Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1928 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1928
Page 5
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I Sric -VVf^, A>UlMi« city—1100 I :«0 ;;-r )1nnBr Dance i(5.S— WaAU aaltimer*—1050 - eOS^WCEl :Bo<ton-Ue C:}0 >-Cornfbrt Hour .(rlHU-Kildqies l:U,-t|»iiC«'»?ufiq . , •rd cdmrort iloi* > i8S4 *?SchMtrii rM n »•« Mri) fil Quartit; fannrlvanlana itlfd*lphia-4tO »1 «.|^K0KA' Pttt4,b»vflh-9S0 ">tU(l*' Hrmpliohy orchfttra i^iswalj apur -Ff n{t«f I Hour mJf ^yfJf^^ Provldanca—«20 «:}04c<>ward Comfort Hour 8;i)0-rqic <iuot.'Ktkinioi I ^ j ^,fc|^HAM l^och.eit|«r-1080 37»J^WOy '$eit*nitctaUy-7»0 «.o.i--<:iijea«ot IC«tdtnoa ^:«o-j(--«.afur* ' ^.•-iCKtU t«ronto-8«) C.iiii. iiarmhnioa Pf^ram ' 4 «I ^S—WRC Wllthlnoton— 640 V :C0 - .rtri "BrjiMntaiTon r tK-flm.ver StnUoela l:W-»mlfli «roth*r» .('(•-fiiiunf ^nifo > t:>&-nudtb I 'roiKm I: It—Ropular Mdiu- 476wir >WtM Atranta -MO t:«a—tftidia l>r »fc»ntJii.i<.ii ':ZO~iluuvr. SanliD'l* l :C 'U—l^ks*r*ll llour . !M:t^KTH> HH tprlnOi-7iO -Biihd • ;3.i -Tienti*': Plarrii ;m<—»Ant» Frolu it «.«i -VVJAX Jatkienvlllt—ttO :au—>&x«tcU flour :2t,4><WHAS Loulivlllt—1«0 lM>l~Doiit^ Prccriiiailon :<<)—Satitistl* :«u-Uaod Hour Bli«—WMC Memphl(-6ia PV—llAovcr Sri.llllfl* r •Ov -UJxwall H «ur 3se ..s—wsM N«inviiii-no :IU—H)iOV«r SfMin-!» :00—MiXWfl! H.air JO—Svudio Priigram t3S.*—V/9t *p N«w prlear!»--^ S:: A —Orrbeatra« 2S4n—WRVA Richmond— 1 «0 COO— VirKlnlaiui T:iM>— Siinwet Hour ll:0«—Musical Hour ^ CtNTRAU aat—KVW Chicago—S9« S:(»—<:onc«rt 9:00—Chicarb Opera lUjM—Coiicrcaa Carnival '7:00—Dodge Preaenut«o« X:00—Mooaeheart Hour »:sa-Otjiaaco Opera 4ttM—WON.WtlS CtliaiB*— tH T:00—Old Faahluucd AiN ^nak TM—fl^nai frpm i 'orJ' jl :aO>-Ollcquot l:>fcin)oa llrOO-IlooMluma : VA*--Vi .is Chjcaoo— no .C :M)— SupporMil Projram •< SO— Sporta club: jBrcheatra 7:S«-^uperton« Hour- 447 .»-wa(Ae >WOJ Chi«a«o -«70 l0':00^^m(mm>nttD9 401.3—WLW clnrein^ati-700 l;iS2S5Sisr..S8Sirr'" ^ "'=**IS »Ar''cinc.,n^.l-*iO T:(Ki;-bo<ta« T>r>tenl^iion 7:$0—^Hoover flenilpeii «:M-Studlo -Program 3««.|— WTAM ClevaMnd— Tie 7 :»fl-'irooW WnUntii itS^WAIli Columbua-iq*0 S:0tf-<6rche#trap 6«.1-wrAA • Dallaa-raao ;:0u— Oodsa J'WwinaUon tfM—WOC 4>av#fl«art—MO > 7 :00—Uod«a iPrwdJflton 7:30-!-Bw)v*r Sentlnela 8 W— M«»welUHOur , l0.00-O »iV :f IJML- , 440j -WCX.WJ<i 0««*eU-MC 7;0u -SU».ilel(Hly Uaaiar# 8 Ou -MiiTw *ll Hour ; V:uu-Binct(« 'Hour . l «;00 -.CO«|o(n »«ICK »V f»atf-WWJ Qa«rolt-iSO 7:«0—Uo4{k I'MaMMatloo - UU-HoOvor. Sanjlnela » UO— Cllcqyot Ktklmoo 4W.7-W9AP Fort worpi-«00 U8XW «II Uuur • loiOO— Ooncetrl , lJ:0U-Q,r»»li ' ..61.2-WOS Jefferfon Clty-«M 7:00—Studio Pzoiram S-1(—Stiitapepartrhant of edi ;c «iitna J7p.4-^WOAF Kantai City-nBtt 7 :0(1—Preteiitedoo ' ' 7:30— Seoilnela «:uo—MuMcal Hour ;i:30—Chlomfo Opera 293.«-y/TMJ Mllw^ukM-1030 7 :nu—Dodga Preaentadon j .OO -MaaSMll Haw 'j :00—MUMcnl Projfram 409.2-WCOO MlnneHPotUrft. Paul-740 7 :.10— Hoover Sanllncla X:0(1—Southern Sunahlne »:20i -Chlc «co Opera WOW Om^ha—B*0 7 :SU—Sehtlnela ; ' !):(iu—Maxwell Hour 9:31- <i 'an»teel Program 4M.7-WOAI San Antonio—MO i 9:00—Trio 545.1-KSD St. Loull—SM 7 :00—DodK* Preaenlaiioa 7:5(1—Hoover Sentlnela *i,3")—D.nnre (>fi'h>-.-ilraB 348.6— KVOa Tul»a—MO 7:20—Hoover Scnilnx'll »:"<l—Maxwell Hour " • b:!)!!—Iiaritoii« 344.3—WCBO Zion-«70 S :OU— Chorua: Vocal Trio \ wetreftN S».«—KOA Otnyar—MO S :00— HouiewIv«s*Ma (lJ >a# 4«8.»—KFI Lot Angclta—«40 11 :00—Vocal Jllifcic U':ott—Modern t .'laitlcal Uualo 411.4—KHJ Lot Anoelei—720 '• 11:00 —Troubadoui 'M >:::bO— Old Mclodica Made .Sew 3S6.9.UKNX Lot Anatttl-j-aM in nu—Kealure Program; r.OUa—Cucoanut Urova Orchcdra 3M.4—KOO Oakland—7M n;:00—Dodga Prenentallon into— Moon Magic KM.2—KLX Oakland— SM 8:3A—Dinner Concert 11:0M— Uanca Program " 4S4,3-KF |iC tan Pranelieo-«M 10 :'>0—Muileal Program 11 «J—Flying r-M «ont U.I 'O- Uanra Jtlutic 12 tin) 422.3—KPO ftan Francltco-710 3:80— Studio Program 11:00— NBC Pnigram 12:00— Borica and Allen 370.t-KiHd tpokana-410 11 :00—Dodge Qiiartet i:;60— DaricO Music (3 bra.) I.; L : » ; ( : L FOR CLASSIFIED AD f • A FORMAL TYPE OF HOMB Strayed^ Lost, Foand SVHlTti c:oLD^ I..\DtKS' WHlTfi: COLD Wrist Wati-'li with -black wiiiit band and •brdkcn; crystal, lost Wertnesday afterno&n. Mm. Chailes 'Somer- viUo. I^Ilarpp. PINK ^r.K SC.^RF -Lost at Elks' Xfw Y«ir"s"Ball . Finder please call at BIIJ^—LoHt Tupsiday niorniiig - in Kresk j.tore. Klhd<^r iio- lify Prank JlaloK. Phono »87-23._ AUCnONS Anctlons _ _ : PA PUBLIC AUCTIO*-Public auctloii ev«ry Saturday at 1:00 o'clock at flidbop's Sales Pavilion. PUBLIC AI:(;TI 0. N'- I win Hr^ll ut public aiK'titjn at BiMhitii's SaU-s. Pavilion Saturday, Jan. 7, iii One oVIoeli. liorpPM. i-uiilf. lakvt^H, hogR, cbirki^nK.' waKoii.s. farm nia- t-hlnery. automubileH. and a world of'goiid hoUHehold fiiriiitiirp, new and K<>coiid hand. C. Sj liiHiiup, Auctioneer. ' _ ~AUTOMOTIVE" nunOC MALE HOC- -•VVeight Sfbont 200 lbs., a good nno.- Paul Ard. Elsmore.; Kans. . FRBSH JERSEY COW—One mile floiith, }^t>a»t Iron Works. \V. I'l. Jli »y- .Efconj '_39S-H. _ , . PtAillry and .<( U |I|>IU' H A 9 BABY CJIICKS—lie up. Hatches «'V«ry Tuesday. Placi^ your y^rderH now. We will <^u.stoin haifii your egxH. Sturdy Chick iHatclu-ry. 2-'0 • West sirtlPl. lola. BirCKEYK INCUU.VI-OR -210 ,.gK: loOO-rhick Smi' llalih broodir: water.H; ^hl('k,rfcders; nil lu liiif; cohdition; .'•24 .Vorth si reel. Plione 1317J. Auti>moblle Agencies A A II.SED CAR—is a.s dependable! as the dealer who sell.s it.. Dodge Sales and Service. The best place to buv good, dependable used car.s. At present we have a complete line of -both open and closed models, priced to .sell. Ellis .Motor Co., 214 .Vorth WashiuRtoin: M^CHANBISE Arllclefi For Sale CI CL01«LNV; -nVT Ste.'l l.r:M<s; No. I. traps. Irr: .\'o. I'j iriipd. '2t!i-. Allen COjinty Implement .MY \EW VEAR-.S Rf'SOLUTION— To buy for ea-.h ;ind sell lor t.iiot cash at the lowest possible mar- Kin, and' make 1I>2S the bann.^r year for-'b|iHine.«s. P.rvHon Fili- 11 ilure Store. • , rFirst Published in The lol:i:l1aily JJesisier Ileceniber 21, 1927. NOTM'E, Ruhsell Elani. sfnu•nc^d .'.-2S-21 from Alien County for Korgerjy ,2n!i n.>Kree. will present his application los- a parole To th^ Hoai'd. af Administration, at tlu^r next regular raeeting held a^/T.:tusing, Kansas, I'Vbriiary 7. lS:i.s. . . i'etitioner: RI'.-iSRLL KLA.M. (12) 21-2.<i (1) 4-n-lS • By R. C. klunier & Bio.. Archi- tei- s. .N'ew York.l The mi>ri forniul type of home, appeals to juiiiiy and in the modi- [ lied Jialiun one finds an anhi-; lecture th^i( is .4uiial)fe for smail j Atnericiin lioiisits along formal , lines. i I In tbiti type of liouse llie strong i outKtaiiding chaiacteriMlis are the nicely balanced symmetry of the facade, a low • piitbed iinbr/iken loiir. usually of tile: plain walls, of >1 IK-CO or whitewashed lirick; j and an elaborate doorway whic^i; Is the focal' feature of facadi-; the I central point of interest. | STOCKMARKET WORiSHIGHER Irregularity Develops Today Because of Price Cuts in Motors .\e\v York. .Ian. 4. fAP)—Stock prices c<iiiiinued t<> work liigher in today's market. Sume irrt^^gularity dewlbpi^il during the morning when- .selling, inspirt'd bj' price ciil.s, broke out in some of lite motor shares, but tlie wliole market swung upward wlieii i!ie call nion- ey rate was lowi.Med from .">':.. lo .'> ptr eenl. Hanks reported a heavy flow of funds here from the inter- b>r. (orn Prlce<i I'ji. ("iiicaKo. .Ian. ,1. iAI'i - Corn priced aiivauced liriskly today after an early deciiue. Falling off In tb.e volume of arriv.-ils of corn bad' a stimulatii^g-effei-t on buyers and tliere were. indications of export liusiuwss. with Liverpool corn quotations a iienny liigher. Wheat finished firiii. but kept within narrow limits, and averaged lower the iH-t- ti-r part of' the day. Corn closed-unsettled. !.,<• tolc net higher. Wheat at 'ic declfne lo '.:i,c giiiii: oats unchanged to U frrhc up. and provisions unchanged to 7c down. ^ Kans)i<i tllj l.ite^lnck. Kan.saH Cii.v. .Mo.. ,l;in. 1. tAP». rr. S. Dept. of Agricfiilure): Hogs Hom(\s of this diaracier ai»i»eal to iMose seeking jsome thing lilf- fere.nt from the usual .Colonial or English type. The house illustrated herewilli. is a good example of the modified Italian type aa udupieil to the Hniail .American home.. The striking feature of the front is the ornate ,hood ovel- the en- tranci> doorway of claswic line and detail. Con.-ealed ' reflectors In lower part of hood illuminates the inside of hood- and refjecls on the doorway giving an interesting fea- tiiro at night as well :ts in lite light. The jilaii arrangement followft in a logical iiianiu-r the expression lii.Oliii: slow; uneven: early trade to shippers weak to 10c lower: big packers buying sparingly at lO'i/t l.".c lower rates: some bids l.liii^ 2'ic lower:, stick pigs steady; packer and shipper top JS.'d on 22:'i to 2:11 ll)s.; bulk desirable 1!MI tb.s. up |.v:'i(i«iK.7o; 140 to 1S«) lbs., $8.ilU<;^ i .'in; paekiiig sows Jtl.Tiriifi 7.i!o; stock pigs, mostly |7..'.Uifi;.ll». Cattle 7.011(1; calves 1.0l»<». Fed rlecrs strong to 2ric liig)i(|r: tlnj weiii;lily .steers Hullabl<> foi- .shipping, active. i.'if»2.'ic higlKir: *sli" fJock slow, steady; bull.s steady lo strong: veals .lOOiTi*! higher; sloi-kers ;(iid feeders .source, firm; KO(M I heavy steers $ll!.00: several loads scaling above I2UI» lbs. $14® i 'l .M; good choice veals.' $l."?.oofi ia.r.0. Sheep 7.riOo: lambs generally luiii hVc lower: some lieavies are off more; slicep steailv; top fed l;!iiilis $12.70: others sri-lb. to .SS!l). kind, mostly |l2.4lT'fi I2.i5:'.; few llioslly heavies. ^1 IfiOfi 12,00; top ewes $7.")t». Kansas (ily lluy. Kansas City. .lau. 4. (.M'l —Hay. uuchangi'd: receiots :?.T'car.a. K. ri Hay by T. S. (jfradex. Kansas City. .Mo.. .Ian. 4. lAPl. (!'. S. Dept. of Agriciililire Hay u:ii-lianged. of tlip exterior; ;i main rooms l>a side ami .--erva 111s Oli tile second KUi'e i.- over tin ' HUDSON-ESSEX—Sales and Servi Ice. Bpd WhRe. Mbtor Co.. 219 ' Sonth Washington.'5 Phone 18P. Antomobnes For Sale 11 $r..00 BCYS- A Colls automatic .^2 revolver, ii good one: guns bought. | sold, rented and exchanged. Waiit j a radio? i If :you do, come to 42y | South Tliird: See and hear the' two on lilsplay from S to 11 evenings, ihiones. :!;i.i. residence; 90;!. slorc[_Chimney Sweep. ( llfbli.-ibed in the lola Dally Register iJecember 21. 1927.) XOTH K t»K .SF.TTLKilH^T Stale of KaiHa .s. .\llen Cuunty, as: In the Probate Conrt;in and for, said ('(Hinty. In the inntter of the Ksfate of .1 F. Elam, deceased. . Creditors amJ all other plsr.wns interested in- the aforesaid Estate are bi-ceby nOtitiei! that I .>iball ap- p'y to the Probate Court in and for Maid Coiijiiy. sitting at the Court House ill lola. County of Allen, .State of Kansas, on the 14th day of .l:i.niiary. .\. I). 192S, for a full and final settlement of said Estate, and-, for an order finding and adjnilglng who an- the heirs, devisees and legatees of saiiJ deceased. A. A. HOLDBMAN, Administrator of the Estate of J. P. Elam. deceased. December Irt. A. D., 1!)27.| (12) 21-2.S (1) 4-11'. Bu.slness »bd Office EuulBnient SI TYPEWRITERS—For .sale, rent or OAKLA-NjD — Dealers PQXTLAC, Williams Typewriter Co, '2fi Oakland coupe: 26 I'ontiac'- ],« West• Madi.«on. • coach:. '2.=> Buick light six tour-;=====:==?==^——-— - ing. fine shape: '27 Ford ioupe; | . ^ Hdnseheld Goods 6» ''Hi Ford tudor. Frontenac head. >tate of n Coun- central hall with anced oi\. either rooni in Ihc ri»ar. ; 'ibf)r the Jiiaster's j living room and ' coirntcr iMilauced crank, shatl. wH; COOK \ STOVES—20 used cflokj stoves, gnaranfeed to give good/ service. iReal bargoin.s. Curtis | Furniture Store. I.,aHarpe. extras: Ford roadster, box <>A rear: '2."> Overland coupe, good; '2.". Chevrolet touring: "24 Dodge touring: brand new Chevrolet coarh. Several other choa!)er used FUR.VITl'llE—Nev.- :.nd cars. Cash, terms or trade. Ho- 1 hand. IIS East .lack.son. bart .Vlotor Co. • three ad(!it;ona| IW'd rooms "arc conveniently ariaiigj'd about: a cen- I tral hall. J This, house mi^asures fl_fty feet eight i'iich('f« iicr^ss th« fiont not .Mel Fuller. second Phone incluiting terrace which adds nine] with a frontage 1 entv-fiv'e feet »h off dining room feet, thtis a lol f seventy, or sov- buld he ijrovided., Ctrn^pleie workiitfT plants and; specification.-* of the Building El HmiHO H-A-1.';.''.; •— 1 <.— Ills hous<< nwy be ; obtirlnPd for a nnniiiuil; sum from j Hitor. < Refer to i CI.A.SSIFIKD HATES O. K. USED CARS- 192.7 Chevrolet touring; 1924 Chevrolet tonring: 1924 F6rd roadster; 1«24 Ford tonring; 1926 Ford tonriiig; 1 new. 1923 Stlidebaker 4-p.iss. coupe; 1922 Pord coiipe; 192."; Ford ^oiipe; 1927 Chevrolet ton truck with cab: Peerless "H" louring: ]9i'l Dodge roadster'; 1924 Chevrolet ton truck with grain body; I9:;l Overland touring: nearly iiew International grain I MM I V. for truck; lfl2r. Ford ro.idsier: 192C Ford rrtadster. Shelly ,Mofor Co.. II.^ West .lackKim. I'hone Co. OVBRSTriCFiCD PARLOR sriTl'^, Walnut iliuing and Bedroom Sitites. i 'ixchange your old for Kitav: pavineiits. Curtis Fur-! (First Published in The Io|a Daily Register December 21, ] 927.) Ntrnti; «V APPiHXTiJEST K.xpcntrlx. .State of Kansas. Allen Coiknty.'ss. In the matter of-.the K Cha.s. K., late of Alls ty. Kansas. ^ NOTICK OF APPOINT.MbNT. Notice is hereby given. JThiit on the 2uth day of December, 'A. D. 1927. the undersigned was bv, the Probate Court of .-Vllen County, Kansas, diil.v appointei! and l|uall- fird as Executrix of the ijlstaie of Ciias. E. ...Marsh. l:tie of JAlleu County, deceased. All partitas iu- teres'ted in said estate will take notice and goveiu tlienisi.I»es accord-- ingly. |- K.ATIH-:ilV.\ E. .MARBIL fl2t 21-2.S (li 4. Excebtrix. household criestniit CI ..\SSn'IFr» RATKS Dally ratii jwr line fur etirtsenillve bo'erllons: Hlx d:i.vs .. Thri.«- (lays <>iif ila.v Mlnlmnni i-lKirgH .in any ad. .Minimum <"i^li. Count Ave wurd.' S|iecliil rates fori PHONK YOCh' Ch^vs-SIFIEU A I. Ciiri-ful ulleiitloi d>'is wbioli niiikl «?L.ASSIKIK .>nnmir>e.'iiit'ntM. rO IS given to maH or- tw .^?ti with order. II) DISPMV automotive,' b(ud* neFs '• einiiUiyiij*-!!!. nnnnelal. IIVest<H'k. iiiercliuni The Iota Rei.'lst.-J .-\ssoclalliiii of N Advertl.-ing .Maicigers. which ; hieludes iMtilliig iiewsiiuiH ciiiiitrv aiul li:i.-: the elimlimll'tii of ,l>'adlng •< •|:i.s..>il|.-il ljei- -iif III.- .\.s.-iM-i lirf'nt oitl.v ii'iiilifi Using iiUil. AVill :ii attfiili.,!! i-allisl I. net confonnliig. In jnrd.i of liiiuosiv. ' •All Ad T.-ik'T w I if (h'sin it. so Hint M prt'pari-il In I'lInK-th<- gT'-atesi WESLEY • I.E. ^A. Dec. .10.- Sure er at the prewuj miss the Itegislc Dorsett Produce Co. 1202 East SIreel, loin Phone ;iW . Ca -ili for I 'onltrjr iand Ejrir* l-iill Is AaylTlme. IVe Mfll conie ai'ler poalfrj-. ' GRENNAN'S MARKET romrr VMt^t .fionroe and Kim .Sis. lOLA. K.i.XS.. Wie Want Your Poultry, Eggs and Hides I ^ A\D OIJB r.HOS'E >T.HBER IS 37« Tbla 'ii ProdDM'HOBse Slacc 1911 c oi. co€|]iiii;ibMMr ! Kansas .City Prmluce. { Kaiisas City. .Mo.. .Ian. I. (AP). I - Poultry: IJglit hens Itic. Other j produce unchai'iged. Kansas City (^niin. Kansas City. .Mo.. .Ian. 4. (APi. Wheat; ^Receipts 4t; cars; ilnciialig- eii to 2 cents higher: So. 2 dark hard $l.H.=j; So. :\ i$1.41f/1..S7: .\o. 2 hard $1.27'fj 1.44: .\o.'2 red noniin-- ally'$1.43'!il.4.-i: So. :t $1..18ffi 1.42. Close: .May *1.2«',; .liily J1.22. Corn: Receipts r,4 cars. .Market iinciiaDged to 'jc higher. .\o. 2 white 77<fi77'4c: So. .1 7:t'>..f( 7«'.4: So. 2 yellow 79<ri 7934c: .No.:; 7fi»4 <f»79c; So. 2 mixed 7«>a 'a ''77'-l.c; .\o. 2 7:;'^/76 V. Oats: ReceipiN 2 cars. I'ncliang- e«t. So. 2 white, nominally .SS^ .'>7c: So. :•.. !>Mjt: .Milo niatze $1.: .ITi l.lo. Kafir: $1.2a@'L28. Rye: 98^^99'|.ic. Barley; TfiffMc . Chnrg»: Cash .......7c 7c lie . 1IJ.'! iOc. to 1 line. . yearly ndVerllalng. I9'6 CHRYSLER SEDA.V Chr.vs.ler "60" <oupe; Chrysler "eO'" coa(<h: Chrytrter ""0" touring; 192." F<irl tudor sednu; Ford roadsters; F6rd counes: Ford tourings. All are in good Hhape. Ross Arbiickle's (iar- age. Chrysler dealers. Phone Iiitiire Coj. l,:iH:tri>e. i'ilMV.XTE ; i<\I.E Of pool!;, a'- 111 South st\-''>:. I'Hoiic i:{.'it.l. f _ wm *i ^o Bur rt ,\f:S -Clegn. c^.loreij rags. .S.- lb j peck's Furniture Store. .ST.VRT THE Ni:W YEAR RlfJHT- ISring IIS your creriin. tfic. Allen j County CriMim Co.. liHa. Kaiis. 1 WANTED TO BUY—All kinds «/f cattle aud-hogs. .1. ('. Biitclier, HohK «H For.lUint 72 , COTT.\OE-.-Four rooms, mrxlerp. WRECKLS'O -22 OVERI^VND-Hat- ciosc In. Mnciuire at Dr. Curtis lery. tires, new set wheels apd! otflce. demnuntabie rims. lola Wrei-k- i — •— ^- 'HOl'SE—."i room modern, furnislied. Ant« AecMWorlM, TlrM. Parta [ IS I Jug Co. Phone 782. MAt: rntl >..<itate. is a member <if the w>!|io|i<T Clnssltled ttl9 Nrrrth Oak. ln(|uire Dfive-lt- Yours«|lf Oarage. Phone lg94. Moving, Tra«ltta». StonMfe j 23! REAL EgrTATE 1 FOR_SAf.E [ i s Ihruiighoiit the i.r one of Its aims rraiidulent I'liid nils: Adv.Tll.'.-tiJK. The CALL DEAN TRANSFER — Phine j S8.'». wlH Bibve you by hour or cpn-' tract, with experienced men. • Farms, and fjind For Sale S3 iltKiMer. as well ziUever.v'other mem- illoii. eiidt-iivors to I CkLsslfleU Adver- pr.^lale ll:ivillg If.i :iii\: :irf»-ertisemeht the highest Stand- It «l:oIly ai»l.-t .VOU lie eoi>y foi; y<iur ad li a as to resulis for-you. WHEN TOn MOVE—Or i«tore y^a' goods call Cqrr's Transfer. Office -i40. r.esldeace 140. BMPLOYMENT WELL IMiPROVFUJ SO ACRF/S— f And well lest.abllshed filling sta- 1 tion on main trail .tiorrh and south. Price JB^ifl^for both. M. .V .Schjick. LEGALS iJegal Sotk «K 91 CHAPfeL Youiigl • some c.old wealh- Hme. We sure }r as we h)ive not IMp WaiiliM—Feaale I 82: WOMAN WANTED—For .sandWich i work and short" orders. Call: in . rpcr.son.. Kelley Hotel. [ _ • ss. t ——~—~, In the matter ot the estate of J. .Help WaBted—Male i wij^^. snllivaii, late,of Allen County. Kan.?as. .NOTICE OF APP0fNT.VI;:.\T. "(Execnlor) State of Kansas, Allen- County, 1 S'L\<:LE ^1AN—Wanted for farm work.- W; E. .Murphy. NOTrt'EJOF APP»IM!.HENT. ;Cotlce ).s hereby given, that oii i j received il for ieveral dajs. I .Most farmers iha've tlialf corn :gathered, but there is qul^e a lot 'of kaffir cornl U h^ad. whjch will I be delayed for |.om.' time j on account of till- Mini SIK w. Walter Young Situations Wanted^Male 87 ; tfie 10th day of December. A. D.. -.—-• —-: — 11927. the tindersigned was by the! ^VRM WORK—Or any kind of' C0urt of .Allen County. I w(>rk. See in^(;jjJ>pj_So'itb_g?gtg.- j Kansas, ditly appointed and iniali-' executor of the estate of .1. W. Sullivaji, late of Allen County,; FINANCIAL moved from Edlna. Kan.. Jo bis home In LaHarp •. He has not been able to woriv 'fot some tiipcj butyls improving in he >lth. [ ;: wa.-l received fronf New | Word Bedford, III., ^ofi , . .Mr. Vernon: tilh". Ver<iijn', l.s the The startlnic gate now nserl al- mo0C UBlTersallyl " " son of .Mr. and .^ inherited (iiiite a ago from relnti We wish fh«-m li^ppiness new home. As farm wor: are of the men lion rabbit to be good sport weather. j r We wish ijo'cs es to the Reglsj pondents for: a New Year. New Ye <krri 4l); deceased. fAU parties interested in• said, estate will lake notice and* FJ^RM 1/)A.NS—Quick service and ; govern th«imselves accordingly. atid famii.v have > Moaey fo Loaii—Morlfrapes reasonable rates. A. D.. Hawthorne. l:"i'^ We.'it Madison. I the marrhige oftPAR-M AND CITY LOA.VS-Baa- • rate on farms, sr. , city O. i4>aK or short time. R. ^I. Cunningliafii FARM AND CITY LOANS^At current rates. Liberal terms. Prooipt .service. Your business appreciated. Call on . The Allen Coanty Investment Co., Kolley Ifotel Bjdg , lola. Kansas.' j ROBT. EL SCLLIVAN, Executor, j lli-4-ll-lS: rs. Sam Lilly,'who fortune soi^e tinit? .es in New York. in- their . is ielayeil most I akin? Uiel^ vaca- hunhng. which-seems for t lein tli)s cold end < brigli bnce ur besi wisher airid Its corres- t andchappy thg. fiivorlte MONEY TO LOA.N'—On farms or city property. Lowest rate. Stewart * Funk. I MONEY TO LOAN—On i-eal esifit-. repayalile in small monthly ments. theie loans ^ever com - -t^tinr'h««auRe dieaper and ent.; Security ,-.l8t -l}ftU. Notice of Appointment .tlLHIMSTKATOK.: State of Kansas, Allen Cotinty. SK. • In the matter of the E.-tale of Orace A. Ijecker. decea.Spil, late of Allen; Courily, Kansas. J ' Xoftkv til Appointment .Notice is' hereby given, that on j the 17th day of December. A. D.. 1927. the undersigned was b>; the Probate Court of .Mien C'ouaty. Kansas, duly appointed and au^ii- fied as .Vdrainistrator of the Estate of; Grace A. Decker.>late of Allen 'Cpnnty, deceased. All .parties interested in'baid estate will take notice aiirt govern^themselves Rccordingly. I. DECKER, • Administrator. (First Published ill Tlic lola'Daily Keiri.stetr Dei eniher 14, 1927.) \OTirj: «F FINAL SIlTTIiEWE.N'T State of Kansas. .Mien. County, a.i. I In the Probate Court in and for ; said Coiint.v. In the matter of flio Estaie^oi .1. Webster .lidinsoD, de<-eased. Creditors and all other porHOlis interested in tin- aforesaid Estate are liereby nofifli il i-imt I shall appJy to the I'robute Court iit and tor sabi Coiriitv. sitting at the Ciiiiri House ill lola, Oiinty ' of Allen. Slate of Kansas, on the 6th d.'tv of .laiiiiary, A. it. I92.S. rfor a full and fiuai settlement, of said Estate, and for an order rinding and ifdjiidging Who are tiie heirs, devisees and legatee,'? of said dei-eased. TRAVIS .MOttSE. Executor of.ihe Kstate of .1. Webster Johnson, deceased. Decenhber li, A. D. 1927. (12i 14-21-28 (1) 4. ~ sil;BIFF^ .<?.4I,E. (First PuWished in the lola Daily Register, DiH'eHiber 2.S, 192i. Tlie .State of Allen County. t;s. In the. District Court, Thirty- Seventh Judicial Di.-lrict, sitling is and for Allen County, State of- Kansas. MrtroiKjIitan Bank of Kansas City, a oorp<jrati^ii, plaintiff, vs. Alaii r-Mwin Fitziiimmons. et al., defendants. By virrue of an Order of Sale issued liy til.; flcrk of the" TMrly- Sevenlh .fudiciiii DL-jtrict Coui-t, iu and for .Aflen] County, Stat©: of, Kan:.ns. in the above entitled cau.-iC. aiid to me directed and delivered. I will on the -Wth day ot January. A. D.. 192s. ai 10 o'clocki ;». m.- of .said day, at tlie south door of the court lioiise in the City of Ida.Alien Coiinty, State of Kan^ sas. offer for sale and sell to th« hjgh^.st bidder,! for cn.'^h in hand, the following,described real estate, to-wit: ! Beginning at the .\orthea.4t cor-' ncr of Section : Twenty-five (25),! Township Twenty-three (23), Itangc Seventeiin (17). South Xine-l ly (90) .rods. West Eighty .(.SO)! rods. South to North line of Madiii .«on Avenue in the town of (Geneva,' West to.Jeffer.-5on Avenue in s^idi. town, North to North line of A. T.j & .S. P. railroad riglit-of-way thence Southwest along North line of said rightrof-way. to East line of Norlh- quai:ter fJ^CW. Vii of the .Vorrbwest quarter i.VW. %), of y.aiA \ Section Tweiit.v-five (25);. thence .Vofi^t to Section line; thence* East to plai-e of Wglnjninjr. containing 120 acres more or IcsS. Said lands and tenements will be sold wftliout nppraisnient fo satis- f.v said Order of Sale. ; H. D. SMOGK, r/ Sheriff of Alien Coitnty, KansaiL- By Ed Dunfee. Undersberlff. r Sheriff's office, lola. Kansas. Der -H cember 23, 1927. : •• *;

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