The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 17, 1933 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1933
Page 10
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f " ' \~'' y ' 1% 1 "' S P *"?*"# "WExI'Sf •**? ^»' n j v1 ^*A 1 'V^'WWVw^'/ 1 ^?«^,'8'<,i Bi s[','%if4'i(-^M,'r4 w.^-'rj '/''i'fWi'i^xsit.^-ptMKJWpsiK . • , , •", * i ^ ,,»,,, ^^ /^ , , ^ . ,- ^j- \ „ ;/, a _ /'^ •( - v ,*i, iv ^-'">'»> <$ ,*??;• THE BAKERSFIELU CALIFORNIAN, TUESDAY, JANUARY 17, 1&J3 # i'^'!:!2\^ DIOTIONAL * ^KTOONS 9 CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON OHE ELECTRIC FISH CAPA8LE Of" PBLIVEWNO A OF CONSIDERABLE INTENSITY, WHICH ISVERV WHEN THE FISH 'IS ATTACKED BY LARGER MEASURING 3OO FEET IN HEIGHT. GROW SUGNTLV (TVER. AN INCH tN LENGTH - A TREE HAtr A3 TALL, A CONS FROM TO TA/0 FEET - LONG. " ittt, •¥ MU Mimee Me,' SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK "I hope you make pretty good time, Mister. I simply can't stand these Blow poky drivers." THE TINYMITES By HAL COCHRAN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS -TH6. ROLUMGr DEEP OUR BOARDING HOUSE THEY TELL THAT vou WERE RASSL'IN' TH' BROTHER. HERE, AN* VOU 60T A BIT HOUGH AN' STWPPEO H\S VOU OUGHTA BE A3HAME:t>, A YOUN6 COOT Ufa VOU^TAWN* ON AN OLT> MAN LIKE HIM-^-ALU BENT AN' ON SOMEBODY YOUR. AN OUD MAN? —VOU V SPUTT-T-SPUTT- \ HOW YOU? SUCH EFFRONTERY t»ICK.: •bN"^rA-'P**-» 6. OOULt> LAY MEFLATTETt" THAN A COAT OF AS TOR YOU, JAKE, I'LL -RASSL6 YOU W\TV\ MY THEGUMPS Knee Deep in Crime By SIDNEY SMITH )N SrR6k>K STRETCHES M ANt>O>4- NO MATTttt \MMO WEV ARE- THIS WUY OLD TAKES OME CLEANERS- THERE ME ^«TS VJ1TW Hl% HE/WY SPECTACLES- SMILE- HOVN LON(a VmX IT LA*T ? IS ME tEMPTtAM HI* LUCK OMC VLL'BET ANOTHER THAT- AND RAISE YOU ANOTHER. *2X>00. T6NIM4T- Y6KTA LIKlE ON TWAT BELLOW- MOT EASY MONEY HWi 6KKOMED AND NOW TOWNSENb ALREADY- HE CROOW1& PREY ON THEOTV- MONEY IN— FA^TER FWTKR AND POOP- ANOTWER UK.E YWIi A.MO I'LL MAKt MIM LOOK UKE A SPEED OF»*rM6MlNY$- I V*ANT BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Playing Safe! By MARTIN (READ THE STORY. THEN COLOR THE PICTURE) W HEN Freezy'd printed on the Ice tho Tlnlea' name, it looked so nice that Windy said, "I think I'll do some fancy work like that. ' "I watched you while you made that name and maybe I can do the same." "Well, try It," answered Freezy. "But bo careful. Don't fall flat. So Windy promptly started out. He raced a bit and whirled about "Ah! There's a dandy circle," he exclaimed. "I'm pretty Rood." His next try flopped him on tho Ice. The Tlnles laughed, which wasn't nice. Then Windy said, "Well, anyway, I did th« best I could." • * * Soon Duncy, peppy as could be, exclaimed, "Who wants to race with me? Lot's all start out together and then race down to the bend." "A srood Idea!" Freezy cried. "Bo sure and start out, side by side. I'll skate ahead and wait for you down wharo the race will ehd." (Plcturci by King) When Freezy reached the finish place ho ahoiUnd "Go!" to start the race. All of the Tlntes whisked away und traveled very fast. It really wits a thrilling slgrht to watch each little Tlnymltc. ''Co^e on! Come on!" yelled Kreezy. "Who'll bo first, and who'll bo Itmt?' 1 And then a funny thins; took place. A bit snow putch messed up the race. All of tho Tinles tripped in It and took n funny spill. "That ends tho raw," old Freezy cried. "I Kueos "we'll have to call It tied." "That nulls mo," answered floppy. "Call it off. rye had ray Then Duncy Jumped up to his feet and said, "I'll show you something neat." Ho vknted out across a apol where nono of them had been. The others henrd a cracking sound and, when wne Scouty looked around, ho shouted, "To tho rescue, lads! Poor Duncy's fallen In!" LEFT RIGHT IN CELLOPHANE 0« ,OOWT WOQRY FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Mark Up One for Billy! By BLOSSER KJOPE...THAT'S SAM DIESO, Bcry! \WHAT A WISMTS SLEEP X MAO! ffO! W5 lb SEE WHERE VIE ABH BV NOMJ !! HPP1MS AU5WS THROUGH THE BLACK WI6V4T, TU6 LOSS A SHAME uwoea FIFTEEN KNOTS AKI BOWLEfiS, 1 SAY, THAT LOCUS Like A crrx OFF THEBE... SOME TftNN IKJ TO MEXICO. 1 ' , IF -itoU VMAMTA SE£ A SISHT: LOOK OUT THERE... SEE THAT Bid BLOTCH ON THE.WATER.,IM THE DISTANCE? THAT'S - sj THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) And She Gets It! By COWAN SHE'S FUNNY'. SHC DOCSN'T KNOW WHAT SWE WANTS I OONTT KNOW IP I WANT IT IN HCRC.OP OUT IN THE HALL BUT I'M NOT SUPE THAT I WEL.U, VT CAN MCPC UNTO. TONIGHT, MAYBE NTDO'LL. KNOW VWMAT VOU WANT WHV, WHAT'S WRONG WITH VOW WIFE COSH, MAKE UP VOUO MIND', THIS THING WEIGHS A TON»,'. BOY, VOU DON'T KNOW WHEN VOU 1 PC WELL OFFi MINE DOCS v - t k

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