The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 29, 1894 · Page 8
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1894
Page 8
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CASIMIR-PERIER WINS. Elected President of France on the First Ballot. HIS OFFICIAL ENTRY INTO PARIS, Escorted by a Detachment of Dragoons ' Received an Immence Cvnticm From People Along the Konte—Greeted With Shouts of "Long Live Caslinlr-Perlcr." Ministers Formally Tender Resignations. VERSAILLES, Juue 28.—-Unsimir-Perier was elected president of the French republic, in sue lessioc to M. Garnet, the victim of anarchistic hate. The election was by the senate and chamber of clepu- ties, sitting as the national assembly in the great hall of the Palace of Versailles that has been the scene of so many historic events, one of the most recent of which was the proclamation Jan. 18, 1871, of the victorious King William of Prussia as emperor of Germany. The hall CASIJIIR-PERIEB. was filled with spectators an hour before the session began, and among the assemblage were many members of the diplomatic corps. M. Challamel-Lacouv presided by virtue of his position as president of the senate. At 1:10 p. m. he ' called the assembly to order, and after a sympathetic reference to the late President Carnot read the articles of the constitution relative to the election of a president and then declared the national assembly opened. No time was lost in proceeding to a ballot. • The voting was more close than had been anticipated. The assembly consists of about 884 members, ot whom the senators number 800. The balloting began amid considerable discussion between the senators and deputies. No speeches were made. When the tellers reported the ballot to the assembly M. Challemel-Lacour said: "M. Casimir-Perier having obtained an absolute-majority, I proclaim him president of the French republic." The following is the complete result of the poll: M. Casimir-Perier, 451; M. Brisson, 1»1; M. Dupuy. 09: General . Fevrier, 53; M. Arago, 27; scattering, 33. •Total, 853. • Before the vote was taken M. De ' Bandrey-de Asson, a monarchist and ' clericalist, jumped upon a chair and, waving a paper, declared he wanted to submit a motion to revise the constitution. No attention was paid to him and the ballot proceeded. Tremendous cheering ako greeted the 1 announcement of the result. The socialists, however, made vociferous protests. M. Chauvin, the hair dresser deputy representing one of the divisions of St. Denis; M. Trivrier, the blouse wearing deputy representing Mont Lucon, and M. Carnaud, the deputy who has the distinction of having been formerly a school teacher, and other socialists shook their fists at the other members of the national assembly, , at the same time shouting: "Vive la revolution sociale!" "Down with reaction!" etc., mingled with repeated "A bas la presidence!" Socialist Clamors Drowned. M. De Jeante, a Socialist, shouted OUT a violent protest against the refusal ot the congress to consider his motion to • abolish the presidency. His protest was greeted with loud Socialist applause. The Moderates and Radicals demanded the closure amid a scene of groat uproar during which M. Avez continued shouting at the top of his voice: "AU this is a result of a coalition of the reactionaries." M. Michelin, president of the municipal of Paris, mounted the tribune and attempted to speak, but his voice was drowned with loud cries of: "Bou- langist, Boulangist, a bas le Boulangist." The Socialist clamors were then drowned by torrents of counter cheering and in a moment of comparative silence M. Challemel-Lacour ordered the secretary to read the minutes of the meeting and the session of the national assembly was then closed with cries of; "Vive la re- publique." Caslmlr-Perlor** Response. In officially notifying M. Casimir- Perier of his election M. Lacour delivered au eloquent oration, and in reply M. Casiinir-Perier said: "I can scracely restrain the emotion I now feel. The national assembly bestows upon me the greatest honor a citizen can ever reach by imposing upon me the heaviest moral responsibilities a man can bear. I shall give my country all that w in me of energy and patriotism. I shall give the republic all the warmth of my convictions which have never varied. I shall give the democracy all my devotion, all iny heart, as did he whose loss we now deplore. Finally I shall endeavor to do all my duty." The new president received the con. gratulatious of Premier Dupuy and the cabinet ministers and a largo number of senators and deputies in the room set apart for the use of the cabinet. Afterwards he received the congratulations of the various newspapers represented at Versailles upon this occasion, Replying to the newspaper men, M. Cusiiuir- perler uuld: "I have only one word to say. You may discuss we—I belong to you; but never forget France and tiro republic." Oftlclal Entry Into Paris. A little 4-howu landau, the panels inscribed: "Consilionon iuipetuio," drove into tbe courtyard, M. Casiuiir-Porler entered jtUfl vehicle and started for Paris, escorted by A detachment of dragoons, with I«BC«» from which bright colored jiunnons wwe Hying iu order to imiko hie official entry in the customary manner uutl bomowhat after the style of tho kings of France into the capital of Franco. The new president receive i mi iiniwnse ovation from the (Hewn tw.v.ia of people who lined the route trom V r- milk's to Paris. TUo prosi'lout'u cortege folio wed ''>" highroad lo tho cay and then V' the Avouuw Pi* A.9 the remains of Carnot are yet ttn« buried the.i usual installation at the palace of the Elyssee was foregone. Detachments of police and Republican guards lined the pavements about the ministry of foreign affairs. A tri-colored flag was unfurled from the central Window of the building' as the president approached, He _was greeted with shouts of "Long live Casi ; mir-Perier!" "Long live the repttb- liquel" General Borius, chief of Carnot's military household, who was in full uniform, received the president at tha entrance, while the other officials of Carnot's military household awaited him at the top of the steps, Ministers Tender Their Resignations. The ministers shortly after the presi- dent't arrival formally tendered their resignations to him. Casimir-Perier requested them to remain in office. It is doubtful, however, whether Dupuy, the prime minister, will retain his office. It is expected, in the event of his insisting upon his resignation being accepted, that the president will summon Burdeau to form a cabinet. This will enable Dupuy to hold his position as president of the chamber of deputies. Arrested Three Anarchists. ROME, June 88.— The police arrested three anarchists in the precincts of the chamber of deputies. They were taken to the pottaa station and searched. Each had upon his person an accurately drawn plan of the hall, lobbies, entrances, etc., of the chamber, showing almost conclusive evidence that their design to explode a bomb or commit some other outrage in the building. Gladstone Will Not Stand for Election. EDINDURO, June <!8.—At a meeting of the Midlothian Liberal association it was definitely announced that Mr. Gladstone would not again stand for election to the house of commons. Sir Thomas Gibson Carmichael will succeed Mr. Gladstone in Midlothian. Wilt Send a Splendid Wreath. BEBLIN, June 28.—Emperor William has ordered Count von Munster, the German'ambassador to France, to represent him at the funeral of M. Carnot. Bis majesty will send a wreath to be laid upon the coffin. An Augury of Peace. BERLIN, June 28.—All the dispatches received here concur in saying that Casimir-Perier's election is an augury of peace. Tale Team In England. SOUTHAMPTON, June 28.—The New York arrived here, having on board the Yale athletic team. To Manage the Iowa Central. ' DBS MOINES, June 28.—A dispatch received from Colonel L. M. Martin, who is now in New York City, states that he has been tendered and accepted the general management of the Iowa Central railway in place of E. R. McNeil, who has been appointed receiver of the Oregon Railway and Navigation company. Preached Without an Audience. CHICAGO, June. 28.—Joseph Imig and his wife of Palmyra, Wis., testified in the Prendergast cast, that the prisoner had been in Wisconsin last summer and had acted in a manner far from sane. Prendergast has, they said, preached in open fields, without an audience and otherwise behaved strangely. Union Pacific Demurrer OverruledU DENVER, June 28.—Judge Hallet overruled the demurrer of the Union Pacific Railroad company to the application of Governor John Evans to have the election of directors of the Union Pacific, Denver and Gulf railway set aside. Nicaragua Gnnal Bill. WASHINGTON, June 28.—The house commerce committee approved the Nicaraguan canal bill drawn by the subcommittee and ordered it reported to the bouse. Meeting of Northern Colorado Miners, ERIE, Colo., June 2c>.—A mass mooting of the northern Colorado coal miners has been called at Lafayette to decide whether to join in the strilca or not. 'Gold Kesorvo Com In it Up. WASHINGTON, June 28.—The cash balance in the treasury Wednesday was 1114,108,303, of which $6tt,041,371 was gold reserve. • CONGREiailbNAL PROCEEDINGS. Beuutor Allen In»UU on Knowing About Protection Wages. WASHINGTON, Juno 27.—With the thermometer standing 83 in the senate chamber Tuesday, the senate entered upon the 13th week of the tariff debate. At the opening of tho session Mr. Allen made another ineffectual attempt to secure action on his resolution directing the secretary of the treasury to inform the senate of the eiact num- ~ ber of persons engaged in protected industries whose wages might be affected by tariff legislation. Mr. Gallinger (Rep.) objected, and Mr, Merrill moved to refer it to the finance committee, Mr. Allen gave notice that so' long as tbe resolution re- SENATOR ALLEN, roainod unacted upon ho would object to all legislation by unanimous consent. Mr, Merrill's motion was defeated by a vote of 10 to 27. Then tho senate resumed tho consideration of the income tav provisions of tho tariff bill. Mr, Hill withdrew the amendment offered Saturday to strike out the provision exempting tho iutereot on United States bonds from the operation of the tax. ills object in ottering tho amend' tuent, Mr. Hill said, was to cull tho ut- tontion of tho country to tho fact that |ti30,OOU,OOi> of propurty in government bonds wore nuwssarily exempt from the operation of thu income tux uudur tho law, although thu ostensible purpose oi tho income tux was to rouuh wuulth and equalize taxation capital which the income tax could not reach. Mr. Hill then moved to exempt state, county and municipal bonds. He argued that the taxation of state bottda by the fede'ral government would be a direct attack upon the administration of the states. If the federal government had the right to diminish the value of state bonds and securities it had the right to destroy them. Aside from the question of the exercise of a doubi> fnl power, in justice to the states which senators represented on this floor and upon which this tax bore harshly Mr. Hill thought the states should have the right to issue bonds without being subject to federal taxation. Mr. Hill's amendment to relieve state, county and municipal bonds from the operations of the income tax was lost — 25 to «0. _ PeOer Would Tax Aliens. WASHINGTON, June SJ7.— Senator Peffet gave notice of an amendment to the tariff bill levying a doty of $nO per head upon every alien arriving in the United States. _ ' Sudden Death of Dr. Perry Tip ton. WASHINGTON, June 27.— Dr. Perry Tipton, youngest son of ex-Senator Tipton of Nebraska, died suddenly of heart failure. _ __ Created Another Txigal Holiday. WASHINGTON, June 27. — On motion of Mr. McGann the senate bill making Labor day a national holiday passed the house. _ Palmer Overcome by Heat. > WASHINGTON, June 27. — Senator Palmer overcome by the heat was forced to retire from the senate chamber Tuesday. •FAVORS"'ECre- < 10WA FARMERS. Drouth Practically Broken Tn All Parts oi the State. DBS MOINES, June 27.— The Iowa crop bulletin says: The drouth is practically broken in all parts of the state, though in the central district more rain is needed to revive pastures and replenish the water supply. Corn was never cleaner or more promising in the last week of June. The stand is remarkably even, and in the larger part -of the state it is about ready to "lay by." Oats have headed with short straw and the heads are generally deficient in number of grains. The quantity of the yield is likely to be greater than in recent years. The harvest of winter wheat and rye is in progress in southern districts, with fair yields. Barley harvest will begin a week earlier than usual, the crop being about two-thirds average. Nebraska Corn looks Promising. OMAHA, June 27.— The drouth has at last been thoroughly broken In all portions of the state. The prospects for A Good tlf Howl's Snrespnrllln tvthfit while It puttie* the blood find sends It, coursing through •t&B veins full ot richness and health,It also Imp'fttt* now Ufa and vigor to every function of tho body. Hence the e»prepelonso often heard: "Hood's Siirsupfrllla trmrte R new person ot riie." It overcomes that tired feeling so common now. Hood's fills are purely vegetable, perfectly harmless, itlwnjA reliable and b-nellclitl. Buy a straight horse from a straight rnan nfc a straight price, which will be a straight transaction, and come pretty near triviiie straigh^ teanlta all round. Tumors fibroid. Ovarian and other tumors cured by electrolysis and other meant without the knlle. which is rarely necessary, For pamphlet and references, address, with 10 cents In rtampn, World's D spensary Medical atsoclatlon, G63 Main street, Buffalo, JK.T. Conntem Marie Albonl Pepolo. June 20.— Countess Marie Al- boni Pepolo, at one time a rival of Jenny LinI, died at Ville d' Avray. Ordinance No. 41. An orilnHiice to tax the traffic of Intoxicating liquors In Carroll, lomt, and to regulate and control the same, uud to regulate selling and keep- log with Intent to sell In said Carroll, of Intoxicating liquors under provisions of chapter- — of thei acts of the tweuty-flftb general assembly of low*, entitled "Ah act to tax the traffic of Intoxicating liquor and to regulute and control tbe same." Section 1.. Be It ordained by th< city council of Carroll, lows, that on and after the tlrst Uay of July, 1894, every person, partnersblp or corporation (other than pharmacists holding permits) engaged In selling or keeping, with Intent to sell, any Intoxicating liquor wlthlu tue corporate limits of suit! Carroll, t.hall pay to the said city of Carroll u tax on said business of ?180.00per year, payable at the ofllce of the mayor of Carroll, Iowa, on ibe Brat day of each month In advance, and the tax herein provided for sball be additional to the tax provided for by said act ot the said twenty-nftb. general assembly of the state of Sec. 2. All real property wlttiln, or whereon Intoxicating liquors are sold, or kept with Intent to sell, subject , to the provisions of this ordinance shall oe subject to, and held tor payment t>f tbe additional tax herein provided for and such tax when delinquent shall become a lien on euob real estate and such lien aball be enforced In tbe manner herein provided for. Sec. 8. All persona, and property listed and assessed wltbln tbe corporate limits of Carroll, Iowa, under the provisions of said act of the general assembly of the Mate of Iowa, either by assessor oi Carroll, Iowa, or by the citizens of Carroll county, Iowa, under section three -(8) thereof until be liable to tbe additional tax herein provldea for, and shall be heio to pay tbe same under the provision of this ordinance until such assemment bus been set aside or uimulled lu tbe manner provided by said act. See. 4. A failure to so list or assess any person, partnersblp or corporation actually engaged In Belling, or keeping with intent to sell, any intoxicating liquors, or any property liable to the payment of tbe additional tax herein provided for. shall not release or discharge such .person, partnership or corporation from payment o( such tax under tbe provisions of this ordinance nor from liability tberefor, por shall such failure release or discharge any such property tcom a great corn crop were perhaps never better at this season of the year. Harvesting has already commenced and the yield promises to be larger than wa§ thought possible two weeks ago. Boshed to the Pen. WEST UNION, la., June a7.— Twenty- four hours after Theodore Meredith stole a gold watch from the repair car of the Chicago and Great Western railway he was on his way to the penitentiary to serve./lH months. llabillti or tbe lien herein provided for. 8e(v 6. On the last Monday of each of the General Washington's Other Name A large company of persons was startled recently by tho inquiry (ur General Washington'* other name. A wax asked tbe question but lo a manner that betrayed no bumorous Intent. It was evident that tbe company bad never heard tbe father of blB country bad ever nasuuied an •lias. The wag KM compelled to tell his fellow guests that our first President's other name wa* "George." Dr. Fleree'n Golden Medical Discovery Is the n<une bt tbe world renowned remedy (or all blood disorder*, liver complaint and consumptlon.or lung icrof ulH.ln ita early etug«s. It bos jo other name and no rival, because It's tbe only medicine for these maladies BO certain In curative effect that It can be guaranteed to care or money returned. . . months of July, October, January and April of each year tbe city clerk of Carroll, lowu, sball certlly to the county auditor of Carroll county, lowu, all taxes delinquent or unpaid undei this ordinance according to the list or persons sad property liable to aald tax us shown by the records In tbe office of sold county auditor, ana said tax when BO certified sball be a lien In each case upon the real property within or whereon the Intoxicating llquori were sold, or kept with ent to sell, oy the person, partnersblp or poration liable to such Ux, and such tuxes so certllled to said county auditor sball be by him certified to the county treasurer of Carroll, county, Iowa, forcolleotlon, In the same manner and with the eBect •• taxes provided for In said act of said general assembly are ceitlned to said county treasurer Sec. 6. Any person except registered pharmacists holding permit* who shall within the corporate limit* ot Carroll, Iowa, sell or keep with intent to sell, any Intoxicating, liquors without llrst having paid In advance the tax herein provided for, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and sball be nned In tbe sum notexceodlngtSO nor less than flu and the cost of the prosecution for each day Intoxicating liquor* were sold or kept for sale without euoh tax having urst been paid, and shall bo Imprisoned until such costs and Hues are so paid. Sec. 7. Every penon. partnership or corporation engaged In selling, or keeping with Intent to sell In Carroll, Iowa, any Intoxicating liquors and being subject to the payment ot the tax herein provided for shall observe the following a^a^M I 1 60 GREAT SEMI-ANNDAL CLEARING SALE Largest discount ever offered on MEN'S, BOYS' -i AND :CHILDREN'S SUITS. Steam ship tickets to and from all parts of the world at lowest rates. If your stock is oi good temper, the blood of the Arab will moke them still more kind and intelligent. If bad tempered, he will make devils of them, says Hark Comstock.—Turf .Field and Farm. THE DISCOVERY OF AMERICA by Columbus brought enlightenment to the world. New fields of mlighteninent in tbia century ore in we line* of science. The triumph of Conservative Surgery is well -illustrated by the fact that RUPTURE or Breach, nur I Unliif nowrod* tesillv cured without the knife and without pain. Clumsy, chafing trusses] never euro but often induce inflammation, strangulation and death. TUMORS Ovarian, Fibroid (Uterine) and I wmvno, m ,i n y others, are now removed without the perils of cutting- operation!. Oil C TIIUARQ however largo, Fistula rlUt IUHIUN9, on(1 other diseases of the lower bowel, are permanently cured without naln or resort to tho knife. QTAMP In tbe Bladder, no matter how OIURC | Brgc . | g craned, pulvefcpd, washed out and perfectly removed without cutting. STRICTURE ° f Urinary l'a«M«e If also OlnlVlUnC removed wHIiouTeuttlng In hundreds of cases. For pamphlet, referonoea and particulars, send 10 cents (In atampa) - Association, World'! DiiponsnrT Medical Main Btroot, Buffalo, N. Y. THE VALE OFUINNUKAHTA Is the title of a beautifully illustrated booklet recently issued, descriptive of the Hot (Springs, South Dakota, and tbe effl- oaoy of'tlielr waters for tliu cure of rheumatism, neuralgia and kindred diseases, Copy of this pamphlet will bo mailed fret by IK. A. Tbrall, Generni Pasaonger Agont.ChioaKO & Nor tli-Wus tern railway, OuicaKo.lll., upon receipt of request, MI- closing two-cent stamp. tbe Sub-Division 1. Said selling or keeping for sale of Intoxicating liquors snail be can led on In a single room having, but one entrance or exit, and that opening upon a public street. The bur where such liquors are furnished (ball tie In plain view from tbe street, unobstructed by screens, blinds, painted wiadowsor any other device. There shall be no chairs, benches or any otber furniture In front of tbe bar, and only sueh behind the bar as Is necessary for tbe attendants. A list of all persons engaged about the place shall be died with tbe eouuty auditor, and no person shall be permitted behind Ibe barexcept those whose names aro listed with the county auditor, as provided by Raid act of tbe said general assembly. Sub-Division 2. The p'aee shall be conducted In it quiet-end orderly manner. Sub-Division 3. There shall be no gambling or gaming with cards, dice, billiards or any other device, nor music, dancing or any other form of amusement or entertainment either In tbe room where said business to carried on or any adjoining roota or building controlled by the pernoDs partnership or corporation carrying on said business. Sub-Division 4. There shall be no obscene or Impure decoratlnns, Inscriptions, placards or any such thing In the place. Sub-Division 5. There shall be po female persona employed la the plaae. Sub-Division 6, Tbe place shall not be open nor any sales made In the place earlier than Dve o'clock In the forenoon nor later thim ten o'clock Id the evening of any day. It sball not be open at all nor anr sales be mode on tbe flrst day of tbe week com wonl; called Sunday. Bub-Dlvlston 7. No minor, drunkard, or In. toxlcated person shall be allowed lu tbe room, and no sala of Intoxicating liquors shall he made to any minor, druakard or Intoxicated storsou nor to any person who bas taken any of tbe recognized ' "cure* for drunkenness," Sub-Division 8. No sale of Intosleatlug liquor* shall be made to any person wboae wife, husband, parent, child, brother, sister er, shall by written nolle* nled with the major of Carroll forbid such sales. , , . . . Src. 8 T« vlve a*ay or to furnish any Intoxicating liquors to anr person upon any pretext shall In Ibe Intent of this ordinance he deemed See! 9, Any person coming wltbln the provisions of this ordinance and falling to comply therewith, or violating any of the provisions therewith, shall be daeuied guilty of misdemeanor and for every nuob oBeniB shall he fined in tho turn not to exceed nfty dollars (WO.OO) nor leas than ten dollars (110 00) and cosh of_prosecution, and shall be Imprisoned until such lines and costs are oM. . Sea. 10. Alfordlnances or parts ot ordinances |n oonllli't herewith are hereby repealed. Half Rate* to toe On accouutof the annual ia< National Educational Association. . will be held at Anbury I'ark K. J. July 10 to 18, tlie Northwestern Hue will on July? and 8, sell excursion tickets al practically one fare f»r Hie round trip, thus ottering an exceptionally tavoiablu opportunity to teachers and I He public In general tor a visit to one of tlie must delightful resort* on the Atlantic* coast. For tickets and detailed information apply to agents tf hloago j^NorU' western Jpv. Half Rates to Cleveland' On account o( the convention of Dialed Societies °' ChrlKtlau Jsndeavar, i he North weateru Hue will sell excursion tickets to Cleveland, Ohio, uud return ut liiuuxi'.(*edlnuly low rates of oue fara for thu round trip. Tlckulbon suit) JulvV and 10, good for return pussnKu until July Di This ordlnwue Is to tafc««Be«-t and to he.jn jroefi to law. 1UI* VIU«M^«*"«I ** w* •»»<5 I *"J»»»' - «•«•>• w j. force from Its passage and publication according Passed this lltb d«y of .lime, 1HM. JOB* MMMMTMUI, Ju..o»» clerk. I hereby c«rtlfy that tbe above ordlnanuewas returned br the msyor without ulgnsturo uu-i was vetoed ai(«Uows: MAYOR'S VBTO. GAHR0U', low*. June 11,l&M. To ibe council of city of Carroll, Iowa. , , -• • loauoe known as Vo, 41, re- In the city of Carroll veto the same for ibe r th» people of this petitions to grant such 1 hereby return iHlllIK U) nal«0f I without iny *linatui rnuion thttl I do the Tufonuatron apply to Thoru was un imormoub iuvetituumt of [ OulcttKQ & Nui tliwustorn li'r. jphildren Oryfor Pltoher't Oattorli. Lass Than H»»f Bfttea to Colorado, On June88 und 24 the Northwestern lino will sell excuralon tickets to Denver, 1'imbUi and Ooluruds KprlnttH and return it) less than one tare tor the round Up; good for return paganse unlilJuly B7, lu- elusive. For tickets and lull Information apply tu ngoutif Olilottu* & Northwestern Ivy. NEXT DOOR WEST OF POSTOFFICE If yon want to enve monny rend this, yon know that it ia tbe nimble dime that makea tbe migbty dollar. We will aave yon dimee on your amall pnrohagea and dollara on your larger onea. Oar notions and email wares will be sold at the following low prices all this week: Warren &• Lindsay's hose supporters (child, ren's), per pair. Warren!&;Lindsay's hose supporters (ladies'), per pair Best knitting: cotton, full weight, per ball Swan bill hooks and eyes, per card Adamantine pins, per paper .;........... Best English pins, per paper:'................ Best gold eyed needles, per paper ............ Japanned hair pins, per package ............. Bes,t English hair pins, per box.......... Best vulcanized rubber hair pins, each. , lOc 15c 5c 1 C I3C 1 C Best steel (Countess) hair crimpers, per pair. . . IOC Best steel hair waivers, per pair ....... ........ . Imported feather stitch braid, per bunch. .... 25 cent purses and pocket books, each ...... ... f • Genuine hair cloth brushes, each . . .. ........ . . 20C Whisk brooms with Japanned handle, each ... Flesh Brushes, each ... ......... . . . ........... Superior tooth brushes, each ..... . , ........... Russia bristle nail brushes, each ____ . ......... Ladies' solid leather belts, each _______ ........... . IOC The best crochet cotton (Clark's) in white, creamjand ombre, per ball ... ______ .'...... API? MT \ AvjJI/iN I < For th« beat ia MM wo»U EVERY PAIB WARRANTED. >' 'V See our children's caps, at ...... .13o., 22o., 25c. and $Jp^ • just bait price to? them, at """ ' GUILD'S OM5 I'lUCE CASH STORE, Fifth Iowa. BKBT HECUKITV. Noithwesteffi EHT momt*. Depeaito rwwivwl iu amountt of 55 o»uU and upward*., dapo*tta.?q»rlioo«tM of dapoaituM For three months, at... For six months, at... For twelve months, at. paid oapitttl atook now b»lo« Hold, uuruiqg Ut. 0«u be uuiLed attar two jreara, 1.1 AT Tllti OPPlOg ANT) SKIS QVH BjtQVR,

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