Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 3, 1955 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1955
Page 10
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"TEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, NOVEMBER .% 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for » WANT /AD Taker For O'Brian, Labor Of Love With Slashed Coat BY DICK KLEINER NEW YORK—A few fast facts: Liberace, before his arrival in New York, requested that the Gotham Hotel put four TV sets in his suite .'•'.' . .Maurice Chevalier had to turn down Ed Murrow's request to appear on "Person to Person"—his contract for TV on NBC forbids it. CBS-TV's "You Are There" will be.made into a book, .with Walter Cronkite as editor. . . . Jane-Pickens and her husband, Bill Langley, will'Spend next summer cruising around Europe on the 70-foot yacht they're having built in England. . . . When NBC- Radio' s big five-a-week show, "Weekday," begins, one feature will-be a daily reading from a bestseller. First will be Anne Morrow:'Lindbergh's "Gift From the Sea," which will be read by either Martha Scott or Cornelia. Otis Sk'jnner. Ilka Chaw Cronkite Arthur Godfrey fired Lu Ann Simms, right on the heels of his dismissal of three other "friends " and the timing of the red head's ax'e is slightly curious It fell just m_time to coincide with the publishing of his story in the Saturday Evening Post, and gave the story some front page publicity. .Miss Simms, incidentally, "has been off his show to have a baby since March so now Arthur is eves' finrg people who aren t on his" show .* * - * F<T r ^ugh O'Bnan playing Wyatt Earp is a laboi of love It is also a labor of good hard cash, too, but let^fforget that crass commercial angle O'Bnan grew up liking western stones He \\ent to western movies, readj. western books and otherwise plunged fantasy deep into the old frontier days • f 'I parliculaily wondered about the every day life on the frontier," lie Jays, dressed in the unique ftockcoat kind of outfit Wyatl Eai p wears ' For instance, what did they do when their clothes were creased? There were no dry cleaners m Dodge City " -He- still doesn't know the answei tp'HJiat one.' but' he does know why Vtyatt harp's frock coat had a slash" in the back. -That was so he could draw' his six-shooter withou unbqttoning the coat, .which : coul< ha ive}' been the pause that kills. f&V on ,his : new, ABC-TV show O'Brian wears the authentic Wyal Earp, frock coat, accurate down to the vital slash. The pants are like high society striped trousers and the hat has a straight brim, like a gaucho's. One mother wrote to him that she approves the costume— "if my boy wears cowboy clothes like yours, at least he can go to church in them." O'Brian is still reading western stories—specifically, "Wyatt Earp, Frontier Marshal," by Stuart Lake. His copy is beat-up and earmarked and full of notes in the margin. If the show turns out to be hailed as pretty authentic stuff, it's mainly because Hugh O'Brian reads so much. * * + Ruth Altman, comedienne in "The Boy Friend," relays this story of a pilot in the Korean War, who brought his plane back despite terrible damage. "I think." he] said, "somebody from a higher altitude was for me." # #. * A problem confronting today's show business people is — what shall'we say our*occupation is? So many of them, like! Ilka Chase, are involved in a. considerable number of different fields. Miss Chase, for example, is ah actress, author, TV panelist ("Masquerade Party"), lecturer, fashion'ex- pert and poodle fancier. : So she generally puts down her occupation as ""housewife^" • She's; just back -from :.Holly- vood. where'she had a small but meaty part in "The Big Knife," a film which slashes Hollywood mercilessly. "And I have TV to .thank for the part, I think;" she says. ."I'm ure I wouldn't. have gotten it except that somebody saw me on Masquerade -Party' and thought 'd fit: it. These TV panel shdws are wonderful for_ actors—it's a ort'of'ad,for/yourself, and an ad that you get paid for; too." At . the moment, housewife Jhase is back as author Chase, putting the'. finishing .; touches to novel;called "The. Island Play_-s." It's the seventh book in a vriting career that began after she was.a.successful,actress and radio star. Somebody 'suggested she. should write a book and she did. While she was talking, a poodle reclined peacefully in her lap. Turns out the animal's .favorite Naval Reserve Aviation Program PLAY CONTEST WINNERS—This is part of the c/st of. seniors at Ursuline Academy.who won the contest sponsored by the Academy .Auxiliary-; .Left to right are Shirley Nixon, Judy Garlitz, Rose Marie Lindner, Elaine Bingaman' arid Mary OlCutt. 1 Under the aviation officer pro- Jgram of the U.S. Naval Reserve :applications are' being accepted! 'from candidates for appointment: in the aviation branch. - i ; Chief Eugene Morgan, who is in; •charge of the local recruiting; joffiee in the Post Office building, j ipointed out yesterday that this is; i distinct from and in addition to thej [Naval Cadet Program. - I Acceptable applicants will be ap-i pointed ensigns in the Naval Re-; serve upon completion of the four-j month pre-flight school at Pensacola. Flai Pre-flight is followed by! [eight months basic flight training and six months advanced training! as officer'with flight pay plus full' allowances. Candidates who successfully complete pre-flight school but who subsequently fail in flight training will be required to serve a period of three years as aviation ground officers, this period to be computed from the original date of commissioning.' •- • . Those who "are disenrolled from the' program prior to commissioning will be required to remain on active duty for two years. as a medium performance car was secondary: We were satisfied with a 50-mile-an-hour,id'speed on;.land because anything more might have interferred with its performance as a plane," ; . .' " Power for, land operation will be fed to the two main : wheels of the tricycle landing gear 'from the engine. The front wheel will be fully steerable to give complete ground control. • . ..:'._'.' ..- •'.. .-; ._ Water landings ^and takeoffs will be made,on a single, free-floating hydro-ski- mounted. underneath the plane's, water-tight hull, Coleman says. The ski, like Jhe-landing gear, will be fully retractable. . Coleman says he expects wide acceptance of-- the t>lane by, industrial firms looking for a versatile executive aircraft. "We plan to concentrate oh,this market first," he! said, "but the Aeromarine will appeal also to the weekend pilot who flies for pleasure for, sport." DIAL PA 2-2280 For t/ie Besf In 7V And Jewelery S. T. LITTLf Has WEDGWOOD . . .. S. T. Little is proud to announce the addition of lovely Wedgwood Jasper china to our "Beautiful Home Shop" For many years \Vedgwbod has been sought after for gifts and collectors pieces Stop in and see.this new collection . . . we know'>ou'll like ill $2.50 to $24.00 FREI - THIS WEEK ONLY! Witli each purchase, from our "Beautiful Home Shop" you'will rtctive TREE ony 15c or 25c greeting card of your cHoict . . . this week only! WatchesyDtamonds'Silvgrwye 'ood is. zinnia leaves. Ah, well, it akes all kinds. \ • All Prescriptions Triple iX.jX'jX Checked • Four Registered Pharmacists . • Reasonable Prices Walsh iMcCagh PHARMACY 101 N. Centre St. FREE DELIVERY Phones PA 4-3646 — PA 4-3647 Maryland'* Leading Prejcripf ion Stor* 'Auto-Plane Operates Off Land Or Sea SAN DIEGO, ;Caiif. % W) — A private j)lane designed to operate, of f land or;water — or be driven like an ordinary automobile — is being built here by a World .War II Marine flier who was the first mart to test the Navy's vertical takeoff plane in flight. He is J. F. (Skeets) Coleman, and he has incorporated some of the; features of the vertical takeoff plane in the new combination auto-plane. Called the, Aeromarine, the new. craft has a delta wing "of 43 degrees swcepback. Coleman became familiar with the delta wings advantages as engineering test pilot for the Convair Division of | General Dynamics Corp. He was assigned to the vertical takeoff f i g h t e r designed by the Navy XFYi but better .known as the Pogo. In November 1954, Coleman became the first human being, to make a transitional flight from vertical takeoff to level flight and back down to a vertical "tail-sitting" landing in the Pogo. He was chosen the outstanding aviator of the year and awarded the 1955 Harmon International Trophy. • A 215-horsepower Franklin engine driving a pusher propeller mounted above the wing, aft of the cabin, will power the Aeromarine. It will have a range of 800 miles on 80 gallons of fuel and a top' speed of 225 miles an hour. Cruising speed, with a payload of four to five passengers, will be 200 miles an hour. Wingspan will be 25 feet and overall length 18 feet. For operation as an automobile, the wing will fold twice on each side, near the fuselage and just inboard of the twin vertical fins. As a car the width will be 65 inches. "The primary consideration in the Aeromarine was to design a good airplane that could operate off land or water," Coleman says. "Adapting the plane to operation k I JUST CANt WAIT TO SET UNDER. MY WONDERFUL ELECTRIC BLANKET; Wwpn't be long till it's pretty chilly in Cumberland. Get your electric bed coverings now so you'll be snug and warm these winter nights. THE POTOMAC EDISON 00. SELECT ROUND Sure, you'll be wl*e in ordering your DIAL PA you want for • • - - -•--—. ""^•-'y i » 1 1 iu ' get the very size you wont, : • • i cbmDlpf«l\/ r«»j.. r .1 PORK ROAST 21/1 to 3 Ib. Average STEAK 65c tb SELECT T-BOHE STEAK V 88c FRESH GROUND HAMBURG 3 - 97c SELECT CHUCK ROAST "• 33c DELICIOUS VEAL PATTIES - 59c YOUNG FRYING CHICKENS - 39c WORRELL'S SLICED BACON - 53c CHASE & SANBORN INSTANT MARGARINE WILKIN'S COFFEE COFFEE FLOUR LIBBY'S D ^K'>r BEANS LIBBY'S CATSUP ROBIN HOOD, PILLSBURY OR GOLD MEDAL 9 14 " 97c 1 oi. can lOc It cant fclV 9 L Extra Pound at •ach Mt bought at Ibs. Golden Pounds Prut with price 2 GOLDEN PRINTS ; ....2 IBS 41b PRODUCE SPECIALS U. S. NO. 1 POTATOES Peck JUICY FLORIDA ORANGES Large 176 Siie dot. , Borden's Mince Meat Swift's Chili with Beans 2-i-ib. «« 49c Peter Pan P'nut Butter 18 « iorSSC AMERICAN BEAUTY KRAUT Onion Soup BEANS Vimco Egg Noodles CAMP. BELL'S HANOVER KIDNEY 14ot die bottles TlW 2 N«. 2',i 4E. can. - IDC 3^290 31. 303 35c ST.19e NESTIES MORSELS ;ir39c CHOCOLATE I LAKETON Cucumber Strips °r 25c Halves ^'-^-2 Ndli 65c McCormick's Tea Bags.^ 55c PREMIER PEACH Libby's PUMPKIN ND .303 <)C. £96 BETTY CROCKER or SWANSDOWN CAKE MIXES YEUOW - WHITE - DEVIL'S FOOD GET ORDER HANK AT MARKET FOR ANNIVERSARY COOK BOOK AND 25c COUPON ON YOUR NEXT. CAN pF SPRY 3±85c RED TOKAY GRAPES 2 »• 25c SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT 3 - 23c ICEBERG LETTUCE 2 PASCAL CELERY MAINE POTATOES . 1J b -• 53c Stbkely's Finest Frozen Food 2 ' k - 450 55c . GREEN or WAX BEANS SUCCOTASH, PEAS, CORN-M-COd fORDMOOK UMA BEANS CAUIIHOWIR, BROCCOll IPIARS BRUSSEL SPROUTS SLICfO STRAWBiRRItS ,. ROSEPORT Pl«, IHF CHICKIN - TURKfY, APPII «r CHIRRY, MIX.'IM-UI * 99c f AAJCIHC FACIUnC PC* 350 CAB SAVE TWICE! Alktrt't «H*r y»« •v«lu«bl* "$ » H" GREEN STAMPS with •II y*vr . Y«l, •! Alhtrl'l y*« fit hw, Uw (iriett MlWR«lly f cm* wt "I • H" MHN ITAMTS. h't • 4MM* O

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