Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1928 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1928
Page 4
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PAGE^FOUR. MADAILYRECISTER .! CHA8. F; is 'COTT THE lOLA; DAILY REGl tonlered at the Iota FDstofflo* : Second Clasa Matter. T*l«|«hbne .... t* (Private Branch SxchxuiKe QotiMe/Oag All DefMirtments)'. . SUBSCRIPTION-RATES . By CBiTler In Iota. Oas City, l«Hant« • and Bassett. tone Week c U CetiU One Month :i 70 Cents One Tear .i VM BV MAIL. > Outalde Allen County ^ . ^ One Tear .»•••• 81x Monthn .. f.., SiM Vl»r*e Months .|l.M In Allen County- One Tear , ..:.»4.9» Six Monito.1 ! .....h.M Three Months tl.2t 0«)« Month BOc Member it— National Editorial Aaaaelatleil. Kania* PreM AtMclatlon. - :rhe-Kartsa« Daily ueaipja. ^wUt Bureau of CIreuiatlaii. Pren ConprcM of- the World, i inland Dally Praia AMoelatton. i keep at it every ilay, VoUi will inarch right aloiis! In a word, the way to bnild lola iii for every man to build his own bui<inesM!°' The *alls of Jerusalem w«>re built by eVery man biiildinB In front of his own door. The busi-' uefs of alt Iota: will be enhanced just in proportion to Mis-actiritr and effort each man in lold put^ into his own 'Imsinesa. ANUABY 1.1928: |ylEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. . ^'Iie UeBlirt .tr ea^rl^»l «h<» Associated Pn -sN reihirt by Hpepinl leawd wire. . AsstioiatiMl I 'ri -.M IM exHuHlvely en- UfiiHl to ihu use for r<n>tilillcittlon of nil u>WH .ItopMleliei! to It or n«U <i(lifi W I MM cretlltetl -In this paper, •i^d aiKo ttir- loeal ncwai publlslied here- lilt Alt rlKhl<i. or repu'illratlon of spe- . cinl illsiKilohes . herein uro also re •erved. , . Whir Thnnijht for Today. Kw!|i me as the! apple of tlie eye; hldtj ni" under the Mli;itlo\v of thy U-ftiKS-PsH. 1 «:S. If lOL.VS BUi JOIkFOK liHM. lola's l)lK job for 192K m to moin- • tain the, plaoi" of leadership; Blie "now holds as the trad(> ••enier of the territory by whlt-h she is aur^ TOHnded. Cprapeliiion is keen between coaimunities as well as betWeen Individuals.* ii is Krowing sbiriier ev|!ry year. Tliere is an lalertncss of: rivalry :imung eilies' for indUs'- trit^s. for i^pulatiou, for Irud<», for clylc und bu.siiH'S.4 advanluKe of any and every •Horl, sudi' as was ' uUnOHt toiiiUy uiiknowir. u ' ii'W years ago. Jola did well lanl .Not very well, but fairly well. The greaieHt factor, perhap.s. iir building busi- iieiis fur lola in I'.CT was the acliv- itji of the ;Chamber of ("ommercc, undi-r the leudershl|i of President Sw<>ng<'r and Secretary Horsey. This activity was manifested by en-oiieralion with .Mr. Cjwinn, of tlio Farm Rureau, in stimulating the energies of the clubs and I 'ojiviHcing the people Who live in thi;' rouutry that the memher.s of the Chanilier of Commcre*; are genuinely interested In huilding up .the wli'oli- cnuntry and are not only wi'llng hut anxious to contribute ill ,eviMy way they can to Iho gen- er.-?I prosperliy. .Another thing - lh;;-l had something to ilo with holding lola in a favorable posl- luiii :is a trade eenler«ln VM7. the llfcisler venlur't "i to h«Iie. was the puhllrity broadcast Ihroughoitl all lliiii section |j>' sending out many • llidiisaud extra copies of the paper on .-a iiiuiihi'r of differi-itl occasions. IN THK UATH SEV.i*. Fran'k B. Kelloee. whoirt .friends in .Minnesota are boomine for rbd R«pnhllcan ipresidenHal nomlBa- tloh. is a former United Statm senator from Mlnnesbta, Wljo lat^r became umbaHsador to (fren' Urti- ii°n and wlio noV holds tht^ iiniiort- aiii post of secretary of hiyte In the ('ooi:dge: cabinet. Mr. \KMCKf', has u reputation an an oxceiuiou- xlly ablri I.iwyer and in Ouys [when he «( IH in actlvA 'iiructlce bis pVoiefislonnl Horvfcos «^err rn- llHted by the Federal gov^ainiiisn*. in thn prosecution of ionut at the big nnti-trust caHes. .Nor ; Is he without t)olhical KaROcitjr a|id sklili He hau long heen proihltiest in the cotinsets of thn Republiran party and for eight yearM he wa« the Mlnnesntn member of the liatlonnl cottitnltj^pe. Iln is a self-made piun, in the common parlanee. and ha^ had no conn^tlon with academic institutions. - '•-^fter "worrying I throi/fih the wear and tear of liin^ty Chrlst- jnasos," bays. JinJor M. At. Beck of | the iro)ton Recorder. "I feel com-1 petent to say that Christma.s is a wouiierful season." And what a wonderful thing it l.s i for a man o come to ninety years with wit etiougli to write such a paragraph .asi that--an<i inahy other para- gn-iphs just a.s witty every week— and to have his children around hih), not wailinR for Klni to die but .wi.shing for him to live and riKinJfesting it by making him a Christmas present of an auiomo- blo and other things Which are for the ^uick and not for the dead! ThV> Grand' Old Man .of Kansas Journnlism is Major M. .M. Beck, and all his colleagires and contemporaries will wish him Jnst aji many more years a»j he can use and eiijoyi 1 I An Article of Gteat Importance to Farmers Who Ha )H )le Hogs^: (The following article is from the Drovers Telegram of December .10 und is pablisbed at the re- uiiest' of one of the Register's farmer friends who de<*luies that it treats of a subject oc immediate and vital imtiortance tiij farmers.' The Editor) The ipirblic does not appreciate The law's delays, -dhoxU which we have been hraring so much these lasit few years, do not seem to apply particularly to Kansas. In fills State a committee of lawyers has lM>en keeping tab on criminal^ cases and it reports that io IS27 out of all cases on trial in the illstrici courts. 26«-. per cent were broucht to trial within ten days after thi- information was fileil. lit per cent from 10 to .'50 days, 24 per cent from one to three months. 15 per cent from three to six' months, with only .17 cases ilni'wiiig fav<iiable attention ^o lola j pending over the ^eitr. The comas a place to iiaiU: Of course this jmittee found also that in only one publicity woulil have been of little case out of 12 did conviction full value if it had not been backed up to follow trial. So justice Is reasonably swift ^nd fairly certain in Kansas.—isb swift and c.ertaln tlial crime is by far the most uniprofIt- able business in which any Kansas citizen engages.: ;. liy attractive ail\'»rlisinK on; the paijt of individual merchants; but it wa.s upon the initiative of the iiepister and upon its suggestion ihaj (he various special occasions wrfe worked up and exploited. Hui it is not now so much a i|Ue^lion of creilit lor iiiaj have been accomplished in j lynchings in (he Unite j States dur- lS2f, as it is what .shall be, done In J ing 1927. the victims being :N'e- IIC'K to bold the ground gained. Igroe.s. That is 16 more :hau tUero The fhambcr of Commerce, of | night to have been, and yet it Is course, will go on doing : what it j u fewer lh(i»> there were in 1986, can- and equally of course tbe j and ''lui'ts eoci«rH.'« AiiOih«'r FJWX CALIPOBMA. To the Editor: Just wondering what, kind of weother our Kansas friends hud Chrisimas day. I ' Here in Pa .4ftdena it rained all day and night and well on into the forenoon .Monday. Such a gentle quiet rain, noswind, thunder, or lightening, but water enough tii pr«v«nt the tlmlrf and old from attending divine worship even If it was Chrlstmis. However, reports say the churcJies were comXorlubly filled and most of the' programs carried out. The roln has benefited everything and; vegetation looks more like May than December. Jufit enough bright colored leaves on trees here and there, to furnUh background and variety to a perfect landscape. And noiv at five p. ni. an outside thermometer registers flfty-fotlr above. Maw Just been out walking arounil. enjoying the plea.<vni-e of hrealhing in •A supply, of clean fresh ulr, ad.- roiriiig the beautiful flowers in the gar(!en. and tlie snow on the mouii- uliis. This; writer was most pleasantly the tragedies tlut arc ieing enacted; on the farms ht the Unlteil States today as a reiiblj of the ili- riect buying of bogs by packers. Which direct buying eiiables packers to bear the public hog marketh where iprlces arc set for diiec btiying.' If bogs were selling on a basis with cuttle there would be fewer tragedies in farm life. Here is one of those tragedies:. "I figured ou p:iying off luy mortgage." says iilry Wyunt of Seld'eu, Kus.. Jn a letter to the^ Telegram cn direct paiker buying, "but they ptit hog prices down till my year's earnings all went fpr^taxes." This terse summatv of ihe effect of tilrecf huying comes at the close of Mr. Wyajit's analysis: and dls- cussloii of the hog uiar|;et situation, a subject in whicli be i.s tleep- l.v interested and to the importance of-which he, in common with farmers in other ^ection.-j of the corn helt, is awakening. It is notice- aibli* that he sugge.std the same plan that Xebraska and Iowa farmers are tiuiggestipg—lay down on (the direct, packer buyer. Mr^ Wyant'9 letter reads as follows: . I Editor Telegram: 1 am ."-.oriy 1_ did iioL get to see your represeii^ tatlve while he wa.s in the West. I would have ilriveit fiO miles to have seen him. But, I will wr'ie \ou my opinion, on the hog jjituatiou. Since the big packer hos proved tihai ho can buy hogs direct from country dealers and be'within the Fur an Kuik InwwIANil! Attendn 'limits of the la.w, he has made a BMird ddf Wmctatft XMttsg'. little, narrow margin, just, barely Xn. tiHiUr*' icnoogh to put the shipper to the yctjiKint 3ft Yeotx. ' eommlsslon flrm.s out of business, I ^ ' 'and tty this means he has got the ibulk of all the good hogs and about Aimeii(ia% Gold&h Sa|| Gir/s (PrancL4 Culver.) Hl^MBOliuT. Jtaa... Jaii. .T-Mr. «'{ 'J"' hogs he waiit.s Occasion^ Zy „i .V . al'y iic puts a lazy bid on bogs at However, since the point was won. the hog market has tlroppe.d j fr6m month to month. untV the pric^e of hogs is something like half the price of cattle.. although the receipts are light. The pirlcesj took it tumble .'iOc a day for a week. Helen Jones. 18. wore a.pretty red coat and "yoo-liooe«l to automobile .drivers In Cincinnati. Then her lU-year-old husband relieved them of their cash. At. least, to say the polic •, who hav<' arresteil her. surpi^sed oiie evening recently by; f„rtH beseems fullv to realize, a visit fmm the Chat-les ^reWly f-p^pjin ,,^-jt,., ,„ 3,, .^^ family. They are well and enjoy- rnn.. CHARUrrTK I'. JO.XES. IHST l.inila Visia .Ave. According to thii t-eccrds^kept at whatever, Tuskegee rnstitute there were 18 Iteglstej- may lie counted on to do Its hilt share of town boosting. , niit in the opinion of ihls paper. ~ whether lola holds its place or Flip!> back, will depend more upon - tbe .^activity, enterprise and effort of tjie merchants of lola. indtvid- tialljf and-collectivMly. than upon anythtijg. else. -••y <iii lan buy Koods and hire '<lvrJ«!<." Marshall Kii>ld, the greal ' i'hieat',r> merchant obce said to an olil employed \)-ho was i|uitllng .^o t-'ii ihii> business for himself In an- iillier lily, "bul when it comes to neiKiig customers interested 'you will have 111 do that yourself. You can't do It banging around the FlOVC." .. If'the jnen'hantB of loin "hang .•irouiid l.iie hlove." If they fall ,to keep thrir slocks up to -date, 'if ' itiey. make only half hearted •ef- torfy to sell feoods. If they cnt down their advertising, and worst of all If they allow ihemselves to get - ilowtihearteil and go about talking to i -yerylMNly alKHit bow hard times are ;and how slow trade is. then . lola-is bound to slip. On the other hand if th^ luer- chaifts of lola, get the good old , spirit of Zip: If they set forth into tfie New Year convinced them- -sH'Ives and talking alway.<( to coln- vincfe others, that 1928 is going to be tfie best year they evur had! If they comb the markets for attractive ^oods and then I tell the whole - worM they've got 'em! If they turn ! out to the weekly luncheon of the Chamber of Commerce and to other ^ ineetjngs where the business luen get tbgother. and do what they can to litakc each such niectiog a "pefl"; iheetlng! In a word 4f every merchant in lola will /ittatt rlght^ now and push his bnslness \ rjiuf AsjhsM as-bB ^ws, bowraod. j. encouraging fact set forth in this Tuskegee report is that there were 42 instances in which officers of the] law prevented lyncbings, CS per.sons thus being ^a'red from death at the hands of mobs., Thirty-tour of these case.s of rescuing prisoners from mobs were In the sunlhern Sttfteu, and thtit is dence of a;growing feeling 6f'rc» spict for law in that section which is highly commendable. iHiwn in the old O.sage Nation :heie Is a unique gas reservoir. It ViiA originally a gan deposit on ICS (lOO acres of land -which was I:M ; ed to a subsidiary of the TWe Water Associated Oil Company. \Vhon wells were" drilled the JH»S was quickly exhaiiHted Now the Tidewater Company ha*; a. let of jHaH In the Diirbank fi"!:. woic than It can iharkiet. -joO so it is l.iimpinf. it di)^\n Into i-.< old dry wells. So they have a icEervDlr that is safe from llgSi'ning, le.ik^. fire. »\ater or. storm.! ihti: never n.->i(ih' painting or rei^irs. The gas in stored under a pre«^ur' of IZfs poiinds. i I • 'i ' - • . Are you running out of something to worry about? Woll, here comes Prof. Pav. a French 'astrologer, who assures us that before this new year is old the constellation Leo will exglode. multitudes of stars will smash, 'one big piece will hit the earth, and mast of as will be wiped out. Only enough of us will be left to start ciVilixation ovcr^agaln. So there is something to -worry about—uaias .It should occur to Tou that a good speclacn- iar «xit like that wkmld be really worth while since iit rould give you 8Qin(|thh|ig to^ tkllt' abont ing a visit with their son, Vern. hotiie from Sliver City. New Mex.. where be has spent the i«s4 y«\iir engineering a new road in the mountains leading to the mines.' .Short Talks Itv Tiionirklinl .Hothers is completed. After Uie, Wisconsin .Mother sa.vs: "I vacation at home be started last find mothers very well informed on week on his return trip, driving l subject of <loi)e', in medicines, down a brand new auto, the com-; F^^. mothers uow-a-days would pany furnished- him. so the>one he has been using wa.i jcoiisidered too light for his new work. Having kuowii -his parents for more yeai-s .than tie has lived, we have watchwl with pride y«he upward climb of their twenty-four year old son, almost as if he Were our. ownj and we ,l)*lieve many of his LaJ Ilarpo friends will rejoice in his ^ccesK. To what heights such honesti", energy, and willingness to work may carry hlih. remains to he seen. But. that he has only started in hU life's work, and that hl .'J success in the future depends, principally uiion his individual ef- buy a preparation that coiuaincd opiates or chloroform. A glance at Ihe package before buying leMs her thi.-i. With Foley's Honey and Tar Compouuil. the name tells a truOj slory. Ii is <|ui('kly effective for cou.islis. colds. iroui» anil rhroat irritations. Pure as ii is .sure, and worth many times its price."- Brown Drug Store'. ^nd Mrs. Russell Andruss; who are i leaving fo(|^ California la; li short lime./ entek-tainel a number of friends at ibridg» last e>(ening at lheirj_home here. The gueins were: .Mr. and .Mrs. A. M. Stirdaman of lola and '.Mj-. aud '.Vlrs. Lloyd Jbhu- son. .Mr. and .Mi tt. RoMrt Hamm,- tho Misses I Kate'and RuCh .Moore, iMni. Amelia Woiks. and Mr. P. li. I Hogan. all of Hi mboldt. . ' W. F. Fallin of I'erry. dklahonia, is here this week' to attend a tiieet- iiig of the directors of die Hum: holdt .National 6auk. Mr. .Faltis was formerjy a lluntboldir resident and was for a nt^inber of year^ the ' piesideiit ofi the llumboldtt.\atIosnal I Bank. I The anii,ual tueetliig. of the Ladles' Aid Society of ThO Presbyr leriau church wan held today at Ihe home ol] .Mrs.'. L. Hollak-huelder. This is the forty-first ye^ir of tho existence of j the society, a^d thirty' fifth year that Mrs. Holtschnelder has been it.'j president. : I Miss Blaijche Byerley, .Vbo has i been here fpr the last 'two weeks ; al. the honiei of her brolhej-, Mr. W. B. Byerley ! and family, ^returned Saturday toi her home at KuUi, Oklahoma, wiiere she is n tocher in the city- scliool.s. Gertrude Leitzbach, who Is attendng Ward Belmont at -Nashville. Tennessee, retumeU'there today after a' two week's vljil at the home of her parents. .Mr.^and Mrs. H. H. I^itzhach. , .; Mrs. O. C. Payne ' an# Edwin Payne returned to Kansas City, Mo. yesterday after hav]Ug spent ilie rhrlstitias holidays tat their home here. Edwin will continue with his voice work at thV» Honter Con»ervatpry there. =!East and West- are contestants for the honor of pro\-tdlnK a "po _ gfrl" to represent the Near East Reliefs ••Golden P.ule^' lde&.~ln a' poster io- be u.sed Internationally on behalf of this Kr<-at philanthropy. TJie Wc-ifa candidate la Miss Eve Southern of Los AnKele«. who l» sHown In the larger picture. The E:i.stern .states nominate Mlsa Betty Cgmptoa of New Yoi;k. »vbo la shown diessietl Ixs a nurse. expanded around ihe^cLaim that the prgdiicer • would rweive more net ineney by selling at home than if luf'coiisiglleil hi." hogs tu ilie pub- Ucjstock yards. Few farmers have questioned this statement. They hai'e acceijled it without, reserve •ajajil recently. .Now they are be- ijhtning to realize instead "of paying a commission charge, at the markers they are paying llie equiva- lei^ of. u 'commission charge at the po&jt where they sell thfir hogs to th^ representative of the paiker. They did not know they were lio- ing[ >-o. of. course, becausi hey did noti-siop to investigate. They just thought they were' 'saving that milfh. .Now they find that all they reajly have aci-omplishnl in this lice? has been to triinsfer thi- terminal market expen.-^e to the roiin- try^ and something' that is far more important is. they are just be- ihis way j'ist as inuctt aa whf-u he .•-•hips 10 111.' public- market? It is said some of these country direct buyers fill- jiaekei-s have tforeil away a loiufortable fortune' in the pa.-»t tv\o years and are still going good (in a .straie'ht eoinruls-iioii basi-; Yet the assertion isstijli made b." .tome, that in'selling direct the producer pays lio eommla- r-ioii. Perhiips not a 'i^mmissiph , exactly, but he is paying than the wiuivaleut. far more SOMEWOMEI You want to be beautiful. iVop want the .tireless eaagy. fresh cmhtalesi^ and pepof youth. ThetiletDri Edwards* .^infiing ,0 realize ,hat in addition 1 TfJ^fJ^^W to ifof saving the teVminal expense. • 1'°^,l^'^J^'J2^ ihey bave^ lost the important '^'^-^^S^SSJ^^^ec. vantage of -open competition as a • :„g from^s^ach SM^PS. lujlhe middle agesj pi >wderi 'd hu- :man, IMJUCS in red wiue was prc- ^x•rJlW for dysentery, whib> the marrow and'oil extracLsr from the bones were used for rheumatism. - A niai-ch has heeh. composed In Iionor of 3S • Viennese thoiormen who have driven their' cars ever sinco electric railways were Intro- diieed into Vienna 25 yeai«' ago. call graft out ers beliove the l> Way to mend up bad •piece of biininess like this is to draw a line against shipping any hogs to the paclcers. Ship to the open niarki t n-hci'e the big packer.s will have to hid a.gainst the little l>ackers and the traders. But we can't expect a radical rise in prices; the market can take oil gradually. The big parkers ha*'e in storage a Urge amount of meats from the cheap hogs tlu-y have been • gettiii!:. I had figured on paying off niy mo: 1 gage, but they have put bog prices down till my year's earnings all went for taxe.s. Kespecffully, ELRY flY.VNT. Seld'-n. Kans. Another Letter. A' Kansas City coromi.ssion house recejved the following letter from Dwight, Kans.: will say 1 was at the shipping pens here in Dwight today. ,1 hatl a talk with the shipper. He had a load! of hogs yesterday and^^ load tod.i^v and he has a load ^or tomorrow. I said, "are yc^ shipping" direct or to the open 1 market?" He said, 'sure I'm shipping direct, as it saves me i'.io a load." There has got to be f:om(>thing done—nil .vou commission men get logeiher and write all of yourjship­ pers to quit shipping to the direct market and we will all get jmore for our hogs. These hogs are $4 below their price the way cattle and sheep are sell-ng. Well, bo.vs. get busy and let's do .something. You are making no money out of thi.-i had business, nor the producers either. It is u|^ to you commission inen. Write-: ail your .shippers. .If all the corn belt feeders and shippers would '• say, ':we go on the open market." we soon would have it our way, but there is no- use of a small group trying to ,<-ontror this business. Nebraska 'is iryliig it hard—they are right, hut thej' must have help. packers have it just as they want' it. •"I have a dandy load of hogs just about ready and a world oT stuff feeding here, 'but all hcjgmen arc discotiraged. I will feed oii and. maybe it will turni but 1 say again. | you commii.ssion men all get busy i and help its. • Sincerely yours. S. K. WARRE.NRERf;. Dwight. Kans. tuti.ri» wiu^ Uiu <-s.Ui«-actual oire^ii our sripimt- Qicy cleanae tM s9 biiyiiig at the countrv point.s. He ' and tone up the livefl"^ is staiioneil at :i .shipping or cnh-: Keep youth and its many ©fts. Tate eentration point and is generally a.ii! Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets nightly. e.\-rcgillar shippei there. Each day Jfow niucll better yOU will feel—awl he iji advised by the paiker for look. 15c, 30c, 6Ct. All DruagbtS. .whom be biiys^ liowmuch tliey will j; i allow him for a certain < of hogs; This figure is a <-ertain 1 amount under the terminal market; J'rice. becaiise the p::ckfr alwavs has to pav the fieiulit. stand the shriiik and tlie death loss. well as naanv other| items of expense necessary in handling hogs bought , in ,the country that they do not* havefwhen hogs are bought on the pultl|f inarket. and the price ai -; lowefl by the p:ii-ier takes aH these it^mp of 'xpeiise into consideration;. ()f course the paiker's i-ep-' reseptativc tries to' liu.v a?' nim-li lundej" this price .niven him hy Uie • ' inick^r as he <-an. If he suet eeils ' iij doing, so the hogs are ;iiaiki-il ; lip the packer at Ihe price the! pnckfr quoted him and he niake.s the 'Siifferencp between wliat he .:ih-e.'i' the producer and wluit Thr-' ^~/-,T pic t packir ailow.-c him a.ldilioii.: C k^re men getsiwh.-iwver commission or al- ,„,piii,i„ „mai« in the" lilood h.w.'.pe the packer m:|k. s h.m lor : ^^^^ one tired^ind buying. In other words the coun- ^-^^^ headaches, dizzinesi arid try biiyer inakes as inu.h :.s he. can „f,^ n '..fe \ni I>ickache. A common in ths- bu.v^ng. but at tbe least.eveii • v^ming is scanty or bi.rnioa secretin., on h|^ highest bu.vs. he is assured p.„^ ^ ^.in.uLht diu,^. 01 hijt commission. ; r increase ihr -e.rerio.-i of the kiS^ Doosn't the country mat, pay in : '^^^Ir^ ^j., .u^iLu ^cT^ •'• • j impuritii .-j. Art- endorsed! by uMtft I everywhere. .4s^ your netfh^l •' In Trim Tms Winter?: Watch The kidneys Afltftr Winter 's Colds. „„ , . - - "'•^ \\&tA at thie , • ' v.-* kidriey.s. When the kidneys slow 24 Hours Ends 'A''a>inmoticoId"ina7resultiagripi )f or flu. At the very first sign, go to a dru> More and get a box of HILL'S. Tak> I. proropitly. HILL'S breaks up a coU ii '• 24 hours because it does the four vit:. thing»at oace -f 'Stops the cold, check: the Je<!'er, opens the boweB'and tone. tiiC'System, Red box, 30 cents. GMcara - BntaMe - Qnialne DQAN'S A5T!Mi;i.A.ST DI'JRETIC ;X KuJlNCY^ fiivcr-Miibum Cu Ml£Chein .^ni >l«.N:y. faMnMBaOECaiSI The Terminal .Exi»entM>. Since farmers have started to .study this direct buying pro|)03i- tion they are findhig out many things to be false tliat they:for- merlv accepted as true. \ Direct -buying was foi}nde<l and REWWAY|0$T«P|11S —Wonderful results are' reported hy Epilepsy Colonies usfug a new remedy that stops the most stub- hop cases of Epileptic tits; or spasms and is .not harbtt. forming. Any reader who sends name; to Phenoleptol Co.. Dept. 455-D, jBox y:i, St. Johns Place Station., Brpok- Ijrn, N. Y...w|ll. receive a free'botik- jlet^'iucplabilh^g .this new- gnarantecd We are equipped at thi.^ titne to furnish our patrpns with a high qiiahty. high gaholine, which has .super­ ior'anti-knock qualitie.-^. essential to high compres- .sioA motors, y • " Our high test ahti-knock gasoline stops knocks-T^i (juifker starting—more power—faster jiickup—less g^^i shifting—Ie.s.< dilution. F^ll your tank today With high test and just "feel'f the' difference. ^ , : llepbei^dn Service - - • !'».Sii-v,< 404 North Washington

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