The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 29, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1894
Page 7
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M \ ill ALt HOME PRINT. E ( ttv BfcStlHEL Is the onto ' I «W1 «wmt> that l» fettatwI aiu. ~ ™-----I ttnt ttow local anacbutat) neWsthan an» Wf two Dapers in this eount». t oWMMS «t ColAltO, r*top». FRIDAV, 3vst 29, 1894. t'l r»EOPLi: AND EVENTS Pants. Slippers at Moore »,. Fine shoes repaired at Moore's. ' Best shoe blacking at Moore's. The best fl.OO work shoes at Moore's. Pants. to rent, a seven room house on. north |&ide. ; J- A' McNBHiL. t bate o tew small ties which I desire &o sell. CHAS. PARSONS. A, U. Quint went to 8cranton this [!}>**• tUmorDlng. , 1 H, W. Macomber is at Beaver today on business. Pabit's Hofbratt beer always on tap a 'Henry Theirs'. , ^indow screens .and screen door* at »«tin& Oloyls'. Wire door mate wlth,vour name woven a, at Martin &CloviB'. • 'P. !. Olberlz, of Washington township, Mas In the city todiy. Miss Rosa Boinanni or Iowa City, is a guest at the residence of Dr. Kessler. Mlii Ada Belle, of Galena, 111., Is In the city the guests of Mls« Matle Wether ill. 1 Inquire prloei on screen doore and windows and Hocking Valley coul at Joyce's. Pants. A committee is, out soliciting aid for a new organ to be placed in the Chtirch of God. Thousandaot new patwma have taken Bood'a fiawapartlla this season sad waltee Its heneflt ,tn blood purified and strength restortd. Fred Been ia assessing the saloons today aod will flle his report with thfe county auditor tomorrow, the lasi day of June. Feverlshness of the scalp «oon causes baldness. Ayer's Hair Vigor cools *nd cleanses the scalp and clothes It with beauty. Do not spoil your shoe* with inferior dressings, but if you would like something good and uice, you will ftod It at Moore's. Pants. Frank Hinger returned .today after an absence of several weeks. He 1» greatly improved, having rode a wheel from Ames this forenoon., " I desire to sell .my furniture, a.ll hew, tt the residence of A. 0. Quint. Partws ItfgirioKto purchase wi|(l please call and iiamine. Mus^W. T. CoobtiHiic. B. B Woodriag was celled to V7e»b' iogtin township to attend ttu. tuneral of . Henry MuiaBlmae, ,BeT,. J, K. Nelipo preached the funeral iermon. • "Many of the cltliens of lUinWllle, Indiana, a^e", Beyet'!wlth^«(t.-.a: : -'bottte : '-<|t Chainberitin's cough 'remedy In the house," says Jacob Brof n,. the leadliiR merchant ot the pliiae. This remedy hap proven of so utiteh value for colds, croup and whooping cough In children tbat ftsw mothers who know Its worth are willing to bai without It. For aaltiby J. W. flat-, ton, druggist. ' Hisi Alice Welch «ent her resignation to tlie schwol board todav and tbu* our •ch ooli lose aitotber good teacher, but •till we have thecltv certificate to com- peoaate eiir loui Probably another applicant from imo«M will nod employment In puf achoola. run LAD!*:*, riwpleaaant effect and perfect safrty with which ladles may ^ae the Oa'.Uorul* liquid laxative, Syrup of FlgSf-undei all conditlomi, aiakw. U tbplr favorite remedy. To get the true and gen ujne article, took for the name of the Call fornjft fig Syrup, <?a., prlntrt n«»r:Uie bottom of the package, , p»nw«, ':' •""'••;• .;. •'••/.. :'; J. M, UewU. of Dedbata, WM a (ileit- L ant <fa!lfr «o(»»y. fl« ••*» hi » ""•"•"•" «a<)gbter bni taja aljok fpr ...... [ and li golog (o go to Uub n«xt week with bw. brplber hpp'ig Jhat .ilia cllinatt' would agree wltfc ber and bring r»llef, 1 have two little grand oWWri-n who un teething tliU.lipt ftuwuwr w«r"-" - •' "" trouh\«t4 with bttwajt ooiwpla,-, . s . »f 01 OUawberlalu'i* eolle, cholwa *n I fill. lU«tldlHctl*<mlHft Wo«4 Md tfln<i(w« «iirl«c«» of th* i**«»»' ffcV 01*** »»» hundred slMttlarg and testlrtotilala. Addfew t. i cmttJSit * Cd., tdledo, 0. Gi-sce Kjail left for Des Molnes this mdrniog t<l enter Drake Uoiver»lty to Attend the *um«ret tchool of UneVbotls, to beUer prepare her for riextyeat's work. Wm. Lnngenfeldof ilBlbur was In the city today, fle IB out feeling the popular BtitMJ tegatdiog hi* chai.ces for nomination for county clerk, tie reports the p.oBpects as .being good. Bo far the saloon met) have not been Very *«ccei*f«t in' netting petitions signed given 1 the content of all parlies holding real estate within flftv feet. We understand that only one or two will be able to get the required signers. The consent Is withheld on various preteitt. one we .understand refuses to sign the ••fifty foot" petition oh the ground that the council placed the license too tow. Of flimsy pretexts this appears to be the thitvneat. • : .'.,' BAttlA FliAO DAT!. Governor Jackson in accordance with an act of the last general assembly has set Aug. 10 »»the, !diy for transferring the Iowa battle flag* from the state arse n a to the capito! building. The proclamation in part as ToWows: Now therefore I, Frank D. Jackson Governor of the State of Iowa, dy here by recommend -thai the lOvb d«V of Aug ust, 1894, be known and referred to ar Battle Flag Day, aadntoaVlV »* obier, ved M a public holiday . cooMcrated to the memory of the patriotiim and valoi of Iowa's soldiers, living and dead. Let the subject of patriotism, as rep rerented in the one hundred and thirt; three flaga that led ttte seventy thousand Iowa aotdiett into battle, be the inspiring sentiment of the day, and I..,, hereby.,-.: request that all the people of tbii cAmmon wealth refrain upon that dar |rpm v unnec eimry labor and join In aoprotfrjaJe ex- crcliea in commemoratldnqf this patriot!" occasioo,, , Let as many a* posall ing memberi of Iowa ., •.. . ... of the eurvlv- Iments take . <»B •MW.MVV»« —-• —» -- —; - T^» J ?f*;f r^, - , . per&ou%l patt in the*xercUea,of this day Let regimental reunions be called tc. B»eet at the capital city on the day pre viou», so that an far as possible thes battle flaga may be,carried by ; their own respective color bearers, aurrouned by the broken fragments of -tegiuienta organization. With a spirit of reverent aolemnity, le the people of Iowa devote tbi» flay to th consideration of the relatioD* of tb citizen to.lbofla'g; of liberty, a§ dlstinc from licenses of loyally, patriotiism ant heroism. Let; «• again renew our devo tion to the flig; our fidelity to the law. FRANK D. JACKSOW, ' Governor EXCCB81O» to T«XA8. There will b« au. exonraiop to T«XM Taeeday, Joljr 10, via. lb» O. ^. J. & P aDdtheB. T. 0. railroad*.., under th ,ipWa ot tb» Texai B»at Entat* Immigratioo oompiiny, Thia will be apleodiil opportunity tor home eeekera t< look op a good location at email expense Thtf oompafly baa ax>me of the finest ar" IIOIATGD Q« fTO OWW ,. __ ,_., , Under tbe caption of "Oolamity" THIS GARBOU. SBKTIKKL published the following; from the GJiUden Graphic; ^TheU,8.treaaury iadown near the Ktvo dlnr- • ^^P^-wnw ., , earnvvtlyrevouiinundltfor children with 4M»w«l woublwi, i wa« »y wll luken with • aevure attack of bloody flu*, with ciaiup* *pd palus In my stomach, ooa-UiIrd of H tte of tbi« remedy ourod m«. IFlthlii four houri I waa out ofiwd »nd »))• bou»e work« *<»• W V )y> J>uua. ••u, Uoo-a^ua, Ulckwanqo., 'IVuu. For W, r r o»8lou*OUy where bo ... waj » Kood o«0 a«4 Wft* largely «« th«l }h» clUi»n» of tb|t ollv Tfc»»» U mit 0»'«nrh ti Ml* «W"Hon pf l»f moat fertile traista ot l»sd in tbv> with good water and haelthy climate located ftffeen mile* from the boomio oily of Hautpo tbajt fbej will, atJV rt aremerkiabl low prio« aud «aay, te«n«. Now ia tb time to bay while It !• cheap. Don't le tbia opportunity go by. For infonna tipp, railroad , ticket* aod |>artioalttr« e«ll on, orwrite to the anoreiarv : "'ol tb •bowcompany, , vJot.T.Epwa, 808 North Sisteentb etraet, -- be ______ ebnda.but what else can be dot Should thingago on «a they hav« been, uij^ftew Ui 5 i»o Brpapeot for any thing elee, it i§ only a aueation • of time when the treaevry wyi be baiikrupt." Then our iMotacratto opoteroporary proceeda to reply to the Graphic In the ofHmple of the re, foUawitm lunauaite'. > "TLe "bove iTafair liability of ,tbe averfi , ! when it* ooncernii any question • re, tbe IJenioflrQUo BdniiniafrBtion. the light iii nothing, ' qpr pguptry bmi and ttn/\ugi« u - inoro diearlyeliow the injif fl(4ivOIUvi>W. wyapiryy- *-VlT"'*'i T ^V T ^ r ' : *^V"~ v * a'* tbe AuiericftoPrw- ajiaooi«tion toe Ui<? day previou* U» the one when UjeGrttpb T io WAS puWisbod; . , of which »S),oai,SQ8wwgoJdrw»rve. The foot if thiit there were no golf) engnwemeota that fXNMKO of the amount on«»geU treiwury Is «ud it out flow will pari, 4 of tliof«UQwi«gft^*«tTQu» the na f he Ortt , . (he Deuioortttio jwlroUjletrutlou, Th U, Cleveland's «iUaittft««»Wieijt M ¥ utterly ioaef Tli« fwt Is, tbe Herald deliberately the nu- w very j m. rv. , A MAGNETIC GUARD AGAINST THIEVES. part of the bulletin which substantiated what we said. THe bulletin should have read like this: Washington. June 21.—The gold v reserve Wednesday.after deducting 32,250,000 engaged for ehipment, was 864,706,047,or 1735,330 lower than ever,betore in its hietory, On Feb, 2, 1894, just previous to the bond issue, tbe reserve reached $65,438,377, the lowest point to that time, and the cash balance was 883,546,102. The cash balance ia now 8115,763,715, of ^31,518,513 greater than on Feb. 2. It.purposely eliminated the latter part of the bulletin which say's that the cash balance is now one hundred and fifteen millions instead of sixty-five millions, as he would bave you believe. The fact is, that Uncle Sam is now paying her way and the treasury : balance is again being built up. " The gold reserve, which is only part of the cash balance,, is low, we are willing to admit, but this is only B condition. So long as tbe treasury has one hundred and fifteen millions of par per money, silver and'gpld on band, it is in ny immediate danger of tbe gi?vern- tnent becoming tbese croakers would have you believe, and the next time the Herald tries to be smart with its readers W .trust it .will be equally honest, for tbe reading public is fnet beginning to learn that it could not be honest if it tried, and it very selipm tries. The trouble was when the last bond issue was made, the cosh balance in the treasury was only 83 million, While now it is one hundred and fifteen millions. Thirtyone millions of the gold seoxired by the .bond issue hoe since been exchanged for paper and silver currency which is worth, equally aa much as the gold and it, in exchangeable for it at pur. The talk about the treasury being bankrupt is all tolly. Clevelai id has again got the gov- erninent on a paying basis, something it has not beeni since in 1889, when Harrison, Calico Charley and Bill MoRinley took charge ot uflairs and squandered the large reserve that the four previous years of Gfovetaud's administration bad built up. That is the Umd ot "njisraan- agement of national affaire" on the part ot Cleveland, which is wholly inexcusable on tbe port of the oalartity howlers ot the Republican party, . Rich & Todd are uowirea'dy to deliver ice." Tbeydealre the patrona»<e of their old cu»\omer» aod a)l other* who are In need of first claw ice and prompt delivery. We guarantee aatiafactlop,. Leave orders at Todd * McAllister'* lunchroom, * „ .. • RICH A TODD, SetUad Bids) will be raoaiTed by the iud»paadeot dia- trio* of Carroll, Iowa, for tbe removal of boll«r from north jlo «oi»H» aide aobool and will be issued for the outward journey via B. & O. H. R. »nd Wasliingtnu and for return journey via any of the other through linns. Tbn round trip rate from Chicago wll be 822.00and correspondingly low from al other points on Mio B. A 0. System. TieKefi will also be «old at all prlnclpa offices throughout the west and northwest Foe information Ib detai! addtpss L. .H -illen, Anst. G. P. A.,B. &O. K. R., Grand Central Depot, Chicago, III. W-8t .1 ' • • ^ : r — — Carroll Market Report WHEAT—42c to47c COBN-i-28 OAT8-85C HOGS-»t26 POTATOES- 76 BUTTEB-lOc boil* w»d poMia« ii> »b» ***** •»•«« Plan* and »pa«ittontto«i will be to «wr.ury •• efa M ^gjjr 4, ' to b* opn*d July a», WM; ra^tyir «b r»iH »o , r.j«* a»j ^o^ a« bid*. O. B. Ho«*t, PreaWant. ' 0>»pU, loyn, Jopf ai. 18fla. Ob««p Jtaouwlon «o Hot SprloOT, .Wo, Val'ty will run a cheap eiounlon to Hot Spring*, Ticktla good for «0 days. Tliroim>H «leepio<[ and ob»)r oan from Mo, Valley* Tbq Hot epril»«« OhMtauqua will •»- unble July fl^o 1?. For partleulan about thl» eKouialoo oall OB J. B. Crea- «er. a««n!i Carroll, or wrilw • J- B- Qm'i. T. P. A., PwitioB. 1«. TbeF, IB, A •» V- »IU glv* • ch.v«p excimlan to ft«Vipriit«i iouth Oa^o^ July*, TickfU gwd for »»«ty da»», fhjroHJlfc ttlWWWM For panioi*l*ri call ao |)»t ffMl. of tb* 0. *. ». W, p»rr«!l, , . Ice «ea«on hai mm .iiajriMt ,Mf HW. OB If now (Hit.' U»W yintr Ol4»n »» m^mT*Tfw. wiuvpam, WF '^I'P"W'* •^^•'"^'TKI T-T. wt.- Tu» Il»llli«ure»u4Ohio H. H, Co .will iellMouiiiw.Uokwato^.bwy P»r^ «exoui»on«K , . J.aud return from all uotnto on H» '.'"„»• 7,8 w»d», good rvluiHtni until July !« wi'M amm L«* «l«fite?-!H!JH .«»• m tu« v , . JWJMi, T r»wk.«m«tarti » m CATTLE-32.OOto3.fiO (CotreepotMlentd, toihsotti lh«L tmMictitipn of lielr lettetg in the fcfceklj, nmsfnimll them go iw will reach ouf office Wedoesditi. j motoinjj Afr. Smith began flrawtnu lumber from Olidden and with the aid of his neighbors by evening had a comfortable building ready for bis stock. ,jt Atwut "ai""J uty'B»tk f >u or b»tar« 4uly II, flakv- will t» valid for puutg* via jfow V«f The Strike. The coal strike begun April 21. At the time the mine owners or operators met with the representatives of the United Mine Workers of America it had lasted'seven weeks. A month was the time set by both miners and operators for it to continue when the* men went out April 21. The operators, in truth, •were some of them rather glad v of the strike, it was claimed, because it gave them a chance to work off the surplus coal which had been'gradually accumulating oh account of warm weather and hard times, It would also bring up the price of c6»l. The:miners' intention was to inaugurate a general strike throughout the country. If the operators <1M not accede to their demands, they belv'vcJ this strike would in, time tie np the rnuunfacturing interests b| 'the whole country, so far us those" depending on coal for fuel was concerned. Among the charges that have been made, apparently without a shadow of foundation, is that the leaders among striking miners and the coal operators hod an understanding together that the strike should last till the old stock of cool eUould beused.up, wheu the price would advance and the operators could afford to raise the miners' wages. However, matters panned out to the satisfaction of nobody. By their seven warts'idleness the miners lost not less Amu $10,000,000 in wages. During all that time they either used up tueir savings to live on or else subsisted by menne of outside help. The strike was at »o time universal, for although 100,- OpO iiiuii wont out the miners in Mary- lujid and Virginia kept at work. Maryland hoped to draw Pennsylvania's coal trade, away from her. , One of the greatest difficulties in arranging a scale of miner*' pay i« the different conditions nniler which coal if mined. Part is shipped from Pennsylvania by river; part b shipped from other places by rail. The difference in coat of freight iianice jwlut to decide. Again, aoino coal U much wore difficult to dig tlwn tbut elaflwhere. At the umerate of, vf ogea a miner would luake twice aa mnch in A day; in one atata aa ho would lu, jwotbapr, »ad that, too, uuu»t be con- atdered. B»te« range all the way trow 80 to 85 contii a ton. TUe »yuip*tby of tlio public was gen* •rally, aa always, with the striken till they began vlolaut deedu. Then it U>gau to otutuge. Tb« prospect that the various ocs>ntku where uroperty wwt destroyed would Iwvo large dauutge bills to p«y not H cheerful one. , Alpaca U thin your used for bntliiug anitN, thin fttbrio, it in oluimwl, being ill «vor>- rcapejofc better for bathing in tho Mirf thoii norge or the lieavior woolens that absorb » groat amount of \vat*r tonopuruo|e,. . Very prdlt9 r tewwis aud yachting coa» tuw«» we iWdfl flf woutii wliito hop- tooktug AuiMlwd with white tdlk uia- ehj|)io Btitohiim, the »bort open jacket *)»0wJii« a bj(pb of white tayottu o Witb wool Very wide ttru over oailan xnd oaftf of IMtou uw wpru. Tbey two uot uwivw but they are nwdo lojw "tryiug" by the wkditiou of v,<fjr ftiie torohiun laoo to tit* of botb uoUar »ud ouffa Covort ulptb, and. ahepUwii 1 * ohook «uitlug«, JH 60 l«oli wiiltljn, «ro by ludit*' tajilow (or walking (vud touvoliug ooHtuiuuM for tho juxwut »uiv- •ou- Bhu* volvet ribbuu 1* t)m ohiwvu gowu*— N«w Yovk Mr. Ruthrauff and family attended the . to. picnic at the Mr. Annear's grove Wednesday. J. B. Downing and wife visited at, Mr. Atblngast's Friday ot last week. Mr. andifrs. N. G. Whitehall visited at Mr. T, Foxwotthy's last Sunday. The party at Mr. Fo*worthy's last week was a very enjoyable affair, there being abouttlxty young people present. E. TuelSland Qeo. Bowman spent Sunday with B.Tuel. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Foxworlhj and Mr, and Mrs. loin Dodger Visited at Afr. Arilngast's Sunday. Mr. »nd Mrs. Updiks spent Sundny. with Mr. Lffflngwell. There Will be a celebration at Mr. JamesWhltehall's grove three tulles south of Scrftnton July 4. Mr. Gullett, of Des Mollies, will deliver au address. All are invited. June27. Bio KotJH. TEMPI.ETOS. Next Wednesday wilt be the Fourth of July. the drouth was broken In this locality by a fine rain Saturday even ing. Thursday the rain blew at the rate of 60 miles per hour and unroofed many corn cribs ID this locality. Ife were in Carroll a few days ago and nailed on our old townsmen, Boos & Laughlin, who are engaged in the furniture business there. They are doing a fine business and are selling goods very cheap. Quite a number of our folks are going to Manning on the Fourth. Tedard Anna Shoeppter, accompanied by Mrg.Jno. Heithoff,» ere at Mt. Camel and Audubon last Sunday. Ted reports everything prospering up that way. The school children h»ve learned several new pieces for theenterwinments July 2d and. S-i. Monday the entertainment will begin at 7:80 p. m., aod Tuesday at 2 p. m. .Remember the date. Price of admission, 25 cents. On St. Aioesins day our pastor was taken by surprise. After the services were over he was called to the school bouse. No aoimer was he seated,'wh^n theeurtaln went up, and al-out forty school children paid their cotnpllmeiitfcto him, This was done in a very handsome way. The »'s- ters had arranged H program with the pupils, all unbeknown to him. U consisted of congratulations, song by three little girls, a hop drill and Anarch, ten little sunflowers, and concluded with the children's May day farewell. The [pupils did uice I y in their work and the sisters deserve praise tot arranging so pleasant a surprise for the pastor. June 26. BBS. l'I;BASANT HIM*. Rev. Nelson at No. 8 ucxt Sunday at 8,p. m. The Templars did not have a tepregen-* tfttive al S«c City. .lames G > ley was quite 111 last week- some stoniiinh trouble —but U better. E. Shirkey was in Carroll last week on business. Some of the farmers are giving the corn the lay by[as it U getting too large to work. C. B. Crlttenddn lost a valuable horse latelj . It fell Into a well that was being cleaned out. The rain last Saturday evening was what was needed, the corn crop will, having no accident, be better than last year. Services was held at the Amos school house last Sunday by the M. E. church. The Pleasant Valley church has been very thoroughly renovatid, papered aud painted recently. .Parties from Gliddeu did the work. -Yes, Jim;the quotation is correct. Wo a re i not very aislhetlcln our tastes, but can repeat some foelry from Longfellow such as. Twinkle Uttle Star with dramatic prevision." There will be a grand celebration July i at Grahek'B grove, Just north of Wllluy. There will be music by the Wllley band, games of all kinds, refreshments, Ore works in the evening and a genuine good time, Every body Invited. MCT I4BWJTX AMP BOOK MOM. A beautiful ralu on ike evening of the _ The Mordella beetle has the greatest number of distinct eyes, a single specimen possessing aa many us 26,000 facet* of vision in his comjppnnd eye. too Vonng, Clara — What do yon think of my now bonnet? Maud — Aren't the colors, rather gay for yon? — Truth. Sfccpttc.ll. Mrs. Browne — If I had my life to live over again, I would many yon, after all. Browne — I-don't know about that — Exchange. Shlloh'a Cure, tliegruit touphand Cioup COT* 8 In great demand. Pocket size contains tiren- tj-flvertoee»onls25c, Children toveU. Soldbt, G. H. Weitbrook. The largest flower is the rafflosfa- (named in honor of Sir S. Raffles), •which is a native of Sumatra. The dia- me.ter often exceeds 9 feet. Captlan Sweeney, U. S. A., San Diego, Cal. s»ys: "Bhlloh's Catarrh Hetnrdr Is the ftwt medicine I bave ever found that would do me ao» good." PriceDOc. Sold br C, H. WeetbrooK. There waa a large congregation at the tabernacle meeting on Sunday. Mrs, Dreeaeo, of Pocahoutat county, U vUltlng h«r Bister Mr«. Fred Kurth. Several bwlldlnga have been-woi! not exactly going up but rathvr going down since Wtduftday last, They an* cyclone cellar*. We mentioned last week that Mr. Ffti> mer was burled on Uw Httt without public fuueral wrvteea. Since th«nlt«v. U. A. OarUoa bt» preached the funeral »orwou la the Pleasant Hill uhurpti. ' For three weeks previous to the storm of the tttth there were nuuierou* wulrJ- winds, baby oyolonm which tllK'd us with tpprvboutlou M 19 what would happen If » full grown one would oomo thin way. Thu iluriu of (he 80th was the most de- atrnctivo to building* of any that ha» vtnl^od M>1* ««ollou tu mauy year*. Thtuu muf»V»iavebwouwiuetwl»t«r» lu U M a Itralght wind w»u)doot liavo ooniwlllud fttfib fr«|^«. U oauie fraui lUo »outliw««t Il(lf4 l|te roof 90 0. IF. »aiHlor»oii's large uew baru badly wrwklug U; ruliiod o»«uf t^aotttiUul^dtng* on ?• Kwrth'n pl»c«; p«rtly woyeilVoong Moow'K b»n» from |t» ; blow "«f ou« of. Uia uh,lujn«yi The greatest t)ee owner on earth is Harbison of California, v?ho o^vna 6,000 • hive& . Buoklen'a Arnica Salve The beat salve In the world for Cull, Bruise*,. bor«i, thceri, StitRhenm, revet 8or«»,Te««r, Chapped HMdi, Obllb)»lD«, Oora* and »)' 8kto> Kroptlons, »nd poiltlvelv caret Pi)«s or »o- pk]r required. It la iraiirtmcd to give p«rf«ot' •fttlttaetlon or monev refunded. tr'.o» II c«»to- per>"». KorMleb J. W. H»Mon. The largest bird's nest is that built by the Australian jnngle fowl, usnally about SO feet 'in diameter and 15 feet »weu|y ftiot duposlMfg U in * j»«d|« aud wholly dentioyed tho Uatn, of a.iHlln', thoooru crib wan blown froiu Ul fouinlbtluu^ud ot u«U«dUl» uuw hutuiy . Tfce Ui'lW double crib uu tUo Turuur pUoo wa« biowuduwu.the whoel was torn from CUrlvp Stoulmtu 1 * wind mill, Tww Uirou«tiottttUeuoui»euf the storm wer« Tlmr*tUy Knrl's Clover Boot nil) purlfr roar blood, clear lour complexion, regulate jour bowels and m«k* your bead clear M a bell. 26e., SQc. and 11.00. Sold br C. H. Wertbrook. The deepest hole ever bored' into tho earth is an artesian \vell at Buda-Pestb, which was driven to a depth of 8,140. feet Cure for Headache. As a remedy for alt forme of Headache Electric Bitters has proved to bo the Tory beat. It effects a permanent core and the moit dreaded habitual tick beadacheB yield to its inllueuce. We urge all who aie afflicted to procure a bottle, and give thia remedy a fair trial. In cases of habitual constipation Electric BUtetB cares by giving the needed tone to U»o boweli. and few CBBCB long reilet the use ot this medicine. Try H once. Large bottles only fifty cents at J-jr-JHaUonJa Jrug store. The deepest coal niino is near Lambert, Belgium; depth, 3, 490 feet. The czar of Russia holds the largest- individual estates — 100,000,000 acres. - «> Guaranteed Our«. V?t mthorlie outadvertised drnftUt to t«U' lir. King's Now Discovery for consninptlon, couglis and colds, upon this condition. If you ate afflicted with a cough, cold or any lu«g throat or ohcet troohle «»J Kill use th'.i tame- if H dliccud giving It a fait trial, aud ex- no boneflt, yon'teay retorn the bottle and bave your money refunded. Wo citli ••( make this otter did. we not know tlia I Ur. Kluf a New Plscovery could be leiiea on. H never- dliappolnt*. Trial boltli« free at J. W. HW- ton'a drug itore. Luge ulio Me. and ft .00. 2 • The most costly medicine in the world ia metallic gallium, which sells at a price eojtal tq jilOO.OOO per .pound. #hoo Baby «r»» iiick, «e gavo her CaMorta. vrtna the wa» a Cbilvl, ah* critid. for Ciwtorla, Wbra Bbe bvcaoic HIM, ahe clung (o dwitorta- Tho grcatu^t height over attained ry ballouuisU was by Coswell and Glaish- er, who reached au altitude of 37,00ft feet They made the ascent from Covent garden, London, iu 1803.—St Louin Rcpubliq •_._ Good Advice Quicklly^Followed d of llli»umatlam toy Hoo4'» "I wa» taken Jow»w(ti rbMiaaUaB ovar a yaw aio. I WM M«k m mvt »li - — •-'- t | tto doctors eould dona oo good what- ant, Altar b»ta| bM«At«l •» »w* *«» tU»>

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