Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 5, 1928 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1928
Page 2
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to PAGE TWO THE lOLA DAILY REGlSTER/fpiURSpJvY EVE^mNfl; JA^TUARY 5.1928, SPEEDY PUNISHMENT LOOMS FOR HICKjVIAN COUNTRY FOLK. ' Sucb simple;' country folk, they I welcotqe nie. To fiielr quiet homes with such — a kindly grace; It seems <o ine, so weary of life's ; shams, ' : • As If tJie peace' of God dwelt In ' the place. The' very trees thcmaelve* spread ishelt'rlug arm:) As If to bless me as I pass below. Croonlts the little songs of child- That O simp: hood's days bring back, happy hours of long ago. I e folk,land tall remembered trees! 1 am ao tired, -I would come back • once tnore' , -To your qniefe poodncss, ami your gentle ^ays, i And know again eartli'»' l>cau(y, as or yore. ' >—Jnliette Casteiian. iu the Weekly Scotsman. , tows Entertain Illjrlts With Lnncheon Th« lows of I he • Wf'dnp.'Mlay .Bridge club onirrrtaluod the higlis . for the first half of' the Heuson witb a one o'clock luiicheon yos- terday afternoon In th<{ Hotel Kcl- ley grill room. ^ I Mrs. L ou I h Schlnnger wns a guest and MrH. L. V. Bowhm TP, celved the; high Hcoro favor, i There were lunchoon lOtM r 1, Mrs. J. O. Stndl<?r. MrH. Vr. • 1>. ton, MlsB Hfttei UoWliiH. ,. .i. v. Sowlua, MrSj Loub< Srlni 'vi. Mn. .y. S„->Mticlfeiii^, J. .UC .iii- tjn and Mrs. sTjXniicby. tli.- liH- t *r three b^Hkg \ <ho host esses, •fl! I* • the exeduttvek of £\jfcmftn'.s Uiasionary/Society of the Christian church held a meeting: yesterday afternoon in the honu i)t Mrs. E. C. (j;annon. 614 South ST I I [qOENTS OF iijeto iMcai School Seiids More Thai^ All; Others Except Kansas City ; SIX TJE PNI^M I HEkE Manv More Attend School From Here Than ' In 1927. lol.n imiior co II cro sinndn ."eoond in (he jraukiiig of /Ka|i-a>; Junior vollt 'ses In' nnnili'i »: >?tiMl»>ni3 ad- ioK. I', rlii--. vfjii uir.h ad- i ramed jsiandiiiK. wliii K:ihs:» f City. l\:ui.<<:i !:J ranking fifl. . K.-iiisaf City I 2.'! former Ku(iciit;i: ptiosent vvhilp lota has Ifl. i A total,of K3 Ktudenis wi'ir ad- iniittfd from junior follcif«rs in'Kan- r.uft this year with .S9 pomlnj;';"rom i .MfK.ooiiri. Kanso'i t'liy. Alo.. junior rolloge :b ;iK the oi' all lunlOT col'li'KPsi wtili "S cojuinK from that Instltutlim. lhi> V)ih (jr MI ?souri Jun- li>i- tollf'KP titi'ifcntu cotning ' from ;?t..losfiph junior roII«'Re. -. 1. Tli 'TO wore 34 iinorr ottidents ' from Kansas junior loro^ten nc- ',iopl'«d (his year, with jidTonoed ;>'inndini;. tbnn lattt year Indbpend- Vnce junior coIIeg<' idiij iiot appear last yc-^r hut in oil the roU thii * •*year t\-if;h ID former siudenti«..Knn- o ! • •• • •' i> * lOlA DAILY ABSTBACT •> * Iteited from office of Tola « ^ ; Abstract Company <• • ". ' • (January 4, 1928) Oeo^se Wood and wife Mildred, and Atthur H. Alcock and v.-if**, aiariaret M.. to Ray Taylor. 1.42 acres more or less in SE14 of 2*:24^18 .41. Bettlab Alcock Fourneyx .). v.. Fouraey and Lucille Alco< k 10 same,, 11. (Deacriiltlon sane as above.) SUa C. Tabor to same, $1. (Hame description.) J. CraJg and wife Gertrude to name. |1 (same aa ,a'bove.) : Glen Alcock'to same, 11 (same aR ^iove .k O. U Alco** and wife Olive, to same $1 (same an above.) Arthur Taylor and wife Vera. iJ samet $1 (same as above.) Ella T. Ewins and Adlal M. I?w- Injf, her-liusband, to same (description same as albove), $1. Irene Qlesler and husband.Ono. to 8tun«. $1 (description namt- as above.) Genevieve Taylor Rowe to .same (description same), $1. John Howey, Uutiband. to Margey Howey,- wife, lo( 11. Uiotk i::. Brooklyn Park Addition to Johi. il. I ym». iMo KiursE. Alta Imo Mit<!)iell', the daughier. Ing. her two sons. Conrad Bph- rand Krause. jr.. William Krahk Eamnl Kratiso. and their fatlifcr. Mr. ConraW Behraud Krausc; ;i^.<o Mr. and Mrp. \V. P. E. .Krause, .Al .Mayme IJ^phriQs. Kanfeas CitK-. Mr.';. KrmaHiilbe and Mirs. Mini Reid. Tola, kaiis.: Mrs Ina' Wlii p. ChamitP. Kan.-;.: Mrs. Beriba \V i- son ailri family of Kansas City, a lii many oiht^r relaiive.** and-frieud.-s t*unf-ral s<'i-vif«'.s wt-re held in tlii Fir.<:t ' p:r/i>coi>nl I churl at lola, Kansas. Tuesday. Jannary - prpv th!M B^jr id- :{ a I 2 o'clock. .Music was fid by -Mrs. Oi:o llillbratir. \M U'alK^r Artidt. Mr.-;. Waltt r >Iatid^ and Mrs. Robc-rt WarniPr. w Enola r.v.'fu at tht- organ waa niadp in the cemetf-ry ilt Lobe leri aiid of and Mrs. Melvln Mitchell, was born at Lone Kim. Kansas. ApriK-ifi, 1883. and died at lola. Kanst^s. January 1. 192S, aged AA years; 8 monlhs, anti C days. She grow ito young womanhood at Lone Kim ixnd 00 Alarch 2% 1904. she was united in marriage to Mr. ("Tonrajd flehrand Krau.«w. -To ihi^j unlni^ wer<^ born two sons. Conrad Behrdnd jr.. and- William Frank EaVnij). . Duting the Ija.storate i>f Rev. B. Elm whert? hrr father, mot .\r. Powell, Mrs. Krauso united wiih ;brotbpr lie buried, the First ^Tethodlst church by profusion of faith. In this faith-.'he has lived aird dledi and those who have jknown her r'lae up today to! te.stify as to hi^r beauflful lite o£ dPVQtjon and her sterling worth ihdt Bas made iier a blessing and tjpno <fiction to vo many. She has be^n •> devoted wife And mother jiiid bereft of her parents, has-been a loving a lo>-al liomo • Iter mi' censei 'and liiy inlluente: of her life will remain to be a blessing not | only 111 the homo but to tht many 1: who havf. known her. , She-:leaves to mourn \w \\ffV^rX-\7VCfit^MlLllQt/^jARSUSiO) ^ Quicklyf /Tjf , .)C)ften with: ig and hf 'oved daug'urr ::iid- rfic-//^ application.; T \ st ^'::^x:f S'l:.'";;::': ^'J^ ^ vicfo le.i..vii: L.. .; in- L/ ^X^-^ throat and chf St ^•^/VAPOR ill Bnckeye street, Iwhen plans were jbonic of tli 'rhe incnibcrs atit^ndiiiK th'" niPPtins wi're: .Mrs. K. 11. .\rnfp|d. _ _ , wiien |>jiin« Hcit,-,- foriiler. 70.5 Krisl .in<:k- "inade for a one-iday conference to son avenue, be held at the church Februar>- 21 A spelling niauli in which .Mr.'-,, to which minLsters. laymen. Sun-i Florence K. Hclding w.isi honors, .day school superintendents and of- occupied the time, iiml a hin< ii \va.s Hcers of Missionary societies will served, be invited from I five counties. .\t ' ttat time a chicken dinner will he served at the cliureh at noon to '-Mis.s. Hazel I'.nwlas-. Mrs. Klnrenee |,c|K. H.liljn;;. ,\lis.-.- .lessie Fry. .Mr.s. .1. W. lies.vicr. Mrs. K. J. .Mrs. i). V. Northrup. .Miv. .1. .\l. )'owe!l, Air.-i. .). T. IJei»l. .M:-.s. .;.«;. Siadler. -Mrs. ilias. K. Scini. .Mr;;.K. B; .StodKliill. -Mrs. C. |{. .Sll^d^•3. A. Fryer, Mrs. V. E. Wiliiani.s. hill. ;.Mrs. flyd.- 'nKiiiiirsoii. Mi\s. j Mrs. M. E. Chryst. Mrs. Furis Fra- T. K. .Nordnnii. .Ms .v. Kllioii li. aer, Mrs, James Richardson and White of Kvansion. II!.. ami . M tl-. Mrs. Frank'Nogle. iR. \V. Ilany. p: JL 0. cinb'MSM * i ;OTTm SPRINGS (.Mr:; VtTiiun 0.-ilrand>-i • Ili'ought back to I .ds .Angeles, scene of his tiriuiP. frnin I'endleion. Ore., where lip \va.-« capiured In iliftlit. \Villiain Edward Hi<knian (lelt). 19-ypar-old Kansas Cily youth, faces speedy piinisliinent for the cDnfisscd Kidnaping and murder of little Mnrian Parker; .Marian Is .shown at the left below v .i;li her nintlier and her twin si!i^er Marjcrrlo. At the. lower right is P<|rry Parker, banker, the Klrl's failier. Iliekiiiaii was arraigned b<i>fore Judge.Carlos Hardy (center above). Asa eKyrs (upper rightt deiiiaiids thai the youiii be hangpd. ; -\ . until Thursday with.Viyian Strack. jracation with his parents. .Mr. and riij^. ^\ant-o4 vai.'?cil »s K.; H. 14 to 2-^ points wliili' Inia Junior niimher T more pla ''P. Other juu junior college attPiiilan.?e from o holii its ' lead Icollege jraisfd Its o retain' .second or ooilegeB-rais- -whlcb th' I •^nerol f")>iie v.iii invited. -Mrs r. : . ,M . ! ;. i .^;^.entS, -The :•Jl!LJ;^ were .present.: -Mrs. .1. f .V. f::'.iii. . M jh. .1. O. Myers. Mrs. CO. reiersnn. .Mrs. E. .Mr. and .Mrs. ("has. .Miller and family spent Wednesday at the S.' C, .Mann lioiin'.. .Mr. and .Mrs. .lohn .Maiin and daiiKlili'r and Ira Hays spelil Tues<lay at tiie Ciias. .Miller home. iiig their nunibei's were: Coffey- 'ille. Fort Scott, and Sisteh of Rcthnnyl Arkansas rii>' Higfiland I'.nd I'aola junior roUepps havh the sain" liiij'ilipr back aijaln this year. S.udeiits pnterwl Kansas uiilver- .1. I). Tolle took dinner Saturday | .Mi-ii \Va>ii with Clarence %YoOd. .Mrs. Elsii ilillnies :iiid .\niia ale C|ii;islnias dinner with Mr. ami Mrs. Harry Harnby anil; family. Ilar(dd ChOKUill spent Christmas .Mrs. Lewis ciKiiiuill. Ilandil islsitv las| fall I trow the fo'lowln« leadiii.i- in a hij-li sduiol at u'l-' Junior .'illeBes in Kansas:; Kansas ,. Citv. 2:'.: I0I4. IC: Indeprndence, jii" Coifevvillo. 9: Fort Scott. S; .Ml. and .Mrs. I.'e Wolie and 1 lar-j ^j.,..,„„ai.'(^ty r,. parson.s.:.''.: High- old. Mr. and .Mrs. li. Yoiint; and 1 l;||id. > 1 :j Sisters of BetBanVv 3; i .ok (linsinias liiii- tWinVMi City. 2. and Paolaj 2. ' ner .-il liie .\ilnTl Wiioil lioine. 1.1.!;; ;i !.il l;.'iyie I lavs :iim I Cliir- elli e all'! ."liililr d Wood spent the Chiisi s v :M -:itiiiii with hoiiie Tli" lirst' nienton of New Year's as a leaj-f In Clirisiian ljt<?rature \f in t'aiiou • 17 of a 7 or a conncil wthlch in r,r.7. A meeting of tie. P. M. O. club j was held yesterday afternoon In, the home of Mrs] R. D. Fry, 12t Sruner -street. : Fancy-work was ihe pastime .ind ,<%e bostesB was assisted by .Mrs. ' & R. TJ>ayer ln |8erVinga two- opurse lunch. Mi|a. Anderson and airs. Leming •w'ere guests. The mlambers present were: Mrs. Charles Franklin,! Mrs. William Diagman, -Mrs. Clatide Barker, Mrs. J. J. Varnbr, Mrs. B. R. Thayer, Mrs. 0. D. Larson ,jMr8. C. A. Swlg- ••tt, Mrs. R. D. tVy and daugb- Ura, Dolores and i birley. Jolnti IflstaUaUon ' A meellng of tt e Woinaii'a He lUf Corps, HendeVaon Circle 117, : Ladles of' tbe Qrind Armyi and .-McCook Post, Qraud Army <>f the { Bapublic,-uro lioldloit on all-day ; nieetlng today In }i«Hdqusri<>r^ ni : Memorial ball.for |lhi> puri)0i4<i of ; installlVtv otricers foii the enHi^Ing 'jr«ar, !:A dinner vf4« i<prvv<l (u (lie Jfrill room. A reiorjl of (he in- •tallatlon will be «lVvn in lonior row's Reglstcr.- <f JEfnlertaJns irlUi Falir Miss Juanlta Wiiion. 210 .South Chestnut street, entertaitied a few • llrlebds last night :n her 'home. ; The- time was SFcnl in ! playiiiK - games, and reJr."ibnien(.i were a«rved. • J5.* The guesfs ini:IiifW: Mrs. Harry Smitii and ; .Ian. :j. -- .Mr. .and .Mrs. Halpb ^aum and faintly took dinner .Monday with .Mr. and .Mi;s. F. CUuicliin and family. ' . .. .. Orlo Clioguill cnnie liuine Saturday from Cliicaeo to spend a few days witii his parents .Mr. and Mrs Lewis riiopiiill. Charles .ind lli.iner o.=iian<l.r spent .Mr,ii.l;iy r i:il Tiie:'d;iy ;it llii- VeriK.n Osiniiidir lioiiie. Leo ui :d Mae Hays spyiit Tliura- day and 'riiurHda\' ii I k I i I witli Mr ami .Mrs. l.-.-ier Eriekwiii. -Ml. mid .Mr'i llrnry ltnriil..v \i'; iiiil .1 wi e^ livM Krlda> at tlie \V' Pariiliy lu.iiie Mr. and .Mrs .lelm Elllxoii and Jimn look Sunday dinner with .Mr.i Taylor, KlelKird ami .Mar^'iirei. , \^V. and .Mri'. Vi-rnon (itilraiider and .Mary Evelvn called W.-diieH- diiy i^velillin at III'- Clia;i. .Mlll'-r home; Kreii .Strai-k spent I'loni Krlilay tiiilil .Mdiiduy a( the Frank StriieU lioine. Mr. an.) Mr.-i. Powell. Vlr«ll and Dorothy and .Mis. Herllia Ifartttiii' sjiieni .Monday, .-Il the Itay Hays licnii-. > . " •. Opal 'hiylor spent from Tuesday Mr. and •(•hUdren. .Mr. . an<i Glen and Laura .Mity: jirB. i3d Did, Ellii Old,'Mr. dem,AuerlfaCh.' Mlal^ LlilU^n Uiin- .bert. MfBs EVndenn'u'f5?87erWgT'*51ir. Everett Marvin. Mi. Fred Woodard. Mr. Myier Harclerode ;ind Mr. John Marvin. i Entertain PEO .Sisterhood - Mrs., P. B. Waiiglij and .Mr.s. W. W. Nelson entertained the niem- bers of Chapter L.j PRO Sisterhood "Tuqsday after^iwn in the FiffJits 18 Years to Get Rid of das I —"1 hail s-.i)in:ich troiih'e for IS ! years. Siin-e taking A'llprika I feel j |j>pttpr tHaiijfor years am! have not ?)een lidthtred with pas.'I I.. .\ ' Champion. liven theiFIlLST spoonful, of .Ml-^ lerika rolievos gas and often re-1 moves astonishijiK amount of old : waste matter from tlie sy.stem. , Makes yoii enjoy your meals and i sleep better. .N "u matter what you have tried for yoiir stomach and; bowels. Xdlerika will surprise von. | Palace Orrts Co. 1 Beginning Friday for CQATS Oive-ljlalf Pripc Kill- li'jiniri «Hl Siiorl! ami l)n '.s.^ ('ojk .H, llihi'ir.s of liitrli <|iiality and t -h 'vcr .sly!(.'«. 79c Silk and woo! .combina- lion.s ill champaign, grain, taupe and hl;i(?k. I'ure .silk in .service and chifTon weijflit.s, values to 82.00. HATS %\M On.' 1 ,1 )1 of WinliT- Hal.s '.r F<\'l(;a)i(l V.-Iv.'l. HIatk :iiid (oltirs. $L95 One Lot Velvet conihinod with Silk or .MelalhV, black and color.s. r)0 Oressep Oine- Half Prici A lovely array of nater- ial.s, cdlof .H and iityles. Buy ni<)re than ore and S.1V0 money. All otJier^Fpli and Winter Dr^ Ono-^ourtb Bloomers and Slips of Jerse.!, Radium and Uayon. in dark rolons only Sil.OO'eai'li. 3lu; Sffilt Slipp WILUNERY-LADIES FURNISHINGS O -4 RICHARDSON'S Friday, Saturday and l ^onday—Three More Daj^s of This Great Pre-Iitventory Sale Dresses ,50 New Ones -Spring Moiies av o r t h §19.75, Choicel $14.95 Ontln«r ^\JM, Choi (iownK up i\\ Choice |»5c € Per Ceni ear Ik 50 Per Cent IH^rounl n' all I'lM Kf^liii.iii'i. \\\\'.U Ilin%(r Aiiron«r pOPi"! ''•H 'acll. All Fum-y I'nnwuU Per Ceni IMscounI an all Blanket "$7 ^.1 Suede" r I o U h 8»f pair. 47 left The mosl -wonderful values we have over offered ' $50Coat^ ....$18.75 $39.75 Coats .$17.50 $17.50 Coats .$7.50 Silk Department Onr Silk Dpptirtnient I<j orcrloadnl. We mt«sl rPdiiri> this sjocli at oncp. Extra v.ilues on .Pterj jnrd. isl.T.-i. IIMiiPli Satin liurk ('repp« iii^ yard. ^:>.U0. Ill-iucli Flat ('rp |Us, .Sperlal 1^19 yard. <rl.!IH. Ill-Inch >V:i|ilinli)(^ ('rp]>« de (blncK «lJtO yard. fLMMI, .-MMnph " "- " • , lO -iiipli ' \Mw\\ Prtbtpd IjrepPs sfSLKO yard, !rl«)0 .Slip Sal Ins j-Sf yurd. #a .tM> Pprsinu I'rene ^l .llS \ Mii^iiiiiiifi « n-fie lie I uiiirK i;i»>u jiirn. Fancy Brocades, Special ?l»19 yard. tJciirpPtlfs, Special i ?l.lT yard. Printed ( repes ifiLOO yard. yard. ^\.m KW SlIkH iljlc yai[d. «.".p Sllfe Itayon ITc yanl. ifl.(Hl >'a«cy Silk llayur s «3c jiird. i!\:i.:u a-l'onuA \>'httli> Slltch<d Coltun Butts M7 each. . lo' Y ARDS HOPE MIISLIN FOR S1 .00 WITH EVERY PURC H4SEJ) P $1.00 OR MORE OF OTHER MERCHAI^Dt^Ej i On#-Tbird Olf Sweaters. on Al' All Price. Keninants Onie-flalf i (ine Loti Silk Bloomers Tfsts Teds, iilc Choice 8»</ gakmei %\m Kunieil (-nrlaln*: .'»!»«• ;iialr. ifim UnlUed Voile I'nr. taliik. Special %\A'i eacb. ; EXTRA SI»ECl3iLS IN THk, STAPLE DEP iRTMENTJ :41c Satlnex Me yard! ' [ ) Percales 1.5c yard- " ' "li . 2 <ip (Dniinrt ChaJMeHJ llSr'yaril. j :i40 Fast Prlnfa VanL : S L 'fic Yard Wide Ontliw, I9<t 1%H.\ Sll i>er Cent iUdnctiiiB .o« idl Cljrialii (iOodK. 'I ' ' HOC Peppereli SlwetlBr. 94 wMd* Bp*, ciai 1.^ yard. I ^ 4:!-inch Peppereli TnM «r 99e yMf. 3r>e TnrUsta Towel* Sc M4>h. 4S-incli Pillow C'a «M B5e Tt ^ttcv 8p«eial 28«! each. J ' I- iitu:.J hlxStl .Sheets arp each. Peppereli iihceiis, 81xM, Sp«0M ?M9 each. : I P S.V LlnRcrie frepe Slis ypnC :>(ic Brown Moilln 17^ yard. l»r (lur Special VHie )«ri.; All Silk Arrowhead Hog. ierj- 89e pair. - > eti Per rent itlsiroiint on il^ ^ob^ Klmonasiiiid SJi^ Dresiot SOUTH SIDE SQUARE lOLA, KA.N'SAS Because the Savings are Substantial Real savings of dollars and cents—at no sacrifice of style, either! The dress yoii buy now is one that jrou will wear for many occasions—now and for eady spring. Btiy a Dress to Wear Right Now—and Save Several Dollars Possibilities for.| economical shopping are big right now—see theJse dresses and buy on& or more to take careof your needs. ; Many Styles, All Sizes Various Fabrics^ and Colors The assoi^ent is varied and modish. Flat crepes of a splendidly heavy quality, georgette and satin—. fou must judge the remarkable^values for yourself I Women—hisses—^uniora $6.90 $9190 $14.75 The Northumberland Tudor and Elizabethan—these gre the periods identified with Sbcteenth. Century Engjaiid—arid it ik from these that The Northumberland ha.s' been drawn. Stai-tjinlg with .some of the prominent characteri.stie.s of the do-. sigriR of that period, the de.sjgner ha.s evolved a .suite, which conveyls Jho^ atmosphere of 16th Century England and yet is in keeping with the Kize- and proportion.' of .the modern Amepcan home.. Is your furniture h"nked with the great periods of the past? You make your dining rporh will. The Northumberland will givfj it the distinction which comes" only from furniture designed alontj thi-'lines of the gr ?at periods. ; . : . Extension Table, Five Side bhair§, Buffet, 1 Host CIpair .$120.00 Convenient TeMs Arninged ori Any Piu-chase. A SLEEPE mtttire any ml saio& a&Dp

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