Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1928 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1928
Page 3
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Believe it or'not. the manager of Bn lola store van heard- complain. *ng that blB clerks did not read the store advcrtiBcnieiitH in i the'Regis- tcr-and «o were often wholly at n u|p when a customer ctjmc In and *SScd for something "adladverllHed In last night 's Heslstcr.V Ai clerk who has so little interest In his or lier -work that' I k " or she does not read the advertlHomen(», not only of Ids or her own store, but of all the other stores selling tho saVne line of goodH In I he town. Is prob- B>bl7Hot worth his or her salary lio matter how low it may be. . —iWe' pay 6*^^ on Full Paid and -Installment Stock. The best investment^ the best method to save. Herrirlty Bldz. & Loan Association, lolSilKansas.' - , "Puttering Uound" by MacGregor Jenkins, how to be found at the lola Public Library, is a story in praise of the' worker and ' an amusing defense of: the man who is "jack of all trades and mtfs- terof none," while "The Daily Round", is a further chronicle of his daily duties ami their perform- ,ance. "Sunflowers" and "Rhubarb" extol the aestlietic and useful _attributes of these liumblcr plants. .Miss Virtan Barker and T. h. Spurgeon, of Kansas CItyi drove to lola Sunday; evening to attend .the New Year's iball Monday evening. Miss Barkj^r went to Kansas iCity Saturday to. vUit friends over itho week -end. —The lola Ice Cold Storage ami Fuel Company sells Coal of best quality^ Phono IIC. "High Snow" by "(Janpat," a sparkling frtory of love and adventure in tlio towering mountains of Thibet, is a new book to be found at th(> Jola public library. A strange and mysteriouH land Is this: a idifferent world with its queer customs and ideav. its ancient religion, age -old monasteries THU lOLA DAILY REGISTER. WEDNESDAY E I-Mrs. T.- A. Brown, of 524 North iCottoawood street, is reported seriously ill. —Dr. A. B. Twadell. Osteopath. New Olobe Bldg. Phone 191. ' — ! ' J LMrs. G. M. Miller, who has been visiting her daughter. Mrs. Paul 'Xeff and family, 917 XorOi Sycia- more street, returned today to her home in Copan, Oklahoma. —-Goo<i Coal make^ warm frlendH .i! The Tola Ice Cold Storage and Tuel Co. Call 116 for prices. Miss .Marie Martin, who spent the holidays here with her parents, .Mr. and Mrs. Isaac .Martin, of 8is North Washington avenue, rvturu- >d to Knid, Oklahoma. :—Dr. Montgomery. Chiropractor.; iQla Laundry Uldg; Phone 138. jMlHH Francplia Stratton. wlio spent the holidays with her parents,; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Siratton and family; 523 South street, re- and devil-chasing Lamas. The j turned today to Manhattan where novelist-explorer, "Ga'npat," writes i she is a student at the Kansas an adventure story with all the glamor of bis years In far Tibet. i WM. F. CREW \ • Pliyslclan and Snrgeun * Kye Ear, Nose and Throat * . Glasses Fitted * 2 '6 S. Washington, lola « Office phone 829;: Rea. 1159 * ........ ^-.:........ i Roscoe R. Lewis, son of Mr. and i.Mrs. Thomas Lewis, of .Mildred. |<iiid Harry Dragoo. son of Mr. and Mrs. cl K. Dragoo, jof LaHarpcr 1 who hiive been making a holiday (visit to'their rela/ives and friends in Allpn County, returned Sunday 'torhillicothe. Mo., where they rc- enroll6d Monday in the Chiilicothc Business College. —For Real Estate Loans see the Security Rid*.;. & Loan Axsiirlatlon, , lola, K «i. Office in First Natl. Bank. i 'Fll «i \t1ention Haninier. of Jefferson. —ReKuhir nieeling loi.iKiit. s „. „i. T-'wa. and her Hlste.r. Mrs. Bva Gih- FItA.\K .MrtWRTHY. IC K. "f ""'Ipe. Iowa, are vlslt- _ , iiii! In ihf home of Mr. and Mrs. T .I ,-1 c ,f » rir X- -.1. Albert Wilson. (421 South Walnut n^^^- '-^'^^f •^''^^V-• ? i^"^"' St. They were! called here by !the Chestnut .street a loa.; km - ;.t jun or „ ^ „p j g ^v |,g„„ high sx'hool, wlih is il! of tlic ilil ' is reported better today. j Solll'^! ~" I niKh Test f ;a80l(nf for «|Uli'k Curd tii 'I'hanko. ! starling. Wi'st Standard, opposite —We wi^ih to extend tliiinUs to, I*. O. Karl .Moore, manager. our tiiaiiy friends niiil neighbors who did 80 tiiuch toward particl- 'Mfs. K. M. Snyder left today for paling our sorrow.s by their prcs-; Fort Worth. Texasrto Jolu.hcr hus- once and words of ronsolalion and for Uu-lr maiiv' kln<ln«^s"H in the way of floral offerings and sympathy shown ns during the bercave- •ment of our loved one. James Robert DanlelH, who piiMscd awayf , Dccefirbrr 27. 1927. '• We especially 1 thank Ucv. .Mr. Jiicksoni Kev. J. \V. Gordon. Ciold'-n'. Square -No. 77. k O. O. F.. The Kniirhi* of Talirrns ; and the city eniplnyee.s. -Mrs. ^ James Danitds. his Avifo. r.corc<<f Daniels, of Kiiipniia: Fn-d Daniels.) of Topeka. lirotiK-rs; .Mrs... Alice •l^wi.s.: of Lawr<n<-: Mrs. Carrie priticallv ill at the-home of her afckenridge. of .Uiwrenqp; Mrs.Lnoi},.er.'-airs. J3. E. Rnsseli. xlx Iffllo riiilm. «i! Ln -or-rur ^r .^rf-.l jjiiipg Of jojjj Her friends Flprcnce I.ewis.. of "W illiamBtown. I ^.jn ,,p ^^^^y ,1,3,^ „„ nope Kansa-s. and Mrt. Rhoda Lewis, of; ^^j. recovery. Topeka, sisters. . ' ; ' F. I- B. I.E.WELL, M, D. • Special attention given Dls- • eases of Colon and Rectum. • baud and make her home. She has boon viKltIng Mr.' ami Mrs. Sath Snyder of Gas. We know Bakery Products are good. But • Have Vou Tried Ours? ' VAN HOOZERS. Airs. Everett .Vorton is reported Mrs. J. S. Turner. Mho became ill Saturday night, is still confined to her home. Her .condition is not alarming and her friends hope soon to see her in her millinery store. Mrs. Haftie Wells is in charge of. the store during Mrs. Turner's absence. : * yopLL BE soxmx * IF YOU DEL.\Y . taking advantage of <»ir One Cent Sale on ladl.s- dresses. Cal! for |>;j:tii -u- lars while tht-n -JH vt lUuv. Uvv. 2!N.faii. 7 lOlA LAIMUIV (O. • Phoni- 10:; ^ «< * * * * « . i * «• * Mrs. Walter R. Arndt. of 510 South AVa-shingion avenue, brought to tlie Hegister office yesterday a ,*igge lemon, liickod from, a tree ghwn hy her father, i; W. Til- it in rJie has.'inent; of Ills lioine. Tl»ere= were five large lemons on fhi< tree this lime arxl dozens of Hmaller olies. Tlio Jiileo from the large li<iiK >ns ivill eadi makn six l»ies. iThe lemon w.:is twelve Inch- ex around, six .'iiKl three-fourths 4uche« from stem to cild, and weighed clone to a pound. * Electro-Physiotherapy • • Office Tola State Bank Bldg. • 1* Phones—147 and 705 • Mrs. A. M. Shnriz. wliof has been In Tola on business, returned today to I kt home In (Jeuda Springs. »ti--. r K. Wali.-. of Stillwater, I iV'iivnii. wiiM -'un.' :i week'here I wii;h lier parents. Mr. 'and Mrs. ;(>tlio .Mexauder. 40!t Souih Wash- ingtun avenue. retunuMl lioine today. Mr. Walli.i returned liomc s<-.veraJ: days ago. -Try our drive in battery and fire service during this cold weather. Bollinger Service Elation. Mrs. L. A. Holt returned (o Woodward. Oklahoma toda.v after a visit here with her pi»renta, Mr. aiVd .Mrs. R. C. Burgessj "11 South Jefferson avenue. JMrs. Ethel Myers, of Bronson. started today on the 11:52 SanU ton. of .Volino. .Kansas. Mr. TU- ton haHliad the tree for eight vears anil- in summer he leaves (Jj Ft} out in the vard and in winter keeps X''""' '"•'«• brother, Chaflee llea <h. —"Van's Bread." jgood as ever. Mr-. :I. .\. SMaiigler aiid Miss (Iraee KInne.v went to Yates Center to aitend Hie funeral of their uncle. H. 11. .McCorniIck, who died .Monday. > AttlieKelleyThursdayandFriday State Agrlciiltural college. :—If you want to Ijuy or build, city or suburban property. The lola Building & Loan Association will make you a loan, low-interest rate, ap commission. See G. K. Pees S<ecretary, iat old Register building sputhwest 'corner of 'square. I Miss Marian Rankin, of BartJe.s- ville. Okla., who has been visitiiig her grandmothcA-, Mrs. (}. H. Rankin, of 839 North Jefferson avenuie, ijeft today for-Mexico. Mo., where dhe is swimming instructor at Hardin College. ,—0. L. Cox, M.. D. Specialist, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat .Mr. and uMrs. J. B. Kirk left this irternoon. for New York City on a business and pleasure trip. They will visit Mr. Kirk's motiier. Mrs. Oeorgiana Kirk, in Berea. Ohio, on their way home. ' —Dr. J.; T. Rcld. Surgery and X-ray. Phone 357. Mrs. Loyal 'McDermaud and baby laughter Kallieryn Ann. of I.,yonK. {ansafl. wlio have been visiting the )ast vteek with the former's sis- er, Mrs. L. R. Varne.r and family It 615 South Washington, left this norning on the Sunflower Sj)eclal or their home. —Dr. Lucy E. i'olson. Chiropractor. Northrup.Bldg. Phone 328. Something unique is being < ffer- id ove^ WDAF, the Kansas CIt.v" Star Pndlo statloti tonight Paul ^Vhi|ema^ and his band. Fred and Dorothy Stone, Al'Jolson and Will Rogers are scheduled on a chain iirogram broadcast froth U:3(i ptil 10:30 o'clock tonight. Brady and Baxter Cases Passed Upon by Court St. Louis. Jan. 3.—The convictions of James E. Brady and Arthur J. Baxter at Kansas Clt.v, Kan- .•|asi in 1926 for alleged use of the mails to defraud in selling worthless securities to rural banks in Kansas were affirmed in part and. reversed in part today by the L-uited States circuit court of appeals. ' In the Tirst case, in which Brady was sentenced to serve nineteen years and Baxter seven years, the appellate court ordered a hew trial on the ground that Merrill E. Otis, the trial judge, had erred in refusing to permit introduction <jf evidence in support of a motion to quash the indictment on the ground no evidence had been given before the grand jury that the mails were lised by the defendants. In the second ease, in which Brady and Baxter eacb was sentenced to serve five years, the appellate court affirmed the conviction, j Only the sufficiency of the indictment bad been attacked. In the third case, in which Brady -u-as sentence^} to twelve years and Baxter was acquitted, tlie appellate court ordered a new rial, holding no direct evidence lad be^n given that the defendants lad; used the mails or had caused ihein to be used. Orphan Children In Gred /ENING. JANUARY 4,1928.; k Island': Ask Obi\krvance Of Goldsh Rule II::' PAGE THREE Or.e thousand rlilldron under the care of'the Am- rrlean N*ar i:ast Rolicf on flio Greek l.sland of Syru lua^c ;t livin't: appeal for the continued support FRESHMAN SEEKS OLYMPIC BERTH LAHARPEAND ipf| American contributors to the rt annnnl appeal for funds Is now und( hy I'resldftnt CopUdge and a nat illef tUTii, «-h (0 .so r way. sponsored onal committee. T. B. January- 7. flarpe. Kan., Jai| ing only six da; 7Sih year of his .Mr. .More was of Alien County .HOKE. I>or<»fhy Ilalne*! i'ompany »xt on I,yceniu>Proprain—Mgel Me- I>on,i)d Entertains Mith >Mf YeuiTs Piirty. (.Mri Opal Rlitohell) LAHARPK. Jan. The Dorothy Haines cortipany Is^ the next number on thfe lecture course v. hicli will be presented at the higli school auditorium; Friday eycning. The company is nindc up of jnj-t two people offi'stage but on!tlii; stage appears as/qulte a crowd. Dorothy Haines is ;( dramatic artist ot rare ahfllt.v. a ijnif|(ie .per .son with an abundance;of natural and developed tTlent. Miss Rogers" is a violinist of liiarked ability, is pos-, sessed of a golden soprano vojce' and is one^of the few truly <Ievei^ Whistler.s on the platform today. Miss Haines and Miss Rogers pre-sent a prolfram of drama, costume characters.- .sketches and music with a complete dramatic play of ji,'"-^ "'"».»rv' one act. entitled "Uncivil. War.' M*''^-"'"'^^ cemeter>. Wade. AuditSi l»ulse, Ross Smitb, Allen McDonald and Nigel McDonald. Mrs. Leoua Morrisqn and- daughter. Esther had as New Year's guests: Mr. and Mrs.'p. W. Willman and little son Jack of Tnlsa,. and Mrs. D. D. Cole of Kansas City. Mr. Poffenbarger. a world war- veteran. who moved here with his famil.y from Neosho Falls late In the summer, has been confined to I'ls bod .several weeks with a severe case.of rheumatism and the; family consisting of a wife and three small children have been jn straiteni'd circumstances. Some heeessities have been provided by kinti hearted nelghtfors and the Americ-m Legion and Auxiliary from lola; also help provided by me.-iiis of the county commissioners. .Mr. Poffenbarger was to be taken to Excelsior Springs for treatment yesterday an<l if'is to be hoped the little fainiiyi will not be neglected. Mr. More, eighty-four years old, passed away Monday at the home in the west part of town. The body was taken to the Ralston:Funeral Home in Morau where the funerai services were to he held teday at 2 p. m. Burial will be in the Old pertainingito married life as observed and i» original, humorous and nu.te fdramatic. - Miss Haines presents another play. ."The Valiant." alone. Altogether it- is a number n<ft to he missed. Nicel ?jc Donald, who attends school at Emporia, was home over the holidays and entertained a inimbcF ofTfriends and members ot last year'slsenior class with a Nejv Year's party at the home of his [Thomas Uento i More, sr.. son of ^ _^ _ .._ _ _ David y,. and Mary Warner .More, 1 parents, ^tr. and'Mrs. John McDon- wiis born in .Mahfiska County, iywa. Uid. Those present -ivere: Mildre<l and died at i-a- Tredwa.v, Fern Clakr. Hilda Braun. nary 1; l!t2S laqk- Klena Reeves, Esther Morrison, s of reaching the|Xavdine Itarkcr; Myrtle Campbell, ago. )ue of the pioneers : Audith Pulse and Pete Stith returned to, their school work atj Cameron. Mo., toda.v. ' Harry Bardwell and brother have! leascfl the Limes Brothers garage and will do all kinds of car repair work. Mrs. Jennie Hagar is the proud owner of a new U. S. L. radio installed by the Somerville garage yesterda.v. ' . ^ rROUP • SpumodicCroapis£nKia«ntij'; relieved byoneapplicatlonaf Ruth Dennis, Elda Dennis. Alberta and -Jladge! .Brown. Rpth Limes coming here wuh | Limes. Ijalpj!, Hart j R3 (.vmond his parents )n September. 1S5S.| Price. Clarence .Morrison. Howard The family .•jelil don a farm seven 1 miles west of tl >• present town of Savonburg. and .Mr. .Moore spent pi-actically all his life in this county. On Jnly 6. ISSo, .Mr. .More was married to iliss .Maggie -Milby. at,' Erfe. Kan., vi-jlli-whom he liv-d liiippily .imtil her death-which <«-- 1 curred August 2, lltin. .To this! j union, were born lliree childri-n. ' ! tw-o nX wliom -died in infain-y. The • Jliinl. TlionnW: lienton jr.. lives ai Lallarpe and' li.- anrl his family I took' cari'l of tin- aged I'allier ilnr-; (ing the five weeks of Ills'last, ill- j nes?. .Mr. .More i's survived also hy ! Inine gramlclilidren and one nr'iat ^ j ):taniicliild. by two sisters, .Mrs.; [Jane .Milby. of Campo. Colo., and; .Mrs. Elizabeth Watts, of .Mtjraii. Kan., ami '•>' other relatives. In l.S.SS .Mr. .More was converted ; an<l became a menib.T of ' ilie Church of God. He lati'r ln.iame Uj minister of this ilenomination | VI Ovmrir and served as pastor to several. churches in dJfr>-rent parts of Kan_ , sas. lie retired from . .the active' rimini.strj- in ]:M»o. Imt was always i deeply interested in the spread of j tlie GoHiiel. I i .Mr. More was for niany years a[ country -correspondent of the Reg- j llMer and in addition to local news , ht- frefjuently contributed articles j of interest and value on some siib- ; i 'Cl of current discussion or- u'pou jllle history of ti'e earl.v da.v.s in) ! Allen county. He -was a man of jlhe highest integrity anci of lofty i motives and he served well his da>I and generation. The fnneial services were held •at the Ralston Funeral home and ' interment was made in the Old If you have anything to sell .let a Classified Ad turn the trick ? TELEPHONE 18 . Brady was convicted of seventy- eight countK of using the malls to defraud during the June 1926 terms of; court at Kausa.s City, Kansas, Wichita and Ft. Scott. Baxter was coavlcied of fifty-five counts of using the malls to defraud, at Wichita and Fort Scott Tlio conviction of Brady and Baxter resulted from tebtlmony that they Iv"! sold to other banks worihle«« certificates of deiN)(<it on the Vernon State bank. Vernon, Kas., of which Baxter wa.s cashier. MONTEVALE (.Norma Isaac) .Ian. 2.- .Mr. Dean's family moved Thursday to a farm near LaHarpe. Our school teacher. Miss Irene .Melton, spent the Christmas vacation with her folks in lola. Frank Dozler attended township board meeting at Bayard Saturday afternoon. John Rogers. Bessie and I10I5 Were In Moran Friday. Charley Hill and (^barley Isaac helped >fr. Dean niove Thursday. Miss Bessie Rogers spent Thursday afternoon with her sister, Mrs. Elbert Teinpleman. • T. L. pickerson and Ed Wilson went to Ida Saturday. | W"lll,iaih Rogers has been very sick for the] past few days. A doctor was called to see bim Monday. We hope for him speedy recovery. Charley Isaac went to Bayard Saturday afternoon. Miss Lois Rogers spent Monday night with her sister. Mrs. Elbert Templeman. Dbnald Mowrer spent last week with his father. Ed Wilson. .Cyril Hill spent Monday night at Frank Jolllffs In .Mildred. - Mpntevale teacher and (luplls are sorry to lose Dorothy arid Russell Stionetrfrom school. '' The iKiys took advantage of the vacatto^ last week to hunt TaWta. IIEXKV J. nONCRA ; .\ew Orl.ans -{AIM- The Koiilh is pinning its hopis lorj' an (llynipfc: '^'•'^'"O 'c cemetery. champion upon Henry J ("Zeke"! Honura. 2(l-yei^r-olrt Javtilin throwing, freshman at J.o.voIa liiiversity of the South, who will cooipete in the Southern trials at Dallas. Texas, in lune. | ^ Bonura sprang into the tiiiielight in San Franei.-ico in 1925 with li javelin throw of 205 fet, as measured by A. .V. l'. ofK<-ia;ls. seW-n f <!et :it\<\ hve inches .short of the .American amateur record establisl ^ed at l-<is •Angeles the'sume year by Jonni -Myyra. the Swedish iithlel •. The Loyola star was not in competition last year but his year Js i training hard for the Dallas trials. H is a four letter mat-, starring in football, baseball, basketball and liehl for St. Stauisluns. of Bay St. Louis, Miss., his preparator>- school. * • • <• •:• <• •> <• • • •:• •> •:• •:• <• -:• lOLA DAILY AB.STRAI'T <• Issued from office of lola •> * Abstract Company ij,— •:• * •> •:• •:• •:• •:• •> • •:• •> • • 1; of SW. iI -2<i-25(. I thereof. City hi January :!. 192S. John Waiter Nelson and ,wife, Anna, to The Savonburg State Bank. lots .S anil 9. block 1. .\.v- mans Third Aihlition to tho TCiwn of Savonburg, $9ou.0i». Dorothy K. Mellza and Fern n.: .Mellza. lK )th single, to First .\a- . tional Bank, I.uHarpe. lots ".'< and | IC, block S. In Vn\\ Addition to ! Lallarpe, $1.00 Mrs. .Mae K. :vieli/.a. widow, to i Dojrolliy .Mell/.ii and Fern Meliza iMiih single, lots l.'> and li 'i, block S.; Fox's Addition to l ^tHarpe, iXMi. Effie Babcoek. administratrix. F. M. Russell, estiil.-. to H. V. be. i,-.- ; and wile. Cora B . S. of SE. >4, j and'.SE. ?5.«;Gn.OO. Th'i.s. H. liowlus. exei iKi-.r. -Mary; ...! .1. ClKilletie estafe. to ("ora IJ. Ftfl- ler. lot 1. lilockj/.:.'. les-s Sli.inches' off the lola. IS.UOO.oii. K. C OslK)rn;an<i wife' f^race. U» Cl ra B. Fulier. jiart of lt»t "J' Of Hi .ugliton 's sitlirdiviiion,-$l.Wi. . • 1 ' I.lo.vd S. .N'oriheiitt ' hinl wi (i;;. .Maynie I'., to Roy Hryaii Jolih- son. lot fi. Iilocis V. Henil'-r .siin 'k I'oweir.s Add., to lola. Sl.'tu. Don't Shiver All Winter N'liw 's the time joii'll .enjoy— "IVooI I'ndenvear .Slieep Llnei! foals Flannel .Shirts Wool Sorkv Leather Vests Olores, Etc. THE HUB Try Our ; PLATE LUNCH ; Meat, two Vegetable.•^•, Hot Rollk and:Drink ' .Toast^l Sandwich-' e.s that melt in your mobth.! • : SIF|R^S ; Confectionery; H. c. B shop. Mgr. OVERCOATS REDUCED! All of our fine suits and overcoats at a reduction, i This season's newest styles and colors to select from. HART.SCHAFFNEI^ & MARX, SOCIETY BRAND AND CLOTHCRAFT STANDARD MAKES Everyone a greater value than you would expect at this time of the year. . • Suits & Overcoats $4250 $42.507-$39.50 Suits <fc Overcoats $32.50—$29.50 Suits & Overcoiits $47.50—$45.00 jSiiits & Overcoats 1 .50 $37.50—$35.00 Suits &^ Overcoats $29 -50 $27.50—$25.00 Sipits Overcoats $|J9 .50 20 Per Cent off on all heavy Sweater Goats, Lumber Jacks and Slip-over Sweaters, v Globe

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