Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1928 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Wednesday, January 4, 1928
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r/ic REGISTER'S Circulation records open to public inspection at any time. ' VOLUME XXXI. No. 61. Sii-.-w.ssoi; to The lola Dally Register, The lolu Pally Ri >c-nrd and lola Daily Index. IGLA. KAN.. WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 4, 1928.= JNCREASEIN ARRESTS IN CntIN1927 Records Show 240 for the Year in Comparison to 196 for 1926 LINDBERGH TO AVOID FIGHTING DISTRICTS i IN NICARAGUA FLIGHT! CIRCULATION is the only Commodity a Newspaper Has to Sell Its Advertisers The "Weekly Register. Elstabllshtd 1867. The lola DaUy ReKbter. Established 1^7. SIX PAGES COLLECTIONS HIGH Tegucigalpa, Honduras, .Tan. 4. (AF)—Colonel Charles A.: Lindbergh will avoid the di.strict of northern Nicaragua I which recently has been the .scene of fighting between Unit-, US. RULE QF COMMERCIAL 'YEARLOOMS AIR IS URGED SINCLAIR COUNSEL IS PLANNING ACTION TO t • CLEAR AWAY CHARGES ed States marines and rebels on his flight to Managua, Nica- Lindbergh Advocates, To Sttcl Is Prediction r^gua. He will probably fly to Managua tomorrow. ; Appropriation Group, " Secretary Jardine More Tiian $2,000 Taken In By Judge During Year Arresls by city lif'J' excH'iicii the l i*est» in accordinK to rccordn compJltxJ by rolict J u U ko Edwards. Thi'total number of arresLs during l!t:;7> records disclosed, was : 2Ui, while during 192G the toial number of arrests was oul.v I'JO. Tolirp;expressed the opinion that ^vlg'ilan^e in -watchinp parking vio.- lation.-- brought the number up. .M'onfy received during l!t27 from fines totaled $2.132.6.">. the records ihow. .March, 1S27 was the record mouth, with loHections totaling ; *a24.?.o. • Money received in police lourl • luring 1}'27 follows: Fear» had been expressed at<i .Managua that Colonel Lindbergh might b» made a target for rebel machine gun and antl-alrcr'aft fire If he flew- over their strongholds. He wa.v »ani«Ml' to arold this iHU- trh}i or to fly high In passing over It. < ; (lokanocs of Central Ainerlca. When asked alwut Jiis route from i Six pretty girls presented the! here, Llndbcrph sain. "I' will go from Tegucigalpa to Leon, .Slca- Such Action LMPROVE police- during] ragua. and thencf to Managua, but Honduras. Flower-covered arches bridged the i route he followed front the flying i field through the cItV. Qne of |\yiLL them represented his plane, the, spirit of St. I>ouls; another, the:-, - , ' 1". . American eagle and a third the * I OUiniUl AViatOr Some Advice To flyer with a great bouquet of flow- j • . House ers In behalf of the women of • 5 Of For* 1928 AID RPTPTPl? PUIPK'C VnW rne; presenimeni was returneu AlK DCil ICiK-. fKlt/Jbiia INU^Y; by the grand jury before Chief Jus- - ; j tice mCoy after District Attorney Gives Meal Animals To Bring f^ordon had refused to draw un in- Id • RAKof nf dictmems. It charged Sinclair, .yiore. is • r»ei|ei UI «. i Burns. W. Sherman Burns, Henry Secretary < Mason Day. Sheldon Clark. Charles • 'P. Ruddy and Frank J. O'Reilly ; Washington, Jan. 4. (AP)—^A motion to expunge jfrom, court Records the grand jury presentment returned last Fri-| day in which Harry F. Sinclair, Wm. J. Burns and. five iasso- ciates were said by the jury to have violated the law in employing Burns det6ctives to. shadoy-' the Teapot Dome jjury, was decided upon today by Martin W. Littleton, counsel for' Sinclaiir. , i 1 ^ The I preseniinent was returned.^' NICARAGUAN ACTIONS TO CRISIS^OON Two Fronts Involved in Action Looming For United States Wa.shlnsJ .Hi. .Ian. 4. i\i't Fed-' number of ar-j I will not .•iiup at I,<Hjn." i ' Uefore^ landing. Lindbergh cir- eral supervistou of .Xmeiian com• A direct line from Tegticigjlpa , cled ihu field tliree times as 'h^'njerda* avi-aion -is a i to .Managua would carry him over • artillery roared Its salute. He ." the rebel urrlior.v. but the line to brought the plane down exactly in ,»^'*'oP"'(5 l.*«ii is .-onie i'l or Z9 miles -west of the-.scene of the reienl fighting. The Ix)ne (Cagle dropped through a misty rain and dark clouds to a city bedecked \yith flowers in his honor when he lauded at IrS.i p. m. yesterday from San Salvador. .Month January -.j Februarv March April May Junei ;julyj August Sept mber IXtoher • . - _ N(jveuiber . Uei ember i ; • • . Totdl : t2.132.6.'i Amount *277..^.0 244.2.-. , 524 .r .0 • lit.i.aO L- 51 .00 V- 173.50 07.!tU 115.00 14S .U0 75.00 <:s.oo im.ou. WARM WEATHER IS BILLED FOR KANSAS TOPY front of the' hangar. 1 "Although it was very- cloudy I ' had a good view of the charming scenery between here and Sai3 Salvador." he .said. "This Is one of the host aviation fields I . have .••een." '• INVESTIGATION OF SINKING OF S-4 IS STARTED thab tfil <in I'elilair of the a<Tt;nauti.-s branch of the department just prior io hf^' ;iop-|off for Moxlro. I.indbergli pictured air naviga-; .^ecommendeil wideKpread airways, "not only with a view to the con- idition that .•\is,> but al -o .vith a iview toward th<' ileve opment lh «t with having conspired to obstruct the ends of justice^ Mr. Littleton contended the AVd' hiiigton. Jan. 4 ).\Pi—.\ hf-t- _ I ar than l &«t yeiir .for; the ... _ .fitrnjf rs wa .s predicted today by] miins .o dp- secVfiary Jardine who said that un-' It was jidvocated by less I i-re was ti collapse in otl/er' , - . Charles A. Lindbergh to the house lines )f which he did noti tjompanled by an Indictment and appropriations committee, it wa-s'nP>al*-.-^ farraet^ generally! tfiat it amounted to nothing fmore revealed today with the report of ^^^Jj j;™"^^*'.!!",^^""*"*' a bill to provide commerce deparl- ipent fund.<>. The .voung flier, now winging his way among the C^'iitral .\meri- . , c .U) republiis testifii-d at the can- wejh; vo learned to cut down pjir overhj -ad. The quality of our meat animdls will be-Wtler as we hiive! «iw/,«-«.-* . t W A/v«tn been improving -our herds eveVy| ilirirll AM T ||f|M\ year iind^are^ producin.:; animals'oC: lllVIliTl/lll ilUVITlU tion as pn ^he thre.shhold of a highe • grade. glowing future an .l urged congress "The farmers ^f the-country "rc .j^ n Vnrrt ^i Pr^har-t^ to legislate! iu ' its mtere,-,!; Me Kolng|into the new year with sn»ll V^i^nse rortes _ r:repare than the personal opinion pf the MARINES MOVE grand Jury. t Xotice that k motion to expunge the presentment was served on District Attorijey Gordon. I Meanwhile In endeavoring to disprove I-M^vafd J. KidweU's j charge that hejhad.been threatened .' and intimidated as a. goveniment witness in the Teapot Dome oil UP Congress Also Is Ready To. Start Trouble Over Affair 1 ^lexlco City. Jan. 4. (APl- Pedro Zegeda. Nicaragua n Liberal, today gave out a staie- i)rai>li| weather «;onditions. ",W( 3re going Into the new yekr wifli f reat^r ehlcicncy on the farftjs. ever befot'e." he said, "and a Washington attorney to telj of an ! interview he had with Kidjrell.; ANOTHER CHARGE DOCUMENTS OF OFMURDER FOR I HEARST PAPERS ARE rSPURldUS' Temperatures Jbxpected Sessions Are Opened lo we are hound to h:ive both lu navi WEATHER and ROADS FOR K.V>SAS-I'ri»l«M> fair with '•onie clouiliuess tiunight and Thorsdu}'; nariiier In ea-t portion. KtLA l\M> ViriMTV— To Continue Mounting Tomorrow After a record cold spell for the season, temperatures in iola are gradually normal, with weather predictions calling for fair and warmer weather tonight and tomorrow. j Last night's low mark was twelve degrees at 7 o'clock. The warmest time yesterday- was at .*? o'clock in the afternoon |When the thermometer mounted to nineteen degrees. Public By Officers In Charge Provincetown, Mass., Jan. 4. (AP)—The bodies j of three niemrhers of the crew of the S-4 were recovered thisj afternoon by divers who descended and entered the sunken submarine. All of the bodies were found in the engine room of the submarine. They were fully clothed • and appeared to! have met their death by drowning. gation iiiid in • development, ol .lir- crai't." '"I do not think our aircraft to- If aii.^- surpluses. I'rices havmi't been |<o hiirh as to over-.«tlmulite T'roduHion and the experiences?©! the idst year have been of advantage iii bringing about more orderly ni.-jrketinK. "\V, meat" nurnier tonight aiid , Fair and •^'mn?"ra'.urc' yesterday relaxed Its grip on' Western lit. at 3 p. m.: lowest^last night 12, at 7 p. ra.; normal for today 30 deficiency yesterday 14; de/iciency -••Ince Januarv- isjt. loo degrees; tins date' last year—highest 59; .^5Jwe»t 31-. Topeka. Kan., Jan. 4. (.VP)—Win-' r relaxed Its grip on" Western Kansas last night and the weather i bureau this morning predicted ris-' Ing temperatures for the eastern j section today and tomorrow, j The low mark at Goodland last AjvT'vai, 'night was 3 degrees, while at Coo- I'reci pita tion for iho 24 hours jcordla It was .6. Dodge Citj; had a 'aniline »i " •••». many. .<»<>, ixnai j"* TtatiBiiB tittj nuO" TTIcn- :"<>r this year to date, .02; dcficieu- i H- ^"d Topeka. 12. The mercy sincK January .li inches. RelatM-i? humidity at 12 noon yesterday, 79 pvr rent: 7 a. m. toilay S6 per cem; baromtK-r reduced to sea level, 30 .44 inches. Sun rises 7:;!'.• JiP ill.: p. in. Itoud ioiidltluns. Hutchinson, clear, roiids fair. •' Sailna. clear, roads open. ; Manhaitan. clear, roads good. • j'lopekaj clear, rpadjs good. « j Kmporia, ciear. roads good. i'.\rk. Ciiy, clear, roads gOod. Wichita, dear, roads fair. PilfsburK. clear, road frozen, foffeyville. clear, roads covered with snow, but good. '- liodge; rily, dear; roads good. cury tonight, the weather bureau predicted, would range from 20 In the northern to 25 In the southern part of Kansas. Skies were' clear thin morning sttts 5:lG'over Eastern Kansas and cloudy! .over westeiTi counties, the bureau' jsald.. The only moisture reported j in the last- 24 hours was about '.10 of an inch of snow at Dodge !ciiy. Wa.shingtoii, Jan. 4. (AP)— I'resident .Coolidge today in a special nie.>.sage. af-ked con- (gress to authorize hint to appoint a lommission; <fP five, three to be civilians, to inquire into th(« sinkltig of the submarine S-4. Cli&irman Hale of the senate naval committee. Immediately introduced a resolution tor this putpose and it Was rrttrred to hia committee. A similar measure-was prepared by Chairman Biitler, of th'o house naval committee. To Show Youth Was Insiane Such Is, Opinion Given by HearstV Handwriting j^xperts i. Washington- Jan. 4. (APj—The gua. Zepeda formerly .represented Dr. Juan Sacasa. .\ica-- raguan Liberal leader, in .Mexico. Zepeda said several hundred I'nited States .Marim.s hati been killed in the (ia.=;t six months in fighting l)etween them and followers of the rt-h- | el general. Angustiuf) Sandino. He asserted Amencaii authorities were withholding the ex- : act figure's on ca.'iuailies although Xlcaraguanj/.ipers frequently printed storit-.s of the clashes and listed tin. .Mariuf j dead and wounded. ! Washington. Jan. 4. (.\Pt--The .-Vicaraguan situation' i.s rapidly reason of insanity to 'he kidnaping and slaying of littleMarian Parker, Los Angeles; Jan. 4. (API—While I —«—^ - "--.moving toward a crisis on two ! defense forces hegan gathering evi-: handwriting |xpertsemploj»d by .j^^^,^_j„ m.iy e.vpe..-..')etter prhesfor d^nce to support William Edward i William Randolph Hearst at. the.p^j^,.^. ^.^^^^^ marines are pur.Miing •erlTo '-ked"" ^'^ ^""^ ^ Hickman's plea of "not guilty" by | request of thf special senate com-^^^^ ^^^^^^ j investlgatmg the .Mexican Washington wbe e documents published in his: rie^^- congres. is dividing to attack aid papers have pronounced the docu-j . , . • - • . - . ^ ..-•.„ 'defend the adnnnistrution po j- ments as "spprlous. ; • ^.j^^^ i . ] The repdrt-jof the expert? was As 1.000 more inarines prepared made today ^ the senate jnvesti- to go to the assistance ot" their gating committee by -Wm. U. D c -. ^'"''^'es- ^"ho in recent battles wi h , . , „ _ Ti„„ Sandino have lost six of their nun- ford, counseU.for Mr. Hearst. .^^^ Congress returned to the spcjt- day are nearly as efficient as they not overstocked., will be a few yetrs from now," h" "farrf prices closed the ycm^'.li .«aid. "I believe also .that wi> will per tent above the pre-war leVel be able to fly and land in prac- and vere 10 points higher on De- 1 tjj^'qHesUon of voting a new mur- tlcallv every kind of weather con- cembir 15 than ;a year ago. T^ls ditlons when radio instruments, ra- was Mainly due, to cotton, the Oe- dio beacons anil other means, of rembi r price ItJdex of which ifras combatinx we:;ther conditions have 152 cmipared with SI a year aj?o. ! bfen " fully developed. We will Grain prices were 3 points higher eventually be able to combat fog. and ^ruit and vegetables 4 poihts At the present! time we can fly highe •. Meat animals wei'e 2 poihta through it Indefinitely, with the lower and dairy and poultry prbd- ald of radio beacons. We can not nets |vere 3 points lower." land blindly. We will have to develop some method, either by radio or some other mean.%, by which we can obtain our exarn elevation and position over the field." IN09NLDNCHE0NS ARE RESUMED der indictment against the youth toda.v came 'before the county grand jury. •Witnesses who had been ordered to appear before the grand jury yesterday in the InvestigaUon of .t'"" presentation UgM today with Nicaragua list the shooting of C. Ivy Thorns, Rosehill druggist, in a holdup which Hickman and his 16-year-old | accomplice. "Welby Hunt, have con, fcssed • staging, were asked to re; twrn to the jury rooms today. .the district attorney announced ; he ^^otild ask that a murder Jn- Sn«Akinir Tinie Todav Was dlctment be voted against the SSpeaKing Aline ^^^ay youths m connection with the death (TIcCUpied py fcditor, or the druggist. Although the bul- Of the Register ' «iilchfatally wounded Thorns Nation Comes iOut of Cold Wave Coon Creek Bonds Are Roston. Jan. 4. (.\P)—Congressman Florello H. LaOuard- ia of Xew^ Yorit.hjs torn up the speech he had prepared for delivery on the floor of congress coripernlng the S-4 disaster and now feels that Jhe Navy did cver.vthlng po.sstble. He changed his mind after 36 hours in the snmarine S-S, a sister ship of the sunken craft. done only after permanent .T 'rports have beoh established :it (he sites or terminal points which the fieliis Boston. Jan. 4. (API—-The Xav>-'.-i j would serve, "l .i.iy that becaue which he. start d with opnly ^: divorces the hearing on the de-jjfj°<;«°f5«t^t .the ordinary : fendant's sanity^ from' the actual Chicago, Jan. 4. (APi — The ! inquiry Into the sinking of the sub-i'f there Is any possibility of chang- greater part of a nation today was; j-g^^-j-. s -4 off Provincetown on''"* airport from one side of a coming slowly out of the .anaes-;^"'°!j%°"^^^^^^^ i .u , . ^, ........... =»«.v, ..^^ .... , thetic of low temperatures which '^'th the loss of 40|rtiately throw th" intermediate a miiute of ume on the last m<!et-, ^^j^j „ j^^^^ to have beenJ since New Year's day have extend-i I'ves opened in the armory of the 1 emergency landing field out of the. Iny ^efore tho - •• J , ed their chill as far south as >the' Boston navvvard todav. Rear .Ad-j direct line," he said. I mcnt Discussed at Meeting Mexico Gulf. jmlral RlchW H. .lackson. i Fewer fatalities were reported .'dent of the court of inquiry, took li.^ue and sale of iKinds to covivr j Tuesday, although sub-zero tem-: his seat shortly after 10 o'clock, ih.- amount expended tor the Coon Iperatures were not uncommon over ( The first action of the court was crei-K (ircdg 11;: inoitct whre dis-.most of the north and middle west, .to decide formally that .tlxe inquiry cu .ssvi! ai .vesierday afiernoon's i Sixty;death.v attributed to the cold | should be held with open doors. and the snow have been reported; .Newspaper representatives and from widely spread sections of the' spoctotors/were then admitted and country since January 1. - 'proceedings began with the reading Temperatures generally .-were of a rescript hy Secretary of the se>^.'-iiiii >ji" the Ciiy c:iniiiiissioll. B< 1 ween iJlii.iiuii jind ?12."00 in bouil^ wTh be>.d on ilw pro- jit-J. Tii». .-iihool ^<lmllI:.<^ion will holiday adjoi^rn- Trtis ExprrieiM-es. ' Mr] Scott brleHy eviewed .the Asked by Representative Griffin, past year in lola, c ting the en- ; have tir.s: <hau<»-ui ihc bonds. If several degrees higher last night .N'avy Wilbur constituting the court I ?ood weather Wli^^- '**>"''^ i>'ii lia.sed by than on Monday. Duluth was the,of inquiry to make "a thorough in-i times." 4 ^.Tt* cotnin .s>i,iri. comtnis-iioners place in the Cnited Stat«^! vestigatlon into all the circum-!' "^he New Yo New York, If he had ever had occasion to tise an emergency field, Lindbergh said: "Yes. sir. If those fields are properly located, or located by jier- sonnel experienced in flying, they are v6ry necessary and convenient in had weather, and even' under conditions rnlform l ,iiws Imixtrtnnt. rnlforni aws and regtUations for fliers and fl .viuB are very improi'aut. LlmlJiergh fold the comtiilttee. present The pract'ce eeems i.n hr tor t hi- ntndeht -who has iiist' ,Ii'!irneei to Hy. ami who Is wiihoiit ssjffiiiert exi>erien>-" to cncnge In 'comtrercial air »c«irlty. to carry i paSK'enpers within !•:- *st:«te'- h--- i«ald. "As a pi .Tt of his iraJiiin^. {during the most dancer-'us -.rrlod. noi >n<| 'lie is not under regul.-dioii unless of C (It is stale regrlation If each stat? with jabout johould adopt individual rules, in- tendj nee upon the fiinc.Uon wKlch i ter-state commerce would be great- field In the malnj dining rdom !y hampered as a result." : of the Kelley Hotel. A new fiace j Lindbergh supported government at thh table was thatl of Reverjnd i purchase of emergencv landing J- Lejo Relcford: the lately chosen !fie',ds, but said that this should be pastqr of thd F ^nst cnirlsUan has been identified as (he samejtionably hoi genuine, caliber as the pistol carried by — .. - .. 'of the report other witnesses, in- well up among the subjects a^yait- clnding former- Ambassador: James Ing vnerbal dissection and scrutinjy. R. Sheffield Riven testimony ques- „.^/>.ther sector wa.saddedl to the • . 2 . , Washington front today when the. tioning the authenticity qt the j^-^tJonj^T Council for Prevention oC^ documents'olRained for therHearst W'ar made public a letter address- newspapers By Miguel Avila. ed to I Secretary Kellogg asking. One of the'handwrlUng expert.s, iamong iothers. the question.^: ' wtu^iA-^ 11- ta.«i« K^^- v^.v i "For-what good cause are our Elbridge W. Stem, of Ne* ork |^^^.^ j„ City, reported that: ..Nicaragua? To what purpose is "All the (^sputed signatures of the slaiighter during the year P. Ellas CaJ^s (president of Mex- of more than 600 Nicaraguans?" ico> are. injiny opinion, unques- \ Xavy Into Aclion, Supporting its announcement signatures 1 that 1,000 marines would sail from chun h. who «-/Jmes o, lola from .Marh n and w'ho upoii being introduce( w;ui given a warm'w-elcome. Th in">d !>••« n uixin I w;ui given a warm welcome. ; ^^^^1 j [ ypeaking': period wa.s ot<-u-i_, ,. Iby Cliarles F. Sfotl who. (lad . tasked to Tlnlsh the spmlt, J-' - I Hickman's plea of "not guilty by.' , ,,,„ -j^ . reason of lns.-!nity" was made when'"' dl^P^Xed arraigned yesterday afternoon on indictments charging him with the kidnaping and niurder of the Los Angeles school girl. The move! •-j'"!""'" — — forecasU a long court fight in tho j™^°t dn the same machine not con- .nttempt of the youth to escape tho'^'^tent with the preparation of let- death penalty which the prosecu-i t^rs m the regular course of busi- tion frequently has declared it j "l^.^ Ther^ are . documents on demand. j which two Typewriters were used recently passed California law I!" Preparingf them, which likewise documents were to'Hanipton Road.s to pick up same typewriter'thsQu^ntlco contingent. The sail- ling orders followed the explana- written by t^e operator. r -. ••Tu„-„ «u _ „ i_ .1. . ;tory statement of the state depart- ^r.7il rih.^^ t .f.„. J*^ that the marines were bein.c writer, ribbon writing the docu-j^^^^ co-operate with the native constabulary in maintaining order so that a free election might be held. It added that the admlnis-. tratlon was prompted by a spirit of friendliness and helpfulness toward .Nicaragua. Presaging prompt demand 'for will .aki- other sit p-^ !o .-ell them. Cow I Testers Elect i Board of Directors iargelnent and improvement of .the Kellek- Hotel, and the fine worli of th» Chamber of Commerce in -cooperation with the Fahn Bureau in pcombting.the actlrities of the 4-H clubland in other wa>-s denion- siratlny its deijlre to be of service In bulldinjj tip. the entire ccim'.y some- 1 and not loU alone, a^ examples of i' subsilantial progress i hat had been ... - 7 , , , -.- , ork member said he : madfl during the pas vear. A% a with S degrees below zero report- sUnces. connected with the loss of.did not doubt that emergency land- resulk of this 'and either Uiiiigs, n. , u'Rh. though the S-4. I ing fields are necessary for some. Mr. ic>ott declared lila had come .White River, Ont.. had 2J degrees. Commander J. S. BaylJs. who was, fliers, bnt he always thought that; to af po.iitlon of leadership is a below at the same hour. In both in of the coast guard de- 'when Lindbergh started out. he nade While his distracted parents were sane at the time the crime was committed, his attorney may then interpose the plea that Hickman is insane at the present time. Legal authorities differ nome- what on the interpretation ot the new California lavi^ as: to the procedure should Hickman be declared Insane at the time .-if the kidnaping j nounouse, a and murder but be held" sane Sit>^^- ^n^^t the night in the present time. ; Superior Judge Frlcke. who. while chief deputy district attorney had charge of all insanit}* cases declared that the youth if found Insane at the time the crimes were committed would be sent to a state hospital and if later de- ! preparation .Of documents." j j immediate investigation of the en. Tt ^tT C 1<>a U<. C , it'i^e affair, opposition in Congresg. r>Oy aieeps in onOW ito the administration's policies ha's As Parents Hunt Himi-^'"'""^ several sources. Sen" • ator Wheeler, Democrat. Montana. Council Grove. Has.. Jan. 4. (AP) ^'^ expected to reintroduce, and demand action on his resolution of nr^a'nirin? K^^aroTi nartfao to krlno. •'hquiry. asserted insufficient men. ssL \"'hrs %ipSx d^rSy^ir^^^^^ Carlton Holihouse, a high school"'-^n>e"can lives cases, however, the readings were strover Paulding when that vessel reached his destination without in-; naturally ii;'ja^.-> i6 It, " higher than for the previous day. trammed and sank the S-4. received |tcrmptlon. ' | Thjs speaker: then iasserteu Mirei-iors of th- cow t.-sting -as-, — ' !permission to sit as a, party to the HOcialibn tor 1!)2.'> were elected at jvaty Baud To TakjB .proceedings. i . a" meeting last night at .Memorial. Tn..,—„J„.. XT:n-k4< Commander T. .T. Doyle was in-,.?-' — • •'"i::" '.U, ': T 'r"ij'Z' i„ hall. Fifteen members of the as- Air iHUrsday JNlgftt^ trod need as counsel for the rela-lcannot fiy through and land in a the t lings that should be done in soclation attended the meeting. J. ! - tivcs of the officers and men who | dense fog,|nor can -we fly through i ordci to accomplish this purpjisu. W; Linn, e.xtensiou dairvman from; .Musical numbers by tht> Parsons lost their lives on the submarine. | sleet. When we strike those con- One )f these thinirs was to b® «>y- K.iK. A. C-. spoke on feeding prob- Katy band will be broadcast oyer Commander Lester Bratton acted i ditlons. we must either turn!al oi rselves to our own town ^nd Jems 1 four stations Thursdav night from judge advocate. )around and go-back or drop down ; bulld| up a spirit of foyalty which center within (the terr.tory ^^ g^np would walk out — that "Well," the flier answered. "In' the l>ig job of lola for 192S is to our air-mall service there are as: hold this place of U adershtp fend yet certain conditions which wejhe pfoce^ded tjj point out ioa»$ of Next directors elected were: Geo. 9 to 10 o'clock, according to word ! At the request of the" judge ad- - to an emergency field." I won! i make ev^ry citizen of lola ^ H. TIppin, Geneva; C. F. Fickle., received hy tho locat agent. Sta-: vofjate the court recessed until two' Questioned about sleet on his At-j a roller for the toWn ^nd would ! aggo^iates and would delve .Chanute;, Walter Samp. Klsmore; j tions-to broadcast the program | o'clock to enable its members to lantic flight. Lindbergh .said that'lmpe every one to spend in l"'*. deeply into his family history. The A. L. .B4al, Colony: and - W. Marshall. Colony. A., jire: WFAA, Dallas News; KFD.M,' liispect the S-S, si«ter ship of the; he had encountered it but "it is Waco; and S-4, now tied up at the nav>- vard, jvery rare to find an arei of sleet ; and the destroyer Paulding, which or fog greater'than 1 .000 miles Beaumont; WJAD, KPRC, Houston. Baby Beef Meeting To , . ^ Be Held Thursdav Nitht^^*"^ Junior College **;V'" xiiuisurt/ C*».J.~».*« A«4^«<l V TT imanners or ooui vessels nan neenji OUiaeniS AUena lV..U.:inBiriicted to have their crews on over 2 .000 miles, and after getting —I— I !»>... — „. .v_ through, I was practically sure of , is undergoing repairs at the yard, j It was explained that the commanders of both vessels had been diameter." He added. '•When I struck that area on the way across. I still had sufficient gasoline for i J. .Moxley of the animal hu»-! , —'— ' j the same stations as at the time of bandry department of Kansas! Sixteen former lola Junior cbl-'the collision off Provlhctown. The State Agricultural College. will j lege students have been enrolled at j S-8 underwent standairdizatlon^ liead discussion at a baby beef! Kansas university with advanced ; trials over the Prortncetown course meeting tomorrow night at 8 o'clock standing according to figures <om- j Just before tho S-4 went out on her •- " piled by Miss Npra E. Siler. secretary of the advanced standing ^-H club members Interested ,iii |,commlttee at Kansas unlVerplty. finding good weather before fuel supply gave out." my -at Memorial hall. The meeting will be attended by j -H club members Interested ,ln uaby beef work, club leaders and cattle owners In the county. Plans will be made for 1928 work in this division oT i-H club activities. Kpy Callahan Paroled Front Liquor Sentence ill-fated run, and the relative crew stations when the vessel Is submerged arc the same as on the 8-4. Governor Al ^tnith Deli'ders His Final Message to N, Legislature Albany, N. Y., Jan. 4. (.\P|i-i-Roy Callahan, one of a trio of j Governor; Alfred E. Smith, in his shal at Bassett. was pairoled yels-'^tbe legislature, today reCom- terday by Frank R. Forrest, dls-! mended that future federal consti- trict judge. He'had been sentenced ' futional amendments be submitted to thirty days in Jail and fined $100 , to a popular referendum in this on a liquqr charge. He had served state't)eforft they are acted upon ten days His car. an Oakland j by the legislature. The suggestion coupe, was conQscated and he paid j was made in a cliapter devoted, to .$340 in fines and costs; itbe eighteeatb amendicest and la^ enforcement, in which he said it was the state's sacred duty to stis- taln the amendment and the \k)\stead law. ^ The govemdf's^reference to his "last" message attracted the attoa- tion of the poliUcally inclined In view of his potential candidacy Jor the Democratic presidential nijlm- ination next June. He is now rounding out his fourth term as SOTcmor. Mexican-U. S. Air Mail Service ; AVashington. Jan. 4. (.AP)—Decision to open negotiations immediately with . Mexican postal officials for establlaihment ot an air mail service was announced today by Postmaster General New, who i^aid Colonel, Lindbergh's flight had demonstrated the feasibility and practicability of such a service. The proposed service would cut down the mail time 1 >etireen New Y'ork and Mexicio City from four days to two daysl The route it Is proposed to «stabitsh -^ould be by the way of Atlanta, New Orleans. Houston. Corpus Christi and Brownsville, or pracUcally that followed by Lindbergh. Sfr. New said he hoped tbei Mexi- (C«nUne4 F»ge «, 5»; S) were b^'ing o tn 1 • [needlessly sacrificed. With Sena-" a_iocai pic-ljQP Norris. Repnblic-an. Nebraska. i» ^. I J A J lor i >orri.s. iiepiioiK-an. .>erj ture theatre.: it was learned today. ,!^^ ^^^i,^^ administration, as Returning;to town from a lone did several members of tho house, hunting trip; he was attracted by Lonirworth Sees Keactlon. the bright posters of the theatre! Speaker Longworth opined (hat Taking a seat! there would be "some reaction in a free man. The insanity hearing was set by Superior Jud?e Carloa Hardy for January 25, afte^ he had denied the; plea of Hickman's youthfu^ attor-j ney. Jerome Walsh, that the case be delayed for 35 days. : An affidavit asking for the delay clearly indicated that a large parti df Hickman's insanity plea would 'Washington, Jan. 4. (AP) Albe based on the testimony of boy-i bert H. Den'ton. Arkansas City, and >went idside. near a radiator, he was soon I Congress" to the latest develop- asleep. "WUfn he awoke early in;inents. while Representative Hnd- the morning Ihe room was cold, and dleston. Democrat. .\!abama. assf^rt- the night marshal and other citi-' ed sending of troops to .Nicaxagna zens, gone t4 the country in search ^as a violation of the constitu- of him, could not' hear Ms pound- tlon. Representative Bloom. Demings on the Boor nor his cries for ocrat. New York, said it appeared aid. that Nicaragua and the United . States were actually at war, but Representatives Burton of Ohio; and Britten of Illinois, both Itepub-j Albert Hi Uenton Is Confirmed By Senate the hioney necessary for him to apen I for the things le had to;buy that were on| sale here. (Tiling the itatement of a -ecent visitor that if io p«- cent >f the mdney whlc I now goes; to he big cities froiri the trade terrltiry natar^ally tributary to Tola cou d be brought here It would h'eequ valent to>the addit on of a nc ?v factory, Mr. ^ott . deck red that If 70 p|r cent of tho.j ; busli es« which Is se it out of Jola by I( la -citizens oould bf held here It wAuM be eqpivaleiit to another factory. i ThU second, impirtant tBlng streased by Jfr. Scctt If we; are to h ive a goojd towt in 192S jwas for svery business man to bend his efforts nbrelent ln«;ly toward i inert asing his] own raslness. , To this end th« «peake • tirged merchants to extrad their acquaintance among their ens »mers ami to ednc ite their clerks in conrleay and ;>oIiteness{: and salesmanship, '^e 4)iggest ttain^ aoyof u« ha^ to siell.' the speai^ sail "is personality Partlct^rty in these days of 11 'Tce confpetltioQ an the part of mail order hoiijes an t other finns. the nerchaiu jwho lolds his dtrn i« thje one irh <>!make^ sucb an fm- presffanx upon ittorney said many witnesses necessarily would be brought from Missouri, Arkansas and Illinois. North Oak Graveling I Contract to Miller jlican.s. believed the marines should continue their efforts to bring peace In the little republic. -Another Republiran. Cole of Iowa, shared; their opinion. - • Explaining the new orders send- he .statu Kan., was cdnfirmed today by the senate as ai member of the shipping board, sueceedini^ W. S. Hill, |ing marines to .Nicarasua. of South Dakota, who resigned re- i department announcement said it cently. f . 'would be recalled ."that lindor the 1 — - -arrangement effected by Colonel- Wheat I^ Sofferinir ^Stlmson both sides to the internal. 1 ^ir A TT : conflict then going on acrf-r-d to in ^Western liansas lay down their arms, ouid that they j , ). J • jdid so with 'the exception of a I A contract for graveling i of a' Topeka, Kjin.. Jan. 4. (AP»— comparatively stnall body of me 'i block on North Oak street, between ; "Wheat is sttil suffering greatly on under Sandino w-hich has sjnca Lincoln and Carpenter, was let by account ot lack of moisture in the been augmented by lawless ielc- the city commissioners yesterday j western half of Kansas, the wea- ments who have continned <o pil- aftemoon to Dan Miller, colored, i'ther bureaui reported today in its' lage a certain remote The bid'was $1.164.35.. There were j weekly repojt of weather and crop the country. section no other bidders. conditions In'Kansas. those Vbo deal with yBlWe«» 50.5 )1 HanfordMacNiderHasResigned As Assistant Secretdry of War \ "Washington. Jan. 4. (AP)—Hanford MacNider, assistant secretar? of war. resigned today'and i^esi- dent Coolidge nominated another lowan to succeed him -T -Char)es Burton Robblns, of Ceday Rapids, iowa. flee they were promptly denied by the assistant sepretary. There was no information available at the ^ite House as to the reasons.for his desire to leave, of- him-j-CharJes I flee. ' Coupled -wjth the humors that he would resign last summer were (refrain from printing TtfacNider has contemplated re- statements that he desired to resigning for some Ume. but when rumors frequently had it last 8tun<- ner tli«^ be Intended to leave ^f- turn to business and also that he was preparing to enter politics in a Ottferent fl^* Men Are Bandit.^. The statement .added that "these men are regarded as ordinary ban-i dits not only by the government .of Nicaragua but by both political parties In that countrj-." ' In the letter from the National' Council for Prevention ot War, signed by Frederick J. Libby, the. executive secretary. Mr. Kellogg, is advised of the importance attaching to the forthcoming Pan-, American conference at - Havana and Is asked whether it is true that Havana papers have been asked by the Cuban secretary of state id any news that might be unfavorable to t^e UjUted States, and whether a Nlc- aragtian. Dr. Gavry Rivas. h^; (Continocd on Page 6, No, 1)

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