The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 17, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1933
Page 8
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» '• , I? ',-'"J i- 5> ft W; >• **•* »wF*? "W ^^W^^t^^*?^^ i t . ' /l " ; v \' ; ''S>' v -''' v> ;'/•'* ' ' ;f .\'. ' r ; « . ; » ", •""-,•..'!, V f » v THE BAICERSFIJ&LD CALlFpRNlAK >i TUfespAY > JANUARY .17, 193&,' . !• • • • » *^ • ~ • • IN EERIE "ISLAND OF LOST SOULS" . Ii. G. Wells' Story of Lost Souls Comes to Fox ; Screen Wednesday ' It. Cl. Wells' "Island of 1>osL Suuls," lias been liooknd for tlm Fox theater, yliero U will open tomorrow with a Cast , liendort liy ChiirloB 'Ijiughlon, Belli l.tigOHl, niclianl Arlmi. T..cl1a ttyatiis and tho "Panther AVotmin." IMip latter, Kathleen BurUo, Is the (jjhteugo girl -who won Ihnt. title from anipng GO.ono ooinpctltors In u nationwide content. : The yiU'Utro neuters nround T.auKh- toii In the role of it skilled scientist •frhose efforts to turn suilmnls Into ijieu have driven him insane. But t,he South Sea Islands, the center of his efforts, bears witness to his nVIII. It Is peopled with brute men he him Created from lions, leopards-and doss. And the "Panther Woman," a beau- tjous slrl, created from H panther, la his crownlnp achievement. ' Into this scene comes Arlen, a younR American, marooned there after being shipwrecked, lie In shocked at T,au ton's beast men: he Is horrified beyond endurance when he discovers that the girl, who had attracted him perhaps TOO strongly, Is merely another of the doctor's creations. ' Aid roaches him ultimately when 311ss Hyams, his fiancee, arrives on the scene In a vessel she has chartered. But their escape is blocked and their lives endangered when the beast men, tasting blood for the first time, go on a rampage, Intent on hilling their creator and the other human-beings on the island. *-•-» MAY RETURN IDLE FILIPINOS . WASHINGTON, Jan. 17. (U. P.)— The House Immigration committee will consider Thursday the Dlckstein resolution for the voluntary removal u'f unemployed Filipinos, now resident in the United States, to the Philippine islands at government expense. Ghairman Dlpksteln announced today the secretaries of war, navy and labor were Invttpd to appear at the hearing. RICHARD ARLEN AND PANTHER WOMAN IN FOX FILM 333.1 M.—KHJ—900 K. 6—r?BS programs to 7:30. 7:30—Chandu, the Alagloian. . 7:45—Myrt and Mar«c. S—"Globe Headlines." 8:15—CBS program. • g : 30—rshuiu .tones' Orchestra. S:4fi—Don Clark's Music. n—CBS program. 9:ir>—"Unknown Hands." 9:!10—CBS program. JO—News Hems and Blsqulck, Band. 10:1G—Ted Flo-Rlto's Orchestra. 11—Dancing with the Stars. 468.5 M.—KFI—640 K. 0—Helene Hundln, Truthful Trouper. 6:16—Captain Don TV. WilUie. 0:30—NBC-KGO programs to 9. 9—Tapestries of Life. 9:30—NBC-KGO programs to 10:15. 10:15—Phil Harris 1 Orchestra. 11:30 to 12 midnight—Jay Whidden's Orchestra. FOX THEATRE CONTINUOUS, 2s30 TO 11:00 Starting Tomorrow Note: Due to the Horrors Depicted, This "icture Is Not Recommended for Children CHARLES LAUCHTON BE IA LUCOSI RICHARD ARLCN LEILA HYAMS THE PAMTHER WOMAN FRIGHTENING ADVENTURE LAND OF FEAR! WHERE HIDEOUS DEATH AWAITS THE UNWARYI 285,5 M.—KNX—1050 K. 6—NOWH. U:in—Hill, Mac and Jimmy. (j : no—81 and Elmer. 0:4i"i—Currier's Herenaders. 7—Krank Watanabe ai\d Honorable Archie. 7:16—Marlon Mansfield and Sing- Ing Strings. 7:30—Concert Orchestra and Eurl Hunsaker. ' g_Amerlcan Legion program. 8:30—KNX Orchestra. 8:45—Golden Memories. 9—News. 9:16—Dance Band. 9:30—Concert. 10—KNX Dance Band. 10:30—Organ and Marlon Mansfield,- U to 12 midnight—New Paris Inn. KERN—1200 K. 6—Tom Howard and George Shelton. 0:15—Threads of Happiness. 6:30—California Melodies. 7—Those McCarthy Girls. 7:16—"Tarzaii of the Apes." 7:30—Edwin C. Hill. 7:45—Myrt and Marge. 8—Globe Headlines. , 8:15—Shell Oil Company program. 9:15—Joe Haymes Orchestra. 9:30—Harold Stern Orchestra. 10—All request hour, 10:40—Ted Flo-Rito's Orchestra. It—Dancing With the Stars. Defeated Senator Now Seeking Gold run It I'd 1'rcsn Leased Wire; RENO, Nov., Jan. 17.—"Once a miner always a miner," Nevadans Insist and, seemingly, Senator Tasker L. OUdle, just defeated, for re-election, ubstantiates that view. "I've found good mines In the past nd I'll find some more," Senator Dddlo said. The remark was thrilling to Nevada, vhlch remembered that Oddle was no of tho "early birds" at Tonopah .nd Goldtleld, and that at, one time ila rherk for S.'IO.OOO.OOO was good.. Mfon Who Wrote "Sidewalks of New York" Now Both Jobless, Penniless LATE BULLETIN NEW YORK, Jan. 17.', (A. PO— Alfred E. Smith, who. tourftd <.th* nation In the 1928 presidential campaign to- the'" tune of "The Sldtwalki of New York" today 'figuratively , 'patted around '-his br;own derby to aid. the man who wrote the song. As word reached the former governor that James W. Blake, the author, now 70 and destitute, was homeless, he got busy. He called the unemployment .bureau and officials there promised to-set about finding a job and shelter for the aged man. (United Prc»a Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 17.—James W. Blake, who wrote one of . America's nost famous songs, was being cared 'or by the emergency relief committee .oday. Thirty-four years ago, Blalte wrote he words to "The Sidewalks of New York." They were gay places, then, where he and Mamie O'Rourke tripped the light fantastic. They were cold and dismal when ho and his blind brother and his 74-year old sister walked them yesterday, homeless, lobless ii nd penniless. The Bfaktes 'left thqlr dollar-a-day hotel room where they have lived for tho last two weeks, because they^wero no longer able 40 ,pay the bill. Previously they had jived In a modest Bronx flat, supported by Blake's Barn- Ing's as a salesman of velours and velvets. Times, had certainly changed since the "boys and girls together" played on the sidewalks, ho said wistfully. Mamie O'Rourke was dead. Ho didn't know what happened to pretty Nellie Shannon. Yes, all the names In tho song were of real people, the boys and girls who had played with, him In the old neighborhood of East Eighteenth street. Jack Pickford Laid to Rest bfr FHends '(UjMcd Prest. Leaned Wire) UOIjtiYWOOD, 3ari. ,17.—iruneral services vero held In tho Woo, Kirk o' the Heather yesterday fo'r Jack Plckford, 30', forme* screen • star, who died In Paris two week's ngb. Pall- bea'rers Included Normatt-Kerry, Vlo- tor Plemlnif, Sko'ets OallitKher, Lowell Sherman, J. Warren ' Karrlgan, -Matt Moore, "Wallace Kerrigan, Julian 131-' tinge, , Hoot ''Gibson,,'and »Low Cody, IMckfbrd's former •s'breen associates. '•' •While" Paris Sleeps," Fox Films action thriller playing today am Wednesday lit the Virginia theater Is said to be a veritable' trip through the unknown side and by-streets o: Pnrls, Allan , Dwau Fox Films dl rector, and Basil Woon, noted seen arlst and authority 'on the Paris tha Is not found In the guide books, have made such u journey possible In 71 minutes for all who see the film. Among the better-known place, shown are the Champs Klysee's, Ar de Trlomphe, tomb of the unknown soldier, Eiffel tower and many reveal Ing scones of night life in Montiimrlre Victor McLaglen Is featured In 8 role which presents him us a. devote father •wlHlng-<to sacrifice cverythlrij for his daughter's safety and happl <*•»* NILE BOOKS EDDIE CANTOtt BUTTON.EYED COMEDIAN IN "THE KID FROM SPAIN" PRINCE TO VISIT DOUQ HAVANA, Jan. 17. (U. P.)— Prine Alessdndro Torlunl d'Osta Savola, a cousin of King Victor Emmanuel of Raly, Is spending several days here on route to California, where ho will visit Douglas Fairbanks. "fTIHE Kit) FROM SPAIN," opening JL tomorrow at the Nile theater, Is Eddie Cantor's third and best starring production for Samuel Goldwyh, and presents the famous comedian In what he believes Is his greatest offering to the cause of amusement. Goldwyn made a selection of 76'beautiful girls from over 8300 applicants, to serve as COMING TO CALIFORNIA a background for ,the musical num bers. He also selected Lyda -Robert electric Broadway comedienne, to pla opposite Cantor. Mr. Goldwyn went to great pains make the bullfighting arena an au tuentle Bulls were Imported fron Mexico and experts of one kind or ai other put the arena In operation. T ( Antedated Preu Leaicd ^Tire) NliJW YOKK, "Jan. 17.— McClelland arclay, noted artist,, Is back from lollywood disappointed. Ndt one of he movie stars^there fulfills his Ideals f a true beauty. r His dream girl, ho disclosed, would' avo the, legs of uS Mariano .Dietrich, hips of Carole Lombard,; the' chest Miriam Hopkins, and the lips of Helen T*elvetr,ecs., .- r. .-I", When It c'bttiea'-tb faces, It's strictly matter'- of personal taste, he mildr Us own first 'choice, must .have' -red; air, blue eyes, ujsllghtly. atjuUlne lose, a generally patrician appearance and, "plenty of warmth." Tho last lollywood stai'« who met these re- qutrometitH, he' tiald, was Katherlho •- -tcDoiuild, no longer active In the llms. ••.':' ' Did, you seo anyone as perfect frs hat among the lesser known movie players?" he was asked. "Yes, I saw a girl there who fully meets whatfl want, but she's not exactly prominent." . "And .who Is she?" . "Well, you- see, she's Helone Barclay, my wife.". Mrs. Barclay has been doing "bits" for the movies. Nita Naldi Facing Bankrupt Court NEW YORK, Jan. 17.— Nlta Naldi, former screen 'star, will .meet her creditors before a- referee In bankruptcy Wednesday, It was learned today In hei 1 petition filed recently sho, described herself as an "unemployed actress." She Is the wife of J. Searlo .Barclay and was chiefly known to tho public for her roles Rudolph Valentino^ In pictures with Week Days Matinees... SHE DARED TO LOVE HER BOS.SI PAUL MUNI •UQITIVfi f«&MLAjCHAIN.eA»«E] ENDS TODAY AND The Savage Girl With Rochelle Hudson (By Courtesy RKO Radio) WALTER HARRY BYRON MYERS CLOSE AT FOXTODAY "Tho Son-Daughter," Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's Hlmlzatlon of the celebrated Belasco stage play, closes today at the Fox theater, with Helen Hayes and Uamon Novarro co-starred In the leading roles. The picture, which tells the story of a Chinese girl who sells herself .at auction In order to aid her countrymen, Is laid In San'Francisco's Chinatown, and presents a glimpse of the political Intrigues, tong warfare and other mysterious activities of this colorful locale. 'A distinguished cast supports Miss Hayes and Novarro, Including Lewis Stone, AVarner Oland, Ralph Morgan, Louise Closser Hale and H. B. Warner. The picture was directed by Clarence Brown. STORE OPENS EVERY MORNING AT 9 O'CLOCK Sally EUer», Ralph Bellamy and Helen Vlnson In • • "Second-Hand Wife" YOU KNOW IT'S FUNNY I S ALLY EILERS and Ralph Bellamy, who scored a dual trlump In "Disorderly Conduct," are reunited In Second-Hand Wife," latest Pox film production, coming tomorrow to the California theater, along with "Savage Girl." These are two first-run Features. ' - •••/ "Second-Hand Wife". Is the story of a big business man who finds himself In an emotional crisis when, neglected by his fashionable wife, he falls In love with his secretary. His home has been held together inly by their child. Eventually, the wife divorces him and he marries the office girl. "The Savage Girl," with Rochelle Hudson In the title role, Is delightful screen entertainment—and a- picture that you must see. Rochelle made a name 'in "Are These Our Children?" and In "Fanny Foley Herself," and most recently opposite Richard Dlx In "Heil's. Highway." Paul Muni In "I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang" ends today. RIALTO 5 TO « P. M.. lie: AFTER 6. 15c. 25t Wednesday and Thursday "Washington Masquerade" With Lionel Bvrymore, Kiren M or ley. Nlli Aither Comedy. Newt, Cartoon FRIDAY AND SATURDAY "OUT OF SINGAPORE-- LAST TIMES TODAY TWO FEATURES "The Cabin in the Cotton" Also "Divorce In the Family" VIRGINIA Continuous 12 m. to 11 p. m. 300 SEATS—Any Time, 15c Today and Wednesday Victor McLaglen, Helen Mack, William Bakewell, Rita Dwan In "WHILE PARIS SLEEPS" Comedy, Cartoon and Novelty OPEN Any Beit 300 SEATS. ANY TIME. .15c Tomorrow and Thursday "Madison Square Garden" LAST DAY Marlam Hopkins In "TROUBLE IN PARADISE" •ut (*'» «.,«• thrilling on4 beautiful I • • • A splashed r«manc» «ff bandits, th« bull-fine and m««nllflht Uv«l Tvtrad to the HH «f rap- tvrout music and t* a thousand daachifl feat off darfc-«y«d SoMMfftOSl BUS TICKETS Starts Tomorrow Night 'O, KID FROM SPAIN •Mft Lydcktobwti, StdMy Franklin Tta» !•«•* OPIOWYM OMIU LAST DAY Sidney Fox In Afraid to Talk" B«li«v« It.. G RANAD 618 Kentucky Street Tilklm Plcturet Evtry Ony A ANY SEAT, ANY TIME, 16c Children Always 10c WEDNESDAY ONLY FIFI DORSAY In "The Girl From Calgary" News, Comedy and Cartoon LAST TIMES TODAY Double Feature Lew Ayres In "Okay America" Also ZANE GREY'S "Heritage of the Desert" Amateur Night Every Saturday DANCE Canaday's Pavilion Tomorrow Night Old Time and Modern Florence Bayleaa' Orchestra Admission, Gents 40c, Ladles 25c EXPERT Radio Service TUBES TESTED FREE William ft Booth 8016 H Street Phone 2834 Hotel El Tejon A DELIGHTFUL PLACE IN WHICH TO EAT Hot Toasted Sandwiches Fifteen Cento Baked Ham Tuna Fish Roast Pork Swiss or American Cheese Deviled ERK Bacon and Lettuce Hum and Egg Served \Vlth Dill Pickle, Olivet), Tomutoes SPECIAL Hot Roust Beet Sandwich, Mashed Potatoes and Brown Gravy, 26o Hot Roast Turkey Sandwich, Manned Potatoes, Glblel Gravy, 40c El Tejon Mado Plos it lu Modi", V5i". Club Breakfasts 25c to 50c your mind is open to a better and less costly travel way . . • < TRY GREYHOUND —Again We Present That Extraordinary January Event — the special price on NEMO-WQNDERLIFT CORSETS! by special arrangement ^ , with the manufacturers, No woman, who contemplates the new Spring- Season of Fashions can well afford to overlook this very timely offering of high quality corsets Introducing the new 1933 "Wonderlift" with all of its excellent fitting and supporting qualities that have made it famous for 50 years—as a leader in corset correctness—showing the new feature of fine striped batiste with snuggly tailored top of "Swami"—molded to the heavy woman's needs—full length back boning—all- elastic shoulder straps and six garters. A model also for the tall and ayerage figure. The Special Introduction Price Is but . CORSET DEPARTMENT—SECOND FLOOR '• true The Motor Bus is one of the largest contributor! to upkeep and construction ofgood roads. . * It serves hundreds of towns which have no other public transportation. It gives employment to more than a hundred thousand American men and, women- DlfOTi Are you one wjio turns from modern transportation methods just because they are NEW? You're not? Then make your next trip by . Greyhound bus and see fpr yourself why it is the travel preference of nearly twenty-five million people each year. SarnpU Low Fare* $1^35 LOS ANGELES *?™° 5 Loi Angeles—6 Busses Dally—San Francisco SAN FRANCISCO R ?.T $ 10 7 ° L*w«st tares In Hlitc-ry t* «H iMMri^Fcints Nineteenth and N Streets. Phone 1768 J. M. GOFORTH, Aflont SAVINGS IN ALL DEPTS SEE^THE BARGAIN TABLES S. & H. GREEN STAMPS WITH ALL PURCHASES—Redlick's Due Pacific Greyhound Fast Economical Express Service PACIFIC GREYHOUND LIMES DO YOU BELIEVE THE GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY IS GOING OUT OF THE RADIO BUSINESS? , v Look at their strong position in the field, their resources, their patents. No, friends, GE Radios are coining to us direct from their own factory in Bridgeport. -••'.. HEAR THIS RADIO THAT MAKES A FEW RADIO DEALERS LIE AWAKE NIGHTS FIGURING WHAT TO TELL CUSTOMERS NEXT Bakersf ield Hardware Go. 2015 CheHter Avenue ' Phone 231 or 232 for Demonstration , '» ! :ii! . V'

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