Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 3, 1965 · Page 13
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 13

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1965
Page 13
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THURSDAY, JUNE 3,1965. IRONWOOD DAHY GlOBt. IRONWOOD. MICHIGAN THIRTEEN BATTALION STAFF—The battalion staff of the Luther L. Wright High School Corps of Cadets are shown above during recent ROTC exercises. They are, from left to right: Battalion Commander Cadt. Lt. Col. Dwight Bjork, Executive Officer Cadet Major Jerome Gradisher, 8-1 Cadet Capt. Gerald Nol- cox, Cadet Capt. David Wainio and Cadet Capt. David Hagstrom. Absent from the picture Is Cadet Clifford Koivlsto. The WORRY CLINIC By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE Tony's ease Is likely to be matched in the best of families. For it isn't low I.Q. that often makes child r e n hate school but low marks, due maybe to illness or frequent moving by their parents so the child is jerked out of one school and entered Into another several times. So by all means use the "flash card" meth o d outlned below. CASE W-410: Tony Y., aged 9, went through a school crisis ',ast term. "Dr. Crane," his mother began, "Tony had fallen down in his reading skills till be was like\y to fail. "The thought that he might not pass with his classmates, was a terrible blow to hm. "He was unduly quiet and several times I caught him cry- Ing when he thought I wasn't looking. "When I got him to talk about his problem, he said he hated school and wanted to run away. "Finally, I learned that he was such a poor reader that the other children regarded him as the 'dummy' in the class. "So I sent for your booklet and then made a set of flash cards. "Tony would point to the various words in his reading book Which he didn't know. "So we'd print one such word on each strip of white card GOP Criticizes Rep. Clevenger The Republican Congresslona Committee has charged thai Rep. Raymond F. Clevenger's vote to continue the sales o t a x p a y e r-subsidized whea to Dictators Nasser ol Egyp and Sukarno of Indonesia "goe against the grain of Americans t very where." The committee noted that the congressman voted on May 26 against an amendment to t h agriculture appropriations bil which would r have curbed sale of wheat and other surplus farm commodities under Public Law 180 to those two nations, "Both Nasser and Sukam have consistently insulted t h United States and mobs in thos nations have continually dese crated U. S. property and a t tacked U. S. personnel," th OOP group said. "Earlier thi year, Nasser told the Unite States to, in effect, 'go jum In the lake,' and Sukaro h a told us to take our aid and 'g to hell.' "Yet, Congressman Clevenge cast his vote in the House o Representatives to c o n t i n u American aid and assistance 1 these nations. We believe t h congressman's action goe against the grain of American everywhere." Early toll roads.were calle turnpikes because traveler were stopped at the turnstiles or turnpikes, to pay their fares ward. In this manner, we de- eloped a set of almost 100 ash cards. "Then I'd hold up two of the ords at the same time and how Tony the differences be- ween them, both as to length nd the inclusion of cert a i n triking letters, such af 'o' or he dotted 'i.' "Next, I'd shuffle those first wo cards; then hold one up at time. "If Tony could identify it, I ave the card to him; otherwise I placed it on my pile. 'For it wasn't long till Tony knew 30 cards perfectly. In fact, learned that many new words the first night we played he game. "And this flash card game paid dividends the very next day. For his teacher print e d one of the new words on the blackboard and Tony was the on- y one to put up his hand and ell what it meant. 'This was wonderful solace for his wounded 'dummy' ego. "Well, we spent about 15 minutes each night on this game. And because we lifted out the new words from his daily reader, he profited by our drill the very next morning in class. "So within a matter of 6 weeks, Tony changed from the dummy' to a 'whiz kid.' "His teacher asked me at our recent PTA meeting jutt what had done to make such a reat change in Tony. "So please urge all parents to go to their child's aid when he is at the educational crossroads. "Tony might have hat e d school, become a permanent 'dummy' and been an early dropout if I hadn't used the flash card idea to change his attitude as well as his sch o o 1 marks." FLASH CARDS You will find that most children need a little deft parental tutoring at some time or other in their grammar school career. Maybe it is with arlthmet i c, history, reading, spelling, etc. So buy some large sheets of white cardboard. Cut them into strips about 2" x 10" and print the key words thereon, or multiplication items, such as 3 x 1, 3 x 2, etc., on each card. The indulge in family fun by having daddy compete w,ith Junior. But let daddy pull his punches, for children need to win 3 times out of 4 to retain their zest. And don't spend more than 15 minutes per night. So send for that vital booklet "How to Tutor Your Child at Home," enclosing a long stamped, return envelope, plus 20 cents. Use it during vacation to give your child a running head start when school resumes! (Always write to Dr. Crane in care of this newspaper, enclosing a long stamped, addressed envelope and 20 cents to cover typing and printing costs when you send for one of his booklets.) (Copyright by The Hopkins Syndicate, Inc.) "We're Iameui let our Ewopeaa Peitrtoe" Bakery APPLE PIE 59 ea LONG AQc JOHNS ™ ler«e White BREAD CINNAMON LOAF 2149 .«... Ou ksuwKm i'fw*»*» FOOD STORES STOKELEY'S FINEST CATSUP.... STOKELEY'S FINEST f Alaska PEAS 5 STOKELY'S CUT £ Green BEANS 0 4 Jib. $ 4 bonk. I 1 1 $ $ siOKars PEACHES Halves or Sliced s PICTSWEET FROZEN LEMONADE 5 - 99° •ONELESS ^Nk 4^ Round STEAK»89 STOKELY'S FINEST DIMS! Pineapple Q I qt. 14 OK. QO*» rllNV7 Grapefruit O cant OTC STOKELY'S FINEST PfNKI^ Pineapple Q 1 qt. 14 AS. *•• r wlNvSP Grapefruit O cam ^ I STOKELY'S FINEST PINEAPPLE JUICE 3' *£~ $1 STOKELY'S FINEST FRUIT COCKTAIL ' M'.'" 35c STOKELY'S FINEST SLICED PEACHES 2' '"J, 1 . "• 59= STOKELY'S FINEST BARTLETT PEARS 3 ± 79c STOKELY'S FINEST GREEN BEANS STOKELY'S FINEST CREAM CORN 2 STOKELY'S FINEST WHOLE CORN 2 STOKELY'S FINEST TOMATO SAUCE 6'L"89c OUR OWN CINNAMON DANISH DAINTIES U, 39e CHEESE PIZZA SAUSAGE PIZZA 12 01. .pkg. 13Vioi. pkg. 49 59 SWIFT'S PREMIUM YOUNO BEEF LIVER.. SWIFT'S WORTHMORE Seed BACON DAISIES 15*01. cam $1 GORTON'S FROZEN SHRIMP TIDBITS 09 1 Ib. 1 01. cant 1 Ib. 1 01. cans 35c 2lb. PKG. i STOKEU'S Tomato Juice KEN-L-RATION . in the handy -* ** 6* CAN PACK QQ C 1 Ib. 8 ox. ^C- jar ODC 53c GOLDEN RIPE g| ft* • BANANAS ...» 1U cuimmA PEACHES doz, 'c CALIFORNIA LARGE SUNKIST • ORANGES. CRISP * CAR 1° TS ' WATERMELON • • 59 99 c ea. SHIDD'S ScOFF PEANUT BUTTER MIRACLE WHIP SALAD DRESSING LINDSEY JUMBO RIPE OLIVES '«"29e MAXWELL HOUSE INSTANT COFFEE *^97c WAXTEX SANDWICH BAGS "°>"33t NORTHERN FACIAL TISSUES NORTHERN PAPER NAPKINS 2',U25c WATERMAID RICE 2&33c INSTANT FELS NAPTHA "V£~79e PELS NAPTHA SOAP 3b..29c LIQUID FELS '.£60c LIQUID TREND DETERGENT ISO ct. pkg. T9c . . tassinnr-667-7221 S. A. GRIEWSKI MARKET lronwood-932-3930 SWAKSON'S STORE SARKELA'S GROCERY . . lronwood-932-3312 „ ,—„„„ SWANSON'S GROCERY . lronwood-9324102 MLMET MERCANTILE. MARTINI'S STORE HuHiy-561-2444 BOGY'S FOOD SHOP. . WakitoW-224-7421 FOOD STORES

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