The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 21, 1948
Page 7
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MONDAY, JUNK 21, 1948 British Believe U.S. Is Trying To Get Control of the Sacred Pound Sterling Through ERP (EDITOR'S NOTE: The author o; Ihe following disp«tch U chief diplomatic correspondent for the United Prrss In l/>nrion.> Hy R. II. Shaokford United I'rm Staff OrrKiimidriit IX>NDON. June 21. U-PJ-RlKhtly or wron,ly, u, e British p«opl, b*- b«v. the united States I, ,ryin s to get control or the »ered pound .i.rtog »s a condition of Marshall Plan aid.* ___ . ___ . __ _ This is not Just a view of piofe.,- BLYTHEVIUJr (ARK.) COURIER -_ Youth, j Dudley Lynch, Jr., - ! Enters Ministry treating Britain and oilier' Marshall Plan countries like "naughty children." M the British are right In their j condemnation of Die American at- | imide, then there is some substance to Sot-iet and Communist charges that ihe Marsnall Plan is "dollar imperialism." If they are wrong, then the United States xovernment—and especially its representatives here— is Kuilty ol a colossal blunder in publicity, u allowed this misundcr- siamling—if it i,e that--to stand long toward the crisis stage. Even if the final terms reached by negotiators in Washington :nv .satisfactory, the miSRiviiiKS o! a large segment of the British public will not be erased. This Ksvie, like Palestine before it. is a ease where the British and American objective-s are the same. Bungling r,l:ii]M-il But bungling, combined with Complete official disregard for put>- Hic opinion, created a situation which gives the impression of a serious deadlock or open break. "The pound sterling crisis" is a result of United States' negotiations with all Marshall Plan countries on terms for receiving aid. The negotiations are supposed to be secret, and the draft agreement presented to the Europeans has not been published officially. But like so many other government attempts to keep things secret during negotiations, this one failed and various versions of the American conditions have been published. A condition which raised hob witli Anglo-American relations for days i s one tmtier which the British believe they would be giving: the United States the right to demand devaluation of the pound. Nothing could be designed to • make the Britisher see red more "quickly. Like, the Bank of England, the royal family or the British Navy, the pound is considered inviolate by the average Britisher. Stripped of its technicalities, the problem is this: The of ficial-rate of exchange for the British pound is 54.03-1.2 But abroad the pound brings less. In New York, for example, pounds can be bought for less than »3. American officials have felt for a ; long lime that the British should devalue the pound officially to bring it down closer to the open market j price. The highest American officials • are convinced the British eventual- • ly will have to devalue the pound but Sir Stafford Cripps, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, is dead .set against it. Equalization Asked There is a clause in the European Recovery Act as passed by Con- i gross which calls for each recipient, country to take, steps to stabilize ! currencies and "establish or main-1 tain a valid rate of exchange." In translating this obligation into specific terms in bilateral agreements, however, the deadlock has been reached. f^j Britain has many supporters fcinong the Europeans in objecting to signing any agreement thai would give an impression"the United States could dictate orders for devaluation. The United Press asked all of the ERP countries their attitude on the devaluation condition. Surprisingly, not one would comment. Likewise not one would say that it is :iot a fundamental issue, a.> some. American officials claim. Unle-ss Sir Oliver Pranks. British ambassador in Washington, t;m y el , Ihe Americans to back down on this (.-.sue, the formal and official (he munstery here last night by the Christian Church, with the Rev. L, II. SIII1 minister delivering the ordination message, fie was assisted Mr. Lynch who Is the son of Mr »nd Mrs. Dudley Lynch Sr. of Osceola is a graduate of Osccola H|R(I School and after two years tn tlie aniicd forces enrolled In Phlllirjs University, Enid, Okla, where lie has been a student the past two years. He plans (o continue hk studies ncxi Pall Committee to Prob FCC Radio Station Licensing WASHINGTON. June 21 tup> — Ihe House Saturday unproved creation of a special committee to in vcsligate whether the federal communications romniission is grant mg radio station licenses lo suh versive persons The committee will consist of five members. Introduced by Rep. forest A Harness. R., tnd., the bill directs the committee to determine whether the FCC "has licensed or proposes to license" any radio stations "owned or controlled by persons who are members of. or affiliated with, subversive or Communist, front organizations." K The legislation was an outgrowth of charges made by Rep. Edvnrd Hebert. D., La., on the House fl or that the PCC bus granted five r;,dio permits to Edward Lamb. Toledo Ohio. Hebert charged I,an,b has "«- pansive records of association with the Communist Party In America front organizations and fellow trav- ellers." Airport News Eighteen pilots from Jackson, renn., flew here yesterday morning on a "breakfast flight." returning a "sit made (her? by the Blytheville Private Fliers Association several weeks ago. Among those making the flight from Gill Dove Airport at, Jackson were Mrs Elizabeth McCllt- chen, manager of the airport Paul L. Bon-ska, Joe Hardivick, Steve Stew. Homer H. Townsend R s Sevicr. Earl Seaton, E. L Nc'v' Jack Mltznpi-, Cecil Carciwcll Nolan Cardwcll. Jack Hudson, A. L. Mrs. Robert S. Taylor'of Bvansville. Ind., and 11. B. Abernathy Jr of Milan, Tcnn. Plying here during last week was limited by several days of rain, low : ceilings and gusty Kinds' Clearing weather yesterday, however, brought more activity. Two school teachers on a 20- ' state aerial tour landed here last week. TJiey arc Miss Peggy Lou Sanders of Louisville, Ky., anil Miss Marie Miller of Steutienville O Each is flying A Piper Cub. On one leg of iheir flight, they crossed the Rockies at an altitude of I3.0CO feet, which i.s crowding the service ceiling of a cttb. W. H. Yarbrough flew to Mus- tcogee, Okla., and Sedan, Kan., last week in a Piper Cruiser He svas ! accompanied by Mrs. Yarbroush i and his mother, Mrs. f&sie Yar- i brough. ' ! How ard DeSplinter, head of main- | with conti'.nied United States Con^re.-.<; difficulties over* 1 ERP appropriations, much of the value of the solidarity ol the West, displayed ure Hit Seagram's ^-Putil^n CorMfjtion, Cdryslsr BniMin^ NewVflrk Draftees Told What to Expect In 'New' Army WASHINGTON, June 21. HIP) — The proslioclive draft cr ran look forward 10 « lit,- win, free Iwar.t and room ami »75 per month uay to start, the Army said today. If he stays out of triiuble ami does a good Jo!) he will KM .in nti- tomatic promotion to prfvate firs 1 . class at. the nut of rour to -,ix months. Mote o( the same \fiii t/.-t him another Mitomatic promotion to corporal anil i.K) per montli within six moulds to a y,>i\r. Tlie draftee can net to be a sergeant earning J100 per month m Die end of 18 months. The promotion i.s mandatory at the end of t\vo years, if the dialloe's record is «uocl! Furthermore, lie will >;(>t luj^pi- taliiation, deiiemiem-y allmvaiu-M and insurance. ]f he lias « bent for leJirnins, ne can apply for any one ol u number of »rmy schools that will prepare him for a irnde. The old top sergeani riKsinn out the recruits is out m the new army. The. Amiy said it learned from tile Universal Military Tnimuii; c.xjini- meiit al Port Knox to treat the enlisted man \iiih I lie dimmv lo which he is fiiliilcrl. But the Army warned ilial the draftee mustn't expect any MHYMI id-sloves treatment. The Army, n sjHikesman s aiil, is still no phut- ioi 1 si.^ie.s. Eight four-Star Officers To Keep Rank Until J950 WASHINGTON, June. 21. <UPI — The House passed ami sent In the White House Saturday » hill permitting eight fonr-slar officers to retain their rank until June 30 195(1 The bill as finally passed means thai Admirals Ernest J. KiiiR atiri Chester w. Nimity. won't have to retire on June 30 .ifter nil. The House agreed with Rep, Walter p. Andrews. R., N. Y.. that the original House provision requiring their retirement was not essential to the legislation. D/'x/'e Textile Mill Workers Seek Raises ; The Textile Worker* Union or | America iCIOi .serve,! notice today hut it will (InivaiKl a IS-ITIU, lirmv- | l.v wage incri' in JKMV contnicts- . eoverint; I-U.CIOO worken In 190 < Southern mills. | Older demands will include six paid holiday* and mi emuloy<<r-fi- nanoed Insmam-e pnigram, accord- { ins to Emll ISieve. union president. ! Hici-e .-.(loke hen- yesterday nl a 'Southern wai:c conferMu-p niteiitled I by some 2S 0 TWU leaders from ; North mid South Carolina. Cleor K ta l'enness.'e. Aiabiiina. Mississippi. ; I-pulsiuiM. Texus, vii'BlwIa nnd : Maryiutui. I He miii employers will he notified : nniiiedintely of the ,».«• coniiHct ' demands : "Tlie waxes of Southern texllle workers arc still rnr (on low. . ( lo provide tlie workers with proper | iivun; Mardurds. and lo iierinil , (c.vule cditnminltie-s lo be prosperous." iiieve di'clarrd. Tlie cnnieience adopted a resolution H.wertlHR tllixt "the Kurnpenn I lieeovery 1'rourani. the needs of our expiiiutecl reitrinnmcnl. )ili;li cs- |x>rts. and incveasiiiK consumer de- mniiil us ii result of «-ides|iiead wane increases nil assure Hie lutuie properlty of Hie industry." The proposed insmaiH'e program would provide life insurance, sicx- in^ss and acc-irlent benefits, uietl- = i"':tl can-. lu^pit;iliv:atiim and sur- jgical heneii'.s. Changes in vncalinn sclu'diilcs Sean Co-Founder Diet CHICAGO. III., J, ln , 31 . , up) _ A. C, Roebuck, M, co-founder o( Senr.s. Roebuck and Comutny, world's largest mall order |, OUS J died of » lieiu-l iillmwil Friday »l Mielmel Reese llospllul. th« company announced Sslmilnj. j would call for payment of 6(1 homV | pay lo employes with from three |ol" ; f''.'.- .'.'ears' service. { i lileves sixld union eontrnrls In [ the South now K l\e the textile ( workers .in average of »|.03 mi hour. The union's ivn«e Inereas* was won last November when « nine-cent hike uns obtained. | Refined | Woman ; Stiles minded, IS lo r>(), iclmr!U'U>r references, for per- 'iiiiinctil work. Hours conven- lienl for women selected. jWrilr. irive plume lo Suite \Ti~\ liiilliintire Hldx;., Mem- jiliis, Ten n. S«« E. H. FORD ••for* You DIE! [NOW!" The telephone instrument repre- : sents only 6 per cent of all the plant i\nu equipment needed in provide a customer vvitii telephone service. tenance operations at (he Municipal Airport, received his private pilots license last week. C. V. Scbaugh flew to Byersbiirg yesterday in his Navion and L. -S. Hnrtzog flew to tjllie Rock last week In his Bellnnc'a. Transient pilots who lanticil here during last week included the following: Paul Richnnis of si. Louis. Cessna: J. M. Cravens of sikcston. Mo.. Stinson; Harold Welsh of Lockhaven. Pa., piper Vagabond: Roy Townscnrt of Longview, Texas, Bonanza; and Marvin Kyler of Columbus, O-. Cessna 1-10. , SPECIAL . Beer Per Case Keel T«|i Ale $;0fl (.rirscdieck S;t lii ralcil llhlc Itihhnn S.V73 Itmlivciser 5:1,75 Russell Marr Liquor Store in -So. :>mi si. I'luinc S07 | at FOUNTAINS ' Hvcrvwlierel STEAM BATH MASSAGE For Kmducing A Nerves Phone 2539 VI i«ltn Morgan, MUMCM . K. C. Davis, Milssvur MALONE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 ATLAGDE Kills j Johnson Grass • |E. C. Robinson ; Lumber ComtJany .113 \Vcsl Ash St. FOWLSTON SCHOOL OF MUSIC Offers SPECIAL SUMMER CLASSES In PIANO-ORGAN-VOICE Mrs. .Dallon C. Kowlston, B.A. »nrl M.S.M. IJaHon C. Kowlston, M.S.M. Certificate A Special l'i ice for the 3 2-\\'eek Term Is Offered For Information Call HLYTHKVILKK 2019 Parking Space for Rent On Lor Norrh of Laundry 75-Car Capacity .. $3.00 Per Mo. Make Application to NICK SHIVELY, Adj. DUD CASON POST §fc^ From where I sit ...&y J oe Marsh Organize for Better Operation Gatewood Grocery State Line Phoni 975 GAS GAS Rig., Gal. Ethyl, Gnl. 20k 22k Whiskies 1-2 Pt. Pr. 5th Seagram "7" .... 1.35 2.65 4.15 Calvert 1.35 2.65 4.15 Bonds 2.25 4.35 6.90 Cigarettes (any amount) Ctn. . . 1.38 i And you don't rmve to buy j?««"line) The brewing industry is one of the few industries in [Vie (-otintry whlch has an organisation il<:- sigrncd to improve its stundarila or operation and to obtain more public good will. For several years now the brewers have been strivmp to improve the operation of the principal link between the brewery nnd the public—the retail denier. To malie. it easier for the n^ tail dealer lo, in accordance with 3tat« and municipal laws and lo achieve greater public acceptance, the lirewlnR industry practice* an e.luealitinal l>ro s nun rullol .Sflf-Rogrilation. The success of Self-Regulation In the brewing industry is shovvn by tbc .qi ip port it bas from the tllou.«;uiils of licensed beer re- lailcrs and t);e commendation it received from many public of- ficals and other prominent citizens. .Most beer retailers sirt- crrcly want their businesses to merit public reaped mvl to bnvn public respect. Sc'lf-ncfulntion i.i Die continuing job of keeping beer retailers informed of the requirements for lawful, clean and decent operation; and of close cooperation with law enforcement and licensing officials., ft, objective i.s a constantly risinr standard of beer retailing. STATES BREWERS FOUNDATION SEE YOUR PONTIAC DEALER Sales-Service-Parts Goodwill Used Cars FOR SALE del our prices on tested 12 inch lo <18 inch concrete culverts. Also concrete building blocks. CALL ON US DIAL 691 We Deliver and Sell for Less Osceola Tile «nd CULVERT CO. tt'e Deliver Phone «31 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug StoreS Concrete Tile Sewer Tile Sim 4. 6 and H Inch Culvert Tile Sizn It, K, in, IB. 1], 24, M >nd 36 Inch A. H. WEBB IfwT. 61 at state Pbonr BlrtheTlllc 7U SMITH PONTIAC CO. R' VTIU Mil I If you're hurrying—we e»n rebuild your shoes in shortest lime possible by REAL workmanship. Of course, close prices, best material. H-flLTCRS QUflUIT.Y SHOC SHOP I 2.1 W M a I KJ S T Ixical & Long Distance Hauling Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anywhere Any Place Buck Mehorg 401 E. Main St. .Phones: Day 918 Night 29S6 NOW! at FOUNTAINS Kv*ry where' THE TOT SHOP! Kv«ry(hin K for Childrtn Up (o « i. 110 S. Second Phone 2308 • Closed Wednesday after- ! noon { STUDEBAKE T U D We Need SO E B A K E H «r >«« RS T U D E B A Chamblin Sales Co. K E R irond uw«l cur* amf d-uelm. Sec us before y ( ,,i Sl .j|. ave , r ven,l late mo.lel ears ami truck, ,» ot. for .VDUJ- nrlccllon. I'I.DTi: SI.'KVIC'i: DKI'AHTMKNT I'AKl'S AM) ACCKSSOUIKS Your I'Yicndly S(ndcl>ul<cr Denier "• <<C: Asl ' Hume STUD EBAKE RS WHEN BuYLpVNG GOOD LUMBER YARD! Bu V >hc Best in Lumber from a 100% HOME OWNED BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. I'hone 28S2 .1. Wilson Henry vxr fil vSoutH i W. H. {>«,*• j Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Deattr "KvciUtmlly \\' e Will U, UecommenHed In Tou" inui .1 nr,i P! , one 43JJ w BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 Does Your Car Need Washing? Greasing? Oil? Tires & Tubes? Tire Repairing? Acme Accessories? Sec Cot-ton Graham at Cotton Graham Service Stalion Cities Service Products Ark-Mo Stale Line ,, h(me , 190 ., Cafe iNinv Open Radio Service of its Best! AH New FM Test Equipment All Service Guaranteed i Btythevilk Salts Co. F«lix Carn«y Phoiw '' .138 E. 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