Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 3, 1965 · Page 16
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 16

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1965
Page 16
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SIXTEEN 1RONWOOD DAILY GLOBE. IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN THURSDAY, JUNE 3, 1965. Your Horoscope By Sydney Omorr Friday, June 4 "The wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points the way." ARIES i Mai. '.M- Apr. 19 1: Creative endeavors lav o r c o . Now youi social lilt- takes on added color. Excitement, promise and hope featured Qhllo a day! Be ready for pleasant surprise- S. : TAURUS (Apr. 20-May 'JO 1 ' Pressure indicated •vl'.erc agreements arc concerned Solid base required Don't attempt to sub-j stitute for quality. Family member speak" truth. Know this . . .] respond accordingly. ; GEMINI i May 21-June 20 1: Key is avoid fatigue. Take it easy a; social eathering or party. Utili:"? common sonsr ...'.. your innate wisdom. Important now to live up io .'.our best. | CANCER 'June Sl-july 22):, Cycle remains nisi'i. bill extra- BRIDGE BY JACOBY EMBROIDERY 2698-H FLOWER - TRIMMED! vagance could throw you for a loss. Cemtni ties ol affection. Be especially considerate of associates. When basic changes occur, be ready for them. ] softly scalloped apron is trim- LEO (July 23-Aug. 22:: Hang-! med with your birth-month flowing on to situation which has er in easy embroidery! Make ex- run its course not wise. Realize • tras for gift-giving! WEST 494 ¥ K 6 »Q. I 10 743 + J92 NORTH 3 4AKQ87 V32 * AS + K Q75 FAST 4k .J 10 653 ¥ 5 4 »K9S * 10 63 SOUTH (D) *2 VAQJ10987 »62 + A84 Both vulnerable Sooth West North East Pass Pass 1 V Pass 4 V Pass 5V Pass Pass Pass Opening lead — * Q. 2 A 4 N.T. 6V Pass take his diamond discard right away and then try the heart finesse. Q—The bidding has been: South West North 1 * Pass 2 V Pass f You, South, hold: *KQJ2 VA104 432 «A 6 5 4 What do you do? A—Bid three hearts. It is important to show heart support immediately so that yonr partner will be able to take immediate control if he wanta. TODAY'S QUESTION You bid three hearts and your partner goes to four hearts. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow BEN CASEY 'ITS UKfAUCmSUJOKSRW TOtfRE A WRITER, IN THE DARK.' WE HAVE THE MARK. WHY DON7 IMPRESSION OF DOCTORS AS you PUT IT DOWN A AA4h*a4h At I ktltv^ A *%*• ff%Alvn9 ^ YOU KWOW, DR.QVSEX IT GENERALLY BlUyTHE ARTIST, OR BOB/THELWWXER. BUT WITH POCTOR9, ITS NOT THAT WAY. PEOPLE DON'T THINK OF DOCTORS AS HUMAN BEINGS WITH FIRST NAMES. rww a nui ouufrurv DOCTORS OR WTIEKTS. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Menu Quick Quiz Q—When was the first time the House elected a president as a result of a tie in the Electoral College? A—In 1800, when the House of Representatives, on the 36th bal- iot, elected Thomas Jefferson By JACOBY & SON In all situations when partner has not limited h i sj president. The second choice, hand, the jump to game cannot'Aaron Burr became vice presi- be a stop bid. At the same time, I dent. OKAY— GO AHEAD AND SHOOT' I HEAP.THIS IS ONE OF THE TOUSMEST60LF COURSES INTME COLJMTR.Y/ /c- AND IP THE BALL DOESNTT STICK TO THE. , IN TROUBLE/ « IK IT MA, he. Ml t«. «. »•.«. it cannot be a very strong slam invitation. Q— What is the meaning of the word "caliche" used by Presi- South has only 11 high cardj™^ 0 ™< in^s irfaugur^al points but his suit is such that adclress? done is done then Pattern No. 2698-H has hot- look io future. Your potential is iron transfer for 12 motifs: ap- great. Realize this move ahead. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Scpt. 22 1 : Stress originality, independence. Don't permit secret fears to dominate. Be specific. Opportunity awaits. Result depe n d s a n d von tissue: color chart. To order, send 35c in coins to: Anne Cabot, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago, 111. 60607 he can play it even though his partner is void. Once South jumps to four hearts, North has no problem A— Caliche is an odd kind of earth that is slick as soap when wet, hard as rock when dry, and crumbly while it is damp. It about getting to six. He checks' was W j de iy used in the '20s and for aces because it is possible that South holds something like seven hearts to the king-queen- jack-ten and the king-queen-jack of diamonds. '30s for road surfacing — excellent in dry weather and slippery during infrequent rains. For Ist-class mailing add lOc i Why doesn't North try for upon your confidence, persist- lor eacri pattern. Print name, I seven after South shows two ence. ' address with zip code, style No. LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct. 221: No and size. day to mix business and pleas- send 50c now for your new '65 sure. Friend may try persuasive ' Spring-Summer album! Regu- argument where money is con-jlar features: custom collection; cerned. Study facts. Permit emo-1 items to crochet, knit, stitch! tions to take second place to togic- ; forth SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): acres? Because North kn o w s that South would have made a stronger rebid than four hearts a side ace. if he had held solid hearts and What form would this stronger rebid have taken? South might . in your own charm- have merely bid three hearts ing manner. i and then gone past game irre- Be careful in dealing with busi- PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar. 20): Aid; spective of what North did Or ness matters. Get facts straight, from unusual individual indicated I with those solid hearts and a Tendency is to take things for News from afar could elev a t e i side ace South might have taken granted. This is not wise course. you r prestige Past judgm e n t See persons, situations in light' pa ys off. Try to steady pace. Toof reality. night get sufficient rest, recre- SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-D e c. a tion. 21): Check basic routine. Some t, •& *, changes may have occurr e d if today is your birthday without your knowledge. Th o r- you are a combination of the ough approach guarant e e s imaginative and the pract i c a 1. constructive results. New con- YOU are restless but conserva- tacts and progress indicated. tive CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-J a n immediate control and gone into a Blackwood routine over the two-spade response. Expert play at six hear t s would undoubtedly be differ e n t from ordinary play but every declarer would wind up making the slam. The expert declarer would cash the ace of hearts at trick two and then take his diamond Bolivia Junta Starts Overhaul of Mines LA PAZ. Bolivia (AP)—Bolivia's military junta has started a drastic: overhaul of the nationalized tin mines to make them profitable again. Measures announced Tuesday include some layoffs, transfers, forced retirements and pay reductions for the miners. There wa3 no immediate reaction from the leftist-led miners' union, whicii has opposed the changes. In preparation lor its mine program, the government deported mine union leader Juan Lechin to Paraguay last month. The miners struck, and at least 70 people died in violence that followed. PRISCILL.VS POP By AlVe 19): If you probe deep you General tendencies: Cycle high discard on one of dummy's conie up with constructive an- for Leo, Virgo, Libra. Special l °P spades. He would be guard- swers. Don't be satisfied with word to Aries: Maintain sense m & as Dest ne could against the half-truths. Get the full sto r y. of balance. . . especially with | possibility of the second spade This applies especially regarding regard to member of opposite i Dein S ruffed. finances. sex. ! Tne ordinary declarer would AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Stress determination. Seek har- ; The Pacific Ocean has an monious relations with co-work-1 area ol 64 million square miles, ers, family members. B u t j according to the Encyclopaedia don't be talked out of plans. Go ] Britannica. Boy Plunges to Death NEW YORK (AP) — Pedro Lopez, 18, playing on a roof in the Bronx, plunged five stories to his death Tuesday night when he tried to jump from one building to another and misjudged the distance, police said. BUGS BUNNY ,, I CAN'T 60 / S TO SLEEP; I'LL TRY COUMTIN' SHEEP! C.-3 'THEY'RE MOTJUMPIN... CARNIVAL—By Dick Turner * 1*5 W MIA. l«. T.M ft. U S h> M "Somebody wants to know if you will make a house call . . , Whatever that is I" SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox « IKS H NU. he. TJ*. I., ok Ht. on I'LL NAME ONE AFTER POP AND ONE AFTER MOM! EVEN NAME ONE AFTER M3U, OLIVER.' PR1SC1LLA! WHAT'S ALL THIS? /'TEACHER SATS TOMORROW SHE WANTS ME TO NAME THE GREAT LAKES! " MORTT MEEKLE By Did Cradtt 65USV57HAT / YE&— 17*5 STRAND BUT! ( e V -i ?« f CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie HOW IM BLAZES COULD « SCHOLARLY OLP GENT LIKE HIM HAVE EVEN CONTACTED THAT GANS 0' TRAIN ROBBERS? HERB MR. SMOLLETT'* COTTASEi EASy. A SHORT BICVCUE RIPE FROM HIS SHOP'- PROBABLY THRU THE FAMILY BLACKSHEER A NEPHEW WHO'S U5UAUV JUSf A FEW JUMP5 AHEAD OP THE: POUICEl HE HUNTS A LOT IN WALE5..AWO KEEP* HIS UNCLE WELL. STOCKED WITH CAME HE'S KILLEDl IM FACT. MR. SMOLLETT KEEPS A FROZEN FOOD LOCKER IN THE VILLAGE TO STORE ITW-OH. THERE HE 1S1 PEAR'. HOW DELI8HTFUU TO *ff VOU! THE BORN LOSER By Art ALLEY OOP By V. T. "Of course I'll never make it, but it"s something to shoot at!" Music in the Air Answer to Previous Puiilt ACROSS I Kind of concert 4"—of Washington Square" 8 Tone 12 Fish 13 Folksinger, Burl 14 French stream 15 Correlative of neither 16 Recurring at each sitting IB Neptune's spear 20 Wave top 21 Source of light 22 Female sheep I pi I 24 Kind of spice 2f> Whit 27 Blow .sound (coll.) 30 Showed emotion 32 New York community 34 Fell into disuse 35 Anointed 36 Monosaccharidc 37 Check 39"! my Swiss..." •10 Grime 41 Folding bed 42 Singer Dinah —— 45 Tortures 49 Working garment 51 Headgear 52 Creek tfotl of war 53 Food regimen 54 Peer Gyiif« mother 55 Sailors 56 High cards 57 Conducted DOWN I1 jqnid 2 Smell 3 Submarine instrument 4 Ascended 5 Stove part 6 Six-lined stanza 7 Worm 8 Portals 9 Marine flyer 10 Genus of freshwater ducks 11 Cloth of a sort 17 Glacier traveler 27 Pertaining to 19 Compositions government for two singers 28 Individuals 23 "Saint 29 Marries • l/oilis " :il Weirder 24 Soni: (comb. 33Citrus fruit fonnl .'IB Style of lype 2f> Candlcnut trees 40 Attire 20 Viper 41 42 Card game (var.) 43 Book of hours (eccl.) 44 Above 46 Merriment 47 Comfort 4H Kao'il fiO Feminine name ISN'T THW PICTURE \ WELL.YEAH... IT'S ...THERE'S NO \ THEN SOSH/OOOLA, MAYBE WE'D YGOT ME.' I I BETTER SET PUNNO/ ^/O\L PINNVANP DO A LITTLE EXPLORING.' COMING FROM RIGHT ) GOTTA BE, ONLY TELECASTING / HOW fT CAN'T BE! IT'S .IMPOSSIBLE... HERE IN MOO! STATIONS /PID-IT HERE/ _XGET IN THERE? OUT OUR WAY—By J. R. Williams AMD HERE'S VOUR CHANGE—A WAD OF LINT, A RUBBER BAND, A PENCIL STUB, A MATCH -/ STICK, A PAPER. CUP, ( THREE CRACKER CRLMBS \ A SHINGLE NAU-, AMD A STAPLE/ YEP, VDU GOT ALL TH 1 CHANGE— THAT'S ALL THERE IS — 1 GAVE YOU IT ALL.' WHY MOTHER GET GRAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE—with Major Hoople ACE, THE NISHT VOL))lvJELL..T AW HARD OP FOR A COLUMN", AT THE- fL^ DEDICATION! OP THE MEW OWLS CLUB POOL, TABLE t PROMISED TO 6IVE SOU SCOOP/ THAT4 YWV I'M LETTING YOU OM ROCKY 6TONE BEFORE THE PICTURE. MAGAZINES 6ET WIND OF HIM.' Sou'LL SEAS THE BO'iWELL Of SOUK TiSEK 15 BARGAIN <aize.' BUT 1

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