Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 3, 1955 · Page 11
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1955
Page 11
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Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND. MD., THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3. 1955 ELEVEN Critic Feels Last Night's Arthur Godfrey Show Captured Some Of Old flavor By JACK O'BRIAN ! Janette Davis (born. Dorothy; NEW " YORK— (INS)— After a|j ane t Davis 37 years ago) sang; great many Wednesday nights ofj and Pat Boonei the newest God- among the troupe or in the viewjit. was written by one of the iv.ost'Theatre had its premiere (with a|23.5 to 19.4,- clobbering _ audience. . ' 'charming gentlemen -we've . everij. P. Marquand talei Monday—ifsjShow""24.3 .to 14.4; "The Hflji . little of the old flavor when every- with a little of the old Godfrey one thought everyone on the show paternalism, revealing Pat was. loved everyone else. 'working his way through college! The notion of framing the show j with the help of Godfrey show- around Janette Davis' birthday -manship. . . was nice enough; the diversion was] It therefore -..was clear the TV about as customary — Frank Par-Sail- was being armed, the old mood; ker singing well, the McGuire sis-! of general palship was being. ters delivering their presently! wooed, the return to .the quote good; popular jukebox favorites, Godfrey! old days unquote was the. under-: in a bantering rather than an irri- standable intention, for in the good; tafed mood, Carmel Quinn with: old days everyone loved everyone customary Irish melodies. , else and -no one had .to take sides On "I've Got A Secret," the;met. Edmund Goulding. the film;a slickly polished, excellently pro- mooners" again led Como's ''.i!. . t _ . i__ _ r_— L_H «._' j . — j _j: ..„_* — _] _... j _«.i n «i A..V..*>. * •vxiMiiinf 11™ t A oo o lYiPsninff P61T1*V more—now „— , points j.. s : Jesse Block (Block 4-Sully) whose' Lu Ann Simm's first . post-.mahoganies, by far the best day-iapart. •secret" was — he attended Jack j Godfrey-firing songfest will be on ; time drama so far on TV. Benny's 39th birthday party — Reason's "Stage Show" a week' o : from Saturday. "Joe and Mabel" starring the Mary Martin's daughter, Heller, a talented chip off the old darling. 22 years ago. I hai TV's "Star Tonight." .;tn the works for "Stage Shpw."'the earlier film—and will be un-|except with Mom in "Peter Pan". Interesting because it was a two-with Jackie Gleason resisting CBS'jreeled starting January 3 oppositeiduring the holidays . . . 20th-Fox performance flop on Broadway Suggestion that the Dorseys be God-i NBC's Jane Wyman . . . Perry! will shave visual production costs with June Havoc starred. * ifreyed and a ."big name emcee"-;Como's Saturday hour out-rated;and pour more cash in writing and Interesting also to us, becauseiadded ... The new XBC Matinee- Jackie Gleason's Saturday package; acting talent for its TV series. SURVIVES 2,300-VOLT CHARGE—Cpl. Richard Sturgell, of Dayton, Ohio, relaxes in a hospital bed in Fort Knox, Ky., following his amazing recovery from an accident in which he received 2,300 volts of electricity. He came in contact with a live wire while helping move Army equipment on August 23. Movie About Hollywood ^Surgery* Stirs Feeling. Against Producer •• ' " <_-^ C7 •• . i.. • • (Keg. U. S. Pat. Oft.) ; By PHYLLIS BAtTEUE •NEW YORK—(INS)—I have just the setting happens to be Holly- IMA>* +, «-«nol" c/»T*fliOT>ina' />f • n ~mriV T *0 i - - . • •• •een a sneak screening of a movie of' bitter, -The Big grimy emotion called Knife"—a film which wood. After seeing "The Big. Knife" thrust .into, a Hollywood columnist, rip open the insides of a. Hollywood party and expose the lives: It's magnificently acted, expert- of six peop i e w ho are linked with! ly fflmeoVftscinatingly written by^ motion . pic t ure industry, how- 11 e 'trouble is that what the'ever, it is hard to swallow: these. should give the Academy Award people the'D. T.'s (darndest troubles). big knife "rips ' into is Hollywood. And the 'question is: Can Holly : wood officially sanction the magnificent, expert, fascinating dis- embowelrnent of itself? .Word is that already there is a State of shock in some circles of the movie city, where others have;as'I said, will doubtless do some seen snatches' 1 of this movie. In- shuddering, crying and churning fluential film'fplk and the alleged of their ..own before it's forgotten. •'little people!"" who live .sanely in '. . . : : _ the frequently-maligned area of c i,,.: I, r -tr . Hollywood, are exploding their |S a Semusli ^ au *^ CG V anger against' independent" Pro- Rabbitbrusli In Check ducer-Director Robert Aldrich, who made "The Big-Knife" after the fc Odets play had lain dormant P around Hollywood for six years— apparently too hot/a. potato for the l)ig studios to risk': their" money on. "rThe feeling is said to be strong, too, against the stars, Ida Lupino, Jack Palance, Wendell Corey, Shelley Winters-and Rod Steigcr, • each of whom" gives a performance worth at least' an Oscar nomination. Why did they, do it? .Blasting | their own! CORVALLIS, Ore. —(A 0 )— Ranchers of the West have spent-a lot of .money ..and, effort getting rid of sagebrush.- But two researchers from Oregon State College say that ranchers who kill sagebrush that doesn't have a good | grass . cover under it may. be = the-•victims of something even worse. That's rabbitbrush, a hearty range perennial that moves in quickly .when other vegetation is killed. Overgrazing, fire and culti The answer should be simple. Mr. Palance, who plays a movie star who's sold his ideals, could say frankly 'it's. the role of a lifetime for a good actor. Miss Lupino, ivho plays his disillusioned and Ivalion have encouraged its spread until it has now become a major range threat in some areas. Cattle won't eat it. W. W. Chilcote and C. E. Poulton, OSC range experts, say sage finally destroyed wife, could admit •he's never had a meatier part. ' 'Rod Steiger, the ruthless producer in "The Big Knife," Wendell Corey, his corrupt assistant, Shelley Winters, as a no-talent, alco- '. h'plic starlet—all of them should admit it was a fine chance to showoff their talents, let loose their best efforts, and try to knock off an Academy award while they're about it. : ;They appear, however, to be shilly-shallying. Aldrich, the producer and director himself, is a young man of 35 who has come a long way since he was assistant director for "Abbott and CosteUo Meet Captain Kidd." It was he who had the ccisrage to make "The Big Knife" when others turned it down. However, in the recent antagonism against the picture, which won't be released till mid-November, he appears to be hedging. "It is a moving story," he explains, "in the Faustus tradition. The locale is Hollywood. But it can keep rabbitbrush in check. ADVERTISEMENT Meet the man who likes to makefolks happy it's this no wonder likable. more than a picture which shows .a corrupt politician attacks all pol- friendly manager has hundreds of good friends in this city and nearby towns. He is -known as the man who makes folks happy every day iv supplying them with cash loans from S50 to $1,000 for buying needs, expenses, bills, or other purpose. He likes to make "Get-Acquaint- id" loans ot S50 on just your name in a few minutes. .Or, he will pay all your bills, or he can cut your iticians or than a picture which car pa y mf >nts up to-50% portrays an embezzling banker! contends that all bankers are em-! \vhen you have any kind of bezzlers." money problem." the Aetna man- The stars, with an eye toward: jg the man to see You wi n Smoothing.things over, are taking} f. 'i-._ •.'...». , -I* -, • *•_ It If* similar "attitudes. Miss Lupino, for example.'pooh poohs the idea that doing business with him Phont or come in. Aetna Finance 5c Lewis Foil Wrapped MINT PATTY 3C EACH IP Burgundy Chocolate Covered PEPPERMINT PATTIES Delicious end tasty with creamy . peppermint centers made '.the old-fashioned way. Coated wilh rich, dark chocolate. 59c Pound Box 44C T • '• s protests'. ^ . • 'Anyway, what'matter? The coun-j try is going to shudder at filmland'i every time it shudders.-and cries and • churns inside during the screenings of this picture. I And the Academy Award fellas,; HERSHEY'StrBARS • MIIK CHOCOLATE, l«i Ouncei • MR. GOODBAR, ll»i Ouncet • ALMOND, 9li Ounces • KRACKEL, 10 3 .i Ounces 49c VALUE '.'..' 3Sc EACH Deran's Milk Chocolate Covered PEANUTS or Milk Chocolate STARS 39c; Value OQf> 7-6urice Box '. *WW Each 39c Brachc Chocolate Malted MILK BALLS 8-Ounce Box .......:,..... 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