Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 3, 1955 · Page 17
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 17

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1955
Page 17
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Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND. MD.. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1955 SEVENTEEN A Different Hors d'Oeuvfe For Fall Entertaining To many of us Rail brings the return of the social season. And the - «. w hy" O f t his is quite simple. Club meetings, church suppers and other group gatherings are on the schedule again. And people who haven't seen each other for several months due to vacations or just plain summer doldrums, get together once more for lunch, cocktails, dinner or evening fun. Well, whatever .way you decide to entertain, remember that hors d'oeuvres are usually suitable and desirable. Here's an especially delicious one . . . Crunchy Cheese Hors d'Oeuvres, featuring *Q% bran flakes, cream cheese and chives — all of them popular Savors that make a delicious crunchy tidbit. Crunchy Cheese Hors d'Oenyres 1 package (3 ounces) cream cheese 1 tablespoon chopped chive? 2 teaspoons butter v • • ; 1/2 cup 40% bran flakes, slightly crushed • . Mash cheese with a fork until creamy. Add chives and shape into balls about 3/4 inch in diameter. Chill. Just before .serving, melt butter in skillet and saute cereal over low heat about 3 or 4 minutes. Roll cheese balls in the sauteed flakes. Insert a colored toothpick in each balL. Makes 2 dozen hors. d'oeuvres. ' .: . V By The Associated Press You'll find bargains aplenty in od stores this week in beef, lamb, ork and poultry. Once again, pork is the star at- action. Pork^prices, on the down- r ade since summer, have taken ne of their biggest tumbles yet- some cities you'll find prices of enter cut por.k chops down as mch as 14 cents a pound from week ago. Pork Loin Fioast Featured Roast loin of pork is a heavily latured weekend "special" in uper'markets from coast to coast. rices start at 25 cents a pound. here's some indication, though, lat pork prices may have finally t rock bottom. Wholesale quota- oris are up about two cents a ound this week—a hint that retail rices may soon go higher. Frying chickens are lower in many parts of the country; price uts average about 4 or 5 cents pound. Beef fanciers are likely to find Cooking Is Fun By Cecily Brownstone Give -the family, a .treat.!. Serve a fresh cherry -'dessert! Eoast Lamb . . .Potatoes Green Peas with Celery Mint Jelly Rolls . '•• Salad Bowl Cottage Pudding with. Eresh . Cherry Sauce Beverage FRESH CHERRY SAUCE . Ingredients: 1 pound''dark red sweet cherries, % cup sugar, %' cup water, 1 tablespoon corn- * * * * * Exclu»iv*ry Yauri In Every leaf Of IIC BOY BREAD On Sole At Your Local Independent Grocer A Product of Mclntyrti Baktry table starch, % cup cold water, 1 spoon lerhoh'juice. < Method: Wash, drain, stem am pit cherries; there'should be abou 2% cups. Put cherries in saucepan with sugar and .V* cup water. Stir occasionally over moderate hea' until sugar dissolves and syrup is at boiling point. Mix cornstarch with Vt cup cold water,, unti smooth.-Add to cherries? cook and stir constantly until syrup is thick ened and clear. Remove from heat Stir in lemon juice. Serve hot or warm over cottage • pudding Makes 2 cups. FAMILY LUNCH Stuffed eggs taste different and delicious .this way. Pimiento Stuffed Egg Salad Bread and Butter Sandwiches Fruit! and Cookies Beverage P1MTHKTO STUFFED EGG SALAD Ingredients: 6 hard-cooked eggs 3 whole canned drained pimientos tablespoons mayonnaise, onion powder, salt, pepper, 4 tablespoons olive oil, 4 teaspoons garlic wine vinegar, 1 teaspoon preparec mustard, 1 quart knife-shredded rorriaine leaves (packed down).' .'Method: Shell eggs and cut each in ; vhalf lengthwise. Remove yolks mash yolks with pimientos, may onnaise, onion powder, salt an< pepper to taste. Pile back into egi whites. With.a fork, beat olive oil garlic vinegar and mustard togeth er in a large bowl until combined Add romaine and salt and peppe to. taste; toss well. Serve stuffei eggs on top of mixed greens Makes 4 servings—3 stuffed egg halves to a portion. taspberry Cheese "art Recipe This is a quick dessert that com- ines the tang of pastry made with lue cheese with the sweetness of aspberry jam. To make the pastry, cut V* cUp rumbled blue cheese with & cup hortening; cut into 1 cup sifted 11-purpose flour with pastry blend- r or two knives till mixture re- embles ; peas. Add 2V4 tablespoons f water, a little at a time, stirring ightly with a fork. Press dough lightly into a ball, loll out to Vs-inch thickness on a .ghtly floured surface, and cut nto six squares. 'Place 1 table- pooh of raspberry jam on each, 'old over and seal edges;'place n a baking sheet and make in a ot (400° F.) '• oven- 20 to 30 min- tes, or until pastry is browned. So many .ways to vary rice to erve with a meat or'.lsh course! 'o the hot cooked rice add grated aw carrot; or minced parsley;. or minced scallions; or melted butter nd curry powder mixed together; r chopped mushrooms cooked in iutter; or- green peas. When you are making broiled pen-face sandwiches, it's usually atisfactory to-toast'one side of ie bread first under the broiler, hen pile the topping on the un- oasted side before putting under ie.broiler again. Van Meter's Market. Route 220 - CRESAPTOWN U. S. NO. 1 GRADE "A" POTATOES "£980 TENDER, JUICY , ROUND STEAK ! 49c lb Nabljco Graham' I Crackers b °*35c RrrifttiK 98c Diuunid wov Dinty Moor* VUnna— Endt & P«. Sausage -8 v"'* 1 Tetn Quitn SAUER ( Kraul 3 N r*49c ,. linto CM TOMATO Ketchup 6 »*> $1 i. Armour'* • ••ill A A4 k Mlllr 9 cam SI I nlllR . ,«* «fl I Por« ' .,' ' •. -"'• . • -. i ' 1 aril "\.....:.. fi -ibi. SI | kfllll / W • VI r; California k Carrots 2,::!°25c FRESH GROUND BEEF 4 lb , $ 1.00 N«w Crop Florida Oranges *>* 27c Mtofy— Ends and Pi«c«» Rarnn ... 5 it». SI DdwUII W VI Port Pork- •;.••...-•• Sausage 3 "»$1 Canttr Cut CHUCK : RAAtl . ..... ib: 35ft n uaai , , •'••••••• '•• w«fv , Lean Stictd ' Rjiiinn 3 »» XI DdwUII w VI BEECH-NUT BABY FOODS Cereal . . . . 3 pkg* 32c Strained 9 jar* 98c Junior . . . . .6 jars 95c Mr».FUBBtrS MIRMRIHE IOHN UNTIL I THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY i ^ork Listed As Best Buy 'or Shoppers This Week slightly lower prices this week on porterhouse and sirloin steaks, rib roasts, chuck, and top and bottom round. Lamb is plentiful. Roast leg of j lamb is moderately priced; lamb chops, although still relatively high, are down a few cents a pound from last week in some- cities, j Leafy vegetables head the bar-] gain parade in produce this week.' is being prominently featured all over the country; prices in the east start at around 16 to 17 cents'! a head. Apples Still Abundant Best vegetable buys still include potatoes and- onions. Cabbage isj n good supply, along with bunched! )eets and carrots. Grapefruit and oranges are abundant and moderately priced. Apples are still abundant and cheap; grapes from West Coast vineyards are plentiful, with "thej 2mperor and Tokay varieties pro- liding the best bargains. Raspberries and strawberries are now available at moderate prices. Cantaloupes and honeydew melons j are higher. Fresh Killed Tender Grown CHICKENS FRYERS Ib. 37c Home TURKEYS Ib 59c ROASTERS Ib. 37c Blade Home Drest PORK 29c Center CQ Ham Cut... Ib. ** w Cut ... Ib. vy V End . Ib. 45c Blade Cut . Ib. Try Our "Flavor-Rite" BEEF AQ- Sirloin ond 7Q<» Ground 051G R<f. Steok Ib. • *»U Beef . Ib ,, 47c Tender Rockingham ||A|U|0 Whole or Shank Half "llmO SWIFT PREMIUM HAMS, whole or half Ib. 49c ALL-RITE SLICED BACON Ib. pkg. 39e MOKE f LAV OH FOR YOUR MONEY! Bottled by '_ MALAMPHY BOTTLING WORKS Fresh Side , b 47c L r Fresh SAUSAGE 39c Fruits & Vegetables Fresh SALAD MIX -19c T*nd«r Home Grown KALE 2 '»« 29c N»w Florida ORANGES 2 - 89c li .5. No. 1 Large POTATOES •••'••-StgS: Fancy APPLES Grimes Golden Red Delicious Yellow Delicious Wolf River 3 IBS, 25« S.'ictd Am«rictm or Pim«ni« CHEESE ib 49c CRAB MEAT Sptciol $•§ A A Whit* $| Aft lump, Ib. I Ifc* Ib. I «W* Home Made Kraut 2lbs.29c Salt Fish Ib. 29c Dainty 0*11 MILK 6 r 73c lucky Uaf APPLE SAUCE 2 Nc ; on f 29c COCOA £ 73c Oleo 4 ,, $1 Domino SU AH Popular Brands Soap Powders 3 ,.9. C-l boxei VI GAR Dr*»*d Whiting 2«»29c 10 Ibs. 99c Como TOILET TISSUE 25c 4 Roils 16 Rolls Betty Crocker CAKE MIXES Chocolate White Yellow Peanut Delight 3 boxes Pure Strained Honey Large Jar $159 lib. Jar 36 C FREE .DELIVER QUALITY FOODS 232 VIRGINIA AVE. CUMBERLAND MD. DIAL PA 4-4360 ere $ 25* for YOU! i le_asSi COUPON M-r*i»M o*2S?. rvou« i.'ss^ Sv For PurAsnow Flour It's like having someone hand you a quarter. Afl you do is take the coupon down to your grocer. Tell him you want to buy a 25 or 50 pcwnd sock of PurAsnow Flour. Then he'll give you vour sack of PyrAsnow Roor for 25£ less than you've been paying. What a saving! And what a flour .,. wonderful PurAsnow Flour, plain or self-rising for your nicest, lightest biscuits. PurAsnow Rour for high, tender, golden crusted loaves of bread. If you don't know about PurAsnow Hour, now's the time to get acquainted, while you can save 25£ And if you do know about PurAsnow Flour ... well, see you ot your grocer's, at the PurAsnow Flour counter. ANOTH-CK FI M. i » J.I J«. I J T "Tt ' 1 * . '.* -» • * PurAsnow Flour «tf ri sir. in ns N E PRODUCT OF G E N E R' Al M I 11 S , INC ..^

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