Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 9, 1933 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1933
Page 7
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I, ^ ipiiA, KANSAS NEW LA# WILL STOP GASPUNE LEGCfMSOON THE IOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY !), 19:^3. THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop> Shultz Sees Great Benefits Possible Under ; Proposed! Changes (Special political letter to The Reg. ister-by A. L. Shultz.) ,T6peka. Feb. 8.—One of the greatest achievements of the present lea: islative session and; of Governor Landon's administration—if ihey mtiKe it— will be. the creation of a practjically air tight law to stop the now of bootleg gasoline and evasion of the gasoline fax law. It really looks as thbygh the governor and his advisors have developed a plan • which will at least slow' down the bootleg gas flow and plug most of the holes in tax dodging. T^-o yeai-s ago the legislature passed an exemption act that was an open invitation not to obey the law.; At the same lime bars were let down to a flood 6f bootleg gasoline; that gave heads of the big oil companies as well as tax collection agents grey hairs. The -state's loose system of controlling or checking gasoline movc:nent.s was one troi;- ble. The other was the bid of the 1931 legislaturcifoi- iv.x dodging. Mow the'state has encountered i0 cf hui}dreds ol tlioushnds of doilar.-; in t.axQS and tlic bigi oi! comp.uiies ;n many instances fciund tl'.eir agents running bootlet; products throush their own piiiii|)f, a id . li'Ji ^i -^i 't'in'- profits. Tax excmptioi-N v.?, iiovv ,)rov;d(d 'iwill probably be in tin- new I'W. 'But ta.'< "'Va.sion won't bo such an easy niatler. Prior to Iffil t;iM' were refundid on I'xcmptioii cl.ums. It was claimed Iliat dealers aiifl larmcrs were suffcj-in'j; luird.shiiTs h\ adyancinu' lliis t;i>i. So tlm Icp.i.'iKi- tufe provided lliat folks slioiild .sii^n sliiis and receive cxtMuiMion:-; ui IX)lnt of delivery. Tli.-re were tlir)u- sands of faked er-:criii)tion eUiin Dealers sold bootlei!. ia;< fij'-e g:'.;o- lirtfc and retained the .3-C(;iv,t tax. Now a new law i.-; in ll:c mak;r.i: v.'hjcli will enable farmers rind oth- er.Si claiming ta>: oxenipUons to '_'o to the claurt house, make affidavit as :to the^ machinery used, potentia! gasoline con.suniptioji and de.scriii- tion of ijropert.\' on which machineiy i-s used. Tlien an CNcmntion card, bearing a registered number i.s i"- .nidd the sas user, a copy of thc- .record is mailed to the .state department and gasoline are checked each month. Thus.when .Tohi^ Jon^^s witii e.\- enmtion card No 9342 drives to a filling station and buys 40' !;al!on.<; of • gasoline, he must r-rodiiee liis card and Ihe amount, lus. well ;-.s date and name of d-^alei- is entered on the back of tlie permit. The .state hsis a record'-s'.^.^ovv'ing that Henry Bro'.vn. !!ie fiili'itr station keeper, inircliased i.l.DOO gallons o'. 'PAGE SEVEN iliiiii lii I ^ Don't Let The COLD SPELL Pick Your Pocket Lot us check yoiir ri'uli- ator for anti-freezt'. ytiiir battery, etc. • A cold weather tune'^itp will save you worry, trouble, time and expense^ ALCOHOL EVEREADY PRESTONE ROSS ARBUCKLE GAMGE CHRYSLEK-PLyMOUTil Sales—Service—Parts SAILS TO REPORT TO HIS CHIEF THIS WOMAN Lost 35 LBS. OF FAT M. Kalner (if Breoklyn. N. Y.,: writi-s: •ir^ivr iiiid Kn:^ .''.-n for the past 4 months and iiavt^ :;ol only lost 35 pounds bu'. feel so.much .belter in every way. Rvc:i for j.ieo- plc who don't care jto rpcu''e. Kt\:- schen is wonderl'ul i,o kteu't'i'- s.-s- letri healthy. I b'.-in^- a nurse sii-- uU: knpw for I've tried ;;o m.iny thir.-s but only Kru.schen answered all" iMav I:!. 1932.1 to lose fat sArELV ar.d HAFIM- LE'SSL'V'. take a h.Jf lea.siwonfiil of Kruschen in-a glass of hoi v-, in -the montuig Ix-tori- br. .'.kfast--dun t nitss a morning—n bottle that kis s 4 t^eeks'costs bm a trifle—but take chances—be sureii'.s Kiusehi n —your health comes f.rst -r- get i: at; any drugstore n\ America. 11 jnbt Joyfully satl.sfi.;d afler the firs! 'lX5tt !e—money ba^k. Liuoiue ro ceil Prime Mmister R;ims;!\- AlacD.onald aboiit the debt I r-.nv.T-.-nce iie had with President..•U -.'i i?ooseveit is Sir Ronald Lind.•:iv. Biiiish ,;mbassador to United Si.'U-s. .Almost simultaneous with his saiiiniT ti'.ere came .speeches in ihi' .s.--niiti,- urpihg Roosevelt not to b" ''Hs own amba.ssador" in debt ne-jeiiarions. Lindsay is shown on tl '.e aancMl.^iik of the outgoing iiii' y. i fi '.:n;-. di-i'iiiu tlu' month. He is jt -v .r !;i 'd i;n-. regular l:ix on thai ' ;.r ,i '.-ur;i wiih deductions which he ;l;si^, Thjis till' station keeper's rec- I u:c! iu .i\ be cliecked against the i fnir.ii-r's terlifieale and the stale ; !ii:-.y :!lso ia-ep tab and regulate gas ! ]jinei-;:;ses by the certificate owner. ; i:\-,il'.-n(;'- oi' fiidi-'ing will bring can:i-i -l!;:iion f>! jirnuiis. The plan'is fair lio till- lidiicst owner-of an exenip- ;iioa permil. li is a loutUi hurdle : !n;- till certificate owner who ex- ipr 'rl.s 10 I 'o lourin!i ;On imi)roved .•^tat'^ l;i';hv. ays which he does not hi'l|j niamlaiii. HUMBOLDT NEWS Mrs. J. A. Cress and Miss Andrey Cress Entertain ^Villin? Workers Clnb Wednesday Afternoon. Try dish of vinegar as a smoke !-.un::'.li'!• iicx' time you have ' a ircv.d o:' i;f-o'.;!e in one of your 1- Iis.sens tiie eye strain :•.•'.!! t?v-i;(-s tiu' iTK)m much less •;iufrv. Is Your Ski What is a Bladder Physic? 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Gas Piiilgc City, Kaiis. — "I liaviiig finite II bit of trou- blo with my stomach, every time I alL' anything there would be a ing ache in my abdomen, I wa.s bloated with gas which would press up .in'nr.'i my hi'arl," said >Ii-s. Mary F. ii:-sr-!-^ of 108 So. Second St. "I ^yas :i:ii-iuii- ;inil I'.anlly frit like doing a thi ;ij. I UfM aliout five bottles of Dr. ri.'i -co's fJoldim .Medieal Discovery and ii cniii -i -ly oiiri-eeted the stomneh com- |l:iii!t. iivy npiietite iraprovwl wondcr- fiiUv :o thill 1 eiiulJ eut almost nny- lliiii;; without fear of stniniich di.s- ti'i-i. ;ii!d 1 had luure cutrBj." All iinii;iii»lD. Fluid ui- tubluts. HUMBOLDT. Feb, 8.—Some forty people partook -of the 15c luncheon sen'ed this noon by the ladies of the Christian: church, the proceeds being devoted to the. general work of the society; Mrs. Etta Simmons of South Tenth street is: spending this week in Wichita visitiftg relatives. She exiwcts to return home the latter part of the week. , • Mrs. Mary Braucher of South Fifth street, who has been sick for some time, is not as well as .Usual at time of WTiting. Her sister, Mrs. Lulti Greenman. is taking care of her. The high school chapel assembly program which was postponed from Tuesday morning until this morning, had again to be omitle(| owing to: the extreme cold making it im- pos-slble to obtain .sufficient heat in the auditorium. It would .soen;i that the assembly must" be i)asscd up this week. . ! • The third meeting of the Mission Study class of the Presbyterian church' was held tlii;. afternoon at the home of Mrs.G. S. Wallen of South Ninth street. A good program was presented, but only a small attendance of the members was in evidonce due to the .severity of the weather. Mrs. William 'VanNice and Mrs. Ernest Towles. both of Central street, are suffering from an attack of sliingles. from which they find it very difficult to obtain relief. A small fire broke out in the basement of the liome of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Jordan of South Fourtli street Tuesday afternoon, but fortunately it was subdued before miich damage had been done. Mr.! and Mrs. Robert Wood and .son Robert Jr.. of Kansas City, were week-end visitors at the home of Ml-. Wood's brother, Alvhi Wood and family of South Eighth street. They returned home 'Monday aft- Iernoon. A fire alarm called out the fire- I men about 3 o'clock this afternoon i in a residence to William ; Caldwell's on. South Third, but w-as : put out by the tinie the fire brigade i arrived, little damage being dorie. I A play schedit3ed for.Friday nichi : at the Cremona grange, southwest of Humboldt, has been postponed until a later date on account of the j severe weather prevailing. I Mrs. J. A. Cress and Migs Audrey j Cre.'xS entertained the Willing Work- iers club at their home west of Hum- iboldt Wednesday.' afternoon. The j meeting was called to order by the I jire.sident. Mrs. Glenn Strack. Roll I call was answer€;d by telling what ! birthday each liked best", the nieet- j ing being dismissed by repeating I the Lord's prayer in concert. Re' fre.shmcnts were served by the jhost- I esses, assisted by Miss Fern Tomilinson. Members present were: Mes- j dames Ben Ellis. Ira Howell. Leslie Womack. Ed Bruenger, I. O. Barnard, Will Kruger. Henry Strack. Will Moon. Harold Grizzle. Ross i Cress. Tom Brooke; Robert Bennett. ! R. J. Barnard. Miss Zetta Scafe arid i Miss Blanche IWomack. "Visitors j were: Mrs. F. L, Dice. Mrs. M. L. jKirby.'Mrs. Leo Frederick and son I Jack. MLss Joetta Adams, Fem I Tomlinson and Margaret K-ru- jger. • . j The relatives of Mrs. J. F. Grizzle i of west of Hiunboldt gathered at her home Simday to help her celebrate her birthday. Thasc who enjoyed the occasion were: Mr. and Mrs. Seeback, Mr. and Mrs. Potter of Gas City, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin ' Seeback of Savonbiirg. Mr. and Mrs. Her.schell Seeback, Mrs. Minnie Seeback. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cham, bers of lola. Mr. arid Mrs. Harold Grizzle, and Geraldirie and J. F. Grizzle. Mrs. C. C. Hawley returned to her home in Cl'ianute today following a two weeks' visit with her • daughter. Mrs. Will Kreu'ger and family, of Humboldt. ' Mr. and Mrs.. Noel Jackson of Maple Grove, near Humboldt, were iiiven a charivari by their friends last Saturday evening, following their marriage a few days before at Clarksdale, Mo., by the: Rev. G. W. Weidemier. their former pastor here. They arc residing on a farm in the Rose district, the home having been completed recently by the bridegroom. Mrs. Jackson prior to her marriage was Miss Julia Bennett, who had taught tw^o terms in the Maple Grove school." Ella Cole. Humboldt, was the week-end guest of her brother> Ed•v^-in "V. Cole and Mrs. Cole of Maple Grove district. Miss Marie Shultz, west of Hum- Iboldt. visited her home folks in Chanute over the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Laude entertained their son.- Herbert Laude arid family of west of Humboldti for a few days recently. Miss Ida Kirschner and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Kirschner and two children of Tulsa. Okla.. stopped off at Chanute for ii few hours today, while en route to Humboldt 'for a ; visit with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kinsch; ner. ! Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Gurwell, i Humboldt, visited at .the Baum {homo Monday evening in the Maple ! Grove district. I Mrs. W. G. Rlddell and daughter, j Norma Jane. Humboldt, were Moni day vi.sitors at the home of Mrs. W. L. Cole of Maple Grove, .INDIAN ^ OCEAN Iviutiiiy on ih-j liigh seas is being enacted as a Sumatran crew pushes the Putcli battleship Dc Seven Provincien (pictured abovei through the In; c'lian ocean. Em aged because their wages had been reduced, they seized ti:t \e.sse!. kid ^ir.pod nine Dii'.ch ofBt-?r.'-. and .some, sub-officers .and put I.) .so :u Tile entire Etst-Indian fli ^et is .searching for the vessel, which is ill avily armed. TliC n-,ai) .sho-,y.-; Kuta Raja (Ai where the ve.s.sel was sciK 'd and Melaboe lE' where the was sighted. LEOAL ( Publi-shed in The,lola Daily :Hegi.ster February 2,'l933.i \ ITlil-JrATIOX NOTICE l.N jTHS MA-ITER, OF THE ESTATE OK Fli-ANK E. SMITH. DECEASED. TQ WHOM IT M.^Y CONCERN, andjmore esiiecially. Nellie F. Smith. HarWd A. .Smith. Donald O. Smith, and I Leon E. Smith, heirs of Frank E. Smith, deceesed. late of Allen Countv. Kansas; you .nre hereby no- tifieci that I. Neliie F. Smith. Ad­ ministratrix of the estate of .said decedent, .did on the l:.a day of February. I93;i. file a petition in the Probate Court of Allen County. Kansas, praying that I might be authcr!i:ed and empowered to sell the follov.-ing described lands for the purpose of • paying the debts and costs of said administration of said, estate, to-wit; The Northwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter. Section 32. Township 26. Range 21, containing 40 acre;, more or le-s,, in Allen County. Kan-^n.s; and the Northwest Quarter ( f Section 11.Tov.n.ship 30. Range 43. Slant on County. Kansas: and-aii undivided two-thirds interest irt one and one-half acres in the Soiith- west| corner of the Southwest Quarter. Section 29, Town.ship 2(3. Rau^e 21. Allen County,; and) Lot Nine <9>. In Block Two t2). City of Elsntoro. -Mien County. Kansas: and Ten Feet off of West Side of Lot Thrive i3>, all of Lot Four (4). Blod: jOne III, Town of Savonburg. Allen jjSounty, Kansas. ; The said petition will be heard in the probate court room in tlie court liou-se of Allen County, in the City of lola. Kansas, on the 15th day of February, 1933. at the hour of 10 o'clock. .A, M., at which time and place, each of you and all others interested, are notified to be prcs- icnt and show cause, if any, you have, why an order of sale as prayed for should not be granted. NELLIE F. SMITH, Administratrix of the Estate of Frank E. Smith. Kenneth H. Foust. Attorney. Dated at lola, Kansas, the first , day of February. 1933. '2i 2-9. Salem. Ore—Tne Pacific Northwest is tlie only safe place for blonds in the United States. Dr. S. E. Laughlin. professor of economic.^ , and sociology at Williamette urilver- jsity. declares. .Lack of piginentatibn ; to deflect the ultra violet rays of the sun places the blonds at a dis- ^advantage in .sunny lands. Dr. • Laughlin said. , "The heal driVes many Middle Westerners of the blond typd to ' southern California for their health," he said. "There they feel fine for : the first two or tliree years, artifl- ' cially stimulated by the ultra violet , raj's of the sun. Then, these same ; ray.s affecting them too strongly j cause their downfall and we hear , of complete breakdowns and sul- I cides," New Yorit, Feb. 9. (AP)—The stock market pushed up in the most buoyant maimer in four weeks today, and while it was unable to retain all of its advance, closed with numerous gains of about ; 1 to 2 points. The fmal tone was firm, and transfers approximated I.IOO.OCO shares. The list eased off from fraction to a point in the afternoon, afler a brisk morning upturn. Trading slackened on the decline, however, and rails, which led the monimg advance, held up well. Quiet firmness' in the past few sessions, and a series of regular dividends, evidently prompted considerable short covering. - ' . Union Pacific, on which the rcgri- lar quarterly dividend was ordered, rose 3 points, then sliiipt^d back aboijt a point fixim the best. Coca Cola made an extreme rise of more than 4 points, in what looked like a run in of shorts. Among is.sues up around a point nt the clost; were American Telephone, U. S. Steel, common and prefen-ed, American Can, American Tobacco B. New York Central, Santa Pe, Baltimore <!l: Ohio, Standard of N. J. and others. Motors rose fractionally, and sugars were up a little in sympathy with . recent firmness of the raw sugar market. High Low. Close Cities Serv 2-?H . ' 2"\^ 2'=: SO of Ind 21',- 20-', 21'. Amn Can ...... 59''-. 58'i; 59 Amn T&T .....103-. 102--, 102-', Amn Tob B 57 56 56 "x Anaconda 7'-s 7'1 7-"^ Atchison 46 44'"i 45 •Auburn 44'''. 43-'H 43'.Beth Steel 15'; 1414-. Cart Pac : 11'. lO'-x 11'i Case J I ; 45li 43 -!'t 43% Chrysler ....... 13''8 12 ;6 13 Cbn Gas 54'i ^d^-- 53'^s Con Oil 5-'Si 5%'.; 5-;i Drug Inc • 37'; 3636', DuPont' 38'i 37". 38 Gen Elec 14-'.s IS'^. 14'. Gen Motors .... 14'K 13"-i 14 Iht Harv ....... 21'K 20-'-s 20', Mont Ward ...-. 13-s 13 'i; 13', Packard 2-'s 21 2'-. Penney J C .... 26-'; 26 26'. Phillips Petr ... n-. 5-'-s ~y Radio 4-'i 4'-j Sears poe 19 18-'. 18-, Socony Vac 7'; 6'; 7 Std Brands .... 15':; 15'; IS-', SO of NJ 27 25'-j 25'^. Union Pac 77-i; . 74-1 76''\ Tex COHJ 13'', \2':i. 13 U S Steel 29'I 27"., 28-'i Westingh E .... 28', 27-. 27', LOCVL PUODX'CE Eggs, firsts Eggs, seconds Eggs, thirds Eggs, imgraded Hen.s. No. 1 Hens, No. 2 No. 1 Springs, I'-l- lbs. up ... No. 2 Springs Capons, over 9 lbs Capons, over 8 lbs Capons over 7 lbs. Capons, under 7 lbs Capons, under 6 lbs Slips -• Butterfat, lb Stags, lb Cocks, Geese; lb i. • Guineas, each ...; White Duck."!, lb. Colored Ducks, lb Hides, per lb Mixed Com. bu Yellow Com, bu •VVheat. bu. Kafir Corn ...11c 9c .,..7c ... 10c ....80 ...6c ...6c ...4c ...lie ... f)C ... 7c ...6c ....5c ....5c ...I4e ... 4ft ... 3c ...3c ...ibc ... 4c ...3c ... ic ...13c ...14c ...27c ...13c OUT OUR WAY OH ,"RAE.T Rri?.1iMOs\/ Me.'. • 1 FER .'i:or TO OO M>-/ WASHiM '4 •I'M AGITTIN" A\NFOI_! <5-s-oT BEAT iX^TiFF-y- THE--/ DiDKi' set woo. AH, OH - UIrA - 1- BEO HA»KiT MADE. OPI MO<E .T &\T RtG ^AT/ AT \T. By Williams MVL-V^lKj" COVS/S, pLAwTiKi' PAMS\ES AM' KAiMDlM" GUESTS' JBASIE'S./ BUT :I'M ; D Awcbeb -To G-^T Me"-, —V "Ra SE-vsiAKi'. AUTOMOTIVE^ 5 Automobiles For Sale /"^\'E tliin.g .that can be said for the Tvlisso.uri !e.=:i.slator who proposed that ta.'ies'bo mtidc payable on the iiistallnieat plan-is that ho didn't use the word "easy." * t • . Xo -.v that. Mussolini hfls sl:ir (e<l ouf. to kill off Italy's Aveak industries maybe he could use some of our "lame_ , <Iuek" . roivgressmeii , aftei: Maieli 1. * * * Men who fei-1 they rnn't (Hiite afl'ord lo Iniy ilio' white tu::edos urged . by • till' nieri-h:rat lailor.-; iiiif;ht nial;.-' a show of sympaihy with the iiioveineut by pilUiiig white |i:i!eli.-!; mi Ihe old ones. .\l)oiit the onl.v (hiiuv f(ilk.-< hud to talk alxHil lii-fin'e pniliihU Ion w^!i,s in'nli iliit inn. " r;- * .New iiniicdis for (ho ".^liare llie Moi -U" inovenieiit — jiiiil triini (lie uiusl siarding .sonrre! l 'ioij>,evil( iiili'iuls lo make of the vifc jiroideiit. M * « • Tliey -s;iy "Ihe Hlili idiiiies nil all iiu'ii Willi iiiiparlial lirht," but don't ri'iir-at it to lii;; fellow who live.s on- the .voiilli sidiv of th" .•^irn-t uiiih^. li''';; shoveliii.g t;now' (lit hi.-; sidi-wiiik. ii':;:;, .NI-:.\ P.-;-. ^r--, liu-.) Dodge SALES AND Plyniouth SERVICE Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. Phone 301 Cash—Trade—Terms 6 Auto Accessories, Tires, Parts i BATTERIES— 13 -plate. Factory, i guaranteed. $3.75 up. GeoVgc R. i _ HLscr, 224 N. .Tefferson.Phbne 63. i LIVESTOCK 21 Horses, Cattle, Vehicles Kansas City Hay. Cuy. • Feb. 9. i AP)—No ha.\.' Receipts too light. • ! Kansas City Produce. Kansas City. Feb. 9. (AP)—Eggs U'-.-. Creamery Butter 22c. . Kansas City Grain. City. Feb. 9. I.A.P)— Whc;!t: 24 cars: unchanged to up. No. 2. dark hard. nom.. 43'j- 52-.'c; N6. 3. nom., 43-51',; No. 2. hard 44;. No. 3. 43', -43-'',; No. 2. red. nom.. -1:5-49'. ; No. 3, nom.. 42'-48',. Close: May 41 ; July 42',.,-; Sept. 43'.-. Corn:-Io cars; ', up to 'i down. No. 2. white, 22", ; No. 3, nom. 21'L- 22'j; No. 2, yellow, '22"; ; No. 3 noni. 21'.-22':;; .No. 2. mixed, nom. 22•IV,\ No. 3. horn. 21',-21--i. May -22';; Jtily 24';. Oats:! 13 cars; unchanged. No. 2, white iiom. 18-18':;; No". 3. noni. 17-18. Milo maize, nom. 49-52. Kafir, nom., 40-44. Rj-e. nom..'34-35. Bal-ley, 23'1. FOR SALE OR TRADE—Gentle pair of mules, weigh 2600; 4-year Jersey cow giving 2 gallons milk )er day, will be fre.sli in April. 2oyer, S.: Wa.shlngton. Lallarpe. 2 TEAMS BAY MARES, 6 years old, wfflgh 2600; teiim black liorses, <i years old, weigh 3900; gray 7 years old. weigh 1550; bay marc. 6 years old, weigh 1200;: team • black horses, 7 years old, weigli 2500; 8 other mares and; 3 sets harness; 2 wagons; all kinds farming machinery; 2 biills; 20 Iresh cows, giving 4 to 0 ha lion;; lier day: 10 cows freshen from ;i days, to 3 weeks. Will sell on time, ( J. C. Butcher. - , ! 22 Poultry and Supplie.i BABY CHICKS—All leading breeds. Custom Hatching, I'-c pi!r egg. Taylor's Hatchery, 201 South Jefferson, lola. BABY CHICKS ; 100% from flocks blood tested and certified by iJudge Hftrris,. poultry expert. Ask about our 90*:^ guarantee on Cu.'stom Hatching. _ All heavy breeds 5iic \ Ass't Heavies r5c Custom Hatching IVic or S.""? case WILLSON" FARM HATCHfiRIES (Formerly Cantrclli 2 miles south on 73W Or L. E. Steele Siiiiply Co"Talk Chicks with WiH.siin" CUSTOM' HATCHING—Ic in modern Buckeye Mammoth, world's be.>;t incubator. Set each Monday. We have purebred blood-tested chicks from best layers. Lc'ghoms 4'-jc, big breeds 5c. Ru.ssell Hatchery, Gas, Kas. Phone 955P3. INCUBATOR — Successful, 175-egg capacity, .slightly used, $10; brooder .stoves from $11 to $21.50: Allen County Implement Co. Kansas City Livestock Close. Cattle:. Fed steers 25c-40c lower; mixed yearling and fed heifers weak to 25c lower; top 880-lb. yearlings and 1135-lb. steers S6.00; heifer.^, good aiid choice S4-$5.75. Sheep: Lambs 10c-I5c lower; .sheep around 25c off; top fed lambs to shippers $5.60; others to packers and shippers mostly $5.35-$5.50; top ewes $2.50; lambs, good and choice. 90-98 lbs., $4.85-$5.50. Hogs, unchanged. Estimated livestock receipts for tomorrow: Cattle 1.500; hogs 4.000; sheep 2,000. SUNFLOWER CHICKS — Hatches weekly. See us before you get chicks or hatching. Sutiflcv;;." Hatchery, Bron.son. I TWO ; QUEEN 1000-egg incubator bargidtis._CurtiV._10 N. _Wi>^h. _ Kansas City Livestock. Citv, FCIJ. 9. (AP)—U. S. D. A.—Hogs: 7,.')00;'210 direct; fairly active and uneven,; mostly '25c lower than Wednesday's average; spots off more, top $3.35; packing sows $2.00-$2.50; stock pigs, good and choice $2.25-$2.50. • Cattle 6,0!10; calves 500; largely a fed steer run; opciilng salcn arouiid 25c lower; other cla.sses in light supj)ly, unchanged; early top on near 900-lb. yearlings $6.00; steers good and choice 550-1,500 lbs.. $4^00$6.75; common and medium, $3.00$4.75; heifers, good and'choice $4.25$6.00; cows. good. $2.50-$2.75; veal- ers, milk fed. $3.50-$7.00; stockor and feeder steei-s $4.00-$'5.75. Sheep 6,000; very little done: a few .sales lambs 10c-15c lower; held above Sa.50; lambis.good and choice <x) 90 lbs. down S5-S5.60; good and choice (x) 90-98 lbs.. $4.85-$5.40; ewes, good and choice 90-150 lbs.. S1.50-$2.85. (X) Quotations" based on ewes and wethers. ANNOUNCEMENTS Auctions PUBLIC SALE—Postpoped, north of Carlylc. until Monday. February 13. O. V/. Ramcy. Oliver & Littler. Aucticnccrs. Strayed, Lost, Found LOST—Brown kid glove, lined, 8',-.., Saturday evening, rieht hand, near KrcE.'scs. • Phone 1187J. AUTOMOTIVE .Automobiles For Sale 26 Farm and palry t^roducts GUARANTEED-FLOUR—48-lb. sack 65c. Brownie's. Feeds, Seeds, Produce. Phone 88. MERCHANDISE 24 Articles For Sale EXPERT SERVICE for any; make cream .separator; also oil anfi gas^ oline -stoves. Shannon Hardware.. Plibne 29. OUR NEW Harneiis Department .reflects the low price of leather. Shannon Hardware. Phone;29, 27 Feed, Fnel, Fcrti!izcni WOOD^Green or -dry, $1 .50 per rank, delivered, Brow/He's. Plionii 2« BotttAoId Goods STOVES! STOVES! Combination ranges, coal and wood heaters, and circulators. Curtis' Furn'itiu-e, 10 North Washington. :: "• USED STOVES and Furniture.: SI ore packed. Hennlnger's Furn. JStore. 2 'SLIGHTLY USED Bedroom Suites at bargain prices. W. H.'Wood Fine Ft^rniture, 202 S. Jcff^TSon. 29 Machinery and Tools CULTIVATOR and disc harrow,.like new; tractor plow, 2 bottoEi, 14- inch, good shape. Emmett Dragoo. Shelly Motor Co. 30 Mnsicsl, Radio SEVERAL good used radios. Terms. Hennlnger's Furniture Stori^. 3t Seeds, Plants, Flowers'- BEST OF BLUE GRASS and 'White Clover. Shannon Hardware. ROOMS FOR RENT 34 Apartments and Flats \ FOR RENT—5-room apartment or office rooms, ICSU W. Jatikson. Clyde Thompson, at lola Abstract Company. Real Estate For RctJt PONTIAC-BUICK Sales and Service G lia ra nt ecd - Used Ca rs SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Phone 80 HUDSON-ESSEX—Parts and Service Bud White Motor Co., 209 South street. Plione 60. 37: Houses For Rent FOR RENT—Houses, good location. J3ce G. E. Pees. r Real Estate For Sale" 43 To Exchange—Keul Estate BARGAIN — Modern home. 2 lots, comer, basement, hot water heat. Take small house or good, used light cur, 519 East Llncolu.: •

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