The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 11, 1958 · Page 10
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 10

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1958
Page 10
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i') An;'-,/:'I S-MOAl.CONVENTION CCnVJCt, 28, Farm Bureaus Platform to Place It Confesses as Conservative on Most Problems to Slayina BOSTON (AP) -Thf Amcrirnn. " "^ BOSTON (AP)-The American. Farm Bureau Federation prepared to wind up its Annual meeting today with Rdoption of a platform placing it on what is rrpard-j ed to he the conservative side of! most major issues facing the na ' tion. The big farm group's four-day { convention, which drew upwards of 5.000 visitors, fpattlred speak- trs who put themselves in such a political and economic category. It roundly applauded U.S. Sen. Barry M, Goldwater, conservative Arizona Republicans, when he characterized the farm bureau as the most active defender of the free enterprise system in (lie country. Curb tabor The platform, as drafted by a, resolutions committee made up o{ members from each of the 48 Mates, called for strong legisla* tion to curb powers of organized, labor, for sharp reductions in federal spending, and for laws to 1 re-establish powers of the states i which, it said, have been usurped, by the federal government. | The resolutions voiced opposi- 1 tion to federal aid to education and to expansion of the federal highway system. It insisted upon • balanced federal budget. In the area of farming, the plat-! form — tentatively approved by the voting delegates late Wednes-l day — called for a virtual with-1 drawal of the government from! control of agriculture as soon as] present surpluses can be disposed! of. The government itself was blamed for the oversupplies. The only members of Congress invited to address the convention were Goldwater and Sen. Spessard L. Holland of Florida, a conservative Democrat. Tossed Barbs Both Goldwater and Holland tossed barbs at the so-called liberals of both parties in Congress and made bitter attacks on labor leaders. Speeches of both received warm applause. A Goldwater suggestion that conservatives of both major parties should line up in one party to preserve what he called rights of the states and of individuals was well received. So were charges by Holland that the U.S. Supreme Court had overstepped itself to enter the policy-making and legislative fields of government. Perhaps significant was the fact that at no time during the first three days of the convention was i speaker or delegate heard to criticize Secretary of Agriculture Benson and his policies. Benson has been a target of congressmen who classify themselves as liberals. PERKY VISITOR — First grade students ar Central Elementary school in Baresville, Ark., look forward to the daily visit of this friendly robin which enters the classroom regularly and hops unconcernedly from one desk to another. SENATORS DISLIKE Mrs. Earle Poole, first grade teacher, declares that the robin has a better attendance record than some of her pupils. Welcoming their guest are, from left, Mary Gray, Grey Meyer, and Billy Crabtree. MONTGOMERY, Ala. iAP)-A i I Virginia convict has confessed to; ;the 1934 slaying of vice crusader Albert Patterson, Gov. James E. JFolsom's office said Wednesday. "There appears to be a degree of truthfulness" in the signed statement of Calvin VV. Pruitt, 28, who said he shot the attorney general-sleet in a robbery attempt while a debt-ridden soldier; stationed at Fort Benning, thej |governor said. I Folsom snid he asked Atty. | |Gen. John Patterson to join in! an investigation of the confession concerning the murder outside his father's Phenix City law office the night of June 18, 1954, Vice Clpniiup The Patterson slaying sparked the Phenix City vice cleanup which he had promised in win- ;ning the Democratic nomination for attorney general shortly before. John Patterson was sent into the attorney general's office in his father's place and was elected governor this year. He takes office in January, He was unavailable for comment. Former Chief Deputy Sheriff Albert Fuller of Phenix City was convicted in the Patterson murder and is serving a life term. Of the two others charged, for Meany's 'Own Party' Statement Criticized mer Solicitor Arch Ferrell was; F. Quackenbush, 34, St. Johnsville acquitted and ex-Atty. Gen. SiJN.Y. charged with murder, plead- Garrett never stood trial. Garrett'ed guilty to a lesser charge of underwent a year of mental treat- manslaughter Wednesday and was ments in a Texas hospital after• sentenced to eight years in the :the killing. 0 ; state penitentiary. he thinks both the Democratic and i Pruitt - a . nat 'J e °{ Hayeville.: Quacke nbush came before Dis- Republican parties already have Ala ; •* **™"* Virginia sentences; trict Jud Bennett Cul)ison and a broad enough base for the pur-i°f 30 a " d 20 years. He was con-; of{ered to plead ilt o{ pose. He said he is opposed in! victed last Mav o{ robbing two 'slaughter. general to formini? "nolitiml nar !service stations. I _ bcueiiu 10 lorming pouucal par- ... . _ | County Attorney Matt Walsh ties with occuoational or class dis-1 Vlr i'nia prison authorities said' j.j acceD t ance of t h WELL-ORIENTED — Her "Irish" eyes flashing, Nobu Atsumi McCarthy takes it easy in Hollywood. The former Japanese model who married an American Gl is succeeding in films. Man Sentenced to 8 Years on Charge of Manslaughter COUNCIL BLUFFS (AP) - Ira Mrs. Quackenbush recently was Non-Farm Employment Drops ST. PAUL (A:) r Minnesota's non-farm employment last month was 915,753, showing a seasonal drop of 9,077 jobs from October, the State Department of Employment Security said today. Compared lo November 1957, employment was down ab6ut 11,000. But manufacturing pro duction workers were averaging $90.08 in November, a jump of $5.94 over that month a year ago and $1.21 above October. GftEtSED Pl6 ESCAPES LOCUST GROVE, Oklfl. (AP)A 15-man posse* searched the hills today for a greasy pig which broke out of Its pen. It had been greased up for n race at an annual pre-Chrlstmas affair here. ^ Your Christmas Shopping al STERLING Sjtopritg, Cento*/ ALL YOU* NBBDS IN ONE CONVKNIBNT LOCATION... WASHINGTON (AP) -George Meany's statement that the American labor movement may launch its own political party drew critical comment today from senators of both major parties. Meany, president of the AFL- CIO, told a New York state labor convention Tuesday that organized declared insane and committed to the state hospital at Clarinda. Doris Dowling Sues Blumofe for Divorce LOS ANGELES (AP) - Actress Doris Dowling, who "'as the seventh wife of bandleader Artie Shaw, has filed a divorce action against Robert T. Blumofe, alleging cruelty. Blumofe is vice president of United Artists Corp. They were conTend^ twT^ sy^nCharge ™ "^ d^ed^ H w^ t^M^V wtte^ ™* S^f Some of their criticisms .paral- has proved itself, and said thati^r, recprds showed he was to! I^or""„* ^'J' ™ ^ »8-j™med m 956. leled that of Waiter Reuther, an!countries with multiple parties i have stood trial for the Feb. 6 ; gressor in the case " | MIM Dowluig married Shaw in AFL-CIO vice president and headSvound up with "government by a' slavin 8 of a Lorton, Va., grocer.' He was char e e d >n the fatal| 1952 and divorced him three years of the United Auto Workers, who minority — it has not wnrkpH nntlHis wife in Alabama said ho w^ beating last Sept. 3 of Herman later - labor will form its own party we have to do that if I "wu*ju uy wini guvci iiuieiu uy a | «—-o -- — —«•. ..«.•, T «., giu^ct. of the United Auto Workers, who minority — it has not worked out !His wife in Alabama said he was beatln & last Se P l - 3 of Herman told a news conference he thought j n the interests of the public " He! convicted - i B> Konlwe y- 77 > confectionery store Meany had been misunderstood. "The American labor movement is committee to work within the Canada's air defense system is e --=— •• •-—• framework of the two-party sys-l tv movement as undesirable. in the interests of the public." He 'convicted, j B - Kohlwey. 77, confectionery store cited France as an example I He is married and is the father Operator- Tlle attack followed an — — .,—v... .Sen. William Proxmire (D-Wis) of tw ° children who live with : arg , ument with the cou P le w h o ;substituting missiles for jet plane lid he would regard a labor par-i th eir mother Mrs. Velva Pruitt ; COme here from Tucumcari.j interceptors, a vast saving in the tern," Reuther said. "I think a people who want "to drag ufblck > ador .P art y is wron & in terms of to the past " j America s social structure. It only Misunderstood j would further fragmentize our so- Senators commented generally cietv> in interviews that labor would do n_*.4, AH-UUJCI oaiM. i tillllK U labor party is wrong in terms of Nome Religious CHAUTAUQUA, N. Y. - 24, in Haleyville. Mrs. Pruitt, questioned about iher husband's statement, said he was serving terms totaling 170 years and "he just wants the ! chair." She said she believed he prefer execution to spend- 1 budget. Cley " CHUTAUQUA, N. Y. - iffiThe, ai se Sen. Jacob wk. Javits (R-NY)' Rev - Dr - Henr y s ™th Leipei* oul ° P^ efer executio better to work through the present i hoped no labor party movement! has be€n a PP°'nted director of the ; ! " IS .. e ' n P r ' son two-party system, and that forma- would be stacted, but added that Department of Religion at Chat- 1 ™* said (h ^ husband entered Knn nf a cno^oi ; n f^. n .4. ^—t.. "it ;« ,,^ »« ,._ :., 41.. *..„ _.-^_.. auciua Institution. ! cne " r "iy at 16 and had about 11 of a special-interest party (would be undesirable and wrong. "it is up to us in the two major political parties to have a broad auqua Institution. , „ The Rev. Dr. Leiper will! years servic e before his arrest. AT SMITH'S pun 1.11. ui panics to nave a oroac — — • " • r •• * ™ ' ll: tj . . — ----enough base" to offer organized ' succeed Dr - Alfred G - Rand eH in C1QV ! as f atloned a ' Ft. Benning labor adequate representation. | the P° st at tlle world-famed cul- in 1954 ' she said - and until he was a le wor-ame cu- ' - as tural and religious center. Dr. Ran- i ansferred to Ft - Belvoir, Va., Sen. Carl Curtis (R-Neb) said dell retires Jan. 1. last year. 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With Treats For The Kiddies! * Always Plenty of FREE PARKING At the STERLING SHOPPING CENTER "y° ur complete family shopping center" * 'i»i

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