The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 11, 1958 · Page 20
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 20

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1958
Page 20
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Is Swapping So-Called Security for Freedom Worth That Price? By ROGER BARSON [look back over my 60-odd years'this conclusion: The average vot- BABSON PARK, Mass. - As I as a voter and try to interpre-jer today is more interested in the Democratic landslide of thejseeklng "security" than he is in t fiat* to AUSTIN (MlnrU HERALD Thursday, Dec. 71, 1P58 Is spiritual «etnrtty. this- Is confidence In one's God and In oneself so that, come what may, one can, and will, not only survive bnt meet competition successfully. So the thing that disturbs me most about the present wholesale idesife for security, particularly in ermor*. us government takes on these responsibilities, it also assumes control over them. Thus, the individual, little by little, surrenders certain aspects of his freedom in exchange for what he thinks is security. In my humble opinion, it then 'Becomes but a matter of time before national bankruptcy seta In; last election, which happened while I was in Africa, 1 am forced to Keeping "fietdom." Now the only real security OPEN 8:30 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. ALL PRODUCE UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED PRINZINGS Garden Spot of Southern Minnesota North of Austin On Highway 218 Priming Says: Another fruckload of Texas Oranges and Grapefruit will arrive today at Primings. These are tree-ripened direct from the Rio Grande Valley. a time of plenty, is that it sug gests a senile civilization, not the I youthful, fearless men that made | this nation great. I Tremcndoni Rebuff j The Democratic landslide was a tremendous rebuff not only to the present Administration's "pay-as- . , , . . you-go'-domestic policy, but also to back "P° n suc , h » p ? rlod " an !,. t i u _.»-„ mi.. .... era of economic leaches. 1 have in that event, all of our economic legislation may not be worth the paper the law.* are written on. It may not happen in your lifetime, or perhaps even in your children's life span; but it can happen sometime. The history book* will look its foreign-aid policy. The voters!' seem to be saying, "We want ong peace, but we are unwilling to sac- said that the next sizable depression will be brought about m GRAPEFRUIT & ORANGES Extra Sweet and Juicy ONLY BUSHEL Gift Cartons Of Fancy Fruit Made up to Order Christmas Tree Headquarters For AU Shapes & Sizes Trees Our trw yard U the only one of its kind in the Austin area . . . each tree stands Individually for easy selection. We feature Montana Mountain Grown Trees unconditionally guaranteed to hold their needles longer. Coma on out and look them over at Prinzings Hwy. 218 North •ifice for it." Our fathers knew that freedom and peace were conditions that had to be cultivated by each generation. Life, for our j'orefathcrs, was full of hazards. They were in dapger of being scalped by the indirns, were often cold and hungry and without ma- erial comforts; but they were free men. Today we are slowly, but •jertainly, surrendering those hard- won freedoms as we move in the 'direction of a welfare state. Soak (he Rich Subsidies and guaranteed "womb- to-tomb" economic aids of every variety have to be paid for by someone. Uncle Sam has no mystical source of revenue. Money for your unemployment securltjTor old-age pension comes out of your pocket, not Uncle Sam's. He has no pockets; and if he did, I am afraid they would be full of holes! When you put a ceiling on a JTian's earnings by taxing his ini- itiative, man tends to give up. And when you soak business and industry, you begin to destroy those 'inancial sources that built our great educational institutions, hospitals, research centers, and libraries. You then begin to scare away private risk capital because the return is just not worth the risk. Then government steps into the breach to subsidize those projects which private capital formerly undertook. Need to Collect More This means that more money has to be collected from your pay check in the form of taxes. Furth- by organized labor's overreaching tself. While we should be grateful for labor's watchful eye, we should at the same time be concerned about strikes and about any if labor's actions which result from its being exempt from the Anti- Trust laws. Oar Founding Father* Our,founding fathers expressed their freedom in terms of responsibility. Each, indeed, was his brother's keeper. Men were close to one another. If there was a fire they had to work together to put it out; if roads were to be built the building became a commun^ ity project; and the laggards were :hastised by their neighbors. One trouble today is that the average citizen ha become so far removed from community respon Ubilitv that he has really lost ton 'i with democracy in action. Too often the average man gives little thought to much of anything be yond the evening TV programs It is almost as if he were unaware that freedom in our U.S.A. is fighting for its very life. Experience Preferred Over Age fo.< Pilots WASHINGTON (ft — Space pilots who will man the Dyna- Solar - the most advanced weapon system under development today — will be chosen because of their experience and not their age. Planes, official publication of the Aircraft Industries Assn., says the pilots selected for the initial flight on the Dyna-Soar a Manned boost-glide vehicle with orbital flight potential — will be approximately five feet ten, and weigh Detween ISO and 155 pounds. Their training will include being whirled in huge "centrifuges and making simulated space flights wUh many of the expected conditions duplicated. GIFT WRAPPED — Bagging a penguin means just that at the U. S. base at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica. Stuffed in a strait-jacket sack, the emperor penguin keeps a reg"al stiff upper lip on the first leg of his journey to a (J. S. zoo. Read The Classified Ads. The world's highest dam Is the Mauvoisin, on the Dranse River in Switzerland. It wat completed In the fall of 1957. The dam ia an arch type, of concrete, 780 feet high. The dam was built to supply power. Hoover Dam, on the Colorado River, between Arizona and Nevada, at 726 feet, is the second highest water barrier. obin Hood's Higher Protein Richness guarantees you higher loave^ of bread! Robin Hood Flour CInt«f«tlon.! Mlffln* Co. IKS This Week's BestMeatBuy ... l SUPER VALU Fresh, tender FULL RIB HALF ivtth\Super Valu Trim Center Cut LB. 39 PORK CHOPS OWATONNA PEAS 3 & 1" GOLD MEDAL FLOUR SWANSDOWN CAKE MIX White • Chocolate - Butterscotch MANCHESTER'S TOWN HOUSE or CLUB CRACKERS 29< CAL FAME PINEAPPPLE ORANGE DRINK . IDAHO U.S. NO. 1 4S S I M RUSSETS 59 ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT!!! Plump tender cherriet 'covered with chocolate 49 Brach's Ex. Fey. GLORIA MIX 29c 12H-OZ. BAG MONARCH MONARCH FRUIT COCKTAIL ... - - sg c TOMATO JUICE 4 «- «* $1.00 SALAD ICEBERG DRESSING QT JAR OCEAN SPRAY CRANBERRY SAUCE 2 No. 300 Cans MONARCH IMPORTED STUFFED QUEEN No. 12 Jar OLIVES 59 JACK SPRAT IMPORTED •rm CD is oz. DATES Pk9 39 Enter Gold Medals Exciting "TWIN STAR" CONTEST WIN 52 PIECE CHEST OF NEW 'TWIN STAR" STAINLESS SII DITAILS ON PAGI JA U». DEL MONTE BLENDED SUGAR PEAS 2"c.." 39 C U CHOY CHINESE FOODS BEAN SPROUTS No 303 Cans 2 for 29c CROW MEIN NOODLES No. 303 Cans .. 2 for 29c SOY SAUCE 5-0*. bottle 19c COMPLETE MEATLESS DINNER pkg. 55c FLAVOR-KIST CHOC. PEPPERMINT PATTIES 18-Count Package NORTHERN TISSUE Colored or White 12 >.n. $1.00 LUX SOAP 2 Bath or 3 Reg. Bars 31c LIFEBOUY SOAP 2 Bath or 3 Reg. Bars 33c SPRY Pure Vegetable Shortening 7c OFF-3-Lb. Can 85 C LOX Liquid Detergent 3Sc BREEZE With Free Premiums Reg. Giant 34c 81^ WISK Liquid Laundry Giant 74C QUALITY MEATS BONELESS - READY TO EAT SMOKED HAM 3%-Lb. Can Order ywr Hilger'f Fresh Turkey, Fresh Geese, Ducks or Fresh Frozen Capons today to assure yourself of the best fof your needs. Remember, too, we have Christmas Hams and will wrap them for you to give as a Christmas Gift. See Us Nowl OLD FASHIONED 12 ozs. BALONEY RINGS EACH 39c HORMEL'S BACON t-Lb. Pkg. 39c LEAN SHORT RIBS of REEF ib 29c YOUNG TENDER Pork Liver LB. 29 Fresh Fruits & Vegetables , Mb. Cello ISC EXTRA FCY. JUMBO SEARLESS CRANBERRIES NEW CROP JUMBO SIZE SUNKIST NAVEL ORANGES Dozen 79c FANCY RED WASHINGTON - FAMILY SIZE 20-LB. BOX DELICIOUS APPLES ...... $2.39 SHOP and SAVE Austin Super Valu 127 W. MIU (NEXT TO PENNEY'S) HOURS: Week Day* e«d Sttuidoyt. I Q.B. to 6 p.m. — F/idoyi 'Til 9 p.m. FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS OP $5 OR MORI Otden war b« called la for pick up «t store or delivery. Bad 'N Bob's Market OPEN 7 DAYS Ttt 10 P. M. 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