Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 3, 1955 · Page 9
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 9

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1955
Page 9
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Dial PA- 2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND. MD* THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1955 •NINE Worcester Group To Tour Island SALISBURY WV-The Worcester bounty commissioners have accepted an invitation to tour Assa- eague Island next week as developers seek support of a move to set aside part of the island as a jublic seaside park. William E. Green of Snow Hill, :he governmental affairs commit- ;ee chairman of the Worcester County Development Assn., who made the announcement, also said Gov. McKeldin and other officials would be invited to tour the area. The island is 15 miles of virgin Atlantic Coast beach just south of Ocean City. Part of it is now being developed by realtors. Sen. Ralph Mason of Newark said the attorney general's opinion will : be sought on whether a proposal leading to . establishment of the park can be introduced at the next session- of the General Assembly, limited to matters of statewide interest. First Baptist Church Gets New Pastor The new pastor of First Baptist Church. Rev. Archie C. Prevatte of Lake View, S. C., and his family have arrived in Cumberland., A native of Lumberton, N. C.. Rev, Prevatte attended Campbell Junior .College in his .home state, >vas graduated from Wake Forest College and Ujeri in 1945 completed his divinity studies at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary 'in Louisville, Ky. ... For the past seven-and-one-half years he has served the Baptist Church in Lake View, S. C. There he has been serving as moderator of the Pee Dee Baptist Association and secretary of the Dillon County Ministerial Association. The 34-year-old clergyman fills a pastorate that has been unoccupied since January 31 when Rev. Paul E: Bruner returned to Madison, N. C. . . i ' . . His wife is the former Miss Betty Holland of Richmond, Va., whom he met while both .were students at Campbell Junior College. They Rev. Prevatte was guest pastor at First Baptist Church one Sunday in August. After that the congregation extended him an 'invitation to become pastor'here. Michigan Tightens Car Accident Report System LANSING, Mich. 'tR — Under a new Michigan law' any motorist who does $100 or more damage to REV. ARCHIE C. PREVATTE have two children, Kay, eight, and Richard, four. Baltimore, State Make Big Real Estate Deals •••T• - .-*..•" BALTIMORE (3f- tate'deals between the State, one in connection with the State office building center and the other the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel, were approved yesterday by city officials. The Board of Estimates okayed a purchase price of 5630,000 for more than 20 lots near the 5th Reg- Two real es-harbor tunnel. The largest outfit the city and tracts of land involved lies adjtfe- ent to City Hospitals.' ./'"; The State office center wilKin- clude four office buildings and a large 'parking area. City officials hope to have the land ready to turn over to the State by January, 1956. / , ...-••.''• iment Armory, a another's car, regardless of wheth , L . „ . er anyone is injured, must make a velopment Area 12 when report to the secretary of state.i ficc center wlU ^ bulU ' The new report is in addition to a police report required, as previously, in injury accidents. part of Rede-1 where the of-! The new law also requires a motorist to have insurance or be able to post security of $10,000 for one bodily injury claim and $20,000 for two or more, claims. The old requirements were $5,000 and $10,000. ' ••••', '- Seattle', Wash., is the closest U.S. port to the Orient . Dr. R. Walter Graham, city comptroller, said the price was within the limits set by city appraisers. The option taken on the lots brought the total number of options in Area 12 to more than 50. There are almost 140 lots being sought. In the other transaction, the board approved sale of more than! $300.000 worth of city-owned land to the State for approaches to thep For A Natural PERMANENT W« Stock fh« Following Parmontnta and Refill* TON I — PROM LILT —SHADOW RAYVE — RICHARD HUDNUT —BUTEE MARVE and others RAND'S Cot. Baltimore and N. C«nfr». AS RESCUERS WORK—L. A. Smith, 30, of Odessa/Texas, grimaces in pain as workers .try to free him from a huge auger, conveyor at a ready-mix concrete plant in Odessa. Smith raccidehtly stepped into the auger,-used to carry concrete into the plant and the steel screws of the auger cut off his right leg at the ankle, and then at' the .knee. . Smith, : who • never' lost-consciousness, '.-was;' pinned into ' the auger for an hour before he was freed. .'.•••' ^Safety Play •Saves Contract By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service .-.- Put yourself in .the.South' seat r, and try not to notice the cards held by. your opponents. How .'Would you play today's hand at /the eminently sound contract of \four spades? For your information, look at the bidding. Then •±ote that West'takes the king of /hearts and follows with the ace of hearts. NORTH AJ10762 *KQ7I WEST (0) EAST •/AK10742 VJ8SS • K94 410762 *983 *AJ10 SOUTH 4AKQ93 V9 •" "'• ' •' 4AJ85 West Neither side vol. North East South Pass 2V 2* ^ ' .4 4» Pass 3* .Pass Pass Pass Opening', lead— rV K cash the ace and jack of dia monds to discard both. low : clubs Tom the dummy. X 011 can now ruff your own low club/assuring the contract.' ' "This line of play is sure to work f West has either the king of diamonds or the ace of clubs as the necessary side strength, for his opening bid of;one heart. You are not worried about losing a dia^ mond to East, for then West will surely have the ace of clubs, and you ,can lose only one club trick i that case. Q—The bidding has been: • North . East South W*«t 1 Heart ' Pass 1 Spade Pass 1N.T. •• Pass ?You, South, hoM: ftAKJlOes VJZ *QJf 4 43 : : What dcVyou do? !::'::• - A—Bid four »p»d«». Yoo wtitt to be la fame at spades no Matter bow weak an opening b>4 your paurtoef ha». TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is the same a$ la the question just answered. You, South, hold: "'."..' . 4AJ1065 V32 4>S864 *Q» What do you do? Aniwer Totnorrvw : Naturally you "trump the second heart. What .next? , ' . ,' : All right, you decide to draw •trumps. Both opponents follow to •the first trump. .West discards a r heart on the second round' of trumps. : This time you really have to rinake your mind up. Which suit .do you attack first, clubs or dia- •monds? If you go after the clubs first. East take the ace of clubs and returns the jack of clubs. ^W will eventually get in'with the king , of diamonds to lead another club, and down you go. ; . The correct play is to lead a diamond first. You lead a low /diamond from'your hand towards • dummy's queen. ' ' . West must step up with, the .king of diamonds and return a 'dub. East takes the ace of clubs and knocks out dummy's remain .ing club honor,-but you can then cash the queen; of diamonds, gel .to your hand with a trump, anc Wicomico Vaccine Program Progresses SALISBURY Iff) Ttie second round of Salk anti-polio vaccine shots in Wicomico County's .school inoculation program will be completed next week. .. In two days this week, Dr. Seth H. Hurdle and his aides, gave 1,100 shots in. 19 schools to second and third graders who didn't get their second shots before the program was called off in the. spring. Dr. Hurdle said he hopes to finish up at four remaining schools Monday. Friendly Service COUNCIL BLUFFS, lowa-W— The desk sergeant at the police department has a. ready answer whenever a motorist protests against posting a bond on a traffic violation ticket. •The sergeant merely points to a little sign on the wall. It reads: ''Try our lay away plan." FORD TRACTOR OWNERS Does your tractor heed attention? Now is the time to get it done. Check these services-Phone us now. ENGINE— Does your tractor engine use too much oil?' Let us overhaul it now. . BRAKES— Are leaking grease seals causing dangerous, brakes on your tractor? WINTERIZING— Let us •'•get your tractor ready for winter. Antifreete, engine, oil, filter, ignition, carburetor and battery. ',..,>" .:;-l'' : '-:, •''•• '[•[/• ;. ;:'.,; :- hove corRplet* portable; tire repair equipment. Repairs done here or at your. farm. HYORAULIC^I* your system slo^.and' jerky— ytt in shape now? • STIAMING and PAINTING — AVe h4Te complete steam cleaning end painting senrke. We pick up and deliver anywhere — No charge. • ";W,9 : will alto lend you a traetttr to UK while you" i* being repaired. .. )'-•"- •• : • . .'• , - , •• KECKf FARM SERVICE Formerly Keyier Rrdfe tr«ct»r 4 Eejiiipment Ce. KeyMr RM|e, Grentirilk, Md. PHont Accident 749 MOTORISTS FRIEND • ', < SET SAFE SURE PRESTONC all-wuthar I " TREK :hanol «a.a» $1.$| Qal. POLAR Antf-Fram— complete protection *t -f -1- Pw low cost .............. I I V cil. WEATHER CARD roper concentrate!* M% Mfth»nol with •« 10 r*r nut Inhibitor ....... • lilV Oat. w ZEROXE Antl-rreczc Concentrated Methanol Base with £| M nut Inhibitor Oar. CORDUROY GARO CORDUROY SEAT COVERS FOR CAR or HOME RfG. $5.98 tan* ,• th « P»ir V>f • *»0lrj «>. BATTERY CHARGER ••00x16 CHARGES BATTERY OVERNIGHT — RIGHT IN TOUR CAR ,ll «oK **• KM* your battery t full capacity . . limp)* operation . . . i automatically adjuttt i th« chare in* rata. R1NSO TESTED SPECIAL *9-*» *«>»-* Cordiiror Goirdi. Hit Ideal wmr to Cnach nr protect and »e»ntliy car Kiti and vo«en or furniture ... to on and off In a »«o«n Front jiffy . . . eltht point Installation aarara rant flt without I shifting or wrinkling ... are tire-shrank . . . danbl* . . . luxuriously textured . . . color fait, highly itylcd. Comet In fire florloni hues: amoked red. blue, ireen, charcoal and tOMt- 11 «". T4Jf UHDERHOOD TISSUE DISPENSED QUILT • <C ititna P!hpA_nl*&A . . .^mmmmm . "^^ -X, Gejnuin* . . _ aulvts motor nois-M* Dro-| tecti aflJtinst h«t or c-otd.l Offers fast starting in I cold merntnoi. undtrtioodl ejuilt !• standanf MUIP-! ment on C*diMac« Mtr-| cury And e)th*r*. rcuWt. Far mo S tffB Af| f Vll L .* V W __. Orn, HEAVY FELT-BACK FLOOR MATS SILENTOHE MUFFLERS ADV. "li Ll« * ' OIT IFrepare yonr ear now I for tht comlnr cold I weather. Protect apdnit I those cold winter draf t« and motor fumes with 1 on«-of JOE 1 * heaty- rubber mats with felt backing. JOE'S rubber floor mat stock is to , eittnslTc that we can properly replace the floor mat In most popoLti ears. J» Plat*—arou* 1 . . . Tain aovan- tagt of thoM low pnoaa and avoid For moat *mall and madlum «ara. Sturdy c«n- *truet)*n: Tn«*a frat- t*ria» havt alt tna built-in iclantifa dn- v*fopm«nt> to 9lv. th. b • • t i>o*»'b!* •^ »rvlc«. t MONTH OUARANTZt. i «5 Plata—QM Laat T»»« laturto > —Th«> t>att<ri«» Includ. •!) t>» tatnt d«v«lopni«nts to oiv* YOU i long and lasting Mrvic* at a low vrico. S«« JOC and install onr o^ 7 AO '"«»« luttvio .90 today and 6« •^ ^ worrr-»r«a t n 11 cominn w I n t * r. ^^ »uv at J O C'S an 4f Plata—Matter Hiavy Duty group 1 Ixtra Jtartina Po».r . . . Extra tasting Powvr . . . tatra Pow*r for Acc**- aorlM . . . U MONTH QUAHAMTH ... Tak* advantaa* of thn« low $ ^Ak AA prtc** and avoid •V *J|| troukl. thli wintar. • ••WV laty TI«IIIS —Con"•^B . v«f>i*nt P a Y m • n t Fir. »¥Ke,mi4l 1 «.4J Ford 1S4I-50 $4.71 F.r^ 1SJJ-54 $5.19 lilek 1IM-U ...... UM HEATER PARTS Uttt MRHCTIH ASKMILT 15' NOT wmt HUTU Httt TRI-POD JACK Will wt un*tr itit tawMt of IfM nsw modern autwnokitaa .with-aaass • Plenty of smooth "ntra lifting •owar. Trip*d kaT« Brvvtnti tiltinfl. r«Ws «m»a«tlr for »ai» iterate. $ .. m - J j <•• Joa today and fl IUL taaa adranU«« *f JH «TT , h | , | . ., | . „ GlMT. 1S4MI «4! ClMT. 1943-54 US) Ply. 1M2m J4JJ Ply. 1941-54 S4.H ST EEI«NG FREEZE METER Will iMt alt- fer-o** «f »ntp- frMX* includ- Jna l*r«stQn* aruf Z*r*x. IM turm th t* w t n- t*r br check- mn your own anti - f r****. It'» timnlf to UM and you art * u r t •••* PARTS DEFT. CARBURETOR S1.M bch. MJ« ticft. MJ* txcn. S7.i»«;»th. ai goad KfiS ••built— Kard 1CM-M F«rd IMM2 Chuv. l*41~U Ch«v. 1MS53 Ouarant<*d to n *ri«ina! M FUEL PUMP chtv. mr.n ll.TT I«ch. F.rd 1S41-U 51.77 ixch, ••n;t taka ttiincfl with] a toakv Dump. s*»« it j GENERATOR junnrm .." M H : T 1 HMUTNll WEATHER STRIPPIM Rubber ToMetcl Cement THE WEND 21 GREAT STORES 173 leltimor. Street rf, Ml te, Mwtoi tevof* «nd Ihlrd ««d •>•«< St. } O N, H*n*vi> Si lolilnwa. 31 17 It Or**»m«ml A«a. **i. m tt H. M**i $•. : Mltmwr».<U<)»S Conalta.. llWC*xt»!« J) MtiiMn U ShlMln* flM tX)«4.» n.1SW M*k« It 14 W. Kbit Si. WlixMtwi, V... 10( N.. Mudwi SI. r», * W M*)H »t rr«nt l«r«l V... 1M I. M*!n St. », \» ChOT^wilWr. J« H«ril>«<b»rV. V... t H Court lE«,S«J M«rt^!». 0»fta«»«v»ta. V«. J07 W M»» Hif* * V. W H Owtn M l*tawi 7t> Cumfc M. ' MOTOR OIL 11 nw TO. T« t ML Ml Krtvilt-— OH... 1*41.4* , . . Mym. ma- . »>-»« Ixcn. WATER PUMP ttrt lt1T- U M txch. eh.v. i*i7. M4» tiuh. »int l»J7-4t' N^M tMlt. Him. ltll-I* M4t tMn. VOLTIIE RUVLATOR lit. tin knt •* vnloi. bauMtM M r < • I • i • "Ol

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