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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Thursday, January 5, 1928
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. 8T ftTs ' HISTORICAL SOCIETY.| COMP.- . . T0PEKA,KAN8. The REGI^TEfi'S Circula-: Hon records open to public 1- inspection at any time. VOLUJVIE XXXI. No. 62. ; Siu'f.-s»or toThe lolii Dally Re^ster. The :IoI:i l»Bil.v RJ^onl. and tola Dally Index. lOLA. KAN., THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 5, 1928. The Weekly Register. Establlahifd 18b< The lola Ddlly Register. EstaWIahed 1897. EIGHT PAGE^ UP U.S. PLAN TOHALTWAR Briand Presents Text of Kellogg's Note to Cabinet IT CAN BE SIGNED Officials Believe It Is Not To tnterfere With the .League Covenant ParJ.s Jan. 5. (AI'i—Tlie French tiil^lnoV today undertook consideration of the npgotia^tlons between Franco and the United Slates for :i jiiicl-to outlaw war when Foreign Minister iJriand presented Secretary, of State jKelloRg's pro- l)Ose(i treaty text antl informed his colleaBues of the state of the negotiations. In tlie opijiion of official circles,' the iMcl as it i .S now; beluK elaborated will in no way affect the 'obligations of France as a uieiu- lier of the Leitgue of Nations. The iinder.staiiding; is thai u resolution lo outlaw war will .be incorporated In.the proiiiuble lo the treaty of arbitration beiiiK' negotiated ^'^parately betwei'n France and the I 'niiPd.. Slates and Jigreemcnts will be the I'nited States and other countries with an arbitnjtion treaty attach.-'d to give juridical form to the anti-war resolution.' Such treaties are being nuide •between members of the league at various times ailil hai-e b.^en de- dared . within the -spirit of llie lovenanf by ihe league assembly. It Is felt here that there is no rea- i'on I why a league nunibcr cannot enl<*r into a himillir agreement with: non-members |M °ithout violating the league covenant. Temperatures Mount Up for This Section itojjeka. Jan. 5. (.M't—De­ spite conMiderabl(| cloudiness replorted over Kansas today, there was little chance for rain • or snow, said S. D. Flora, mo- teorologist. Temperatures are higher than for Several days and the forecast called for a further rise in the ;uouiheH .stern Hoctlon. Topeka had the lowest mark last night of any reported lo the weather bureau, with IS above zero. ; KansaR City report <rd 24: (Jonconiia 2G: Dodge fity and Wichita 2S: fJood- land 3-1. .No moisture wa .i reported in the last 24 hours. = LINDBERGH END^ FrtTH LAP WITH MANAGUALANDING Colonel Arrives at 2:25 This Afternoon From Tegucigalpa that siuiilar made between .Managua, Xlcaragua, Jan. .=>. (.\P1 * —Colonel 'completing Ihe (ifih leg «)f his ren . iral .Vuieriean gooil will lour, land(d Siifely on Ihe aviation lield here from Tegucigalpa at 2:^5 p. in. I central standard liiue. I ! The American air hero, who fol- j lowed a course from the lionduran I capital, /hat took him jfrpm 2U to DIVORCES AND WEDDINGS IN COUNTY DROP Possible Candidates For Governor Invited To Topeka. Jan. 5. (AP)—Eleven pos-sible candidates .for the RprnrHa Shnw Fewer Seek Kansas Republican gubeilnatoria,! ^jnominiation ^ have been mS^agS in m? opportuni^ to ^P^^^^f^^B^^^^}:^ state Than in 1926 BIG DIVORCE CUT Centra! Commi lee which will meet here January 30. ! in letters to ten of this number^—•— i— '• j .S:th i;. We'.ls," chairman of [the! J- Mercer, Topeka. state Hye- committee lind "P's«Pt-i -t-h*yj^,„'i^'"f^^^^ Uia d Less Than Half As Manv ''""'"'"•^ «uper7nt'yn ~aent ^of tl .^s^^e retTr^^ Aiiaii noil Ah iwany py,.„ ^,,„„,^, g,,,,.„ „ f«w atpry rt liiitchlnson. VilVen UecreeS LiaSt jmlnuus to ten the committ-e why I li. M. .Vtotlpr, Wichita, internal jthey b"Ileved they should be : the; revenue collector for Kansas. • Year in Court ; Kepub icaii nominet'. Those : lo- i eluded in the list were: Iloy K. Journal. Bailey. editor, 1 Salloa Both the number of marriage li-. riepresentatlvo J. U. -M. Uamll-,'; Fiank j; Ryan, secretary of State censes Issued in .\llen county pro-; toh, Topeka attorney snd speaker' Senator Fred«rlck G. Apl. lola. bale court and the,number of dl-jof ihe 1927 house of represcnia -r ;The date ohd place of the state voices granted in district court i tUes. Ufcpublican convention will be-de- here in ia27 show decrvases overi ijtut Gov. U. A. .N. Chase, Plcas- "2C- anion. During 192", records. In the pro-' Charles F. Scoit. editor aiid pub- bate Judge's -ofHce show that 257 Usher of th«* lola Register, j tcrmtned at the committee meAIng to be held in connection with: tbe Kansas Day celebration Ifere. ! Chairman 'Wells said no cities'had made a definite bid for the bon-. Tcntion. FATHER IS HELD IN ARSON CASE; CHILDREN BURN marriage licenses were Issued Clyde .M. Keed. publisher: of the while in 1926. 291 licenses tor mar-' Parsous Sun. rlages were given out. ' ——^r-r——— —'i ^ The decrease in divorces is startling. While 3S divorces were granted in 1926, only fifteen were granted during 1927. That divorces are much harder, to obtain in Allen county was in-' dicated hy the facT that 22 cases Charles A. Lindbetgh i ^ere dismissed during 1926 with 4S . I dismissed during 1927. : DlTorci's Denied. • - , j Three divorces were denied dur- , i! ' ' • ' ;ing i;rfi and six were denied «iur- Gharrcd- Bodies Lead to i "Bossy'- Gillis Carries His ! '"Tife'v^ar 1926 was a big year tor ArTCSt OU SuSpicioU ! "Piuk EnvelopCS" VX husbands, records In district court Qf Bumiug HOHie j -His Head ROAD ACTION BY GOVERNOR ISINDICATED • . • I Committee to Be Named Next Week To Work Out Road Law LIKES SCOTT PLAN Paulen Agrees the Idea Is Best Presented For Kansas NEW MAYOR DOES HIS FHUNG WITH NO AID OF Books so miles: from the scene of the tlghting|between .American marines <Hno rebels, wjis greeted siically by a • cheering hich circled around hl£ London Paper; Not Enthusias ic and Sail en»JiusI;| crowd plane. For 11^ cros.sed will tou I greeted ! national ! hud set ! him. London. Jan.j t>, (ftPi—AfiT ihe «-v(»ning ! paperfjf hiid devoted most ~ of their: attention to a discussion of American^ policy In Nicaragua, th'? morning piipcrsj today took tip the Kellogg :proposal to "abolish war. ! Tho opinion!!; expressed, though none are condj'pinatory, cannot bo i desrrlbcd as eInthuslaRtlc. The i')aily Jv'lall was an exception. Under the caption, "A .Mes- .sage of'Hope,'? It describes the Kellogg note to France as having the ad\-anlage of bringing forwiard a cleflnlte and concrete plan which uiakes It-a culuiluatltiu poltit of a great campaign against waK " The pally Chronicle gi ^es the American proposal a favorable welcome. . It • lurgos ihe British government lolgive il all possible support bul says that ihe Ameri,can siheme will add nothing to the Ixjnils already existing between the niember .s of the League of Nations. I Tho Dally .Vews while express- -inp pleasure at the l.'nited States "talking so stnvighf-forwardly lli > r .mpp of Dcrii-"" tliinks "the inTitatton comes rather unfortun- . •ivi al llif ninni'-iii .^iTK 'rica Is . waging a not. very creditable war in Nic«raBti :i." . Till- paper says !It is 'ina 'de fi'tlioni "vac 'U- what is implied liy-tli'viirdn;)';'' which "liuiy liHve fin'-> ndoii.i sigirficiince or none at all." Keliop^'s Plan Stirs Paris Today *. . ' < • Paris. J .Tii. ',. (VIM if^i.. Kellogg ^>hin for a'lii'isfiiiig vrnri is making _ri creat stir heff a* it I I.T; at lost i .TO "s;ht •'""••ifwim In 1 lie forefront ju tlie public mind. This morniiis's ii:i|iers give the ii'-ciirsal CT'i't • "fominenee and 'videlv conim"!!! "ii it. their main citjjection Ix'inc ' that the scheme f:,.*..,,.; In yiiu eouuicr lo ijie league of UDtions. t •-The foreign editor of I.,*- Journal r<'marks 'indirectly tlie American plan leads to the torpedoing ot the (loiieva league. I ' ' "Since, the iiowers suiiscrihing to the Kellogg declaration could not keep the' obligation Involved In Article. 16 of tht^ league pact. (Article 16 of the lehgiie covenant lays down the inilltarv and economic procHure to be ndoplefl in case a member of the league resorts to an unauthorized ivar."V "The French plan Is aimed at ; Indirectly bringing America hack lo Ithe Geneva fold." he continues. All BjicTi pornts are understood to have been brought out In the In- Ft ruction sent by Foreign Minister Uriand to Ambassador Claudel at ^^Tishlngton. The genorel feeling Is that as negotiations continue something of Importance for world peace » will eventually emerge. were were I show. Eleven husbands granted divorces while'. 27 granted to wives. Fort tiled by men. In 1927, the number of cases tiled by women totaled 2S with eight asked by husbands. ^ ^, Twenty-three divorce cases arc ,<*hlldrcn, whose charred bod'es llie tiler' pending In district court at pres-.were found in th" rainr of the Nr>wburvport Mass., Jan, ."i. lUP) CHllh .n w.v-s * Little Uock. Ark.. Jan. S*. (API rtv-elght divorce suits were W. G. Dendy. railro .Kl shop worker, i " took Andrew J. "Bossy"_ cMUIs. l1^J'Z^,^^^d ']^l.,, held in Jail on suspicion ; of iJ:;^^^-;; ar.<on today while .n coroner inves-Igirgpt department, make a change tigatcd the death of five of Dendy's first time slnc< int<i .Mexico on his good j eni with 20 alimony ca.scs yet to. be | Dendy farm home near here yes- 10 .America's southern I settled. nelghboj-s. the American flier wusi by ty. REVOLUTIONARY oul from .Managua to meet Lindbergh To Visit Haiti - Washington. Jan, 5. <AP)-t-CoI. Charles A. Lindbergh accepted .an invitation today to visit- Haiti; the state department was InTormcil by its legation at Tegucigalpa, j The, iiiessage said the date of Lindbergh's visit would be decided later, thiis giving no Indication as to whether the Haiti trip would be performed before or after his,visit to Havana on January 16 during the Paa-American Congress, j The state department was: still without information today a^-. to H'hether Colonel Lindbergh M ,'ould visit Colombia and Venezuela !i,s !had'been suggested. • PLOT IS ENDED Mexican Authorities Are Holding Leaders Of Plan terday. Dendy sobbed as he told a story of misfortune which he said haa been trailing him for two years. He showed bruises al>out bis .bead ».nd bands which he said were sustained when be tried to light through the flames of the liurnlnR room In whirti the children were or two In-the fire department :<ind announce his plana for snow ..and ice rr '"ovflI. ^ He didn't «ven take oft Ms. hat or xo much as unbutton his qver- coat. And he didn't need to refer to the city books. All he utilized was his menjory. hut that was as warm toward "reirular guys" as it was relentless toward "bnm losers, bull throVers and gold bricks." The street department felt: the blow moat heavilv for it was there '%Z^v the chiMreu were to be''h' '1''. ,l-uried .frp "eiM. .11, and J. D., 12. ••'^•<'I''tooth >^ahpuev. who. has i» .,„„ ,.o»i,«i- T^..«.,o n Hii/ii -.lOHK ornamented a eilv eonstrnc- Dendy's arrest was ordered .Ixyi."^,,"^*^"'^?- He 11 have to do his Topeka, Jan. 5. (AP)—Report-s froia his office eoday indicated Governor Paulen Is considering the_ appointment of a committee of citizeDs to draft a program tof road legislation to bo presented to the next legislature. Although no definite decision has been made, the governor's office said the matter prcftwibly would be decided some time next weelc Ckivernor Paulen has expressed agerement with the plan of Charles JP. Scott, editor auct ijublisher of the lola Keglster. to create such a committee. He believes tt to be the best plan presented In connection with the proposals for. changes in the Kansas road la^w.s.. At the governor's office It was said the committee membership probably would be restricted to private, citizens, with . no members of the jeglslature Included. Cawley Is Probated To Wife and Children Leslie Cawley. arrested early this Week op a charge of wife and child desertion, was sentenced .to two years In the Kansas penitentiary by District Judge • Frank R. Forrest yesterday. Following sentencing, • Cawlje.v . was probated to his wife and children with the understanding thkt he would provide for them. Mexico City; Jan. P, (AP)—A' n „v.l Cvpert. proseeuting attorney,;"^""B on. some other ilty-s pay- revolutionary plot in tho states of foUo ^riPg a renort of Coroner Sam- ""^ fJ[ ^^^^^ • ~ • • - novee. who iuveslV-'atMl the •^'•'''•J'^^'' fire death'. Boyre sa''l nttrr : MI inve-l'ga- tlon. made at t»i" retniPKi of on«< of DendVs n<'lchbors. thni the ibodles wer-^ on one be<L al Gold Medal Awarded Lindy , Paris, Jan. 5. (^U')—Col. Charles A. Lindbergh today was aw£^^ded the gold medal of t|e International Aeronautics assofiatlon foi^ 1927 as performing the greatest air'achieve­ ment—his flight from New York to Paris—in that^^-ear. Kansas Woman Shoots Husband, Then Herself Queretaro and Guaiiajuato, for whi<!h arms were said to have beet smuggled from tho United States, has been discovered. Six alleged ringleaders were arrested and cited to the attorney-general for trial. The attempt at revolution was to have been made January 1 In Queretaro and Cuanajuato In combination with Rebel groups operating ill the state of Jalisco. Juan delgado Luna, one of those jdren on their heads, arrested, charged, according to the \ Dcndv, expressing that the • conspiracy through thf rest of the depart- inen». . ; ,f on«< "^Ve'll l;epp Connie Sheii;; and cll of I^s"** Finnic-"! nnd Ja'ck Kelleher." he decided, "hut wine the slate' of Marysville. Kan., Jan. 5. (AIJ)^ After ' shooting and" seriously wounding her estranged husband Chester Hunt, .Mrs. Jessie Hun* committed suicide near here last night Hunt's condition was decllared critical here toda.v. He was shot through the back with a .3S calibre revolver. \ Mrs. Hunt was at liberty undei $1,000 bond on a charge of perjury , in • .\tchison county. She ivas Charged with having testifled inlse- I ly regarding the birth of a j her suit for divofcc brought in that county. She was alleged to have borroM-ed a baby and claimed it as her own. Hunt had recently filed a dirorce suit in Marshall County. .* Mrs. Hunt was about ,15 years old and her husbutid Is a few years older. government, was directed by Alfredo Kobles Dominguez. at present in exile in the United States. The arrest-^ were made by Jose Mascorro, head of the Mexican secret service, and a group of operatives ;Who went to Queretaro. There they captured i Andreas Guerrero Navarro, Gregorio Leon Torres. Jose Arreguin Rodriguez, Tranquilino' Basquez Rodriguez :and Luna, allof whom pleaded guilty. At Ciudad Juarez,.-on the (Inited States Border, Rlcardo Rangel was captured. He was engaged in smuggling arms and ammunition furnished by parties unknown to the government lu the United States. O'Leary Is Accused By Mrs. Mary Kidwell I Washington. Jan., r.. (API— jChargei that Jumesi J. 0'I.*ary, assistant district attorney, had written intp an affidavit of Mrs. Mary Pearl Kidwell. statements designed to show that her son Edward J kidwell, Jr., believed Harry F Sinclair and .Mbert R. Fall, wanted lo bring about a mistrial In the oil j conspiracy charges against them was made by Mrs. Kidwell today. E. W. Marland Plans to Marry jj^dopted Daughter New York, Jan. 5. (AP)—E. \\. Marland, president of the Marland Oil ooihpany. today confirmed reports of his engagement to Miss Lydle Miller Roberts, daughter, of -Mr. and Mrs: George F. Roberts of Philadelphia. * The we^lding will lako place at the home of the Jjrlde-tb-ibe's parents; within the hext month.' Miss Rcjberts who is- 2S. -was adopted by iMr. and Mrs. G. W. Marland la 1916. MMrs. Marlaad died ' two years ago. j Mr. Marland is 63. ;- n • . Soldiers Compensation Time May Be Extended Washington, Jan. 5. (AP)—The advisability of extending legislative aid to about 25.0P0 World War veterans who failed to get their adjusted 8er\icc certificates to ihe Veterans' Bureau before December ^\ was taken up today by Republican members of the bouse ways and means committee. It is expected the full committee will pass upon the question later. The situation developed over a ruling by the comptroller general that the certificates should have been on file by December 31. In- Klead of only in the niall by that date. Dickey Is Receiver of United Clay Products Kansas City. Mo.. Ja|ii, 5. (AP), Fred L. DIcitey. vice-president of the W. S. Dickey Clay Mannfactur- ing Co.. today was appointed by Federal Judge Albert ^ Reeves as receiver of the United Clay Products Corporation, which was placed In involuntary bankruptcy last week. Son oflqla Woman Is Having All , Adventures He Can Use in K, G Wendall Lenhart. son of Mrs. W. O. Lenhart. 316 South Cottonwood, 'is ha\-ing his fUl of a.dventure In : the "wilds of Kansas CJlty.'f Lenhart was formerly manager of the Llnwood theater in Kansas City. During the time he was man- jiger there. Ed Hickman, yonthfnl slayer of Marian Parkei^ at Los Lenhart Is manager of thp Rock-' Angeles, "was an usher as was j hill theater. .During the last two ! years Lenhart's theaters have been ; robbed four times. X^st night a smiling young man held up the cashier of the theater aiid received n70 fori bis trov*Ie. Hlckman'sr brother. The brother was pretty trice, said T^enhart. but Eil didn't amount to much. : Is it any wonder that I hate lost vay faith ia man." I<enbart Queries. he said: thoui^ there was another bed in "st, of these birds ^Cross off the same room, and that some „f:Red;Hogan and Mr. .Toel Fairbanks, the bodies had crushed heads. He j They can take a much needed rest said, however, that falling timbers ft the club. ITie work fhe.v-did might have struck some of tjie chil- the polls must have ...r- v „aH>= itirpd 'pm out."- ^ siTprise Then It wai his fH.ends' inhlng. his arrest, said he first learned •'"I"' I- Kevins got the street'siip- that the home was burning when *':i:'-"''-"';>- ^ , • , cries of Ophelia waked him. "'^ .^^^'^''^e will be great reform in rushed from his ronm hut fo.m -1 hiring of horses (o. man the room in which th- children "'""^ Tla-'f .a do ^erf sia- were sleeping enveloped in flames o'emen and Icctnen are to -fiM an • " even break" but there is going ito be one big exception, former Jlayor Alichael Cashman. Cashman -once caused "Bossy" to do 60 da^s in jail for punching him on the; Jaw. "We use'no Cashman plugii except In greht emergency." GilUs" directed. : i I "What's :the great emerg«!iicy," inquired the snperintendent' "A stnna that stops everything from, railroad trains to the -town clock," "Bossy" roSred. "Then wait till evprv other horse In 5^ew- buryport M dead from exhaustion. After that' ask me and maybe we'll do business with Cashinan." WEATHER^d ROADS FOR KANSAS: Mostly fair to- nl^t and.Friday: warmer tonight In sontheMt portion. For lola and TIcInity: Fair to- nlpht and Friday: iraraer tonifrtit. Temperature—^Highest yesterday, 30. at 2 p. m.: lowest last night. 17. at 12 midnight: normal for today, 30; deficiency yesterday, 6: deficiency since .January Ist, 112 degrees; this date lost year, highest, 6i: lowest 29. Precipitation - for the 24 hours ending at 7 a. m. todays .00; total for this year to date. .02: deficiency since January 1st, .18 inch. Relative humidity at 12 neon yesterday. 73 per cent: 7 a. m, today, 7'i per cent: bvometer reduced to sea level, 30.48 inches. Sun rises, 7:39 a. m.: sun sets, 5:16 p. m. Rood Condltloni*. Hutchinson, cloudy, roads good. Salina. clear, roads good. Arkansas City, clear, roads good. Manhattan, partly cloudy, roads fair. Pittsburgh, clear, roads muddy! Wichita, clear, roads fair. Topeka: cloudy, roads farh Colfeyville clear, roads fair. Dodge City, clear, roads good. Emporia, cloudy roads good. Fred Apt To Testify In Divorce Hearing Fried G. Apt of lola, state kona- tor. is in Kansas City today at a divorce hearing. Mrs. Ethyl M. Cummlngs. former secretary of the Kansas public service commission, js asking a divorce from her hns- band. Senator Apt, a member of the state committee which Investigated charges against Lew Hu'a- jssy. chairman of the qoimnission, is to testify on behalf of Mrs. Cum­ mlngs. Former Congressman To Head Kansas Bank strong City. Kan., Jan. 5. (API- Dudley Doollttle. Cottonwood FlUIs former congressman, last night was elected president of the Strong Citv State Bank to succeed his father, J. H. Doollttle. who died last week. Dudley DoolitUe bad been a director of the bank for 12 years., El^trocutioh Looms J For Mrs. Snyder, Qray Albany, .V. Y., Jan. 5. (AP)-4-For two hours today lawyers made a. iast fight before Governor ; Smith for the lives of Mrs. Ruth SQydcr and Henry: Judd Gray, under, sentence to die. in the electric chair a week from today. When the lawyers were through the governor merely said, "Weil, tKe hearing is over," and walked oiit of the room. It was udder- stbod that he will render a decision on Monday. 1 '. lAlthongh the governor rendered no decision his remarks Just before the healing ended cansed many to believe that.he would extend, no clemency. . Cappei* Introduces Grain Raie Cut Resolution Washington, Jan. 5. (APY—X resolutioh Intended to, bring about a rcdu(:tion of freight rates : on grain anjd grain prodncts exported from tbk United States in oHer that American grrain growers and milling Ihterests may be placed in better position to meet Canadian competition; was Introduced today by Senator Capper^ Republican, Hickman Is Indicted For Second Murder f^B Angeles, Jan. 6,. (AP)—^'il- liam Edward Hickman, confessed kidnaper and killer of Marian l>ar- ker, was indicted on a second ranr- d^ today when the county gfandJ Jury ordereid him to trial for; the^ sl^yihg hit t. iTy-Thorns, Rbsehill- df^Vgtstj: during an aUempted bcHdnp 8<year ago. NODIYINGTODAY FOR S-4B0D1ES Weather Halts Work As Three Men Are Identified Boston, Jan. 5., (AP)—The navy's investigation of the S-4 disaster, which opened yesterday at Boston navy yard, was rlesumed this morning.' Lieut. Frank L. Worden, commander of the submarine S-'S. sister ship of the SA; who was examined at length yesterday as to the • construction and operation of <rthe S-type vessels, continued his testimony. Provincetown, Mass.. Jan. 5. (AP)—A 45-mlle northwest wind kicked' up the sea and forced the salvage fleet as-, sembled at the scene of the: submarine S-4 disaster to sus-| pend all di%1ng operaMons for; today. Weather iiidications were that the diving could not; be resumed until late tomorrow; or Satiirday. f Washington, Jan. 5. (AP)—^Tho three men taken out of the snbma- rln« S-4 have been identified by finger print experts of the Bureau of Navigation as Lieutenant Commander, R. K. Jones, Lieutenant Joseph McGlnley and Chief Machinists Mate Aron Albert Hodges. Jones, the commander of the vessel, lived at Halefhorpe, Maryland, but his parents reside at Hennessey, Okla. McGinley's home was in Morristown, Pa., and Hodges lived at Riverside, <3allf. The navy department has sent efficlal death notices to the next of kin of each. Eaton Car To Be Sold, Is Decision of Judge Frank R. Forrest, district judge decided today that a Hudson coach belonging to A. L. Eaton, convicted for violation of the prohibitory, law shall be sold. The ruling followed a hearing this morning. A. G. Page Gets Thirty Days for An Assault A. G. Page of Humboldt was sentenced to 30 days in Jail and must pay $15 costs »B result of con- victioh on an assault charge in Justice Williams court at Humboldt yesterday. RussianDancer Doesn't Like to Lose Glothing IJOS Angeles. Jan. 5. • (AP)— Maria fiekefl, Russlati dancer, filed suit for $32,100 damages against Lillian Albertsdn, woman, theatrical producer yesterday, chargliq; that her :c6stume had-bee^ torn from her in the presence of male members of the cast of "TThe Desert Song." Miss <BefekI, who appeared as a dancer in "The Miracle," charged that. Miss Albertson at the-^theater last ; Sunday night attacked her, shook her and tore her costumie from her ias she "was dressing : for appearance on the stage. As a result, T Miss Befeki declares, she caught a cold and:also suffered hUmiliatloif. WASHINGTON AND IDAHO FEAR BIG FL00DDAMA6ES Ice J4ms and! Melting Snow Form Serious ;: Menaced NICARAGUA^ TROUBLE IS IN CONGRESS Trouble in Washingtmt Has Displaced Any Ileal Fighting NAVY SENDS TROoi»S Department Continues as Congressmen Launch' Word Battle Washington, Jan. 5. (AP).— Sandino, the Nlcaraguan. was described today by Major General : LeJ'cune, commandant of the marine corps, as a ' small time Caesar: who would ather be a big frog in a little ] uddle up Jn northwest N'icaragua than a respected but otherwise unimportant citizen in Maiia- gua." ' , Washington; Jan. (AP)—With the situation In Ni»ragua, described at the navy d partmen^ today as being nnchaD:;ed from Te- cent days of appar^t quietness, the battle of words In congress over American policies In central- America' has displaced the actiiial Spokane.., Jan. 5. (AP)—T Rivers add creeks swollen by melting snow^s and blocked in places by Ice Jams; menaced northern Idaho; fighting between mai^ines.and |the communities today, with serious j forces ^f General Sandino. damage feared, and snow /from the; . , , _ I ^ i» mountaiiis formed threats at sev- 1 Determined to carry through its eral eastern Washington points. j Program, of eliminating Sandino In the district around Lewlston from the picture, the navy went Idaho, the Clearwater river strained about its work of preparing one at Its bonds, inundated; some high- thousand additional men to send days, washed away several Indian I „„.,,u,..„- i . u " .u' houses ^d forced residents to flee i t'? '^^'^ P«PI»«nr before if: A fainily of six was ma-i-^l<^arag"an In a campaign the j.ex; rooned Iti tree tops: nienaced by one i tent of which marine offlciais,fiti- river Jam for several hours. The points threatened by the Clearwater extended from the hydro -elective dam at. Lewlston to" a point 40vmile8 up the river. There were three big ice Jams, caused by heay sjeet and freezing weather {defense and denunciation of Coming 'after deep snows which had begAn to melt and; flow down into the drivers and creeks. Several minoir Jams also were reported a,nd when the ice was blasted out In one dif these. 12 miles above Lewistonr, the highway was flooded three feet deep, sending people scurrying for shelter. ; Belowf Arrow Junction an Ice jam was reported fifteen to 20 feet high, wi|h the water supply rapidly backing ^up behind the ice. Mr. and Mr^. Roy Luce and their four children, who had been marooned in the trees for ten hours; in peril from the; icy waters which were impounding behind frozen barriers were rescued by crews which toiled until nearly midnight. : l^te last night a big 50-foot jam at Myrtle went out, sending a 16- foot wait of water' and ice swirling down the river. ' The force of this flood was broken by another Jam a mile aiid a half above Arrow, saiil to be 25:-feet high, which spanned the entire river, blocking the channel. . eluding .Major General Lepeuiie, commander of the corps, would'not predict. Meanwhile tho campaign of phrase-making on Capitol Hill; in the presence of -American- forces la- Latin-America prom/sesi to f imlsh the stimulus for many oratorical forays during tho present .s^gio^ of congre^>s. and perhaps other ae»^ siona. Reward! Is Offered For Slayer of Wichita Man Wfchiti, Kas.. Jan. 5. (AP)— With thecexpress Intention of stimulating <^er rewards, the Wichita Beacon C^day offered i&OO to any­ one'wiio'would be instrumental in api^hending- the two bandits, re- sponsibl9< for the fatal shooting of Amos. Kneckenmeister,: 22,. here Tuesday ^ight. The Beacon, in a front page editorial compared the murder of the young c^fe proprietor with the Hickman^ case In Los Angeles, which was "scarcely more brutal" but whi^ attracted vastly more attenUot^ r ."The'^ty apparently ; has taken tl^lls mtinjer as a matter of course." the cditc^ial declared. Vaca Blames Regime of Diiaz •Philadelpftia, Jain. 5. (APl-^-Dr. T. S Vara, former confidential agent in the Unlted^Stalesof Dn Juan B. Sacasa, Xlcaragnani Uberr al, today asserted that the nprlainj^ in Nicaragua is the; direct outcome of the "impositiOti of th» DIait regime" uijon the.people of that country laHt May. Denouncing American Interven* tlon In Nlcaraguan affairs,. ;D T. Vaca said he was reliably Infohh'^ ed that the forces of General Aii- gusto C' Sandino, Rebel leader, were well equipped and that they would fight to t;he last man> against "unwarranted exploitation:anicon- quest by a foreign inrader." Dr. Vaca- asserted that these forces number several times those that fought at Qullall last Sunday and that Sandino had the support of the Inhabitants of the north.em and. eastern district, where ho la operating. / ., \ Sandino Sets • \^ Up New Republic \ Managua, Nicaragua,.' Jan. S. (AP)—A republic has been founded In the Nueva Segovia district by General Augustino Sandino, rebel. leader, with whoin United States marines are engaged.. | Money has been coined in the name of the ^.Republican government and prohibition of Intoxicants established with severe penalties. •>vn. , cin 'I'eath is the penalty for a man , i„.i.,^AH„„ ' convicted of selling liquor; a con- gle cry^of Indignation has gone.^j^^^,, woman 's property Is burned. G. O., Leaders Start [>r Convention City • Pittsbiirgh. Pa., Jan.; 5. (AP)— Jdmcs E'rancis Biirke, Pittsburgh attomej''?and, former congressman; William r ^VI. Butler of .Massachusetts, cltsilrman Of the Republican Nationalicommittee, andi vice-chairman Chicles D. Hilles of New York were enS>ute to Kansas! City today where tfiey will lay plans for the next Republican National convention. Burke,^ counsellor of the committee, joined Butler and Hilles here last ni^t. At the Missouri City they win meet other members of the committee. i : Young British Author Admits His Confessions Are Fat^ From Truth j New York, Jan. 5. (AP)—Netley Lucas, 26-year-old British author who in five volumes has "confessed" a lurid life of crime, today made further confession and admitted his badness was all a myth. Lucas, however. Insisted that he is to marry "Chicago May" Churchill, 51-year-old former notorious blackmailer, to whom he recently announced he was engaged. *I am going to marry the verable crime wave, as she haa been termed." he sqid. "She Is very charming; and I am fascinated by her. Further; than that, she is a gold mine of:;cr1me stuff. "It ia ?(paTtly a business proposition. '>Ejr pifblishers practically Insist oil U. W> have all sorts of offers. I^s tod good a tbiing to turn down. iVe are wonderfully matched. She. has plenty to confess, and If I do ^y It myself, there are few who knqw how to confess any better than-I do." One'<^ his Tolumes of "confessions" says Lucas served two terms in British reform scluxjis. but he denied §hat he ever bad been in jalU > The rebel leader, changed • the name of San Fernando to Sanidloo- jwhen" he established the republic. Sandino was a leader In thej liiii- eral army commanded-by Geiieral Jose- Maria Moncada, leader of the opposition to the conservative Diaz government. In compliance with an agreement negotiated by HeaiT L. Stimson, President Coolidge's personal envoy, the liberal forces laid down their arms l.%st July with the assurance that next Angr ust a fair national election would be held. Sandino gathered a number of those dissatisfied with the settlement about him. He siezed and operated <\merican mines and levied taxes in the district. Major G. D. Hatfield United States marine corps, ^ent Sandino an ultimatum demanding that be lay down his arms. Sandino refused to comply or to even discius the matter. General Moncada, ^ the leader of the official opposition repudiated Sandino. ' '. j Sandino has maintained that the peace settlement was forced npoii: the liberals by the United States.. The quiet which prevailed bad put the marines on 'guard. There have been no indications of a Major Rebel movement since Sunday when one marine was killed and five wounded. , Particular care is being taken to prevent a surprise attack npon marine patrols, pack trains and'ria- inforcements which are being seat daily from here to Ocotal Is" the dis-' tribntion center from which Quf- lali and the rest of the emhtittltid region are supplied.

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