Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1928 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1928
Page 2
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By A gray .wall the old tree leaUB, Knee-deep in gamin brambles. Anil-up its gnarled and knotty Jlinbs The vagrant wooSiine scrambles. Unpj'uned. unnurtured, where . It stands. i Ojoce a proud rprince of well-tilled I '* lands. .SMarIl7iB<>neat AsnotlktlAj EnlertaWs WbUon The. idla Council 73 .i Security Benefit .jvssociation' -wlU* entertain yialtlns members fromf Cmanute, Hiunboldi.'. and LaHarbe 'Friday liight at the KnlgHts of Pythias h^ll when a class of fifteen new numbers. Will be admJ .ttecL Music for the after-lodge se -sslon will be furnished by the Humboldt Security Benefit AsBocIation orchestra. A number of invit^tionsWmve been I issued to Ida citizens toiattend the pwner ^f the his little tom- lYet .•still V It bravely greets the spring. / j Wtth flush of undlmmed glad- j-meeting. uess, , • • • <• No lilirt. in'that ^wn-tinied bloom j Junior Moments Mnxlral or llBtless a^e auil sadiiess. <'liib Meets And itilL the luiiterfHes am? b>r- j The members of t-he Jiuiior .Mo- Come to it.s call, with bli.!; ^rjd 'mentR Musical club lield ja meeting breeze. yesterday, afternoon at the regular I .'!»e in IJbrary ball. And>sUII it brings to autu:urr -Miss I..yndith OeLory. ojie of' llie (JaiU ' I sponsors, Wfls iin charge land gave _A sweet and golden treasure— | a story of ah ppera, which 'in p»rt Not. t»r|th Its. prime's rldi opulence, rof the program of each meeting. ^ut yet in gienerous measure. i Hans were made Tor tl^e coming FYir ^leaslngs. as in old time won :year, and the iirstipubiiq program It b<4>ls Its gaunt arms to the sun. by the .voiing members will be held the evening of February first in And w> a largesse still It ning -s^- tlie auditorium of the FJ IHL i'res-| ,i,V.7aiusH «r i.u .vimniiiv. f.,i Vffie as the sky abovo It- .byterlan church. 'A '.X's c'.uJ Thj^terry-plckers. know Ita gold. -...v.-. ,...,.,......,.....! «.'yne8 i.mM. \ The Sto{7 tiwfl Far The storv'ls l^idjin the" Indian terrKory and diong the Kaiisaa l>or^er in the 'SO's .Twhen a fight was being waged <>y the "Doom- era" •for thie opening of the ter- rito^ to sottlcmenti |, Chief characters are: TOS\} HARRlSO .Sr, orphaned at 1.1; when bis father wa.s murdered in a poker game: PAW.VEE BILL, adventurer, Indian interpreter and showman; : JOB CRAIG, who' takes Tony to the Bar K ranch to live; TITUS .MOORE Bar K; RITA MOORE, boy daughter. AVlien Tony-is l.'i.iRita and her mother depart for .Virginia and the boy learns for the first time how mnch he cares for the little red-haired; arrogant niiss. .Moore Is one of Uiij chief op-; pon-ints of tiie niovcmeiit to open Oklahuma. AVurd is received vhiit D .^Vm PAY.NK. leader of I lie movement', is, dead, and Tony, in his loyally to .Moore, is troubled Ten membera attended it tie nie^^t-' Tt^ hutting parties love It. -Ana Ijjere one sings, as s<-anty fee, brave oid Apple i Ca»p«r.Kord 'r-itfit^o I>eona Uptbn in the Chria- ^ti^'flclence Mbnltor. W«9iMli'> Forelgrh ^lisslonary TJie Vr<.!rji3'; I I •..T --lonr «rjr ,'K »ci''fy '^i rh- y.--., M.-Uiodist Dxtf »<»pil cl.iv i I in th0 ichur^h parlor rii <?Kd ;iy afternoon wiut Mrs. O. I>. GnrllDgliouse, ^r9«14 «tit, in charge. A ' prayer of consecration by tlie PT««fil»nt. «pened the mi-eilng. Tfie d«votlonai_perlad was led by Mr.s. j The marrltige of Miss jMae Casper, of £rlc. Kansas, andi Mr. Hal} lalne Oliver jFord. of Borger, Tex- lasrtook place Tuesday afternoon, i January 3, at 4 o'clock at the Clirt.>rtlan cburch parsonage. The pa.stor. the Kev. J. Lee . Heleford, solemnized' the marriage.. Mr. and Mrs. Ford lefr for Erie to visit a few day» before going I tJo Borger where they will reside. He tries to forget Uila -Moore l"!;- ' i I and o.ccoippaulc .M Pawnee BlU ulid BUPFAI^' BILL on a wild Wfst ahow four. When he •returns, he and Crui^ trull sotne cattle thieve .M to ('uldwfill iuid there Gralg is shot i>y TO.M BKNTOX. miirderer of Tony's father, who has organized a bandit gang.' Craig is only wounded and thf gang escapes. * • * ClIAFTER XXJCI. "Sure, it was^closed," Craig told him. "Theyi caught the rasliler coming out and made tiim unlock the door and let tlmni in. They got away with six ur seven thuu- .•^and dollars." "Vou're sure it was Benton?" J.' lit Huff, who used a pK^yer'-'oiie ittWk Christmas va'catlon. Miss j "Positive. He recognized me; poem and Scripture reading from ' McPlierson spent her vacation at [that's why he let me have It. He 's H "Timothy, klo -iing with prayer, j her h|>me in lola ! shaved off his'beard, but I know 1 •«reak Thou the Bread of Llfe -j; ^nd Vera Gillham vlslind • w^^o'i mistaken." • , , was sung. Mr ».iO. P. Duncan gavetielr Grandpa Clllham 'H. near i ""B^red a f.'W minutes a report of th»; last mp'^iing and .o <,age Valley, from Tuesdav until Mrs. C AL Thpmpson, treasurer. ^j,ii^.sday seM to the for ^tett field to sup-' """"[r'e^' T'" '^"^ -L'"" I^ced man they had never seon be- Wrt bne Bible 'w^^^ tZ- ""l" '^'""''i^ wlU. her sister, Mra.^f„,^ , had been shot through SVdB of the dues pSd at th. pl-es- 1 ^'^">'- ' the back of the head. iBttt time, which Is the close of the LaA ^reuce. doaar had lii .siated that ttr»t uuarter. J 'Mrs. Handiey re- "^^^ Caldwell and MtCormack Craig remain under his care, and " birthday dinner;they spent that night and several ilifir mother. Mrs. more in Tony 's cabin. Four ilays • pasaed liefore tiie physician woulii BAYARD (Mr.s. Floyd McCormack) Jap.i-Ji.—<'enter Valley school had EEMESl LYNH * • , - • « MID-WEJSK .WORSHIP ' - BY FREDERICK W. LEWIS FPcea. College of Emporia • • <• • <• 'The Days of Onr Yeari- 'I. Jehovah Thy" Ood. will hold Wellington, and down, y.y ' hand, saying unto thee, the job admirably, althon^ it wa» .p^g^ I ..j a post that re«fulred mo*e *r»wn .HKS. SAir.lH K. .U»A)IS. .Mi.=s Hnrab E. Wingler wof horn •n. Wa.shington county, ^Indiana, .hinuary ?,. IS .'iO and departed ihis life January 1. 192S. at Laliarpo,!?. She was united in marriage JiiU- year more serv- 16. ls6S. to A. R. Adams who ceded her in death. Mr. and MRT than brains and he had quelled an uprising by HfUng a giant pupil . ^ from his aeat and flinging him out- ' /rom this doors ' . . : ICC win. He was saving hi.s money against = the day when he should launch hts;,, ""If u"'!!'^ '^"'> own show.- Sells Brothers com-j"-^ ^^^^ ""re ffrig},,; missioned Wm to get them some- , , , Indians. He went dov^n fo Pawnee' p„„.o_ T, * * and found a warrant for bis arrest i ^f^'J^t ,1 "*"aven. may we ! awaiting him, charging him with :''I*' , ">« , blessings | brother. J. R. Wingier of Carlvie takins Jmliaus away from a United in Kans.. ihre.. si.sters wL li^e h States resen-ation. He was turned ' f^^^ be year Indiana, and eleven-graSckhildre ovx.r to an Indian policeman, who;Irom thy - ... • — .generous nand. -Make us more Ben- .Aduni.s came to Kansas about twenty-lour year.s ago. and settlcl near tola, where they, have mari« iheir home. To this union two children were bom: Oha.s. A Adam? ni jfjeneva,. Kans.. and 'Mrs. Anna L. Hall of LaHarpe. Besides the two, re- children Mrs. Ailams leaves onu -Mrs. .-Vdam^ confe .'iiM'rf her faitli more and theti together went to tlie morgue. But neither of them '.recognized the man Tony had ported her work with the King's Giiardfi.' Aoll call. responses were rltema of ioteresi from the official I missionary magazine. ' The Caldwell families had a Wednesday for L. C. Caldwell John N. Barley of Mildred spent permit them to depart Jftr the Uur TOie' le «8on from the second ;week here with his fathcij and K; and iu liie meantime Lafe Whii- chaSter T^^e t ^t book "A i ' . jney had ridden up to Caldwell to Btr ^t Way Toward Tomor'row." 1 We are glad to report that Mrs.!"*-^"' what had happe ,i..d. was presented by Mrs. H. C. [Logan Frame was able to sit up a Biageway and dealt with home life ;short lime this morning. She is Wgether with a letter ^ J'^PJ^n^-Thine unwearying ministry from , pioneer preacher of India twn.^o an agent some miles a*a>- jgeneratlon to generation. .May we; lia^i been ;i true foilowerr* He plied the policeman with ci-."cease to lie merely intelliK«'nt [giving her.<elf in every w: 1 was cliareed with dellverin- him sen-, in Christ when young lady' under ^'^^-.^^ ill „^°.."1' _f L^^^^^ Thee, more appreciative : tlu- preaching of Jame.s: Rudder a India la. site fqilowerr^f Chris!. gars and.other little! brutes fatleniiig on our Fatli; • ' hfe 'io tVu- advancement •of''"lin« along the, route, and when the In-:,«„„t.v." Fo,«iv.v „„, only on. in-i l"er go^rtonlv bri S nian look«rthe other way long:gratllud. bu. =.11; .he >u„r. . ..,y-• ,a,ln,.^^ ,o th.- immediatei family enough for him to choose a handy jings: that liavc mad.; Thee mourn ' • T ' » exit, he took it. and the red-skinned ;Forgive veterate.'suspicions; our arm of the law did not waste anv sitilttl imagiriatioris. our praycr- of his precious time looking for ihe ; ss and po^ lives. Ma>- a I fugitive who wa .'i beaUng his .sec-; greai upward surge of desire for a jond forced retreat from the Indian; wortliler existence jwssess us. As the Kir^t tinisti-ui .-hurch but u> all wlio knew tier, she leave" a liosi or friends who will f ;v<r remember her kindly. 'riit> I'lineral.srrvii-e was coniluci- i>il In thf itcV. .1. I.oc Releford at A •l.ti.VC-HAlHlOU UA.N WAS FriEQck^"''I.Y \vni-;i{KVfc;H riiK ii(i().\ii;;i {s ASSBMBLLIIX SEEN So the l ^li (-ruKt-e Sly'k A (i- .••oclaliDil tougiit Willi all its migiit to «iu »-ll till' li.-iiiii; rt'iitiiiu-til for fiee_lainl; i'uii.i;lil Willi all lIu- iii- flueiu-e at it.~i < oiiniiaNd • wliirli wan mighty -iDii .ijIil with ii-- money throili -'ii a jumt -ifiil iuMiy. Ilial ih«' hoMin;-'s i .l ii-< im mini '^. wlii.'li wer.' U ;;.-iil in'.- a Mint; l:"iii 111'* Clicrokcc iMlioii. iiii«lil nm ix- taken ^iway anil j;ivi -ii in ••lu-sli-::., hated Iho^'e li-nii tlu-y had al who iiil.-il ihi- :.iil fixi-i! I'T ai>(l lleiiien'.s •loiua wa.>i "Kai-i and child training, the ithought Btr^seedohctine it children are to tearvel straight they must be started str^l^t Mrs. Rldgeway was BBSiffted by Mrs. D. B. McCarty and Mre. a H. Olson in the different phases, of tlie subject. . Greaiings were presented to the eocle'ty by iMrs: Beckwlthand Mrs. -bra Carter, former members. [ The singing • ot "Home, Sweet •poin^" and prayer by .Mrs. Perry O. ^nson for the girlhood of tiie i^orldrthe object.of prayer during Jaauary. closed the lirogram. regaining her quite, a serious health illness following after birth; of their ibaby hov, Decejnlier 20. The baby i.s doing fine, am been named Wendell Dee. the has Back at the ranch .ih.- winter closed iu and rulle<t liy utivveiit- fully. Rita's letters to Tonj had ceased—his own fault, he told himself, nbec^use- he Imd' been siich a poor eorrespoiident while travfding iwith Buffalo Bill's .sliow. Hut he TI H'V lDaiii|aiii.-(i :i ^lili).'>iil lool<- out lor all liivaMiins on ilii- iiarl of the UoonuTs. »«'i 'Oili ;d lh<'wi' toilii.s eldi-st the l,'iiil:».d States I rooji.s .siatiouud ' ilie belief in the territory, add iioied with .><atisfactiui( that tlu- cavaliy Mioveil quickly to drivi' I I H- . iinix-rliiiflit ones oiil. • |Uut lliir i -iy lor land rang loiulor anil a Hew tiotf i'i'f|il lii'.o till' |iro- (laganda of tin- iiooiiii-r.s. TtieK; were talcs of suffering;, of ciiii'l trtainu'in. of iln- iiiv.-nlcrr* ai Hi the lloiiiii- and .Si -uaif majorities were cautious: .talk .revolved around "Isacred ttcatles" and "*es- ."ions" aiid "falrne.s.i to thi- lii- dian»." ! - TlJiiH .\lour«' ^Ill-Ill tlif Viprii'ig of 1S N 7 ill AVa-sliiugioii. Hf w^'tiiessed his daiighter'.s i^radiiaiioii a|id then :iri 'oiiiiiaiiied Itila ami .Mrsi Moore lo .\t 'w Yprk .'iiid saw tlwin' iiepart jior a sniiliii'-i III Ktiro |ic. When he '" I ri.|iiniei3 to ihi; raiirli there were many siVsioiis with Ci 'oi 'Ke W- -Mil- iiir iiiembi-r.^ of the cat- associathiii. .Miller -and !-iin. Joe, had swung to lial Ihe optMiing of Okla- oiily a matter of linio. 1^^." ;j.aid lieoige .Miller, "i'lii thinking .of buying some land :ironi tin- Viica Indians down south of my plajcc. When you other fellows havt <i I ores I a hands oflhe sohli .-is. Talcs ! v ,"hsi|jy ' men being ijrivtii out a! the .\ah<r'.s " point, of wiiuK -u and rhlUlreu b<'-, .j^..^^, jiiig fori til out oi I'll- tirriiory. aij),,^^^ M ;«. Nellie i Voorhees of McDon- if,?/ J w,.fr«'''dpl \V'Lv 'c^^^^^ aid. Kan., spem .several days here ,'='^'«',;^^^^^^^^^ for-c.l out o, .!,.- ..rritory. arrogant in pro- and ,Pawi froii gone out |o move out I'll stayj Hut hi' WuK quite willing,-he ^^aid. 1 Ihe ijipening as iong as aslns till' lobby'.s Tcrrltor.v. In fact, when he deliv- the.hew year op<ns may it find ered his l«ter to the/lgent and the UK sobi'rly but not hiorbidly sui- Jatter, looking up In astonishment, \-eyi|lg the past, thoiighifully re- asked, "U'here Is the man you were n^eUng upon Thy- unde.serve<l and Huppo8e<l to bring?", the stoical, unllmitvd mercy and trustfullv gendarme replied «almly, "No;takliig 'ihy hand to walk In the man," aftd let Irgo at that. [coming days more closely, with Tliat Rummer Pawnee Bill :The^ ihan we have ever done be- ^aunched out for himself in a small 'foi'".; In Jesus' .N'ame. Amen. way, putting on a rather iMior .show . In connection witli the fairs at. M«in. than 100 sfudeiii.-. .'^^Iiigiug Wiafleld. Peabpdy, Newton. Iluuh-, a hymn in r.2 lapguaK. r.lmiil- insoh, Wichita and otlu-r Kansias; towns. -But, bad asthny were, he was how a showmau in his own right. Tony did not hear fioni him dl' rectly but he kept hearing much i about Pawnee Bill. The mans day al'ti-niimii. .(.imiary Z o'j-IiM-k. Ituilal w.f in Cemeliiy. at 2 Ikighlanil Red Wing. .Minn,, will .-iceni'of till- TiiitPd Slates ski l•hanlpioIl.•ihip.^• during week of Fi -bruary. be the lliaiif.uul II-ri^ Why He Succeeded taur"-rm.«ly. was one of ihe out-! Honored politically and profession- .standing i"eaiur<'f: of a C.'iri.';tma..i ally, dining his iitctime. Dr. R. V. i.-iiiiriaiiimi-ni. in flosion. |H(ia JrntatiMS Apply Healing Liquid Zemo name had spreads i^veryone in Kan- aai appeared to' know him and. (rom tV Atlantic toast to the Pa-i clfic there wete those who. having purchase^ tickets or read bill post- • era or newspaper^, km-w 61 a pi<-'. tureaaue pan iwiih long hair and ai 'When applied as directed Zemo stout heart wl^o had spent much of," effectively and quickfy stops I'tchin* his life amoni: the Indians, knew f and^reheves Skin Irritation^! such as their lunguag^ and their customs j Eczema, Pirnpies, Raslies. Dandruff and was hailed by-thcm a.-< a whlii> r ^Piafing.Zeinopenetrates.cIeanses Herce, picture 1 o .s c atipears )r 3 tew thief. (TO BE CO.\'TINCf:ni and ;Soothes :the skini It is-a dean, ; dependable healing liquid, OHivenient i to use any time. 35c,; 60c and $1.00. inr.r. <i|>uld do it. Bill'; kept assiduously |i the-Bar K. WVrd had that a long-haired man. jj"," living tu a mans world ami liniiing ,i^ath.s I. r i i n"Ki «rr,IrofS ^"c2empi 'Toi' -T'-- -«~'>- 1 ^'oomersl • all wL^nkri '""'^"'."^ f'" 7>i'^«l. bmh by Ih.- and llieji, ,hest no^ depend- j'''\*""'^"''7^^^^^ . i,„.vi,. «i|.nemi'ii. Hut th.y |'.-i > .'.i. in I QU the cn abi^g^e o 'Xi poL^ L wiuch "Uj^'; '•-''^'H;: nelch-1-ri...„- ^ ^ ......Jt,.,M^ „„t ..„iii »Vcre fwUteil and maKiiiliid and ; Wife, and sisters, Mrs. B. F. Dozler: and Mrs. John McAdam. Mrs. Mc- ' Adam and children were from their home near Ind enie, Kans. Wejare glail lo know our neigh-.Titus Moore iiivarjahly sat until eleven o'clock came to beckon him to bed; and at times the cobinel's Mra -io; L. CulUson. i ^ * . / BETTER HURRY! bors west have been accommodated . . J ^ n n ' * telephone Una that gives D M SL I * M M Chi^*Funk Mrs H i """^ l «'y|P«. "« ihey dwelt briefly on Tony wS1«« J-H Arm^^^^^ Chauncey Trimble had can trou-| during the. lieLtlng. hejd a flicker .W. CoiT. Mrs. J, H, Armaiost and|^,^ Saturday and Uils toketherlcf. anxiety. U might have been with ejctremely cold weather andjtijat his mi'iiiory was running buck ,|bad roads made H ImposKlhie fori to a day more than six years be- ,'hlm to make liuL about nine mlleB j fore, when a black-hulred Utile fel- , ;'of his route. .January 2 wajs carriers' holiday, so a number rif the patrons of the Bayard roiittj ,w«'r<! without mail several days. William Burnett n-tiii^ned • Only a few more tlaya left inwlilcb to take ndvantuKc of oilr Ic aale on ladles'', dretmei. Two cleaned tor (be price of one plus Ic to hlHf • work In a school of pharmiicy at Kansas f'lly Sunday afli-r spending low, fhy|uud heavy-eyed with grhf, had first come to the Mar K; but mrb UuiiightM as Iu* IU I K I II have jbei'ii thinking he never voiced, There was iniu:h to occupy TI IIIM Male doxeii .Inniinry 7 lOLA LAI'M)Rt Hi. Phoiie 101' ..his yucallon with his parentij '! Earl t'aldwell and wife w ' lola -Friday and have been slure al the parental Palmer Osage township board met here. at to there | home, bt th'> Jnnlor Cturent I:V[>B(H Dinner and Study Hour -The, memberit of the Junior Current Events club'lfeld their dinner aiid Bt -udy hour last night al Uic Portland hotrt. ciir- I>ayard hall Suiiirday to transact the township liiiHlnl-..<s for th rent mouth. ! ' t)ne compensation oS Ihf "tremeiy cold wejitiier. for who have radius, it' the eol gets the clearer tht? radio tiOn. The iStanford-PItiP game at Jx)s Angeles Monda The dinner was c«.rvrd at. C:^'U . ,,^^,1^^^, „,rough ^Uavenpoi-A o'clock and at the after meeting here las any lot;ai 4 .Moore's mind an It was. Iu a week all business wasi transafted. MIs.s Clara Brown- was the lesson leader iind reviewed the Ixiok.' "Between the Com Bows," by Hamlin Garland, any The marvels of radio to be thrilling. An one of the country ..j...... pondents \ye considered it qu|te an I or two he would ihe Iraveiinx to %Va»blnKton, and not on a pleasure trip, allhcMtgh he would, of codrse, manage to see Rita while there. Ilii object wan buHlness; tiiere were blllM .being ilirought ili ^fore Congress for the opening of the Oklahoma lauds, and the cattlemen I needed one' from among them to 'guide the activities of their loUty.' K.\>- 'phe .«:ry of the land-hungry'was thOHe I sneilluK louder and louder through- iler It I out the country. The pbvert.v- ecep-;„trii;lfeu, the adventurous, the «re- Imrgh I (iiiJuiis who believed that Okla- re- honia was a golden Eldorado beck• was loning them to come and.stuff their station, j pockets with her wealth, were never icea.sH ji,j,„mng „ver nvaps and tracing trembling forefingers ai -ross the,.{ cjirres-• outlines of the Indian territory. ••Public domain!" was the cry. a heroic looking figure, was loj be ' liiently wherever ' ithe |siiembled, and he thought to pur! too great a striain iidnor to h<i lifted as one ^( the "Public domaSa! Let us in! •nie members present were: ^''^s n ^g,^,,.^ "nans" Tb«' news from it was doubtful'Jf many knew Jliss Catherine ^ given by the varl- what they were talking!about. t,ut ou.s correspondents is Inter sting; thi- cry swelled just the] same. In to ail wbo have lived in A:ilen Oklahbma waa land, \iiu\. laud! county any length of lime, t early ! Laud free for the taking; if the gov- all of MS 'know some one in aiiiny:; crnment would ~ let theih in. But 1 1^1 \ot the communities reiiorted, .knd the government, which did not dare t lark, Mltw i ,„„ .,„iu„ ...i,... i:. »J,.i..«i .i- •>... »— minion ticres in Gladys .Marmont. Cannon, Mis« Beatrice 'McMiirray, Miss Catherine .Oartl. Miss Clara _ Brown.'.M- TirV-in T^;^l.^;:r.I. Miss iJorotliv •( '.,uiMi .riii>. \;,!licent Vborliee-. .Mv- Miss Trombold. sponsor. dpformi^l into a mighty ai i -u.-ialioii of perseciilioii atlil iiiariynlmn. ' .And the rall><e il' tin- iliioiiiei'S j^rew stronger, 'flie liealli <if David Payne, the "i -riicltied." had added to their synipatlii 'ATH, and the pic- lure of a sad -eyeil man wlili iiiiis- IMclie and i-'iiatee ailiniieil ilioii- suiids of niapH oi "Tin- rromiMed Land" and th", walls ol lioUHiH and pilblle pIlireM. I !lll .^miiellllmt IlliU'e laiigllile than Hiiiiiiin -nt. i!iiiie lo the :iup |K)tl 111 111" iian -e. Tiie Biinla Fe railroad, riiiiii .lnK iioitli n'lld south thfoii^:li (In- liiilliiii lei- r^tory, saw potential liiiHini-H.H iu the vast uiidi^velopi'ii lands: sfTots here and there whiili were noih- ing more than river valliyn or prairie stretches niiitlii. iiiiiler llie magic lure <>t free homes.for all. be converted iiitj) cities almopt over night. .So there was talk oi th" Santa Fe, with its wealth and its power, being behind I he movement; and of the Kock Island also. ' And the cities of Kansas visloned a great market to tlie south of them. Open the Kates and let th" settlers swarm into ilie u rritory_ and there would be an immediate' demand for' Kaiisiis products' and Kansas would grow richer. Let the plow^ lap the faldei! wontiious fertility of Oklahoma ;>nd Kansas would use such things as she her- Kelf did not produce. By all- means oiM >n Oklahoma; peopli) the iinin-1 habited area to the south that -retarded Kansas' growth! Chambers of commerce swlinc into line and ."ient delegalCK t" Washington and the ccntriiversy raged within the purlais ot the a tea ell er trtesy of Colonel Moore. The wiiJter-iiast lie had spent] jis in a country school near ?»^i'hv r-'ii«A ,t 'viV ^'^^in .L ^T^ll^vAlT'*''" ""^^y knowing what is gdnirai deny that the two minioii acres m jirnited States capitol. But govern- HvoL vi;i ,3^.„, M «^ '-"""'y- 'he heart of the territory was pub-iment was slow to move;.the cattJe- -Mlss Lavon Fih'lier and -Mrs. J, t.. ( .... ^ .. • —„,.. ,.._„_.,_ I mon ;s loUbv was most active and —Meeting of General Aid.Society oC, Ttni H. E. (.Ilinrch Tharsdnv aftrnrooh: at ^:$0. ElerHon oi -onicers. 1 •;.•[•<•!« Fonslpn Chapter, Delphian Sorlefr Holds Jfeehag A meeting of Fuiiston chapter of th «r Delphian soclibty look place^ ypeifirday aftenuxin in tlie home ot *Mr8. E. H. Hunter, 51» East Broadway. ! ^ MrB. E. 11. HuntjJT was leader of the,lesson. "Cervante# and Spanish Fiction." in which, the texm were .covered as followsj:".Moorish Ballard*," Miss Mary Bemsberg: 'The , Rescne of Oriana.f' Mrs. P. B. J. A'dema; "Tiie 'Life of t'ervantes," Mr». C. B. Crick: "The Knight of La Mahcha,"i Mrh. 'M. ^Blanclm J: W. Barley bought rabliltii lai<l jwe^k and loaded 1460 pound.s for shipment Satnrflay evening. Col- fhe OLD ELSMQRE Jan. 3.-^Mr. ami Mrs. Vernel well spent Sunday night at parental. J. II. Colwell horat Glen Isaacs of Baldwin spi nt a few days iu this-vicinity last veek. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ralston spent Friday e'venitiK at the Alderman home. . ivu,ir w. We understand that Miss Page.and Mr. Ed Anderaba Fern Iwen^ married last Tuesday, .December 27. Their many friends wllili for them a long happy llf» togetli cr. .Miss Jluth Colwell spent the week-end with liom^ folks. ^ T.'B. More of Savonbiirg piased away Jonuary 1st. The fuiieral Wood; ".Mambrlno'H Helmet." Mi^s.'sorvjceH were held at the Ralgton J. H. Sdwerhy; "fThe Distressed j Funeral Home and intet^eju' Damsel* and "The COnralescenI iln the Old Blwnore cemetei^. . J. Ci. Troiiihold: ahdi bereaved (aniily have oiir sj Knight,'* airs :. "Hancho -Pauza anil the Duchess," I Mrs. ^bo;Aiexan d^r. .-•Thje next tneetltw, ^fnuary 17. will be irlth Mrs. Oeo. Ci Dalgarno, " IF-,-, ,-. . , ' ^' thy. i , Becaiifle of the extreme cold tind f«now cveryoh.e haa ifficn atiyjing close tit home. Consequently' peiws Is Terjr scarce. > f was The sytaipa- lic domain, turned a deaf ear; and when the outcry against the cattle barons thundered issued orders lo the cowmen to remove their property—orders , which It knew very well would \ he disregarded. As far as the two-millipn-acre tract commonly known as" Oklahoma was concerned, the i-attUi- inen in the Cherokee Strip would, not hav/> been concerned one way or the other about its beng opened for settleincut but for one thing: they knew that once Oklahoma wan' opened It would be a question of only a short time jintll other vast sections of land lir' the terrltoryi would be thrown open, and the! Cherokee fjirlp would be .'iinoMg[ them. ! r. ACEMUC, To Cure a Qai^ in . The tonic and lautlve effect of t^uOm BBOHO QUOONE Tal>leta mil finltQr tba tyttrn agidnat Grip, Inlanna and oilier Mriow iUa i*«uU. ilBfftOBaCoUL PnevSOe. Tbtbozb«a»UiU*issiaur« »MT. I L-/>wen Merits since 1889^. Rita rehirnk, and Tony Ifarri- -sdn's mapV MQrld ew- to .Mnnsh at sight, of lier. Read the ne.vt ohnpter. Stops t'on^h.s Qul(-kly--lleal!ni:. * Demulcent. ' —"I wa.=; bothered' with a hard persi.steni cough.'but found no oth- | er remedy so good and .so quickly ' relieving as Foley's Honey and Tar ,' Compound." say* E. Borggess, Pomona, Calif. Cough.s and throat ' irritations, hard bronchial coughs, iiiifcerlng "flu" cougtis, almost in: .stantly shopped, -it ««ini>in«:< «ti.> curative influence of pure pine lar- and the mollifying demulcent ac-, lion of fresh clear honey with olhr ; er healing ingredients. A boon ti}\ those who suffer from troiibie.soni< night coughs. Ask for Foley's Hoh- .ey . and Tar Compound.—Browi: Driig Store. POlt SKtN tRRJITATIOffS licrc-, hull s li c c e s s I have eiiiullcd. ilis pure herbal remedies wliirh , luve stood tlic test for many years are still among the "best sellers." Dr. Pierce's Coldtn , Medical Discovery is a stomacii alterative whkh makes the blood richer. It clears thu shin, btaiitilics it, pimples -and eruptions vanisli qm'ckly. Tiiis Discovery jof Dr. Pierce's puts you in llnccondi- - tion. All dealers. Liquid or tablets, i .Send 10 cents for trial pkg. ot tali- I lets to Dr. Pierce. Buffalo. N. Y.- I —Extra large bundles, of cleati newspapers. jOc. at Register office LAST TlilES TONIGHT mil i'ivHU' ran as \t road alinw frt,r an nil it r far at $2 priceH. - * Man's riclw^ That Woffen l^ve! Dorothy Itingedi andj ebloretj by the fin^ art the picture ha« yet revealed; The .sweep of the the cjast of iiidiviiiua] ei^cellehce make this the iMek drama motion story- . finest .*creen entertainment available, p^ee this from:the Shows 2, 7 and 9 .-J DDED—COM W AND NEWS THrasDAlri .Hack JU and JaiOc XiilhiJk the. p9lr tlia.t Rare yon "Suh- .SadleH tiiid only last "Smile, Brftther SmlU','' In Hhf cnlildn't-'decide which rtllllohuire to marjy. until shcj mot Ihis haiilHomc jtrucl^ driver. Then ahe went crazy about .him. You'll Itibw'wh^ after ypv've; seeti t)j»zzllng Dorqihy and Jolly J.acljMnh his llwJBllest of comedy iJrianiaK. St turd^y—Ho<»t fifbsoB IB "Pwntiid Ponies" <<mie<|f llw !rign« ""MBfliillli ^ssions ^^ttd the Clothes You Wear First imprefisionB are rarely forgotten and it b giurpricung how details of dress enter into the matter of making a favorable appearance. Dry cleaning ia an important ally in l^eeping well groomei. \4 C L E A N L R S •5.. BIG SPECUL AT THE • I-TTE • TflXIGlJT, tOUOBBOW XKillT .\.\D FRID-^Tf ' \ XAmhfiU)^. yfntiajpe JOc and ittr: .Xlglit lOc anilj |The comedy filmed in lola—not an ad film but an hoii- ej^t-to-sroodhess: comedy. DirectetJ «nd enacted on thi- stVeetrt of lola entitled I *W0 movBLEsom TRAMPS'' I' • i FeojturJnjr Kfunetli Hinlth and Ward Hall as the two tiutiips and Uert Fryer an |J Oeorge Vltmtf as .Mundy. the old ctflj^ed lady. .Vprnia Moke Jopn ilenrter.'^on, Roweiia Wooilarrt anif Marguerite HRIdgeway,. Clflef of I'oUce andOie Olson and huni^^s of lyher lola.-people. AI«o I^st Times fior • I " **C <Mmtiy Beyond" with IMtye 9<Hi(pn itjjif |t^h f;i7ives jM ^c piffctprd l« -W A W W I P the Tnviir ^fldnlgbt and the deatructlon-of the world.. All nature aijid ev- : er^ living thlnit are s^-ept Jirtp chaos—then comes the climax. • €opjaK---«flM. I.ew -W8ltece 'si rBen ffjir^ ;

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