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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 1

Ironwood, Michigan
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Friday, June 4, 1965
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*•*«•) ifci "'"mM TEMPERATURES: 24 hr. period to 12 noon: 68: 53. Previous 24 hr. period: 66, 47. Year ago: High 63; low 33. Precipitation, to date, 15.77 in. Relative humidity 91 per cent. IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE FORECASTS — Cloudy With thundershowers likely tonight and Saturday. Warmer tonight. Low tonight in the 50s. High Saturday in the 60s. 46th YEAR, NUMBER 167. ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE NEWS SERVICE IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN, FRIDAY EVENING, JUNE 4, 1965: TWELVE PAGES SINGLE COPY 10 CENTS. White's Space Antics Highlight Flight Spacemen Chat With Capsule Communicator HOUSTON, Tex. (AP)—While Gemini 4 was circling the earth today in the second day of itsj work on getting some pictures now." McDivitt: "Okay, get out front so I can see you. I've only White II was chatting with cap- white- "Okay " sule communicator Virgil (Ous) McDi vitt: "Where are you? 1 Orissom. White: "I'm out front now." White re-lived some moments Orissom: -you've got about of his space stroll Thursday and five m i nu tes " was brought up to date on ter-j (WWte explained to McDivitt restial doings. He had taken: ne was going to do some thing, controls of the spaceship while i but the transmission was gar- command pilot James McDivitt | b j ed) slept. The following conversa-i M cbivitt: -DO it slowly and tion occurred as the craft passed Carnarvon Station in Australia shortly before 7 a.m. EST. White: "Looks like Jim's corked off pretty well. He hasn't; - (Wnite made observations stirred, now, the last hour and a: that were garb i e d in transmis- | sion). ... . *i McDivitt: — news release here for him about close . up picture here." Mike's baseball team. Do you (A pause) want to take it and pass it on to McDivitt: Grissom: "Okay, I have I'll take your picture." McDivitt: "Just float around. Right now we're pointed just about straight down to the ground." 'Let me take a him?" White: "Yes, pass up." Grissom: "Okay. The Hawks won their Pee-Wee League 3-2. They beat the Falcons. The Hawks got three runs off two hits. The F.alcons got two runs on three hits." White: "Roger. Understand. The Hawks won 3-2." Grissom: "Roger. Hey, uh, "You're smearing up my windshield, you dirty dog." (A laugh from both) McDivitt: "See how it's all smeared up there?" White: "Yeah " McDivitt: "Looks like there's a coating on the outside and you rubbed it off. That's exactly what you've done." McDivitt: "Ed, I don't know here's the headline of the jexact i y where we are, but it (Houston) Post today you might } 00 ^ s nk e we're over Texas. As pass on also. Thought it was pretty good. Big headlines are: a matter of fact, you know, thai looks like Houston down below - - 'Aw, Ed, please get back in the us » spaceship.' " Grissom: "Gemini 4, Houston White: "It was tough to come ; cap-Corn (Capsule Communica in and a little tough to get back'tions) " into. It was sure tough to get McDivitt: "Hey, Gus, as z matter of fact it looks like we're into. Grissom: "I'll bet. I have r ight"over"Houston"." y° u -" Grissom: "Gemini 4, Gemin White: "Were you all reading 4 Houston " us? We never knew whether you 'McDivitt: "Yeah, that's Gal were reading us or not." i veston Bay right there." Grissom: "Yeah. Your box white: "Yeah." was keyed all the tjme. We, McDivitt: "Hey, Ed can you couldn't get4ns«iWe<d try-to telljsee in your side O f the space you,your time was up and get! cra ft?" back and we never could get I white: "Yeah." through to you at all." White: "Oh. Is that right? I'm glad you didn't.' Grissom, laughingly: "Yeah. I could tell that." Grissom asks for a technical reading, then says: "Have you had anything to eat yet?" White: "I'm in the middle of . . . and I'm gonna fix a little McDivitt: "Can you see the camera here?" White: "Yeah. 1 McDivitt: "Is it pointing a you?" White: "No, not now, no. Turn it. I'm not in the picutre." McDivitt: "Which way?" (A garbled "reply from White McDivitt: "Now don't ge Astronauts Whirl Into Second Day of Mission By HOWARD BENEDICT HOUSTON, Tex. (AP)—Astro- out compatible, work, sleep and eat cycles for future long-duration flights." This is one of the major goals of the flight, along with gather- nauts James McDivitt and Edward White whirled into the second day of their marathon ! m g"'£f medlca7"'£ta""to space mission today, their spir-, mine how well the astr0 nairt* its high and their flight plan witnstand long exposure to th« back on schedule after some, wei ntlesg world of space • hectic early hours during which i Oemi ni 4 began its second 24- White strolled in space. hour period at 10;16 am EST The Mission Control Center said everything appeared favorable for the Gemini 4 spacecraft to complete its full 97- hour, 50-minute mission. If there are no hitches, America's longest manned space today. At 8:37 p.m. it will surpass Gordon Cooper's U.S. man- in-space record of 34 hours 20 minutes, established in May 1963. Russian LAST MINUTE PREPARATIONS FOR TAKEOFF — NASA technicians make final adjustments on capsule as two U.S. astronauts wait in their positions at Cape Kennedy, Fla. Com- mand pilot James A. McDivitt is at left; Co-pilot Edward H. White is at right. (AP Wirephoto) cosmonaut Valefy . .. ,„ , i ,„ „„ ^m Bykovsky holds the record of flight will end at 12:06 p.m. EST ny9 h y 6 minutes . Monday with a parachute ^^ took tne contro ,g splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean 400 miles southwest of Bermuda. During a pass over the Houston Control Center on the 14th orbit today. White told capsule communicator Virgil Grissom a few more details about his 20- minute excursion into space during orbit No. 3 Thursday. White described as "vivid blue" the waters of the Gulf of Flight Headlines News in Europe LONDON (AP)—The Gemini space flight was the top news in West European newspapers today. Millions followed the Marines Kill! 9 Viet Cong Today no By RONALD I. DEIITSCH pine missing. There were SAIGON, South Viet Nam ' reports of Communist losses. (AP)-U.S. Marines killed 19; In the M k Ri delt Viet Cong and wounded 1 in 6 ' skirmishes today in tfte Da astronauts' progress Nang-Phu Bai area, a spokesman announced. He said two Marines were killed and 19 wounded. The Leathernecks took the on television and radio. London papers pointed out that astronaut Edward H. White n had walked in space longer chicken salad and finish it off! bade there where the ah." with fruit salad and...(garble)."] White (interrupting): "No Grissom: "...We'll leave you rm no t behind you, I'm out i. alone and let you eat." f ron t" White: "Well, it's nice to talk! Grissom, repeatedly amid to you and get all the news from garbled McDivitt-White conver- the homefront. As we went overj sa tion: "Gemini 4, Houston; Houston I could actually see the Gemini 4, Houston; Gemini 4, than Soviet cosmonaut Alexe't Leonov. "The space walk champ," said a headline in the Sun. Britain's top space tracker, Sir Bernard Lovell of the Jodrell Bank Observatory, said, "The American achievement, coming quickly after the Russians, demonstrates how closely matched they are for a manned lunar landing." 'The Gemini flight was front- page news in Moscow also, but most papers carried an early Tass dispatch from New York stressing the failure to rendezvous with the booster rocket. Pravda, the Soviet Communis: party organ, published a brief dispatch from a Western gulf. While I was outside the gulf and Galveston." Later Grissom asked: I saw Houston.' White: "I've only shot about "Hey, three or four pictures)." Ed, you talked about walking on McDivitt: "All right. I've tak- you ac-;en a lot, but they're not very that space ship. Were tually walking on it?" good. You're in too close for White: "Yes, I wasr I was us-'most of them. I finally put the ing the tether to pull myself,focus down to about eight feet down on the spacecraft. It'or so." looked like I was right on-top of Grissom: it, as a matter of fact. It's kinda ton." 'Gemini 4, Hous- hard to get fraction on top, but. Ground to flight: "Flight, will _,' you tell Gemini 4 to release the key when you're trying to talk when you. pull yourself down, you do get a little bit." Grissom: "Need some suction to him?" cups or magnets I guess." I Grissom: The remarkable conversation ton." between White, McDivitt, and* McDivitt: Grissom during White's space j thing about the reference you "Gemini 4, Hous- 'You know, Ed, the stroll Thursday ran as follows: McDivitt: "Tell us what youi think." • White: "Looks like we're coming up on the coast of California." McDivitt: "One thing about it when Ed gets out there and starts wiggling around it sure makes the spacecraft tough to See SPACEMEN—Page 10. news White agency was in reporting that space for 20 minutes. Apparently the other morning newspapers went to press before news of White's feat arrived. "The Soviet people sincerely congratulate the two cosmonauts and the American scientists on this achievement," sakl Moscow radio after broadcast ing word of the Gemini launching. The live television transmissions of the takeoff, relayed to Europe by the Early Bird satellite, were a huge success. Swedish TV experts described it as "a tele-technical triumph.' Tourists packed the lounges of Norwegian hotels to watch the President Urges Soviet Union To Join in Search for Peace Vietnamese forces fought a daylong battle Thursday trying to bottle up strong guerrilla units i at Cai Lay, about 50 miles of Gemini 4 shortly after 6:15 a.m. (EST) to let command pilot James McDivitt relax In hit second sleep period. Mission control informed the astronauts their capsule was revolving about the earth in ah orbit that ranged from 101 miles at its lowest point to 179 miles at the highest. Medical officers at the space- control complex here said after offensive in a day of scattered witn ground fighting across South Viet Nam, in which the Viet Cong strove to maintain the ini- liative. Government casualties for today and Thursday rose to at least 239 killed, wounded and The vietl Con B' blasting back missing. In Saigon, the National Legislative Council apparently resolved a political crisis simmering for two weeks. The 20-member council upheld a right of Premier Phan Huy Quat, challenged by Phan Khac Suu, chief of state, to fire two Cabinet ministers. A spokesman said Suu was now supporting Quat. U.S. Ambassador Maxwell D. Taylor, who postponed a projected trip to Washington last weekend to keep watch on the crisis, may now head to the United States in the next few days. A ranking 50-caliber machine guns, Marines Leave Santo Domingo By ROBERT BERRELLEZ SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) — The U.S. Marines said goodby to Santo Domingo today as President Johnson ordered the rest of them out. Helicopters were airlifting the 2,100 leathernecks to the car- Mexico and the Caribbean. He the first four-hour sleep period said he clearly saw Houston that sleeping habits and appe- and Galveston Bay as he floated tites of both were disrupted by on the end of a golden lifeline (the lingering excitement 100 miles above the white's more than earth. He said he even saw Clear broke out of the envolopment j rier Boxer offshore, but suffered heavy losses, a U.S. military spokesman, speaking of the makeup of enemy forces, said there are so many of North Viet Nam's regular troops fighting now in South Viet Nam "it is becoming academic" whether they are here as regular North Vietnamese units. Vietnamese troops were caught in two more Communist ambushes, one followup action by the Reds to an earlier ambush near Lao Thien, about 150 miles northeast of Saigon. * * * Casualties in the first ambush spokesman said. Government losses were listed as 18 killed and 52 wounded, but the figure was expected to go higher when a fuller report is received. Twenty Viet Cong bodies were found, and trails of blood indicated the enemy casualties were much higher. U.S. Marines beat off an attack by an estimated 50 guerrillas in a 15-minute skirmish near Le My, a Communist-infested string of hamlets about six miles northeast of the Da Nang air base. Two Marines were wounded and three .guerrillas were known killed. The battle was described as the hottest the 2nd Marine Battalion has taken part in since it arrived in Viet Nam April 10. * * * One of the wounded Marines was hit in the leg and evacuated to a hospital. His condition was described as good. The other suffered a slight arm wound. U.S. Navy and Air Force planes made seven strikes against targets in North Viet Nam, including a Communist military headquarters and communications center at Ban Ma about 90 miles southwest of Ha noi. Navy Aircraft from the car rier Bon Homme Richard flew than 90 sorties Thursday By FRANL: CORMIER (speech that he had ordered the of a six-vehicle convoy day totaled 15 government troops killed, 15 wounded and 15 missing. Two armored cars were destroyed, two trucks damaged and two machine guns lost. Communist losses were not known. A relief force sent in a few lagainst Viet Cong positions in ' South Viet sources said. Nam, Pilots military said the; control.' Grissom: v ,ures?" McDtvitt: Grissom: tures." White: ' CHICAGO (AP) - President withdrawal of the. 1,100 Marines jnours later was nit about seven 'Is he taking pic- i Johnson has told the people of still in the Dominican Republic. "Not yet." "Take some pic- 'Okay, I'm gonna "Could Have Sold More Studio Couches 7 Advertiser Reports This result-getting Daily Globe Want-Ad cost only $1.00 to bring a quick sale: STUDIO COUCH—Beige, upholsters like new, leather arms, sleeps two. Uaed very little. Call 000-0000. Used furniture items of all types find eager buyers when you use the Daily Globe Want-Ads to "tell what you have to sell." The cost is small, the action fast, On Th* Hang* And In The Ontonagoa Country It's Th« Iron wood Daily Globe Wint-Adt Gtl Tht Quick Action Rtsuli* Phon. 332-2211 for > Miu Ad-TikM pose in Santo Domingo and where "is—and will always be, —to serve the peace of man-, kind." | He said, "The American peo-; pie want to be a part of no war. But the American people want northeast no part of appeasement or of S j x _, any aggression." the Soviet Union he wants them to withdraw support of aggression and subversion and join the United States in a common search for peace. Appearing Thursday night before several thousand Cook County Democrats who paid $100 a plate to hear him deliver his first on-the-record speech to a political audience since the In an apparent effort to con- November election, Johnson trast his recent policies with said at the outset: "I do not be-.those followed by many coun- lieve this is an appropriate! tries prior to World War II, place tonight for partisanship.", Johnson said: Declaring that the peace ofj "In the 1930s, we made our mankind transcends political fate not by what we did but by considerations, Johnson said he what we failed to do. We pro- had this message for the people pelled ourselves — and all man- of the Soviet Union: "There is kind — toward tragedy, not by no American interest in conflict decisiveness but by vacillation. v,nrrhpa«5r nf thp first dropped 68 tons of bombs and destroyed at least 142 buildings A U.S. military spokesman said at least six Soviet IL28 je bombers of Korean War vintage have been spotted on the ground in North Viet Nam over the pas week. Johnson said the nation's pur-! f ion Thp fffiv p rnrnpn f incspq in '• Tne IL28's have a speed of 50 .„ :_ „„„.„ r,™; „ „,„„ , "on. The government losses in, mUeg an nour and & range Qf ^ artillery fire finally routed the guerrillas. Another ambush near Kontum, about 285 About 2,000 U.S. paratrooper There was no indication whether the carrier and her es- ort would sail for other waters mce the Marines were aboard. * * * Johnson announced in Chicago Thursday night that Brazilian •en. Hugo Panasco Alvim, commander of the Inter-Ameri:an Force in the Dominican Republic, had advised him "that conditions in the Domnican Re- Dublic now permit further reduction of our military personnel." "I have accordingly ordered the withdrawal of all remaining units of the United States Marine Corps totaling approximately 2,100 men," the President said. Departure of the Marines leaves 14,200 U.S. paratroopers serving with 1,500 Latin-American troops in the Inter-American Force. * * * Peace negotiators of the Organization of American States continued talks with rebel and junta leaders. At U.N. headquarters in New York, Soviet Delegate Nikolai T. Fedorenko asked the Security Council to get the Inter-American Force out of the Dominican Republic and to investigate rebel charges that the junta has executed hundreds of rebel sympathizers. U.S. Delegate Charles W. Yost replied that the council was not the place to discuss charges of violation of human rights. He said the Inter-American Force was helping the Dominicans and did not violate the U.N. Charter, Lake, about 3 miles long and iy 2 miles wide, near the Houston homes of both astronauts. White said the jet-gun maneuvering unit he used made it much easier to move about outside the capsule. When he wasn't using it, he said, he had difficulty getting around. White also said he had walked on the equipment section of the Gemini 4 during his excursion. "It looked like I was right on top of it," he said, "It.'s kinda hard to get traction." Then Grissom passed on some news from home. He reported that the Hawks, a Pee - Wee League baseball team for which McDivitt's 8-year-old son Mike sensational 20-minute glide outside the capsule on the third orbit Thursday. However, by the 10th orbit, about 11 hours later, their blood pressure, temperatures and heart beat were back to normal; McDivitt had one complaint early today. A balky latch on White's hatch door kept them from jettisoning the now-surplus equipment needed only for White's space walk. "We are crowded and we have most of that junk down in the foot well," he reported this morning. .; The antics of White, 34, highlighted the first-day voyage as Oemini 4 streaked around and around the earth. rart of today's plan called for White and his command pilot. James A. McDivitt to pretend they are returning from a moon time the word was relayed. j trip and try to orient themselves John Hodge, the overnight | visually by spotting landmarks flight director, told newsmen i such as the Florida Peninsula. • '" were four plays, defeated the Falcons, 3-2. McDivitt was asleep at the today that during the night Mc-j White and McDivitt Divitt and White managed to'scheduled to stay aloft get back on the original f light | days. Both got their first sleep plan. I late Thursday night and early The plan had been disrupted: today although White slept fit- during the first three orbits j fully, apparently still exhila. when McDivitt made a futile at- rated by his space walk. tempt to catch and rendezvous! The excitement also affected with another satellite burned-out third stage — the!their appetites. Mission control of the said McDivitt ate only about Titan 2 rocket that boosted them ino orbit. After expending about 40 per cent of his fuel, McDivitt abandoned the effort. The chase contributed to a one-orbit delay in White's space excursion. Hodge said that throughout the night, the Gemini 4 was allowed to drift on its orbital path without any expenditure of fuel. Hodge said two orbit-changing maneuvers would be dropped from the flight and there would be some curtailment of scientific experiments that require spacecraft maneuvering. He said McDivitt and White half of what he was expected to consume. : "They didn't eat more because they were elated and excited," the report said. Space officials indicated then was a chance President Johnson might try to call the astronauts sometime today: '*' White stayed alone in space for 20 minutes, double the time spent by a last March, Soviet cosmonaut and had to be coaxed back into the capsule by McDivitt, who followed peremptory commands barked into space from mission control in Houston. "We've got 3V4 days buddy," McDivitt told to go, White, were getting used to sleeping in j after a sharp nudge from mis- space after initial "tossing and turning" periods. Each slept well on their second four-hour slumber period, he reported. "Now that we're back on a regular schedule," Hodge said, sion control. "I'm coming," White said reluctantly. As he eased back into the capsule, he added: "It's the saddest moment of my life." Legislature Plans 'Fiscal Reform' Session Next Fall By AL SANDNER late Majority Leader LANSING (AP) — The Mich-' Dzendzel, D-Detroit. •in "we'll be able to start working I The launch went off flawlessly Thursday after a 1-hour. Ifr minute delay, but there was a measure of disappointment. McDivitt's plan to pull within a f<0* feet of the tumbling second stage Titan 2 rocket was canceled. Too much fuel had been Raymond i usecl in chasing the abandoned | booster, itself an orbiting satel- ! lite. where a Saigon, was c A first killed and testing their might against the igan Legislature will return "in They said: •i Viet Cong and the rugged ter- late September or early October 1 "The leadership of the House; Space officials had hoped tne miles i ,,„,„ mnmn int^* »v,«, lo^n-oof ! t.n trivp fill' rnnsirlprat.inn tr> onri Ronnto hnvf> acrrpori nnt tn '• 1'CndeZVOUS maneuver WOUld rain completed the largest ]... to give fuV. consideration to and Senate have agreed not to f ri American operation of the war j matters of taxation and reve- adjourn this session on July 30. a looa Tn ursday night. inues," House and Senate Dem- Instead we will recess at the The paratroopers killed at! ocratic leaders announced least three guerrillas during the day. Five Airmen Die in Crash ROSWELL, N.M. (AP) maneuver give the space pilots the vital experience needed for the moon to- end of June and will return in;trip the United States hopes/tb late September or early Octo- make by 1970. But the crowd pleaser Thurs- Five airmen were killed in the Supported by heavy artillery four-day practical-training oper- The fall "fiscal reform" ses- ber." ation and suffered six casual- i sion came to light in debate The regular work of the legis-1 day was the space stroll when ties, none serious, a U.S. mill-: that preceded the killing of a Mature will be completed on! White, linked to the capsule by tary spokesman said. One relia- Republican motion to extend schedule, however, meaning a! a slim golden leash, cavorted in deadlines to allow fiscal reform final wrapup except for new j the void eight minutes longer action in the three working legislation on taxation, they' than planned, weeks left in the regular said. i Dr. Charles Berry, the astro- session. : "By late September we will! nauts' physician, told a new! The move to discharge the have year-end figures for the conference White was not diso- ble report said two of the Amer lican injured were hit by frag- i ments of U.S. artillery rounds — ' that fell short. with the Soviet people any- not by determination and reso- crash of an Air Force KC135 and air strikes, the 1st and 2nd House Policy Committee of con- current fiscal year. We will j riented while outside the space- where. And no true Soviet inter- lution but by hesitancy and irre- tanker aircraft Thursday night Battalions of the 173rd Airborne sideration of a Senate approved know the exact surplus as of j craft, as his Soviet predecessor est is going to be served by the solution, not by action but by near Walker Air Force Base. Brigade fanned out over an area resolution which extends dead- June 30, 1965. We will have a'had been. ' support of aggression or subver- inaction." Names of the dead were with- 5 miles wide and 10 miles long lines for tax and appropriations more accurate picture of lapsed I " He even walked on tbf sion anywhere in the world. j He asserted "there just must held pending notification of next on the edge of "D" zone, a Viet bills was made by Rep. James appropriations for the fiscal; spacecraft," Dr. Berry sal, be no such failure in the 1960s." of kin. Cong stronghold 40 miles north- Folks, R-Horton, and defeated year ending June 30 and "We of the United States of America stand ready tonight, as always, to go with you onto the fields of peace." i The audience applauded his unusual message to the Soviets. However, the applause seemed even noisier when the President announced later in his] Johnson afternoon thei"Ed was all over the Oemini 4 under, behind and on top of it.? flew here Thursday The tanker was on a routine eas't of Saigon. The battalions 51-32 in a near party line vote, final appropriations levels ..... for the speech and mission and approaching a were lifted into separate landing! Rep. J. Bob Traxler, D-Bay be set for fiscal 1065-66," they. The astronaut propelled bijppp returned to Washington immediately afterward. His 17-year-old daughter Lucl went to Chicago with him but did not return. A. Her plans were not known. Walker AFB runway when the zones Monday and linked forces City, majority floor leader, hint- said. | self about space with • Q accident occurred, base spokes- Tuesday. i ed at House-Senate agreement "With this information and j space gun. •••'_.<men said. After the operation, U.S. mili- in debate on the move. It was with the bulk of other legislative) The order from Houston Mil- There are two tanker groups tary sources said the paratroop- later confirmed in a joint state- work completed for 1965, the j sion Control for White to retUjg at Walker, a Strategic Air Com- ers were ready for any show- ment by House Speaker Joseph legislature can concentrate on I to the capsule was the JMKfOpi mand base. | down with the Viet Cong. j Kowalski," D-Detroit, and Sen-: fiscal questions." | He* ASTBONAUT&—Paf«- ; H

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