The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 29, 1894 · Page 6
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1894
Page 6
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p: lip DAILY AND WEEKLY. By POWEKS * COLOLO. SUBSCRIPTIONS. S ngleooM.araaddresi, per year ........... M Ot paid In Mdvance ........................... 1 W> Turn HMTIHBL le a stHrtght-out Bemooratio •wtbapet working for the adTBDeemeut ot the terwts ot the cause In Northw«§t«rn low*. TbeclnulRtloD ot Tn SUHTIIOCL etoeed§ th»' ot an) paper on the C. * M. W. BRllwaj west of tfarsballtown. Our ItoU are oped to an> adver tlter. We have good lists In even town on all branch roads, ItoM reaching the beat farmers and business men la every oonraninltr. Elates on •11 classes ot ndtenlstng reasonable. Schedule ot rates furnished on application to the omc*. Correspondence desired on all topics ot Reneral interest. Be brief, write proper name* plainly, •ndbave four letter reach M early as Wednti- ••yevenlng. Address, THE SENTINEL, _ Carroll. Iowa Bntere at the Carroll, towa, nostofflce, as se •nd class matter. Published weekly. FBIDAT, JUNE 29, 1894. [dee preceding pnge tor late telegraphic news.] Votes. Del. 110* 7 2878 18 2270 12 Democratic Judicial Convention. The Democrat" < f the loth judicial district of Iowa, will meet iu delegate convention at Carroll, Iowa.ou Tuesday, August 7,1894 at 10 o'clock a. m. for the purpose •of nominating two candidates for the office of district judge, and for tbe transaction of such other business as may be brought before the convention. Each county will be entitled to two dele- gales and one additional delegate for every 225 votes and fraction of 115 or over cast tor GroVar Cleveland for president at tbe general election in 1892. The counties of the district will be entitled to delegates as follows: OountlM Calboan.. Carroll... Crawford Greene.... ....1332 8 Ida......... 1190 7 Sue....:..., 1268 8 By order of the judicial committee. . . J. oil. DKKES, Chairman. Democratic County Convention. The Democrats of Carroll county will meet in convention at tbe iiourt house in Carroll, Thursday, July 2«, 189*. at 10 o'clock a. iu., sharp, for the purpose of se- JeetluK delegates to attend the state, judicial and congressional conventions. Also to nominate tlte following county officers: One candidate for county auditor. One candidate for clerk of the district .court. i • ' • One candidate for county recorder. One candidate fur county attorney. One candidate for supervisor. The ratio of representation will be one delegate fruiii enc-1) waid or township and one additional deleuate for each 20 votes and fraction over 10 cast for Horace Boles for governor at the general election of 1898. •Based thereon township* and wards will be entitled to delegates fls follows: Jisper ..., S Hhe^ldiin-'J.. ;;:.':;.; '•'# Knlept 9 Wheatland........... 10 outside.... 7 , .at ward.!... 5 ! ajw«rd...... 4 3d ward 6 4th ward 6 Grant Gllddcn....:.;. Blcbland....... Pleasant Valley Boselje.... Washington.... Warren Kden............ iu tbe tjbHmber of dgftttits and after; the penalty of bis ctirre upon the guillotine. lj. M. Martin, tbe Democratic polili- Moian at DPS Motors, has been tendered and accepted the general management ot the Iowa Oentrnl railway. OFvery |civilized nation sTrupatbiees Jifn mum jAiMigfcwvt«^Ktt^aaMM»MnM*».wfc^ .~-j~- •' with fair Frntore in tbe lose ot tier 'noble son whose lite WHS taken by tbe dagger in tbe bands of n stealthy Italii to. This is a good year for candidates for local offlcps. Notwithstanding the number of candidates the canvrfe i* tbe beet natnred one ever conducted it the county The state Prohibitionists in conven tion at JDes Moines last Wednesday plated in nomination a fnN ticket and passed a resolution declaring for tree trade. ^ A general boycott bus been ordered on all roads using Pullman sleeper?. Tbe Northwestern P is well provided with Wagner cars and the boycott will not affect it, . Pat Doran bus announced hie name in tbe Coon Rapids Reporter as a candidate for supervisor. He and Mr. .Dale will have to settle their little different at their primary. • France, our sister republic, mourns the assassination of Its president which famishes a good parallel to the assassination of Garfleld and Lincoln, all were the work of cranks. • Newton... \ Union 6 Total......... 2.V.. ;. ...."m Necessary for,choice 66 Unless otherwise designated by town- flblpor ward commltteemen caucuses to •elect delegates, to tbe county convention will be> held Saturday, July 21. at such places and time sis the commltteemen may .order. ' - <.•)•.;••.',•><••><•»<•••;•••.••; ;•• Carroll. Iowa, June 12,1894. JAB. THOMPSON, JOHN T. JAY, -Secretary. •' Chairman. AFNOUPCflUENTS. FOB coniay ABDITOK. , I hereby announce my name as a candidate for nomination for th» <>«&>• of county auditor before the Democratic county convention and will cheerfully abU^ths wimlt . . W, F. BOMBAOII. ' i .FOBtobnriiTOBiimt. •• I hereby innouDes«ny»elfa« a ,e»nd|date for the nomination for the 1 office of county attorney, subjected to the pleasure, ,of the .Demooratle couofy convention. ; • • ' flip. W. KOHTK. tbe Domination ol wooniy ; iupirvi Pemoeraye oounjly opayenMon. .^. -, . ., . , ., I hereby .plsoe my aanpnnwuent • before the Democrau of Carroll county ai a candidate for the nomination for county recorder *ubleut to tbs plaeiure of the Democratic county convention, C. WiBlUJMWt , I hereby announce myself at a candidate for tbe nomination for county recorder before tbe Democratic county couventlon.tnd will oheef ully Mcept the result. ' JoiKmriKU. I hereby announce my name before the Demoorfltlc county oonventloo for nomination tor tbe office of county recorder, subject to the pleasure of tbe delegate* wben In convention •Mtmbled. OHAS. UUCXNAM. I hereby announce my name as a candidate for nomination to tbe office of county recorder subject to U>e will of the Demoonrtlo county convention. Gao, A. Horr*i*»i. I hereby reiDaotfully aonounee nytelf a* • candidate for the nomloMton for the omoe of county recordM, Wtlwt to the will ot tbe Pemocrstio county coanntioa. T. A. HADIOAH. , I hereby announc* myieU a* a cwidldtu i for tbe nomlnatwn {or Uie offloe of county reoordsr •ubjMttotMptoMureortbeDemoersUa county convention. ton OODMTV ouuuc. I hareby announce my name at a candidate for tbe nomination of county clerk before tke Democratic county convention. J. H. BOBBOIDBK. , I hereby announce ror*elf 'as a candidate for tb» oAoe of county clerk bsfon tbe county convention. Wn-i I hereby announce myself before the Demcn «r*U of Carroll count/ si a MDdlAsI* for re- nonluatlon for the offlce of rlerk of the dUUW court Subject to the pleasure of the Pemo- «r«(|o county oonwu tion, J. W. Fraoo* haj but OM wstobword sad IhH is, »bsUalituB>B.t go. Th« OsBMOfaUo slat* oonvsnUon will aa»t>»psj||<itoat AQJ. 1. Oarroll county will to •slill.d to 18 dslsf atat |i t|i» aM*\ ooaf rsssional and waskf froM tomorrow and §11 lb*prlntri*swm|wbtiil Md IMn ido busUiog will t»gt« In d«s4 saws.. with tt IM tMtu iupjaatto^ same s {Wo Ml R. H. MoOinnus, of Jackson county, was nominated by the Prohibitionists (or attorney general. By the. timei he bean from Carroh county be will think that his name should be ohangf* to Dennis. - : , '.'..' ... The Family Journal gives ne another installment of the crop report statistic*. They made a great "kick" against tbe board ordering it printed, bnt it is the twet.newB matter in the paper. So Jong as it will confine itself to this class of literature it will be all right. The Demooratiia state convention of [llinoia declared for free and .unlimited ooioege of both gold and silver. That's about the kind of Democrats we are and believe Iowa Democracy should pass a similar resolution. Franklin .MaoVeagb ot Obioego was selected as (heir candidate for tbe United States senate. of VaJU- Wbo lb»w tto bomb Oasimer-Perier. was elected president of Francs on the first ballot for a, term of seven years. The new executive ia one of tbe leading statesmen of the republic. He is probably the most thoroughly imbued with the Republican form of government of any of her leading statesmen and will carry on the work, of . making a strong government which had been the life work of Oarnot. Tbe National Republican league in convention at Denver passed a few meaningless reeolntions and adjourned. This is one instsoos, "we believe in the nse of gold and silver as money metals, mtntained on a perfect parity aud Inoon- trovertibility." Will Bom* one please tel| ns what words are good for nnleaa it is to duignisa tbe meaning and allow Republican oonftotions to, pssa raaoln- tions without meaning anything. The Republican judicial convention, will meet at Carroll July 2. The nan- tor of aspirants for the Domination tor the judgesbip are equal to the number of Democratic aspirsots for county recorder in this county. Judge Pain* will to s strong msn in tbe fight, b'nk if political trickery and wire palling can defeat him bs will to defeated. The Kspoblicaos bsv» no sense of justiw when sn office with a salary sttsobnwot is in sign* t _ i __ W|»i|j tbe sagsr sob*dq|e of (to Wilson bill is favorable to tbs trust tariff rsforaa most not forget that it is , tot,Ur •ban tto MoKiolsy bill; TrsasnrM Ssarisr, of tto Irost, sdmitt«d as maob tofors ttie ssflaU, invMtigating committee, saying tto MoKiulsy bill afford- ad tto sugar Irosl by far tto most protection, to tnoogb* "by ons-bslf mm." Thj psndjng bill is not What tbs D#mo- oratio party wuted, bat it is *o much toltar tnso tto MoKinlsy bill that it is • long stop forward. < Twanty-flvs Tsars ago S*4i»tor Btor- man bad not yst gro«n to to • miUi««. *ir»onassl»ry of $5,000 a, ysaf. At that tip* it I* pNsomabls tb«t to woild S tM to pay; «9d of eonrss toil Tiawson tbs ioooms lip ftp dWwMbw fnwi what ttoy arsiww. B« was one 0f tto few s»n*tor« i« >oto and sptal agsiui tto inooms lw elaoM of tto WU*on bill, vton tbit potikm of tto bill was ooMidsnd in tbf nflst* tto ottorday. B«tin 1870 to said, io s •p»*eb in thaasmts, " W b7, ajr, ths to- pans MX is tto only on* that ttttds to tx)osji»s tto bnrdsns tot*s*i> tto lioh *md 6snaj(ortttor«*uati4in }870wMtrustb«M»aji4iatl»»nov, bnt rich ttot bis views on paying sr» w«rps« sod DIM mauy otbsi riob man to Ibiuks tbkt tbe (xmr otight to pay all the tues mmrjly because they bave been doing m *nt so long. When ia the Family Journal going to tell us about the Way tbe last "bar docket" wna padded? Al-wnye, nntll the Family Journal had it to publish on contract at forty .cents per page, soven oases were published on one page, but wbeu there was something in it by cutting the number down to FIVE, the cut" was mado. This made a difference of TWENTY-THREE pages. At the rate ot fort.v centa per page, would be $9.20. Tbeu it charged for tbe four pages on tbe cover and tbe blank leaves, something unheard of, making in all a ateal of $11.OO op this little job. We would not ask them if this was due to the way the copy was furnished them by the county official in charge, as they do, for it woald be too silly to give oonsidera tion. Abt tbe Family Journal is a great moral reformer, one that emulates tto footsteps Of Samuel J. Tilden. Shades of departed greatness protect ns from such reformers! So soon as we have time we will reproduce a page of the bar docket as published by the , Family Journal, and one aa it was previously published. There the tax payers will see the FIVE to SEVEN steal as perpetrated by this vile nest of reformers. Gee whiz! Joe Drees talking of emolat ing Samuel J. Tilden, is enough to give that honest old patriot the nightmare. Township Caucuses. . , Every chairman in the county .should e that tbe time 1 and place for- holding the caucuses are thoroughly adv«rtieed so that all who may desire to take part in them will be posted when and where to go. In order that the oaaoqsss may be as thoroughly advertised' as. possible THE SENTINEL will insert all calls 'for oanone that ma* to sent us next week. Do not delay in matting vonr annonnoe- ment, as often < dieaatisfaotion arises over tbe time tor holding these meetings when tbe chairman intends to do what is right by all. We do notwnut any contested delegations in the coming convention and a great deal can be done to avoid any misunderstanding, by sending your aononnoements to tbe papers which Will insert them free of charge. Obair- msn, attend to ibis at once. Newton Heard From t Ben Edwards, of Newton township, is io the city Tharsdaj fora short time on bneineaa. Mr. Edwards' many friends all over the county are strongly urging him to enter the canvass for tbe nomination tor tbe office of county supervisor. Tbe citizens of that part ot the county claim that Newton township has not been represent ed on tbe board since tbe oonn- ;y has been in the control of the Dsmo- oratio party, and thai since this time every other township hss been granted recognition. They think it is now time, for Newton to be recognized and ttoy woold like to sse Mr Edwards come oat for tto vsosncy to to filled Ibis fall. He bss lesn a rssidsnt of that locality for twen- ly. years and Jis one of the bright, wi4*-' awake young men of tto party who woald make en intelligent, faithful and competent official. . - 1. SaUngsr, osndidste for supreme: eoart reporter, was tto only man in tbe finely decorated court room the day. 'of tto Republican county oonventiou who ld not read tto large placard which sajd ; "No smoking atlowed in this room." Os palled nervonaly at bis flagrant (T) isvana while ito Rspublioan d»l«gates from Coon Rapids wrangled over' allowing bim to sslsot his own delegstss to tto state convention'. They r«mem- tored tbs insolent remark he mads last year aboot Warrsn Oiust toing a "psa- 1 not" polilioian, bat begot there just tto saniese Salinger did in tto convention, > was saoassstul in be|ng allows^ W sjsleot Ito sigbt well trltd man and true to represent bint in the state eonvantfon, Of oooise Ben could not read, ito plaoard or be would bsv* been too moob of a geotlenian to bave violated tto tales besides fliliag MM room wllb tto odious for perfume from a two tor five cent cigar, Judicial Qouveutiou. T#eedey, Aognst 7. to the date toldiag fbe Damooratin iodidsl tlou in tals district an4 Carroll has been seleoted aa the place, for balding it 1 ,' '*»' tar no objections bave been msd* to tbf le-nominstion of Jodga Goldsmith, for |U sesood term. Be bas proven an bon> ist, aprigbt judge, against whom not the «Jigb»t*i auspieton of dishonesty or aofairoees M aria*, Be bas filled bia ofoos with ability and honor and vftl H a question of justice be re-uomloated'by Wbo tbe ooovantlon • III naine as tbe other candidate bap pet ysl bsen very generally mvajeed Pour years ago Bon, M. W. Btsab was tbe judge's running mate and there is a wide-spread feeling that Mr. Bsaab, shou|4 again be placed on the tiafcat. We kuow tbat Mr. Beach is manj v0|ej stronger nea? than be va* four yean if» •ben flooring «itbin a dosea voles of bf- lug elected, Btd in tbe event thwt he own be induced to noespt a jilnoe «n the Hck- et, he will bring a power of strength to it, tor it is recoguietd by all in the distriol that he hue a fine iegnl mind Bod wonlc make an eitemplary jttdgB. We are boweVer, unadvised us to Mr. Denbh'e desire to Again become a candidate, but in the event that he 1 would nllnw hip name to be placed on the ticket, the Democrats of this oottbty would foil? appreciate the effort that wilt be required to overcome the large Republican mHjoritr in tbe district, and will exert their best efforts for the election of both Judge Goldsmith and Judge Beach. Carnot Assassinated. President Oartiot of the French republic waa assassinated at Lyons while in that city attending a national exhibition. The terrible deed wee committed Sunday Hveuing at 9:20 as tbe president was riding in a carriage on one ot the flnesl streets in the city. He was at the time the fatal blow wss given bowing so kaowledgetnents *o an ovation which *as being tendered him all along tbe route. Fair France waa in holiday attire,all paying honor Io their ruler at the momunt when Santo; tbe Italian, stabbed him to the bear* The blow which took away the life of Sadi Garnet was aimed not alone at him bat at the cause of good government^ at the life and stability ot the French republic. Whatever may have been the motive of .the assasaio, whetever it wast be resait.ot a carefully planned conspiracy or a personal crime, oorn on" the impulse of the hibmenr; it WM . Mow aimed', at' the stability of good government not alone in France but throuffboat tbe world. It was a result of the Anarchistic teaobinge of T tbe times Which ever now apd JthenonlmYnatii in parpe.traiion pt apma bideoas;and. revolting crime agarnst society add the existing order of tbinga. In tbe doothnes of AriKrohj• lie the germs of violence which when ..given sn opportunity develope into murder and tbe deatrnotion of prop erty, and violence against social order and all who stand for it. Franee will moarn the loss of the cpol, ssgaoioas statesmen who • snooeeefnlly gadded its destinies since 1887, with a profound sorrow, for the people were at- taobed to him as only the impulsive ilood of the:Frenchman is capable of Deing, for he bad their'respect and! oon- fldenoe.> They loved bia honesty and its patriotism and bis wise judgment, for in all the finotnating scenes through which the republic baa passed during'the seven years he was ruler not a thought IBP ever arisen of tjistbrbing him or jUcBtioniog bie honor or fidelity to , bis people. His death at the bands of a loreign aasBssin and 1 an Anarchist will unite the French people and will tend to ooneolidate tbe republio in a stronger government.; . ; ..V", ... ', "' Tbe election of OMimir-Perier as bis snooessor without disorder •hows the stability of the republio .far stronger :hao ever before. It bad'been the hope of the monsrobioal party that shorild a orisia ever ooonr in the wj-ublio'like the one wbiob the; state 'bas so pesoef ally piwaed through/ there would be on >pppituoity sffurded for them to regain power bol 1 the quiet, patriotic and' bar.- raonlous •o|iition of the 'preesnt smer- wy banishes tbsir last hope and «tuthro : oes the repablio still stronger in ;be hearts of the people. Tbe ssosto bss all bat completed its labors on the tariff bill and In sll probability i> will to reported to the open senate today for' final passage. Tto in- opme tai fsators of tto bill has OCCOT pied tto senate daring tto pest w««k. 8»ostor Hill h»s n»»d. • bitt(.r flgbt egsinst tbis portion of IbeWM and has eibaasted' his ability in sttemptio to with two' exceptions have stead flim. All tU<.*fforUof D. V. Bill to <*»M tb» mssjare bayebesp Voted down with a sul' len detorninaMon tbst could not bavs l*d to Ifflprw* »»*!. fllll h tbal b# »•• oatot joint with bis party. 1 Tto bill Will b. diepoe^l of b» tto wn.U -by'|to" 4ib, » 0 d will to returned to tto for a oononrrenoe by It ' in tto enend ats and «^|ef' wbi* '$$" nsds by tha senate. < Tbe bill has gone •great transformation slow It was nsidersbU time tor both require braMUs to gst tog»lb»r in these ' ''' ' AU-;bo|>e;of defeating the „, tia* been sbindoosd, and it ba« j& som« time beeu only a qoestion of tin itwitlbeoomealaw. TjN bouse baa oampletsd mt all of the appropriatbw bills wbiob will Retaken up, b» tbe aeipalt so soon aa.'tbs tariff bill is disposed of. U is not likely tbat a very great aawnnt of time will be iMlumad by tbe upper bowse in tb*ir ajipropialion bills, for there U litlla di» sltlon to ebjn|e tbeni very uafefiellj m nM tbey are, Tfae (Mils as PMSMJ by tbs boose pat 4o<m IbaajipropriatioM over laat year utaiy uiiUou' and vUl be adeepthble (o th« canntry at large ae well as the Senate. The time for final hd- jourDtnent Is still n long way' off, It ia being eetitnated tbnt the work of tbe session oati be completed by tb« first of August, but it is more generally conceded thntif congress adjourns by the 15th of August if, will have to do 'soine pretty lively work. A 5,000 Mile Ticket, Council Stuff* ttlnbe, Tbe ticiimi of coogrt'88 iu pftesing a bill «uthoHziug railroad ontapNUiea to isane €,000 mile iuterotiaogeable tickets wilt «ffurd ooDsidnrable rolipf to tbat maeti imposed dpon but kind Hearted individuiil—the oommerciui traveler. The Travelers' Protective association baa worked incessantly for three years to have the railroads Issue such books and the passage of the bill is a victory which means much for it. There are strong objections of coarse to an iuterchangable ticket of any sort It means a delay of realnation on the part «'t all roads save the seller. In this instance only the seller would receive cash in advance and tbe loose way in which the odnduotors and clerks handle mileage stuOs would result possibly in other roads not receiving their proportion of mileage. But this is a fault, not of the traveling man, but of railway boBtpaniM and it is «. defect that' is easily remedied'. There is no reseon why the iotercbangeabl^ ticket should be responsible for loss any more than the through service^ tfckitl If conduct ois are careful about preserving interchangeable stubi,' and they •qsn' be eduoated to it, no loss should result from that source. Possibly the .greatest difficulty would be to protect the service •gaifast scalping./ft isintendedto have a photograph pasted oo the ticket, but •yen this safeguard has been known to yield to the strategy of the ticket scalper. Howeveri the bill has passed and the matter of meeting the emergency is problem tor the railroadB to solve. In the light of aohievemente in railroad circles it is evident that the obstacles will be overcome without any difficulty. ; For Becorder. Peter Stepbany, of Madning, today announces bis name as a candidate for the nomination to the office of county recorder before the Democratic county invention. > He is 1 late in making bis announcement from the fact, thai' until urgently requested by bis friends he bad no intention of entering the'canvass tbis fall for a comity offloe. He is from tbe >anner Democratic township in the county and will be baokfed by the Urgeet delegation in the ponveiitioo, which will urgently; insist • on his nomination, for they rightfully claim that they are en to recognition at'tbe bands of tbe convention. Wa'r'ren . township baa always been pyal to the pemooratio party sod '"it\ ia now asking that Mr. Btepbsny be granted a place on the ticket, for in him they reoogniM that they have a man worthy of tbe confidence of the people and one nai ; f !j| !»»k» an bffloial that wul prove iMUtaotory to all. ' ''' ' ' '" ' Heisarjmpe,tftat In every way for the office heiseMkiog sod bis friend* at tome take special < pride in presenting dm as tbeir oaudidit*, for they feel tbat te 'will' p'roTe popolsr* witli'Vbe""voters _^ jd the convention honor him ''T?n • IS '')U^ ; i ,71 fii '•).'•'*/")'* the nomination be so rlgbtfally .de- earves, will Isod strength to Ibeliclwt, for be is sn sotbosiesllo and bard work ing Democrat, always, solicitous for tbs modest of the party of bis oboioe, Ever'since MsnniDg has been • town be 'been actively sngsgfd In basipese in that city, anil bas JUM tbe office of city recorder for a nujnber ot years and bas proven himself failbfol and oompeteDt in every place be has beta called to fill. Andtbsfriendeot Mr. Stspb'any see in ^m,a worthy, honorable man, oompeteDt fofr ana ftlBj^ 4o whiflli he asuiMS. * TT^T ^^f 'i*ff. ^^ ""YtM ™"~ ^Tp?^^'! will take .great pleasure. in orglog claims before the convention. IFw Clerk. J. W. Kenaebaok sonoaoMS bis for re-nomination to tbe ottie of c ' 'eonoty olerk. Mr. Ksnuebepk baa e»rwd one seeood term. 'Hto>pr^'be> b*eo highly sstisfaotpry to all who nave bad bssiness with blm, for bs is, one of tbe most obUglDg and. paiostek in tha oonnlv. Tber* m»y be tbo»» who tre inclined to believe tbe r.poH« tbat are being eiroalste4 agaiosl tbe sisud (b| W tfrVKaoitsrJeftW if lbe rt ,arf, a JUud invitation is eiteadsd by bin to all' snob to come and eslmloe ln» teoords' of tbs offlM for Ibsisselree sad if lb«y sre bot oopviooeil Ib^'bsb^'oon'diie^d/^he affaire of hie oOos wisely and well be will Wire'from tbe MDr«s*,: U f ,^ u . nebeeklMsagraal army of friends all 1 ibiii«joantjr, 1 w||iiw|l.llhe pjisiised to assist him in mskiuf the osovass and will t«Ji» pri4a'|q riudioating bis obMrw- t«r wbiob bss besu asstiled purely for iliiinal purposes. 1'bjs aspirant to oPdoe is loo well kuow'ii to Ibe readers of tbis psuer to require au iutro4«o|ion, for be b»s stood' as a bulwark to tb» oavw of P«i Wtohti-t Oattorla. iu this ootttitt* fdf year* and fane fatfti* fully discharged every tfust that tb* party has reposed id him. 'fiein also one ot the best politicians iu this county and should he be honored With tbe oominntion be will prove a tower of strength to tbs part} aud wilt make CMC pt those brilliant canvasses ot his that, have in tbe past assisted the party in winning victories. We believe* it is but just to my for this man that h» is worthy of the confidence ot the Democratic party and whether he ia successful- or not iu securing tbe nomination "he will be found iu politics" ready to work for the success of the party. 1 For Recorder. A number of aspirants' to the nomina~ tion for county, recorder before the Democratic county convention have presented their names to the voters ot this oonuty,}ambng them being that of T. A, MadigHD, of Maple River. For several years tto aspirant baa been on« ot tto enooeaafui teachers in this county, having taught iu Carroll and Arcadia townships and has met with remarkable success. Mr. Madigan is a self made man, having struggled along the beat ha oonld, working and teaching school in order to get money to take him to college. A few years ago he graduated at Diioo commercial college with a high degree. Since then he has bfwu in the aouoqX room or on his farm which he has purchased near Mayle River. Mr. Madigan is a splendid < penman and biH education baa peculiarly fitted him for the responsible p^sittoa be ; is seeking aud would enable him io make a careful, competent and painstaking official; Fur a long time Mr. Madigab has been n resident ot' tbie county and all who know him respect him aa an honest, faithful young man deserving'of any favor the party may see • proper to confer upon him,Rod should he succeed in seunring. tbe office to which he is aspiring the oitizous of'hie county will never have reason to res ret having elected him to this responsible position.. Served' HlnrHlgnt. News comes from across onr northern, border that is almost enough to make one wish he lived in Canada. It is that the "news" correspondent who sent out , the lying telegram about a trainload of excursionists being caught in a cloudburst and all drowned has been arrested and imprisoned. The telegram caused great anxiety throughout the Union. Extras were issued on the strength of it, and persons who had friends on the excursion train were wild with anxiety till » the news was contradicted by evening papers. . The cloudburst was said to have occurred in British Columbia, and the^rain te reported to have been drowned out was *' one of the Canadian Pacific's. That road : /s4 seemed to be dull at seeing either a good * ' joke or a stroke of journalistic enterprise in the big lie, and so bad tbe bar arrested. Perhaps he thought he was in the United Staes. At any rate, though tto Canadian Pacific railroad taught him totter. It speedily convinced the author of the fake, that it meant business and that he was under the iron heel of a despotic government. If a kind fate could send all tto newspaper fakirs 'to Canada, what a blessing it would be! The man who abases the' public's confidence In its daily newspaper is a worse criminal than the man who robe a bank. 1 The Southern Women's Historical society at St. Louis has pawed resolutions reciting how the north has slandered, abused and jeered at tbe south and still keeps, it up. Tbe Southern Women's Historical society of St. Louis is mis* taken, Nobody at the north wants to jeer at and slander the south, Nobody at the sooth wants to jeer at and slander the north. Tto thing for both north . and south to do is to forget there ever was a war bet/ween them and go in with all th'eir.fnlght to developing fraternally tbe, .splendid ^sources of this 1 .great county, In the south northern (ijjp4jial.> If ,wanted. There never were, t mpra "« magnificent opportuities in i building up beautiful orchards, gardens a«d populous modern cities. The migration that has for years been flowing to the northwest ought now to begin to trend southward. There is a noble field fin it. But ttys splendid development PT' ~T •"•'.*"»•*> ., ?* "rr ewnwe endeavoring to rttiiidle, fierce 'and 1 - 1 - 1 hatreds, Bifo it,; " " It is a pity for themselves awate and the New canwot use % » H tUPrity When the supreme court of tuat country began to take up appeals from the iwprUoned revolution^! a»4 other case* not pleasant, Pel«oto ad. jourued the court. ' ' used to be BUud»rd Oil, r It>tto ness aud ligut will come tbroe ww>w |M«r •Mrt war. or, to be wtaot, K«»t®r Uwo tlmt ttt.t ^ •A,

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