Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 10, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 10, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE TWO FidcUs Class The Pidelis class of the First Baptist church was entei'talndd yesterday, afternoon by Mrs. Nathan Lef- jfler in her home with Mrs. Rich! .'"ihond aiad Mrs. Harry Aylingr the '.-Sfislsting hostesses. After the devo- tlonals led by Mrs. J. H. Sowerby, 1 and ai short ibuslness sessloh. Viilen- tlne games were played. Ref.i>esh- ihents were served to the ten mem- JJers. and four children present. Second Division 'z' Second Division of the First Presbytei-lan church met yesterday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Sam Slfers ;rhe business session was conducted by the chairman, Mrs. , Fred Dunlap. Mrs. Leslie Leavitt led the devotiohals reading from the 37th chapter of Ps.-^lihs. She also gave a talk on "Abraham Lincoln's Religious Life." Mrs. Sifers- was assisted by Mrs. J. E. Cornish ' in serving refreshments to the 14 members who attended the meetli^. • • • • North Division The North Division of the Ladies Aid society of the First Christian ' church met. yesterday afternoon :wlth Mrs. Alfred Xtzbach. During the business session plans were ! made for a chicken penny dinner ' : to be given at the church next : Thursday. Refreshments were served : j to two guests, Mrs. Bud Shipp, Kansas City. Mo., and Miss Virginia Louise Dodd, and the members ' present:: Mesdames James Richard•son, O..L. Reinfeld, Richard Coblentz, Mary Belle Parker, Albert Dreyer, Daniel Lamoreau, Minnie Mowrer, Dell Adams. Prank Nogle, Settlemej'er. J. L. Maffitc. Mary Long, Joe Wolf, George Stewart, Cary Shailer, and J. Dodd. Savory Sauce. 3 tablespoons butter, 4 tablespoons flour \ teaspoon salt H tteaspoon paprika 2 cups milk 2 tablespoons chopped plmlentos 1 tablespoon chopped ceiery Melt; butter and add flour, salt nnd paprika. Add milk and cook until creamy .saua> foi-ms. Stir frequently. Add rest of Ingredients und serve, poured over loar. PAmVIEW ; (Mrs. Oscar Jc^^mson.) Guests of Jade Utteer's Sunday were their daughter Mrs. •waiiam Sallee ana her huri>and, of WldUta, and MJ:. and Mre.-Minor' Lantz, ICr. and Mrs. W. E. MieVey attended an oyster supper at the home of their daughter, &Irs. Leslie Larson, Sa;turday evening. , MLss Vema Parker called at- W. E. McVey'8 Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge Teague and son Allan, spent Sunday at the home of Mr. Teague's sister, Mrs. J. S. Knepp B,nd Mr. Kncpp, in Ipla. Miss Mable Johnson of LaHarpe, was the guest of Miss Winifred McKeever Saturday. Harley Dean and Russel Stinnett are both on the sick list at this wrttijig. • Mr: and Mrs. Roy Stevenson and daughter Waunita, were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Oox Sunday. In the afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Tom Larkey and little daughter were callers. Miss Nadine Sniart and Kenneth Litteer . of thl? district attended tea(diers meetmg in lola Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Oscar Johnson and L. D. called on Jto. Lciyd Wagner in La­ Harpe, Thursday afternoon. On last /niursday erveqlng ithe Farmers union of this district.held its regular montiily nieetli^ at the North F'airview schoolhon^, with a large attendance and good program given. Mrs. Ada Stihnett and Mrs. Roy Stevenson called on Mt«. Oscar JcAnson Friday afternoon. Mrs. Ada Stinnett called at Harry Peet's Simday afternoon. Mrs. W. E. McVey helped her sister Mrs. Ora Parker with her meat Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Larson visited at the parental McVey home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Dreher of hear lola, were callers in the afternoon. Pork Chops En Casserole. 4 pork chops i 4 . tablespoons rico 1 onion • li sfrcen pepper . 2'/- Clips tomatoes . Salt, pepper, sugar Brown the chops on both sides in a hot frying pan. Season with 'salt and pepper and ^arrange in a HL -asserole. mil CUKSK W HAT IS THE NORMAL WHATIST I OAME TEMPa ?ATUj?E OF GIVEN THE NATIONAL THE HUMAN BODY? ABOARDSHIP? (Answers will be found on Page 3) PLEASANT VALLEY (C. E. Berkihiser.) Feb. 6.—The Pleasant Valley Sunday school held its party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Eyler Friday night. All had a fine time and all are tlianking Mr. and Mrs. Eyler for a pleasant evening. Mrs. X,. S. Minckley who has been ill and under the care of a doctor Is better, news which her many friends will be glad to hear. Tom Sherwood was a business visitor in lola Thursday. Mrs. Emma Robinson of North First. lola. was here Friday for a 1 visit with her brother. James Davis I ujid Mrs. Davis. Mr. Davis lias been I ill the past week and we are all hoping for his speedy recovery. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Maley were business visitors in lola Thursday. Mrs. Claus Thohbff was a pleasant caller on Mrs. Berkihiser and Charlene Thiu ^ay, morning. Morton Robinson of south of La- Haipe was visiting his sister, Mrs. Glen Snider and Mr. Snider Friday. Mrs: Minnie Yoho! who has been visiting her daughter Villa in Colorado is here for a visit with her son Harry Yoho and wife. Randel Sherwood of the LaHarpe high school was here, for the weekend with his iiarents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sherwood. ; Mr. and Mrs: GleBi-Snider and Master Russell were shopping and yisiting friends in lola Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Spencer of near Elsmore were week-end .visitors at the parental B. F. Spencer liome. Mr. and Mrs. Delver Butler and qhildren and Mr. and Mrs. Jud Matthews.were tradmg and visiting friends in lola Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Murrey and daughter. Miss Lorehe Murrey, were shopping and visiting relatives in lola Saturday. Harry Yoho sawed wood for Ed Weldin the past week. • THE TOLA REGISTER. FRIDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 10. 1933. lOLA.KANSAS BARRY mEUT^™ Because of an article suggesting that some senators might have accepted bi-ibes. David S. Barrj'. veteran senate sergeant-at-arms, was voted dismissed hy the senate judiciary cominittee.. Barry (lefti is shown as he appeared before the committee iind rited speeches of several senators bearing on the same subject as reason for liis not bfeing punished. Senator Thomas J. Walsh of Montana (right) Was one member of the committee. First Metboflist Church W. P. Whartcm, Pastor Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Church services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. I Epworth Leagaie 6:30 p. m, Prayer meeting Wednesday 7:30 p. m: - ' SISTER AAARY'S KITCHEN Presbyterian Church. Sunday there will be the regular Sunday .school, worship and Cliris- tian Endeavor services. At the m<5m- ing service Mi-. Snuffer will speak, using as his subject, "Footprints on the Sands of Time." Evening service Is at 7:30 p. irt: On Tuesday at 6:30 p. m. the Fidelis Guild will meet with Mrs. D. P. Northrup, 323 South Oak. Dora Langford is assisting hostess. Wednesday at 6:30 p. rh.. covered luncheon, followed by a review of "The Chrirtlan Conviction Concerning God." The lecture starts promptly at 7:15 and dismisses at 8 b'clock. Thursday, 2:30 p. m.. meeting of the Missionary society at the home;! of Mrs. Paul Klein. HORIZO\T.\L 1 Rubber pencil end. • 7 Braided quirts. : 13 Liqiieiies. 14.KettIe. IG A syatem of ,collecting taxes. J IT Man. „18 Heathen. "20 Capital of Italy. 21Morliu]in dye. 'IZ Dictator o£ 1 Italy. \ 23 Structural . unit. SlFragt bites. 2* Valuable property. - 27 Children. I 29 Custom. 30 Beer. .31 To harden. .\iiswer to Previous Puzzle 10 Since. : 11 Pertaining to a limit. 12 Dealer iu seeds, 14 Antiquated. 15 Stories. 18 Hymn. 19 Sugar sand. 26 Measure. Exclamation surprise. 30 Inteutioo. ^2 Baking disk 35 Payment demand. 41 Sable. 61 Ventilated. 36 Accountant. 43 To scold. 62 What sea is 38 Merry. 45 Lair of a beast, south ol Italy? 40 Formula. VERTICAili 41 Ineffectual. I 42 Clergyman. 1 King of Italy, 44 Classes. First Church of Christ. Scientist Sunday Services 11:00 .i. m. Wednesday evening meeting 8:00 p. m. Sunday school 9:45 a. m. The reading room at corner.of East and Sycamore streets Ls open dally from 2 to 5 p. m.. excepting Sunday.s and legal holidays. "Sou!" will be the subject of the Lesson Sermon in all churches of Christ. Scientist, Sunday. Feb. 12. Golden text: Psalms 66:8-9. O bless our God. ye people, and make the voice of his praise to-be heard; which holdeth our&o'ul in life and suffereth not our feet to be moved. The pul)lic^is cordially invited' to attend the church services and- to enjoy the privileges and to make use of the reading room. First United Brethren Churcli. Albert V. Rowland; Pastor. Earl Knock. Sunday School Supt. 9:45 Worship program. 10:05 Sermon by Rev.L. A. Stone. 10:30 Sunday school classes. 11:15 Dismissal. Junior Church at 10:05. 6:30 Intermediate and Senior Endeavors. 7:30 Evening Se»*vice. A young deaconess w^ll bring the message. Regular piid-week sei-vice Wednesday evening at 7:30 with choir practice following. \- beef in just creamed dried \K —a more or i<;ss tasteleiSs ai BY SISTER MARY .Servifc Writer 'yO many persons creamed dricfl •t' d ratlicr unsati.sfactory dish resorted to when the cook is at lier wit's ei d for soiiKetbiiiK to cook. B.nt. when care is taken in its making it t:e- conics a very palatable and appct z- inR concoction. The secret of delectable cream-d j dried beef lies iu "frizzlinj;" i le beef before adding the cream salKC. Dried bfef is lackiuK. in fat so tli is must be supplied. ,\Ielt butler In fiyiti!? pan, add beef carrftilly pirkeil in .^mall pieces wil^h all bits of slrinKV I issue removed (inil oooU over a loxv lire until the edpcs of till! liecf curl. Use 1 lublospoou flour for eaih cup of -milk used in siiurc. Rift Hour over beef ;iiid stir with a fork until Hour is ab.sorboil. Add milk and brin^ to the bdilln^- point, slirriiif; consianily to make sinooili. The sauce made ibis way is about I lie color of old ivory and has a delicious tiavor. No salt is lieedcd because Ibo beef furiiislu's enou);h salt for the sauce. P'cppor can he added if liked. One slice of , onion and a few cckr.v leaver can be sr 'uldiMl in the milk if a more " .--irvory sauce is wanted. Strain to remove ve.!it;tables and be sure to cool milk , before making sauite. Cold liquid 'insures a smooth sauce. A very at'lractivf way to serve creamed frizzled Ijeef is to put the- creamed beef in the center ot'ii large serving dish. Then arranged; long strips of buttered toast -ffritir the beef to the edse of the dish and pile hot potato chips between the toast snips. Cariiisli with sprigs of parsley or sprinkle minced parsley over the cieuiiied beef. Potato .chips which hiivc liocii uiiido several days in advance tan bo reheated in a moderate oven to make liot 'for servings Macaroni with tomatoes arid ^Iriod beef is a sidcndid luncheon dish. It .should bf served with a Tomorrow's Menu I!ftK.\KK.\ST: Halves of prapcfniit. ccrfal. cieaiii.salt pork ill ciouili yiavy. diced putatoc.T. I.INCHKON".- Miuaronl and dried lied, hearts of lettuce with l-yeiub dressing, cinnamon apples, milk, lea. DI.V.NKR: Halibut .steaks witli saitce. steamed poUiloCs. buttered r e e n bcaiiH,'SI tilled pear salad, cottage puddint;.. milk, coffee. crisp lettuce or cabbage .salad and a custard dessert. Scrambled c^:;s Raiii interest by the addition of dried beef. Frizzle the cjhfpped beef in bnttcr in frying pan before addiiiB milk and ojrps and then proceed as usual. Mushro(mis make an effective gar^ iiisli to crcamcil dried beef as well as to stramblcd CRKS and beef. Perfectly creamed dried lieef with' 'broRefl. mushrooms is worthy a place on any party luncheon table. , ~~<5ne-roiirtli pound dried beef, combined with otlier materials will SKrve lour persons. ' Sunday School ...Lesson... few pnrablcs in which we liave om' Lord's own comment and interpretation. If we fail in receiving all • that the porable has for us. the fault is oui-s rather than the lack 01 clear instruction'. JF.SI'S TEACHING BY P.\RABLES The International Uniform Sunday S<!hool Lesson for February 12. lext: Miirk 4:1-10. 13-20. Christian Church. Regular sen'ices Sunday at the Christian chiirch. Splendid attend- ancie has continued throughout the winter. If you are not attending Bible school or church elsewhere we invite you to -study and worship with us. Bible school at 9:45. Preaching at 11:00 and 7:30. Sermons by the pastor both morning aiid evening. J. LEE RELEJPORD. Minister. 40 Dandies. 4S Aye. 50 Dry. 01 What inde- Victor pendeut state - Adberebce to is in Italy? fact. r.2 At this ,tlme. 3 every. 33 Popular meat. 51 Source- of •* Stalks. 3,4 Standard _ type indigo. 5 A plural measure. " 56 Facetious. ending. ^ 35 Not bright. r.7 Tissue. 6 The divine 3TT6 equip. uSRubs so as to word. 39 Minor note. clean. 8 Either. 46 Queer. 60 Card game, 9'Worth. 7 45 Coarse cotton cloth. 4C Simpleton. 47 To remark. . 49 Razor clam. 50 Observed. 53 Soft mass. 55 Guided. 67 Scarf. 59 Seventh tone. 61 Form ol "a." Nazarcne Church. (223 North Sycamore.) May we urge as nearly, one hundred per cent attendance at Sunday Bible school as is possible. Interesting and efficient teachers fpr all cJa.sses. Mrs. Nellie Handel superintendent; ^ The pastor will preach the sermon at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. The Y0 |Ung People's society 6:30 p. m.. Mr. Gaddis president. M. R. BISHOP, Pastor. BY \VM. E. GILROY. D. D. Editor of The Congregatioiialist. Tiie picture: of Jesus leaching by the seaside is one that lias taken a yerj' fli-m hold on the minds of men. It has done much to emphasize the unconventional iilace and methods of Jesus in the world of religious teaching, and in the minds of thoughtful men and women. It has given a jhealthy oiit-of-doors aspect to the teaching and to the religious life and fellowship of which Jesus is the head. Here in our lesson we find Jesus not only teaching in the out-of- doors but drawing the lessons from the world of daily life and experience. It is the parable of the sow­ er going fortli to sow, scattering his seed broadcast in the manner that was prevalent throughout the ages before our modem era of ma- chineiy. Under this method much seed was inevitably wasted, or fell in places where it had not the same opportunity as ill good Or fruitful soil. Trinity Methodist Church. Simday school at 9:45, morning worship at 11. Theme, "Lincoln, the Christian." Tliis is boy scout anniversary day and our scouts will attend the service in a body. Epworth League ait 6:30. E\'ening service at 7:30 with theme. "In Due Season We Shall Reap if We Paint Not." Loj-alty day neict Sunday at Trinity. Be prepaired to dp your best in closing our financial year. Every member canvass will take place the following Sunday. February 26. Pledges will be taken for our new year. Conference meets, at Lawrence on March 8. W. E. VAN PATTEN, Pastor. Gas CHy Methodist Church. Morning worship at 10 o'clock. Theme. "Abraham Lincoln, Cliris- tian." Simday school at 11 o'clock. No Junior League Sunday but Senior League at 6:30. Announcements will be inade Sunday about Good- Will Class partj-. Ladles' Aid election, ajso Simday school board meeting and election. T*kea«e<lnr. Bar . .C«BS~ The parable lias come down to us through the ages with the title. "The Parable of the Sower," but in reaUty it is not so much the ipai"- able of tliC: "ground" or the parable of the "hearer." The lesson.of the parable as Jesus himself interpreted it Is not "take heed how ye sow," hut "take heed how ye receive the seed; take heed how ye hear." And there is the suggestion in the p^r- abel that, linlike the material ground in which seed is sowii, human hearts may be prepared to receive the seed which is the "WM -d." TVe can determine for ourselves, as we come in corrtact with the seeds of truth that God scatters for us, j whether our hearts sliall be stony ground, or groimd where thorns and weeds give the seed little opportunity for grow-th, or ground prepared by humiUty and prayer to receive;.the truth and to letf it have rooting and growth in our Ih-es. The interpretation of the paiable needs Httle more than Jesus him^ .self giv^s to it. It is one of the ^- • - ^ V/liat it means is that if we allow the carts of this world and tiie de- ccitfuliicss of riches, or what cor- resixjnds to these.tilings in our particular^ environment, to liave such place in our hearts and Uves that qoc''s truth can have little power over ;u:,.'we are rendering our lives as fruitless and useless as rocky ground, or desert, would be for the growth of a crop. . Tlin parable is ho less sinking, or aiiiilicable. because we liave changed in these modern times our methods ol sowing and growing and' lip.n-e.sting. One might say; in fact,;j oiily.tliat the parable has large and fullar application; for the very advancement of the world in which v.-e lh'<- has brought to us larger opportunity and a more beneficent .s'iovvcrins of the words of truth and life. With this, however, has come also, an increase of the things that corrupt, and mislead, and chtrice the "word": so that the parable comes to us today with as much, freshness and reality as it came to that little company that listened to Josus beside the sea. Would God that in city, or farm, or whereever we may be found, we might take the "word" into our hearts and profit by the - simple tiUth that Jesus taught! NEWS OF COLONY -Xr. and Mrs. Kelley Tandnder, West Of Colony, AniMnce Birth ,o( / Baby Boy on Tiustey ' COU)NY. Feb. 10—O. L. Christian of Parker .announces that there will be a free picture show at the Colony theatre at 3:30 o'clock Skturday afternoon and at 8 o'clodc in the evening. The show wlU be "Night Club Lady." Mrs. litary Smith and children of torth of Colony have moved into toWn to itay while the cold weather cohtinues. Mrs. Swah Leavitt, who has been here for several days visltUig her nephew. Will Caldwell, and family, returned to Neosho Falls yesterday. C. V, Clark made a business trip to Kansas City Thursday. Fred Scheldt, who has been ui Colony for several months, returned to Kansas. City yesterday. • The district meethig of the East- em Star was held in Gamett Tuesday afternoon and evening. In the evening the initiatory work was put on hy the Oamett Chapter. Lovely refreshments were also served. Those in attendance from the Colony chapter were: Mr. and Mrs. Ray Garrison, Miss Maude Jones, Mrs. R. J». Owens, R. P. Owens. Mrs. J. R. Newlon, Mrs. Maggie Yokum. Mrs. L. T. Barron, Dr. Audra Pulliam, Mrs. L. B., Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Jctoi Wilkerson. Reed Moles worth and A. C. Wiallar iwent to lola via bus Wednestiay on business. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. McCaughey and family spent Sunday in Morris with his mother. Mr. and Mrs. Park Post, Kansas iCity, are the proud parents of a 7-pound daughter, Esther . Joyce, who was bom on February 6th. Mr. and Mrs. Post were both raised m Colony and are well known and well Uked here. Mr. and Mrs. Kelley Vandevier, of west of town, are the parents of a lO'-i pound boy, born Tuesday. Miss Madge Lucas froze Iwth her limiis Tuesday while walking to and from Mt. Pleasant school, where she teaches.' Bhe was able to continue her wtnrk Tuesday. John Turner, an elderly 'gentleman who lives alone, has been suf- ferhug from exposure which he sustained when he was lost in his barn for several hours a few days ago. He had gone'for futcl while,it was still dark and could not find his way out of the large barn. Finally succeeding, he went to the M. L. Brown home and was warmed and taken care of. His daughter. Mrs. Will Varner. took care of him Wednesday. Mrs. E. P. Hendrlx and son Eddie will move into their iresidence in the south part of town [soon. Mrs. MolUe Bhreck was called to Wichita a few days ago to care for Mis. Pinegar, who is ill! Clarence Gullion has been remodeling and rebuilding the farm home owned by Theo Sherer, six miles northwest of Colony. Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Metcalf have returned from a week's | visit in De Soto with Mrs. Metcalf's parents. Mr. and Mrs. T. G. EUiott. Wliile in Ottawa.'the Metcalfs jvisited with Hai-old Chandler and Bill,Brooks, former Colony boys. I Scouters of Anderson; county attended a coimty meeting at Garnett, last Friday night. The Scouts of the Gamett troop sei-ved an oyster suppei-. Plans were discussed for carrying on the Scouting program for 1933 and a report was read by B. B. Dawson, executive of the Kaw council.- Mr. Spencer was elected chairman df this district with Mr. O'Rear as assistant.; Both have been : actively engage^ in scouting for the past number of years. Executive Dawson had made pre-arrangements to retain Dr. Charles W: Jackson, of Colony, as district commissioner, for another term. Dr. Jackson has filled his position in an excellent manner and it .seemed to be the opinion that a better change could not be made. Plans are being made to hold' a Father and Scout banquet in this month. In times' past scouting work has been conducted by the quota method/but the Kaw council is in .shape financially, so that work in the eleven counties can be done without this method. The Kensington club was entertained at the home of Miss Maude Francis Wednesday afternoon. The time was sjxsnt plea.santly and later ACTS IN SECOND DETROIT STRIKE Dickenson Feb. 8—Mrs. Maude sister. Miss Jo Harriman, ton, drove to Gamett td funeral of iBx. Fred Trigg enroute for a short,vlsl| Anno,'who';Is also a fri standing. ; The foUpwing were helped Mrs.; Cena brate her 86th birthday Mrs. E. O. Banta of and Mrs. C/L. DickerEOJn na ^impson, Mr. and Dickersori, Mrs. H. E. daughter Haroldlne, R. E. Dickerson, Clifton, and Glen Dickerson. Th^ prepared and served,by and everyj one present dtiy enjoyable arid more happy birthdays ma Dick",as. she has fectionatelyknown. Mijs suffered a.severe illness mer, from "which she hap recovered biit seemed well and happy to hav^ with us all., Mr. and Mrs.; Harry ed on Dal Davenport aikd ma Anno Thursday. Mrs. T. Hs: qurtis an and Miss HelHD Perduel ant callers at S. M. Thursday arid Piit^ay, A strike of 3,000 Hudson Motor Co. body workers has forced out 3,0(X) other Hudson employes and has brought Detroit its second labor crisis in 10 days. Max Wollinger. aboye, Hudson vice president, is attempting to arbitrate the dispute. a delicious lunch was sei-ved. Guests were Miss Anna Francis. Mrs. Lewis Dickensheets and Mis. Ray Garrison. The memt)ers were: Mrs. W. M. Vamer, Mrs. H. J. Denton, Mrs. Aita Courtright, Mrs. L. T. Barron, Mrs. H. D .Swickard, Mrs. Ernest Yokum, Mi-s. W. O. 'Wil.son, Mrs. Hj R. Rhodes. Mis.s Prankie Dysart anii the hostess. The next meeting will be on February 22 with Miss Frah-i kie Dysart. PLEASANT PRAIRIE fMi-s. Ella Ponsler.^ i Feb. 7.—-Mr. and Mi-s. Tomiiiie Moss and' sons Jeny and ^ Junior spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Moss and Nola. : Mrs. Minnie Williams. Mrs. Dewey Smith andi Mrs. Phillips helped Mrs. Pbnsler quilt Wednesday. Mr. Charles Inman was in Altoona and Independence last Tliursdav. Miss Nola Moss entertained Saturday evening with a line party to the Kelley theater. After the show they returned with her to her home where gariies were played and refreshments were served. Miss Stone, Miss • Wilson and Miss Gish six)n- sored the ijarty. Those present were: Thelma Stevenson, Barbie Sterling, Leota and Ruth Culbertson. Alma [Turner. Dorothy Newton, Catherine Lucas. Velma Sprague. Margaret Stewart. Ruby Young, Helen;,. Honi. Lee Folk, Christian McGuire. Everett Rose. Frank and Art Sterling. Donald Tm-ner. Don Richardson. Kenneth McVey. Freddie Wliittaker and Fred Ensminger. Margaret Stewart spent Wednesday night with Miss Nola Moss. Mr. and Mrs. Perl Baker entertained Sunday, Mr. arid Mrs. Ira Morrison and family. Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Smith and Ruth Jean. Mr. Raymond Anderson spent Sunday with Everett Ponsier. STAR DISTRICT (Mrs; S. M. Dicke -son); Ejarrett and of Wellhig- attend the stopping ; with Miss jnd of long and preseiit and m- cele- Vi^. and O'l^jnoitd, Mr. 1, ,Mnj- -An^s. S. M, poonfe. and and Mrs. Jani^, Will ; dbinier was the Visitors, found the l( many :or "jdrand- , been af- Dfckerson Ia& sum- nevier fully 10 fei^l real th6 party B'erg call- NJilss Em- 11 dafi^tefs, werfe pleas- Ditjkers^n's last wished! Idng, family -.will •80^ of the Thomas Buckle shortly occtipy thd west Chas. Haldeman estate. Report for Star scho<;)l ending on Jan. 28: Enrolled 12; boys 8.-girls 4. No tardies..- Average claily attendance. 11.5. ' Absent wbre ;Maxine Denney, Faye Denney, peanT Chambers, and John Carter. 'Visitors, one. Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Dickerpn and Clifton, were Sunday giiests^af the O. W. Beach home. 70i East Madison, lola. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Ditkerspn and Lee Normaii, Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Denney and . family were ISunday visitors at the Joe Gilliland home. Mrs. Leona Beard aiid Marguerite ate dinner Saturday niglit with Mr. and Mrs. John Mosltig and family in Colony. ; , Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Alvis and their daughter Ethel \^re ci lljng; at the V. J. Preston home Saturday. All attended the sale of th^ Ch^s. Halderman property. ' Eveiwthin'g sold reasonably' and .some peoj^le got really good values for .s^all Jiums. A drop of about 45 do than eight lioitrs caused much discomfort for stock and light .snow^ is drifting noithwesterly wind. CHILD CO grees^in le.s.s poultiy. A In a,strong ,^(im v /icKs Qve 'R 'MULIQN JARS, USED :API.V Us 666 Llt^TIB—TABIDS—SALVK Checks Colds first day, Hesdaches or Neoratiisla in SO itti«ates. Malaria in .S days. 666 SALVE for Head Colds Most Speedy Remedies Known Oklahoma City—It was her nose that was broken. So a woman, who crashed her car into a telephone i;ole refu.sed to give her name, po- Jice reported. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE^ WITHOUT CALOMEL And You'U Jump Ont of Bed in the Morning Barin' to Go If ytm ted sour and sunk and the world looks punk, don't swalioT a lot ol salto, mineral water, uil, laxative candy at cfaewuiK irom and expect them to make you nuddcnly sweet and buoyant and iuU of •wn^bipp,- For tbe7 can't do it. Tliey oniy biots tbe bowels and a mere moTement doeu't get at the cause The reason for your down^ond-out fceting is your liver. It abould i>our out two pounds of liquid bile into your bowels daily. If this bile is not flowing freely, your food dooa't digest. It just decays in the bow^. Gas bloats up your stomach. 'You have a thick, bad taste and your breath is fool, tikin often br&aict out in bleitnisUes. "Vour head uobes and you feel down and out. Your whole, system is poisoned. ' It takcj those good, old CARTER'S LITTLE LIVER PlLtS to cet those two pounds of bile flowing freely and make yoa feel "up'ahd up." They contain wonderiol, harmless ienUe vegetable extracts, kmaciac when it cobas to DskiBg the bile Sow Iieeiy. Bat dcinltasklorUxr pills. AakforCartar'a lirtle yver Pnis. Look lor the nameCartar's little Vcnr Pills on th« red labsL BsMDt a Mh3titulie.2fieat«llitona. OmiCU.Ce. CLOSE-OUT jChoiee of Our fentire Stock) of LADIE^* SHOfiS Values to $2.98 DTCLt-TDING PUMPS. OXFORDS AND ONE-STEAPS ' »VEDE AND KID. ITWINS Goitiplete IS PROVIDED FOR YOUR CAR BY GASOLINE Then you'll be sure of quick starting, minlniiurn. jL-rank case dilution and co.stly deiay.s. Don't'i ry in cold weather with a balky motor—get Bc^nd- ified and enjoy warm, weather performance. PYRO ALCOHOL The Best Anti-Fre^.e For Your Radiator. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL LESH OIL CO. J. L. STRAWDERMAN, Mgr. Opposite' Ice Plant Phon^

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