The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 11, 1958 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1958
Page 9
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Mrs. Norman Apold Is Elected President- of Past Noble Grands Mrs. Norman Apold was elected -president of Mi* Past Noble Grand Club Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Even Evenspn, 801 Clark. She will serve with Mrs. Mlna Rasmussen, vice president; Mrs. Harry Nielsen, secretary-treasurer; Mrs. George Chesebro, chaplain. The Installation committee is composed of Mrs. Leslie Bell, Mrs. Henry Snater and Mrs. Martin Jensen and the initiation committee, Mrs. Harry Difcon and Mrs. Cassie Hoeper. A gift of $5 was sent to the IOOP building fund and cheer boxes to shut-Ins. Gifts were exchanged and the door prize awarded Mrs. Apold. The January meeting will be at the Apold home. WSCS Group 18 Holds Regular Meet WSCS Group 18, First Methodist Church, was entertained at t h e home of Mrs. Roy Harrington, 701 Gleason,, Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Leroy Schulz was co-hostess. After devotions by Mrs. Donald Wilson, carols were sung by the group and Mrs. Arnold Hovland read the Christmas Story. The January meeting will be with Mrs. Lester Burdine, Circle Drive. Mrs. Martin Joins ,VFW Auxiliary Mrs. Lee Martin was welcomed as a new member at the VFW Auxiliary meeting Wednesday at the VFW Hall. Mrs. Victor Emery, .reported the membership at 18G, with the contest ending Jan. 28. Mrs. Palmer Sather reported on family parties scheduled Dec. 12 and 19. Mrs. Hans Paulson announced a credit of $878.20 for - sewing sent to the state department to date. Mrs. Robert Narveson will be hostess at the Christmas party at her home, Dec. 16. Gifts will be exchanged. Gift cards and memorials were . reported by Mrs. Roscoe Blanchard and Mrs. Robert Rasmussen told of the party held for veterans at ' the State Hospital, Rochester, Nov. -24. Each veteran was presented with gifts. Americanism chairman, Mrs. Victor Pickett, reported flags presented to a Cub Scout Troop and to Banfield School. Members attending the district meeting at Owatonna Dec. 7, reported. Dec. 22 was scheduled for the Christmas party for children of Auxiliary and post members in the afternoon. Post and Auxiliary members will hold potluck supper at 6:30 p.m. Mrs. Ida Stromsodt was awarded the attendance prize. Mrs. Clarence Gerhart and committee served refreshments. ' Favored for 1959 PRINTED PATTERN FIRST BAPTIST GROUPS SANTA HOLDER — He's NOEL HOLDER — Slim jolly and useful, too, come model for conservative Christmas. types. | Making Your Christmas Card Display .Offers Opportunity for Ingenuity If you are bored with the old, the body, a smaller circle plac- routine way of displaying Christ-Jed on top forms the head. The mas cards In your home, consider'arms are two "bumps" drawn on putting your ingenuity to work to .either side of the circle. A cap make a Christmas card holder is placed on the top circle and that may be stored away and used two boots extend at angles at the each-year. bottom. Red felt goes to body and Take your choice of the long> CR P> black is good for boots and style, patterned after the lines of belt > P ink felt is for the face, and a butler's pull. Or create a Jolly i odd scraps of colored felt may be Santa that will hold considerably ; used for e y es . n°se and mouth, more cards, and will liven up en-j His beard, cap and boot edging, trance or living room. ; and tassel are made of white out- To make the Noel card holder '" g flanneh cut a piece of felt 55 inches long,! Cut a piece' of red felt that is 5 Inches wide. Make a stylized j the size of half °f the body circle, angel, transfering it to the felt.j Trim the .top edge in a moon Decorate each of 5 squares with ;sha P e - Cut a 1-inch wide piece of scattered stars. These will form lblaok felt to fit this edge and baste the pockets for the cards. Make," 110 P lace to fo «n belt. Now place stars, with the decorator attach-; 3 P iece of tarlatan or other heavy ment set for the icicle stitch.'backing in back of this pocket Form one complete stitch pattern J section. Set decorator attachment At the last stitch, lift the presser (to arrowhead stitch, making atone bar, pivot the fabric slightly, low- of stitching down the center of the er the presser bar and make an- ibelt section, following the line of other complete stitch pattern. Con- ! . the belt. Make two lines of stitch- tinue until a star is formed. Paste '"S on eitner side of thisqith a colored stone in the center of tne "blind stitch pattern of the each to add a touch of holiday j automatic decorator. Using this sparkle. isame combination of stitches, make Baste pockets one above the 3 Vertical design lines in the cen ' other on the outline of the angel ter of the large drcle in same (starting at the bottom. Use under! pattern stitch ' jor top braider to stitch outline of! This Pocket section may now be (the angel using gold soutache!placed on Santa's body by bast- braid. This stitching should hold in S it. Applique body, head, cap the pockets in place. Put a couple !and boots on to a piece of heavy of button holders at the top of the,backing material. Zigzag eyes, felt after turning the top down 1 " 088 - mouth and moustache on to about an inch. Run soutache godhead. Cut white outing flannel into through it and tie in bow. If the' holder needs more body, put a^ strip of buckran, wire or a pencil at the top to hold In shape. ' Jolly Santa Holder A free-form Santa doesn't need Women's Missionary Society groups of the First Baptist Church held sessions Wednesday as follows; GROUP 2 A potluck Sinner was, served Group Two at the church parlors. The Rev. and Mrs. Carl Brown were guests. Candy treats for a mission in South Dakota were made. Mrs. R. C. Alderson led in devotions and prayer was offered by the Rev. Mr. Brown and Mrs. Jennie Beacham. GROUP 3 Clothing made and contributed by Group Three was packed for a missionary family In Montana when members met for a dessert luncheon with Mrs. Carl Shutt, 710 Johnson. Bandages were rolled for Dr. Kenoyar's Leper Mission in India. Mrs. Carl Brown and Mrs. Walter Camerer, general missionary president, were guests. Mrs. Charles Lightly Sr. will be hostess for the Jan. 14 dessert luncheon meeting in the afternoon. GROUP 4 Members of Group Four met for mission sewing with Mrs. C. M. Shoop, 103 N. Prospect. Mrs. Victoria Lightly conducted devotions and Mrs. Herbert Lightly offered prayer. Mrs. Victoria Lightly will be hostess to the group at her home, Austin Rt. 3, in January. GROUP 5 Members of Group Five work- jed on rug materials at the home I of Mrs. Sylvester Schmidt, Aus!tin Rt. 3. were -embroidered. Mrs. Everett Hanson led devotions and prayer. GROUP 8 J Miss Vivian Varco, 602 Euclid, was hostess to Group Eight. Members embroidered pillow cases and painted plaques for tome missions. Mrs. Donald Shawback led in prayer and Mr. Edward Larkln conducted devotions. GROUP 9 ' Mrs. William Thomson, 1004 E. Bridge, was hostess to Group Nine at a luncheon. The work period was spent mak- ng rugs for missionaries. Mrs. H. H. Jenkins, chairman, announced the January meeting will be held with Mrs. Floyd Viall, 60a S. Fourth. Lazy man's stuffing for roast duck:' a mixture of sliced applies, onions and celery. Preserving - time reminder: Slightly under-ripefruit contains more pectin than does over-ripe fruit. Laundry-Shoe Doll »,:„„ n .» u _, , , . ! Mlss Ruth s Fowler re ^ the 'Christmas story and Mrs. Stanley Lewison offered prayer. Mrs. Sell j midt assisted by her daughter ;; Faye, served refreshments. i . GROUP 6 ' Cnnstm£ >s gifts for the Rev. and i Mrs> Gerald Titus and fami1 ^ ! home Missiona «es, McDowell ' Ky>> were com P leted an ^ wrapped ! b y Group Six> ' Members met with Mrs. Dennis ; F rederickson, Highway 218 . 'Bandages were also rolled. Mrs , Garet Loverink conducted devo- 1 tions> ' Tne nexk meeting will be heldi at the cnurch in January with! , Miss Elean °r Smith, hostess. ! GROUP 7 ! A Christmas box was packed for Gladys Bardouche, Austin mission , worker at Drawrf, Ken., by Group; Seven at the home of Mrs. Harold; Monkemeier, Austin Rt. 2. j ! Dish towels and pillow cases! TOPICAL TROPICAL—Gay cotton stripes of blue and green add a bright touch to this one-piece jump ?uit designed for warm-weather resorts. Low neckline is suspended from narrow shoulder straps. GOOD NAMES MERGE WEISER, Idaho (AP) — Marvin Bill Centre and Gladys Olivia So Happy were married before Justice Don Henderson. They are Umatilla Indians from Pendleton, Ore. Mrs. Fred Arett Entertains Circle Mrs.' Fred Arett, Austin Rt. 4, intertained members and friends >f St. Olaf Circle 27 at a Christmas party Wednesday afternoon. Devotions were led by Mrs. L. E, Torrens and Christmas carols were sung by the group. Self- denial envelopes were distributed and offering was taken for a charity. PERSONAL NOTES Leo Rosenkilde, 1413 W. Alleghen- ey, is a patient at St. Olaf Hospital. His room number is 211-B. Mrs. Hollie Tindal, Rose Creek, s a patient at St. Olaf Hospital. Her room number is 200. Stanley Gerber, Salem, Ore., is visiting his mother, Mrs. William Berber, Adams, who is now at home after undergoing surgery. George W. Pelch, Shevien, is spending the winter with his sis- :er, Mrs. J. W. Waugh, 205 W. Water, and his brother, Oscar Felch, Austin Rt. 2. Eldon Wilson, Rose" Creek, is taking his grandfather back to his home in Lebonn, Ore. Enroute, they will visit friends and relatives in the southwest states. Susan Kough, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Thomas Kough, 1007 Grove, celebrated her fifth birth day at a party Wednesday at her and their mothers. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Anderson ol the Austin Hatchery have returned from Minneapolis, where they at tended a two-day convention of the Minnesota Poultry and Hatchery Men's Assn. St. Olaf Circle 13 Elects New Officers St. Olaf Circle 13 elected new officers at the home of Mrs. P. A. y>rnfm Sr., 309 Corbett Place, Wednesday. Mrs. Dale Smith Is vice president; Mrs. Lommen, secretary; Mrs. John Ask, treasurer. A president will be named at a future date. Mrs. Victor Engleson gave a Christmas reading and Mrs. Peter Pauley sang three Christmas songs including her own composition. "Mary's Lullaby." She was accompanied by Mrs. John Holmes. Mrs. Gus Speten gave the worship offering prayer. Self-denial envelopes were distributed and will be collected at the January meet- AT WALLACE'S AUSTIN (Minn.i Hf. (Mil) Thursday, D»e. II, 1958 ing with Mrs. Engteson, .104 8. 81. Paul. Gifts and money for needy 'chfl- dren were collected, BYE BYE SAN DEIGO, Calif. Ifl — S i g n In the window of a downtown tavern: "If you're under 21 don't go away mad. But go away." Add lemon juice and curry powder to mayonnaise and serve with a fresh pear salad. In French Somaliland (Djibouti is the capitol) all goods are exempt from customs duties, IRON-WEAR Hi Fashion TIGHTS Guaranteed! Today there are 35 U. S. colleges offering professional training courses in forestry. The last battle ever fought between the United States and Great Britain was the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. strip, and gather. c.-i u «• • L ., ,„ Stitch finished ruffles in rows a pattern. A large circle can fornijto fity in beard, at top of boots, jer. i helps to kee P Santa sturdy. Tie a ribbon to the top of the hang- By LAURA WHEELER Any young girl would love to own this laundry doll. And what a wise way to teach tidiness. Laundry goea in side opening — shoes in skirt pockets. Easy to sew, trim with rick-rack. Pattern 72S:, transfer, pattern, directions for 33- inch laundry doll. Send Thirty . live Cents (coins) for this pattern — add 5 cents for each pattern for 1st - class mailing. Send to the Austin Dally Herald, Needlecraft Dept.. P. O. Box 169. Old Chelsea Station, New York 11. N. Y. Print plainly PATTERN NUMBER, XAME, ADDRESS and ZONE. Send for a copy of 1959 Laura Wheeler Needlecraft Book. It has lovely design* to order: embroidery, crochet, knitting, weaving, quilting, toys. In the book, a special surprise to mak« a little girl happy — a cut-out doll, clothes to color. Send 25 cent:for this book. for a merrier Christmas. Choose o fine fur from our wide selection of Mink, Persian Lamb, Muskrar or Seal Coats, etc. Shopping is easy here. Price range is wide. Sires changed at no extra cost GIVE A FUR THIS CHRISTMAS AUSTIN FUR SHOPPE JOHN TREEFE, Furrier 112 E. Water Ph. HE 3-2933 Guarantee — a new pair if y these tites run — and you j£ wash and return them tp>' Wallace's within 30 days*! Black or red. Small, me-| duim and large. 'x Free Gift Wrapping A.A.U.W. CHRISTMAS BALL Mon., Dec. 22 at the TERP BALLROOM Pamper Your Angel With Pretties from Panties 4887 SIZES 12-20; 40 By ANNE ADAMS Daytime delight in cotton, •Ilk ah&ntung, or wool! Soft collar, grace- ful-ln-motlou skirt with a fanfare of pleats front and back are lovely to wear, eaay on your figure. Easy-sew. Tomorrow's pattern: Misses' skirt. Printed Pattern 4987: MUtes' Size* 12. U, 16, 18, 20; 40. Sice 1« take* j'a yards 35-Inch. Printed directions on each pa turn part. Eafler accurate. Send FIFTY CENT* In coin* for this pattern — add 10 oenu for each pattern for let * clou mailing. Send u> Anne Adams, care of the Austin Dally Herald. Pattern Dept., 243 West nth St.. New York 11. N. Y. Print plainly NAME, AUURKSS With ZONE, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. More than 2,000 miles of Inter state Highway have been com pleted since mid-1956, and work is under way on 3,200 additional miles. PRICE On a Wide Variety of JEWELRY and GIFTS JANE'S Drapery & Gift Shop 114 N Main Auttia cowl-collared after 5 dress... with its full, unpressed pleat skirt newly V-draped and bowed. In luxurious, matte- finished acetate satin. Ablaze in jewel-tone holiday colors. Sizes 9-15 95 pamper your angel with pretties from funties ovely, luxurious ingerie treasures 24' the pin-wheel print Whirls Into holiday fashion focus in an Empire dress with wide V neck and softly draped midriff above a sunburst of tiny hipline pleats. Aglow in gaily colored pure silk surah. Sizes 4-17 ABOVE RIGHT: Young 'n lovely embroidered waltz peignoir for day or night dreaming For lovely leisure or prerry practicality. Delicate embroidered chiffon overlays the front and back yoke of this romantic nylon tricot peignoir. Row on row of frilled Vol lace trims the neckline and elastlcized "Angel" sleeves, In pink and blue. Sizes S, M, L. 98 8 ABOVE LEFT: Young 'n lovely embroidered baby doll Beauteous brevity of double-layered nylon tricot. The scoop neckline is trimmed with rriple rows of frilled Vol lace. Matching bloomers peek out from under the deep delicately embroidered flounce. In pink, blue and rose. Sizes S, M. L. 93 5 24 95 I if Dresses — Fashion Floor r.iS*..*i*rfWfc.v*.*;.......,-.,. v ..,..;... Lingerie Main I loor LOWER RIGHT. Young 'n lovely embroidered waltz gown Frilly, feminine nylon tricot waltz yov.n. Vol lace and delicately embroidered chiffon overlay the bodice and flounced hem. Satin ribbon flows from the flattering fitted midriff. In blue ond pink, Sizei S, M. L. C98

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