Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 3, 1955 · Page 19
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 19

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1955
Page 19
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.Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3. 1955 NINETEEN Peac1i:Mint Cocktail Recipe Because : : of< its • delicious fresh minty flavor,"', peach mint'"cocktail can be enjoyed either'-'as a first- course starter or dessert Vending'.'''• Golden, sunny-flavored" canned cling peaches are diced arid served well chilled .in an orange-mint sauce. • • :•: .•'•; •'.' '.Peach ftiint Cocktail j 6 cannedicling 'peach halves. \z cup syrup from peaches . 2Vi tablespoon^ chopped fresh ? minf'leaves.;/..' :^ % cup orange'rjuice 3 tablespoons lemon juice • Drain peaches and dice. Heat tyrup to boiling and add 2 tablespoons mint leaves. CooL Strain, add • orange and lemon juices and-.pour. over diced peaches.' Garnish . with" ..remainder of mint. Serve very cold. Serves six. By CECILY BROWNSTONE Associated Press Food-.Editor NEW LOOK FOR MEAT LOAF J And it's "achieved a simple way. Pimierito-stuffed olives, are sliced and arranged on the bottom of a Treat Old Favorite A New Way Vary Omelets With Chicken the green-olive slices garnish yourjjT • ^ moot TI,O,. are p re tty as can be;•*•"• l/ei meat. They with their pimiento-red centers. for the tiipe in the oven doesn't IU di: BAKED-IN OLIVE GARNISH gives an loaf real glamor and tastes delicious. greased favorite like meat im their -bright color one bit. We Ever serve a chicken-liver omelet? Make your omelet as usual; used the largest size of olives for j but before doing so dice lour chic- our loaf and the big meaty slices looked and tasted elegant. ... , .-. . ..= kenjiyers and cook them m a lit- tie butter or margarine with a la- Fruits ? Nuls Used In Apple Candy walnuts and lemon juice. Pour .into eg g s b e f or c storing, square pan to a depth of about I; inch. Chill thoroughly. Cut into squares. Combine con-j| fectioner's sugar and cornstarch; roll squares in this mixture. This meat ioaf uses packagedjblespoon or so of chopped onion, se ^ quick-cooking rice cereal as aisalt and pepper. Just before turn"filler." Try the recipe if you likejhig the omelet out of the skillet, a compact loaf that slices beauti-;sprinkle it with the chicken-liver fully. We served the loaf withimixture. You can buy chicken liv- creamed green peas, a salad and.ers at a chicken-parts market or, rolls. But it is equally good with i you can buy them frozen and pack-i creamed potatoes and snap beans.!aged. If you like, you .can bake potatoes in their skins along with the meat Broiler ^ c . oaf, then peel and dice the pota- cooked ham or luncheon meat are crm - toes and join them with a cream jput Qn skett .. ers gnd broiled along | saTu , ce ' c *u i f v !„«„ ,„ Iwith drained canned peaches. Both sl&7 mo"le ef £> am ""- P-** - basted with j „ »,„ ^S . «;.».» -fia sauce made bv simmering a cupi-"""" r"-^—- ainTti"t^sMhKe^N thepeach syrup with /coupleW Coo, lightlv wtih soft butter or marga-i? f . tablespoons of lime or lemon! thiough food . !rine." Heat ^the slices under theP"' ce and a dash of nutmeg. , - u, P - fpa "' P" 1 .! 116 " 1 '"ibroiler, turning once, until they! . straight rows if you cherish a neatj^ -We think this^' r s P a( | es Teen-agers who love to make their own candy will find this nesv apple recipe easy to follow. Buy new apples, fresh in flavor, fresh from the orchards. They are heaped high on the fruit counters now. Save the recipe for Christmas, too. Then make several batches! Topping for a ham loaf: wash for Christmas giving. A good des-iand slice an impeded orange; good with nuts Sprinkle the slices with sugar and iveet tidbit with' arran "e on top of the loaf about the after-dinner coffee. a half hour before the meat, isj Apple Candy ready ' 8 medium apples Vz cup cold water 2 cups light brown sugar, firmly packed 2 envelopes unflavored gelatine 1 cup chopped walnuts 1 tablespoon lemon juice Milk absorbs odors readily; 80 do eggs. Keep refrigerated milk and eggs covered. Never wash Piedmont Coffee in Vacuum Pack Cam Vi cup confectioner's sugar 1 tablespoon cornstarch Core and pare apples: cut in until tender; put mill or sieve. Add isugar. Cook over low heat until ithick (about "i' hour), stirring look; or let your. fancy dictate the - li -- Bake in moderate (330 1 often. : TEA i SPict H£E"lfCJf£S-Depl. 0. », Cincinnnli I, Ohio DISTRIBUTED BY PIEDMONT GROCERY CO. gn^ hot L but "nil N^ 665 ' oven ^ hours : loaf ut ^ , , . , Soften gelatine in remaining *•«!, When the loaf comes out of the " oven and is turned out of the pan. Ivnnrspifi • • ibe browned :on top. Loosen sidesjcup cold water: add to hot apple] renme'for the loaf calls for! vvith knife and tu f n out on platter.!mixture;, stir until dissolved. Chill £> MINO recipe for the loat calls /or^^ g servjngs juntil slightly thickened: stir SUg3T NOW! IN EVERY LARGE SIZE BLUE DETERGENT SUPER SUDS You get the tingling taste of five prize apple varieties—' grown for flavor in Lucky Leaf?s own orchards. Spell daily processed to se"al in all the flavor from all the apples—give you the tastiest apple sauce ever! Packed for yoii in both tin and glass. Try Lucky If of App/« Ju/ct | Ltof fnsfonf fruif ;• fillings, too DETERGENT PER PACKAGE than any v'milorly packaged brand. Use Blue Detergent Super Suds — for the Cleanest, Whitest Wash You've Ever • Seen ... and without a bluing 1 BUY A so* TODAYS dry mustard and marjoram; but chili powder and oregano may be substituted. A half cup of medium-;! fine grated carrots may also be; added to the meat mixture. I Be sure to observe recipe dH rections about packing the^meati mixture down well in the pan in] which it is baked so there will be| no air holes when you slice and serve it. Olive Meat Loaf Ingredients:-Stuffed green olives, 1 pound chopped beef, % pound chopped pork, ¥> cup quick-cooking granulated rice cereal, 1 egg, Vt\ cup minced onion, iV-i teaspoons] salt, .-Vi teaspoon pepper,.% teaspoon dried, crushed marjoram, '/; cup tomato juice. Method: Grease. bottom andj sides of medium-sized loaf pan — about 8 by 4 by 3 inches. Slice olives and"arrange over bottom" in even rows or in any desired pattern; number of. olives needed will depend on their size. Put beef, pork, granulated rice cereal, egg, onion, salt,,pepper, mustard, marjoram and tomato juice in a mixing bowl: mix -thoroughly \vithj hands. Carefully pack meat mixture over sliced olives, taking care not to upset pattern and avoiding 10-lb. MARKET CO 42 N. CENTRE ST. COLORED OLEO 5 ibs. PICNIC HAMS READY TO EAT H M 11 O Swift WHOLE OR SHANK Oft-* uM\ """""" HALF /MC n If I W • • • CENTER SLICES Ib. 89e fc, J BACON - SUGAR CURED TRAY PAC BEEF Ground FRESH LEAN BEEF 4 Ibs. J1.M STEAK... ROUND Round CENTER CUTS Ib. BENNETT'S SELF-SERVICE MARKET Route 40 LoVole FREE DELIVERY CALL PA 4-4313 Open 'til 9 P. M. Mon., Tues., Thurs. and Friday Until 6 P. M. Wednesday and Saturday CHEF PAULIN FROZEN COOKIES Ready-to-Bake M filled C^ cookies VI V |b. box 39c PilUbury BUCKWHEAT F|pur PilUbury Splc. CAKE : Mix 2 b °*« 59c PilUbury GINGER BREAD Mix 2 b —49c Nabitco GRAHAM Crackers »> b °* 31 c K»n« WHOLE KERNEL Corn 2i" 29c CaporoU'i FROZEN .. Piiia Pie ••* 59c Libby's Pumpkin Enough for Two Pies . . 19c Lean CHUCK ROAST Ib. 55 C GROUND BEEF 3, b >1.00 MrsflLBERrS MARGARINE Get Extra POMM! at Vz Price with ta<h one bought at raplar prk* Ibt. 2 Don't Forget to come in ond sign up for Free Basket of Groceries Nothing to Buy — Just Register! K1NGNUT Oleo 99c ARMOUR Milk ARMOUR STAR Lard 99c ARMOUR STAR PORK AND Beans 91"99c PURE STRAWBERRY Preserves 3 99c FRESH GROUND Beef Chuck - 39c IOOSE PURE PORK Sausage b 45c SHANK HAIF or WHOIE Hams 49c 7-INCH CUT PRIME Rib Roast M9c ASSORTED Lunch Loaves ib 45c SHOUtOER END Pork Roast 39c HALF HILLS TUNA 2 -.450 u. s. NO. i EASTERI- Potato*! 15 Ib. pk. ICEBERG LETTUCE CAtlF. PASCAL CEURY FLORIDA IMPORTED CHESTNUTS J 33c; 50 Ib. bag «5c .* largi bunch 19c '• Ib 19c STOKELY'S FINEST FROZEN FOODS CUT GREEN BEANS. '.• : 2 fkgi. 'GREEN PSAS . •' . JtC.** *»3>C- BRUSSEt SPROUTS I ^kgi. DONAlD DUCK ORANGE Juice 6 4 ^ 99c ORDER YOUR THANKSGIVING TURKEY NOW! FRESH DRESSED FROM NEARBY FARMS Mrs. FILBERTS MARCARINE Get Extra Poond at each one bought at Prkt i GoUe* 2 IBs. Golden Pounds 41 c FREE! Win a 12 Ib. TURKEY Juit l«av« your name at Our Meat D«pt. Drawing Sat., Nov. 19th. FREE! Win a 4 qt. Mirro-Matic Pressure Cooker Jy;t l«dv».your nom* «t Chcchaui Counlon. Drawing Sat., Nov. Itth. SHOP UNTIL 8 FRJDAY NIGHT RALPH FRANTZ SUPER MARKET JUST A FEW BLOCKS FROM BALTIMORE ST. WE DELIVER RIDGEIEY, W. VA. DIAL REdwood I-«I1 END SKIMPY PIE CRUSTS STEAK... GOOD Sirloin TENDER CUTSIb. Bon<les* BEEF STEW , b 49c RIB BOIL 10 , b , $1,00 BONELESS RUMP rr ROAST Ib. J DC LARGE SIZE T ' BONE STEAK Ib. PORK STEAK.. SLICED PORK BUTTS Ib. LOIN PORK ROAST »39c RIB LOIN ROAST Ib 33c FRESH PORK SKINLESS WIENERS Ib 39c WHITING , FISH 6 lb , $1.00 TONGUES 39c VEAL Shoulder Chops ib. 39c Loin Chops Ib. 59c Veal Steak Ib. 69c Only PLAKO gives you 10 PULL OUNCES AT NO EXTRA COST! SAUSAGE COU S NTRY STYLE 4 i b , 98c PURE WHITE LARO...6 PRICE SALE Nnnufinrs MARGARINE Ctt Extra Powrf at H Pnct with •adi MM bMflbt at rtfdar ifka 43c TO PROVE FLAKO GIVES YOU DOUGH TO SPARE— i Tes, we'll give you two packages free so you I! can prove to yourself how the exclusive || FLAKO PIE CRUST MIX 10 oz. pack eliminates tiresome stretching and patching...makes baking a pie a breeze ! Discover how Flako's extra measure makes possible the biggest, best-tasting, easiest pie you ever baked. And the TREAT'S ON US. tUrt'c all you hav« to do: Simply buy two packages of famous Jlako Pi* Crust Mix. Mail tht tops froB both packages, along I; with this handy coupon, to Hake. W* will rtfund your couplete purchase price. It's as easy as that, but hvlrry. This offer is limited. flok* Pt«dueH Divition, TH« Quali*r Oiita C». I«x 31C. Mt, V.rnoo, N. Y. ' CEWTI.EKE.V: i «• »noiosinj th» top* fro« twa paok- «t«» of FLAKO PIE CRUST MIX. r«turn mj purobai* price tot (?!•»•§ print) ADDREIS. cm This olttr e.xt>lr«i D»wmb*r J. !9«. On« «fuiid per f»mllr. Good «ily tor JtAKO PIE CRUST MtX. . ' Off«r Tflid il la» lowv. Oood only In U. $. A. i

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