs. lOraee Mil** arrived borne in Btturdav evening from Atlanta, Oa., on • Tliit to bar parent*, Mr. «nd Mrs. W. Parsons. Mlwies Afaude ftrid Blaoeli* O'Noa bave returned from MawheJUoww after very pleawnt visit wllto relntives an friends there. , . H. E, Ruuell, 0, D. WattjM and J. K Whitney were at Jefferson «ttendjn |he bicycle race tnd aA»o looking after IUU» i»rlY*te buiinew. Tbe Uwroll Stars have accepted «fc*lliP«e iwued by thn QUOdm Oolleg We would h«ve been pleased >e out the contest begun last,weeU but we presume it will be practically the same >layera hbwever and that tlji 1 game will a good one. Jno. T. Jay was in the city Tuesday or a few moments. C. P. O'Neal is around again somewhat the worse for the runaway Sunday vening, one of his ankles Was quile dly sprained. Should Carroll's ball players arrange a amt with Lake View, we believe that ley would find they had a gstne.if Oliden could not entertain them. W. E. Scott, of Glidden, was in the ity Wednsday for a short time. He is now ettling up his account!) since retiring rom business a few weeks past. Ohase & Sanborn teas and coffees were sed exclusively on tbe World's fair rounds, selected for their superior uality. Bold only by Merchant. Jno. Wieland has returned from his estern trip and was so well pleased ith tbe country that he is intending to urcbase a tract of Nebraska soil. J. E. Smith, principal of tbe bigh chool, returned to the city Saturday and will spend the remainder of bis vacation ere arranging for the work next year. F. L. Macomber and family returned to leir home in Chicago last Saturday even- g after enjoying a very pleasant visit in le city witb their parents and friends. Next Monday tbe Martin mulct law will be put in force in this city, and the aloon men are quite generally getting eady ito comply with the requirements. Sheriff Jeffrey held the lucky num- er Monday evening at the bicycle draw- ng and now rides one of tbe finest heels in tbe city. Bob is great on a wheel. Mrs. J. J,|Wieland and children bave aken up; quarters at Lake View in tbelr ottage for a month' e vacation. Len will ems in witb them during their stay at be lake. The Fremont & Elkborn people are oing to give a special rate to the Black :ills on* July 6. The tickets will be ood for sixty days and the rate tbe low- st ever given. Little Ben wore a self satisfied smile 'uesday when the convention decided to ilow him to select bis own delegates to le state convention. Benny then fell big as Tom Reed. Merchant wants yon to call at bis ore and see how few goods yon can uy for five dollars. Leave your sacks and taakete at home, but put a double box i your sled or wagon. Tbe Del Mollies train which leaves fe at 8 o'clock and runs direct to Des Moines and returns in tbe evening will rove a very popular one to those who wish to visit tbe capital city. Hon. H. B. Haselton WHS a city visitor Wednesday for a few minutes. He says he • too busy on the form just now to know much about politics but will bave more [tare time in a short time now. Mrs. F. Becker was somewhat injured ast Sunday evening by tbe runaway of !. P. O'Neal. Tbe wheel of the buggy It her as ahe was attempting to get out f the way. We learn tbat tbe injury was not serious. It will eoon be spring weather and you will need good footwear, as tbie i* line wbem money ebould not be wasted o worthies* goods, you will find it beat to take a little time and look at Moore's ine before you buy. Misses Alice and Gertie Drets have re urned from Dubuque, where Miss Gertie baa been attending Mt. St. s seminary for tbe past year, while Miss Alice went down to attend ommencement exercises. H. L. Squims, of Oarrolltoo, wss in be city and purchased two wagon loads of furniture of Woodrlng & Co. for his new residence which he bas just com. rioted. Horace will be just in style now with bit new home and furniture. The fire alarm was founded Saturday but before the fire companies bad time to get out tbe flames were eitin tuished. The origin of tbe fire was due t< in explosion of a gasoline itove at tb residence of Dr. Humphrey. No damag was done. Pension voucher* are due this year in the Dei Moines district on Julv 4th. Al though July 4th Is a legal holiday, touch ers executed on the 4th are legal if olb erwise complete, but must never be exe cuted .10 a day before the pay is due and di*od ahead, under heavy penalty. The pension;certificate must be exhibited to tbci ttmgtstrate at the execution of every number, nnd tbis magistrate must certi fy he "hns this dny spen the certificate" and is to be held responsible if none is exhibited. If lost, must hft/e permit from pension bureau iifflxed to voucher Marshal Hamilton Informs us thai tut supply of water is abundant again anil all desiring the use of the city water can be supplied. Lawn sprinklers have all been turned on and the owners of tbo lawns are at work fixing them up again Tbe fire laddies have returned from the state tournament at Iowa City. While they were unsuccessful in winning any of the prizes they made a great showing and were greatly benefited by meeting withttbe best fire organizations in the state. Our old friend, Geo. Kriebs. was heard from again today. He says, "Send me THE SENTINEL, we must have the news from Carroll." Mr. Kriebs is still in tbe drug business at Elkport, and is doing nicely, which will be good news to his many friends in this locality. It is being quietly' whispered around town that the young ladies of the tennis club are going to hold a meeting this evening at which only tbe ladies will be nvited. They appear to have a little grievance of their own which they desire o take under advisement. The time and place of the meeting bas not as yet been liven out. Mrs. Morgan, wife of Supervisor Morgan, is in a critical condition, her life tanging in the balance. The disease is said to be due to heart trouble and lung eabnees. Her many friends trust that ier life may be spared to her family to which she is devotedly attached and to ier friends. Boone vs. Carroll Sunday afternoon at Minchen's park. The Boone players are ,11 right and will put up a good game. The game before played here resulted 6 o 4 in favor of the Carroll players. Since then tbe Boone club has been trengthened and will make it a much larder game for tbe home player*. Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson, of Iowa jounty, were in the cityyeairday on their way to Glidden to visit with their laughter. They have beeu yisiting their on, Frank Wilson, in Eden township, or some time, and expect to remain in bis part of tbe state for tbe summer. Ir. Wilson made a very pleasant call at his office. Our stock ia complete, goods first quality, popular prioea. The tariff or ilver bill onto no figure witb oe. Don't bink because we don't button hole yon jn the street and beg yon to trade witb us, we don't want your trade. We dc.'jut bink yon ate wiae enough to choose the best place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MBIIOHANT. Arthur Bailey, son of Rev. T. 8. Bailey, is in the city fora few days visiting old friends. He says tbat Eddie last ings accompanied him from Cedar lapids to Boone, where he filled the resbyterian pulpit last Sunday. Arthur bas been filling the position of assistant ecretary for tbe Y. M. C. A. at Cedar Rapids for the past year. We are requested to ask all wbo do not belong io the fire companies to remain off tbe drays that haul the hose carts to tbe Sres. Tbe small boys are especially requested to keep out of the way. If they continue to climb on the drays aa they have been doing it will only be a question of time until a serious accident occurs, which might easily be avoided by keeping out of thu way. The June number of the "Midland Teacher" edited by County Superintendent McMabon is out and is the bust educational paper ever published in the county. We think tbis isiue an exceptionally slronit one and should be read by every teacher in tbe county The next issue will be in Sept-mber as none will put out during tbe summer vacation. Our friend on Main street is rather solicitous regarding our ability to master the situation in the event tbat announce menu for county office do not soon quit coming in for publication. In reply we will aay that so long as they are as good men M those whose announcements appear in this paper that it is a pleasure tor us to say a few. good words for them. For they are tbe leading men of the county and are just as good a set of fellows aa can be found anywhere. We never tire of saying good words for this class of men. MiwUertle Kurtz and Fred Marten were married Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock at 88. Peter and Paul's church Rev. Father Naeke performing tbe ceremony. After the ceremony the wedding party adjourned to tbe home of the bride's parent*, where a wedding feast was spread and the feiUvities were kept up till a late hour Tuesday night a large number of gueito being preset) to partake of the good cheer ottered by the host. A large dumber of useful and valuable presents were, civen to tbe young couple by their numerous friends and TUB SENTINEL joins with these friends In wishing them n ga o! and prosperous married lire. Peter 8tephany\ one of the six cnndU dntes for the'nomination for (ho office of county recorder, was in the cfty looking over the fluid. Mr. Stephany is from Manning and he feels just a little bit lonesome down there all elone for political honor*, while here in Carroll we have four cnndidates for the same office; but then Mr. Stephany is n genial good fellow and has a happy way of making himself at home wherever be happens to be. Jnet before noon Monday the fire alarm wns sounded and tbe laddies promptly re eponded making a,long rou to theeontb west part of the city. Before tbe com pnuies arrived At the ecene of disaster the gasoline stove bad been transferred to the back yard and the fire was oat. Tbe cause of tbe alarm was due to tbe explosion of a gasoline stove in tbe residence of Will Wabl. No damage of any consequence was done. The readers of THE SENTINKL as well us the average thinking mnu would do well to read an article by E. Brown, tbe general agent of tbe Southwestern Mutual Life association, which appears in another column of tbis paper. From our own personal experience and from what we know of bio company and of the laws of the state of Iowa covering life insurance companies we would not hesitate in saying that Mr, Brown represents a good, reliable company. On and after Monday,July 2,the wholesale office of W. H. Smith will be locatbd on tbe corner of Main and fourth streets. The wholesale stock has been moved to tbe warehouse on the south side where he ig prepared to take care of it in first class shape. Mr Smith will have elegant quarters in which to attend to his large tiade and will be pleased to meet all of his old customers at the new stand and a cordial invitation is extended to all others to cull oa him. Tbe musical students of St. Anthony's convent gave one of their pleasing and entertaining programs at the convent Tuesday of this week, tbe occasion being the closing of the school for the summer vacation. Tbe program- was' a long one and two entertainments were j1 ven, one in the forenoon- and the other in the afternoon. A large number were present and speak in the highest praise of the skill and ability shown by the students who bave been under the instructions of tbe sisters. The Century strikes Into the summer season in the July number with the beginning of novelettes by Marion Crawford and Mrs. Burton Harrison. Mt. Crawford's story is entitled "Love In Idleness: A Fortnight at Barbarbor," and is in the author's lightest and chattiest vein. The haracters are New York people, and (are trougly contrasted, and there Is some Ivoly and entertaining love-making at the ery start. Some of the personages bave ppeared in "Katharine Laudf rdale," but lie story has an entirely separate Interest. Mrs. Harrison's story, "A Bachelor laid,'' with drawings by Wiles, opens In few York city, and deals with the aspira ions of a young woman to whom the con- entlonallties of family life arc somewhat rksome. Incidentally the story deals with some of the current questions in re- giird to the relations of women o society and public life. A third novelette, Mr. John Fox, jr.'a Cumberland Vendetta" reaches its second part, and takes on a na^lc character, as the Illustrations by Mr. Loeb Awarded Higheet Honors World's Fair. D»PtllCE'S taking ower. Tb* only Pure. Cream of Tartar Powd«r.i-No Ammonia; No Alum,. Uttd to Million* of Homes—40 Yearf $9 A SBNTIHBL reporter visited the lerge establishment of Woodward, Dickey & Jo. tbe other day and wss shown by tbe proprietors through tbe carriage department of the institution. To say thai, be was astonished and pleased by tbe display of vehicles but faintly expresses it, is tbe stock embraces u line of goods seldom seen In a city the Bice of Carroll. Woodward, Dickey & Co. are aaents for (ho tiuunev goods *nd the name "Hen uev" on a buggy I* • guarantee qf reliability. Their stock this year is more than usually full and complete aqd they certainly bave tbe finest line of carriagei and vehicle* of all descriptions it has been our good fortune to examine, embracing everything from a good cheap buggy lo Ibe finest carriage the mi«rkt) affords, Anyone thinking of investing; in a bum;)' would certainly do himself wrong if b« bought without first looking over Woodward, Dickey A Co.'s stock and even if you do not wish to buy, I you like to we nice carriages call arounc and examine tbeir stock, they'll lo glut to snow it to you, and It wont cost anything to look It over. SBOOT CIUHQE. Tow4a7 a utrauger wbo f ave bit naox M Murray WM arraigus4 bafor* Mayo Puraona. H* bad •awal "(our oittwnaoa what it koowu to tb* piof«*4on at "abort obapgo.' Tb* way he work«4 it ia about t toll»w B* n*d|a two dollar bill Mid, buying fin owt« wortb of aometbinf, ba would uffe |b» bill and wben Iba proper obta** bad batn given bira ha would get tbe doltar wbiob would usually be divan, out eight Mtd return tb* auullohan b* bad (01)1)4 a uickel in bis pook*t aj b* did not oar* (or th* obaage would lik* to ba»* bl» bill returned. Wilbou thinking tb* nwonaut take* |b* *ma) ebang* w»d return* >»* bill »bu« twlog jo*t 0»* dollar in tb* trMM Mayor PMWW ptaffl felt to r* 136 aad ooflta, Eta tailed to respond with the re- I ittiitR Htnr<ittu and WIIB eant to jail. Be old the nutrshnl tbnt be wntlid bnve to gt-t ont. hv the fouriu, for tbat day •or' b A hundred dollars to him nod in nil |.>roun!>ility will rales tha mouev he- ore that time nnd liquidise his little obKgntion to The July Midland Monthly, No. 1. Vol. 1, publish. (1 at DCS Molne-s, Iowa, Is just out. It is wf II tMinod "A Mid-imiiiuer- eaditiBNiinilier." for whllb it cotuntns evernl full-|in»!n portraits and protiiN llustladiil descriptive iirticlef, It also has nort* rending matter and B gri'iil»r'nun> her aud Variety of articles tlihii li.m any revlous number. Besides Col. Kuatley's effeshlng "Life among tli« Alaskans;' Miss Lowater's out-door sketch of Lake 'epln scenery; the editor's trip from London to Antwerp; and Mrs. Uawle/s I lust rated paper American Pottery; Mrs, Reed of St. Paul has a new view of Rlley's poetry; Han let Beecher Stowe's latent autograph utterance i-mi ven; Col. B. F. Jlayton cools the heated reader with hit* •Ictureofn Cyclone; a new contributor writes on "Home Theories;" Labor Oom- mlsslone^O'Bleness talks on employment uroaus; and several sketches, short tories and /poems provide diversion for iot weather and remedy for the blues. Send for the Midland. THB PICNIC. Friday about two hundred from this itv left on a special train for Lake View or a picnio exonision under the charge f the Maeonio lodge of this place. Tbe lortbwestern band accompanied tbe pleasure aeekera and famished delight- nl music and plenty of it,too. Tbe crowd from this oily was joined by large delegations from Lake City, .ubnrn, Sao Oily, Early, Ida Grove, Luke lew and Wall Lake.making in aU about thousand. After the speaking was over lie crowd enjoyed B basket pionio and t was a great eight to see them asperated little gronpe all over the park. Tbe ext thing on the program was a ride own, tbe toboggan wbiob wue enjoyed y nearly tb* entire male porti n of the xoursionistB. Jess Whitney and Ez 'areoua %ere tiro of the youngest oolu n tbe wbole party. , A yacht race be- ween Oapt. Lawrence and tbe boat com- any wan watobed witb oonslderable iu- areat; both boate bad won two beat* piece wben -the wind went down and hen we left Ibe two boats were laying at at eea with their ami* empry. The game of ball between Odebolt and ake View was one of the interesting atnreaof tbe day. The game was won y Lake View witb a score of 1 to 6. bout 8 o'clock tbe train pulled oat for ome with two hundred tired exoarsion- ia wbo all agreed tbat they bad enjoyed a day of pleasure. An. organization aa effected between ten lodge* wbiob ere represented witb 'the intention of taving tbeee feativala annually and M. imon of this city was aeleoted aa raaident of tb« amooiation. Master Woodriog feels greatly pleased witb the was of tbe fleet pionio given by the Masonic order in tbi* part of tb* state nd believe* that they will prove to be nite popular and will be kept op. MABBIBD. J. Everett Smith, principal of tb* igb school, returned to tbe city Wed- neaday with hi* bride, Ilia* Gertrude HoOombe, of Rockwell City. Tbe wed- ing-will prove quite a surprise to • Mr. mith'a many (rienda in this city for ley were wholly unaware of tbe event. The brid* U a yoang lady of many acoomplUhmauts and will have at gener tu Weloom* to oar Uty. Mr. Smith la fin* yonng man wall qualified for life'* IVORY IT FLOATS BEST FOR SHIRTS. THE PROCTER * OAMBLK pO., OINTI. battle and will prove a worthy find devoted husband. It gives n 8 great pleas- are ia extending oar congratulations to- this deserving yonng ooupla thnt will make their home with us. CAHD OF THANKS. We desire to extend our sincere thanks to the friends and neighbor* who assisted us during tbe sickness and death of our little son Fran kie and especially to those- who brought flotoers mid to tbe pill bearers. MB AND Mils O. F. DAT. Piles! Piles I Itching Plies. Symptoms moisture; Inteiue Itching and atln Ing, most at night; worae br ncrutchlng. If n .T . lowed to continue tumor* fo.-m, which often bleed and ulcerate, becoming very sore. Sway- ne'B ointment «tops tbe Itching arid bleeding, , heals ulceratlon and In mom cases removes th» tumors. At drugglilB. or by mall, for 60 cents Dr. Swayne&Bon, Philadelphia. 5.1.95 WANTED. An active agent in each county in the United Stale", to solicit subscriptions for the Twice-a- Week Republic. A liberal commission will be paid to hustlers. .Address, superintendent circulation, The Republic, St. Louis. Mo. For Sale. i I offer my farm situated in station 3, Washington township, .for sale. For farther particulars uddreee 38 6m ERNEST DBAHBIM , 'AraodiB,- Carroll County, lo.wa. T WANTED. To buy aome potatoes at McLagan Sobnmaober'a. 1 BND twelve oeotn In poiCHge stamps to 88 Corcoran Building, Wiisuliicton, D. 0.. and you will recelte (oar copies of KATE tfnau's WASHINGTON, containing matter of special Interest, jive name and addrets, and say where you' saw U advertisement. ; Sheriffs Sale. Notice li hereby given that by virtue of a npe- clal execution, to me directed by the clerk ot ibe district court of Carroll county, Iowa, against the goods, chattels, lands, tenements, etc., of Henrietta Barbee and Thos. X. Borbee, defendants, In favor of D. Joyoe. plalutlR, I will offer at public sale to the hlgbeat and best bUlUer forcisb, at thu door of the court houiR, In the town of Carroll, county of Carroll, Iowa, on the ifith da; of July. 1894, between the hours of 9 o'clock H. m and 4 o'clock p. m. on said oay, »ll of said defendant*' right, title and Interest In and to tbe following de-, scribed real estate, situated In Carroll county, to-wlt: LoU numbered four and five, In block seven, In Wattles' »eoond addition to the town of Carroll, In Carroll county, Iowa. Sale to commence at the hour ot 10 o'clock a. m. of swid day.. Witness mj hand this 14th day of June, 1891, R. T. JKKFKKY., 8-4t Sheriff Carroll county, Iowa. Notice-High way-Proof of Claims. To T. Davis, D. Davis, 0. W. Carpenter and J. Cailanan and all whom It m«y concern: The commissioner appointed to vaoatn and locate a highway commencing-at northwest corner ot northeast southeast 28-82- 84 and run* ig thenoe east to the northeast corner ot said ...theaat southeast 23-82 31 aud terminating at said northeast corner of the northeast, southeast 23-H2-84, be located, and one highway beginning at the northwest corner Of the Mid northeast southeast 23-02-S4 and running thence In a southeasterly direction across the sata northeast southeast 28 82 84 and terminate near the southeast corner of the asld nortbeantsnutbenit • !0-82-84be vacated, has reported in favor of vacating and locating thereof, and all objections thereto or clHlmi for damage must be fled In tb* auditor's offiee on or before noon..of the 24th day of May A. D. 1894,or suoh highway will be vacated and located without reference thereto. 9-4t W. t. HONBAOB, County Auditor,- I) ID YOU EVER SEE THE SEA? PERHAPS NOT, but you can eee the beet and most complete stock of furniture in Carroll county by calling on the new furniture dealers, BOOB& Laughlin, opposite court bouse, Carroll, Iowa. They nave CHAIRS ROCKERS CURTAINS WARDROBES PARLOR SUITS BEDROOM SUITS * UPHOLSTERED GOODS UNDERTAKING GOODS CURTAIN FIXTURES, ETC., ETC., In endless variety, and new goods coming in every day. In fyot, they are prepared to furnish a house in the best of style from cellar to garret. They also do all work in the cabinet line and repairing. pTDon't forget thu place, j 'i ITU Opposite Cpurt House lowu,

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