Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1928 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1928
Page 6
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r PAGE SIX PIRATES AR PREPAINGT WIN iimm Experts See Pittsburgh As 1928 iWinner.In I National INFIELDriSTRpNGER Several Additions Inside Track Now Give, an To City Quintet TbiChatiufetof Plaj^ Contest Tho Ipla town basketball team will Invade Chanute tonight where li will attempt to even counts against the Chanute teanv who gave lola such a decisive defeat several week ago in a shortened . ganie. Coach Jimni>" I'igg is hopiiiK to Kirengtiieu 'his team by the atldl- tion of Yowell at -Torward. .The Chanute^ team was I going good here ami HcorinK from "all positions on the court.: It was onif Ihe Injury ofsonie.Iola men which left the local team short of men _ that brought the game to close. Riir4 NnW However, though Cluinuie seems A^v" j„ -stronger. Symriies. and .Yowell. will add strength to the lola scoring combination. •Much ho(ie Is expre.>-sed that the new forward may. be able to start ij>-o ^.i- '''^ rolling fbr lola and help league baseDall pennant' P".",'he Icjcajs out of the^ cellar, the ol»iuion of Pirate lead- ' ' •..."-i. PIttBhurgh. Jaii. 4. (API-A 1 strengthened infield and prospects of tetter pitching make Pittsburgh i look like a wiiinJr in the 1928 Na•• tJol ' chs !. er^, fljbrt^ cxi»erts and close fol- • - l6w;era of the team. Despite the departure of Ki Cuy- Icr, stellar outfielder traded to; ' ' Chicago, and a weakness in the j 'catching'staff resei^vo- material;, it j fs; the general opinion in baseball .ciirles here that the National I _ league champions of 1927 stand an | - txceilent chance to win the bunt- 1 fog again; ' ^ An putstaiiding improvement ih 5 the club will -he the presence oi Sparky Adams. acQuired through jthe Ciiyler deal, at second base to Heavyweight: Champion ,. To Give Rickard the Coild Shpulder? HAS OTHER OFFERS WjHIItLWINDl OFFENSE CAI V THE^IOLA DAILY REGISTER. WEDNESD A I Y E dfeGltoUARY 4,Vt928.. ^ST^tOkmWCOmni: FAME Gene Indicated He >pians To Hand Surprise To Tex lola's probable .starters tonigiit are: Hendeiion and Yowell. forwards; Symiles.. center: and Slay- lon and Curwortli, guards. lOLA PREPARES FORHARDFRAY EMPORIA ,• BY EDWARD J. NBIL (Atisoclated Pres3 Sports A^'ter) New York. .Jan. 4. (AP)--Gene Tunney caiiie home from the Soulh- lanl today'with a double-barrelled surprise for Tex Rickard and increased delerminallioh to defend his heavyweight championship twice in 132S. • . ! ViKorous after a two-week soj-j jonrn in Miami, Kla.. the champion, i with light toij-cpaO: opened , anil; whipping about .In the bitter windM of it northern cold snaj>. steppetl I from his train, and imtpedlately opeiied fire on;ihe Madison Squarie Carden promoter. "Tex Rickard has a genuine surprise awaiting him February 1 whi-n he is; due to post $100,000 (Continqed from Page One) been sent to advise Latln-Ameri- catt countries not to raise the Slc.aragnan: question at i the conference. Fhe Mjilnnaflons for ihe rnlten.Ity of PlttHbuiWi 'ssfnBatloiial-sweep college basketball conrts; are Red" Mc.Hahon (upper left), who plays eenterj ifhariey Hyatt (lqw «r Icit) and Lester Cohen (upper |Ceii. optional ler), forwards; Stanley WrebUw .skl (right) and Captain Syke^ Heed (lower center), Wgh scorloK fna^s. College ReserveS_Have a'"greTment''he'h*olds on*'my sei^vices TheU '"aVe "the V ^niij'^ oV the "team thS "dke8t ~ed ~^iir "Big^Tcn-'linlnt^^ in fire nights; then toppled Dartas. heavyweight champion of the month, world." said Tunney. "He will ,.,. : find iiim.self Ifi a nice predlca- ' itifut. lola Strong Crew; Locals Looking Better plug a: weak spot in the Pirate machine. * "VVlth Adams on setjond. George Grantham will be available j for, regular rtuty at first, replacing .th« veteran Joe Harris, who will. . „ i-. " ir.i- L. • , j i !be held in reserve. Harris win fi 11- f*""^" "-^ t^tornibrun.lIota ^ -Hig^t now 1 am considering an an ither hole In the team—a trib.l i iuhior college basketliaU snuad is offer that amounts to $125,000 more anil tnie pinch hitter. lankger Donie Bush will go into the rqce with the famous Waner pbroth^—Paul and Lloyd—in the outfield. For the other outer garden he has Barnhart Comorosky and Pt>te Scott, late of tl» Cubs, to fill in the breach loft by the departure of Cuyler. Pirate follow- erfl fee^l thai while the loss of Cuy-. let will he felt, the acquisition-of Adams>will more-than balance the i!cale.s.% Qlemi 'Wriglit will i)e at hi.-* ^iM \ Number2 nciw seeing the hardest practices of ;"'an RiCkard will give and from a ; . , , , .. promoter who can stane a heavy-. \ the season, in preparation for ^ ; ^.eight title mkchanyivhere In the ' „„. [.'onlinued from*' l*age -One) weight title mdtclj.any I United States, it is sure to go over. He is not Jim Mullins. the Chicago promoter, although I also can government would cooperate in the movemeiit to •• ablish .j the route from Brownsville by way of the richest oil game with College of Kmiioria rc- .serves. Friday night in the high si liDOl gyinna.^iuni. i. iin.ii};ii iiiuiiiuLt.-r, amiuuKu • uis" Tanipico-where : Coach Ira Stockebrand is expert-, nm <on."idering a proposition he fje],!^ jn'Mexico are located, ing a luird game as are the men. has made." To (»nen March 1. The tram has been developing a; While refn.sing to name ;he ijr^-; The Atlantic colst air mail route sriiootli ytyle of i/lay that has re-.moter, would not deny, eith- . Vtw York to Atlanta and suited in victories in tlie last two er. tliat tho man was a metropoli- ^. Orleans is expected"to be in Kiimes and may I)ri«K another vie-i tan rival of Rickard. .Aor _woui<i <,pprai,„n ,,y Warch 1 and extension to Brpwnsvllle and Mexico Vicre*."'had ^'"J^ ''onnection N'or would to^-y Frida.v. jhe admit that Humbert J. Fugazy, , e _ , Fronk. Iliougli not at practice'who has announced plans for' station—shortstop — while Captain last nlglit U expected (o be ready S .i.OOO.OOO indoor .arena liere. ha <i , Pie Trpynor will be at third, assui-1 to play Friday night, and if the named Ihe sum he admitted was epAi'"f Ing the Pirates one of the best in- i soring c.jnilMn.ilion of IJurgor and ticing. On tho that Rickard's . "Pining or a neiv air inau roiiie flelds 3n the circuit. 'Fronk once. gi-!-s started as It did ; preliminary agreement for 1D2S rOctween Fort \\or h and Houston Buslt needs another cafchtr i.> in the gam- agalnci Yates Cen-;with the champion calls for a fl- n*^"* Tnonrn "fU'i-l torm """'ncf fortlfy;thls department in an cmer.-l te-. the loial.s .-liould pile up a | nancial reljurn similar to that ^"'^ Prcp-seci yiext- gencj '.i He has the veteran Karllgtod .siOre. , ' ceived hy Tunney for his title de- ' . ' , J , tu Smlth.and .Johnny noocji. biit is' iHul.bard and Iba are twos • That route would place the looking about for another. <ieiiiai(l- nihi wlio wore not out last able receiver, . lliildfard i.'* auain having ' f05other fense against Dempsev 'n Chicago '"^^ ^ ^.^neVtion with a> fail, the, rival figure would ^^^^^^^ ^„,„„gb }'^^^J ^'i^'^oS;^'S^^ .Oklahoma. Kansas .and Pursjied by ill hick in the forn> of Injuries and illness daring 1927, Pirates-, feel that, with \uu oven Fiiiday. Iba has not returned from Soldiers field. break the pitchers who won th-.', St. Joseph as yet and it is not cer- "The option Tex has on mv serv |j>ennant la«t voar. will give a >:ood it^in whether he will bc' here for licrs is a legal joke and doesn t pre- ^By the Asioelated Preras.) Bilox;. Mlsil"4^'^ T'eteisju, won by a te ^i ;rtical: kiiockdut oi-^r Jack Clifford. St. Paul (3j. < Los Angelesj—.N'ewsboy Brown. New Y'ork, Mroii over Johnny JIc-?feranddaughter, Rdzella. of Bron- Coy. California (10). Indianapoll5H^Red STONY POINT Jan. 2.—Mr. and Mrs. Park Caldwell and little . daughter ^sited Sunday in Bronson at Mr. ^Vatson's.. , • Harvey Lee McFarland visited several days the last wteek witji his Grandpa McFarland's. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Yokum visited Monday at Ml. Shelton's.l i .Mrs. Cora Hamilton and little . L'hian,; Los Angeles, defijat M 1 ,'Jack Cliief Elk- Ihart, Puc}>l9. Colo.. (10). -Tony Sanders. CMc&go, outpointed Jackie Reynold! I. Miuiclc, Ind.. (8) Des .Moiijieij. la.—Al Van Ryrfn, St. Pa'ul.-Dinpoltrted Norman Brown Chicago, (lO.j Winnipeg. • ^!(an.—Del Fontaine. Winnipeg, Caaidlan middleweight champion, defejited Mickey For- klns, Coiunjbus ih hi# kijee whir-h it, is Sloped for a single fi^t. KicKara pain • i| be woU enough to let him play Tiinnev $991,000 for hisIsert'ices at - « '•oiinection with the trans-contiiicntal air mail to ., and from the I'acific coast. The proposed Xev Orleans-1 account of themselves during the the ganw Friday night.'if Hubbard vent me from lighting either i B'^o*'"''^''!'^ would place tomlnr sea-son. ."\liljus. Kremcr. iij not able to play it may be iece«j- for someone else or later." Tunnev MaadoT^s. Aldi-id^e andi Hill will ] skry to use some of Coach Stocke-,! said. "The basis of law is Combe on the firing line. Bush expects • brands group of reserves whoi' nion sense, the fundamental prin- I mutb of FredlRussell. Texas league liave not made manv appearances ciple of a contract is equalitv and M P "" leaving New York at 9 p, m star, and-believes he will make the ; as yet this year. .la ju.sf return on one side for" priv- -^'onday over the Atlanta-New Or- • •• !-i---> — .u. — 1 leans route could be placed in Mex- Mexico City 400 miles nearer New Y'ork thaji by use of the present- Fort Worth-Chicago route/ A let- big league -pitching grade . A score of rookies will ksi^d for spring training activities and from this material Bush expects to glean a few real baseball i game for the Iolan«. lilayers.> •WHlIp.; count the leaders agree some real Cardinal's , Tiie/Emporia team is reported to ileges relinquished on the other. ,AVednesday afternoon. be on be a strong quintet; mid there will i "The finest of legal minds have|»" ^ . be some good men on it in all told me th-al Ri-.:kard's t attract pLbability wiiich wii, m ::ke a sU« , does not_ embody^ i l^^tSmlf^ C. Several for- I and is worthless. Besides. I'lere 'Mildred City Quintet ,,^11 o 1 Wins dvbr Humboldt | Mound Valley Bank ^ ] i Heanng Continued ? Humlipldt. .Ian, 4.—Tlie Hum-: ' boldt ci(y basketball team was i I'ar.sons. Kas.. Jan. 1. (.\P)—Tho handed a decisive trimming last night by Mildred. '.Mildred's quin- preliminary hearing of R. D. jFayne. cashier, and A; G. Jamison, assist- tet is undefeated land is one of the ; r.nt cashier, of the closed People's .Hrongea't aggregations iK the die-! State bank of Mound Valley, charg- trict.: -T^he-Mildr-ifd girls won fr«in ; ed with embezzlement, today was Humboldt girls in |a preliminary, j continued until January 19. FRANCE PLACES HOPE FOR OLYMPIC LAURELS IN WOMEN ATOLETES sliell that held the explosive he intends to loose 6n Rickard -when time comes for fdlfillinent of early provisions, of the agreement. The champion! believes the contract, which Tex declares gives him an exclusive option on the Marine's services until October 1. 1928, is aUU VICU. ^ Mr. and Mrs. John-Kulp and family spent Christmas with Glenn Sarver's at Lone Elm. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reeve had as Christmas guests: Mr. Will Reeve, mother audi daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Elliott and services until 0.ctol>er i, is i children, of Chanute. inequitable^in that,11 fails to make' ^ ^^-^ ^^^.^^^ any flnandal provision for bim If. _ ... ^„„„, rhristmas with lenger bv October 1. that it tjie finalists in the Tiromot- er's ' elimination series, through (I'ontlni ed him that th?!^ with Kim a's O., (10). son. visited several days the! last week at Ben Marrjs. Mrs.' Caldwell and daughters, Jennie and Lavoni and son paul and Mr Austin Holeman and jfam- lly visited ThursdaV at Park Caldwell's. 1 Mrs. Myrtle Mattocks and daug'h- ter. Leota. visited jTuesday at Mr. .McFarland's. -Mr. and Mrs. Dubcan whoi are visiting their daughter. Mrs.' Ray i.My«;Vs. spent the wjeek end in Fort ^rom Page One) and not only because he is atle to supply ttte.m W want." ' As an evidence slon the dtWr^ upon some ot any nnanciai provision lor mm Christmas with Rickard falls to P ™<»H^;=„^^/J°': Grandmother Newlon. in Colony.: , Tunney sata, ^^^^ ^^^^ ^ ^^^^^ Allen. Tex., certainly knew how to | friends and-rela- j poor showings, should, eliminate j femember their themselves from publicj acceptance i tive.s. On Friday before Christmas ns challengers, then Hickard -would seven boxes of oranges and gr^pe-1 title ' fruit arriveti here from I : Tiiey snrcly were delicious. I ji e.\ rvii -Kiirii 19 iiiuutff^iiiH '<;..ough Mr. and Mrs- I,. V. Stout and i fip.hters now and he never will family s|ient Tuesday at the Riggs ' manage me," Gene said |as his color home. mounted. "In the- future, I shall Mr- and Mrs. O. H. Carrier and interests Rlrls. Mr. and .Mrs. Nelson Carrier not 3)e obliged to stage a jn.iich'tliis year. Tex Ri(-kard is managing enough protect Gene Tunney's — , ancMiis alone. I have had a rough j jilme getting where I am today— I if I am anywhere. '1 sliall not be ! ruled by people with the Interest iof others at heart" Gene returned to New Y'ork for the sole purpose of attending' the "all-championd" banquet of Tex Riclfard's "600 millionaires"'jclub ton ght. If c.-illed upon to speak. lie will discuss only the history of boxling and some of its lighter pluises. He plans to leave January 10 for a ten-day stay at Dover . Hall. Ga.. before returning to Miami. ; to set up light training quarters with several sparring partner^ aN ready on the ground. SOUTH LONE ELM (Dessie Carrier) » Dec. 28.—.Mr.- and Mrs. Harvey Spangler and firtnlly spient Christmas day with Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Xewlon. Mr. and Mrs. Arzy Sprague spent Christmas at the parental Beal home. i Mr. and Mrs. Francis Herynck and family spent Christmas day a.i L. V. Stout's. I ; Lewis and Minnie Klooz Of Ne^ Irene spent Baldwin. Kans. Christmas at Formal social visits in tall hats and long coats still constitute tho principal actirity of all Franc« on New Y'ear's day. X^e visits are social, but they are usually, alsso, about as. business-like as afternoon calls to residences can: be. HAR11|WARB& I lOLA-KANJ-AX Jincetscfr* Three French mademoiselles are regarded in their counto' as,more likely. Olympic point winners Uian ^ny of their male countrymen. 'These "Suzannes'of the track" are Adrlenhe Vellu (upper left), »1io toaaea a i discus almost as easily us a dinner plate; Thercse Lenoir (Iqwer),ihol(l- ~ef of th^ world's record for, the'half-mile inin: dnd- bespectacled Theresc Uadiile^n (upper righlj, the country's best woman sprinter. L.,E. HORVILLE, President F. 0. BJBi>'SON, Cashier 1. W. BECK, TIce-PreaMent E. D. LAM^,.AssL Cashier ^ HAJUtY 8HITELY, Asst. Cashier ' lOLA STATE BANK WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS ^ Capital Stock! .$50,OOO.Ooi Surplus ..... .$43 ,ooaod like to d-o business a personal liiatter Itli the goods they ot the Inipres- — made, at \ least hose who l;^rd It, one meTchant liho employs a'num-i ber'of clerks kali that if bo ha^ known In advajice -R-hat -was going _ , would have Closed his store and bifought all his clerks to tlie lunched IScotrwlth relativds. Friends here have received, the announcement of the marriage, of ..Miss Audra Hall of Tulsa, Okla.. to J. H.i Vmitener. also of "Tulsa. , They will yiiake their hoiiie in ! Tulsa. .1 l\ Mr. and Mrs Lloyd Broughton and son Forest, and Mr. and: Mrs. Lester Amy and daughter La^fon of Garnett spent Sunday at Mr.j Geo. Broughtbn'.s. • ' Owing to part of the roads being blocked with snow, our mail man did' not get over all of MH ronto Saturday, and Monday being a holiday makes it seem quite a while since yre have had any dally newspapers] ; ; , The'milk truck got stuck in a snow drift; Mondav just east of , Austin McFarland's. [\ be pulled 'out. and had to erl v. S. Marines Establish B4se Managua, Nicaragua. Jan. -t. (Al') -The garrison of .United Stales mariner atJQuilali turned its efforts today; toward the establishment of an; effective base for an offensivie a^iinst the rebel general Augustino Sandino. • Preparations will be rushed on ;i laiiding field to save the long mule hack trip «ow necessary to Octal, where the nearest air field is sii^ uated. Larfe quantities of ammunition, including hand grenades, bomb^ and machine gun's, will be sent in a large transport plane from Managiia to Quilali when the ienaing fiel^ is ready. Marines'i^id national guard.^nien will be consolidated for the offensive against $andino when the additional suppDes arrive With the prortiise of -1,000 m6re marines from the United States, Col. Louis Mason Gulick. marine commander, is hopeful of pushing the campaiiem against the -rebels to a successful termipation.- Aiifplanes 1 on Tuesday reconnoitered the region around Quilali and oh returning here, reported they were unable to find tracei of rebel troops. The rebel.s are believed to have cf .ni -entratcd- at El Chipote, about 18 miles frojn their former, base af Quiiah. El-;X'hipote is atfi almost iiiaccessible '.mountain- strongliold four thousand feet above sea level. Simdino's camp is near the Coco ri-ver and deserters from his forces have informed the marines that he has several boats ready for escape tc the sea it hard pressed. HAVECHAMP Newsboy Brown Wins Off Johnny McCoy In Good Fight BROWN AGGRESSIVE Veteran Has McCoy Dizzy In Fifth Round Of Battle . ' I.OS .\ngeles, Jan. 4. (AP)—Only at few days after 'being elimlnati^d from serious consideration! as ;;i flyweight -championship -contendijr in New York : State,. Newaboiv Brown, durable little ba(tler today was perched atop the 112 pound pugilistic heap in California: -by. virtue of a referee's decision over Johnny ;McCoy of El Paso. , The veteran of several, battles hejre. in which he always emergeil with honors as a game and aggressive scrapper, if not a victor. Brown started right out at top speed last night in his effort to annex the crown of the boxer re<-, o.gnized by the California boxing commission as the world's fly- any weight champion. Brown had a wortliy foe. r Tlic. !pair 'battled on even terms In the V first stanza, • Then McCoy darkened and Brown took a slight eds>- Bandit Victim Dies In Wichita of Wound Wichita, kun.. Jan. 4. (APl-j-Shot by a bandit: when he tried to flee from a holdup of his hamburger stand night. Amos Kuechen- nieister, 22; died in a local ho.spital today. ; Police have obtained, no cine to the identity of the two bandits who fled from Ih^ scene of the shooting without taking any money, Kucchennieister is the soond victim ot bandit shootings here j within Ihe last few weeks. . in the second and third. The fourth was even and the fifth went to Brown -when he pnt Johnny jih a corner with a hard right hook -to the buHoii. iMcCoy was dizzy at this point. In the sixth and seventh Brown showed that .he was clever as well as tough by oiitbOx- iuET the fast stepping McCoy. Then with thci end of the fight aphroachinp McCoy put on a game rally and .nnnexed the remaining •hree rounds, dropping Brown lor_ a no the final session. New Location, lOS E. Madison. First _ Door East of . Browns Drag Store. Phone 176 CSTABllSnCO 19" TUOS. H.::B0TVI.US, President G. B. BOWXUS, CasUIer A lien County State Bank lOLA, KAKSAS Established a Quarter of a Century Capital Stock .30,000.00 SuiT)iiis . . ; ... ioo,moo Deposits 1,000,OC%00 INTEBEST PAID OX TCttE DEPOSITS • " I SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR BENT Ymr nmie?s on every ftake of it! made Granger but you showed lis how. fYou said, "We want tobacco: th^ smokes as cool as a drink from a mountaia stream. Tobacco that's cramined with rich, ripe flavor. In other wordi.pipe tobacco that/Vjpipe tobacco." That's what iSranger is—pipe tobacco from ;Start to finish and "made to your prescnptiott." Right now, it looks: like a lot of men enjoy:their own medicine! rRANGER G RANGER Not^t/ythiftemjafy prndudim btsvjfoU; b*Mtt tbt prit*. GRANGER. ROUGH CUT IS MADE BY THB UGGETr&MYERS T 6 BACCO CO. 'i^aAcco

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